“We are going to need more than that 13 man alliance Frankie.. err Frenchie has formed”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winners team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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Big Brother Spoilers – First off why the hell is Frenchie ranking so high in the ranking? The night started with me being sure DerekX/Travis were the nominations with DerekX the target. This final conversation at 4am between Travis and Frenchie now has Frenchie saying he’s giving Derek a second chance.. this would mean Alyssa…

I do know Frenchie’s original target was Christian but the wildcard prevented this. I’m thinking it’s now Alyssa.

1:14 am Frenchie, Britini, DerekF and Azah

Frenchie – Here is my ultimate goal.. and I’m going to be completely honest with the three of you am I actually a genuine person? YES
Frenchie – do I want people thinking I’m the dumb farmer that doesn’t really know how to play this game and that spits information out here and there and there.. yes I do that and I do that for a reason cause I played telephone with everybody today.
Frenchie – I had a story in my head and each person got a tid bit of that story and the people that came back to me and they knew a little more more more of that story.. I knew throughout the day that this person and that person talked.
Frenchie – I’m not a stupid person I did that for a reason.
Frenchie says Christian and Alyssa are close. Sarah Beth is also with them.
Frenchie – this is the par that hurt my feelings caus I actually like the guy
Frenchie says Travis, DerekX, and Kyland all had matching stories. “I didn’t see it coming.. there’s no way you can put that story together unless they spoke”

1:48 am Frenchie, Hannah, DerekX, Whitney, Brent

Frenchie going on about how he did something specific today that he knew was going to come back. (His story)
Frenchie – I put tid bits of information here I put tidbits here.. once the information came back I knew where the source was and I knew I couldn’t trust that person..
Frenchie – at the end of the day that is what I did..

Frenchie – I’m not stupid I know there’s 2 other alliances forming in this house I know the names I know the people involved. I’m keeping it to myself for my self-information (LOL)
Frenchie to Derek “You are involved in one of them I’m just being honest.. just so you know I know what I’m talking abot”
DerekX – we don’t have a name though. They said a name
Frenchie – I know every name on that list. Just so you know I know what I’m talking about.. and I know you are part of it
Frenchie – I’m not trying to bust you out in front of your team.. I don’t want you saying I’m full of sh1t. Like I said those doves came back to me today and I know WHO, WHAT and WHERE
Frenchie – I don’t do something just to be stupid I know what is going on
Frenchie goes on about how he’s not in the house for fans or friends.
Frenchie – I am living my dream and at the end of the day I am doing this for my children I feel like I accomplished a lot today.. (Yeah tanking your game)
Frenchie – at the same time I’m not dumb.. and don’t treat me like I’m dumb cause I’ve had it happen to me 7 times today.
Frenchie – people would look me in my face and blatantly lie..

Frenchie leaves.. DerekX chats with him on the way out.
DerekX – I just want to know the names
Frenchie – I’m not giving that.. I ain’t giving that out trust me I know..
DerekX – you talking about me and trav
Frenchie – that was one of them.. and Kyland
Frenchie says his name has been mentioned by DerekX and Travis “I know for a fact”

3:05 am Travis and DerekX
Travis – I think Ky is a better game player than Brent.
DerekX – how do we make it out this week.. we have to win Veto..
Travis – we have to rally other people
DerekX – here’s the worst-case scenario he puts up me and puts up ???
Travis – we’re f**ed if he puts up one of us we’re totally still in this
Tiffany and Claire roll in. Travis tells DerekX “I think we’re f***Ed”
DerekX – we’re F88ed you guys are not (Whitney/TiffanY)
DerekX – we don’t have the house vote. Frenchie has more people than I thought. I’m being exposed as a fraud now I guess.. Your name is still good (Travis) but like I just don’t think anyone will be riding with me anymore.

3:24 am Travis, DerekX, Claire and Tiffany
They are zeroing in on Ky being the one that talked to Frenchie about their group.
Tiffany – is Ky closer to y’all or Frenchie?
Travis – if he told Frenchie it has to be Frenchie
Claire – maybe it was an accident him saying it..
Tiffany – he (Frenchie) has Ky
Travis – Ky has been in almost ever meeting he’s had
Tiffany – when did he get with y’all we’ve only been here two days.
DerekX says he’s just going to see who is nominated and then gun for the Veto, ‘I can’t play this game anymore I’m out of cards”

Tiffany – it doesn’t matter.. Dan had a f**ing funeral in this house and he pulled it off…
Tiffany – I came to you because I thought you were smart as hell don’t prove me wrong.
They give him some pep talks.. “You do tech start-ups.. you’re in TECH.. you don’t quit you don’t give up”
Tiffany says if they don’t have Ky and they lose Derek they’re group is down to three.
DerekX says Frenchie blew him up in front of his entire team.
Travis says Frenchie exposed that DerekX was going to vote Brent out.
DerekX – He started with I know about all the alliances I know about the one you are in..

Kyland joins them..
Tiffany – what happened
Kyland – he said us three are in an alliance and tried to get him out
Tiffany – so he baited you
Claire – he baited you
Tiffany says she’s going up to the HOH.
Kyland says Whitney and Brent are up there.
They go over the events and conversations with Frenchie trying to figure out how Frenchie found out.
Travis – we thought you told them (Kyland) you’ve been in every meeting with them. it would have been the most crazy f***ing play for you to get safety this week.
DerekX – he bluffed so hard he said he knew the name of this alliance
Tiffany – the name? do you all have a name..
Kyland – No
Tiffany says Frenchie doesn’t think she is in it. “we just have to stick together”

Travis asks if there is any way they can salvage DerekX reputation with his team.
Tiffany asks Kyland ‘Are you tighter with them or are you tighter with us”
Kyland – I’m with you guys

2:50 am Kyland and Frenchie french
Frenchie – I told Little Derek alliances are forming. He said WHAT DO YOU MEAN. I said Alliances are forming and I think you are in one of them. he was like OK.. Walks up to me I said did I not give you respect earlier. he looks at me and says OK.
Frenchie – I said I know you, Travis are in an alliance I know it. This was 15 minutes ago. So I started talking about it I said I also know that my name is being talked about getting me out next week. Y’all win HOH and taking me out next week.
Frenchie – so went he solidified that or when he didn’t solidify that I talked to Travis.. hey this is what I know. Don’t treat me like a fool cause I do know and.. talk to me I am very transparent.

Frenchie – I was like I know my name has been tossed out there for you all to come after me next week… He was like Yeah
Frenchie – I was like OK.. we start talking. I was like in my head I was like that f***ing sucks man
Kyland brings up DerekX coming to him trying to form something between him, Travis, and DerekX.
Kyland – then he came up here and had another powwow with other people.

Frenchie tells him he can walk downstairs right now and ask anybody “what did Frenchie tell me and not once have I said one word except a minute ago it’s not a bad thing but my feelings were hurt”
Frenchie – that whole thing about coming next week after me

Frenchie – Swear to god I just wanted to see something so I walked downstairs they’re all sitting down there. Each one of those girls sitting down there prior to me walking down there all following one on one. Said I want to work with you tell me what you need, each of our ONE on ONEs that was our conversation whatever you need let me know.
Frenchie – I told them I have no intentions of putting a woman on the block sending a women home. that’s not my goal this week. that was the truth 100%
Frenchie – this week why not be straight up what I say I mean it. I’ve been that way the whole time. Like why not.. so I go down there.
Frenchie wanted to see if the “loyalty and respect” was being reciprocated.
Frenchie 0- I walk down there they’re all sitting in the corner and I say HEY I think I need a pawn this week. Keep in mind all these one on ones.. whatever you need I am with you to the end.
Kyland – nobody looked at you
Frenchie – I said I think I need a pawn and it was cricket.. Prior to that everyone sat right there whatever you need I am with you to the end. There was zero loyalty. everyone in that group could care two sh1ts..
Frenchie – do I really need a pawn? NO did I learn a lot from that simple question.. YEAH and that’s how my mind works.

Brent and Whitney join them.
Frenchie continues with his “one on One’ talk.. “Hey I think I need a pawn.. then crickets”
Frenchie – I thought you were with me 100%. Crickets. At least converse with me and give me reasoning. Don’t blow me off like I’m a piece of sh1t.

Derek F joins them.
Frenchie – every one of those girls had one on ones and was saying I’m with you 100%. The thing is my mentality was lets put these one on ones to the test. Crickets bro Crickets.. a couple of them looked away. I think her name was Allyssa.

Brent and Whitney ask for 10 minutes alone with Frenchie.
Brent goes on about his “Teammate” DerekX stabbing him in his back.

Frenchie – BIG D did I or did I not tell y’all I know there are two alliances forming I said I’m not dumb I know what’s going on
Brent – I thought the head of the snake was Christian and Travis I had no idea
Brent – they are divided right now we have the numbers
DerekF leaves.

Frenchie – without anybody telling my anything about any alliance anything I figured out just by watching and communication. Watching people I figured it out I knew. that is why I called his a$$ out. Don’t think I’m stupid I know there is an alliance and I know you are in one of them.
Frenchie – ONE, I’m not scared of nobody..
Brent – did he admit to it?
Frenchie – Yeah he admitted it. Did you not see him follow me like a puppy.. I’m talking about DerekX. When I pointed him out DerekX followed me and said How do I know you are telling the truth.

Frenchie – I was like so now you think I am a liar you think I will tell you I know alliances are forming.. I said oh let me tell you hold on. I’ll give you a hint I said You, Travis and Ky I know about that.
Frenchie – since this I had spoke to travis, I had spoke to Ky

Frenchie names, Ky, Alyssa, Chrsitian, and DerekX as a group.
Brent – Alyssa lied straight to your face clear as day
Whitney – she doesn’t like confrontation
Hannah joins them.
Frenchie going on about how he came to them (DerekX side) like a “man” and if he comes to them “like a man’ treat him “like a man” not “like a child”
Frenchie – I’m not a dummy I know what the f* is going on.
Feeds cut..

3:38 am Tiffany and Kyland
Tiffany wondering where Frenchie found out about Kyland, DerekX, and Christian forming something
Kyland – He saw us talking.. easy
Tiffany – OK.. I think he knew that before he pulled me and Derek into the room.
Kyland – no as soon as he saw us he said he was going to suss it out.
They talk about how unfortunate it is that DerekX is going to be evicted “he’s super sweat”
Tiffany – we are going to need more than that 13 man alliance Frankie.. err Frenchie has formed
Kyland – he pulled in the guys and said hey just so you know this is our target.
Tiffany – who said that
Kyland – Frenchie.. he already picked it (Team)
Kyland goes on about how Frenchie was forming this group and wanting to add more girls to it.
Kyland says he wants to bring Christian in.

Feeds flip back to Frenchie in the HOH talking about how smart he is

Frenchie – my thing in this game is look.. the truth is going to come out and I’m a smart enough person that I will figure that shit out before you have any idea I have it figured out
Frenchie – I was hurt by Ky because I respected that man.. so him (Travis) and I spoke.. I told Travis you weren’t even on my radar until I heard you were gunning for me next week.
Frenchie – I had no reason to have you on my radar until now. You just gave me a reason.
Frenchie – I am not afraid of confrontation I’m not afraid of speaking my mind.
Frenchie says he trusts DerekX the least out of The two.
Frenchie – when I spoke to Travis he talked to me like a man when I spoke to Derek. he tried to hide it.
Whitney – what about Kylan
Frenchie – Kyland spoke to me like a man to both of them if I’m being completely honest.
Hannah – you and Kyland good now?
Frenchie – we’re all right. I’m not going to put him up if that’s what you are asking.
Whitney says Team Jokers plus Tiffany and them are her favorite people in the house
BRent – we have the numbers
Whitney – we do. If one of our teams were to win we are set.
Frenchie says Hannah makes him nervous.. “I can gauge.. like I watch and I watch who” (what a freaking clown)
Frenchie is nervous that Hannah spends a lot of time talking to people on the other side.
Frenchie – you are on the Christian side also..
Hannah says she played a comp with Christian today so they spend a lot of time together.
Hannah – I make you nervous because I am friendly with everyone?
Frenchie – no no I didn’t say that
Hannah – oh?
Frenchie – I said you are spending time with certain individuals..
Brent – where your loyalty lies is what he’s askings
Frenchie – you make me nervous because you are very analytical and very smart.. you let people think one thing about you

3:55 am Tiffany joins them.
Frenchie says he hasn’t mentioned his nominations to anybody “it will shock a lot of people”
Brent – you have my vote
Frenchie – I just need to know If I have the votes.
Frenchie says with his target he’s taking an ally away from the people coming after him.

4:00 am Travis and DerekX
DerekX says he was making plans for week 8 I’m not going to get out of day 2.
DerekX says he knew there was a 25% chance he was going to go up and a 25% chance the person close to him will go up. They were the people least close to Frenchie.
DerekX – we had to make a big move and it just blew up
DerekX – we have to someone convince him to put up a guy and a girl..
Travis – if a girl gets put up neither of us are going home.
Derekx – I’m blown about Ky I hope we are still chill. I just feel bad man. I thought I was making a big move and I pulled you guys in we got ran through. There’s no other way to say it.
DerekX – we both get nom’ed it’s not horrible we have double the chance at winning veto. one of us wins takes themselves off and he picks someone else.
Travis – girl goes up
DerekX – we just have to Rally the house
They agree Xavier is with Frenchie right now.

They talk about how they thought Christian was the target before winning the Wildcard Competition.
Travis – Christian is gone next week unless he wins HOH bro
DerekX – he can really f** us, He puts up a girl from your team! so that you have to vote for your girl.. damn he can really wait.. oh my god..
Travis – I would be the only one on my team voting for you
Derek – oh my god.. oh my god.. Dude we might be able to save ourselves
Travis – I can get Christian
Derek – Christian, and Alyssa.. I think we have a good repertoire with SB too (Sarah Beth)
Travis – we have Ky too
DerekX – dude if we pull this sh1t off.. SMOKE SHOW..

They seem convinced they can pull the votes from the have nots Team. There is a worry about Xavier though.

4:20 am Travis and Frenchie

Frenchie – when you go downstairs you can tell DerekX I’ll give him another chance under the condition he never f***ing lies to me again cause I’ll know one way or another I’ll know.
Frenchie – I can tell you the way I came across the truth has nothing to do with me being HOH.. (LOl right)
Frenchie – it was the fact…. I know..
Frenchie – tell him I’ll give him another chance and if I do this I better get his vote cause .. we’re making a splash this week. The only thing I’ll ask is I did nothing but show you respect and honesty this whole time.

Frenchie goes on about all day having to put out fires and Baby relationships.
Frenchie – complete honesty I did get to eat dinner. NOTHING.. like lunch I had three of four chicken nuggets.. I’m starving. My voice is going out.. I’m at that point I’m just. It was worth it to see my kids I wouldn’t trade it for nothing.

Frenchie – one of your problems is about to be out the door and I just ask you to trust me. One of Ky’s problems is about to go out the door I don’t know about Derek.. these people never mentioned his name. They have mentioned yours, they have mentioned Ky’s

Travis goes to leave they hug
Frenchie – you’re good with me bro I’m glad we cleared that up.
They bring up having better communication moving forward.
Frenchie – I see it from your point of view.. your distant you’re starting to get nervous.. your boy downstairs started lying to me.. you see how that reflects on you I would fix that before he gets you in some real trouble
Travis – I’m going to tell you straight up when I tell him you’re giving him a second chance I’m going to be very frank with him if he is messing around with this lie sh1t anymore. I’m coming straight to you with that. that would reflect poorly on me if you give him a second chance and he burns me again.

6:00 am sleeping

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Frenchie is batshit crazy. If anyone needs proof that his white savior complex is just pandering here it is.


Who is frenchie putting up and targeting to go home?

Yawns alot

Straight to the racism huh? Nice!

Creepy Harold

You can’t even have friends in this house that this little tyrant Frenchie doesn’t approve of!

double d

How dare other people form alliances.

The Beef

According to Chairman Frenchie, you’re apparently not even allowed to TALK to unapproved individuals in the house! Instead of calling his “big” alliance the slaughterhouse, maybe he should just call them the “black shirts” or maybe simply “the party”, and their job will be to go around and make sure none of the other “members” get out of line! lol We’ve seen a number of people get eaten up with the power of the HOH in seasons past, but Ol’ Frenchie ranks right up there at the top of the list, and it’s going to be interesting to see just how many people he p*sses off, before his “reign” is over. If he does nominate a woman after swearing he wouldn’t, I think he may have half the house mad at him immediately just for doing that! Guess we’ll see.


WOW! Yesterday might go down as one of the most insane days of feeds ever!!! So many plans changing, alliances exploding, and for the first time in a while I have no idea who is going up at this point! Loving this season!

Frenchie’s goat

Wow, Frenchie is Devin 2.0….. crash and burn already?


Is he doing this for his daughter?


Seriously. He is worse than Devin. At least Devin didn’t attack people for having other friends in the house. My god. Frenchie is nuts. I hope people are just blowing smoke up his ass and he gets evicted next week.

Franz Joseph Oafallas

I hope enough people flips. Frenchie is a lil cocky tbh

Houka Inumuta

Sarah is killing it right now.

Watch out everyone Sarah is winning this game.

Sir Kirby Williams

Sara will make it to final 2 without resume…no win. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.


But she’ll have an interesting dress.

Spill da tea

I find it suspect that frenchie (the dumb farmer) made it a point to not target women and POC yet is targeting a minority for no good reason. When he could easily put up Travis

I like to watch

I suspect that the ranking grid will show a big downward slide for Frenchie. WTF is he doing? One HOH win, and he’s imploding at the first opportunity. He had potential, but his self-proclaimed ‘smarts’ were left outside the house. Go home Frenchie, I’m tired of you already.

Feeds Gold

i cant look away from the trainwreck haha

i get he isnt popular but he also shouldnt be last in rankings because without his messy hoh feeds wouldnt have been as good


It’s what his crazy ass deserves!

He’ll be back at his farm soon.

Feeds Gold

hannah said she has been personal stylist for some of the girls from bad girls club, including one of the best known players rocky

Feeds Gold

the bathroom door addition is interesting

it makes the gym room less private, more of a thoroughfare rather than a room off to the side…it makes the bathroom more private but means you can no longer spy on the kitchen from the bathroom seat

the outside deck overlooking the backyard allows spying and possibly overhear some convos if people are talking too loud