Frenchie “I need a pawn for a big plan to make a splash. 1000% you are safe! This vote is guaranteed unanimous. GUARANTEED!”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winners team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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10:15pm Bathroom. Travis and Derek X.
Travis – what if we try to buddy up with Christian tonight just as a ploy to get information? Try to buddy down. Derek – if one of us goes up I think we should blow the game up and tell Christian that he was going to get voted off. Travis – what would that do? Derek – get him to rally votes. Travis – for us? Derek – try. Travis – why would be do that? Derek – I don’t know, maybe he is aligned with people. Worst case is you get put up and lose the veto .. how do you get the votes? Travis – we have to be more proactive than that though. Derek – I am saying this is like worst case. Travis – yeah, okay. Can we get Frenchie to put up two girls? I’ll ask him. Derek – okay, you’re closer to Frenchie than I am. I don’t know if we should press him. Travis – I am not going to ask for names but maybe say what do you think about two girls? Frenchie joins them. Derek – what are you doing back here?? … you don’t need to slum it with the peasants. Frenchie – I would rather be down here with the peasants. Derek – Its hard being the king man.. the crown is heavy! Frenchie – its just temporary. Derek – you still want to talk at some point. Frenchie – yeah, yeah. He then leaves. Travis – he didn’t come in here to go to the bathroom or anything. He was just coming in to see where we were. Derek – he does that a lot. He counts heads to see how many people are in the room. Travis – its not good that he was skid’ish out of here though when he just saw that it was us. Derek – its crazy how you can see the house shift. Travis – we need to make a plan tonight. Derek – we need to give them options. Lets think of the girls. Alyssa told me that Frenchie that she is safe. And he also told Hannah that she is safe. He is just telling everyone that they’re safe. Basically we need to convince him that me and you together are worth more than Brent. Travis – yeah, we need a third to bring him. Derek – if he votes out one of us he burns a bridge with both of us. If he puts up Brent he still has both of us. Brent isn’t aligned with anyone. We are both.. I think we are both comp beasts.

10:35pm HOH room. Christian, Frenchie, Kyland, Derek F, Xavier
Frenchie – here is the game plan. Five of us in this room right now. Three for the complete majority need to be added. This is who I am ready to ride or die with! Everybody in this f**king room right now! We are going to the end of this f**king game! Kyland – lets go! Frenchie – we need to have 3 more people. Kyland – I have one. Frenchie – the three that we all decide to collectively pick.. we are going to call that the “Slaughter House”. What does every slaughter house have… Butcher! EVERYBODY IN THIS F**KING ROOM IS A BUTCHER! Everybody, week by week on the chopping block! This is who brings people to the slaughter house! THE BUTCHERS HANDLE BUSINESS! This is IT! This in this room I am ready to ride or die! We are going to piss fans off with this! Look at this! America?! do you see the studs in this room right now!?!?! We have to be like this! If we do we will go to the end!! Frenchie – this weeks plan… Derek X has been starting a lot of sh*t. I have heard this from multiple people. He sat on this couch today and said that he is going around starting rumors about everybody. I, knowing me .. when to the source. Christian – He (Travis) and Derek X are tight! Kyland – people are not going to be upset if he (Travis) doesn’t win, because he doesn’t need it. Xavier leaves. Christian – Derek X needs to be backdoored for sure but who are the pawns?
The majority of guys are safe. Girls want to keep girls around. If we put him up next to a girl. The girls have the majority of the votes. If they have the majority, they’re going to want to keep the girls around. Derek has to be backdoored. Travis and a girl. A girl that is not spiteful. It has to be Claire. Frenchie – let me work it and see if I can get Sarah because no one is ever going to vote out Sarah.

10:45pm Hammock. Hannah, Alyssa, Claire, Sara, Kyland, Xavier and Frenchie.
Frenchie – I know this is going to put you all on the spot … and I will pay you back any way I possibly can.. I need a pawn for a big plan to make a splash. 1000% you are safe!! I know in this game, they say pawns go home… I am telling you, I have never told any of you something that was wrong. No of you are going home. It came down to with certain individuals getting saved it screwed my pawn situation up because they can’t be put up as a pawn. I need a pawn. He was going to do it. Christian was going to do it and now he can’t. He can’t. I asked both of them. I just need a pawn. I don’t y’all to give me an answer right now just think about it .. and if you do .. I swear to god I will make it worth your while for more than just this week. I promise. I have never steered you guys wrong. I have never told you anything wrong. You don’t have to. Please don’t feel like you are obligated to. Everyone of you can say no and nothings changed. I still love each and everyone of you equally. But I promise you if you do, I will make it worth your while. Frenchie leaves. Claire – what a stressful job it is to be HOH. Frenchie comes back. Frenchie – I have the perfect plan and it is going to work. This vote is guaranteed unanimous. GUARANTEED! Everything I’ve said I’ve done in this game! I am 1000% this vote will be unanimous. There is a problem in this house and I am taking care of it. Big Brother switches the feeds.

11:17pm – 11:30pm HOH room. Frenchie, Brent and Britini.
Britini – HOH aside how are you doing? Frenchie – HOH aside I am good. I am worried about next week. Britini – why? Frenchie – I have a feeling I am about to get g@ng banged next week. Britini – by who? Frenchie – If Christian wins HOH, I am going up or backdoored. Britini – you also have three other people that can play HOH. And I am going to be honest with you I miss my mother dearly. I want that HOH. Frenchie – get it! I told Brent the same thing. Go get that HOH! Brent – Christian is definitely building a little army. Britini – Whitney came to me and said that Christian approached me about forming an alliance. Brent – yeah, I walked by it. He was doing it right in front of me. I am like I am on her team. Whitney is going to tell me everything. They get Whitney and Kyland to come up. They talk to Whitney about what Christian brought to her. Whitney explains how Christian approached her to be in an alliance. Sarah and Alyssa join them. Frenchie starts grilling them if any of them have been approached to be in an alliance. Alyssa comments that only her team.

11:33pm – 12:01am
The feeds are blocked..

12:01am Backyard. Azah, Derek F, Alyssa, Xavier.
Derek – the man (Frenchie) is straight forward. I mean he came over and asked can anyone be a pawn. I respect the fact that he went over there.. and was like can someone be a pawn? But I get what you’re saying .. if he said he was going to stick with the plan, then stick with the plan. Xavier – why are you switching it up? Derek – you can’t switch up the plan. You’ve got to go with the plan because if not then people are going to start looking at you like.. Alyssa – and the thing about volunteering to be a pawn.. people volunteer to be a pawn if they know who the target is. If there is a big threat. Like Cody, if its Cody from season 19 .. put me up as a pawn.. I know I’m not going home. But we’re not getting names and we’re not getting reassurance. Its all about rumors. I am not going to volunteer week one to go up as a pawn and not know who I am going up against. If you think I am the pawn, what if everyone else thinks the other person is the pawn? I don’t know who he is talking about. Xavier – I don’t think he has completely thought out what he wants to do. I felt bad because if that was me I would be stressed out as f**k.

12:28pm Tiffany and Derek X.
Derek – he said a lot of people are safe. Tiffany – well okay but he also said that no girl was going on the block but it looks like a girl might go on the block. Derek – he said that? Tiffany – well I am not going to say that a didn’t want to put a girl on the block. Derek – I am going to talk to Frenchie so don’t worry, I am not going to say that you said anything. Tiffany – I don’t know that he said those words specifically .. he is going to have to go back on.. Derek – god dame he be playing a big game if he put up me and Travis this week. That would be .. like if that is the game he is thinking. I would be like F**K this guy is shooting! Tiffany – lets go through the possibilities .. who are his options to put on the block. Derek – if its a girl and him and Britini are like that.. Tiffany – Britini is in his thing.. what are you saying. Derek – I keep getting them mixed up .. he can only put up Whitney or Claire. Tiffany – why only Whitney or Claire? Derek – because he promised the other girls safety. Its only you, Claire and Whitney. If we take him at his word that he is not going to nom a girl.. One strategy is try and get him to put up Claire and Whitney. Then there are the four guys .. Brent, Kyland, Travis and me. Tiffany – Claire’s team and Whitney’s team need to join together. That is eight people.

12:50am – 1am Bedroom. Kyland, Clair, Travis and Tiffany.
Tiffany – I just talked to little Derek .. and he was like I think me, Travis and Ky would do good and if you’re down we need another girl. And I was like what about Claire. He was like, I like Claire. Claire is a beast. I think we need to solidify something solid. Me, you, you, Claire and Derek X. Kyland – that would be obvious though because we’re already a team. Tiffany – then Baby D already has Whit and Hannah on his team. Travis – are you thinking team on team. Tiffany leaves. Derek – if we do an alliance our name has to be The Firefighters!

Outside the bedroom door Frenchie is eaves dropping on their conversation.. Tiffany walks out and right into Frenchie listening at the door.

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Frenchie is already getting people to not like his reign as HOH…SAD!

The Beef

Because he’s acting like a little dictator and switching up the plan! People lose trust when HOH’s do things like that! lol


His HoH is starting to remind me of Willie Hantz’s HoH, especially with this similar team twist. i’m just waiting for him to go nuts and headbutt someone


He really is. I’m so confused who he is targeting.

If it is Kyland I will forever hate him!


Same! They better not mess with Kyland!

James Boned

I was originally going to root for Frenchie but this guy has managed to play like weeks worth of game in less than 48 hours. Every conversation I’ve read on these updates includes him. I already feel like people are starting to get fed up with his HOH tenure.


Frenchie’s gone, sooner rather than later. He talks too much.

Joe Franco

Oh Frenchie!!!
Hohitis strikes again.
He talks too much, is too confident and confusing as hell.
He states he has a plan and isn’t sharing it at all.
Bad news!!!
Unfortunately it seems that DerekX or Travis may be gone


Way to hard of a play Frenchie, you may wish you had taken the dice option by this time next week.


I really liked Frenchie in the first episode. After a few of these live feed updates, he is getting on my nerves. It’s only been a few days in the house!