“We are deciding who goes and Demetres is probabaly staying.. Second is good enough” -Karen

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Kevin used the Power of Veto on Ika. His replacement was Dillon..

Karen and Dillon in the morning Chit chat..
Around the 8:30 mark Karen talks about working at Cracker neck Country club in the states it was called that because they use to hang people.

Ika, Demetres Morning
Nothing really…

(This clip is long.. )
Ika saying if she’s still in the house she needs to win the last veto competition
Ika – I’ve I’m here Kevin has a better chance of winning that veto and if Kevin wins that veto he’ll evict Karen.
Ika runs through scenarios for 40 minutes..

Karen Demetres and Ika
Karen going on about how she doesn’t want the “Weak ass people” to win this season.
Karen says people will think she is weak but she’s not she’s here because she’s built relationships and trust with people.
Demetres – and you stuck to Dillon
Karen claiming she’s been with Ika and Demetres since day one.
Karen – I know who should win this game..
Ika – I love you Karen

Ika Demetres and Karen

Demetres says Kevin will take Dillon, he knows the only person that can beat him in competitions is Demetres that is why he wants nothing to do with him.
Ika – Kevin’s biggest game move of the season will be taking me or Demetres out of this house

Karen – we’re not playing Kevin’s game we are deciding with them who goes and Demetres is probabaly staying
Karen says Dillon is willing to settle for second.
Karen – Second is good enough

12:16pm Demetres and Karen
Karen going on about convincing Dillon that he has a chance to win final 2 with Demetres but not with Kevin, “I will make him believe that”
Karen – “Every Jury Vote is for Kevin Martin.. Kevin needs to go”
Demetres says he’s a honest guy but Karen has done more in the game than Dillon has.

Demetres goes on about all the comps that Kevin has thrown, “He is very smart.. I wasn’t given the opportunity to throw comps”

Karen and Ika in the Bathroom
Karen going on about Kevin saying he wants strong players in the end to prove something to Canada.
Karen – if you really believe your own bullshit than walk the walk and talk the talk
Ika – If Kevin knows Demetres is staying does he want to stay here with me and Demetres or Demetres and Dillon
Ika – Kevin’s not dumb they are both taking you.. Dillon and Demetres
They agree everyone is thinking Karen won’t win the 100K so they all want to take her. (Dillon, Kevin and Demetres)

Karen & Ika in the storage room.
Karen – no way we’re all 3 going to be here anyways.. given up hope. And I told you you give up hope when your a$$ walks out that door. That’s when you give up hope. Thank god you took the shower and got them clothes off that _______. I think Kevin might have broken the spell anyways because he figured out. Ika – I’m still not sitting that. Karen – oh god, me neither. Not touching it. Ika – Dillon spent all his time up Kevin’s a$$ making final deals. You said they’re over there cashing cheques. You shouldn’t write cheques your a$$ can’t cash. And oh my god Karen, you’re a witch. Karen – I told you. Brew Brews will tell you. After she does enough, you’ll start believing her. Karen leaves. Demetres comes in and says I don’t know what the f**k just happened? Is there a possibility that we’re still alive?! Ika – I feel really bad about my speech. Demetres – he said he liked them honestly. Ika – I honestly feel bad for him. It’s four against one. He is right. Demetres – he does a have point. Ika – I do feel bad for him. Demetres – yes. I feel like that’s a decision he might regret though. Depends. Ika – Ah hello! I was so rude. I was so rude to him. Dillon thinks that Karen is going to vote to keep him. She says she’s not. Demetres – remember when I said you’re going to get lucky. Ika – I cannot believe he did that. When he said I was going to use the power of veto I was like (head down) .. drawing dead. Drawing dead. Karen comes back in. Karen – Dillon’s got tears in his eye’s. He’s like don’t flip on me. He (Dillon) was willing to cut you (Demetres) loose. Demetres – Oh I know. Ika – he was. Demetres leaves. Karen – oh god, this is going to be so bad because he (Dillon) is going to feel so betrayed by me .. but.. Demetres comes back in and tells Karen & Ika – Dillon is standing right out there.

Ika and Demetres in the kitchen.
Ika – I can’t believe this just happened. This is crazy. Demetres – but for Karen .. the smart move for her is to keep Dillon. Ika – Karen thinks you deserve to win. She’s not going to do it. I don’t think she cares about the money. Demetres – She’s crazy. Ika – she is. She is. It’s a good thing we spent all our time with her and not over there making deals. Demetres – relationships. Ika – I told you. Demetres – you’re going to get to watch the award show. Iks – I know, it’s my dream to watch it with you. Ika goes over to Dillon and asks – did you know he was going to do that? Dillon – we haven’t be talking like that. He knows its us against him. And either you guys are going to get Karen to campaign to keep him or.. Ika – I’m not campaigning to Karen. Dillon – or you vote for him (Demetres) and Karen votes for me and he (Kevin) makes the choice. Ika – I’m not campaigning to Karen. Dillon – it is what it is. I’m just so f**King mad right now. Ika heads upstairs.

Demetres to Dillon – are you hearing that? They’re talking about the veto. “You told me to shove my veto up my a$$!” (what Ika said to Kevin during the POV ceremony.)
Dillon – and then he gives it to her. What an idiot! What an idiot.
Demetres – that’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. Dillon – never seen anything like it.
Demetres – I do get his logic. Dillon – oh yeah, its a smart move but.. smart move.

Karen comes to talk to Dillon.
Karen – so much for your friend Kevin Martin. Dillon – he’s doing this to ensure that one of us goes. Karen – oh for sure. 100% He wants exactly what you said to me. Why would I want to leave two big guys in the house. Dillon – I was surprised he didn’t put me and him up right off the bat. They’re probably going to campaign to you and ..ah .. Big Country goes home. Karen – had he left it the same ..we would have had two big guys here. Dillon – yup, we shouldn’t have said anything. Dillon – I just need you to not flip on me. Karen – I don’t trust anything he says anyways and you know that. That’s why I’ve targeted them all season. Dillon – its not him, its Demetres and Ika. Its either keep Demetres or I go home. Karen – I hear them arguing. Dillon – I think all that was fake just to make it look better. Dillon – I don’t think it matters what we do, I’m going home. Karen nods her head and says yup! And I’m coming right after you hun. Dillon – I’m pissed off .. BIG TIME!

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Karen is so silly. Does she really think Dillion will keep Demetres? Has she already checked out of the game? She doesn’t even see herself making it to final 2. How does this women lack so much confidence with a mouth like that. SMH Karen


Kevin..so close do not use the veto !!!


Kevin is putting up dillon!


No Kevin you dumb shit, put up Karen


hahaha I love Kevin and am still rooting for him but this made me laugh


Kevin IS a dumb-shit.
Karen straight up told him the truth in the bathroom.
and Kevin really thought they were lying to him.
LOL And he is still congratulating himself in the bath-tub that he saw straight through Karen ‘lying’ to him. He still doesn’t know Demetres isn’t going home!


Kevin you idiot!


The feeds must be so dry. Every conversation seems to consist of rehashing everything that has happened since the beginning, rewriting history and making people believe they’ve done more than they really did (ie. Dillon and Karen) or claiming the other person lied more than the next. So exhausting.


will somebody slap that Karen back to reality … she isn’t that old to blame it on old age … btw Karen .. you have done SQUAT this season.. you even got rid of maybe a weaker player in Mark, so if she won that would be a total joke on BB CANADA … even Dillion did nothing , they were only a vote .. and note from their own minds but others .. here doggie do what I say … here is your bone ..


I’m waiting to see if Kevin actually has the balls to use the Veto or not like he wanted to do, while talking to himself in the Pantry before the comp. – He intended to take Ika down with the Veto and replace her with Dillon. Has he changed his mind ??? Nothing is etched in stone to who goes home until that veto is used, or not !


If Kevin gets too cocky and does use the veto on Ika to put Dillon on the block, Karen may possibly vote for Demetres to stay. It would be in Kevin’s best interest not to use the veto gamewise. Quite frankly it would be a stupid move especially when you promised Dillion F2. If he goes through with using the veto I hope it backfires on him.


He also promised William, and look how quickly he turned on his lover. I’d “bet” he’s not even that successful at poker.


Sounds like Kevin best bet is to put Karen up to ensure Demetrius leaves.

Wonder if he will catch wind of Karen flipping.


I certainly hope he does use it, that would be the icing on his shitty game cake since it’s looking like Karen would evict Dillon. If it goes down like that Demika are the greatest pair to ever play BBCAN… or are the other house guests the dumbest?


Is Kevin concerned with Dillon keeping Demetre? Cmon, Dillon can’t be that dumb


I said to my husband last week prior to the triple “one of them is for sure going home. There’s no way the people left don’t understand the game that much as to leave Ika and Demetres in the house togethe.” Fast forward to this week when the strongest duo is still in the house final 5, I said “100% FOR sure one of them is going home. If they stay in house together this week then production either walked in the living room and said “okay guys, were going to keep Ika and Demetres in the house this week. It’s going to look fishy so you guys need to put on your best acting skills”, or everyone had a stroke and literally forgot they were in the Big Brother house.”

…and here we are.

If Kevin is going to use the veto on Ika to ensure Demetres goes home, why wouldn’t he put up Karen instead of Dillon?

Why has Karen all of sudden decided she no longer cares about winning Big Brother Canada, and just wants to help Ika and Demetres make it to the final?

Why does Karen all of a sudden care more about Demetres than her number one guy Dillon, in that she has said she’ll vote out Dillon over Demetres if they’re on the block together, and keep Ika and Demetres together in the house?

Why is Karen willing to evict the one person that she has ANY shot at beating if they were to make to final two together, to keep the two people that she has ZERO shot at beating, and knows they’ll only take eachother?

How did Karen all of a sudden forget that these two people were the ones she wanted to go after less than two weeks ago because they threw her on the block next to Bruno and were really mean about her? But now she magically wants to be their best friend?


None of this makes sense. If there isn’t anything fishy going on with production, then I’m genuinely concerned that Karen doesn’t know where she is or what has happened in the previous weeks. How is there even a chance that Ika and Demetres will be staying to final 4 when both of them are on the block together? Karen has been the person who talks about what a fan she is of the game, but has magically all of a sudden thought “nahhh, I don’t care anymore, I want one of you to win so let’s get rid of my number one ally Dillon instead and the only guy that I have a chance of beating in final two”? If this real, why would she go on the show just to settle for 3rd place? There’s plenty of people in Canada who adore this game and who would have fought their hardest to get to first place.


In my opinion it’s extremely obvious the game is controlled by production (big brother). Along with survivor, amazing race US&canada and BBUS. They have a general outline of how each season will some what play out. Then they look for specific cast members to fill those roles. That is not a secret, survivor and Big Brother admit to that – I just think it doesn’t end there, they also must have an idea of who they want to win, and as the game is being played help those who are good for ratings . At this point in my opinion they basically owe Ika final 2. I haven’t liked some of Karen’s nastiness or Ika’s but I would be happy to see Ika win since the show was centered around her.


Because she wants the BEST player to win !! Dillon has done SQUAT, NOTHING !! Demetres has played hard since week 1 being on the block ! I agree with Karen the BEST player to win is Demetres. Why should someone that’s done NOTHING like Dillon and her win. I also agree with Karen these seasons where someone wins that dont deserve it is BS like BBCAN4 Cass should have won hands down ! Shes not turning on Dillon she just knows Demetres has played a damn good game.


Karen is a hard-core super fan. I like that about her.

Guy From Canada

Um Cass win hands down? Sorry that was Tims game…… but write ask Dawg for his Kraken hour did Cass play the same game this season and last, and was it production that played her or Tim to throw the f3 hoh. Interviews with Ramsey (yes he was a shit player….) he stated that Cass was protected by Tim looking back at his season that’s the only thing I’m going off.

When people are isolated in an environment, people assume roles and personas that aren’t their own. Look at the Stanford prison experiment. It didn’t take long for people to assume roles. Looking at how Karen has changed recently, is she playing like Dan did to make himself weaker (unlikely) realized she can be an easy second place or has she gone more nutter this week (more likely). She hated Kevin for a long time, I can’t see after all these weeks she will support his decision to send Dem.

Good Grief eh

I think Karen’s main objective is that Kevin doesn’t win. Without demetri, Kevin had a better chance of making final three and choosing who it is with, ie he will win the veto.


Ika and karen are pissing me off. Play to win ladies!! You are ALL deserving winners and IMO ika has played the best game.


Why no POV Ceremony today?


Nvmd its happening


It is today.


That bathroom convo between Kevin and Karen. That might have caused Kevin to not used it. Karen and her big honest mouth. Can’t she see he is talking to you because he is thinking about using it? She just blabs and blabs and spills everything!! Either that or that has caused Kevin to put up Karen instead of Dillon, cuz Karen said honestly she would vote out Ika over Demetres.


Kevin cant be that stupid to take one down leave them up there and vote Demetres out or he will be next out at F4


Kevin cares the most about how he appears to the public, and his ‘image’. He definitely wants to at least wanted to since he said this to out loud to the feeders in the pantry. He wants that “show” moment of personally voting out Demetre and also to prove how “good” he is of a player.

This just shows he big his head is. He thinks he is so much better than he really is. Doesn’t he know that most of his calls in the house have been off? In some cases embarrassingly off?


Karen you’re so stupid! “I am a really good negotiator” ??? You just straight up repeatedly told Kevin you would keep Demetres over Ika. Repeatedly when he keeps asking you!! AND you repeatedly told him Dillon would keep Ika. Are you insane??

Now Kevin will just put you up Karen!! he was just going to put Dillon up. Now Dillon will honestly have a hard time voting out Karen and Kevin will probably actually get his way and have his dumb-ass smug ‘satisfaction’ in personally evicting Demetres with his dumb-ass show-boating tie-breaker. What a smug over-confident little POS


Such a dumb bunch of prope. .scripted much ..


Garbage ppl in a scripted show


I have had it with Dillon’s huge ego. I don’t honestly believe him and his bragging. All these stories, it’s as if he actually believes he is super-human. He thinks he is the best athlete and could beat Kevin any challenge if he wanted to.

Whenever he loses he says “I wasn’t trying”, “I could have won if I just tried”. Come on.

What a load of BS. Is he straight up in denial or his super-inflated ego has to lie about it?

If he honestly is so over-confident without a doubt he will beat Kevin by himself, and votes out Demetres, then Kevin straight-up beats him… he will be go down as the biggest loser of all time. What a schmuck.


I hate Dillon the most. He did nothing. He thinks he is the most popular person. He thinks he is the biggest catch. The one HOH he won by literally bragging to the four other people – I can’t believe they all gave it to him when over half of the people were still standing. If they played it out, he would have lost based on reaction times up to that point in the comp. Are all boxers this unrealistically hyper-ego-inflated? I can’t believe he believes he is the greatest comp beast and could chose to beat anybody in the house in any comp if actually wanted to.


I think Kevin needs to put up Karen. If he keeps the noms the same Karen may convince Dillon to keep Dem. If Karen is up, for sure she will fight to stay over Dem….she will have to take back everything she just said to Dillion about keeping Dem. LOL. It will be funny if Kev does put up Karen as Dillion will go nuts with Karen in one ear and Ika in the other.

Old bitch karen

Karen looks like the crypt keeper.


yessss… karen pulled it off!!! i love karen!!!! Demika just might survive thsis.. omg… love it love it!!! Wasnt expecting this at all and i love it… it’s best tv when u least expect soemthing (whether or not u want it that way).. i’m just lucky i did want it that way! #Demikaren f3 !!! my ppl!!


Karen didnt pull it off. Kevin wanted to do that the second he won the veto, prior to even talking to Karen about anything.


Accidental luck.
It’s Kevin’s stupidity more than Karen’s cleverness.


Either way, Kevin’s predetermined decision or Karen’s persuasion; the result is going to absolutely kill Kevin.
Can’t wait for Thursday. It’ll be priceless.


I am so tired of hearing Karen say KAREN and Ima talk. They have done absolutely nothing in this game. One sleeps her way to the end, accused others of being liars when she is clearly the biggest one. Then there is Karen who is completely delusional and obviously suffering from a major ego meltdown. She doesn’t care what people think yet she always talks about ego. She is sooooooo annoying. I have stopped listening to the feeds because I can’t stand hearing them repeat themselves over and over again. I want Kevin to win just to spite them.


Karen is being enabled to talk by Ika. This is part of Ika’s social game. Karen loves to talk. Ika is giving it to her. And constantly reassuring Karen that she did a lot / was a mastermind / was right all along / is a genius. It’s been successful seeing that Karen is solidly with them and going to save Demetres.


Kevin used the veto on Ika and replaced her with Dillon.

Karen plans to evict Dillon and keep Demetres, so Ika and Demetres will be in final 4 together.

Not only that, she is taking all the credit for convincing Kevin to do it when Kevin had decided on this move before he even spoke to Karen, lol.

If you all don’t think production had something to do with this, you’re kidding yourself. There’s no way they’re all this dumb. Kevin would have put Karen up if he wanted to ensure Demetres would go home, and Karen wouldn’t all of a sudden not care about her own game.


Are you seriously saying Kevin was FORCED to put Dillon up by production? He was forced to risk a 100K and he did it because… why? No, Kevin ran into the cupboard and excitedly screamed that he would do this right after winning the veto OF HIS OWN ACCORD. and was giddy like a little girl doing it.

I’m afraid this is all Kevin and his genius mind.


Just saw on the live feeds that Kevin put up Dillion. I thinks that is a mistake. Hopefully not.


PPL may not get why karen is doing what she;s doing.. but i do.. she knows that she wont win over anyone.. let’s be honest.. she knows she’s gonna be dragged as a weak player to secure someone’s win…she is an avid lover of bb and so am i…as an avid lover of the game since bbuk season 1 and the other bbs in other countries i’ve watched over the years, as a fan i always wanted the strongest to make it and it was always annoying watching weak ppl be carried to f2. She also wants this to be the case.. as a fan knowing she wont win…and at the same time wants at least to make one big mark on the house.. and ensuring kevin goes is her big mark… tbh.. if she did make it to f2 ppl would respect how she manipulated kevin.. freaking kevin who knows he needs ot get rid of one of demika.. she just got him to use the veto and ensure they’re safe.. i’m sry.. that move was even better than the neda evicted move.. bravo karen.. bravo. GREAT TV!! This season is *cues dre’s voice* “LIT!”


She didn’t get him to use the veto though. He said right after he won the veto that he was going to do this. So Karen had nothing to do with it. As she has done nothing all season long.



Kevin, you are such a fool. In what world was that a good move. Just so you can satisfy your ego, and because of your over-confidence? shows how much you think of yourself.

What an ass, After this , even if he goes to the final 2, I DOES NOT deserve to win against anybody.


I don’t think it mattered what Kevin did. Damned if he did and damned if he didn’t.. put up Karen. 4 against 1. If Karen had been put up…Dillon would have listened, to Dem and Ika, to vote out Karen. ( both he and Karen are wishy washy!! )
If he kept the original 2 on the block…then he would end up competing against 2 strong men. ( Ika would have gone home. )


Demika = The Road Runner
Kevin = Coyote

What a stupid guy… tries so hard…


simon – heads up kevin used the veto on Ika and put up Dillon!


I’m surprised how easy Dillon is accepting that he’s going to Jury. He is already resigned to going 15 minutes after the Veto Ceremony. He didn’t even fight a little orTRY to campaign. He just completely knows he’s going.

Does anyone know if Kevin is still kept in the dark about who is going? Do they want to keep it from him (that they are both voting Dillon out)?

Time Stand Still

Grrrrrrr!! Karen may have just convinced Kevin not to use the veto.


I can’t believe it. Karen simply told Kevin the truth (in the bathroom). And Kevin thought they were both lying to him (that they want to evict Ika over Deme) – he monologued this in the bath-tub. So Kevin kinda convinced himself.

It’s kinda weird that Kevin has been just talking to himself for the past few days..


yesss demika might have a chance! i love karen… she killed it today…. every time dre would say she’s putting in work… no.. karen PUT IN WORK! She did that! Bravo!!


This season is now without a doubt the best season of Big Brother Canada.
I can’t believe Kevin actually did it.

I just cannot believe Demika escaped once again. I thought this was literally impossible. I thought “this time they are done for, but it was still such a huge achievement for them to last this far” …. but now…. wow…. i’m just speechless….

… and how HOW could kevin think this was a good move…. wow…


What do you think led Kevin to make the decision to put up Dillon and take Ika off? Was it because what Karen said?

Do you think Karen purposely or intentionally manipulated Kevin into doing it, or do you think it was just the dumb-luck of the combination of her honesty and his over-analyzing and thus effectively self-sabbotaging?

Lots of people have been giving props for Karen saying that she manipulated or put in work for Kevin to make made this decision — but i’m not convinced. What do you think? What did Kevin monologue to himself / what did he say in his account of what happened or why he made the decision?


Anonymous, I am going with the dumb luck combination and Kevin’s self sabotage due to over thinking the game and losing sight of the obvious.

this season sucks

What would you rank this season against the other bbcan seasons?


To what extent is production involved in changing the course of the game?
Whenever something happens, some always say it’s because production made them do it or that its rigged.
Like when Dre was called to the DR right after she said “I’m voting out Ika”, and people thought they were calling houseguests into the DR to get them to keep Ika over Jackie. But then Dre ended up voting to evict Ika in the live show anyways…
And now people are saying Kevin was forced by production to take Ika off and put up Dillon, because they refuse to believe he can be that dumb… So what’s your inside knowledge / opinion on how much production is influencing the game?

Club H.O.H

BBCan house just got lit!!!! Thank you BB Gods for saving Demika!!!!! To be inside Kevin’s head would feel like I’m in Fear and Loathing! Can’t wait to watch the episode!


LMAO – So Kevin did use the Veto on Ika and replaced her with Dillon. And Karen is talking about evicting Dillon. Like I said in my previous 2 Posts I knew it was going to go down this way, because Kevin is an idiot. I can’t wait for eviction night, and the look on Kevin Martin’s face.


OMG !!! If Demeka get saved again this is going to be EPIC!!!!!! I have a feeling Karen is under Ika’s spell and she will keep Dimitri!!! Lol !!!
Bad move on Kevin’s part


Ika puts her spell and it works. Karen loves them now.

Lol poor Dillon this after half a season of calling Karen his girl & his new Emily.


Ika’s Voodoo strikes again.


Simon WTH was Kevin thinking by using the veto on Ika? I would like your take on this.


WHAT THE FUCK??!!?? I don’t understand any of these people in this house seriously they are all fucking nuts. Ika is a huge bitch but a great player but now she is like I cant win what happened to her? Karen who hated Dem and Ika now the last couple weeks loves them and is going to vote out her #1 because she thinks that they deserve to win and she doesn’t? Kevin has the chance to make sure 1 of the 2 power couple goes but he removes Ika to renom Dil when he knows Karen might not vote out Dem? Dil has basically given up? Dem seems to be the only one who hasn’t lost his mind


When Ika thought it was between herself or Demetres leaving. She correctly rationally deduced that if she stayed, she would have very little chance of wining any of the remaining comps, which means that she will not get to the final 2 , because of the simple fact that nobody would take her.

She correctly deduced that Demetres would be able to win competitions and get himself to the final 2.

Ika has 0 out of 11 HOH competitions played, and 0 out of 7 POV Competitions played.

They also know the final POV is the haredest one. They also know the tree parts of the final three HOH.


Exactly what I wanted to happen happened OMG this is so good !!!!!! Karen Ika Demetrie Final 3 yasssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!


Me too! That’s what I’m hoping for


I don’t think it was that stupid for Kevin to use the veto on Ika as you all think. If it was still Ika and Demetres on the block. Whoever stays will for sure not take Kevin to final three. Neither will Dillon or Karen.

They might take him over Ika to final 3, but if that’s the case, I think Kevin knows that if it’s between Ika and Dem this week, Karen and Dillon will vote out Ika anyway.

I definitely think he should have put up Karen instead of Dillon, BUT no matter who goes home this week, none of them will take him to final three anyway so the way I see it is he’s at least making an attempt at ensuring Demetres goes home.


I agree, i don’t think it was a stupid move by him. If Dillon and Karen were going to keep Dem, then Dillon is the next best person to get rid of. Ika & Karen are not threats at any comp against Kevin. Dillon has proven he can win HOH/POV. I think putting Karen up would have been worse. If Karen was up Dillon would likely vote out Ika but Kevin would have to play vs Dillon & Dem for veto. If Dillon goes, Dem would be is his only real threat.


In Kevins defense: If Dhillon and Karen would have been dumb enough to keep Ika (which i believe is possible cause they’re pretty dumb) Kevin would have had to play against 2 comp beasts. Now he only has to play against 1.

At this point its just about who Kevin can beat and Ika stinks at comps so keeping her is better for him.


how is karen so dumb. even if kev/dill made a final 2, does she not realize that dillon is way more easily manipulated? she has a better chance at convincing him to take her to final 2 than convincing ika/dem to take her. there is no way they will ever take her to final 2 if both ika and dem are still in the game.

she is not even playing for 2nd place she is playing for 3rd! why even go on big brother…

Taco Tuesday

Kevin told Karen and Dillon prior to the Veto ceremony that Ika has played the better game than he has. Karen agreed. Kevin wanted Ika in the final four, he took her off to make sure she makes it to final four. He knew they would evict her if she stayed on the block. After the veto ceremony he told Ika he wanted her to win if he leaves, I think Kevin wants a vet to win. He wants to have only one male left to compete with, not two. I don’t think he cares which one of them goes. He will only have one strong competitor left to challenge him. If he gets evicted he told Ika she would have Brunos vote, and he would work on Sindy. He’s about good television and that’s what he’s manipulating.


BYE BYE Dillon !!!! I’m so happy about time he goes lazy ass. How DUMB can Kevin be ??? Karen has told him she wants Demetres there. But Kevin still thinks Karen will save Dillon lmao !!! Kevin just runed his game if Dem wins HoH which he will over Karen and Ika ! Kevin better hope and pray he wins veto , but I hope he doesn’t will serve him right !! Kevin said right after he won veto he would take Ika off NOTHING to do with what Karen said today. Kevin thinks it will be a tie and he sends Dem to jury.


Get ready Kevin your going to be added to the YouTube video of worst big brother moves!

Don’t get me wrong! I’m so happy that Ika is safe and hopefully Karen votes with her to evict Dillon!

But wow Kevin this will go down in history as one of the worst moves once Ika and demetres are sitting in the final 2

Club H.O.H

OBB do you have a video clip of Ika, Dem and Kevin after the POV in the HOH? Tried looking for it on the tube. Thanks for everything you all do. Have you ever auditioned for BB? How about live feeders have you all?


I have a feeling that the POV show on Wednesday is going to be one of the most talked about BB episodes in history, going to be hilarious I can’t wait LOL


Kevin Martin, you better pray to the BB gods that you win final four jury!! If not, there is a spot with your name on it in the jury house..


he had to win regardless, now there will be only 1 male to compete against, instead of 2…no one was taking him to final 2 he has to win out no matter who is in the house, we should be thanking Kevin for saving us from a potential final two of Dildo and Crazy Karen


Everyone keeps saying what a stupid move it was for Kevin to do that. It was actually a smart move because he wanted to ensure Demetres would go home, and he thought Karen wouldn’t be stupid enough to keep Demetres over her number 1 guy (the only guy she has any chance of beating in final two).

It’s Karen’s move that’s stupid, not Kevin’s. Little does he know Karen cares more about getting Kevin out than she does her own game. Unfortunately he didn’t realize you can’t logic with the illogical.

Also, this move won’t be what sends him home like everyone keeps implying. Regardless of whether he used the veto or not it was 4 against 1 going into next week. Him using the veto doesn’t change that… ALL it changed is he will now be playing against Ika in the next POV instead of Dillon (who has actually won something previously unlike Ika).


No it means he will be playing against DEMETRES instead of Dillon. Now, Demetres is staying, whereas he could have been the one evicted this week.
Besides this, Kevin has been starting to get into Dillon’s head, and Dillon is easily manipulatable. but Kevin wouldn’t rely on his social gaming.


All i have to say is…..




Ika wong was going to give up here game for Dem, not a queen move…no respect


Not much of a Kevin fan (in his two seasons I think he’s been too dependant on others to feed him strategy ie/ Jordan, Zach, Bruno and social judgement ie/Zach and Sarah, Bruno).
My initial impression of his use of the veto on ika is gloryhound tv moment moron. That would have been the same assessment I’d have had if Kevin hadn’t been stopped from using the veto weeks ago. Left to his own devices he’s strategically impaired.
If i’m going to be generous: does it matter if Demetres or Dillon leaves? Either way one of the players viewed as a physical threat is out the door. Sure, Dillon might be more likely fall for Kevin’s ridiculous social game machinations than Demetres after the final four. But Kevin would have to make it to final three. The chances of doing so are less with two perceived physical threats in the house. So, okay… keeping Ika as a beatable player in remaining comps isn’t horrible. Limiting physical players to one in order to increase chances in remaining comps isn’t horrible.
Leaving a pair in the game at final five that will never choose you as finalist companion, or conversely backstabbing the player you made a final two with the day before (after only just winning back his trust from the last betrayal), or leaving the decision in the hands of Karen that hates him…. that’s where i go back to the dumb move assessment and go back to being less generous.
Not quite a Marcellas or a Lawon move. Not even a jp block volunteer move; but not something he should crow to the jury for doing.

Ricky Dicky

It really comes down to pov next week for Kmart he has to win it no question about it. So he is smart and leaves ika in because he knows he has a better shot to win against her then he does against the two boys. So everyone saying it was a dumb move i just don’t see it