OBB Kraken Hour Episode 9

Going back to our shorter format. This episode has a special Guest from Big Brother Canada 5. Simon and Nick ask them the real tough questions delving deep into their game play and strategy. We also bring up some rumors for Big Brother 19 casting and Simon being the grump he is rants about how the casting process works.

Kraken ratings are high during this week. Karen is the worst as it stands right now because she won’t do what we want. Simon finally declares the season Kraken after almost thinking it wouldn’t be.

For a intellectual discussion of Big Brother watch this video. If You like it please give it a like, Leave a comment or subscribe. Thanks for the support everyone.. Enjoy :)

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You guys smoke a doobie with those beers? lol


Lucky <3


I’d love to see some survivor players on BB19


That looks like a boob in a jar