“The little people got together and fought against the Beast the Beast gets Destroyed’ GM

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sep 2nd
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations: Amanda/Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


8:27pm bedroom JUDD and Andy

Andy says McCrae told him moving forward he wants to work with Andy and JUDD.

8:33pm backyard McCrae and ELisa

Elissa – ‘I’m never stressed in my life.. I have a routine and I do yoga’
MC – ‘Ya this house is stressful’
Elissa says her yoga sessions are not the same because she cannot get any privacy.

ELissa says she pinched a nerve in her leg and it hurt a lot. She adds that it was super scary because that’s her career. Elissa thinks it’s from sleeping in the have nots room and have the chair pushed up against her thigh.

Elissa – ‘Oh my gosh I would die if I left here without a pandora’s box’
MC – ‘It would be weird if they didn’t do that it’s been so many years’
Elissa – ‘our season must have been a blowout exciting because she’s never felt board except for recently’

Elissa think JUDD is more settled now that he’s come back. MC agrees says JUDD is less anxious and worried. “I was worried for him I thought he was going to have a anxiety attack”

Elissa – have you thought about what you are going to do moving forward

MC says he’s a free agent lie JUDD was coming back into the game. MC says he has no one.
Elissa – ‘do you have any targets’
MC – ‘not really.. doint into this double eviction it’s all about veto..’
MC – ‘I pretty much have to get HOH and talk to everyone as fast as I can.. I’m not going to be vengeful.. Amanda was a HUGE target.. I always kinda knew it was going to be like this’

MC – ‘I’m not going after anyone right now until I get HOH’
Elissa – ‘Do you think GM will have the votes over you’
MC – ‘I dunno.. she a competitor.. I feel like only Amanda will vote for me’
Elissa – ‘I think anyone will vote for you if you make it’
They both agree that JUDD will win against anyone in the final 2. Elissa wonders if Spencer can win. MC doesn’t know but thinks there is something to be said about being on the block more than anyone else.

ELissa – ‘Andy and JUDD have the most friends.. What about me and GM’
MC – ‘I think you would win’
Elissa – ‘who would you put up if you won HOH during the double eviction’
McCrae says he has good reason to put up Elissa and GM but he also could put up Andy because he’s got the most friends in jury.

Elissa says that Spencer would be her target because he’s won so much stuff already and the rest of them haven’t. Ellissa thinks that Spencer has a real possibility to win the game. She tells him there is no way she has the votes in the jury because they all hate her.

Elissa says that she was never going after McCrae the only reason he went up last week was because Elissa knew he was working with Aaryn. Elissa wants to know if McCrae will put her up.

McCrae – “I dunno.. yup .. yup.. I don’t think I would put you up.. I dunno.. I’ll need to talk to everybody”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


9:00pm Backyard
McCrae thinks there is something off with this season. Wonders if there was a paid Actor. Elissa thought at first it was Amanda. McCrae can see that says her personality in the house was as if she was paid to cause chaos in the house.

Elissa – ‘Oh my gosh why did you guys have to go mess stuff up McCrae.. oh my gosh’
MC – ‘I dunno … yupp..’
Elissa – ‘Do you think it’s double this week’
MC – ‘Ya.. it makes sense’

MC questions if JUDD is really at competitions or is just throwing them as part of game.

MC says he has no idea where GM head is at. MC says being so close to Amanda he’s kinda isolated himself he doesn’t know where everyone’s head is at.

Elissa says at this point it really depends on Competition wins. Elissa adds that there are some people in their house she would rather see in the game because they want it so bad.

ELissa doesn’t think she will get any votes other than Helen if she is up against Spencer. MC thinks Elissa has a chance to win against Spencer but not Andy.

Elissa says his best bet is for him to take her to the finals. Elissa- “i wouldn’t mind getting second.. I wouldn’t mind getting third.. there is no way in gods green creation that I would win’
MC says Elissa has a good case to win the money. He thinks everyone left has a good case for the money.

MC – ‘Taking you to final 2 for me is totally an option.. I could see doing that.. the only person I don’t want to take is Andy.. he has so many friends’

MC says Amanda knows she’s going home and she’s rolling over.

CBS Interactive Inc.


9:20pm Backyard Spencer, Elissa, McCrae Joking around about Andy and JUDD kissing in the bedroom. Elissa jokes that JUDD gets around. They start speculating about double eviction.
9:25pm Elissa and Spencer. Elissa says there only chance at winning is for each other to be in the Finale.


9:27pm Bedroom Andy and MCrae

McCrae going over his conversation with Elissa. He tells Andy Elissa is saying she will put up Andy and Spencer. McCrae doesn’t think that is true.


9:35pm JUDD, Andy and Spencer Talking about the the double eviction and Pandora’s box
Spencer wonders if McCrae will sleep as much once Amanda is gone, ‘All they do is roll around in the bed like a bunch of damn heathens’


9:40pm Bedroom Amanda and McCrae McCrae is saying that Elissa is so worried about the double eviction they may be able to sue that to try and get her vote. MC says he’s been trying to build some sort of relationship with her. McCrae says if they can get Elissa’s vote, they would be able to Get Andy’s and keep Amanda.
Andy joins them. They start talking about Game for next week.

Amanda start getting mad “I fought my a$$ off to keep you off the block and you act like i’m already F*** gone”
Amanda – ‘I fought my a$$ off’
Amanda leaves
Andy whispers to McCrae ‘I’ve been trying’
MC – ‘I know’

9:55pm Bedroom Amanda and McCrae McCrae starts listing off ways they can get Elissa’s vote. Amanda says it’s not going to happen, JUDD was her only hope ELissa would never vote to keep her. Amanda tells him it pisses her off when people act like she’s already gone.
Amanda – ‘Everyone has someone they want to bring to the end.. GM it makes no sense.. What did Andy say’
MC – ‘He said he was trying’


10:00pm Extermiantors

GM is saying she’s told Amanda she’s not keeping Amanda if the vote is a tie.

Gm says Amanda is coming up with stupid scenarios that don’t make sense, “She’s mad because it’s not what she wants.. She’s not running stuff’
GM – ‘But when the little people grab together and fought against the beast the Beast gets Destroyed and that’s what we did we broken the f*** b!tch down’
GM – ‘That’s why you don’t act high and mighty in this game everyone is equal.. no one is F*** queen bee no one runs the house’
Spencer wishes Amanda would be like Jeremy and just be cool for that last couple days

Andy tells them he’s nervous that McCrae was talking to Elissa. He doesn’t want the two of them to get close and for her toi put up two exterminators if she wins the HOH.

Spencer says Elissa still is targeting McCrae he talked to her right after she talked to McCrae.

JUDD asks them if there plan is to put up McCrae with a exterminator. Spencer and GM say yes. GM points out that if Elissa is not nominated she is not going to fight as hard in the veto.


10:24pm Bedroom Amanda and Elissa
Amanda brings up that She fought to keep Elissa in the game the first couple weeks. Remind Elissa that she was almost out the door but because she had Amanda’s support she stayed in the game.
Elissa – ‘there is no way I would have left and if I left they would have brought me back’

Amanda says they got rid of Helen who was good for Elissa’s game and Elissa got rid of Aaryn who was good for her game so Amanda thinks they are even.

AMand gives her a deal, if she votes to keep Amanda this week she will do anything. Amanda says she knows it’s a long shot because they treated her like sh!t.

Amanda – “If you vote for me I will be 100% loyal to you and I will never falter’
Elissa – ‘I just feel if I did vote for you GM and JUDD would be gunning for me’
Amanda- Gm will still be gunning for me.. you can also blame the vote on JUDD’

Amanda says Spencer is targeting her because he sees her with JUDD and Ginamarie. If Elissa keeps her MC and Amanda will never put Elissa up ever.

Amanda says she regrets the things she did to Elissa but she doesn’t regret helping Elissa and working with her to get this far.
Amanda- ‘you need me and MC going into the double eviction’

Amanda – ‘I swear to you every person in this house is going to put you up, I haven’t soken with JUDD or GM but every other person will.. they may be lying to you’

Elissa says everyone in this game have stepped over her boundaries. Amanda apologizes what she said to her. Elissa – ‘It scared me’
Amanda – ‘I know 100% and I regret it’


10:40pm Bedroom Elissa and Andy
Elissa tells him Amanda said Specner and Andy are targeting her. She give be a short summary of the conversation with Amanda. Asks him if he’s getting the same thing from them. Andy says more or less yes.
Andy says the plan is to get rid of McCrae next week. Elissa beings up her worries that she will not win in the final 2. Andy thinks there are good reason for all of them to win the final 2. Andy believes the vote is going to be close.

11:00pm Backyard Specner, McCrae and Andy
They are all targeting Elissa then JUDD. Spencer tells them that GM is going to be very strong in competitions. Andy points out her toe is f*** right now. Spencer thinks in a weeks time the foot will be fine and she will dominate the comps.

Spencer says to McCrae if he wins the HOH he’s best to put up Elissa and JUDD. IF he puts up Elissa and GM there’s the chance of JUDD winning the POV and saving Elissa.


11:11pm Backyard everyone but Amanda and McCrae
Laughing at Amanda’s attempts to stay in the game. Spencer thinks she should just stop because it’s getting pathetic. Gm mentions that Amanda is now saying she is jealous of Amanda’s showmance that is why GM put her up. GM is pissed because if this. Elissa adds that Amanda really does think this.
Andy is glad they are working towards a common goal going into the double eviction. (Get MCrae out)


11:44pm Bedroom McCrae and Amanda
McCrae is saying he trusts Andy doesn’t trust Spencer. He sure Spencer is the one person that will leak information out.
MC – ‘say I get HOH and put up … Elissa and GM .. ‘
Amanda – ‘Don’t do that.. that is what they want you to do’
MC – ‘I put up GM and Elissa if JUDD gets veto he would use it on Elissa” MC would put up Spencer and Elissa/JUDD will have to decide who to pick Spencer or GM. Amanda thinks Elissa will pick GM and JUDD will pick Spencer. MC says If Andy get rid of GM it would be JUDD/Elissa left on that side and Specner won’t go with them anymore. MC says Spencer will join with Andy and Mccrae because they have more people.

Amanda mentions that Elissa told her if she went home the first 2 weeks production would have brought her back in.


12:09AM Amanda, McCrae, Spencer, Andy and JUDD
Joking around with Spencer telling him he’s good at finding sh!t. Any competition that involves finding things Spencer will win it.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I have been reading that a lot of people are saying Amanda is friends with the BB head producer. How do you know this is true or is it just a conspiracy theory?

Probably a conspiracy

The Amanda haters will say anything to trash her. They can’t accept that she’s a strong woman who has basically run the house up until now. It’s mostly Elissa’s relatives and Rachel’s friends who do the trash talk.


I have done some trash talking on here about Amanda because I don’t like her & the fact that she bullies & it’s not a good example to set for children. I am not friends or family of rachel or elissa. I really doubt that anyone on here trash talking Amanda is rachel or elissa’s family. I do believe however that there is only one person on here trash talking Elissa & they are just changing their screen name w/ every nasty comment about her-it’s so obvious.

OMG Everyone Is The Same Person

“I do believe however that there is only one person on here trash talking Elissa & they are just changing their screen name w/ every nasty comment about her-it’s so obvious.”

Well then by that logic everyone repeating the same crap over and over again about Amanda must be the same person as well. Give me a break. There are ALOT of people who can’t stand Elissa. It’s not as many people as the Amanda haters, but they are all over the Internet including here. That is so delusional to think Elissa must be so loved that there’s only one person trash talking her here but they’re just changing their name. You’re almost as delusional as Amanda.


Okay, here’s the rules. Every time it says, “Andy joins them,” pick up something, anything, and throw it!!!!!!!!


fyi……ALOT is not a word…..it’s A LOT…2 words…….. A lot of people hate both…. Amanda and Elissa.

Team GM for the win!

Power player

Amanda a bad role model for children? Well for one you shouldn’t be letting children watch big brother as the show deals with adult topics and two who said Amanda is a role model? I think people are stretching to hate on Amanda lately and it’s sad.

Comments like if she has a special power it’s all rigged and CBS should be ashamed? How about the comment Elissa said to Amanda just above “if I left they would just bring me back” that sounds more like productions pet and getting special treatment or help more than ANYTHING Amanda has been seen to get. Amanda wasn’t the person allowed to take a big comforter into the have not room but I guess it’s ok for Elissa to get help from production than Amanda right? Cause Elissa wasn’t the rumoured winner. Lol

Blank XIII

Um… why on earth would you show BB to a child in the first place? Are you totally daft?


I think you mean delusional. If she is such a strong woman then why has she been mentally breaking since Elissas HOH? She obviously has no talent in the competition department, other than rolling and catching a ball (lots of practice with mcraes marbles).. You need to see the compilation video of her being a racist/bully on youtube called “Amanda Zuckerman : social justice warrior”, then you can see how much low self esteem she has!

so sad to bad

Amanda and Elissa are friends with production. Elissa was in the DR, and came out and said she will keep Amanda. WTF! Either elissa is some kind of master mind (will never believe that she’s is dumb as bricks) or Production want to keep the drama going. OH SO SAID all you Amanda haters, life’s a bitc%. LOL.


I live in the Caribbean n I dont care much for bb but watching this season I know tht amanda is a horrid person tht house is full of them there is a dif between being strong and being a bully…elissa was nothing but pleasant even wen provoked. Lets not forget how since the very earlies mc betrayed elissa bcuz he had to do wat the bully squad ( Jeremy kaitlin aaryn gm nick and aMANda) said


you’re a idiot! Amanda is a nasty skank you must be too!


strong woman???? i almost choked, if you call yelling and aking fun of someones appearance and race bein strong, but its obvious you come from the planet of delusion, all she does is pretend to smoke and give blowjobs all day, she is a vile disgusting and a poor excuse of a woman.


Aaryn’s Mom just issued an apology on Aaryn’s behalf at http://www.latimes.com in the Entertainment Section. She basically said Aaryn’s best friend is black who happens to be a male and he was also her prom date. Aaryn wasn’t raised to be a racist and she does a lot of charity work for underprivileged. She also boasted Julie Chen and CBS for using Aaryn to boost ratings


CORRECTION**She blasted Julie Chen and CBS for using Aaryn to boost ratings


I think people are saying that b/c on the feeds quite a few times, Amanda has mentioned her “friend” in production. I don’t think I’d be able to scroll back and find it, but it’s definitely there somewhere. Those comments were publicized back when Amanda was still very well liked by production and at that time, most of the people commenting on it seemed to hint that it was unfair but they didn’t mind. I don’t think you can call it trash talking when it’s based on things she has actually said. For example, calling Amanda or Aaryn racists wouldn’t be trash talking because they have actually said racist things that have been documented.

Amanda's Therapist


Gina is a RACIST

Andy says that during Elissa’s HOH he noticed how none of her pictures look like her. GM starts to bash Elissa and says her story doesn’t match up with her son and her husband, she thinks “Elissa was knocked up when she was 16” GM then bashes the way Elissa’s son looks, she says a derogatory comment about his skin being darker than Elissa’s or Elissa’s husband.

Judd shuts is down quick and says to not talk about her kid.

Gina is also an idiot

The kid could be adopted or from a previous marriage.

God Lord, Gina is so dumb.


Although I think some of the theories out there are a little far fetched, I was watching the feeds last night and Amanda said how she knew some of the production guys running around in the HOH Elissa won, and she said she had worked in reality tv before. Then the feeds switched to fish directly after.


Remember she lies and she probably means she knows them now that she is on BB15.



She now knows them in the ‘biblical’ sense…..


I am inclined to believe that this would violate some ethical rules to an extent it wouldn’t be worth the risk. If this rumor was true and ever proven it would kill the show. Besides, in this day and age it’s hard to believe that if they are besties no one has posted any pics yet. Amanda doesn’t strike me as the type of person who shies away from cameras.

The Ministry of Peace

There are no ethical rules in the world of BB.


when MC is alone and away from Amanda, he’s a very likeable person. he’s seems like a down to earth and very normal kid. I never brought into the MC tough guy act. he fronts like he’s the fly off the handle type guy, but he’s not. MC getting involved with Amanda ruined his game completely, he even acknowledged it to Elissa on the feeds, that spending too much time with Amanda it feels like he sequestered himself from the game.

Casper The Friendly Floater

He said that to Elissa because he’s trying to get on her good side…duh. Whether or not he actually believes that is a different story. My guess, he thinks being in a showmance was a bad idea and did put a target on them, but he genuinely likes her so he probably also thinks he got further with her than he would have without her. He’s not in a bad spot to get to final two since pretty much everyone thinks Amanda ran him. The people left in the house just need to wise up as to who could actually pull the most votes from jury. They’re targeting McCrae, but he won’t have the jury votes to pull out a win over anyone except maybe Spencer.








You know you’re desperate when you start campaigning to your enemy.

What’s keeping Elissa from laughing in Amanda’s face is anyone’s guess..

So what?

And you wouldn’t? Please. Every nominee who has been on the block this season – and every season – campaigns to everybody. Keep on bashing Amanda. After Thursday you will set your sights on Elissa’s next biggest threat. But I bet when she’s on the block and campaigning you won’t have a problem with that.

We don't hate you because we're jealous

Amanda sucks, is disgusting, blah blah blah….

Now that we have that out of the way, here is a prime example of one reason Elissa haters hate Elissa…

Elissa – ‘there is no way I would have left and if I left they would have brought me back’

Oh My

And while you list 1 reason why that is the “prime” reason people hate Elissa.. there are hundreds of reasons why many hate Amanda. Lets view this shall we?
1. She blames others for what she cannot control
2. Insecure and confides in Mcrae who many feel like shes using
3. Her outbursts of arguing, and then crying about it
4. Wanting people to feel sorry for her
5. Shes downright disgusting (period blood on the sheets, blowj*bs in the washroom, having sex in everyones beds)
6. Amanda had previous acting experience being on TLC’s show called who are you wearing, and an actress on a web series show called big shot live — which allison grogner (former CBS employee) was the casting director of the show.
7. She ruined big brother 15!

We don't hate you because we're jealous

I wasn’t defending Amanda, numb nuts. You see the little bit of insulting I gave her at the very beginning of my post? If you post anything here without mentioning what a bitch she is, idiots like you come back with her name on your lips. Everyone gets that Amanda sucks, so let’s take a second to talk about somebody other than Amanda for once. It’s like a broken record in here.

There are several reasons why a lot of people dislike Elissa ALSO. The primary reason being she’s self-entitled and thinks she deserves special treatment. She said, not as a joke, CBS should have paid her for appearing on the show because she was Rachel’s sister and she brings ratings. Then pouts when she doesn’t get MVP and she threatens to walk from jury when she thinks she’s going home. The list goes on and on. Any true BB fan would take that as a slap in the face not continue to root for her because she isn’t as much of a bitch as Amanda or because she’s the sister of someone who was a pretty decent player. This whole cast sucks. Let’s not play kiss ass to a crappy player just because Elissa is a lesser of many evils.


She didn’t ruin BB IMO – casting the sister of a former popular player with a stupid MVP twist at the same time did

So what?

And you wouldn’t? Please. Every nominee who has been on the block this season – and every season could say the same thing. Get real and use you brain for once. You hate Elissa because you’re jealous of her. Elissa is beautiful, she’s intelligent, she has a great personality, her body rocks, she’s fit, has a great family, a job she likes, is financially set, you’re just plain jealous.

Blank XIII

Nope. I hate her cause she is a dumb, entitled, gold digger. You go on and on about her body (rock hard, I admit) , yet plastic surgery addiction has completely destroyed her face. She is tacky as a kardasian , and her fans are drawn to her through their own inherent tackiness.

Thumbs down if you are a crazy cat lady.


Am not sure. Ask Spencer.


OBVIOUSLY she is saying that to downplay Amanda’s statement that Elissa only stayed in the game this long because of Amanda.


That was typical game play for Ellissa to dig into Amanda and was laugh out loud funny!!!! Ellisa knew it would bother Amanda without attacking her personally!!! Funny stuff

Go Elissa

It is just laughable that Amanda would even DARE ask her and expect her to comply after Everything she has said and done to Elissa !


And here comes the fake apologies again.


Judd is becoming increasingly arrogant. So confident that he is safe within The Exterminators – and even safer than GM. Little does he know.

Early to bed tonight

I can’t take looking at Judd any more. He is in a constant state of slouching. He mumbles his words with that stupid accent. And he’s scheming with whoever he’s with, always lying. What a shady asshole. You’d think he’d learn that’s why he got evicted before. But he’s so dumb it doesn’t sink in. Watching all four of those POS is revolting. I’m done watching BBAD for the night.


His accent is merely a representation of where he is from, whereas Elissa’s speech is fake & annoying


I really wish Amanda would expose Andy to everyone before she leaves or somehow mess up his game. I feel like at this point every single person in the house trusts Andy & it baffles me!

Go Elissa

She won’t because she is afraid it would mess up McCrae’s game . (She will want a cut of his money )

WHY is

Everybody blind to him? He is showing himself to be such a little weasel and two faced also.

I loooove you

To us he is a rat, to them he is each and every one of their bestest buddy who gushes about how much he adores them and how each of them would be THE very LAST person he would even THINK of having anything to do with evicting. None of them see what we see. I sort of get what they see though, it’s how much I myself wanted to hug the piss out of Andy the first weeks of the show.
For the record, it wouldn’t break my heart if his royal kiss ass andy got evicted this week or well pretty much ANY week but I just don’t see it. Learn to love to hate him folks

You Don't Say?

There’s someone two-faced and weasely playing Big Brother this year? Wow! What a shocker!


I D K ! Ask Spencer.

Not Everyone

Elissa is on to Andy’s antics – she’s been aware for quite some time.


Mc Amanda has the nicest breasts. I love them

Spencer: I heard Apple announced the development of a microchip that can be implanted into a woman’s breast and play music. They are calling it he ITit and will cost $399 and is regarded as a major breakthrough because women are always moaning that men just stare at their tits and never listen to them


Amanda did not have silicone implants really. She had two upper body colostomy bags fitted , because her mouth couldn’t deal with all the sh*t coming out of it.


Trying to be funny again? Please stop. You are giving me a bad name. And besides, you aren’t even close to being funny. Now if you cracked a joke about duck lips’ fake boobs, that might be funny.


just goes to show what a sexist pig spencer is. Andy and Spencer are a pair of weasels.


Spencer is a scumbag, too. He never changes he shit stain underwear. Why do you think he keeps shoving his hands down his pants and then sniffs his fingers?

Loyal Amanda

Amanda trying to get Elissa’s vote?!?!? lol Wow! Amanda pledges her loyalty to the person she has been bullying! Crazy as hell! bye bye Amanda!

The psychoanalyst

Have you heard about making a deal with the devil? I despise Elissa the most in the house (and love Amanda the most). BUT, if a deal can be struck and Elissa saves her, my opinion of Elissa will definitely change for the better. Because seeing any of the other 5 rejects in that house winning the $500k would be an atrocity. The reality is Elissa needs McCranda as much as they need her. We the viewing audience know that bc of the exterminator alliance. GM and Judd are being shady by having a side alliance with Elissa but they will cut her first chance. If she wins HOH they will conveniently be in her corner affirming the alliance and throwing Spencer and Andy under the bus. But because Elissa is stupid, shallow, and will never let go of a grudge even if it helps her game, she will ultimately reject Amanda’s offer. Elissa will be next to go, followed by GM. And then the boys will fight it to the end. Like every year. The biggest group of losers and social rejects in the history of BB.


Elissa has been bullying right back and started it. All the weeks of earshot “digusting and gross people” comments, Elissa had to put up with a few hours of ranting and that was not bullying. bullying is what elissa has been doing. constant taunting, rewording what amanda says and spitting it out to the other HGs individually as a lie to make them angry and hate amanda more, all the under handed, backhanded passive aggressive digs to keep goating amanda. been going on since she got Aaryn out.

Keeping the story straight. The Exterminators on the couch slamming Amanda at 10:15pmPT are wrong on one point. Amanda said she never got personal with anyone unless they got personal first which is true. The Exterminators slamming Amanda on the couch said Amanda took it personal towards Elissa first and that’s not true. The day after Aaryn left I was watching the live feeds and Elissa made a very rude comment in front of everyone in the backyard about Amanda’s miscarriage, it was a calculated direct hit to shake Amanda. The first words out of Amanda’s mouth were “why would Elissa say something personal, this is a game.” The next day Amanda got personal with Elissa and Elissa cries “Miss Innocent,” and that’s the truth. The live feeds will prove it. She knew it would set Amanda off and it did. I am so tired of all the people that hate Amanda so much they ignore the facts.


good lord do you actually believe the crap that spews out of your face hole? because no one else does.


Lol. Reminds me of one of my favortie sayings: “Is your ass jealous of the shit that comes out of your mouth?!”


Amanda started with Elissa way before that…you have problems by taking up for Amanda, she is a disgusting person!


Ellisa should not have said that, BUT Amanda had been dogging her all day and attacking her personally for over 24 hours. Amanda attacked first within the first 3 weeks.


Exactly right Rita! The live feeds prove it. Like Amanda or hate her, like Ellisa or hate her, the facts are what they are.


correction, Elissa started in with Amanda weeks before with her comments “digusting” “gross” “those people” always in earshot of the person she was condemning bla bla bla, but she really started it with Amanda when Aaryn was still on the block with the subtle taunting and digs.


Yep, Amanda begging for Elissa’s vote is desperation wrapped up tight in NO SHAME. Seriously Amanda, you scared the hell out of Elissa, disrespected her, trashed talked her husband and threw her step son in the mix and you have the audacity to ask her to save you…..BITCH PLEASE leave with at least an ounce of pride. Oh sorry I forgot whom I’m speaking about, the same woman who called out Aaryn for her racial comments while doing the same “hypocrite” and exposed her breast, buttocks, onion smelling yeast infected blood dripping vagina while cameras are rolling, and may I add all the hand jobs, blow jobs and mounting the sleeping flea……


they’re in a game for 500,000 why wouldn’t they want to stay and be unhappy when they realize they’re out. why is everyone so surprised. why does everyone think they should just be “oh well, i’ve spent all this time trying to win, and now I’m out, so I’ll just take it easy and enjoy my stay.” seriously. they all want to win and every player deserves to win like them or not.

Bear Shirt

My take on the rest of the season

Amanda: well, we all know she goes to jury on Thursday, but she will not be done playing. Her next mastermind move will be to try and control the jury so her BB hubby can win if he makes it to the final two

Judd: in a good position right now, but not for long. He did a good job at integrating himself after coming back, but is seen as the biggest threat in alliance (rat and perv are already planning his demise); I kinda want to him team up with McRae and Elissa (weird I know). Im still not sure that he is a good physical competitor, and game will get more physical moving forward.

McRae: If he survives DE, he will make it far and gain an ally. He might also gain his fire fuel back now that there wont giant boobs blocking his sight.

Elissa: has her targets on the right people (Rat and Perv); Is becoming more aware of the game and who to trust, but it is not looking good for her for the DE. Would be best is wins VETO Thursday during DE and than win the following DE. Probably stands the best chance in physical comps

Andy: His best chance is get rid of Elissa (she has her eyes on him); Spencer will not be much help for him when it comes to winning comps and keeping the both of them safe. Amanda will be pissed when she finds out he was in on her eviction, and I see him loosing jury votes quickly (will not get Candice, Helen, Jessie and possibly Amanda)

GM: has stepped up the comps; but she should not align herself with 3 guys completely, she needs to get closer to Elissa and have a secret deal just in case in exterminators does not make it during the DE (GM is too loyal); She would win over Spencer.

Spencer: Who?just kidding. No one will respect his game at the end, don’t see him winning these physical comps at the end, one can only be nominated so many times before your luck runs out

Thats my take, I tried to make based on only game play.


Right on the money!


GinaMarie does have a secret deal with Elissa


Amanda could go to jury and smear Andy. And if she couldn’t do it in jury, she would do it at the question period before finale vote. She would out him as McCranda’s rat. She’s vengeful.


She did that last week laughed in her face. Amanda just went to crazy town like an escaped mental patient from GOTHAM CITY.!!!!

GM is Frau Farbissina

Every time GM opens her mouth, she sounds like a total moron.


Na na na na na na na na na
Hey Hey Hey good bye


If Elissa bought into Mcranda’s shit she would go down in BB history as the dumbest houseguest ever.


Best case scenario: Andy leaves during the double eviction. I can’t stand the guy. However, that would require Elissa winning HOH, nominating McCrae and Andy, and McCrae winning the veto.


One thing I have learned from this BB is to sit up straight. Otherwise the result is McCrae and Amanda!

Man, McCrae can almost fold into himself. Like a black hole he is.

Testicular Fortitude

Are you talking about positions or ergonomics?


If I were Elissa listening to Amanda I would tell her I wouldn’t even consider her offer until she had the person who would be the third person to keep her in the game to come talk to her (Elissa). That way Elissa would know who is the closest to McCranda. This might expose Andy and the Rat that he truly is, in game and in life.

Then Elissa could play it either way, vote to make a game changing move to work with McCranda while exposing the Rat, or she could call a house meeting exposing Amanda’s offer the the Rat that would turn on the house, specifically Andy the Rat.

Now that would be awesome.


As far as I can tell everyone still trust Andy the Snitch. I wonder why these people don’t have enough sense to realize that he can’t be trusted. Him and Spencer have talked garbage about everyone, yet the others trust them. Idiots!!! They will try to knock out GM as soon as McCray and Elissa are gone. Judd is a huge disappointment,

Is it Thursday yet

First of all I think it is funny listening to Andy and Spencer talk about who they are going to get out of the house! lol They are just going to pluck everyone off one by one! hahahahaha 2 comp wins between the 2 of them but they have got a plan! What bone heads!

Casper The Friendly Floater

Don’t underestimate SPENDY…..with all the dumbasses in that house, it’s not hard to imagine those two ending up in the finale.


I know I so agree. I just don’t get why Judd is still trusting Andy after what Helen told him. I also thought that Elissa could see his through his sneaky ways last week, but now she seems to have forgotten! Uggggghhhh!


What did you really think Judd could do in the circumstances? I think all things considered he’s done ok – at least Amanda SHOULD go Thursday

Scumbag Steve

McCrae – is it just me or does this guy have step-daddy written all over him? As crazy as it sounds, he needs to make a deal with Elissa, and make it strong. Something along the lines of, if one of them wins HoH, they keep the other safe, however if neither win, then they can just vote with the house.

Elissa – Why does this girl refuse to try and make an alliance or at least try and further herself by talking game strategy with somebody. Her and MC had a long conversation, where it seemed MC was just begging for Elissa to ask to work together. Instead her strategy is to act like a crybaby and just repeat that she has no chance in a F2. Just absolutely stupid game play.

GM – Her biggest strength is her ability to get along with anybody. She has a lot of street smarts and does a pretty good job of reading people’s personalities and adjusting to them. I think she’s a huge favorite right now.

Spencer – Absolutely worthless and one of the most useless players of all time. And don’t think i don’t know that he volunteered himself as a pawn to get the record. That is his only gameplay. The guy just sits around picking his nose and agreeing with anything and everything. Can anybody point me to a time where he disagreed with somebody to their face. It just speaks volumes about this season, that one of the worst players in the history of BB has made it this far.

Amanda – She has no chance, and I really dislike her as a person. But I kinda enjoyed her calling out Andy for not fighting for her. I feel Andy has had the luxury of not being called out for his incredibly obvious nature of being a rat that plays to all sides of the house. I would love to see Amanda crush his game before she leaves.

Judd – I would love to see this man be punished into wearing a wiener suit, because that is exactly who he is, a wiener. All he does is gravitate to the majority. Which is pretty much what most of these HG’s have done all season long. I would like to see a season with a lot more Alpha personality types. Because this season is on the brink of having one of the worst winners in history.

Andy – I gotta give the little weasel credit. His social game is really good. And he is the exact opposite of Elissa, whereas he constantly pushes game talk and strategy, and is constantly in your face letting you know that you are not one of his targets. So far ti’s worked.

I have a hard time being able to tell if any of these players are in fact good because in my opinion this season was filled with terrible players. I mean, the best player got voted out 2nd or 3rd lol Nick. Sometimes I think Amanda was good, but then I feel there is no way her game would have worked in past seasons with players like Ian, Dan, Janelle, Boogie, Rachel, Jeff etc… I think Andy has a good social game, but there is no way his behavior would fly with past players like Russell and Will. At the end of the day, these people are good at what they do compared to their competition. I think this season has been entertaining, but I don’t think any of them are anywhere near being considered all stars.


There were a number of things that made this season suck including poor casting, but the major one IMO is bringing in 1 relative of an apparently popular player & therefore making the MVP thing a worthless twist

Loyal Amanda

Honestly, Elissa’s best bet is to align with McCrae when Amanda leaves and get the Rat out. Elissa and McCrae can win comps against Judd and Spencer! GM usually kicks some butt but she is hurt right now and there will be the running down the lanes to dig for something in a pile during the DE. That one will be crazy between Elissa and the Rat! He runs everyday like Elissa does! It is going to be intense that is for sure and hilarious if Judd leaves again during the DE! lol Judd is cool and all but that would be HA-LARIOUS!


I have been looking at this game retrospectively trying to figure out how in the world did all of these current and former HG’s allow Amanda to intimidate them. It makes no sense to me. All she kept saying is that if you don’t do what I want, then I’m coming after you. At that time,she hadn’t even won a comp. I just don’t get it.


Right!! What’s funny is she’d say THAT when she was intimidating someone, but now in her campaigning she drops that and says “but remember, I’m no good at winning comps.” She forgets that she WON the veto comp, so yeah…she CAN win a comp. And what’s up with McCrae saying he’s going to have a “clean slate” like Judd when Amanda leaves?? JUDD left and came back, McCrae didn’t go ANYWHERE…he’ll just be forced to get out of BED now! Not that I believe Amanda is actually leaving though. If she does I think it’s only because CBS has seen the backlash from Amanda’s personal friendships with the BB production. Then McCrae will win so he can “share” his winnings with her, then when they get cast on other CBS shows and make as much money as they can in their 15 minutes of fame, they will suddenly break up. I also wonder why Amanda never admitted that she’s also employed by The Dolce Group, which is owned by Mike Boogie. Seems like according to all the resumes and professional profiles she has on linkedin etc., realty is only a side job she does to fluff finances when she isn’t pursuing her entertainment interests. I’m sure BB isn’t the last time you’re going to see her on televison.


3 things-
weak players
sumb MVP

Is it Thursday yet

OMG! Watching the live feeds and Amanda is a mess! Surrounded by empty dishes and filth, she just took off all her clothes but her bra and underwear then picked her nose! LOL The girl has literally gave up on life in the BB house all together. Oh how the mighty fall!

Testicular Fortitude

Who is that guy above in the kicking motion (he’s wearing a red shirt and blue shorts).

Kinda looks like the guy who’s been attached to his bed this whole season.


Ask Spencer


Amanda only has regret now because her words came back to bite her in the end. Remember Elissa the other night in the living room with Andy & Spencer? They were talking. Amanda came in, sat down, and inserted herself into their conversation by being nasty and vile – then gloating and telling Elissa she was going up on the block and going home. Only thing Amanda regrets is that her crap attitude is getting her evicted. If she manages to stay, she won’t be Miss Changed & Redeemed like she is professing. She will go back to hateful. It’s all she knows.


Nooo – I watched that too, but before she came thru Elissa was giving backhanded compliments & little digs in her “sweet” voice b/c she knew Amanda was nearby. I’ve heard her whisper when she doesn’t want to be overheard & she definitely wanted to be overheard. So if Amanda sat down at the table to do her nails & then goes off on Elissa – that was caused directly by Elissa. Don’t pull the tail if you don’t want to set off the tiger.


EXACTLY. I don’t get why all these Elissa fans think she is without fault. I get it that Amanda has faults but why can’t the Brenchel army see Elissa for who she is? She is condescending and uppity plus being a shit stirrer.


I think that Amanda could probably get Judd on her side right now if she offered him her cigs. lol I bet she will before Thursday, worth a shot!

Think Before You Enter

I’m always amazed that smokers on BB never bring enough packs with them.


I think they underestimate how many they will smoke because they’re just sitting around bored all the time

GM is Frau Farbissina

GM, you got one thing right. You are a little person. A very little person!


After Amand-a-Racist, Rat boy Andy needs to be evicted!

andy the nasty rat has to go

The white trash Amanda is giving the same bs speech she gave Gm about keeping her to Elissa. How desperate and pathetic she looks.


Amanda is selfish. If she real cared about McCrae she would let him out of her den and let him be social to save his game.


McCrae questioning if there’s a paid actor in the house? Thinking that maybe his blow up doll girlfriend could have been paid to cause chaos in the house? REALLY? Boy, doesn’t THAT sound like PRODUCTION at work AGAIN?? I’m gonna finish out this week and see IF amanda actually LEAVES, then whether she does or not, I don’t know if I’m going to even keep watching. This seaons has just totally jaded me against the show. All I know is I’m tired of seeing these people EAT! That’s ALL they do!! If you watch the feeds or after hours, ALL they do is stuff their faces. What happened to the seasons of BB where they had to WIN luxury comps for SNACK FOODS and BIG MEALS? Remember the days when people LOST WEIGHT during the season? I swear, I think everyone on THIS season has GAINED IT! NONE of them, aside from Howard, Jeremy, Helen and Elissa did ANYTHING that would be considered “working out”. Andy tried to bench 10 lbs once, but otherwise all these lazy slobs do is sit around, smoke and eat. I don’t know what’s more disgusting, hearing them crunching in the mics or how they (ANDY!!) eat with their mouths open or while talking. Big Brother needs to take all the snacks, wine and frozen pizzas OUT of the kitchen and fill it with bananas, ramen and water!! Remember the days of PB&J for the have nots? They should give PB&J to the ENTIRE HOUSE, slop to the have nots and make them WIN their pizza, steaks, snacks and pasta!


In a twisted sick and demented
way…I kinda would like to see
Amanda and Ellisa form an alliance
called The DoubleMint Cunts
and wipe out The Exterminators starting
with Spencer, then Andy, one by one..
untill they are in the final two with
Ellisa winning. That would really make this
game end with a SICK and Twisted BANG!!


One hopes these morons are just joking, but I doubt it. They are talking about doing acid and smoking weed. Come on now, why put your personal vices out there for everyone to know.


Ask Spencer!


Hey guys, I just went on Nick’s Twitter Page to see if he had any comments about GinaMarie snd all he said was that he is rooting for Elissa, Judd, or GinaMarie to win(he said this after someone asked him who did he want to win BB)


Rita says:

September 2, 2013 at 10:36 pm

Keeping the story straight. The Exterminators on the couch slamming Amanda at 10:15pmPT are wrong on one point. Amanda said she never got personal with anyone unless they got personal first which is true. The Exterminators slamming Amanda on the couch said Amanda took it personal towards Elissa first and that’s not true. I was watching the live feeds and Elissa made a very rude comment in front of everyone in the backyard about Amanda’s miscarriage. The first words out of Amanda’s mouth were “why would Elissa say something personal, this is a game.” The next day Amanda got personal with Elissa and that’s the truth. The live feeds will prove it. She knew it would set Amanda off and it did. I am so tired of all the people that hate Amanda so much they ignore the facts.

Actually Rita, Amanda got extremely personal long ago; she talked about fantasizing Jessie’s (and I believe Elissa’s) rape and gang rape. She said to Candice ‘If I had a d**k what I would do to you’. Since she absolutely despised Candice, this is sexually deviant language. She said she hated Candice’s voice, her face, the way she said “Howie” and wanted to punch her in the face. She spoke about harming several other girls and described in pretty vivid detail the vile things she wanted them to experience.
If that’s not personal, Rita well then I don’t know what is. There are dozens more gems that came out of her mouth and I suspect you don’t subscribe to the live feeds since you seem blissfully unaware of the viciousness with which she has attacked people.


If Amanda was aware of the Exterminators, she could try and get Elissa and GM to realize they’re at the bottom of their alliance, exposing Andy’s game. That would be a great move. But, at this point, I think that the houseguests just don’t feel comfortable with McRanda intact, nor do they trust her. I’m not rooting for Elissa or GM, but that move would get McRanda back at the top. I just definitely do not want Judd/Elissa/GM/Spencer to win the game. If Amanda goes, my ideal F2 is McRae/Andy.


yeah because those two are such great admirable people and such great competitors. you have some special attraction for passive, brainless males?


wI think Andy is so good at lying to everyone because he has total contempt for every single one of them.I know he feels he is the smartest player in the game.When/if they kick him out Andy will be the bitterest person in the Jury House.

Testicular Fortitude

I hope that Rat Andy gets evicted by Elissa’s hand. He will be so shocked and devasted that he’ll probably come out of the closet as a heterosexual!

the high price of dating down

It’s not on this blog (yet) but Amanda asked McCrae if he will pay for dinner when they go out. Sigh, she knows what he does, and how much he makes. This is the same person who asked him to take her to Europe if he won second place and 50k, nope, not happy with Hawaii, or any vacay that would leave him enough funds to start his life over as maybe not a pizza boy. This is why she needs to leave. She makes me feel stupid about how god damn mad i get at her


Simon or Dawg please be up…I just saw that on another site that Elissa made a deal with Amanda at 12:47 (dunno what cam) for her to stay. True? This is a game changer!


So I just heard that Elissa just came out of DR and has agreed to keep Amanda. I hope it isn’t true!! Kill Me Now


I just read on another site that Elissa went to the DR and when she came out she told Amanda that she was keeping her! I hope that’s not true!!

Andy the Rat

RatAndyneeds to be evicted ASAP


Well there we go…Production at it’s finest. Elissa goes into the DR and comes out at pledges loyalty to Amanda. What a joke. the bigger joke is all of us are still addicted to this crap.
FYI, Elissa got paid a small fortune to be on the show. She isn’t getting the peanut regular stippen. In return, Production can use her anyway they want.




gollum i mean grover dill i mean andy has to go next.


OMG!!!! Elissa just agreed to Amanda plan. Elissa saying ahe is going to give Amanda her wedding ring as quarantee. WTF!!!!
How could Elissa ever believe either Amanda or McCrae????


So is Elissa being serious?? She told Amanda she wants to keep her and vote out Spencer and have her, Amanda, MC and Andy make a final 4 deal. She even told Amanda she would give her wedding rings to her before eviction to prove she was telling the truth. Andy of course ran and told all of the exterminators. He told them he would vote to evict Amanda to make it a tie (with MC and Elissa voting to evict Spencer) then GM would break the tie by evicting Amanda but Andy would blame it on Elissa by telling MC and Amanda that he voted to evict Spencer and Elissa was just playing them to make them look stupid.
Is this for real? I honestly can’t tell. I guess if Elissa does give her the wedding rings we know Elissa is serious, but I don’t know what she’s thinking. Unless she’s realized she can’t trust the other 4 and feels like saving Amanda will make her and MC loyal to her….I’m stunned.


I wish there was a power that just got rid of andy.

seriously, someone needs to clue these people in, GET RID OF THE RAT! I can’t stand how he thinks he has played this amazing game of big borther. oh barf. I really hope the true BB players absolutely ignore everyone from this season for the most part.

Deb's Two cents

This is the first season of BB I’ve watched and it is entertaining but in a bad way. I loved Aaryn, though she said some nasty things in the beginning. I think for sure Andy is a DOGG and should be ashamed about his two faced everything. Elissa rubs me the wrong way. Spencer is disgusting cause he scratches himself and picks his nose all the time – but he does try to make big moves and never lies to anyone about game, unlike Andy. I can’t wait for these people to see themselves once the show is over. MC: see Andy for who he is, a total snake!

I’m going to get a little confrontational about what Julie did to Aaryn: she didn’t mean what she said. She was just calling Candace out for acting crazy and that is how she talks. Candace was awful and just slept & yelled at people. I can’t stand how people can dish but then pull the race card like its the worst thing that had ever happened to them. It baffles me that BB can twist things and truly ruin lives. I’d never go on a show like this because I speak my mind clearly and don’t want my words twisted or edited for ratings.


I think you’re as delusional as most of the hg’s.
First. Aaryn certainly did mean everything she said. You only had to look in her eyes to see the malice in them. She’s a spoiled little brat but hopefully when she sees the videos she takes a long hard look at herself and hopefully grows. Only way for her to change though is for her to take ownership of her faults which she hasn’t yet.
Calling Candice out for acting crazy? You sure you watched the show from the beginning? Aaryn got up in Candice’s face because of a lie Spencer told her.
Aaryn continued to be confrontational with Candice even after Spencer admitted he lied.
But that set the stage for almost all of them to get nasty on Candice.
They attacked Candice on personal reasons. I get that Candice’s voice can be annoying to some and that’s fine, but to attack her because of the colour of her skin. Wrong in so many ways. Only 2 people didn’t get in on the Candice bashing.
So I ask you. What chance did Candice have of playing that game when she was constantly maligned or attacked? If you have ever been in a situation like that, you would know the only thing she could do was go hide in her bedroom to get away from it. She couldn’t defend herself from ” the mob”. Might have been a different story if it was just one or 2 but it was all of them bar Elissa and Helen. Most of them not even to her face, but they knew the rest of them were right behind them. The only person that ever stood up for Candice was Elissa.
Oh and for your info, Candice never pulled the race card. They did that too.
So I have not twisted your words. Just showed them for the bullshit they are.

Wonder Woman

So Elissa admits that production would have brought her back. That’s a pathetic thing we now know is true, Elissa has favorite status. BB now stands for Brenchal Brother.


The thing is.” this Big Brother. I suspect that Elissa was simply saying this to Amanda to get a rise out of her. Unless there is tangible proof, we should not take everything that is said in the BBhouse at face value. Let’s remember that one of the House Guests’ favorite passtime is to LIE to each other.


3:14 AM GM says Elissa’s son looked like a Puerto Rican, dirt something. Judd says not to talk about her kid. Andy says he’s cute.

Oh GM every time I think there is hope for you, you go and open your mouth and filth comes out.


I love the picture of Andy with the foot! Kick him out of the game! Literally! Thanks for the laugh :)