ELISSA tells Amanda I want to vote for you to stay. I’m not lying! I SWEAR TO GOD!

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sep 2nd
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations: Amanda/Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


CBS Interactive Inc.

12:15am Amanda and Spencer are talking in the bedroom about McCrae and her outside the house. Amanda says that she is worried about what McCrae with think after because I am pretty successful in my work and he delivers pizza and he is 24 years old. But we love each other and if we want to make each other happy, figure it out! Spencer says it takes more than love though. Amanda says I know. I was dating a very, very rich, wealthy guy before I came into the house and never in a million years did I say I would date a 24 year old pizza boy but there is something to say about growing together. I am the type of girl that expects a guy to pay for everything but I feel like that isn’t going to happen and I am going to get frustrated. Spencer says yeah you need to learn to fix that, you are both entering into a lifestyle that neither of you are used to, you just have to be okay with it. Amanda yells for McCrae to ask him. If we were to go out to dinner who would pay. McCrae joins then and say he would try to pay. Amanda says awe he said he would try. McCrae says but it depends on if you want to go to oohh, la, la ritzy motherf**king place. McCrae says usually like with my last relationship we would buy one thing and split it. Spencer says go dutch. You both buy one thing and split it. Spencer says he is some advice if you go out, then you pay, if you stay in, she cooks ..so just stay in a lot. Amanda says but if he wins first or second he is taking me on a vacation. Spencer says hell no, don’t start listening to that bullsh*t bro, if you get first or second you need to invest your money wisely. He needs to take you’re a$$ to Minnesota, that’s the only place he needs to take you too. Spencer says you are insane, you are needed as f**K. Spencer tells McCrae do not get her pregnant. I am talking about anal for the next year and a half. Amanda says eww. Spencer says I am serious anal and f**king bl*w j*bs. Amanda says so what if we got pregnant. Spencer says oh my god don’t even talk like that you are going to ruin this guys life. Amanda says we first of all I wouldn’t even have it, I don’t have enough money.


12:30am Elissa comes out of the diary room and asks Andy, Spencer, Judd and McCrae where Ginamarie is? Spencer tells her that she told him she was taking a sh*t. They talk about how gross it is for a girl to say that. They joke that Elissa told them that before. Elissa says ew and leaves for the kitchen. A few minutes later Elissa calls for Amanda to come talk to her.


Amanda and Elissa go into the lounge. Elissa tells Amanda I want to get you to stay. Amanda asks what? Elissa says I want to vote for you to stay. Amanda says come on. Elissa says swear to god! Amanda asks why? Elissa says because I feel like I trust you, McCrae and Judd more than Andy and Spencer. Amanda says swear to god? Elissa says swear to god! Amanda says are you serious? Elissa nods. Amanda says oh my god. Amanda hugs Elissa. Elissa asks will Andy vote to keep you. Amanda says yeah. Elissa asks do you swear you would keep me safe? Amanda says I swear, I will give you anything to hold on to. Are you serious? Elissa says I swear to god Amanda I want to vote to keep you here. My heart feels like I trust you and McCrae. I don’t trust Andy or Ginamarie. Elissa says but you have to swear to keep me till final 3, I don’t care if I get voted out from there. I swear I am not lying, I will vote for you to stay 100%. Amanda says oh my god, okay! Really?! I feel like I was just dying and you saved me. Elissa says but that means you have to try and keep me here even over Ginamarie. It’s me, you and McCrae final 3. Amanda says if you save me, we will make a final 4 with me, you, McCrae and Andy. Elissa says you would keep me over him (Andy)? Amanda nod and says MmmHHmm. I will even let you hold onto anything of mine. Andy joins them. Elissa tells Andy I think we should do a final 4 – me, you, Amanda and McCrae. Andy says I can talk now I’m drunk. Elissa says I swear, I was just thinking about how I trust you, Amanda and McCrae more than Spencer, Judd and Ginamarie. I feel like we have more of a connection. I am not kidding you Andy. Amanda says I know it’s scaring me. Elissa says I swear on my life. Andy says keep talking and I can come back later but yeah. Amanda asks would you vote to keep me? Andy says yeah. Andy leaves. Amanda tells Elissa I would do anything for you. I will protect you till the end. Amanda and Elissa say they will talk later and leave the room. Right after Amanda gets called to the diary room.




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12:50am – 12:55am In the rainbow room – Andy asks Elissa are you bring for real? Elissa says I think it is better for our game if Amanda stays over Spencer. Andy says I have to think about a lot of stuff but I mean.. I like working with you and I trust them. Elissa says I trust you and them more than I trust Spencer, Judd and Ginamarie. I mean I know Amanda attacked me but I feel in my heart like I have more of a connection with them. Ginamarie and Spencer don’t have any kind of loyalty to me or you. Elissa says I mean I know in the final 3 or 4 they would take themselves over me or you but I still think that to even get to that point they Spencer, Judd, Gina will get rid of me or you. Andy says no that makes total sense. I am agreeing with all of that I am just weighing everything in my head. I just want to go into the next week with the least amount of people gunning after me. Like Spencer would go and I guess Gina and Judd would be pissed. Elissa says but even he (Judd) would understand, I don’t think he would care. Elissa says and Gina is one person and she can’t even play HOH. Andy says over the next couple days you know we can feel things out. Like I would like to work with you for sure. Elissa says its just the more I would think about it I was like I don’t feel it with Gina you know like how I feel it with you and Amanda, McCrae. Elissa says but obviously we would need to put him (Judd) up with Gina. Andy says yeah. Let me just think about everything because I am kind of buzzed. Elissa tells Andy not to tell anyone. Andy says he won’t. Spencer comes in and it’s a bit awkward. Andy tells him he will be right outside. Spencer leaves. Elissa says we can’t let him know either. Judd joins them and asks Elissa what’s wrong? Elissa says nothing. Judd asks what are ya’ll sneaking around about. Andy says you. Judd says shut up I saw you talking to Amanda. Elissa says about being a hoe. They leave the room.


12:55am – 1pm Out in the backyard – The camera switch to Amanda is talking to McCrae and it sounds like she just told him about her conversation with Amanda. McCrae says Spencer knew right away, not that but like he knew it was like a calling Howard to the DR thing. Amanda asks he said that? McCrae says yeah, but just don’t get your hopes up or anything. I don’t want you to be let down when she pulls some stupid shit. Amanda says yeah. McCrae says she told me, Ah I wish you guys didn’t f**k things up. I was like what do you mean. She said I knew you guys were loyal to poopy and to me that sounded like she was regretful almost. Judd joins them and asks what’s going on. Amanda says nothing, why what’s going on. Amanda then heads inside. Judd asks McCrae so what’s up? McCrae says nothing. Judd asks is Elissa up to something. Andy says no she is just super worried about it being a double eviction but I told her I was kind of buzzed and didn’t want to talk. Judd asks what do you mean if it’s a double? Andy says she is just super nervous about where she stand and blaa, I don’t care. Judd asks why the hell would she talk to Amanda? In case Amanda don’t go? McCrae says I don’t know. Judd asks is she voting to keep Amanda? McCrae says I don’t know. She was talking to me and it was the first game talk I’ve had with her in a long time. Judd asks what about the double? McCrae says yeah. Judd says I dunno people better not start pulling that sh*t. McCrae says yeah you have had so much sh*t to go through. Spencer joins them.


1:10am Judd, Spencer and McCrae talk about the Zingbot Zings. McCrae says that he thought Aaryn was going to get zinged for being a racist. Judd says oh god no. McCrae says like you’re wearing a white hood because you’re in the Ku Klux Klan.. ZING! They continue to talk about random things.
1:40am Andy talks to Amanda in the bedroom and says this is f**king awesome but I mean like that she (Elissa) is somehow trying to frame me or something. Amanda says no I could get her to give me her wedding ring or something and I’ll put it in my bag. Gina comes through the room and the conversation ends. Amanda and Andy then talk in the bathroom. Andy says I have to feel her out because I feel like she is baiting me or something. Amanda says I will ask her for some collateral and if she gives me her wedding rings – then she means it. Andy says I know I just have to feel it out to see. I mean the things she’s said, it’s done. Amanda asks what did she say to you in the room? Andy says just that she thinks it would be a good move and stuff.. but just a week ago she was telling me she doesn’t trust me. She is without a doubt my biggest fear in this house right now. So I just need to figure out what the f**k she is doing. Amanda says yeah. The only other thing that I could think that she is doing is to make it a tie so that you and McCrae would vote for me and so then everyone would be going after you two. Andy says I know which is why I feel like she could be framing me. Amanda says that’s why I said to her I need collateral. I think that Spencer and Gina are working together. Andy says we can talk tomorrow. Lets just drop it for tonight.

1:45am – 2am Up in the HOH room – Spencer and Ginamarie are talking. Gina says I am not doing this with anyone else. I am pulling you in as my new partner, you are my new Nick! Spencer says okay. Gina says basically what we need to do is.. I will tell you what me and Nick were doing because he was smart and we were killing everything. Basically towards the end when it gets done to final 5 or 4 we can put things in zip lock bags for days to remember back and refer to them. Spencer says okay. Andy joins them and sits down and says okay I am going to tell you something – this shows how committed I am to the four of us. Elissa wants to flip the house and vote out Spencer. Gina asks are you f**king serious? Andy says she talked to Amanda tonight and she came to me, she wants me, her and McCrae to vote out Spencer and then it will me, her Amanda and McCrae working together moving forward. Gina says if that is what she is trying to do I would have put her up. Andy says Elissa then said we would go after Gina and Judd. Now this can’t get out because if it does then I am the one that gets f**ked for being honest with all of you. Spencer says yeah I know. Gina asks why all of a sudden is she going on Amanda’s side. Andy says I don’t know but this is what needs to happen, I will be talking to her over the next couple days to see what .. because it is Elissa and she could change her mind tomorrow if Amanda looks at her funny. Andy says worst case scenario it’s a tie and you (Gina) break it because he and Judd will be 100% be voting Amanda out. Worst case it’s a tie and I am going to frame Elissa. Like after it’s a tie I will be like “WHAT THE F**K ELISSA?! I THOUGHT WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE VOTING TOGETHER TO KEEP ELISSA.” And then hopefully McCrae will believe me over her and if he gets HOH he will vote her a$$ out. Andy says that b***h has to go. Gina says after I voted the way she wanted last week and now she is going to do this. Andy tells Gina she can’t tip Elissa off that she knows. You have to be her best friend. Gina says she is going to f**k herself with this move. Spencer says she is going to f**k herself when I win HOH and run her a$$ out of here. Gina says she is an idiot. Andy says it doesn’t matter we have each other. I will act shocked but you all will know and those two (Elissa and McCrae) will question each other. Spencer says I volunteered to go on the block and look what happened. Andy says its okay because it won’t work. Andy says Elissa promised to give Amanda her wedding rings as collateral so let her send them packing. Gina says wow! What is wrong with her!? Andy says act natural, don’t tip her off.


2am – 2:30pm Andy tells Judd in the backyard about Elissa’s plan to try and keep Amanda. Andy says so you 100% will not vote out Spencer will you? Judd says no, I am 100% with the exterminators. Andy tells Judd not to tip anyone off, everyone knows but not everyone knows we know. Spencer joins them. They talk about putting up McCrae and Elissa. Andy says we have to now because what if they used the veto to save each other. Judd says I don’t know ..she (Elissa) comes out of there (Diary room) with a whole other strategy sometimes. Andy reassures Spencer that he is fine, you have nothing to worry about. Andy says this makes me more leary of Elissa. Spencer says she dreamed up this plan. Judd says she didn’t dream it up, she is the worst game player ever. She gets stuff handed to her, ideas. Gina joins them. Andy says oh my god if Elissa gives her, her wedding rings! Andy says f**k Elissa. Judd says f**k Elissa she is a f**king c**t.


3:05pm – 3:15am Andy, Judd, Gina and Spencer are sitting around the pool talking about Elissa’s attempt to save Amanda. Andy says she is trying to frame me to make me look bad to all of you guys. They talk about Elissa’s life outside the house and how it doesn’t all add up. Ginamarie says “First of all that kid looks like a f**king Spanish Puerto Rican little dirt f**king. There is no way that white guy is her kids dad.” Judd says “ah..lets not talk about her kid.” Andy says her kid is actually kind of cute. Gina says that kid is Spanish dude, it doesn’t look white that kid is dark skinned. Gina says I don’t know why she would lie. Andy says I know she lies about things that don’t matter. Judd says I think she is lying about her age. They do the math and figure it doesn’t add up. Andy says I feel like she is a spoiled rich a$$ hole and gets everything she wants. It’s not fair. Gina says she’s a gold digger. She’s a piece of sh*t. Spencer says she is a piece of sh*t, f**k her, f**k Amanda, f**k McCrae .. all of you are the only ones I care about.



3:30pm – 5am They talk about past events of the house and dates things happened. McCrae joins them. They talk about random things and then McCrae and Gina go to bed. Andy, Judd and Spencer talk about what the upcoming competitions could be. Andy says that he thinks McCrae trusts our word over Elissa. On Thursday when he and her (McCrae and Elissa) vote to keep Amanda and don’t.. then blame it on Elissa he will believe me over her. That is why this week I will really have to sell it to them like lets do this and be really happy about it when really I will be seething about it. Then come Thursday I will be pissed. Spencer says yeah until you win HOH. Andy says yeah, um okay McCrae take a seat (Nominate him). Spencer asks what if she has a Coup d’etat? Andy says if she has a Coup d’etat, I will walk over punch her in the face and be ejected from the game and give up my stipend and not go to jury. Andy says no I don’t want to hit a girl I will just say f**k this game, quit and walk out. Judd says we should all just walk out. Andy heads to bed. Judd says even if we weren’t working together how stupid would it be for me to keep Amanda. Spencer says it would be. They talk about how perfect it all worked out forming the Exterminators (Judd, Spencer, Gina, Andy). Judd and Spencer comment that they don’t think they would really want to hang out with McCrae after the show ..after seeing how much of a pu$$y whipped b***h he is. They think his place would be so dirty too. Judd and Spencer head to bed.


7:30am – 7:40am Judd is awake and in the kitchen. He makes something to eat and then heads out into the backyard to sit by the hot tub.


8:05am Judd goes back to bed. All the house guests are sleeping..

9:55am Still sleeping..

10:20am – 11:05am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Judd, Andy and Elissa are in the backyard. Judd and Andy talk about going back to bed. All the house guests are back sleeping.


12pm ZZZZzzz…

12:45pm Ginamarie wakes up, does a few stretches on the floor and then starts doing her makeup.


1:35pm Elissa is now awake and heads into the diary room. Spencer gets up soon after and heads to the bathroom.

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julies rice bowl

Never, ever ever trust CBS.


Dear CBS, I probably would have fallen for the bogus DPOV over this way to keep Amanda. LOL You don’t fool us.

Pinocchio Obama

Lying games begin!

Lie 1: Well, Elissa engaged McCrae and asked would he put her up? McCrae says he doesn’t have any targets but would probably put up Gina and ELissa. Well we will just have to tune in and find out if Elissa can figure this lie out. Because of course Elissa is McCrae’s target; however, Elissa is Andy, Spencer and possibly Judd’s target as well.

Lie 2: Elissa says she has no friends in the jury house and the only sure vote is Helen. She is so hated. It seems Elissa knows how to tell a white one herself. Candice and Jessie are sure votes for Elissa. Elissa has 3 votes in jury right now. Elissa gets to the final two and its a very high probability she wins. If Gina is not the second person in that final two chair, I think Aaryn would vote for Elissa as well.

Lie 3: No sooner had Elissa and McCrae’s conversation ends. McCrae tells Judd and Andy that Elissa is coming after them. McCrae is painting the bullseye on Elissa’s back and getting it off of his own.

Lie 4: Andy tells McCrae that he’s been trying to save Amanda this week. Andy is so good when he lies. He can tell them with a straight face. Amanda and McCrae who pretty much have sniffed out every lie in the house, can’t figure out Andy’s lies. Its like Andy carries kryptonite around with him and no one except the very powerful can see through his lies. It seems only Aaryn and Elissa were immune to his powers.

Lie 5: Amanda tells Elissa that she regrets saying those mean things to her. That is just to funny. I think Amanda only regrets that she didn’t say even more to Elissa, but now it must really bother her, that she has to grovel for Elissa’s vote.

Lie 6: The last lie is saying this is a reality TV show. Elissa is now saying even if she left doing the first two weeks of the show, they would of brought her back into the game. Wow! Hmmmm……this comment of Elissa’s sounds like she was actually told that by Production. Its now irrefutable, that Prodcution has their favorites and has heavily influenced the outcome of the comps and game. Count me in now with the conspiracy theorists. I laughed at Black Lion or was it White Tiger, when they said Amanda was an actor and best friends with Production. After this Elissa comment, it pretty obvious that she was getting special treatment and if they had one favorite, why not two in Amanda.

Its official now, BB has rigged the game. Elissa comes out of DR and now wants Amanda to stay. Elissa says she trusts Amanda and McCrae over Spencer and Andy. Really Elissa! You came up with this conclusion based on what? The bullying that you endured by Amanda? The supportive comments McCrae made for Amanda against you? So now we know that Elissa was placed in this game to do BB’s bidding. Elissa says she is just so happy to get to the final three. Does that seem like a person that is in it to win it? Sounds like Elissa’s job is done once she makes it to the final three. Ok, we are watching a soap opera. I thought Days of Our Lives was off the air. However, it came back and its called BB15.


Days of our lives has never been off the air.

Crying Boehner

It never went off the air, you are right. That’s because its now called Big Brother. All My Children is now called BB Canada. I just can’t wait for them to bring back the sci-fi drama Alphas back. Its going to be called BB Mexico. Its going to be about a group of racists and bigots who think they are humanity’s last hope. They are locked in a house and they spew hateful and insensitive comments disguised as jokes 24/7. Wait that’s BB15 all over again. Lets send the script for BB Mexico back to the writers, instead lets have a group of strippers, bible thumpers, and skanks locked in a house. Wait that’s BB15 again. Wow! This creative writing is hard.

What happened Elissa?

I’m rooting for Elissa. But it’s so obvious that the DR people are telling her what to do. It really makes no sense that she went in the DR thinking one thing and came out thinking another. So it must be that they tell her what to do. I’m starting not to like this whole thing. Anyway when the time comes, she’ll vote to evict Spencer, and Andy will vote to evict Amanda, and then in the end they’ll evict Amanda so Andy is going to blame Elissa for not voting to evict Spencer, and everyone McCrae will believe Andy over Elissa. Unless she wins HOH, ELissa is going home on Thursday too.


OMG!!! Elissa is not working with Amanda. We are planning to get rid of the Rat Andy next week. Trust me. McCranda & Rat boy are going to the jury. Believe me.

Amanda's Therapist

captainwedgie* YOU SEEM SO ADAMANT….FRIEND!~!

Amandas cootch smells like onions

I agree with you, they are feeding her shit. And whats with Judd calling Elissa a cunt? Do these men not know what a cunt is?


Someone said that Judd never said anything bad about women before. Not true. He’s aimed that C word plenty at the girls in the house. My question would be “does ANDY know what that is?”


I agree!! Just when you cheer for him because he told GM not to take about Elissa’s son, he goes and calls Elissa a c*nt!! These people are all crazy!!!


Well, I am not the White Lion or White Tiger, or whatever, however, I have been saying all along, that this whole set is filled with a bunch of wanna be actors, casted by the CBS casting couch, trying to get their 20 min of fame. They are being called to the diary room every 15 min. to be told what to say and how to manipulate the game. Production, obviously couldn’t fool the viewing audience (because we have our own brains and think for ourselves) with the DPOV, stories floating around. So, they are trying every other trick in the book, to have this evil creature win this game. There are far to many cuts to the fishy’s when HG (AKA as actors) are talking about certain subjects. And Skum Man Duh cannot keep her ignorant, vile mouth shut and keeps slipping, like when she stated she knew one of the ball throwers in the HOH competition. One slip amongst, many, just listen carefully on the live feeds! It’s quite obvious the way this “reality game”, (if you want to call it that) is being played, that these are actors that really don’t care anything about winning the money, because they already know it isn’t destined to go them. They are being paid a stipend or so much under the table to play this reality show for Skum Man Duh, for whatever reason, to win the money. UGH! I’m not real sure why she is so important to win the money, unless this Allison woman is her real lover or something? The way the cameras kept scanning the live audience during Arynn’s eviction live show was unusual, as well. A planted audience, planted HG, the whole show is a bunch of crap and is far from being real. It’s like watching the reality shows Hoarding, The Bad Girls Club,The Biggest Losers, (and not in reference to losing weight), Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, Blow Job Uh! I mean Blow Out, Jersey Shore, Celebrity Circus, Amazing Disgrace, and a few more, all in one! For production to even believe we are stupid enough to think that Elissa would EVER want to be in an alliance with Skum Man Duh, after everything she has said and done, (is actually real), are you kidding me? That in itself speaks volumes that this show, is yet another rigged reality show (not all are, however) and these HG, (actors) aren’t thinking for themselves, but are being called into the diary room all the time, being told how to act and what to say to manipulate the game as it goes along. That is why all these HG do it lay around like lazy slobs and eat all the time and aren’t really playing the game, as it should be played, they just don’t care. And I wouldn’t doubt that Skum Man Duh, isn’t already pregnant, from what I saw of her belly the other day when she was lying in bed. And I’m not talking “fat” from eating all the time. (Her lover (if so) Allison won’t be happy about that.) hehe Which is another sign of pregnancy, cravings, which she seems to be having many lately. Sounds like her saying she is on her period is yet, part of the story line told by production, so we can’t observe that she just may already be PG. Sorry, this is so long, but these are my thoughts and I am sticking to them. Fake All Fake!

Short attention span

My God, Trish, did you ever hear of diarrhea of the mouth? You have it. I lost interest after the first couple sentences. Please leave the book writing for those who actually want to read a book.


To “Short Attention Span” the name fits your comment. No one is forcing you to read the comments (if you are even capable) that don’t appeal to you, so dont read them! Everyone on here is entitled to their opinion and if you think the comments are to long, just pass on by. Why the hateful comment?

Speak for yourself says

There are other comments on this page as long or longer than Trish’s, She is entitled to her opinion just as all the other people on here. Pathetic how hateful some people have to be! Character?

Amanda's Therapist

speakforyourselfsays* OBVIOUSLY! OTHERS DON’T FEEL
OMG!! There are more than (3) three times
the comments……on this thread … than any others!!


Google Dear Real Estate Gods GOOGLE it watch what comes up . Amanda Zuckerman wrote that blog in 2009 and 2010 it shows that she is a Realtor in Hollywood,California . Also she worked on Jessie James reality series and this lie about moving to California . She had been living in California for last 6 to 8 years already . The Florida stuff was a move CBS got her to do . They could not have it known she has lived in and worked in Hollywood ,California in real estate and worked for reality tv programs and that she knows all the big reality TV PEOPLE ?


I I have listened for weeks to all the “rigged for Amanda to win” rumors and conjecture, but this is just way too FISHY for me. Something’s up if this turn in strategy did follow a DR session for Elissa. I don’t want to believe it because it takes a lot of the enjoyment out of the show for me, but something is just not right with this move.

Even if she were truly trying to frame’ Andy…..I’d say it’s at the hands of production. Too bad.

Enough Already

Thumbs up if you think Elissa is an idiot.

The Judger

I love these people that think Elissa is doing this as some secret plot to expose Andy. Now that is funny! Elissa has not had an original thought all season. She was helped by Helen and when Helen left she got swaddled up and handed over to Production..so they could suckle and nurture her to the end. Amanda leaving pretty much leaves Elissa as the next target, that’s why they told her to side with Amanda. Elissa has a better chance with Amanda and McCrae…since the new 4 Exterminator alliance was created. People thought this game was rigged for Amanda, when all long it’s been rigged to get Elissa to the finals. Remember her quote last night?…” there is no way I would have left and if I left they would have brought me back”.. She probably only signed on if she was guaranteed a certain place finish. She is BB blood ya know….*groan*


if I were the exterminators I sure now they know production is a problem I would not talk at all unless whispering in each others ear and I would shower together in swimming trunks and discuss plans and walk out of the shower and shoot the bird to the camera

Judd's part of the plan to keep Amanda

I think Judd is in on it. Production could have told the jury members that one of them can come back in but that they CANNOT win the prize. They will however have to do what production wants. And for this dirty deed, production negotiates a new salary for the re-admitted HG. They may also give those who weren’t chose a conolation prize such as a vacation or cash. I don’t think there is any question Judd was the pre-determined winner from the jury house. Candice and Jesse really didn’t try and Helen just jumped off when a production member tapped her leg. Remember the video from the live feeds? So Judd was coming back in and told to just act the way he always has, i.e., stupid (though I’m not sure how much of that is acting) and shady. Elissa would have known from the DR that Judd was going to be working with her. That’s what came to pass. So I think that maybe it will be Elissa and Judd (and McCrae) who save Amanda. Judd will deny being the third vote and everyone will assume it was Andy when really it wasn’t. By now Elissa will have told McCranda that Judd saved them, and they will know that Andy betrayed them. GM will think that, too, and Judd will play along with that also. So Andy will be sacked by everyone. Then GM will go home. That leaves Judd, who was told he can’t win, and he will be nominated and evicted. Final 3 will be McCranda and Elissa. Depending on who CBS has determined to be the winner this year will determine who final 2 is, probably Amanda and McCrae. Elissa will have been paid handsomely by CBS for her “part” in this season and she will go back to her life.

losing patience

Your post makes a lot of sense. Production is in full control and I feel so disappointed. Won’t be watching BB16. Makes me sad.


The only thing I have to say about Elyssa not being smart and having “the worst gameplay” according to Judd, is that last week when she had HOH almost EVERYONE in the house told her not to put up Andy etc and she KNEW she needed to put him up to get rid of Aaryn. They even had Judd fooled (there were no Exterminators yet). She does what she wants and makes her own decisions (including when she got MVP the first three weeks), and at least last week she knew what to do to get rid of one of the major players who had a shot to win in the end. If she helps to keep Amanda I will have very negative feelings toward Elyssa but until then she DEFINITELY does not have the worst gameplay– WTH has Spencer done except latch on to whoever is in power that week? And GM might have won two HOHs but she is not smart enough to STRATEGIZE (bless her dumb, racist heart). Honestly at this point once Amanda’s gone I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not Rat bastard Andy. I don’t think being a pathological liar is enough reason to win this game.


She does have a better chance w/ Amanda & Mccrae right now, but only if Amanda & Mccrae find out about the exterminators. Not sure if that is going to happen, but wish it would.


This is my first season watching BB and will be my last for sure. It’s way too scripted to be considered “reality tv”. Think about it, first El comes out of diary, magically changes her mind about Aaryn, says she made a mistake. Second, the goodbye from El to Aaryn was just weird and completely OPPOSITE of everything El said and did toward Aaryn in the end(in the live feeds). Even now El talks like she ended up liking Aaryn, and yet leaves that goodbye message. I thought it was so weird when it played. NOW she comes out of DR, did a total and complete 360, suddenly wanting to work with the person that BULLIED her. The person she hasn’t SHUT UP about for how long? It would be obvious to my 12 year old she is ACTING. She is not playing a game, she is going by a script, one where she’s allowed to ad lib from time to time.

Elissa's ulterior motive

Maybe Elissa is only doing this so she has Amanda and McCrae’s vote if Elissa makes final 2 somehow. She probably knows there is no way Amanda is staying, but why not make Amanda think that at least she tried? Same with McCrae. The way Elissa is going, every member of the jury house will love her no matter who she is up against in final 2. Or at least enough jury members to give her the majority to win. Smart move.

Uncle oldie

Since Elissa spends so much time alone thinking, what if she came up with idea that Andy is a rat and DR led her to this conclusion to flush out Ratboy. Amanda is still leaving then the heat is on Ratandy. I want to see him cry some more.

Maui Sunset

I think you are spot on……….you have made the most sense out of all this!


I am so over this show after reading this. Elissa does a 180 after leaving the DR…it just doesn’t make sense unless the show is rigged. This is not Reality TV… this is the cheapest dramedy ever made for TV. I am so over this staged dramedy that no longer will I return to here to get updates.

I do want to thank Dawg and Simon for all their efforts though…you did a great job and kept me interested in the show much longer than on the tv screen itself.

Elissa is the twist

I agree DR telling Elissa what to do to stir things up i thought this a while ago then thought no America usually knows the twist. I also thought she is trying to show what a a$$ Andy really is. But this is where Andy plan will fall for at least Amanda and McCrae. If Elissa gives her rings to Amanda all she has to say is of course i voted for Amanda to stay Andy she has my Rings as proof. Andy will show he is lying instantly he turns all kinds of red face. . I am furious because this game finally was starting to pick up from its boring crap. I actually thought Thursday the DPOV would appear for Amanda. For the CBS/DR to think we all of sudden think Elissa loves Amanda and ignore all the hateful things she has done to Elissa in a matter of minutes is insulting. Just insulting. And why for awhile GM has not said anything racist, now America is stating they felt she wasn’t really racist and we started feeling for the girl now in the last few days doing nothing but something tells me they needed to heat and stir stuff up and we all figured it out. Sad so sad took us so long, for me i wanted to believe CBS would not be so obvious.

Elissa is just awkward

Elissa senses that the Exterminators are not close to her. She says she can’t trust them, and it’s true. At the same time, McCranda is just as bad, but they’re good at lying to your face when they’re telling you they’re on your side. The Exterminators won’t even try to lie to Elissa.

Let’s face it, Elissa lacks social skills in a big way. She tries to compensate for it, but it comes off to other as being standoffish and being snobby. She isn’t really a snob, she just doesn’t know how to act around people. She always look awkward when put in the spotlight. When asked by Julie about something on live TV, she seems unable to do so naturally. When she dresses up in crazy outfits before big events, she seems to look awkward and uncomfortable in them. She might be married to a rich guy, but she doesn’t seem like she grew up with wealth. I don’t think production is controlling her. I think they realize how socially undeveloped she is and how uncomfortable she is so they trying to help her out by asking questions that attempts to make her think. She is really miscasted for a reality show that relies on social skills.


I haven’t liked it from the beginning.
When people are telling DR their secret strategies/alliances, Elissa may as well be in the room listening to every word.
She’s already admitted that DR tells her everything.
Elissa is a two faced (although she’s probably had more than two) fake.

Amanda's Therapist

pinocchioobama* WTF? Actually , I had to read this
” twice”!! I thought it was a joke…NOT !?!
What the f**k did they offer ($$$) Elissa ?!?

Botox Pelosi

Cancel the champagne for Thursday.


Are you surprised?

CBS - Caught Being Shady

old news. i forget the wording and i’m too lazy to look it up for you, but i seem to recall a season or so ago a person posting the BB rules. within those rules it basically says CBS reserves the right to affect the game as they see fit. it’s visible, many times shamelessly so, in most past seasons. even this season alone has demonstrated very clearly how the game does not operate on a level playing field. anyone who watches this show and believes it’s authentic is horribly naive.


Well if Judd Spenc Andy and GM have a final 4 Elissa’s best move would be to team up with Amanda McCray and get either Andy or Judd to vote with them and they go to final 4. Do you want Elissa to lie down and home The Exterminators will keep her. Seriously. If Amanda makes an agreement with Elissa at this point she will keep her word as much as she’s able. I love this twist. It’s Elissa’s only move really based on the players left in the game.

Ginger RAT

Although I’m team Elissa, I always knew DR was feeding her info. It is obvious but I couldn’t care less. I also do not like Amanda and would like her to go before final 3 but Spencer leaving this week would work in favor of Elissa. Even if the plan to save Amanda fails, hopefully all the dirty secrets about the rat is revealed beginning from the plan to get GM and/or Judd on the block to keep the 3 AM alliance intact. If nothing else, it just might actually put a target on the rat’s back. Elissa is not the best of a liar and Amanda believes whole heartedly that Elissa wants to save Amanda so if the votes 2-2, then the rat is outted.

I want the rat out like yesterday!


Really? You don’t care? I CARE! This is suppose to be reality tv, not a scripted, interfered with game. But, with that said, haven’t they done this all along? For years! Remember the effort to keep Jeff in the game and then he threw the red clown shoe that was RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM and lost the comp. Also the coup de ta. I’m sure I’ve spelled that wrong. At any rate, it is frustrating hearing one of them (Elissa) actually admit she would have been brought back into the game in the first few weeks. And I’m not so sure Production is trying to save Amanda so much as trying to save Elissa. After all, everyone is coming after her next and if she works with McCranda, she will stay because if there is one thing we know about Amanda, it is that she is loyal to a fault. Laugh it you like but name one person she turned on who hadn’t turned on her and her radar picked it up. Don’t mention Aaryn because Amanda was just forced to stick with the 3am member that was with her the longest. The Exterminators can breath their own fumes and puke.


I think Elissa probably eavesdropped on the exterminators. Elissa is always listening at the doors of people’s conversations. The exterminators are always hanging around with each other, too. If none of them talked any game to Elissa then Elissa probably figured it out. Elissa is intelligent besides that she said she is following her heart. Go Elissa.


That makes some sense..if Elissa overheard a conversation w/ the Exterminators…WHAT DOESNT MAKE SENSE…if she did learn of the alliance..that she did NOT OUT ANDY’S RAT BASTARD LYING @@@S…right then and there to Amanda!! I don’t believe Elissa’s smart enough to keep Amanda in the dark about this…..UNLESS…everything is a WORK….which it seems more and more..like an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

Time for the exterminators to be exterminated

Elissa and Judd are in an alliance. Remember when Andy walked past a bedroom last night on BBAD and Elissa/Judd were talking but then got quiet when Ratboy walked past? Ratboy told Amanda, and she came out to the lounge and told Spencer and GM. Maybe Elissa and Judd were talking about voting Spencer out. It does sound far fetched but so does Elissa suddenly having an epiphany and wanting to save her arch nemesis. I’ve been saying all along Judd is a shady asshole. Always whispering and mumbling in someone’s ear. He feeds McCrae shit, so why not be feeding the exterminators shit? He and Elissa allegedly made an alliance the night he came back. So here’s yet another theory of how the vote on Thursday goes down: Elissa/McCrae/Judd vote Spencer out. That just leaves GM and Ratboy, and GM can’t play for the HOH. Ratboy will be exposed as being untrue to the 2 AM alliance and everyone will come after him and GM. Hey, it’s plausable. I’m excited about this game again!

Phil Mickelson

I bet the DR told Elissa about the exterminators and their / her solution is to break it up before she goes next. It’ll probably not work because of Andy, but I just hope he gets outed as the Rat he is.

If they told Elissa about the exterminators then she is thinking that Amanda would eventually find out about Andy and would be so grateful that Elissa could hide behind Amandas destruction for a few more weeks (without a big target on her back).


Obv she knows abt Exterminators but very small chance she was not told in the diary room That would be over the line for me so after 15 seasons I’m out if Amanda stays


I agree. Elissa knows about the Exterminators and is looking out for herself. Amanda is smart, Elissa is smart. This looks interesting and has got my interest back. Love it. Who do you think they’ll get on their side Andy or Judd?

Eissa's not dumb

Elissa is smart. No one talks game to her so she needs to do something and this would be a good game move for her. Two things could happen on Thursday, either she will vote to keep Amanda and the rat Andy will vote to keep Spencer and lie to MC and say he voted to keep Amanda. Or, and this would be the best twist and very smart of Elissa….she would tell Amanda she is going to keep Amanda. Andy will vote to keep Spencer assuming he will be able to blame Spencer and Elissa will vote for Spencer knowing Amanda doesn’t actually have the votes and will expose Andy for the liar he is. MC, Elissa and Judd will join together and can make final 3.

BTW, I was going to vote for GM for America’s Player. I got over her racist remarks in the beginning and blamed it on the people she was around but the more I hear and read about the terrible things she says, I’m really disgusted with her. As a mother myself, if I knew anyone was making fun of a child I would seriously have a BIG problem with it. She has just crossed the line too many times and both Andy and Judd have told her to stop. She doesn’t! I’m done with GM!!!


Why don’t these people eavesdrop more? That’s the only way you’re going to figure out what all the liars in the place are really going to do. All this “I’m going to be saying this, but don’t believe it, because REALLY I’m on YOUR side” (Andy) is getting ridiculous, and these morons eat it up. FRUSTRATING.


Wrong. Elissa cannot form a full sentence let alone come up with strategy on her own. OBVIOUSLY the dr has told Elissa that’s what she needs to do. They probably went as far to tell her about the exterminator alliance. Elissa has no game and absolutely no strategy. But the fact that GM is saying those things about Elissa son is horrible. And I think it’s hilarious that earlier this week people were obsessed with GM. All of you change you minds daily. Maybe you should take a minute to look at this season as a whole and exactly what type of person each houseguest is. That includes Elissa. Every person in this house has serious issues.

Amanda's Therapist

bbwatcher * Elissa has been talking to McPussy
more the last few days on BBAD….weird!
BTW She has talked to him very little-since the start?!?
OMG!! The two of them were in a convo and SHE
told McPussy she would be okay with THIRD!!??!!
(No CLUE…..she had this f**kin scheme planned)


And BTW, it is “could care less” not “couldn’t care less”. Just FYI, not meaning to be snide.


I have to correct my correction. I was wrong!

Grammar police

I love that you corrected your correction. You rock.


…it IS “couldn’t care less.” Meaning you care so little that you literally could not give less of a fuck. Look it up, honey, and next time you correct someone, be sure that you’re not dead wrong. http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/could-care-less-versus-couldnt-care-less?page=all


The exact opposite would be true, Mr. Gotta Correct. It’s okay, words are tricky sometimes.

Yeah Right

No its just a plain dumb move. The vote will be 2-2 and Andy will convince McCrae that Elissa is lying. Its just to much to believe that within the last 24 hours that she suddenly thinks her best interest is served by Amanda. McCrae is never going to buy that Elissa voted to save Amanda. Even BB Production doesn’t think this will work. So I think we will see some Pandora’s Box this week and Amanda will be given some power to stay in the house.

I think Amanda and Elissa are CBS actresses

The rat has two choices: go with McCranda and Elissa (the ones who have carried him all season) or go with GM/Judd/Spencer (who have all equally floated and have less of a value than dog shit). Really his only option is to go with the latter group. Because he arguably could beat any of them in a final two. He knows he can’t win against McCranda or Elissa in a final two. They all know that. That’s why those scum balls are targeting McCranda and Elissa as the next ones to go. So even Andy really has shown he is disloyal to his alliance (2 AM) and that he is ‘not trustworthy’ or ‘a man of his word’ as he keeps telling everyone. I hope all of the exterminators go next starting with Spencer this week. Then the rat bastard. Then Judd the reject who shouldn’t have been allowed back, then the ignorant asshole GM. Final two between Elissa and Amanda is really what production wants to see and it will drive the ratings through the roof. Because if Elissa and Amanda go then the season is all but over and nobody will watch.


“The rat” hahahaha I love it. Andy is a rat that needs to be exterminated.


totally agree Elissa and Amanda final 2. love it!!!! get out spencer pawn, andy rat, racist GM… etc.

The Judger

@ I Think Amanda…I totally agree with you. Amanda and Elissa as final 2 would be a ratings dream for CBS. I’d tune in.

BB Caters to Elissa

DR has tried to manipulate HG’s from the beginning of the show. Nothing new. Everything’s gravy when production favors Elissa, but anything against causes uproar. Seriously, look at stuff for the way it is.


i couldnt read whatever and only skimmed. i couldnt fully read about a plan to keep demanda cooked up by elissa. not to mention the DR call in timing made it all rather suspicious.

to top it off, i was beginning to have sympathy for GM. threw that out the window after the way she talked badly about elissa’s son.

I think Amanda and Elissa are CBS actresses

Okay, here’s my thoughts. Elissa is a paid plant by CBS for this season’s BB. They negotiated a salary early on and guaranteed that Elissa would stay in the house (hence the first three MVP when she was on the block). They also agreed she could get perks that HGs don’t normally get (comforter in have not room, real food even though a have not, phone calls to her husband, etc). This also explains how she miraculously wins the veto or HOH in her hour of need. The deal included that she would have to do whatever production told her. Hence the sudden turn from wanting Aaryn out to Amanda after a DR session and now wanting to keep Amanda suddenly after a DR session. This is the only way it makes sense. BB says expect the unexpected. That could be a twist revealed at the end of the season.
It also isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that Amanda could be a paid plant. She allegedly has acting experience and she allegedly knows one of the producers.
The twist could be that Amanda and/or Elissa were put into the house to antagonize and create controversy. Admittedly both are women you love to hate, for a variety of reasons.
Seeing Andy abandon McCranda when he was just offered a final 4 shows yet again what a pathetic rat he is. He couldn’t run fast enough to GM, Spencer, and Judd (all equally worthless pieces of shit).
This week will be interesting to see how things play out. If production really wants to keep Amanda in the house (and Elissa) so the drama can continue they will have to rig it yet again so she can stay. Now I am interested in the show again.


I completely agree with you except that it’s not a “twist”. Nothing will be revealed. Elissa is definitely a paid plant. Grodner & company control the outcome in so far as they can for ratings. I don’t think they can ultimately control who wins but they influence people as much as they can to keep drama in the house. Still sucks though.


Production can control who wins. Recall the last season that Elissa’s sister was on. Rachael was on her way out the door many times when Big Brother threw in a twist that was clearly designed to save her. They even brought her evicted boyfriend back because she was falling apart after he got evicted. It was very clearly designed for Rachael to win that season.

Uncle oldie

That’s a logical conclusion. It would be to funny if when they get down to 5 they expose Elissa and Amandanthen the other 3 start the final HOH competition.


Because the truth has been exposed (how rigged and fake the game is), they now have to come up with a LIE to cover their tracks.

So, my theory is that they came up with your suggestion – they will magically later “reveal” that Amanda and Elissa are PLANTS, by saying we told you to “expect the unexpected”.

By having Elissa suddenly “switch” her view on Amanda last night is to make the “PLANT” LIE become “believable”. It was made to be so OBVIOUS for a reason – so that you will believe so the NEW LIE that is coming.

My theory anyways,


When Elissa and Amanda were arguing before Elissa went to DR, Amanda said something like I kept you safe the first few weeks that you were on the block. Elissa said that it wouldn’t have mattered if you did evict me the first 2 weeks because Production would have brought me back


The thing is, when Elissa first came out of the DR, she went directly to Andy, Spencer, Judd & McC and asked where GM was. I can’t understand why she would do that, and then go to Amanda after that. It seems like she would have gone directly to Amanda. Unless she was just making sure GM wasn’t around. Just seems weird…


Elissa had to clue in the other paid actors in the house what she was told in the diary room by production, so they would know how the show was yet again taking another turn for the worst. It’s difficult for production to keep up with their tricks and hide them from the viewing public, due to all the cameras in the house and that is why the live feeds are constantly being shifted over to the fishys so that the actors don’t express to much info on camera. This happens all the time during certain conversations and you can almost tell by the conversation as to why the live feeds are shifted over to the fish tank. Because these actors are not professionals, just a group of characters they have casted to be told what to do and what to say at particular times, to make this show more unbelievable than it already is. Kinda like the Joe Schmo show where production would feed the cast info on how to act in particular situations except on that show there was actually one guy that wasn’t in on the plan that the show was completely fake.


If Elissa had told GM first about this, then I would think she was still on board with the original plan, but wanted to flush out the rats and get McNasty’s jury votes.!

Maybe Elissa had to make sure that GM wasn’t there so she wouldn’t set GM off and go tell her after that it was a plan to flush out the rats (and get a jury vote from the McNasty’s).

But what she has done is just crazy. Unless she talks to GM later, I am just gonna think she is an idiot, and she has messed up the game. He best bet in all this was to go with GM, even if GM is with the exterminators, she could have had enough time to convince her different.

GM is an idiot. She just wants to be one of the boys. If it wasn’t for those annoying boobs….


I agree w/your theory that Amanda and Elissa are possibly paid plants. Do you remember when Elissa was talking to Judd (?) and actually asked him if he thought any of the HGs were plants? I’m wondering if production asked her to throw that out for two reasons: one, was to see what the HG thought, and two, to bring it up for the viewers to hear. I can’t remember what she said after that, or what the person she was talking with said. Have to go back on the fees to see if I can find it.

Yeah Right

This move by Elissa made no sense. She knew Andy is a rat and plays the middle. So why join a plot to flip the house that involves Andy doing the right thing to save McCrae. That worked out so well for Helen. Elissa had to know that Andy would tell the rest of the house about her intentions. Elissa had built up some trust with Gina and maybe Judd, and she is now going to throw that away to work with Amanda and McCrae whom she has no trust with in the game.

I thjink Elissa is ready to check out of the game. BB probably promised her some money towards her favorite charity if she stayed a certain number of weeks. Elissa now wants to go home. Elissa won’t try to win HOH this week and is almost guaranteed to be the one going home.

Crying Boehner

I am over Amanda. She is who she is and its not very pleasant. However, Elissa doesn’t know how to play the game and has to be fed strategy by Production of what they want the outcome to be this week. Elissa is now my Public Enemy Number 1. I rather see Elissa go before anyone else now. Elissa is so fake and two faced. Elissa is uttering nonsense now, saying I knew Amanda/McCrae had Arryan/Elissa’s back. Production you could of given Elissa better lines to say, that didn’t even make sense to this bimbo Elissa as she was saying them. Elissa almost choked as she uttered those words. Do a retake …. have Elissa say something like …..I don’t want to break up the love you and McCrae have. You two deserve each other and America would hate me if I sent you home. Yes that is a better line. Lets yell action and take it from the top.


Or you could look at Elissa is going to out Andy. She now has Andy showing McCrae and Amanda he’s no longer in their alliance 3 – 1 vote means Andy didn’t vote for Amanda so he cant run and blame it on Elissa.
He will possibly still be in a good position if the Exterminators are loyal to each other. He and Spencer will be dead ducks if the other alliances are true. eg, GM, Elissa and / maybe Judd. Not sure where Judd’s head is at still.
McCrae sees Andy for the sneak he is. McCrae will go with GM and Elissa.
Or it could unfold the way people are assuming. With production directing the game.
Either way, it makes for good gossip and good ratings for the game. Everyone will be watching Thursday for it to unfold.

Fleur de Lis

This is kinda where my head was going…Elissa bringing Andy into a trap. She could be telling Andy to vote to keep Amanda (which he won’t) and she won’t either, thus exposing Andy’s lies to everyone. I really can’t see Elissa voting for Amanda regardless of what she said to her. I think its just a ploy.


maybe but that would be boring. i think elissa knows about exterminators and just trying to stay in the game. since the exterminators have no plan to keep her, she has to figure out how to stay… flip the house is brilliant.

This Season Blows

Anyone who believes it’s an elaborate plot by Elissa to expose Andy is extremely naive and gullible.

Firstly, Elissa wasn’t even smart enough to use her HOH to get McCranda out. She played it personally and was too blinded by her obsessive hatred of Aaryn to see the big picture. Not once this season has she come up with any great strategy on her own, all she’s done is follow Helen’s orders and play personally.

Secondly, why wouldn’t Elissa just expose the rat last week when he was up on the block? He could have been out last week and then Elissa would be in less danger going forward in the game.

Face it, production is telling her what to do and rigging her to the win. It’s the only explanation.


IF production was telling her what to do, THEN it makes sense that she is brilliant enough to try to flush out Andy as the rat. So pick one theory or the other.

I'm So EXCITED!!!!

I HATE HATE Amanda! But I LOVE Elissa and if we have to keep Amanda to keep Elissa in the game. I’m so happy. I couldn’t believe all the others were planning on getting her out! I HATE ANDY!

Plus it would suck to have all these floaters wind up in final 4! BORING for us. Boring for CBS. Remember Big Brother 1 how they kicked out all the good players and then CBS had 1 month of boring losers who refused to do anything remotely exciting.

Yeaaaaaa Elissa! (I know she doesn’t need the money, but I just love watch her no BS way).

Crying Boehner

Amanda is going this week. There is no changing her fate. Its just that Elissa’s fate is now sealed. The rest of the house might of went after McCrae next week then Elissa, but now they are almost certain to go after Elissa instead of McCrae first. I think I am going to cry over the stupidity of this move by Elissa. Who in Production told Elissa this was a good move? Was Helen involved, because I know 40 years from now and Helen is at death’s door she would be holding Elissa’s hand and whispering her last words….”trust the gay guy”.


I’m an Amanda fan and if Elissa is her lifeboat hey I love it. since Elissa also wants a final 4, duh The Exterminators how dumb can you be not to think Elissa would discover you… more power to her. bold move Elissa. love it.


Everyone saying the game is rigged needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP! Any true fan already knows this, every year they try to help out their favorites. This doesn’t effect how the contestants vote though! Production does crazy shit every year and tries to help but in the end it all comes down to the votes each week. And anyone who say its all rigged needs to look at the fact that most of the winners of the previous seasons nobody was really pulling for. If it was Jeff would have won, and the ultimate floater Porsche never would have. That’s just two examples but there are many many more. I don’t think a fan/production favorite has won since season 2 Dr Will. So grow up and if you hate CBS and the rigged production then QUIT FUCKING WATCHING AND GET OFF OF THE DAMN MESSAGE BOARDS AND LEAVE US WHO TRULY LOVE THIS SHOW ALONE.


I’m pretty sure allison grodner is trying her best to try and save her precious besty. But here’s what I will say about Elissa, even if the Production is planting seeds in herhead, she is a forgiving person to be able to forgoe everything A-Man-Duh did to her. And I know a lot of it is because A-Man-Duh is not bashing her anymore but still. The next thing I will say is…SHE’S A DUMBASS! This completely screwed her on both sides; especially since she let rat boy in on it. Now when GM puts the hammer down on A-Man-Duh, ratboy will blame her and she will not even see it coming and then mccrae will be out for blood. See ya Elissa. Its sad cause I was rooting for her, now all I have to root for is J to th U to the double D!




elissa comes out of the diary NEEDING to talk to amanda about keeping her safe,
hmm, something stinks in suburbia….


Omg I thought I was reading wrong. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN THE DIARY ROOM ELISSA? Did her pay check went up $100,000 just to keep
Amanda in the house? How can she trust Andy more than Judd, when Amanda told her Andy and spencer wants Elissa gone? I’m freaking done with big brother all together if Amanda stays. WOW. CBS is fu*k up for doing this to keep Amanda in the house. I still can’t believe it…


Did you guys bitch this much when Jeff got the “pass” from CBS to stay? I’ll bet not.


You CANNOT be serious. You are comparing Jeff to Amanda. There’s NO comparison. Amanda is subhuman.


I did! Because it was obvious the show as rigged for jeff going forward. Fuck CBS and big brother, I’m going to stick to my BigBrotherCanada

Fool me once, shame on you

If BB USA is rigged then you’d be foolish to think BB Canada isn’t. Or any other country’s BB.


Ok, its time to get rid of Elissa. Elissa is not playing the game. Its obvious she is just a tool of Production. Elissa tells us that Production would of brought her back if evicted. Elissa goes into the DR last week and comes out saying she messed up and wants Aaryn to stay. Elissa comes out the Dr this week and says she now wants Amanda to stay. Why does Elissa always get these sudden revelations after Diary Room sessions?

Elissa having money and playing the game didn’t bother me. However, Elissa playing the game and messing up the game for those that really need the money, I have a problem with.

I liked Elissa and had been pulling for Elissa. However, its obvious that my support was misplaced. I officially don’t like any of the players remaining but someone has to win the $500,000 dollars. At least give it to someone that actually needs the money, instead of someone like Elissa that Production is playing favorites with.


She not going anywhere. It will never happen.

Next Chapter

I’m holding off on my judgment until Elissa speaks one on one with GM. GM knows the plan, the rat told, and GM won’t be able to keep quiet – we need the next chapter…


Very good point, Next. I’m going to do the same. She did ask for GM when she first came out of DR…


I think Elissa get clues off whoever talks to her in the DR but i too could see it coming. if I was in the house with half a brain you would

1. See that the boys have banded together except for Mcpussy she saw them save Andy and with Spencer offering himself as a replacement, all that planning went down without Elissa, so yeah she feels like the outsider evidently as she is always eavesdropping on the hgs. so her best strategy is to foil whatever plans there. counting on Andy being a vote to save Amanda.
2. Expose Andy another good strategy.
3.If the vote is 2 vs 2 and GM breaks the tie it will have atleast two effects
a) the exterminators will be foolish to wholeheartedly still trust Andy.
b) Amanda goes to the jury house not as mad at Elissa(another kind voice for Elissa in the jury) and in a final two say between Andy/GM and Elissa (which is what Elissa is trying to push for, from that conversion she had with Amanda and Andy)don’t be surprised if Amanda and Mcpussy vote for Elissa as the second vote would have been deemed Elissa’s. Mcpussy might fall in hands of another Exterminator,especially if they mention that stuff in their good bye messages to them.
4. or Elissa will actually be surprised that Andy doesn’t vote for Amanda to stay and the vote will be 3 to 1 again another dagger for Amanda and Mcpussy and at that point, Mcpussy will know not to trust Andy and have mcpussy go after Andy and Elissa/Judd, of the people likely to win the coming hoh and pov between Mcpussy and Elissa there is 60-70% chance of that, but the two will or might not be gunning after each other as such but going after the Exterminators.
5. Bare in mind Elissa knows no matter what she is always going to be everyone’s target she has known that since she got in there as Rachel’s sister. its not in her best interests for any plans to go as planned. Judd with his insecurities is making himself a huge target i don’t see him going past next week.

That said i dont think Elissa has forgotten about her torment, she is just stirring things up cause that’s whats best for her game it has worked for her to this point, the moving company saved her and then Amanda’s antics now there is a sudden calm that’s no good for. Amanda can always go in the double or later. its too early to get rid of her remember.


People people go back and read when Elissa came out the DR she ask for GM not Amanda. Check it out again

Ummm hmmm

That’s because she needed to know where GM was, so she wouldn’t catch her talking to Amanda.

Ummm hmmm

It is so obvious that production told Elissa to keep Amanda. (I was hoping that CBS had seen it’s error in holding onto Amanda and was going to finally let her go) They failed to get rat boy in on it soon enough. As usual he ran fast and spilled the beans. However, I still think that Andy will bend to production’s pressure and will ultimately vote for Amanda to stay. I HATE all of the production interference. It is also just getting to easy to read what production will do next.

Ummm hmmm

My prediction for the double eviction, Spencer goes first, followed by Gina Marie, (probably because of her comments made last night). Then another harsh interview by Julie, and everyone tunes again next week to see if Amanda will actually win as predicted.


Agree Spencer then GM. GM sealed her fate with her anti semantic and racist insults last 48 hours. I saw that one coming. The production phones probably went crazy to drop the show entirely on all networks forever.


I doubt CBS will give anyone but Aryan the treatment she got. She is their racist poster child. Even though, my God, GM is so much worst. I wish Julie Chen give GM the same brutal interview, but again, i doubt it.

Aaryn's Mom's LA Times

Check out LA Times, article with Aaryn’s Mother – she is upset with her daughter – but blasts CBS for the treatment Aaryn received via exit interview – her mother wants all the people that said nasty things called out – just as her daughter was… As I’ve stated previously, CBS seems to be using Aaryn as the poster child for all the ills within that house….

The Alarm Clock

I told you guys on Sunday that they should sleep until Thursday, but no one would listen to me, in fact, many of you were quite upset with me.

I say

Boycott CBS


Ok, i am officially done watching BB. This proves that this show is fixed. I was starting to believe i was wrong and that article was wrong that it was rigged when they were going to get Amanda out. Now right after Diary room Elissa wants to save Amanda. Come on, really???? So aggravating.

Simon and Dawg, thank you. You are both great for doing these updates.


So one of my comments is missing because I said to Boycott CBS!!! Not funny that CBS production would call her into the DR and what a surprise Elissa wants to keep AMANDA!! Are you f-ing kidding me? If CBS can mess with us then we should boycott their shows. Dammit, that means sacrificing Survivor! But alas, that is what is wrong with America, we have lost our passion.


They’ve got to be kidding. They can’t possibly believe anyone would fall for this….


But people WILL believe it, that is the sad thing.

If they announce that Elissa and Amanda were PLANTS, then people will say “oh, that explains everything that happened” and “oh yeah, I figured that out”.

Many online have figured out that the show is rigged. I’m sure the network has received official complaints from viewers and now my theory is that damage control is being put in place. The damage control will be to introduce some characters as PLANTS.

Liars cover lies with more lies. Truth 101.


If you’ve seen BB before you should have realized production manipulates things. But come on, Elissa has shown next to no strategy this whole game, so don’t act surprised that her mind can be changed so easily by someone whispering in her ear.


I bet the DR told Elissa about the exterminators and that they were planning on taking her out if it was a double eviction.
So she figures its safer to keep a bigger target around for the double (Amanda). Even though I like Amanda, she should be
going home. I’m tired of CBS influencing the game to protect their ratings. Amanda lost fair
and square. So did Judd. Stop saving people, let them play the game!!


I see various scenarios regarding this latest ‘twist’.

Elissa sincere:

Elissa aligns with McCrae and Amanda and it is 3 to 3, thus odds are
even again, but that would be stupid on Elissa’s part because it
would really be 2:1 to 3. Game over….however, Elissa is not
stupid but willing to work with production.

Elissa not sincere:

1) She is really trying to expose Andy’s playing both sides. DR
sessions have informed her, feeds are boring and something needs to
stir things up. And she is the chosen one. Once GM confronts her,
sparks are going to fly again….good for ratings. Elissa can save
face with GM by telling her it is all to expose Andy by discreetly
leaking this information to just Andy, to see if he spreads ‘the new

2) She is confident Amanda can be taken out in the DE. Once again,
DR has informed her, she is the chosen one. Of course, Elissa will
have to convince GM, Spencer, and Judd that scenario 1 is the true
reason for her supposed betrayal and hope DR will back her up when
GM, Spencer and Judd have their DR sessions;

3) She wants to give Amanda reason to ‘hope’ as payback for the torture
she had to endure last week. Elissa would never get Amanda’s jury
vote anyway.

what the fuck

I like Elissa but GOD DAMN IT, if she votes to keep Amanda……I don’t know what i am going to do. I will lose all my respect for her.


after all this I hope spencer wins just to piss people off

Real Scandals Phony President


Can I change my crazy poll vote please?

Real Scandals Phony President

I’m really looking forward to an Amanda and Andy final. Thanks production. You suck!


So how are you doing today, Elissa fans?



RANDOM thoughts & Observations:

** Every time amanda tells McRae she loves him and starts planning for future, his answers are either grunts or very non-commital. He flat out denies her advances now, so I predict they will be at opposite ends of the room at the wrap party. If you think GM was obsessed about Nick, wait till Amanda finds out not only does the public despise her, but McRae has also dumped her esp if he wins the cash…

** Elissa is not on the show to win the $$. She is only here to promote her yoga business (opening soon in a hockey arena ;-) The poster that said show was rigged for Amanda to win, also said Elissa was hired as a distraction – she’s done that job very well. This new “twist” wanting to save amanda may be a ploy b/c DR warned her the exterminators are after her…

** GM needs her own reality show called “My Fair Gina-Marie”. They can follow her as she attends finishing school and learns how to be a lady, and control the involuntary racial brain farts she’s been conditioned to spew when stressed or angry..If she passes successfully, then Nick can be waiting for her with a ring ;) lol [I have hope for her ]


Elissa has said several times during the season that she was just on the show to cause chaos


McCranda agreed to act like they are not so close to help McCray when she’s gone to be trusted. Wasn’t anyone listening.


I HATE ANDY! I hope they figure out what a lying sack of sh*t he is.


It makes me think that CBS has scripts for The Amazing Race and Survivor too. Really takes the fun out of the programs. They really messed up with this Big Brother season. They should have found someone more likable than Amanda to win.


Actually, this is not a bad game move for Elissa. She knows that she is not in with “The Exterminators” alliance. However, what she should have done was to go to Judd first and tell him her plan and then Judd & Elissa could have went to Amanda together as a packaged deal. Tell Amanda that they (Elissa & Judd) would save her if Amanda, McCrae, Elissa & Judd could have a final 4. Insist to Amanda that Andy could not be included & that Amanda could not tell Andy anything – or else there would be no deal. If Elissa had only included Judd instead of Andy, then her plan could have worked. I personally am rooting for Judd to win – and snitch Andy, racist Gina & pervert Spencer to go out SOON!!


Trying to think positive here and not blame CBS…YET…. There is NO WAY on this Gods green earth Elissa would turn around and want to help Amanda after all she has said and done to her. I can’t believe someone would make a horrible move like that.

I’m hoping….HOPING, this a a plot to flush out the rat once and for all. Proving Andy can not be trusted by anyone. Please let me be right. If she doesn’t flush out Andy then my bet would be on CBS also and they would lose a HUGE BB fan in me. I’vte watched this show from the VERY beginning, NEVER missing an episode and to find out the show is rigged. All I can say is UNBELIEVABLE!!!! You have my word I would NEVER tune in again.


Came home form work just to see this sh*t. I remember reading that Amanda will be on the block to be evicted but she would be saved. SMH cannot wait until Thursday to see what happens.

Disappointing Season

Relax Everyone….

E will give Am her ring (it’s a fake)..the vote will be 3-1.. Am EJECTED.. RatBoy exposed to Mc!


Leggo Judd


Hell Yeah, now this could turn into a real game! The one you’ve been waiting for! Whether Elissa was always this smart and never wanted to play in a ridiculous half assed season, one thing’s for sure – She is Big Brother pedigree! If Diary Room coached her, God bless ’em, cause I don’t think CBS wants this horseshit game the way its going anymore than you or I!

Don’t ya see all the rats scurrying at once! GENIUS ELISSA! What is this bullshit where the game is strategized by the most worthless floaters teaming up to knock out anyone who has done anything in the game so that all that are left are useless pieces of shit for the win! Andy and Spencer constantly strategizing every possible outcome when they win next HOH? Judd telling them he’s going to throw next HOH? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA BAD NEWS BOYS – None of you has won shit and most likely won’t win shit. GRAB YOUR LIFE VESTS FLOATERS! Run Andy, Run! Judd, climb out over the back wall and save yourself further embarrassment! Bye Bye Spencey you useless degenerate fat bastard!

All I see is Elissa with her fingers stuck in 3 beer bottles clicking them together chanting WARRIORS, COME OUT TO PLAY-AY! WARRIORS, …

Hells Yeah


Elissa has now made herself the #1 target after Amanda leaves.


McCrae ruined his game by laying around in bed all day with Amanda. What an idiotic move for someone who is supposed to be a super fan. You hardly ever see him alone and when you do it is mostly talking to Spencer or Judd probably when Amanda is in the DR. He missed out on so many vital conversations and relationship building. If he hadn’t been laying around in bed with Amanda he might have been involved in the Exterminators alliance. Hope you go right around the door behind your dominatrix buddy.


He is going to have a lot of regret looking back on his season.


although lying around in bed all day they sure have played a masterfully strategic game and come through some really close scrapes. An author once said, when I am sitting there doing nothing I am working. I am thinking. Duh, if you’re out and about all day chattering you’re not strategizing. My opinion.


UHOH!! But I still think Andy will vote out Amanda and Gina will break the tie and vote her out…damn production ( if that wasn’t obvious, I don’t know…)

julies rice bowl

Andy is finally on the spot. He has to get dirty. he either p1sses off Amanda , McCrae & Elissa OR Spencer, Judd & GM. No way out of this RAT TRAP!


I see it as a win-win either way; I do not like Spencer or Amanda and Amanda will never make it to final 3. This is a great move because it will out the rat for the slimeballe he is. I just couldn’t stomach him in the final 3.

This is my only 3 BB, but did anyone really believe that DR didn’t try to sway HGs? Especially in this time of social media where you get immediate feedback.

This happened when Helen won HOH and Elissa put Spencer up as an MVP; Elissa and Helen let out that they didn’t think the DR wanted Howard on the block. Also, last week when Aaryn was Elissa’s target, right after Elissa returned from a DR session, she told Aaryn that she made a mistake and wants to backdoor Amanda. Immediately after Elissa told this Aaryn was called to the DR.

Why do you think GM is playing up to the camera this week? Because they all know that we want Amanda out. The HGs pretty much knows who’s liked (Candice, Howard, Jessie, Judd) and who’s not by the DR sessions.

GM Photo

And remember the photo of GM holding Spencer’s key in her hand while giving it a thumbs down.

Amanda's Therapist

juliesricebowl* Andy is a rat prick! He is the player
to mentally breakdown !! :-)
He is struggling to keep his maneuvering
and lies straight!
WTF? IS the next “booooooombshell”?
( planned by production )
TEAM…..Elissa and Amanda? OMG!!


chriismo this only my 2nd year watching but this season I see if it gets like a group has upper hand like exterminators then production feeds info pretty obvious because I think exterminators would have walk to the end may have lost one person worst case scenario but final 3 would be exterminators and Amanda elissa and mccrae had no idea that’s why they stepped in kinds ruins whole concept of the show never know after this it may be last season loyal fans will be outraged with julies husband who runs cbs

Elissa for the Win

hmmm, this might be Elissa’s way of outing the red rat bastard. If Mc Crae and Elissa vote to save damanda and Andy and Judd vote to save Spencer, GM has to break the tie. either way GM decides, it’s a win win for Elissa. the mcranda’s will see that andy betrayed them and will not get his Jury vote nor will they vote him from the Jury. Elissa needs to win HoH and POVs to stay in the game. GET THEM, ELISSA!!!! Oh and btw, do NOT give your wedding rings to damanda as collateral!

Amanda's Therapist

elissaforthewin* GM is brain-dead!!
You do not talk about ANY child in
the manner she did!!
NO excuse’s for her damn IGNORANCE!!
I do not think – she would want anyone
“bad- mouthing”…..her nephew or family?!?

Dan's Bible

I’m available.


Didn’t this same thing happen when Danielle was on the block and at the last minute, she had a pow wow with Rachel (I think it was Rachel)? But it didn’t pan out…what are they doing to these HGs in that damn diary room???


They are playing the game! BB production has always been part of the game, they can do anything they want because (surprise) they are BIG BROTHER. Nothing new here…

The Thought Police

Yep, we’re just doing our part…






Well Elissa just fucked her game, that fucking Andy has to go!!!!!!!!!!!! Like right now. Not that I want Amanda to stay, I just like Elissa. I guess I want Mcrea to win now. Was pulling for GM till she called Elissa’s son a fucking dirty Mexican. They all fucking suck, this is the worst season ever. Its bad when your actualy pulling for Elissa, and now that’s done too!


So you’re not pulling for GM because she said something about Elissa’s son? GM has spurted out racial slurs throughout the game. Why does GM get so many passes because she cannot pull together a coherent sentence?

GM: I is who I is and all I can say is that I is real person. F* with me and I f* you back harder!


It’s so hypocritical of GM to talk bad about Elissa’s son, when just 2 hours ago GM was saying how it’s disgusting and inappropriate that Amanda brought up Elissa’s personal life, especially their kids. And then in a blink of an eye GM starts talking bad about Elissa’s kid. What a hypocrite! But to be honest I never really liked GM, I just respected the fact that she was one of the few that was ballsy enough to make a big move.


GM is a walking contraction. Look in a dictionary and you’ll see her picture.


Name, I think you mean a walking contradiction.


LOL! My bad!

Yo! Contraction, contradiction, ya’ll know what I’m saying, bro. Stopping chapping on me. Do ya’ll not recognize ginaism?


What is up with all the grammer police????? Just let people express themselves and if they make a mistake OH WELL! You obviously knew what they meant. GEEZ


And before you start to correct me, I’m fully aware of my spelling. Just thought I’d give you guys some bones, since that gets you excited! :) Notice I also started a sentence with and. I must be making your day.

Right vs Write

And we thank you.

Kelli Jo

Ummm contradiction not contraction.


rigged 100%

GM is Frau Farbissina

I call total BS. This is nothing but script fed to Elissa by the DR so they have some material for Wednesday to create drama and suspense. Don’t fall for this. Amanda is going.


Right! Too bad Elissa sucks at acting.

And there it is.......

And here come production………. To save Amanda’s nasty azz!




I believe Elissa has a plan to try and frame Andy as a rat that can’t be trusted.. hmm


That is what I thought straight away too because Elissa has NEVER trusted Andy after Helen’s eviction, so why would she make a deal now. I hope Elissa is playing these fools to get the target off of her and onto Andy. Maybe she wants to see if he leaks this final 4 if it even exists. I honestly don’t think Elissa would be that stupid to just jump on board with Amanda Mcrea and Andy. Unless production offered her something incredible….Oh this game of BB….you never learn how to expect the unexpected. Don’t let us down Elissa!

Canadian BB Fan

Elissa also explicitly asked Amanda if Andy would vote for her.

She didn’t ask if anyone else would – she asked specifically about Andy, even though spencer seems quite comfortable with both McCranda’s.

I hope you’re right. If Elissa is just doing productions bidding, and screwing her game in the process, i’ll be disappointed.

If this is to save Amanda, i will also be disappointed.

This is only my third BB as well, counting BBCA. If this is how the game is run (by production), it might be my last. I’ll stick with the other BB’s.


“She didn’t ask if anyone else would – she asked specifically about Andy, even though spencer seems quite comfortable with both McCranda’s”

Spencer’s on the block and can’t vote. She knows Judd would never. GM only breaks a tie. Andy is the only other HG to have some type of game relationship with the creepy couple. That being said, the optimist in me agrees with you. I sincerely hope she’s (been told) setting up that little rat will be good ratings material.

Canadian BB Fan

Good point about everyone else; i hadn’t thought it through. You’re right of course.

I’m just seriously hoping this is a ploy to expose Andy. If Elissa really did flip, then there is no one else i want to see win. I like Judd, but unless he actually does something (Was nice to see him ask Amanda if they should all just pack their bags and leave the game to her), then only GM and Elissa are making moves.

And GM seems to be firmly with Spens now. Which sucks.

I liked it when everyone thought it would be GM, Judd and Elissa.

I want McCranda to go home. And if the Rat gets exposed, so much the better.

That would actually be a huge move; Amanda’s power came from Andy basically ratting everyone else out.

Jessie called him on it weeks ago.


Seriously? I’m team Elissa but I call bullshit when it’s bullshit.

Amanda’s days are numbered so I would like to see Spencer walk out the door. Next the rat. Then I don’t really care who’s next.


There is no way Elissa will be able to frame Andy. It’s Andy who will frame Elissa. When they come up one vote short to save Amanda, Andy will blame Elissa and McCrae will believe him.


I agree Kaylee..
And Andy took the bait. I think Elissa was worried about Andy voting to keep Amanda and blaming Judd. for the vote Now the vote will be 3-1 and Andy will have to explain to McCrea why he didn’t vote to keep Amanda. Elissa can say she changed her mind at the last second because of what Andy said/dd to make her suspicious. Tell McCrea Helen told her not to tust him.. Elissa is trying to break up McCrea joining Andy and Spenser after Amanda is gone… Both her and GM have been worried about a boys alliance.. You can’t believe anything anyone says this season…
Note: Had Amanda listen carefully to what Andy said she’d have question how Andy could think Elissa was setting him up if his real plan was to keep 2AM together all along.. Why would anyone question that he voted for her if he’s with them? Big mistake when the Mcranda’s get to jury and see Andy was a rat all along..

You've gotta be kidding!

Ok, for the first time ever I’m now wondering whether outs true that the game is rigged for Amanda. Elissa gets called into the DR and after being tortured for weeks she is Team Amanda? Is she nuts? I’m upset.


Just how I feel! It just doesn’t make sense. The only logic explanation here is
That production is guiding her. She did say a while back
• “she is there to help with the show” that came out of her mouth so I see it now. She is getting
A huge pay to change the game around.


I think they probably offered her like 10k to do it I don’t like her but all ive read don’t see her doing it for nothing


now if judd mysteriously chances his mind because andy wont then you know elissa and judd were paid period we will see like I say just started watching last year before I thought it was stupid but all the twist between and different senarios made you think any interference from the outside destroys the concept good tv or not

Elissa for the Win

Yeah, why was Judd sitting outside by himself at 7:00 am? Maybe thinking about whether to flip with Elissa?


mcranda and Judd and Elissa final 4, why not. It’s cleaner. Get out pervert, rat and racist.


Why why why Elissa? Don’t listen to production. Argh. I was hoping she would stay with the exterminator’s side. I figured she would grow on Gina Marie or Judd and they might make it to final 2. But now she has just put a bigger target on herself. :/


The exterminators which includes Judd and GM were not going to keep her. Andy and Spencer wanter her out before McCrae. The exterminators are getting too cocky.

At this point I don’t care what happens (Amanda or Spencer going) as long as Andy gets blindsided and leaves at double eviction. I can’t stand him…he is such a weasel.


The Conspiracy Theory RAGES ON!!!! SMGDH!!! Seriously…now Elissa, is totally flipped sides? ??!!!! SCHYA!! Whatever BB….game looks rigged to me know.,…Alison Grodner probably offered her some ‘cash’ under the table…..


Doubt it – I’m sure the cash came up front!


If CBS has to pay off Elissa to do all this, plus anyone else that could get pulled into the scheme, wouldn’t it be cheaper to just pay Amanda upfront?

Amanda's Therapist

moses* Sweet Sweet Moses @ CBS !~!


Production ask them questions to get them thinking and that is what happens each year. Just think how boring the house would be if they didn’t get them HG worked up!!! Amanda has a 50% chance to stay and Andy will be outed for joining the exterminators when he has to lie and Amanda figures it out!!. Awesome!


Well, it’s one thing to “get them thinking”, but Elissa has already shown she can’t do that on her own, so she had to have had all this spoon-fed to her – I think it’s just to get some drama going for the show & Elissa doesn’t really care ’cause she’s being paid extra to be there just for this reason


hmmmm…so Elissa changed her mind about Amanda after a visit to the DR…..maybe production asked her who she would have a better chance of winning against….anybody who brings Amanda to the finals is going to win…I suspect they must have pointed this out to her….now that things have calmed down a bit, maybe Elissa can see past the emotional aspect and see what is best for her game….these guys are going to take her out next, why not form an unholy alliance with Amanda and Mcrae — she will win over either one of them.

Amanda's dog Woofie

This is good strategy by Elissa. Simple numbers. If Amanda goes it’s 4 guys (the circle jerk alliance) vs. 2 girls. Elissa and GM would be doomed. This way, she exposes the RAT, takes out Spencer , and possibly Judd in the double. She needs to get GM on board


Exactly! I think Elissa, Amanda or GM could single handedly whip all 4 of their wimpy asses, but why do it the hard way – just start chopping off heads now!


Sorry if this has already been said- dont have time to read all the comments right now- how is it that Elissa is doing a favor for Amanda, but ELISSA has to give her rings to Amanda to prove ELISSAs loyalty???


Sorry if this has already been said- dont have time to read all the comments right now- how is it that Elissa is doing a favor for Amanda, but ELISSA has to give her rings to Amanda to prove ELISSAs loyalty???


Elissa says she want to keep Amanda in the house. Elissa would not want Amanda to leave with her ring. It’s collateral.


Elissa is not doing to just do Amanda a favor. She is doing it to benefit herself, hence she proves her intentions/ loyalty.

Amanda's Therapist

orangerc* TEAM ELISSA — NO MORE !!


Wish it were true that they could form a “girl’s alliance” but it won’t happen. GM doesn’t like Amanda and for sure doesn’t trust Elissa now. I mean why should she? I really was on her side but this is NUTS. Amanda will always back McRae and if she wouldn’t vote out Andy over Aaryn, she will never vote him out over Elissa.

Now Elissa has made one of the DUMBEST moves she could make. Lined up with the devil of which she is third in line out of 3 and made enemies of Judd and GM.

If she was wanting to “out” RAT BOY, poor move. He could vote for Amanda now (along with McRae) and when Amanda goes home anyway, blame it on Elissa which everyone will believe. Why wouldn’t they believe RAT BOY over her?

DR you just screwed with Elissa’s head to help Amanda win and that is not fair…………….. My last season for sure.


Actually I don’t think she or anyone could win against Amanda – despite her lack of competition skills, she has run the show & they all know this


dan ran it last year and he didn’t win and everyone knew 2nd was the best he was going to get

Amanda's Therapist

person1* You say Amanda has RUN the show….?
Her “bosom buddy” friend (AG)


This would be the worst move of the season if Amanda stayed. It’s sort of like last season when Dan pulled off the biggest comeback ever when he should of been gone final 8. If you keep a smart and dangerous player hanging around and keep giving them extra lives, they’re going to make you pay and eventually get to the end. Especially when there’s a power couple who has run this game from the start. You really think if Spencer is voted out, Amanda and McCrae won’t be running the show until the final 3? Something tells me they will be. One of the biggest rules in BB: Get out the big targets when you can.


Never was a Rachel Fan but have liked Elissa. However…………………… this is one STUPID MOVE for her to make. OBVIOUSLY she has twice been manipulated by DR. I mean she flipped on her idea about taking Aaryn out and now saving Amanda? Look, she had GM on her side. Yes she did. GM could have easily worked with Elissa. She was ok with Judd and could have made a deal with McRae. All she needed to do was get RAT ANDY out and she could have been in a good 4 way with McRaie, GM and Judd. Now, they won’t trust her at all. I wouldn’t, and I like the GIRL!!

Another proof CBS wants Amanda to win…………………


If Spencer goes, I go

Italian Princess

Bye, bye,

Amanda's Therapist

You will….BOTH….survive! :-)


Elissa comes out of the DR, makes a deal with the Devil and then they call Amanda into the DR? Ugh. I swear to you, if Amanda doesn’t go, I’m out! Buh-bye scripted BB. So not what it used to be. I agree with the post from last night…why do they have so much food to pig out on? Why aren’t they competing for it???

mark h

I agree. This just mmakes no sense. Elissa may not trust Spencer and Judd or anyone else…..but she has no reason to suddenly trust Amanda either. Ifcbs is going to rig it….you wouldn’t think they would be obvious about it. Andy is an easy switch and turning Judd or gm is more sensible than Elissa suddenly trusting someone she has despised for weeks.


If this happens I am truly over this show of which I loved for every season since its first! The same with my kids ! Amanda’s time has come, enough , let
It play out , it is not right to make Ellissa have to team up with Amanda ! Noooooooo

Andy the rat has got to go

She comes out of the dr and all of a sudden she has this change of heart with Amanda…….hmmmmmm something doesn’t smell right……maybe she is doing this to show andy for the rat he is and how he is playing both sides……..


Yeah right – & Elissa came up with that ALL ON HER OWN!


I didn’t see anyone complaining when basically the same thing happened when she decided that she was going to gun after Amanda in the first place.


Totally agree. Time to totally expose Andy before Amanda leaves the house. This way GM, McCrae and Judd know just how big a rat Andy is. Let him explain his way out of this one to Spencer, Judd and GM. I believe that’s why Amanda went to bed. She knew Andy was going to run to the guys and tell.


elissa just got told to that by the producers. if she does not leave on Thursday then I am done

What is Elissa smoking

Did Elissa just really say she wants to keep Amanda?!!! (BLANK STARE) then FLATLINES AGAIN___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After everything that mentally unstable woman/succubus aka amanda has put her through, she is actually considering this SMDH! Well I guess Amanda got her wish……because one of her goals before leaving was to ruin Elissa’s game and she finally got her wish! Elissa drank one glass of wine and has officially lost her damn mind! Every time I pick someone to root for to win, they go and F it up. At this point I don’t care who wins! So in the words of douche bag Jeremy……..I’M FLABBERGASTED!


Calls into question the mental stability of Elissa here in my mind (if I didn’t think this was all the DR doing & she’s being paid for it)

geez louise

Come on Judd. Call ’em all out and stop this plan before it can start…


Stop them, Judd!

This Season Blows

Looks like Elissa is a Demanda sheep just like the rest of the house. Her fans look more delusional by the day.


Nah, you can’t really call her Amanda’s sheep. She ALWAYS does what she wants basically. She has never let Amanda call the shots, which is pretty much the only reason I liked her. She’s saying she wants to align with Amanda, but I’m going to try to reserve judgement until I see WHY…

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I knew it was too good to be true. I thought with both Amanda and McCrae on the block, there was no way that McCranda would survive. Then Elissa pulls this crap! What is Elissa thinking?! She is just starting to get back into everyone’s good graces. The houseguests suspect that there is a double eviction on the horizon. Right now, the Exterminators are gunning for McCrae. Judd has already noticed that Elissa has been talking to Amanda. If she’s not careful, she might actually be evicted BEFORE McCrae. After everything Amanda did to Elissa (the harassing, the name-calling, the tampon she left on Elissa’s dresser), why would Elissa even consider keeping her in the house. It is more than clear that production spoke to Elissa and asked her to consider keeping Amanda for ratings. Amanda is finally on the block and on her way out. I wish Elissa would just vote with the house, and send Amanda to the jury.


People have developed such an intense dislike for Amanda, they can’t see what’s good for the win….frankly, few of these people deserve to win — however, if Elissa forms an alliance with Amanda/Mcrae, she could make it to the end and she would win….so from a gameplay standpoint, this could be a very smart move on Elissa’s part.


All this will do is ensure her ouster next instead of the week after & you never know what might have happened in that week. Dumb move!

The Beef

The only problem with this move is it’s not going to work because Andy the rat has already changed sides! Elissa flipped because she thought she would last longer with Mcranda and the rat, based on what she’s been told by Amanda. She is so sure Andy is with them (Amanda and Pizza Boy), and she figures she’s not as tight with GM, Judd and Spencer as they are with each other.

Actually not a bad game move IF the rat hadn’t flipped to join the Exterminaters, but since he has, Elissa is dead meat just as soon as they get rid of Amanda on Thursday. If she doesn’t win HOH before the 2nd eviction, her ass is a goner!


I agree. I think this is elissa only shot at staying much longer. the exterminators are going to get her out either before or after mc. If she makes this work with AMC then she has more of a chance staying in the game. If she was final 2 with mc then she could actually win. He has done nothing the whole season besides have skanky sex with amanda. I was a fan of amanda up until she went bat shit crazy past few weeks. I think she has played a game unlike anyone we have seen before. she has never been had power but yet she has been able to control every move in the house. as for elissa, she is not as dumb as the other house guest believe she is. she knows she has a very slim chance at winning and she is trying to stack the deck as much as she can in her favor. she tried working with judd and gm but they want her out. i’m sure production did play a part in exposing information to her in DR. I think that they always have been a part of leaking info to the house guest. if they didn’t just imagine how boring this season would be! I am a huge supporter of elissa and hope that this works. maybe she can get one of the exterminators on board and they can run to final 4. she can beat both amc, and andy in competitions. i think its a good idea! honestly don’t care that production might have swayed her by outing the exterminators. I think its naive to think that production doesn’t get involved with the house guest! they have always and will continue to do so. I really hope there is some way andy gets outed and they get him out in the DE.


Hey CBS, quit f’ing with the game. Seeing Amanda leave is the biggest move of the season. You can still keeping your ratings up by showing her antics in Jury House! Amanda needs to go on Thursday-the majority of us OUTSIDE the House want her gone and she deserves to be gone-remember this season you have to go along with what he House wants and we want Amanda OUT!

Varys Blackfyre

As much as I don’t like Amanda’s personality, I think this would make for some really good TV. Could you imagine what it would be like if Elissa double crosses GM and votes out Spencer? Then Judd ends up going home again in a DE. From an entertainment standpoint it’s great. But I still kind of want Judd to win the entire thing. This is the type of game I like to see.


It may not make for the most exciting ending, but I’d rather that than this blatant production interference. Maybe it helps their ratings for a couple of weeks, but I believe they’ll lose lot of future season viewers (assuming there is a future season)

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Big Brother’s ratings are up from last year but they are no where near as high as they were during Seasons 1 to 13. This season of Big Brother has cracked the 7 million mark only 4 times this season. Only 4 TIMES?! The average viewership this season is 6.43 million viewers. Previous seasons pulled in 8.5 million on average. CBS & production really need to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to save the show.


Amanda would be a sucker for Elissa to get screw over. She thought she will stay but she would fool by Elissa. I would love to see her face that Elissa voted for Amanda for eviction.


So obvious….Elissa comes out of the DR and goes directly to Amanda to tell her she has had a change of heart and wants her to stay. Production probabaly told her about The Exterminators.


obviously production threw 10-25k at Elissa to have her keep Amanda.


I think she was paid extra from the start. Unfortunately they hired someone with NO social skills, so it’s totally exposed them & she looks like an idiot

Big Brother Fan from Canada

The houseguests were discussing their stipends a while back. They were all able to negotiate their own stipends but it was clear that Elissa was making much for her appearance on the show than the other houseguests.

Pinocchio Obama

That is good for her because she in not going to win any game money making this move.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Amanda’s stories are very inconsistent. First Amanda says she is very successful…then she says (if she got pregnant), “I wouldn’t even have it, I don’t have enough money”. Confusing.


Ok, I’ve been defending CBS this whole time saying there is NO way the game is fixed for Amanda to win. If she manages to stay this week, I am going to have to believe that it is fixed!!

This show is rigged

THIS SHOW IS RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I think the show has always been rigged. The problem is, CBS and production don’t care enough to attempt to cover up this fact anymore. Remember when the show actually seemed like it was real? Yeah…neither can I! It’s like they don’t even care anymore. All the houseguests seem to do is talk about sex, their stipend for appearing on the show and how production wants them to cry during their DR sessions but they can’t. I’m still pissed that they allowed Elissa to spill the beans about Hayden’s appearance on Survivor. Production could have asked her to say that, but whether it ends up being true or not…it’s still annoying. I miss the competitive spirit and gameplay demonstrated in Seasons 5 & 6.

I say

EVERY TIME Elissa comes out of the DR she has a change of plans! Just goes to show how involved production is! This is really pissing me off. Amanda needs to go and Elissa is making a bigger target of herself by even saying such things. I guess production thinks that they can change Andy’s mind. This is so f@#ked up. CBS is really f-ing with the viewers and we should just all stop watching any of their shows . BOYCOTT CBS.


If Elissa is in fact trying to keep Amanda and McCrae, she is the dumbest HG in the history of this game — Lawon included. (And Spencer for offering himself up as the pawn. Never do that!)

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Lloyd Christmas would be proud.

Time now for Andy to stick to his guns.


Spencer, wash your hands. You play with your nub and ball sack and never clean your stained fingers. Stop sniffing them in live TV!


I know production probably thinks this is helping their ratings, because it is. We’ve already been sucked into this season. But I don’t really have much desire to watch in the future now, because even I’m starting to think it’s rigged, and I never thought that before. If Elissa votes to keep Amanda (because of whatever happens in the DR), that will just prove to me that this show is “shady as fuck” as they like to say about some of the players.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

The ratings for the show are better than they were in the beginning of the season, but for a show that is in its 15th season…the ratings are pretty crappy. The show is averaging 6.43 million per episode.


WTF? I am done watching BB, it is so rigged. Just give the damn check to the pitbull.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

That money is already sitting in her bank account…accumulating interest.


So I’ve been reading theories on the show is being rigged… cbc production getting involved i thought those posting those pieces were nuts but I NOW believed it! Production has a good sense (similar to viewers ) where the games headed. They realized Andy or Spencer have real chance of winning if Amanda wins Andy is in good graces with everyone, no one is gunning for him or considering the RatKing I hate him but his social game I realize now, is good. BTW this might not be a bad move for Elissa if Amanda leaves Elissa will definitely be the next target. In the words of MC she should use her as a meat shield. Amanda is a racist annoying person to watch (that offends ME as a person of color) but she definitely will always be the biggest target if she stays.

Production might be rigging for Elissais or Amanda . I wouldn’t mind, If Elissa won i like her but I’d prefer they not get involved and let them think and devise strategies for themselves.

clownie is alive

So you don’t mind if the show is fixed. We should ALL boycott CBS. Everyone should cancel the live feeds and demand their money back. How DARE CBS label this as reality? I am so POd. Hell, you probably fixed the election too.

Impeach Julie Chen, her husband, and take Allison G out the back and “take care of her”. Tell us Julie, who is going to win the Super Bowl? I could place my bet now 5 months ahead of the game.

Do not patronize CBS in any way.


Nooooooooo. Did production promise Elissa a special power in the DR or something?? Maybe they told her that they’d put some yoga in all of the comps for the rest of the season.

Why would you keep a known duo? So what if you’re not close to Andy or Gina Marie or whomever. Let’s face it. They’re not close to each other, either! With McCranda broken up, everyone left will be individuals on an equal playing field because everyone will only half-way trust each other and everyone will be looking out for themselves. With McCranda still in the house, that is one power pair that is guaranteed to work and move as one with no question of loyalty. Why, Elissa, why??

Ugh… and this week was going so well.


“Maybe they told her that they’d put some yoga in all of the comps for the rest of the season.”


my opinion

This is what I think: Amanda and Elissa knew about each other before they came into the game. Elissa being Rachel’s sister and Amanda being Allison’s friend. They gave them the dumbest cast ever to help both of them get to the final…4 maybe. If you think about it. Elissa was to go the first week, Amanda saved her and David went home. She was to go the next week. Amanda rallied to save her and Nick went home. Again when her and Helen were on the block, Aaryn really wanted Elissa gone, but again, Amanda stepped in and saved her and Helen went home. I think Amanda was pissed at Elissa. The way Elissa was acting like that because of Elissa’s attitude toward her and not having her back the way Amanda had Elissa’s back. So, now, it’s time for Elissa to step up. I bet production reminded her of the deal that had in the beginning and now it’s up to Elissa to save Amanda. If spencer gets evicted this week, you know this is true.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I think you might be right. It’s weird how Amanda & Elissa will be fighting one minute…and then an hour later they are laughing and joking with each other. I think they sometimes forget that they are supposed to be playing a role, and break character. At some point during the day, each will be called to the DR where they are reminded that they are supposed to be mad at each other and should not be hanging out and joking around.

Debra S

PRODUCTION is running this game. It is a show, nothing more. If not rigged, Am has been P’s choice from the beginning. And, it seems they can control her behavior through a cocktail of drugs. THAT is what is really creepy and disturbing.

clownie is alive

WTF???? Nothing about BB is “reality”. So scripted BS that I might as well watch WWE wrestling. THEY don’t try to call it reality. CBS is a POS.


OMG my head is going to explode. Don’t know what scenario I like better tho… Floaters taking out the big players for the win or a consolidated alliance of psycho frenemies.

Pants On Fire

I want to bitch slap production, Elissa, Amanda and pick up scrawny McCrae and use him to beat the fuck of out Andy!!I Can’t stand these people! I swear to G O D! *phew, feel better now*

Joseph Grassi

For Ellissa to now work with Amanda is I feel the producers influence. What other reason why Ellissa want to work with Amanda after saying those horrible things about her husband and family. Not to mention how Amanda tormentted her. Is obvious to me the producers of the show think Amanda evilness makes great TV. So they want her to stay on the show. I think that’s a disgrace. These poor houseguests put thier lives on hold. Being away from friends and family. The comforts of home. Also the risk of loosing thier jobs. All for to be on a show that is rigged.


Amanda thinks Elissa would keep her but it would be a shocker that Elissa voted for Amanda to be evicted. She would be a sucker.



Pants On Fire

LMAO! too funny






Their serving some kind of kool-aide in that damn DR!!! Fast acting kool-aide too. They have them drink it and then BAM.the game changes to go the way production wants it too. They put some kind of powerful message into Elissa’s head as she despises Amanda more than Amanda despises her….that’s a damn fact. Judd is already picking up on this and he’s gonna bust it wide open. I can’t I a fine Andy going along with it and first thing he is gonna do is run tell everyone else what’s about to happen. That would mean Spencer would have to be evicted and the others want him around as they know they can beat him. Oh well…let the games begin!!!!!


You know…it’s funny, but after reading all the comments by “Elissa/Amanda Haters”, it has really started to remind of those folks that are “Team Jacob/Edward”. Just an observation from someone without 17 different screen names here. The funny thing is, those are the only two people left in the game that have actually played the game at all…the rest are just variations of floaters.

At the recommendation of several friends, I spent part of the weekend watching BB Canada, and all I can say is…well done. A house full of people that actually understand the game, respect it, and went for it. A shame about the finale fiasco, but overall it was really entertaining. On top of that, I think the most controversial derogatory comment to come out of any of them was when one of them was called a “redneck”…and the person who did it, seemed to genuinely feel horrible about using such a “slur”. Good stuff, Canada. Can’t wait for season 2. Reminds me of pre-All Star BB seasons down here. Apart from Suzette & AJ, I’m pretty sure any of those HG’s could’ve completely dominated the cast we got dumped on us here. May as well have been a “Super Floater” floater season.

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