Amanda says I should wash the sheets because lord knows you won’t wash them when I am gone.

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sep 2nd
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations: Amanda/Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


CBS Interactive Inc.

5:40pm Out in the backyard – The Exterminators – Gina, Andy, Judd and Spencer talk about hoping the next POV competition will be a celebrity or returning house guest hosted comp. They all hope it’s a returning house guest more than a celebrity. Ginamarie says she would go crazy if it was Nick and Jeremy that came back.

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Up in the HOH room – Judd jokes and tells Andy that Amanda might slap him. Andy asks why? Judd says because I am telling her that you are telling me to vote her out. Andy says oh my god. Judd heads downstairs. Andy listens to Ginamarie’s CD.



5:55pm – 6:05pm Amanda looks at the camera and tells production that if they want emotion out of McCrae they should play “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston. She says then call him into the diary room and see what happens. McCrae says if they want emotion they should give me alcohol. McCrae and Amanda head outside. Amanda says I should wash the sheets because lord knows you won’t wash them when I am gone. Amanda asks McCrae do you think I should give up and not even try to get Judd? McCrae says I don’t know. Amanda says remember the first day and we did the photo booth and I was all over you. What were you thinking? McCrae says yeah I was thinking what the hell am I doing.
6:10pm Ginamarie grabs Spencer’s key and shows it to the camera as she gives the thumbs down.


6:20pm – 6:40pm All the house guests sit down the eat the meal that Elissa prepared. She made cole slaw, chicken and dumplings. Spencer tells Elissa that her dumplings are bad a$$! Judd says its his favorite food ever! They all thank Elissa for making dinner. Amanda comments that she is getting a lot of “Don’t roll over and die” Elissa asks what does that mean? Amanda says it means to not give up. Big Brother tells Amanda not to talk about her diary room sessions. After dinner Judd does the dishes and Ginamarie plays Jenga at the kitchen table.


6:40pm – 6:55pm Amanda and McCrae get into the pool. McCrae tells Amanda that the other day he cried in his diary room session but today when they wanted him to he couldn’t. Amanda asks they wanted you to? McCrae says yeah. Amanda asks do you think it will be weird being here without me? McCrae says yeah super weird. They head over to the hot tub. Amanda tells McCrae that she thinks everyone will be fine with him once she is gone. Like you aren’t going to be a target once I am gone. McCrae isn’t so sure. Amanda tells him he was never the target, you only went up because of me. Amanda says that it will become more apparent when I leave, who is really against who. Andy joins them.


7pm – 7:10pm All of the house guests are sitting around the hot tub. The conversation turns to talking about the past house guests. Gina starts talking about how Jessie’s bathing suit bottoms were always laying around with big sh*t stains in them. Gina wonders how Jessie never noticed it because it was always laying right there when you walked in the door. They talk about a make believe tv show of Candices that would have past events of the house like how it would have a racism episode and other events from the season. Amanda says that Ginamarie would be Candice’s friend with downs syndrome.


7:20pm In the bathroom – Judd and McCrae talk. McCrae says that if it is a double eviction it scares him because it will go fast. Judd says I wouldn’t put up Andy. McCrae thinks that if Elissa wins HOH he thinks she would put me and Elissa up. McCrae asks if I was up and you won the veto, would you use it on me? Judd says yeah I would, I feel like I am on the outs and I want to work with you. It is a double eviction it would happen so fast but if I won the veto I would use it on you. They break up their conversation and Judd leaves the bathroom. Judd heads to the living room and he and Ginamarie play a card game called “Spit”

7:25pm – 7:45pm McCrae sits down beside Amanda in bed and he tell her she looks pretty. Amanda asks I look pretty? I don’t feel pretty. McCrae says you always look pretty. McCrae asks do you think I hurt your game. Amanda says no if anything I hurt your game. I just want it all to be over. I want this next month to fly by. Amanda says that she feels like she didn’t help his game at all. McCrae says that she is the queen like in a chess game, she is the most important part. Amanda starts crying and screams out I FEEL SO SAD!! McCrae hugs her and says that he is sorry. McCrae tells her that she will get to talk with Julie and then be whisked away.. He says I will probably follow right behind an hour later. And then we can “bang for days!” Amanda says no you won’t. McCrae says yeah I will it will be a double eviction I will be out next. Amanda says you better not I want you to last till the end. McCrae tells her that she can tan and ever time she gets a tan line she can think of him. Amanda says I will! Amanda asks if they brought back people do you think they would bring me back? McCrae says yeah. You’re memorable, you have game and you’re entertaining.

7:50pm – 8:10pm Judd and McCrae go out to the backyard couch and talk. Judd comments on how he is pretty much all alone. McCrae says that he suspects that Judd is working with Elissa. Judd says he isn’t. McCrae says I can see why you would want to. Judd and McCrae talk about what the upcoming competitions could be. They talk about how hard Ginamarie competes. Judd brings up how hard she tried dragging him to the pool. He says she just wouldn’t give up and hurt her back doing it. McCrae tells Judd that he really hopes that he and Judd can stay off the block for the double eviction. McCrae says I need to distance myself.. well not distance myself but figure out where I can fit into the game next week now that Amanda is gone. Judd asks if Amanda is going to go nuts this week. McCrae says no, I think she has pretty much given up. I can’t really campaign for her either. Judd says for my game I just can’t keep her here. McCrae says yeah, I always knew her antics would sink her ship and I could catapult off of her. Judd says at least it didn’t hurt your game, everyone likes you. McCrae says I came here alone and I came because I love Big Brother and I am not going to let it hurt my game. McCrae talks about how even though Gina denies working with Elissa, I can see it. Andy joins them. McCrae says that Elissa isn’t going to want to be here with all guys. Amanda comes out and McCrae head inside. Amanda asks Judd to just let him know if you will vote for me because if you won’t then I don’t want Andy or McCrae to vote for me. Just let me know. Judd is silent. Elissa comes out and joins them.



8:22pm Andy, Judd, Amanda, McCrae and Elissa talk about whether or not the producers regret casting some of the house guests at the end. McCrae says they probably regret me. Amanda says no way. McCrae says if I wasn’t here you would be with Nick. Amanda says no I wouldn’t he is gay. Andy says he flirted with me. They talk about how it was Nick’s game to flirt with everyone. Judd and Elissa head inside. McCrae tells Andy and Amanda that Judd said he won’t vote for you. Amanda asks why won’t he tell me that? McCrae says because he doesn’t want you to have a melt down. They talk about how they need to get rid of Elissa because she will put me and you up Andy. Amanda talks about her Adderall medication. McCrae comments that he thinks it is 1 molecule away from methamphetamine. Elissa comes out and says it is. Amanda says that it makes her nicer. She says most all the fights I’ve had in here is because of not having it.


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Real Scandals Phony President

I would suggest that everyone in the house do their laundry before Amanda puts her sheets in the washing machine.i

Secret Power

Mccrae should have used the veto on Amanda so he could have returned to the game with a special power. That logic worked out great in season 13 for Lawon

Nick's Hat

Didn’t the other houseguests say a long time ago that the hat GM obsessively clings to never even belonged to Nick but GM thought it did? I could have sworn they said it was actually McCrae’s or Judd’s. I could be wrong though.

But if that’s true I wish Amanda would tell GM the truth as she’s walking out the door. It would be hilarious to watch GM’s head explode over it.


That’s right. It’s apparently McCrae’s hat!

The “kind” thing to do would be for them to tell GM… but they probably won’t, just in case it hurts McCrae’s rest of the game!

Your Brain on Drugs

This bunch probably forgot its not Nick’s.


I believe the hat was Judd’s. It would be funny if somebody told her. GM wouldn’t believe Amanda is she told her thinking that she’s trying to stay in the house. GM will just have to find out later….


No the hat is Nicks, It was the shorts that GM used to blow her nose, and sniff for days, that were not Nicks. She walked around sniffing the crotch and used them for a snot rag. I thought I was gonna gag, but died laughing when Judd admitted in the DR that they were his.


The hat WAS McCrae’s but after he won the first HoH he gave it to Nick for some reason. I think GM is aware of that, but I don’t know that part for certain. I don’t think she would care that much tho. All she cares about is that it was on Nick’s head at some point.

I swear GM is the real life version of Meg from Family Guy. Poor Nick is going to be tied to a chair somewhere and GM is going to have ‘some good, old-fashioned American fun’.


BB production should remove all knives from the jury house when aMANduh gets there, and surprisingly, for aMANduh’s protection.


McCrappy and Amansuckdeeznuttz have left there bodily fluids all over the BB house!!! Call in the REAL exterminators to get rid of all the McCrabs on the sheets!


You need a hazmat team to clean their shit




LOL!! He sure does. I have to watch that every night on BBAD. It is really gross. I love BB and was seriously thinking about applying for the show but after watching this season I have changed my mind. That house needs to be disinfected.


It’s not going to be McCranda anymore, it’s going to be McCrandy.


I really hope McCrandy doesn’t win anything.

Pinocchio Obama

Amanda don’t wash those sheets. You can sell those sheets on ebay and market it as the sex stains of McCrae and Amanda. It should net about $1.50 dollars Canadian.

Pinocchio Obama

I know you like using a cool name like mine. But you always say stupid stuff under by name. There is no way those sheets would be worth that much.


No one would want those sheets. As a matter of fact even homeless people would ask, thought they don’t watch BB, “… those sheets clean ?? because I don’t wanna be sleeping in the essence of onions and unwashed ass …”

VA Vet

Do you always respond to your own posts?

Here’s a clue, bozo—-Next time wait a few minutes for the first post to be moderated and then come back with your BS.

Army Vet

Hey dummy! Are you supposed to be a military veteran? Why are you advertising yourself as a veteran of Veteran Affairs or Veteran Administration. He is a clue, the most popular choices are military vet, army vet, marine corps vet, navy vet, Vietnam Vet, or vet of any of the numerous wars we have been in. But no ex military vet refers to themselves as a VA Vet. The only people that refers to themselves as a VA Vet are those that probably not even a veteran like you or had the same public school education as Gina from Brooklyn.

VA Vet

Here’s a clue for you Army Vet! I live in Virginia and I am a Navy Veteran so that’s what VA Vet stands for.

Furthermore, my response was to Pinocchio Obama and his claim that someone else is using his “cool name”. Check the posting times.


Va Vet,

Thanks for serving, but not for your comments.


That guy didn’t serve. How many veterans go around hailing from the state they served? Go to any VA Hospital and the vast majority of veterans proclaim their service or wars they fought. If you find one proclaiming a state, chances are he has a grudge against the government. Thanks for serving. Thanks for getting out before he did any harm to anyone.


LOL! Oh yes, the oath of office says state before country…LOL! So I guess you are one of those militia veterans….LOL! Oh you are a dummy. VA Vet….so funny.


I don’t know but there’s a chance the vet stands for veterinarian…just saying, ask a couple questions before your head explodes

Wise ass

Unless they’re a vetinarian from Virginia.


What if he or she is a vetran from Virginia?


Thanks for clearing that up. I thought it stood for Vaginated Vetchling

Botox Nacy Pelosi

If Production want these house guests to act and read the lines Production provides them, then why not just hire actors to play BB. These feeds are showing more and more that a lot of these players actions are based on the direction of Production. Amanda says Production told her don’t lay down. I guess they are saying, we have a ratings bonanza with you and need more confusion in the house. BB is being duplicitous with us viewers. They put a disclaimer before the show saying racist comments are no reflection of CBS, but yet we find out that the players are essentially reading from a script and doing retakes. CBS loved this racist season. Aaryn. shouldn’t have been thrown under the bus by Julie. Yep Aaryn said those insensitive comments but CBS endorsed them and could of squashed them at anytime. Aaryn deserves some of the blame but CBS should get some just as much.


They probably tell all of the hg on the block to not give up. Production does ask questions and paranoid people may think beyond what the question really means.


And we know Amanda is definitely paranoid

Production Smuction

Personally I think Production told Andy and GM that Amanda is not liked by viewers..that’s why Andy turned tail and betrayed her. She broke her ass trying to keep Andy off the block, ruined her game by attacking Elissa ..all for Andy to be safe..and it didn’t work. Then he repays her with betrayal. Plus anyone notice that GM is now mooning for the camera all the she knows fans are “with” her or something??..Weird!


Amanda broke her ass keeping Andy off the block you say? When did that happen? I haven’t seen Amanda break her ass to keep anyone off the block (and by breaking her ass I mean threatening people). So what did I miss and when did she do this for RatBastard?

Production Smuction

I get that not everyone has the feeds..or can watch them 24/7…but Amanda really tried to keep Andy off the block. She wanted Elissa to put up Gm last week so Aaryn could stay. Please..let’s not get into Aaryn being a bad person..I am only pointing out she was trying to keep the alliance together.. 3 Am…She didn’t want either going home…so she basically did everything she could to intimidate Elissa into thinking Aaryn would stay unless she put GM up…others who watch should be able to attest to this. Amanda was trying to save Andy…he’s a piece of shiza and did not repay her loyalty to the alliance….but hey.I guess that’s the game.


Amanda’s been feeding bullshit regarding her bullying Elissa. Stated she was going to torture her so Andy can go up to her and pretend to be her friend so he wouldn’t get sent home when he was on the block.


Amanda set up the attack on Elissa as a strategic move so that Andy could go and comfort Elissa and hopefully keep her from nominating him. It didn’t work and people have concluded that Amanda simply attacked Elissa out of pure meanness……but that wasn’t the case. It was a move concocted by Amanda and approved by Andy to help Andy.




I don’t get how Aaryn was ‘thrown under the bus’. She was pointedly asked about specific comments she made; period. The audience jeering may have been confusing to you, mistaking it for Julie jeering. She kept denying even saying those things and said she doesn’t remember saying them and stated that her being from Texas is why she ‘might’ have said anything derogatory. Julie didn’t respond to her answers; the audience was very vocal though.


I found the audience to have a lot of restraint! they were just a little vocal, snickering here and there.
I expected much worse! But maybe they were advised to tone it down, as to not overly clue Aaryn in on “how much” people disliked her…. though Julie did need to address it to some extent.


i looked again at Episodes 5 and 8 over the weekend. The three quotes Julie used were from July.
i get the impression that Julie had wanted to ask her those questions from the get go and thanks to
Aaryn’s competition wins we have gone thru roughly twenty episodes and most of the game to get
to where we are now. Each quote is again part of the reason for the legal distancing CBS had to do.


I’m totally disillusioned…I really thought it was BS that the show was this scripted. But now after seeing Hellen pushed or jumping off and now Amanda’s and Mcnastys comments…I guess it’s true, at least to some degree. How disappointing, in this case CBS really does need to take accountability with the outlandish behaviors and racist remarks. It’s excessive. Amanda is so disgusting and filthy! Andy is horrible. McNasty is useless and dirty. If Amanda stays and Elissa ends up leaving….as far as I’m concerned the season is over


Oh please Helen was never pushed! And I’m freaking glad she is gone. I saw than crazy video on YouTube
I never saw a hand pushed her! She clearly LOST her balance. That was obvious!


They better not pull some shit to give Amanda special power to stay for ratings. They might as well call this is the last episode because it is advertised as reality tv and if they do something like that to keep her the remaining players should file suit. People who pay for live feed should file a complaint with the attorney general from their state. You paid for something that you are not getting (false advertisement) you did not pay for a scripted show with actors. You Paid For Reality TV. With $500,000 then that would be a big time felony so don’t expect Amanda to get anything special.


Do you remember Jeff with the Cope d ta? Matt with the diamond power of veto? Porshe’s obvious Pandora’s box that reset the game and reinstated the duo twist just when Jordan or Rachel should have went home? It would not be the first time some sort of power obviously favored a house guest production didn’t want to see go, and people still watch so no I don’t think it will be the last season if she miraculously stays. That being said, I hope she doesn’t.

This Season Blows

I’m beginning to wonder if Aaryn really meant the racist jokes or if they were just lines being fed to her to advance a controversial storyline. Sadly, nothing shocks me anymore with production.


Please don’t insult Canadians. We don’t want any nasty sheets or nasty comments either.


I am beginning to wonder if what people are saying that the show is rigged is really true. Amanda saying they told her not ‘roll over and die’ and then she was told not to talk about her DR sessions. And MC saying they wanted him to cry during his DR session but he couldn’t. Ummmmmmm. Interesting.


It’s entertainment plain and simple and you can’t expect the likes of Judd or Spencer or McC to improvise. Hell, they have a hard time keeping awake let alone make a reality show interesting.

So of course it’s scripted.


The one that stood out to me the most was Elissa’s goodbye to Aaryn. Completely opposite of things she was saying in live feeds then AND now. I think they TOLD her to do that. It made no sense at all.


Exactly! I always questioned that. If she was going for her jury vote, she would have said something different!!

My Guess

It was said to secure America’s vote (picked by production) – jury will not give her the win no matter what – and production knows that. Considering CBS has made Aaryn the house poster child for racist remarks – Elissa’s CBS edit allows production to hand her the AV win.

i agree

Name: i too thought it was odd she was sooooooo upset that Aaryn was going that she made a mistake putting her up than the goodbye video was totally opposite it was very odd.


They’ve always “guided” the drama. I’m betting they are the ones who gave Elissa the idea to back door Amanda. Before her DR that night she was telling everyone Aaryn HAS to go. As soon as she comes out of DR, Elissa has a huge grin on her face and starts running to everyone with the “back door Amanda” plan. Why is it these things happen every season? Big targets are ignored, then there’s the dramatic POV wins, etc. etc. I’m guessing this particular show is only 50% “reality” at best.


Remember they both lie!!!!


I think there’s some truth to BB steering the players in the diary room, but i also think McRanda are lying about how much. They are desperate and Mcrae told Amanda to act like a victim..she did…no one bought it. Now they are trying to put doubt in public’s mind as whether they really are jerks or if BB was telling them to act like that. Don’t forget, Amanduh has 2 years production experience on a reality show…


Amanda has been saying stuff about production telling her things for the last 2 days. I think she’s doing it purposely. I wonder if she will use them as her excuse for how she’s acted?


McCrae don’t listen to her you are next unless Andy is taken out!


elissa is great use to not stand her now shes the best . wish howard was still in it to win it


“t” these people are straight up crazy town! Lmao

julies rice bowl

I’d be willing to bet that Andy sleeps in a pink onesie at home.


That reminded me of the HOH comp when Andy the big RAT was hopping with his feet tied..omg I lol he looked so ridiculous ..hahahaaaaaaaa with his hands going in circle…his long skinny white legs…boing boing….hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa he is a jackass!


[… Amanda says I should wash the sheets because lord knows you won’t wash them when I am gone …]

That statement alone indicates she’s not playing with a full deck. She should pack up those sheets up to take and put on her bed in the jury house. Just think, she could enjoy the ‘ essence of McC ‘ each and every day, which btw, would give her the strength to endure Jessie, Helen and Candace’s mockery.

Pinocchio Obama

I like the way you think. Gina has Nick’s hat and Amanda will have McCrae’s sheets. Women are so complex. Here us guy’s think we mark memories with flowers, candy or jewelry. But after watching BB this season I am rethinking that. I now know a woman would be happier with a lock of my hair, or just my fingernail. BB is very educational.


LOL!!!!! YOU’RE AN ASS!!!!!


I don’t think they’d let her bring contaminated sheets in the clean jury house


The CDC should be waiting w Julie to take all sheets, belongings and put her nasty skanky ass n quarantine for the safety of the American Public!



Wash the sheets? what

Who is she Jessica Priley? Amanda must think she is Paula Runnington with all of these metaphors.


Who’s playing the game, the players or the diary room?

The Thought Police

DR of course.


Andy Rat A$$ has to go … NEXT!!!


No send Spencer into that house full of women–it’s his greatest fear.

Another Liberal Loser

After reading this post I’m really starting to believe that Amanda is leaving Thursday. Production please take the next three days off.


So the “diary room” is telling her not to give up? and the “diary room” wants McCrae to cry in his sessions? It has become so apparent that this whole show is faked and rigged. Its really disappointing because the idea of this ‘game’ is really cool and could work well if they would pick real people instead of actor-wanna-be’s and let the situation play out with directing it like a soap opera. I doubt I’ll be watching future seasons after seeing how flipping fake it is.


I meant to write:
Let the situation play itself out withOUT directing it like a soap opera.


Spencer: How’s it going, Andy? What the f*ck? Your hands are filthy

Andy: Yeah, I know. Amanda is finally leaving and I’m so happy.

Spencer: So how did your hands get so dirty?

Andy: I couldn’t stop hugging Mc.


I just donated Dawg and Simon!!! Thank you for keeping us posted!!! It was easy and just use Pay Pal


Yeah, this is a first class site. I’ve seen other sites but I don’t even look at them anymore because they can’t hold a candle to this one. I hope everyone donates to you guys just because you sat there and watched these buffoons 24 hours a day.


I also just purchased monogram cell covers from ad link on your site – do y’all get portions of those sales? I hope so?? Just curious! Thanks!


Just donated to you. You guys have the best site and thanks so much for all you do.
I don’t even watch the show anymore, just come here to get the goods! :)

Ginger Elf

I don’t get sick at things due to my old career in Law Enforcement but when Amazon said she needs to wash the sheets I nearly threw up! That was the most disgusting thing I’ve heard and had an even worse image in my head!


You worked in law enforcement and sex stains on sheets is too icky for you? What were you, a meter maid?



Ginger Elf

I forgot stained sheets and your mom naked make me sick!

Your Dad

Oh snap…Ginger Elf threw out a ‘your mom’ insult. Burnnnn! C’mon….even meter maids have better comebacks than that.




Simon, you forgot to add Elissa to the “who is more crazy” poll.


I asked that earlier, and no response. She definitely needs to be on there!


Elissa is crazy. All you have to do is look at her face. She’s nuttier than a fruitcake.


Elissa may be snobby but she’s not crazy. She just pays Amanda back for her shi-. Amanda can dish it out but, she can’t take it. Thanks for the entertainment Elissa. If it wasn’t for you it would be about who can kiss Amanda’s ass the most. GM has followed suit and is trying to salvage the season. Love to see Amanda crying and running around kissing ass. It should be a sweet smell after laying with filthy Mcnasty P.S. I’m sure Mcnastys filly just loves the thought of Amanda joining the family. I just wonder if Amanda’s father still wants Mcnasty to come lay around their house leaving pecker tracks all over his furniture?


I will never even consider the fact that Elissa isn’t crazy, (read: completely air-headed, snobby and delusional), until I read a post that says it without bashing any of the other house guests.
You know who’s crazy? All of Elissa’s fans. It’s completely unmerited. I haven’t seen any body yet that likes her for anything other than the following; she’s openly Christian, she’s Rachel’s sister, absolutely no reason (this is also known as the Rachel factor, where Elissa fans are only Elissa fans because of Rachel but won’t admit that their admiration is so shallow so they take to her ‘just because’), or to counter their hate for the other house guests.
She hasn’t even been a good house player, she doesn’t appreciate the game and she’s not a nice person. Everything that has ever come out of her mouth is condescending babble.

Just Saying

Amanda hates Elissa but not her food… where there is hunger there is no shame. I would never cook for a person that viciously attack me, kudos to Elissa! she is the bigger person…


Speaking of cooking-if Elissa and GM get evicted, who will cook. I never hear anything about the guts cooking. Do any of them know how?


Elissa ate Amanda’s cooking the other day. Don’t get it twisted.

Thank You Simon Donated!

Thank you so much Simon & Dawg! I donated! I appreciate your time sooo much. Couldn’t get through the day without you!


Donated as well and will do so weekly! Next yr I will not waste $$ on live feeds – they never work for me and that $ will go to bb online! Dawg & Simon thanks SO MUCH! Enough of the Elissa’s ass shots but maybe next yr they’ll be another Jeff and you can give us ladies the same generous eye candy!!! Thanks!


Spencer ass! I just threw up n my mouth! I’d rather Elissa any day – just saying maybe the ladies will be lucky enough to have a Jeff look alike next yr so we can have some eye candy – this season has been so vile & disgusting …. I watch Jeff’s online cbs after show just so mu eyes stop bleeding from the filth we’ve been subjected to BB15! Elissa is beyond gorgeous but no fair!


It would make my life sweeter to see Hardy on Big Brother again. Now that was a M A N with everything in all the right places. Yummy.


Amanda’s big dilemma

White sheets to hide the cum stains
Black sheets to hide the skid marks
Red sheets to hide the blood stains

What should she buy?


Like it matters?

Amanda's sheets

Reminds me of an old joke.

What’s black and white and red all over?

Amanda’s sheets


Awe Ewwww

Amanda's Therapist



Newspaper!!! LOL


How is andy part of the exterminators? Dont exterminators get rid of rats?

And The Rat Gets The Cheese

Because the others are too stupid to figure out his game, at least so far.


andy is the mascot


Andy’s a rat in sheep’s clothing!


Maybe, before the game is over, they will see the irony


Just burn all the sheets McCranda used, becasue it would take 100s of dollars worth of detergent to get the stench out.


I look forward to watching BB every year, so sad this year I just look forward to it being over. CBS please stop selecting useless wannabes & add more ‘ real ‘ people to play this game. Amanda has completely ruined this season! I don’t care who she’s friends with shes horrible! I never want to see her again!


Simon and Dawg.
Carole here….I so appreciate your site. I have followed it for many BB Seasons. I’ve donated before, and just donated again to say thank you for the great job of keeping us BB spoiler fans up to date. We all know it is a tremendous effort on your part … many thanks.


Dawg & Simon, I made another donation but I also made substantial purchase via link from ur site for cell covers – just curious is y’all get a portion of that sales $$ or No?


Thanks for the donation much appreciated! We don’t make a commission on goods purchased via a link here only the live feeds.

Rio Seven

Gosh, I’ve already started to worry about what I will do once the BB season is over! Not only will I miss the show, I will miss reading all your spoilers everyday before bed, and then again when I wake up. SEPARATION ANXIETY!

Side note, what the fuck is up with Jessie’s shit stained swim suit bottoms? A lot of these people are really gross. Is this an accurate sample of society?


Yep, seriously. I don’t know that I would have the ability to watch Amanda plus one. UGH!!


If Amanda just lays down and dies rather than trying to rally Rat Andy and Judd she was never worthy of this game. The people nominated this season seem to think it is below them to campaign to stay. Damn people, this is 500K on the spot… work up some deals, threats, whatever you have to do. On the other hand, production is working overtime to figure out a way to get their girl to stay…you know something is brewing behind the scenes and we can expect the unexpected. Please let Amanda go to the Jury House! The only two people left in the house she wont choke on giving a final vote for is McCrae and Andy… ha, ha!


If Amanda stays, I will not watch the rest of the season and will never again watch BB. Screw that shit.


I feel the same way! But u know u will still watch it and so will I! Lol


I will not watch. It will mean too much of it is scripted and controlled – which has been an issue in the past. I missed most of BB 9 just because it was so gross…Natalie and James were disgusting. The whole “sex sells” thing goes s little too far. As for the scripted part – it sucks. This is REALITY television. Nothing real about it if they are edited and prompted. I liked older BB MUCH better!!

Wash and Fold

Amanda needs to wash her yellow blouse when she washes the sheets, that thing is disgusting.


No, Amanda needs to wash her twat, that thing is disgusting.


Mc got Amanda a douche bag for her birthday, but she refuses to use it. She can be a real sour puss.


Amanda needs to wash her soul, that’s disgusting!


I love your comment. Right on…! No truer words were ever spoken.



in the end

I think there will be a lot of people regretting they did not get rid of Andy!


I love the fact that GM built a shrine to nick, had to have a shrink brought in because she was exhibiting an eating disorder after candice called her fat, can’t form a cohesive thought, goes crazy and threatens to kill people if they touch someone she barely knows hat, and acts like she is a teenager when she is 30 but fans are trying to say Amanda is more crazy. How easily they forget bb had to bring in a shrink on numerous occasions to speak with GM.


That’s exactly what I was thinking. Whether Amanda & McCrae are real or not – at least they had more time in the house. GM had what a couple of “touches” from Nick when he was obviously trying to control his person for Moving Company? I can only hope GM is just playing around about her fat l attraction to Nick for game but I don’t think so. Can’t stand the double standard. And if I hear one more thing from the house guests about the meds Amanda & Aaryn are taking like it’s something horrible – when they don’t mention the fact that Judd is on meds as well. Unreal & uneducated – giving a bad name to those who do need them or those who don’t & think they actual know what they’re talking about. UGHHH!!


Come on! GM is like a sad school girl, very sheltered, few life experiances other than Hurticane Sandy which is tragic. Her job is EVERYTHING to her and when the poor girl gets home she’s going to learn she’s been fired! She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, she means no harm or cruelty – I love her street smart gut instinct allows her to see right through the Mcranda BULLSHIT! GM is a good girl w a heart of gold who’s just said some really studio uneducated uncultered things! My 8 yr old daughter is more secure than the poor girl
Also – if y’all aren’t aware – Brendon (as in Rachel and Brendon) is very good friends w Nick – Nick has said he has no love Interest in GM but thinks shes a good girl and he plans to ABSOLUTELY be there for her as a friend when she gets out of the CRAZY BB house and is thrust into the madness that follows! That’s what he told her when he left and he has said the same consistently since leaving the house- so while obviously there will be no wedding for GM & Nick – she is not AS wacko as she seems and he did make her promises and plans to follow through and support her as friends when Bb is over!!! Just watch Jeff’s interview w Brendon from few weeks back on!

VA Vet

Well said! I admire your compassion. I firmly believe her comments are the result of her upbringing.

I hope she gets through this OK and learns from what she will no doubt have to endure.


Geez!!! I’m enjoying Amanda nervous wreck. I would love to see McCrae go as well in double eviction. Rat Boy will be next. Andy, I hope you re going to the jury house.

You So Funny

I’m gonna feel sorry for the jury members, having to spend three weeks with Amanda.


Don’t worry McCranda end up be on the jury!!!!!!!


Amanda: Mcrae do you like white underwear or colored underwear?
McRae: I like white underwear so i can color them myself!


Andy pretends he was ready to throw Amanda under the bus at the right time. We all know the truth. He saw she was in trouble and he thought he’d better get out of there fast. Now he covers his tracks with more lies.


I was rooting for Judd, GM and Elissa but two of them are utter morons and really don’t deserve to win. The other is too busy with her Ahab fixation with Amanda and is just not strategically looking forward to the rest of the game.

I despise the others with a passion. Final three will be McCrae, Andy and Spencer.

Winner: Spencer. Way back I said I’d eat my PC if Spencer won. He essentially played a failed high strategy game early on and then had no option but to become an Adam clone. Lucky for him the rest of the house was full of bitching arguing women and idiotic fools – Helen being the biggest dumb arse of them all.

McCrae will probably get to the final but there are too many bitter women in jury who are not going to give the win and the money to McCrae who they believe will share it with Amanda who they HATE.


yep antonyg if your a guy just keep low key let the women fight I had enough work for me consistant drama the guys remaining haven’t had continuious agruments with any female because they use there head rather than emotion that’s why Jeremy went quick cant fight with them its not smart and that why winner has been a guy 9 of the 14 bbs


Awwww she did it again.


LOL nicely done

Why does Andy's hair not grow

Happy I just donated. Thank you so much, Simon & Dawg.


Why does Andy/Casper’s hair not grow? It’s one thing not being able to tan..( just going red in the face ) BUT…….his hair is just so ????????


That little rat bitch asked Elissa cut his head bush…and she did.


Reality is – Big Brother is considered a reality show – this does not fall under actual “game show” rules…CBS can script as much or as little as they want and they can certainly decide who makes it to finals! Why else would all the houseguest have to sign contracts of total SILENCE for next 3-5 yrs of doing the show…prime example, Helen clearly being nudged by hand behind the wall and dropping from that comp to get back n house!!! Not sure I’ll look forward to BB SUMMERS after this one after the revaluations this yr!!! Sad- cause I seriously LOVE IT! It starts on or within 48 hrs of my bday every yr and has been best bday gift and celebration for past 14 yrs! (Of course the yr of actors strike we were treated to 2 seasons of BB n one yr so that wasnt a bday just a great bonus that yr!) WHY CBS? Please prove all this to be untrue and just let us watch Jeff & Jordan get married next summer!

Did anyone catch the repeat of Rachel’s wedding w David Tutera airing over the weekend? Elissa isn’t near the train wreck her annoying sister Rachel is – talk about opposites attract! Brendon seems so above her!!! TEAM Julissa or GM and its got NOTHING to do w stupid Brenchal Army!

JuddRocks! GM is just a charity in her own right w a heart of gold – not a mean bone in her body! Elissa has exhibited superpowers of which her Sister only wishes she could exhibit!!! Self control and walking away, taking the high road w the worst most evil person to ever play on Bb! Evil Dick has a halo over his head compared to Amanda! Plus people seem to forget Mrs. Slater is PLAYING FOR CHARITY! Not more house, boats or 10k shoes! SERIOUSLY people!


Yes – I recorded the Brenchel wedding – laughed my butt off. Talk about train wreck – loved the comments from David Tutera about how crazy both girls were & their mom were. I will say it looks like Elissa has had some more botox since the wedding till BB. They were all annoying.
My favorite part was when Rachel was passed out under the bar – priceless. Such a classy family – NOT! LOL!
I actually had to save it so I can show my husband their wedding dance & the end when they get her out from under the bar. Too funny!

bb is a house full of crazy

Amanda won’t roll over and die….but she knows sit, stay and fetch!

Pinocchio Obama

Amanda, I don’t want to get all technical on you, but you are trying to flip the house. I could say that you are pulling a Jessie. You are trying to fight to stay in the game, I thought that wasn’t allowed by you and McCrae. In fact Judd and McCrae characterized her as sh&t starter because she had the nerve to challenge the balance of power in the house. Jessie was so dumb, she didn’t realize that she was supposed to wait for her turn to get evicted. Jessie has evolved as a very combative person. I didn’t mind her calling you out during the HOH/ Evicted comp and saying f&&k you Amanda. Jessie took a lot of grief from Judd, Amanda and Helen during the game. I really think Jessie, is not going to take any s&&t from you in the jury house and we will have fire works. If McCrae is still in the game next week and CBS cuts to the Jury House. I can guarantee when you say McCrae is playing the best game, and you will, Jessie will be all over you.

Elissa’s game was hidden behind Helen; however, at least Elissa got a chance to play her game and we find out she has a great read of people. Jessie, never had a chance to play her game. Mean girls wanted her vote but hated her. Super Friends wanted her vote but not her input. Howard, needed her vote but never worked for it. Nope, Jessie never had a chance to play her game, but she’ll take a piece of Amanda in the Jury House.


Elissa cut Andy’s hair.


All OBB fans, who is your favorite and least favorite player?
My favorite (slim pickings, mind you) is probably Judd (he’s kinda naive in an almost cute way) or Elissa (bc she fights on her own).
Least favorite – probably a tie between Amanda and Andy. Cannot stand Amanda but at least she is openly a psycho bitch, whereas Andy is a back-stabbing rat who rides on coat tails and purposely throws comps bc he has no balls.


I enjoyed the game Elissa played because she was super low-key while being an early target in the house. Judd played a classic social game while trying to stay under the radar until McManda targeted him as a schemer. GM pulled up her big girl pants and got this show on the road, but hate her ignorant racial bias so cant abide her winning anything. Spencer is a classic misogynist, waste of human skin. Andy is flawed as to having any moral compass and his language towards the women in the house is misogynistic too. McCrae, I am reserving judgement to see what game he would have played if Amanda hadn’t ensnared him in her disease ridden web of hate.
To sum it up: Judd or Elissa for the win….. everybody else, who cares!


After the double eviction the game will have gotten to the point where I wish they would switch the live feeds, cameras, and microphones to the Jury House.

McCrazy Train gives me the flu

Production suggesting that Amanda “Don’t roll over and die” in her diary room sessions makes my ass twitch. I’m starting to think that there will be some special twist or comp that makes it possible for her to stay. Reality tv is only as real as production wants or can manipulate it to be, so don’t be surprised if you see the McCrazy Train still joined at the caboose on Thursday!


One thing I do not understand is how Andy making more enemies in the jury then he has to. He easily could stick to his deal with McCrae thus insuring him 2 votes in Jury (Amanda and McCrae if he is gone). If he instead sticks with the Exterminators he just lost 2 votes in jury and already no longer has Helen or Jessie since he also screwed them.

I thought Andy was smart, he is proving he’s just a RAT…


I don’t think the show is rigged it is just a ploy to take the attention away from all the negativity surrounding this season. Think about it, why after 15 seasons is this just coming up. Their pr person probably told them to create another scandal so people will forget about all the drama this season.


Every season production works comps, DR sessions, etc to save people or creat drama for ratings. I don’t think it’s any more obvious this season, except that the HGs are constantly talking about production, etc – probably b/c of Elissa’s part in it this season.


I don’t like Amanda at all. But the person that had to go this week was Andy. That would have left McCranda alone. I think Spencer wouldn’t have stayed with them. Then next week she or McCrae could go.


I KNEW the diary room forced McCrae to cry!!! It was so fake and obvious. He is not emotionally attached to that troll in anyway!!

wiseone says...

cbs should burn down the entire BB set/house as a fire department practice burn, and call it a day!
Oh yes, and production staff shoud get blood tests and tetanus shots after being in that house for scene/competition set up.


I think it would be funny if somehow Spencer went home this week. Seriously, he’s broken the record for going up on the block this week, he’s won a trip & 10k. I would laugh if some how production gets Elissa, Judd or GM (If a tie) to vote him out. I know it wouldn’t happen, but.. I actually think it would a smart move b/c they can keep putting those 2 up or Elissa & Amanda up together. Spencer if he gets to final 2 might have a better chance for votes. And I also think it would be smart for them to take McCrae to final 3 & even final 2, b/c of the Amanda factor & that he’s done nothing the whole game. Whoever is against him in final 2 would be sure to win.