Victor “The guys are the ones that hold the true power. We just have the girls for votes.”

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-26 17-33-30-452

5:20pm In the hammock – Frank & Bridgette. Frank says if I do get evicted on Thursday .. I hope one of us has the return ticket! Bridgette says that Michelle was shouting there a 1 in 12 chance and said its never number 1 .. who has that ticket!? Bridgette says that’s me, thanks! Frank says she’s the worst .. her and her temper tantrums. Frank says I don’t care what the live feeders think. Bridgette asks who are they anyway other than our family. Frank says Michelle will go online and read all the hate. I don’t care about all that. Computers are for nerds.

Backyard couches – Nicole, Corey and Paul. Nicole says that James brought up a good point the other day. That he (Frank) never shouts out his girlfriend any more. Paul says I think that’s the twist .. that they’re (Frank & Bridgette) boyfriend and girlfriend. Nicole says he thinks he’s a legend. Unless he’s kidding. Paul says I think he thinks he is. Nicole says if he stays in this house.. I am going to be angry! Won’t you?! Paul says yes. Vic joins them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-26 17-30-07-440

6:10pm Storage room – Paul and Vic. Vic says she’ll be forever grateful! Paul tells Vic if word gets out that you’re working with Bridgette .. target on your back guaranteed! Vic says maybe not because the guys are the ones that hold the true power. We just have the girls for votes .. really, If you think about it. If you start knocking off the girls .. they have no power no more. Paul says I wouldn’t do that. Vic says I know you wouldn’t. Paul says its up to you if it makes sense in your head. Vic says if I get Bridgette out .. all the girls would be against me. If Da gets HOH she would put me up. Paul says the guys would back you up. If you put up Da and Z the girls will be like what the F**K are you doing!? I think I would have Nicole and Bridgette on my side still. I feel those girls are united. Vic says all Da and Z do is scheme. Paul says I respect you .. just be careful. Vic asks who do you trust in here? Paul says Paulie. Vic says I trust Paulie too. He doesn’t hold back when we’re all talking. You know who scares me .. Nicole and Corey. I think if it came down to it they would pick each other over anyone else.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-26 18-09-17-282

6:25pm -7:20pm Paul tells the live feeders how to grow a beard. He then gives tips on tattoos. Vic joins as Paul’s sidekick. James joins and talks about tattoos he has, wishes he didn’t have and ones he hopes to get. If you need tips, flashback for some friendship tips.

Out in the backyard – Nicole and Vic style Corey’s hair.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-26 19-00-13-840

7:30pm Kitchen – Corey asks Frank have you done anything. Have you talked anybody. Frank says I asked Paulie this morning and asked him to do a little talking for me. After that meeting everyone is tired of hearing me talk. Corey says yeah after the way Paulie went off about it. I’m just going to vote the way I want to. And you know where my vote stands. Frank says I was telling him to talk to her (Z) and maybe Michelle.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-26 19-30-39-483

7:40pm – 7:55pm Kitchen – Nicole, Paulie, Corey, Paul and Z. Paulie explains how Nicole, Corey and him (Vic?) were in the kitchen and Corey left to go to the washroom. He put his arms around Nicole and when Corey was coming back he switch to pretend to be showing her a rear naked choke. The conversation turns to Paulie talking about how he “smoked” Tiffany in chess a couple times and how she tried to say she let him win one time and was tired the other time. They talk about Frank being evicted. Nicole says we better not hear the door bell 5 minutes after .. I’ll cr@p myself.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-26 19-43-43-296

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Wonderful. Another season where the boys steamroll the girls. Not like we’ve ever seen that before…


But how else should a guy in the house see it? The girls are obsessed with guys and personal vendettas or just being schizophrenic players, talking so much with no purpose.

We can blame casting on some, but others are vets and superfans, so it’s on them for being so easy to pick off. Forget essentially driving the anti-Frank train, ignoring how he could help eliminate the other guys, and rather than trying to manage it just handing info for the guys to manipulate. They make no attempt to pit the guys against each other….where all the guys need to do is mention eyebrows or some remark on appearance and the girls go def-com 1…


There’s been two girls and about to be a third/fourth boy evicted. The hell you talking about?

Howard's gonna rape me

Z is the only one who isn’t afraid to get blood on her hands. And on the potato chips.


Yeah all those big power moves by Z


Oh my gosh that’s funny, it makes me want to vomit but it’s funny nonetheless.

Simon, que the link of Z and her pad!


Oops sorry howard I missed the joke. I need to relax more.


Well if we had females in that House that acted like grown woman, not worrying about showmances and throwing hissy fits over childish shit…maybe they would not get steam rolled by guys


Bridgette isn’t one of those girls nor is da


Just proves that Mens are from mars and Women from Venus and genetically entirely different when it comes to live. Men will band together and women will be catty with other women is the norm, blame it on Testosterone and Estrogen…



Crazy Stuff

I agree with you 100% boring. Look at Victor making bows for his pigtail and Paul and the rest of them talking about nothing to the camera. They know we are reading and watching make it funny or entertaining if you going to talk to the camera. Tonight for me as shark tank would say “AM OUT”

Unbattled Block

Maybe the Live Feeders can tell Paul how to grow some balls.

Paul's Balls

I got ripped off already….jeez

Fuzzy Num Num

Fumigate the whole house. Cover it in plastic. Then after a couple of weeks, see whose left.

GoT evictions

I’d like to see eviction by combat

Fuzzy Num Num

Yeah, that’s the ticket.




Why the love fest for James? He plays a very low key boring game.

This could be the driest finish in BB history.


Yes, and he flat out broke the promise he made to Bridgette during the HOH competition and put her on the block. Real cool James. He went back on his word in the exact same manner last season as well. The guy has no credibility at all. If I were in the house I wouldn’t trust a thing that comes out of his mouth. Yet all the James apologists believe this is admirable behavior. Go figure.

King Friendship

If Frank doesn’t return Thursday night, will the most exciting storyline going forward be the budding love triangle between Nicole, Corey, and Vic?


So when the show first started I thought zakiyah was gonna be someone I was gonna root for. Then I guess her true colors came out? she always has this stank face. And I don’t agree with people saying she’s not a mean girl it’s just cus she’s hanging with Michelle and dayvonne. You are who u hang with. anywho I’m hoping for a power shift on Thursday. Brig or Vic for hoh.

Joe Kerr

But even with Vic, he will still listen to The PP Twins because reasons.

Mind you. They are terrible reasons…but reasons. Unless someone really blows up the game, Don Paulie may walk away with this and turn what could have been an exciting season into his brother’s season. Only he is playing Derrick and Paul is playing “Sits down to pee” Cody.


every season sometime near the end the show gets pretty boring.. no more drama to speak of everyone just sitting around nothing much more to say or do and thats about that.. why does it already feel like that when only 4 people have been evicted.. smh god i hope it gets better soon im really bored already


Sad but true… the girls are only there to help the guys win…

Captain Crunch

Just wondering what the girls would be doing if they didn’t have a man in the house? Never understood girls like Nicole and Z who always need the attention of a man and gets jealous when their man hangs, looks or talk to other females, thats a red flag in my book.

Anonymous 100

The way the girls have been in the last couple of seasons by could put 15 women and one guy in the house and he still would win


Can they put that Paris room to good use and have certain HG’s locked up? I cant deal with Nicole and her nasal voice anymore…for God sakes are we dealing with high school kids? constantly tamper tantrums by these girls…guys like Paul and Paulie who just wont shut up…btw I am still waiting on the girls(yes girls because they are certainly not behaving like women) to call out Paul on his physical threat towards Bridgette

Maybe this makes me a bad person

But Paul is someone I’d instantly dislike just from seeing him.


Paul is a wet fart, he runs around the house like a lil rat boy telling on everyone in hopes that Paulie lets him in the cool (being sarcastic) club.


Just like Andy…

Yeah Right


lol ummm more like

Frank's Farts Are Juciy

Not sure why Paul the b!txh and newbs didn’t lead the charge of getting Vic out. I’m mean didn’t he already get his chance at 500g? All Vic is doing is trying to get Corey’s wiener stirred up by rubbing on him. Z is nasty as is Michelle. Hopefully somebody will put that whiner Nicole on the block next week. If Frank leaves nothing but douchebags in the house

Motorboat Natalie

This season is really starting to suck. The twists are dumb. The players are dumber. James (although I love his personality) is just a bad player and is nut less. Paulie is steamrolling so far. Yuck! Nat, James and Frank are the only 3 I like and all 3 literally have no chance and don’t wanna work together. Paul is a loud ahole. Paulie is a fake mafia mofo. Michelle eats like Shamu. Z is f ing gross!!! Corey is a brainless bisexual. Day still runs her mouth and cant shut it. Nicole is a whiny pecker chaser. FML


yeah your post literally made me lol


Haha, yep that about sums it up!


I am now officially against all the guys in the house except for James. I really hopes James or any female win this season(except for Nicole)


Thursday can’t get here fast enough for me. Bridgette better win the HOH or she’s toast. I hope she does. I want her to put up Paulie and Jakiyah. Someone has to break up the couples.

Min O'Pause

The Nicole/Corey/Vic menage a tres is an episode of Dr Phil just waiting to be filmed. Or Maury Povitch.


Ok Nicole. I want to see you crap your pants when Frank walks back. !!

Min O'Pause

I wanna see her crap her pants when she walks in on Corey paying lip service to Vic.


DAWG OR SIMON. For the last couple of days, only very few of my comments have been showing


There’s none of them in the spam Folder.




I still cannot believe a grown woman attended to her womanly hygiene issue IN the storage room with an audience and NO ONE was offended, shocked, or straight up ran out!! Then to not wash your hands, but to plop down and stick your hands in a communal bag/box and precede to dip and eat… Lord have mercy.. Girl that’s a whole other type of double dipping!! I now have permanent stank face from witnessing this abomination of etiquette, class and downright appropriateness.. Dang girl.. Go wash those hands!!!!


When was this?


Who did that? When?


Zakiyah. 7/25/16 at 5:12 a.m. You can relive the gross moment on YouTube.


Oh, Zakiyah, you beautiful, pathetic girl. Do you even KNOW that you’re in a game? Is it your strategy to act like an 8th grade girl, throwing yourself at the dumb jock, allowing yourself to be USED until you’re the only girl left? All the while, week after week, embarrassing yourself and destroying any good reputation you may have had? You’ve done nothing smart in this game! Aligning with Paulie wasn’t even smart (for him, yes, because he’s playing YOU)! I just hope you remember soon that you have brain, and salvage what you can of your self esteem before your inevitable eviction.

Black Tom Brady

Good pep talk


Need some excitement. Bring in 5 new random people or have a triple eviction. The house guests are lame.

Good Grief Eh

How about instead of having the evicted guest open their ticket to see if they can get back in, before she announces the results, Julie can have them all open their tickets and the one who has the round trip is the one evicted. That could shake up the house.

Tank Frank

So Frank disses live feeders and he is still high in Jokers, something is wrong here. Especially since he one fan fav in season 14, he should be less of a jerk. Just a bitter old man and his cabbage patch.




LMAO….Frank found big Meech’s button. Call her fat. Now, smart money is on one of the others using it before comps.

So anyway...

Waiting for someone to wise up and put Paulie and Paul up together. That would be a beautiful sight!


Have you seen how most of the girls have been acting?
Michelle is a Bitch, and not a fun bitch.
Jakiyah- yuck, gross, disgusting, and oh, has no game.
Nicole, desperate, clingy, whiny,crying
Da’- all talk and no action.
Natalie, pretty, nice but depends on James for everything and has no game plan of her own.
Bridgette is the only one I’m rooting for anymore.


I’d love to own a Bridgette

Fuzzy Num Num

I just promised Grendon I would roll with Vic if he can kick out Not-Cody and mini-Not Cody. But, He is as dumb as a box of rocks. I,I,I just can’t.
These people are like if the season of McRanda (the season of fluids) and the season of the Pink Flamingo had a three headed, one armed, furry backed baby. It just keeps getting worse.
Don’t they understand, WE ARE WATCHING them!
Don’t get me wrong. I’m still gonna watch.

Natalie is kind

The most surprising aspect of this season to me has been Natalie. I’ve been genuinely impressed that she seems like a nice, kind person. Normally girls that look like her can be catty. She however, has proven otherwise. I couldn’t be happier for James and Natalie. They seem like they are genuinely happy. Natalie – you rock!


A season of few returning HG never works out. They fail to bring excitement to fans and the game. There needs to be adjustments to this season, to keep my attention hooked.


Omg – watching BBAD and they just had a shot of Nicorey lying in bed. She had her face buried in his neck and he had a look of Dear God, just shoot me now on his face. I felt bad for him, she is suffocating.
Also, I wonder what the final tally of F bombs will be for the season? This group is the most foul mouthed ever.


Now that Vic is back in the house …… Corey rather be cuddled and cradled by Vic. Nicole is now an inconvenience but also necessary as a cover to maintain his “heteroness” Corey was in heaven when he had his head cradled earlier on Vic’s lap. That was his one true moment of bliss in the house.

note: my eyes have rolled to the back and I mean all the waaaaaaaaaaay back.

Vic and Corey sitting in a tree