Corey – “I like Frank, I think he’s funny. He’s just a cool dude to have in the house, I wish you’d be a cooler game player”

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Victor working out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 20-05-20-177
8:04pm Kitchen Zakiyah, COrey, Da’Vonnne, Paul, James
Paul says after Frank leaves he’s going to turn around and look at BRidgette “you’re next”
Paul – I be damned I solved the riddle and homeboy got it… i’m swinging..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 20-17-12-114

8:15pm Da’Vonne and James
James says he doesn’t know what will happened if Bridgette or Victor win HOH.
They agree they don’t trust all the people in the kitchen but they feel the entire house has the same target so they are safe for a bit.
James- If Bridgette wins i’m f***d … everyone can win but Bridgette and Victor
Da’Vonne – Nicole and Corey can’t win
James- why
Da’Vonne – cause they put me up.. Nicole has been gunning for me
Da – Probably me and Bridgette.. I believe her and Corey were working with Frank and Bridgette..

James – Frank told me they (Nicole/Corey) are flip floppy
Da’Vonne brings up BRidgette telling her the time where Nicole was conspiring with them to take Da’Vonne out. “She said Da’Vonne I promise you I was in the room when Nicole said it.. “
Da’Vonne – I believe it .. it’s way too early though .. who’s going to want her out.. Nobody
James says you have to put two people up that the house equally like Nicole and ?. “sometimes you have to make big moves like me..”
Da’Vonne – you got to go with the flow for the next 2 weeks
James agrees Victor and Bridgette out first
Da’Vonne- if she wins HOH it’s me and you or you and Nicole
James thinks it’ll be Michelle
Da – Michelle will be the one to either seal Nicole or seal you.. Ain’t nobody vote Michelle out
Da says if it’s James and Michelle Da will vote out Michelle
Da – If Nicole is on the block.. Bye.. Bye.. no problem voting out Nicole

Da – this house is so sensitive.. I think Zakiyah got mad because I asked her about her macaroni and cheese..
James- it’s clear cut and simple.. We have to make sure Bridgette and Victor don’t win
Da – who does Victor is responsible for his eviction
James- Frank .. he squashed his beef with me
James says as long as Bridgette and Victor don’t win HOH… (James makes sure we know this)
Da – we need to prepared for that what if
James – if it happens it happens..
Da – what if Frank got the ticket
James – we’ll be in trouble
Da – I would be to

8:33pm Zakiyah tells Da’Vonne she’s not mad at her.

8:18pm Sorry no audio 😉 Nicole and Corey

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 20-31-46-010

8:32pm Paul and Paulie
Paul talking about Victor making a plan with Bridgette not to put her up he puts up Corey and Da’Vonne instead. Everybody in the house will hate him because he made a plan with Bridgette. The Following week everybody is after him because he’s with Bridgette
PAul – PP is in the corner making d1ck jokes

Paulie – We’re in the corner making D1ck jokes all day.. That’s what we do we chill in the corner make d1ck jokes

Paul – he told me all this I looked at him..
Paulie – he doesn’t even know he puts Corey and Nicole up we vote Nicole out.
Paul – and then Corey’s pissed..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 20-43-38-582
8:39pm Paulie and Frank
Paulie – Michelle is voting for Bridgette.. I am voting for Bridgette .. Z said she needs time to think, haven’t talked to Paul about it
Corey comes in
Paulie – you have 3 votes..
Frank – what do you think about Paul I don’t think he will
Paulie – the only other person we can get would be Vic.. but we need a fourth person
Frank – Zakiyah … it has to be Zakiyah
Paulie- Da is bringing Zakiyah in more and more
Corey says Frank needs to work things out for Nicole, after he threw her under the bus like taht she’s pissed.
Corey – we loved you the whole time.. We were all game for what you wanted to do.. You were her favorite player
Frank said he wanted to send da home this week
Paulie – I want to send Da home next week

Frank asks them to talk to Nicole and Zakiyah.
They will try, Corey doesn’t think there is a chance.
Corey – she’s not happy

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 20-46-05-662

8:45pm Paulie and Da’Vonne
Paul wants to call Frank out tomorrow after he’s had a chance to talk to everybody.
Paul says he wants to see Bridgette suffer by being in the house. He’ll tell Frank that when he comes to him for a vote.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 20-48-45-988
8:48pm HOH Corey, Natalie and James
Corey saying Frank has been asking him and Paulie for votes. They told him his best case is 3
Natalie – do you guys want to keep Frank
(they ignore this questions twice)
Corey – he’s trying now..
James- Bridgette probably doesn’t he’s campaigning..
Corey – Bridgette wants to go home..
Natalie neither of them want to go to jury

Corey and Natalie ask James who he wants out
James- I want to keep Frank
Corey/Natalie – you do
James – no Keep Bridgette
Corey – even after what she said to yo.. You feel safer
James – she’s not a social talker .. she’s not a good talker when campaigning.. Frank is he gets you thinking.. Bridgette’s like Ohh sh1t she’s coming hide.

Corey – either one it doesn’t matter to me
Natalie – which one is the bigger threat
Corey – Frank.. And Frank keeps throwing people under the bus
James says Nicole wants Frank gone
Corey – stick to it man..
Natalie about Bridgette – If Frank’s not here she’ll do whatever we tell her to do

Corey – I like Frank.. I think he’s funny, he’s a character, he’s just a cool dude to have in the house and he like keeps the conversations going.. Like dude I wish you’d be a cooler game player like this would really work out but it ain’t working
Natalie – he is really really funny and cool he’s a nice guy
Corey – ya.. You can’t let that get in the way of your game.
Corey – he’s thrown my name around, He’s thrown everyone’s names around.. i’m like dude why do you do that..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 21-06-07-144

9:04pm Frank and Bridgette
Frank is convinced that Nicole and Da’Vonne are working together. He’s tried to tell them all Nicole is playing both sides but it’s not sticking.
Frank thinks if they get Nicole and Da’Vonne nominated it’ll shake the house up
Bridgette asks him who is going
Frank – 6-3 or 7-2 me going
They both have noticed Paul doesn’t like them anymore. Frank mentions how just the other day they hung out until 8am having fun. Bridgette says she can feel it he hates her.
Frank – he was over here talking sh1t about us
Bridgette – he lied to my f****g face about the code..
They think Paul was being ridiculous thinking they weren’t all going to get a card. He lied to everyone about it.
Bridgette calls him a selfish a$$
Frank – he’s a f***ing idiot

Frank’s hit list – Nicole, Da JAmes then Paul
Bridgette’s – Paul, Michelle and James.. Difficult to f***ingg stand right now.. It’s hard for me
Frank says James told him he’ll give Mike a shoutout
Frank – don’t shoutout to Mike he doesn’t want to hear from your piece of sh1t a$$
Frank – America i’m sorry JAmes is a douchebag.. He said I just want to make it on Duck dynasty
Bridgette – turns out James is a liar a big one, he’ll sucker you in with his jokes and personality..
Bridgette – I’m disappointed
9:32pm Frank – the main reason I want to stay is to f*** sh1t up

9:32pm HOH Corey, James, Nicole and Natalie.
Counting votes.. they have 5 votes locked. None of them think Zakiyah will flip.
James says the only way Frank can stay is if Nicole and Corey flipped. Nicole says even if the entire house is voting out Bridgette she will still vote out Frank.

9:40pm London Room Da’Vonne, Paul and Paulie
Talking about Nicole being pissed at Frank now but before he called her out they think she was working with Frank. THey agree Nicole is pissed at Frank now but Corey not so much.
Paul says After Frank called out Nicole Corey tried to mend it. “Why did he try to mend it”
Paulie – looked like he tried to mend it

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 21-41-27-055

9:41pm Frank and Michelle
Frank – I Think Paulie will
Michelle – Z might ?
Frank – that’s what I’m thinking
Michelle – you need 2 more people
Frank – Corey and Victor
Michelle – I know Da won’t
Frank – Da won’t Nicole probably won’t .. Paul Won’t
Michelle – James would
Frank – JAmes is not a vote .. Natalie won’t
Michelle – if it’s a tie
Frank – 9 votes it won’t be a tie
Frank – you need to work on Zakiyah for me
Michelle – I will .. she can’t stand you

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 22-13-14-044

10:12pm Natalie Michelle and James
James – you voting Frank out or Bridgette.. Frank’s Campaigning.. he said he wouldn’t do that..
Michelle – he’s not throwing her under the bus though..
Michelle says she would vote to keep Frank if Zakiyah, Victor, Corey and Paulie’s vote.
Michelle – he said you definitely won’t though..
Michelle leaves.. Jame whisperers to Natalie.. “I’m scared” they giggle
Natalie tells him Z will not flip.
Natalie – everyone is so easy to forget things they are so easy to manipulate..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 22-46-43-557

10:38pm HOH Da’Vonne and James
Da’Vonne warns him that Paul and Paulie are going to come talk to him about the Nicole/Corey/Bridgette/Frank deal
Da wants him to act surprised because they don’t know he knows.
Da – He’s asked everyone in the house for their vote except for me..
Da says Frank isn’t saying anything bad about Bridgette but he is campaigning for votes.

Da says they need to stick together if 2 vets leave they are exposed. They might have to keep Nicole to be a target.
Da says the house’s goal is to get Bridgette than Victor but After that they want Natalie out.
Da – we can throw Nicole in front of Natalie.. throw Corey in front of Natalie.. that is where your decisions will come in.. if Nicole and Natalie are sitting on the block what er you gong to do
Jam es- shouldn’t’ even be a questions.. you know what I mean.. ahhh.,.. I dunno.. I mean… it’ll be a tough one..
James says he hasn’t made any deals with Nicole, “I trust Natalie over Nicole”

Da – if you and Corey were on the block where would her vote go
James- maybe secretly vote me out.. I dunnno..
Michelle comes in

11:08pm Bridgette and Paul
Paul tells her he’s voting out Frank.
Bridgette says she hasn’t asked anyone yet
Paul – you don’t care to go home
Bridgette says she’s not going to campaign against Frank she would love to stay.
Paul says he would rather Frank ask him where his vote is.

Paul scurries outside to tell everyone that Bridgette wants to stay but doesn’t want to campaign.. goes on and on about this.

11:23pm Da’Vonne, Paulie and PAul Kithcen
Da is convinced that Frank/Bridgette/Corey and Nicole were working together.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 23-40-23-708
11:45pm James, Natalie and Michelle
Natalie and Michelle kinda working out mostly chit chat about activities they can do after the show. They talk about Skydiving Natalie won’t she’s too afraid of heights.

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Corey’s head in Victor’s lap, his hand on Vic’s knee….Victor in pigtails…………

The closets are full in the BB house!


earlier today on the live feeds… showing Paul for like 30 mins + talking to the live feeders about tattoos, giving out his bio about his band, clothing line and modeling experiences. then we have Paulie talking to Nicole in the kitchen saying Victor is a copycat, because Victor is going to shave his face for the live eviction show. what made me laugh was this is the same idiot Paulie who’s walking around with a copycat version of Paul’s hairstyle….smh. praying for a power outage to go off on that house right about now.


***Corey – “I like Frank, I think he’s funny. He’s just a cool dude to have in the house***

Corey wants to keep all the guys for himself. in his head he has a sausage party alliance.

Say What

zzzzzzz they should just evict frank bridgette and natalie at once so the rest of the house can finally turn on each other maybe then this snooze fest will actually become entertaining


Here is my thinking, well hopeful thinking. The vets got together before the game and made a plan to stick together while playing it off with the newbees. As it looks right now, the vets won’t last and a newbie will win. If the vets aren’t playing the newbees then a newbie deserves to win. Come on vets, your gonna let a player like Paul, and he’s the best of the newbies, go further??? If so Sayonara $500k


Paulie is destined to win this game. He is controlling everything and his name never comes up when nominations are being discussed. He’s playing a Derrick-esque game so far. It’s not as exciting as a Dr. Will or Dan, but it is very impressive.


He’s playing with non game strategist except frank and he’s going home so not that impressed

Powder Puff Girls

I do not think he is playing a Derrick-esque game but think he could win – If Bridgette wins HOH I think she will put up James and Michelle. Even Frank trusts Paulie. Paulie is dictating Derrick did not dictate he was silent with his moves. Paulie had talked about the other players as much as Frank. He is popular like Jared on BB4 – they all want to belong to his squad.

Souless ginger

I do agree he seems to be in tight control at the moment, but i don’t agree about playing like derrick. Derrick control was under the tableish, he never boasted of it and down played himself while blowing up others egos, paulie is the opposit, he has the biggest ego and it will trip him up if his showmance doesnt first. Another big mistake….probably because of ego too.

New Hg's wanted

Couldn’t do any worse right!!!

Big Jim

Can’t decide who I hate more between Paul and Nicole. Probably Nicole lying piece of shit. But Paul’s Napoleon complex and delusions of grandeur are horrible as well…

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

On top of that little Napoleon has got Tattoo running around behind him thinking he’s making plans. It’s almost too cute. Tattoo is going to be on TMZ after he gets out after somebody beats him down. Punk b!tch!!! James thinks he made a big move. How? Picking what the house wants? That’s not a big move. Putting up the house leader little Napoleon would have been. He’s dumber than Nicole’s stank a$$!


lol @ Frank’s Farts Are Juicy …tell me about it. I hope Frank finds some of his father’s inner soul and goes Sid Vicious on everybody in that house. I want to see him double clothesline Paulie & Zakiyah just to see that guido mohawk fly off his head and Zakiyah’s maxipad fly straight out the patio door. I want Frank to piledrive Nicole’s head straight into Corey’s nuts. I want to see Frank suplex midget James straight into the HOH fish tank. and for the finishing touches, I want to see Frank rip mama Day’s hair extensions off her head and put Rat Paul in a sleeper hold with them.

tea leaves

Wow bet you like Trump!

Frank's Fart's Are Juicy

Preach P.Throat!


Paul think he’s the muscle of the house. It’s funny how he thinks frank is scared of him. Like when he said frank was shaking the other day when I confronted him. Then it was funny when he said if frank has the Round trip he’s swinging, or when he keeps saying he’s gonna confront frank again. But then he’s like once frank is gone I’m gone talk shit to Bridge. Can you imagine how different this season would of turned out if Paulie was evicted over jozea.

Powder Puff Girls

Paul could have learned many valuable lessons when he confronted/ provoked Frank the other day. Frank was proactive instead of reactive, separated the person from the issue, kept his cool and did disrespect in kind. Instead, he wants to go to round 2… Paul is nothing but a public menace.

If Paul picked a fight for no reason outside the house with someone that did not Frank’s cool he could be nursing a black eye.


Corey and Nicole

The Renly and Margaery of BB18.


Bwahahaha, hilariously spot on! Thank you for making me laugh snort, I needed that 😉
Now, if we could just get someone to birth a shadow demon baby to take out a few of these wildly annoying HG’s, I’d be a happy camper. Fingers crossed PP, the Tweedledee and Tweedledumb of the house, are first to go.


So Paul is gonna call out frank tomorrow? Omg this dude says that line all day everyday. We need a power shift on Thursday ! Please


Paul is so full of it, he’s such a little punk ass bitch. He acts like he’s going to pull an Evel Dick, WHATEVER dude you’re a pansy and I hope someone drop kicks you in the face. Go jerk off Paulie and shut up already. Here’s to Frank coming back in Thursday to f*ck shit up!!!


$20 says Paul was told by production that pots and pans weren’t allowed after he said it the first time and he keeps shouting it from the rooftops so when the time comes to follow through on his threats, he can blame production for thwarting his plan rather than admit he’s a coward.
According to Evel Dick, when he went back for season 13 he was told by production that pots and pans would not be allowed.
So yeah. Paul is a cowardly douche.


Breaking News: Frankie Grande will enter BB UK on Thursday.


this is only good news if they will keep his sorry ass!


I just threw up in my mouth.


LOL…didn’t you see he was in the front row on eviction night last week. Made me want to gag.

BB ever

Too bad that Frank is leaving, it seems that he didn’t find out what ppl really want. He offered the wrong things. And James is right, Bridget is just not a social talker, she is not a bad girl. However, she can’t help Frank to figure out what is going on,

Frank need spend more time with Micheal and Victor too

BB ever

Paul is such a bully and bitter! He is such a pathetic piece of work


yes, he was that loud mouth that desperately wanted to be accepted by the cool kids but never was………..


Frank is a very cool and funny guy! I like the friendly banter that he has with B. I’ll miss him in the house. There’s no one left that is as entertaining.

BB ever

Cory is right: Frank is funny and he keeps the conversation moving !

Hit list

Da, James, Nicole, Michelle, Paul

BB ever

I was a huge James fun last season. He was funny and cool , but not this season. ……………


Paulie, Paul, Victor, Da are my picks. I am thoroughly sick of all these people at this time. Everyone I once liked, I don’t like anymore and the ones I never liked (Victor, Paul) I dislike even more. I don’t respect a single one of them..I think I need to take some time off BB and the feeds.


I agree. You need to ” get your life.”


I want Frank to stay, but he is in this position because he tried to play both sides and got caught. He should of chosen a few people and been loyal to them and not have had his hand in every cookie jar. Da’Vonne had a team member that would been loyal to her if Da’Vonne had not thrown Tiffany under the bus, instead she wanted her hand in every cookie jar also. Now they are both in a bad position in this game because they lack the numbers and no one trust them. Paulie has the numbers because he has been loyal to the ones he is in alliance with. Soon he will start cutting out the girls, but they are not part of his true alliance. Frank and Da’Vonne did not play a very smart game from the beginning.


Simon/Dawg, thank you for finally recognizing the PP showmance. Eventually, the ACLU would have busted you on that one. You might as well add the Vic/Corey showmance – Corey did seem to enjoy having Vic in the bed between he and Nicole the other night. I remember THAT very well.


I don’t understand the Nicole hate?? On several occasions frank threw her under the bus. If he didn’t do so maybe he’d have the votes to stay. Remember the first few weeks when the whole house was comparing notes on what frank said? Well, it’s still getting him into trouble. Nobody believes anything he is ytring to sell. If I were Nicole, l’d deny, deny too …. It’s big brother.

Misty Beethoven

The hate is based on her whining, sniveling, crying, hanging on a guy who is not that into you and possibly sexually fluid, whining, lying, rude behavior…oh yeah, and whining. I’d stick knitting needeles in my ears if I had to listen that every day. Does everybody from Michigan talk like that or just her small town?


I could understand what you are saying… except on several occasions Nicole through other people under the bus to Frank. People would tell her things and she would run to Frank. She has grown Da, Frank, Victor, Bridgette, Natalie (yes he saying that Natalie is manipulating poor little James because nobody could want James that much… is throwing her under the bus.) and Michelle

It is one thing to say that it is out of line to throw somebody under the bus that has been loyal… but Nicole’s loyalty has only lasted to half an HoH. She also has lied outright to create targets… for example Victor’s date. I am not a Nicole fan and the reality is I hope Frank gets the return ticket and somebody that will target the cool kids (Corey, Nicole, Paulie and Zak). In the past few years there has been this desire to get no blood on your hands lets do what the house wants.. so there are leaders (who don’t have really do anything, cool kids and disposables. I miss the old days when people had fights and there 2 sides of the house sprinkled with floaters… now everybody s a flatter that go’s with power and dominated by a high school mentality.


Shut up Paul, you ain’t gonna say shit.


Of course he won’t, he ripped his balls off remember?


Does anyone know where I can watch celebrity big brother uk ? It apparently starts Thursday , maybe it’ll be more interesting to watch.


usually on youtube Tori
uk17 is on right now too


Michele “the nutritionist”- that makes as much sense as ..the Tall guy
being straight, Z being hygienic, James being a man of his word, or
Paul being a nice guy…Nichole being a “smart BB player” and Paulie being humble.


Looks like Paul can keep his One ball …..Frank is campaigning.

Fuzzy Num Num

They are to d$&ks in a corner. I bet Paul has a weak chin. Why else does he have a shitzue hanging from his chin?


Paul is getting really close to being up there with Frankie and Andy as my most hated players in BB History. I think I even like boob squirting Natalie (bb9) more than this tool.


Paul is an obnoxious piece of crap! I just can’t stand him. Shut the hell up. He wants Frank, then B to feel like idiots. HELLO …everyone KNOWS you’re an idiotic ass, there’s no doubt! He’s in dire need of a verbal smack down.


I’ve visited this site for years and never commented but today I just had too. Watching Paul is driving me nuts!! He is the king of embellishments! The way he relays his conversations


I’ve visited this site for years and never commented but today I just had too. Watching Paul is driving me nuts!! He is the king of embellishments! The way he relays his conversations with people is ridiculous. I have never seen anyone exaggerate the way he does. He always adds things to make himself look so tough. He’s playing the game telephone with himself. By the time it makes it past a few people the whole story has changed. Boy I can’t wait til he’s gone. He’s the most irritating person this season by far!

An ornery mouse

When I was in 7th grade, my teacher was trying to make a larger point to the class about gossip, so she decided to teach us the game of “telephone”….. big mistake.

The teacher whispered the phrase “Spring Break is coming soon” to the kid seated in the first chair of the front row, and the phrase made it’s way through the room until it reached the last kid, who happened to be the cutest and most docile little girl in our class with blond pig-tails and a little pink dress. She stood and announced the phrase that had reached her: “Sperm tastes good in a cup of soup”


I’m sorry, but I would pay big money to watch somebody beat the f*** out of Paul.

Just a thought

Peeps should probably think twice about eating the Mac & Cheese that Z made…just sayin – should have a CAUTION label. “Eat at your own risk”



Ya know, when Shannon cleaned the toilet with Hardy’s toothbrush on season 2, production told her to remove the brush and replace it with a new one before he could use it because of the health risks involved. You’d think that if they’re going to do that, then surely the same would apply to a person with a damn yeast infection that thinks it’s fine to change their pad in a room filled with food and then, with other people present, proceed to stick their hands in the community snack bowl without washing their hands. So. So. SO. GROSS.


DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN??????? I am so freaked out right now. Z slapping her boobs around talking about how perky they are, showed her class….I am disgusted by her.


Definitely happened and definitely disgusting :/


Pass the Mac & Cheese to Paul, please.

So anyway...

Please someone evict Paul and Paulie!!!! Paul is a little obnoxious turd. I just can’t stand him! Send his ass out right after Paulie!


Watching BBAD and Paul is holding court in the backyard. Look, all respect to him for figuring out the secret room – he had less time than many of them (I’m looking at you James and Frank) and he got it first – but it seems to have fed the fire that is Paul being an insufferable ass. I’ve posted before that a few are too comfortable for my comfort: Michelle, Z, Paulie, and now Paul. Hope they all soon feel the pressure, not the pressure of being a pawn, but the pressure of being the target. Big Brother usually provides a nice karma check that we don’t always get to enjoy in the real world.
BTW – James is climbing the same ladder as Paul; he’s become unrecognizable from last season. Ugh.


B’s reaction to Paul saying that fat jokes are not funny-was priceless! Her face was like WTF…where did that come from? Again, idiot Paul with his lame ass proclamations. Does he REALLY think he’s so entertaining. I’d like to cut off his beard and make him eat it! Jus kidding or am I?

Powder Puff Girls

I wonder if the HG’s thinks Paul is entertaining when he stated he would like to punch Bridgette in the face after Frank leaves. The HG’s said nothing about this being wrong… gang mentality. I have never seen such petty, mean-spirited HG’s as i have seen in this season. They want to make Bridgette’s life a misery if she stays in the house. Paulie said similar about Tiffany, don’t talk to her etc.


These girls r so wack, prettiest season ever but damn they r bad at this game, they can’t even control their showmances then wtf r u doing?


The female casting this season is disappointing. If they were hoping for a girl to win they should have cast stronger girls.


If I had to be in that house with Paul I would have self evicted a LOOOONG time ago

Where's Boogie?

Dang !! Wish Frank had Boogie this season to work his magic and save him. This week is endless and honestly can’t watch BBAD any longer. My teenager is more mature than PP. This season is going downhill quick. I love BB. But something needs to shift and soon.

Bolt Uprite

Boogie is a frigging clown. There is a reason Frank has been on the block the vast majority of his BB career. He’s a jagoff.


Why does Paul want to “make Bridgette suffer?” Voting out Frank because it’s best for your game is one thing, but what has Bridgette done that makes Paul and Michelle want her to suffer?


He’s a psychopath. Seriously, something is wrong with this guy.

Mi here!

Nicole and big meech do NOT represent michigan people at all. I think its just sad they are both acting they way they are. Not a fan of either and hope they go soon! Pp is getting on my last nerve with all the nonsense talk and ego trips. I really hope ppl target them soon or they cld go to the end. This cast is really hard to watch due to telling everything to everyone and the immaturity and bitchy factor. I really hope they can switch it around real quick before we see another season 15 and 16…

Franks fumes

Franks strawberry ass is staying for sure…you’ll see!

PP's Ego!

I love how paul and gang is talking soo much smack when franks not around and yelling in the backyard how there gonna say this and that to frank and as soon as they go inside there whispering, and see frank and there all scared little chicken s**ts and switch topics… soo pathetic if your gonna talk the talk, walk the walk!!! Stop the nonsense chicken heads…. paul is sooo dang annoying always yelling and runnin around tellin everything to everyone… shut the hell up and lay back for a day… total douchebag status.


Think Paul would go for it if we stapled his mouth shut?
We could call it a mercy piercing.
Mercy for us.


I though this season would be good but no it turned into the paul&paulie show and with Frank and bridgette leaving this house will be boring .
Paul ain’t going to do nothing all he does is talk I wish someone would punch Paul in the face , shave his beard, and leave him in the street butt-naked paulie on the other hand thinks is the godfather of BB and it’s pretty annoying.
Z no I’m calling her maxi-pad girl she is so disgusting everyone beware of all the food that maxi-pad girl cooks for you there might be some type of stuff in there .
The corey,nicole,and victor showmance is coming through who will win corey’s heart nicole or victor tune in to BB as when frank’s leaves will be the new storyline for the rest of the season (yawn).
James is the biggest idiot my gosh his hoh win this week will not make him go further like last season.
Day is all talk no action she can’t win a comp to save her life ima get thumbs down for saying this I want her to go to jury honestly .
Michelle is just party-pooper she’s boring nothing she says is nice and hold grudges apparently.
Natalie is the only person I like in this house hope she’s wins AFP this year she’s not going to winning anything soon.
I almost forgot … nicole
All nicole does is whine and cry about corey and also how she’s not a snake I would want to see nicole walks into the room she sees corey and victor kissing that would be golden but never know what could happen in bb house stranger things have happened.

Marvin Gaye

I don’t get all the hate for Da? She is the only one that’s on to Nicole n Corey…. Frank n Tiff lied on her so much no one trusts her now… They even have Z not trusting her and she has been nothing but loyal to Z… She just wants to get her away from Paulie and rightfully so… DA needs to get Michelle, Z , James, and Natalie aLl on the same page to take out Nicole, Paulie, Corey, Vic and Paul…. Z needs to wake up and see that Paulue n Nicole is not on her side


Bullshit do you watch the feeds. Dayvonne orchestrated this whole thing to make Nicole look like the bad one. Nicole was willing to work with Frank but didn’t want to ruffle any feathers. I wish Corey could of convinced her more to vote out Dayvonne instead of Tiffany. They both need to have a back bone. Tiffany was telling the truth about Dayvonne putting people against each other especially Tiffany and Frank. She kept Tiffany in the Dark so no one would confront her about it. It only came to light once Frank and Tiffanny put all the pieces together. Corey has been skeptical of Dayvonne after his conversation with Tiffany and everything made sense. But nobody wanted to vote out Dayvonne. Nicole wanted to stay true to her first alliance. Then Day got into Frank’s head and made and spin it around as if Nicole was responsible for everything. She knew Frank was back against the wall and she used it. Frank wake up the whole house is lying to you. I hope he tells Corey and they find out that the whole house is gunning for them especially Nicole. I know Nicole was a rat but she was never going after her friends only Dayvonne. But Frank opened his big mouth to Dayvonne and she has planted the seeds to deflect them onto Nicole. M


I really want Frank to stay but he needs to work with Da’ and James to get Nicole/Corey out. Not sure it would happen but he’s not even trying this angle.


Because there’s not one reason for him to think it would work:

Da drove the sentiment to evict him. He knows this from the joking around, that she cynically used to trash him….and I’m not saying he wasn’t wrong, but intent matters and he believed it was all in fun and she was playing along until deciding to blow it up to everybody except Frank….and also has reason to believe she will be next to go. In other words, she brings no votes. Going to Da is the same hail mary Tiff threw….and to Frank, Da is just a mean girl, not somebody that is playing rationally.

James nominated him….went back on his word with Bridgette…and nominated based on the “house”, which screams “I’m just a floater who will do what I’m told”. James is by far the most out of touch with the game in Franks eyes, too busy being Nat’s puppy. Why would Frank think James even wants to be a part of the game, bucking the “house”, rather than just ratting to the same people that told him to nominate him?

Frank knows he’s cooked and knows his only shot beyond the round trip is to reassure those he invested in at the start, namely Paulie and Corey, assuming Paul and Vic do as they’re told, Michelle is already in the bag. There’s his five votes. Tossing them away to hope James delivers Nat and Da herself, Z, and Michelle still falls short.


No that would be the worst case scenario. Nicole/Corey James/Nat and 5th wheel Victor. If Frank stays he would have a better chance since the other side only has Paulie as a strong competitor. Paul hasn’t really won anything beside the first Pov. Dayvonne will just backstab them all.


Remember last season when Vanessa and JMac got into a bit of an argument and Vanessa immediately went up to the HOH room to (probably) have another “I’m an innocent victim!” meltdown but couldn’t right away because JMac followed her upstairs and called her out? Can someone pleeeaaaassssee do this with Paul? His tattling game is f*cking strong and completely obvious but people aren’t calling him out on it which baffles me to no end. Come on, someone, atleast one time! Give him a 30 second head start, follow him to whatever rat hole he goes to and just start questioning the hell out of him in front of people.
Man I look forward to the day he’s ousted from that house >.<

Gordon Ramsey

What’s with this “it’s too early” mentality when discussing possibly evicting certain HGs?!? Those who utter the phrase are usually next out the door (e.g. Helen BB15)


8:18pm Sorry no audio 😉 Nicole and Corey.


Paul needs to be punched in the head and I am not even a violent person. Wow what a little bully. I think who ever said “he wasn’t accepted by the cool kids” was dead on. The mean things he is saying never mind about a woman who really isn’t all that bad, WTF is his problem.
I was completely embarrassed by him walking up to Frank in the kitchen with his arms out all” SO what do you want to do Frank, what you trying to do, who would go up blah blah blah” little prick! What is he suppose to do BRAH, not play the game and just sit there defeated. I cant believe the f*cking arrogance on this guy man. Who the hell does he think he is anyway. Frank is likable and a fun guy, this is why I liked him in the first place last time. Even though Mike boogie got his hands on him haha but really though, he’s fun in the house and he does at least carry a conversation well. A lot cant and he’s actually still being cool with people not crying in a corner like most would be and he’s not acting like a sniveling arse licking wanna be like that Paul fool is. Paul really thinks he’s made for TV eh, trying to be all up in Franks face. Ummm okay there little Paul with your little man syndrome like James had in his last season.
Bridgette in the house over Frank? Noooooooo. Da laughing like she has actually done something and that Zak thinking she’s smarter then she is. I didn’t think I wouldn’t like these people but I don’t. Paulie bugs the shite out of me and his side kick mini me Paul (even though paulie copied the hair do) Nicole I liked but just cant stand right now. Michelle (who I didn’t like before but am starting to now, this is what we have to work with) she should have used the veto and tore through the house with Frank (who she has a crush on and that made perfect sense for the “hatred of Bridgette by her”) Being a big fan though I can see it and this is why I thought for a minute she would have used it. Corey wants to keep Frank and he should and then team up with them and take down the beards.
Im so annoyed.