Victor gets his HOH room complete with Mardi Gras beads! “Show me your t!ts!!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 23-11-13-051

11:15pm Safari room – Z and Paulie. Paulie says I wish other people could have outlasted Vic because now I have to deal with him talking about 6 comp wins. You haven’t won 6 comps. You have 3 in this house. Oh my god annoying! Z says let him put a target on his back. Let him talk about it. Paulie says he talks about it openly .. he’s like I’m just trying to get to 10 wins. I don’t care .. he’s wide open next week which is exactly what I wanted. I don’t even care… if Michelle goes home this week. Cool. Vic is wide open next week. Unless his card has the round trip, he’s f**king gone again. I would give the HOH to someone else. Z asks which HOH have you thrown? Paulie says I definitely did not try to win the ball one. That one was thrown. I wouldn’t 100% say this one was thrown. I was not trying to win that one on the verge or a double eviction. I am pissed that DaVonne said that to him on her way out. “You need to win because they’re coming after you in a double eviction.” Essentially throwing us all under the bus. Why would I have ever wanted to work with her (Da). Paulie says I know Meech is your girl but I’m just telling you I’m going to be pushing for her to go. Then finally no one will be saying anything about the couples. Vic will be wide open. Unless you want Bridgette gone. Z says I’ve forgotten about that girl. They talk about the care package. Paulie says I’ll be pissed if I don’t get a box. Paulie says I know she (Da) is going to be CRUSHING me and James in the jury. Z asks so you’re thinking Michelle. Paulie ssyas I don’t know if he’ll honor the Natalie thing. She said in her goodbye speech that he was disrespectful to women.

In the bedroom – Nicole, Paul and Corey are chatting. Nicole tells Paul I would crap myself if you (Paul) didn’t win America’s favorite You’re funny and entertaining.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-05 00-04-06-398

12:15am Victor comes out of the diary room and asks who wants to see my HOH room? They all head up to the HOH room. He got a Drake album. Paul comments on how Vic got Mardi Gras beads. Victor reads his letter:

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-05 00-09-46-397

Hello Baby! I hope when you receive this letter all is well. How are you doing? Everything here is well. We miss you much! I’m still going to the gym and doing your workouts. Are you being able to workout and keep up with your diet? I was a little sick with the flu but nothing major. Dad is always working, you know how it is. Your Pop and I are alone for the weekend. We are going to pick up Victoria and Valarie, our quiet days are over. Ashley is still in Florida. We miss you so much. Its not the same around here. We miss you talks and your jokes. I’m so proud of you. We’re all rooting for you. You’ve got this. At your young age you’ve accomplished so much and the best is still to come. Always give everything 100% that way you have no regrets. Baby take care! We know we love you and support you. Kisses! Mom

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-05 00-06-35-750

Victor pulls out the mardi gras beads and says “Show me your t!ts!!”
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-05 00-20-47-573

12:20am – 12:40am Michelle comments on how Victor can’t be a havenot next week either. Vic says oh yeah. Michelle says you and I haven’t been havenots. Victor says except it just makes me a bigger target for when someone does pick. Corey tells Michelle it would have been a perfect time for her to volunteer this time. Michelle tells Corey he should have stayed on longer. All the house guests laugh. James says he got an@l beads. Paul says hey anything’s a d!ldo if you’re brave enough. Paul says VIctor is going to beat off … bless the shower. Victor says I’m not going to wank in this area. I’ve got too many blisters on my hands. Vic reads the back of the cereal box.. “enlarge to show texture” .. that’s what I do with my d!ck pics! Vic laughs. Vic talk about Mardi Gras. If you go to Mardi Gras you will see a lot of t!tties! When I’ve gone to bourbon street .. T!TTIES!!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-05 00-30-19-497

1am In the storage room – Nicole tells Corey she wants to tell him something but asks him to swear he won’t get mad. Corey says yeah. Nicole says its the only thing anyone could use in this game. Oh god please don’t get mad. Nicole says you know when I made that 8 pack? Corey says yeah. Nicole says the girls tried to make an alliance but I did not make up the name, I did not hold true to it. Corey says I already knew about it. Nicole asks you knew about it? Corey sasy I just knew you were lying. Nicole says there was a fatal five. Corey says we all knew. Nicole asks are you mad about it? Corey says no.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-05 01-01-26-597

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“Nicole tells Paul I would crap myself if you (Paul) didn’t win America’s favorite”

Ok then. Looks like we get to look forward to Nicole shitting herself.


Wait till they get out and realize most of America cannot stand Paul and he would only be voted America’s biggest douche bag who consistently threatens to punch girls in the face. Wonder if his tatted boyfriend approves of that violent tendency.

TX rar

America’s care package – Paulie says “I’ll be pissed if I don’t get a box? Super fans, Well let’s all make sure that he NEVER gets one !!!

Misty Beethoven

Well, we’ve already seen her pee all over herself.


You know shits bad when the person I’m rooting for now is Michelle : /

Guy From Canada

Bridge, Vic I’d vote for either one of those before Meeeeeeeech

TX rar

Victor won 6 comps so far. Paulie’s ego is threatened. Victor & Bridgette are my top 2. Meangirl Michelle is the worst!! Z is 2nd to worst bc of the way that asshat Paulie talks about her behind her back. No wonder he says he wont read any online comments. He’s already found out b4 BB that people thinks he’s a loser.

Powder Puff Girl

I agree! lol

Guy From Canada

Vic is starting to grow on me. If he doesn’t get hohitis this could be his week to show off if he learned his lesson……or it will be a train wreck week lol

My Two Cents

He fact that he’s already told either Paul or Paulie about what Da said to him shows me he’s still just as clueless as he ever was.


Yep. This is why I didn’t want him to win the battle back. I knew he would do this! Ugghhhhh


smh….exactly, Vic is so clueless and dumb. he runs and tells the info that Da gives to the exact people that want to backdoor him.


As a BB fan from day 1, watching these fools play this game is just so aggravating. How no one in that dam House has picked up on Paulie’s game is SO beyond me. I mean its so easy to see, it was the same as on BB16 with Derrek who i figured out his game by week 2. Paulie does win comps but his mouth is his biggest weakness. He was talking to Z about getting Victor out for DE….when the nominations have not yet been done. Does Z have a brain for the game or is she just obsessed with Paulie’s penis? like seriously…its obvious that Michelle and Z will be targets this week, how does Z not go to Victor to tell him what Paulie just said..and give him a friendly reminded of who BD him week 3….God this cast is just lame and shit…give me people who want to play the game and who understand how its works enough with these fame seeking idiots


I understand your frustration. However, hindsight is always 20/20. Of course you will figure out Derrick and Paulie’s games because you are on the outside looking in. We, as the viewers, are able to see every angle to a person’s strategy while the people in the house only see a fragment. Everybody thinks they know the game until they are actually in the BB house and things are completely different.

Only can wish

That’s true… But not one person picking up on Paulie’s game? I find that very strange. Paulie is very threatened by Victor. Victor has won 6 comps. Paulie wants to run everybody and win the most comps He wants say to the jury, I did this to the HGS & I won this many comps.


No one needs to pick up on Paulie’s “game” to know he’s the biggest threat in the house. Do they all think, “Hey, we’ll just ride his comp winning ass all the way until…” What? He evicts all of you and he wins? Only Vic and maybe James has even a shot of beating him. The rest are sitting ducks. It doesn’t take game strategists to figure out that it’s best for everyone (except maybe Paul) for Paulie to GTFO.


I think they think they need a leader and Paulie has stepped up into that role. They also think they can get rid of him later on even though they should know they can’t wait too long. They are going to have to catch him really vulnerable and put up him and Paul together to accomplish it. I don’t know if they are strong enough to do that with the exception of James and Bridgette but those two need to team up along with Natalie.


Well Nicole prepare to CRAP YOUR PANTS….little Pee is not wining favorite player!! If I have my way, Glen wins, so AG knows what a loser cast this has been this year.

Powder Puff Girl

I hope Vik talks to the HG’s about Da’s comment and at least one of them be truthful. Bridgette, Michelle, James & Nat need to chat with Vik and split the house.

Now that is a big dream unlikely to happen. If Vik goes home next week I hope he has the ticket to come back just to P@ss Paulie off!


I really don’t think that will happen. Not one have then have shown any initiative to put aside their differences for the collective good and Vic does not inspire trust in a game where complaining about someone using up all of the plastic wrap can get you labeled as a passive aggressive who needs to get put on the block AND voted out. We need a Kamakazi who knows they are on a one way pass to Juryville to not give a f#ck and put up PP consequences be damned. THAT is the person who would win AFP by a landslide. I just don’t see any of the current players resume’s filling that spot.

A Girl Has No Name

He doesn’t deserve the round trip ticket. He already tipped his hand by telling them what Da told him. Instead of sitting on that info knowing she was out the door and had no reason to lie at that point, and observing, he yapped off. What a idiot.

Please someone, take Paulie OUT!!!!!


You have to be kidding me, Vic hates Natalie and Natalie hates him.. How on earth do you expect them to talk to one another on a game level when they both despise one another..


Honestly if Vic gets sent home twice in my honest opinion he doesn’t deserve to win. I think he’s one of the more bareable people, but still I think that zakiyah is going this week.


So funny that the fake “executive” alliance will (at least for one week) become real. Rock on CEO Vic. And you have to give some kudos to Paul for staying in character about being “blindsided” by the Da eviction. First in his goodbye message to Da and now with Meech. No blood on his hands. Paulie better watch his back because the player is getting played.

Powder Puff Girl

I agree I think Paul will be the one to take on Paulie he needs to do it now, he can get Viks attention. If he does not do it early it may be Paulies game. Paul can win comps but is not worshipped like Paulie.


What’s great about the Execs is they said it right in front of James face and he tried acting like he knew what the hell they were talking about.
“They Execs have got this!”
James-“Uhhh, YEAH!!”
This guy couldn’t put PB&J together if it was sitting right in front of him.


The problem is…. James could possibly know exactly know what they are saying, but wants to belong so badly with the big kids he never says anything or does anything to stop them.

Here is James, PP and Vic.

Paulie: Head mean girl. Considered the prettiest and most popular… mean as they day is long, but people want to do her or be her they let it go.

Paul: The not so hot mean girl, that enjoys hating on people and scaring them. Two faced and neither one is one you would want to see in a dark alley. She’ll cut a bitch.

Vic: Pretty + Clueless= Pretty Clueless. Hot but still just sheep. I hope he plays them and revolts but because he is dumb and you just have to stroke her ego… Pretty Clueless.

James: The minion… every group like this has a minion. They know what is happening is just ratchet as heck but is more afraid of not belonging they just go along with it… knowing that they are disposable but knowing if the do anything they will be disposed…. it is sad.

I am just adding Corey.

Corey: The actual nice pretty girl… but she isn’t the most sparkly tube of glitter, so she is just clueless to it. Doesn’t see it as being mean. For the most part I like Corey… it is fun to joke that he is gay… I think he is straight, but he was always so tall and good looking, probably popular nobody ever pointed out how gay looking he can be…. I have fallen for that type so many times… “Seriously??? you’re not gay??? really??? Damn, I hate metrosexual’s. You’re really not gay???”


On AD, Paulette again telling Max-Z that he wants Vic out during DE next week.

Then he’s pissed that Da told Vic that they wanted to evict him during the DE. Says how could they work with someone who would throw them under the bus. Of course he already got her evicted, what did he expect, that she would be one of his supporters? What a stupid egotistical ass. Hope Vic remembers Da’s words and puts up the PeePee duo.


I would love it if Vic puts up Nat despite the comp promise just so James gets a taste of his own bad medicine. I don’t want her to be the target but putting her and Z up as decoys so he can backdoor Paulie would be sooooo satisfying for my current BB bloodlust.


Brig & Vic

My Two Cents

James totally threw the HOH competition, along with ANY chance to turn this thing around. He did the same damn thing last year about this time. smh


When Vick came back in the house he said that he would get vengeance and he was going to get Paulie out. Let’s hope that Vic is not all talk and that he still rembered that Paulie master planned his dear friend jozea’s eviction and Victors 1st eviction. This is a very good opportunity for victor to take a shot at Paulie, but Vic has to think about his game in the long-run and if he can secure the votes to get Paulie out.

TX rar

If he gets to cancel 2 votes that will allow him to to make a big move. I hope he uses it take out Paulie or Corey – even as a BD.


Once again Paul pushes to have Natalie go to final 5 then James… I’ve told you the guy is fascinated with her and keeps staring when she is sunbathing or showering. He definitely wants James out so he do do his shady uncle work on her and stalk her outside of the house….


Paul likes the boys, not girls. If anything, he is staring to mimic her so he can take that back to his boyfriend.


Let’s see if vic will follow through with day’s advice LOL
we all know what’s going to happen this week : a girl will be going home zak,nat,bridgette,and Michelle
Paulie will get his way of course
Vic will leave on Thurs during double eviction : cause all he gonna do is tell king paulie about day he’ll do some mind tricks on vic to not make him believe what day says she’s gone … blah blah everyone’s basically going to take a shot a him on Thursday instead of idk king paulie or take Paul out and to make things better he’s not going to talk to the girls mich,z,bridge,and nat or James to come together with this important information and take out paulie and co. Instead believe that they’re still in this so-called alliance together and do what paulie says we’ll come across a boring and predictable week .
Another note : since everybody is playing paulie’s game just give him the check right now put everyone in the jury house pp go to the final 2 everyone votes for paulie then paulie wins and we’ll never have to hear from the calafiore family again and close out this so called fairytale that AG has going on around here .


Between Paulie’s constant throat clearing and Cody’s constant nose sniffing, the Califore house must sound like a 3 Stooges sleep/snore scene–the dad is the 3rd sound. Snort, sniff, weeeeee, snort,sniff, weeeee………..God I hate them all!!!!


Get Paulina out!!!!!!


I was thinking that it would be so funny, or not, if Victor got evicted in the first DE and has the Round Trip ticket and goes right back in and gets evicted again. He would be the first person that has been evicted 3times and has reentered the games 2 times


So the dick parade marches on…..cue the eye roll emoji


James=Big dummy

Dictator Paulie!

Hey paulie tryin to pull off the Elvis look isnt working for you douche! His new hairdo is comical! I cant take much more of this egotistical douche canoe… Someone, anyone get him out b4 his head blows up anymore… He thinks he is untouchable just talking like hes the best player ever. Vic needs to do whats best for his game and backdoor paulie now…


Paulie says that he’ll be pissed if America didn’t send him a care package. Please America, DO NOT SEND PAULIE A CARE PACKAGE!!! I would love to see the look on his face when he doesn’t get one. And on another note, since he’s running the house, he doesn’t need one

Girlie girl

Back door Paulie please can’t stand him and if mech doesn’t stop crying she should go home too. How do they get on this show, you would think they should know how to play the game. Victor and his mouth need to go too. He says he’s not dispectful to women screaming show me your tittle is.


Show me your titties is a very well known and used phrase in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. He was simply using that phrase because of the beads. Hundreds of women bare their breasts for a string of beads. Men will also unzip and show all for beads.


Max-Z and her fake boyfriend need to go!!!


If you’re a James fan and a billionaire…here’s your chance because he’s obviously down for whatever!!! #theshityouhearonAD


Paulie is Johnny Bravo, Bridge is Velma, and Corey is Shaggy. What other cartoon characters do you see the rest of the houseguest as?


The Goof Troop
or The muppet babies

Min O'Pause

I think Meech is Witchiepoo, Corey is Freddy the Flute that wants to be blown by Jimmy (Victor), Paul and Paulie are Orson and Seymour, Nicole and Z are Cling and Clang, and James is H R Puffnstuff as a play on the height thing. Nat is Pop Lolly. Alison Grodner is Stupid Bat.

Min O'Pause

Oh yeah, Bridgette is Dr. Blinky.


I’m going to play the bitter old man here for a second. (I’m 41) It would be nice if BB quit picking want to be reality stars, and people that had no clue on the concept of how to play the game, and started picking the average person to play where 500k would change their lives. I would be willing to bet if they made that change you would see some cut throat backstabbing stuff go down.


Here’s a thought- why not a lottery? Can you imagine the ratings with Mrs. Moonves picking the winners? It seems like the producer always picks a couple of Alphas and a bunch of sheep. What’s the entertainment value in a selection like that? I thought after the season of the racist, the show would be overhauled, but, they seem to have double downed on just having unintelligent, unsophisticated, folks. It irks. I guess people have short memories as evidenced by the love on other sites for weasels like Aaryn, Britney, Reagan, and that fat, foolish, train conductor. Whatever happened o the CAPTAIN anyway- was he banned or something from this site?


I still think Vic is going to go after Paulina this week. But he will probably back door him if anything because he knows Paul is working with him. I can see Vic throwing Corey and Nat up on the block and then taking Nat off with the Veto. I think that would be the best way it would most likely shake the house up this week.
James is a lost ’cause at this point – I almost spit my Vodka every where when he said to Da in his goodbye message ( I couldn’t vote for you because I would have given my game away ) – Oh really James??!!! What effin game? He has no game. There is him and Nat then everyone else. Basically James is using Nat as a shield right now.


I went with the above poll and gave my care package votes to Bridgette because at this point they would just be wasted. I hope that if she does win her and Vic will have a reason to collaborate and share info that leads to a surprise backdoor because as it stands I think Vic will nom Meech and Z with B a replacement. Vic needs to have his head removed from his a$$. I also hope that winning doesn’t put a bigger target on B’s back. Fingers crossed.


Victor was reminding them how he was backdoored. He reminds them of the 9-1 vote and how many people he had to battle to get back in the house. Tonight on the live feeds, he told Paulie and Paul that he is going to give America what they want as he tossed one bead to Paulie and one to Paul. I think Victor just might have his own blind-slide prepared for these two clowns. They think they have it all under control. Laughing and cackling, like two idiots. They think they have control of Victor’s HOH and especially that, ” I can’t shut the hell up” Paulie. The blind-side dinner they wanted to serve Day, will be delivered to Paul and Paulie! At least, I truly, truly hope so.


Dear Zakiya, Let me tell you how to use sexiness as a part of game play. Natalie came into the house, she told Nicole she fell in love with Corey the first time she saw him but that didn’t work out. She flirted with Victor it worked for a little while then he dumped her. Still smiling, she flirted outrageously with Paulie, that didn’t work either. Still determined, she finally saw James smiling at her. Ah Ha (light bulb moment), Hi Jamesy. Now Jamesy would do anything to keep her in the game (so far, we all know how James is). You, on the other hand have now made BB porn internet history, and all Paulie talks about is sending you home. Do you really think he’s going to introduce YOU to his mom and dad?


Paulie will be pissed if he doesn’t get a care package?
ok let’s get him pissed !!


“Paul says hey anything’s a d!ldo if you’re brave enough.”

I really can’t stand Paul but that actually made me lol.


If Paulie is able to use Vic’s HOH (who Paulie is plotting against for DE right now BEFORE this week’s noms) to get rid of his problem/showmance stalker Z then this season has “jumped the shark”. If successful I can honestly say I have never seen a more collective group of morons and I watched Derrick’s season where they let him drag Victoria to F3 and not Paulie handed him the win. WTF?!!


Another week of the shirtless boy-band dancing and rubbing each other on a TV near you. How sad is that?

Take a Xanax, Meech!!!

That girl is ridiculous! So callous towards Bridget. Btw, Bridget has been in the block over and over again, made fun of, ignored, messed up knee and ankle, and she hasn’t cried as much as Meech! Get out of bed and play the damn game, or just put her up (if you can stand to listen to her cry) & get her OUT.

Every time I vote for my three last favorite players, I struggle with choosing only three. Her crying, Z mumbling and whoring around, James a snake and a wuss, Paul disgusting, Paulie’s ego, what a cast.


So Max -Z telling Munchie that they only have each other and bla-bla-bla. How she is going to use Paulie. They both say they know everyone in the house is Paulie’s bitch and Munchie says she can see Paulie winning. This drops these two to a whole new level of stupid! Saying and knowing all of that Max-Z doesn’t tell Munchie about her convo with Paulie about her being the target this week, They don’t go up to tell Vic that Paulie plans on going after him next week. (verifying what Da told him with a first hand account from Max-Z may just may wake him up) they don’t go to James and tell him what Paulie told her about him. They just sit there???? Where the F are the people who know how to and want to play this game? The only two left in the dark about this weeks vote and still no light bulb moment that “hey we are next” Max-Z knows (should know? lord knows the world knows) that the Con man is using her. She even played her slut card and that didn’t work. (Yes Max-Z you looked and acted like a Hoochie) James when is it time to show your cards? When you are sitting in jury? (still in the friend zone by the way) Now is the time stubby. time to get Munchie, Max-Z yourself and Natalie to have a sit down with Vic and together clue him in on Paulie’s plans. If this group does not make a move this week and put up some combo of Nicole / Corey, Corey/Paul, Corey/ Paulie any combo of those 4 with the replacement being one of them as well. (At best for them only 2 can be safe. If say Paul won VETO and took down Paulie) That leaves you with Corey and Nicole up there. You guys have 4 votes and they have 2 and Bridgette will vote whichever way the wind is blowing. The only trouble could come from the care package but I don’t think people are leaning towards them 4 a$$hats. Damn sorry that got a little too long. I just want to see the game being played. Is that too much to ask for?


Right, Z “using Paulie” would infer that she is going to use information against him. By sharing with her only true ally, Cry Baby Meech. But she keeps that info to herself, waiting and hoping in Paulie’s shadows that she might be able to let her friend get hit this week and she’ll get by (again) unscathed. Women are powerful and strong. They have babies. They sit and wait to be dropped like a sack of potatoes and watch silently as their friend gets hit. You just watch if the two of them end up on the block together, they will sell each other out. And Z will be wearing Paulie like a cheap suit hoping for his protection,

TX rar - ACP 2

I’ve been voting Victor all week. Now rhat he has HOH he can really shake up house – esp if he acts on infor Da gave him regarding double eviction

ACP2 Void 2 Votes: HOH Victor (he could shake up HOH votes next week)
ACP3 Super Safety: James or Bridgette (they may need it for DBL eviction)
ACP4 Co-HOH: Bridgette or James
ACP5 BB Bribe : Corey, Nicole or Da. (TBD too far away yet).

* you can vote 20 times a day
** player can only win ONE ACP so choose strategically


Victor is too stupid about the game and too worried about being accepted by PP. He’s not making any big moves. At least not against the people that it needs to be against in order for him to have any real shot at the game.

Paulie's Parade

I get it that many don’t exactly like Paulie and I myself didn’t but if you are a true fan of BB you have to realize he is playing the game. Regardless if we on the outside agree with Paulies game, at least he is playing the darn game. For a few weeks I was very against Paulie, yet I have to keep reminding myself he is playing the game unlike most others in the house.
I have a feeling this is the last BB I watch, when I get to a point of yelling at the TV or getting annoyed that BB is becoming the bachelorette lite version, it is time to walk away and invest time in something more exciting and entertaining.
It is interesting because according the CBS rating this year is doing extremely well with the public audience, yet as someone who has watched almost all seasons of BB, I find this one the one to end it all for myself personally. Weird

Only can wish

You are so right about Paulie playing the game. The problem I have with Paulie is he acts like no one else should be strateging , but him. If anyone decides against him, they are put in punishment which is the block. I think he’s targeting Michelle and Z(weak players) because they went against his decision evicting Day. I just hope the HGS backdoor Paulie.

John Denver

Currently, James and Vic are the only 2 fully straight males left in this season.