Meech “We would have voted the other way if people had told us! We got screwed over!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 21-09-33-434

9:05pm Storage room – Paulie says we separate those two and we pull Meech in. First we get Nat out and then Meech! Paul says or James. Paulie says we’ll talk to exec (Vic) about that. Paul says if Z does happen to pull herself off .. I say we swap her for Bridgette and send Bridgette home. Paulie says or F**King Natalie! But I do want to split up Z and Meech. Bridgette is alone .. she’s with us. Meech is alone .. and we pull her in. Paul agress. Paulie says alright I’m going to roll out. PP!

In the bedroom – Natalie tells Paul she tried to win it for him. Paul tells Natalie that she will win a comp. Paul leaves. James tells Natalie she did so great. She was up there swinging around for 30 minutes after everyone else fell off.

9:20pm Bathroom – Meech says I think you’re safe this week but I think I’m going up because of that comment I made. Z says we were the only two (votes for Bridgette). We would have voted the other way if people had told us. Meech says we just got screwed over and I’m probably going home this week. Meech is crying. Z says Da told me she thought the votes had switched. She said you need to win HOH and get Nicole out. Meech says I just want to be by myself and cry. Z says no keep your head up. Z says he (Vic) would purposefully get rid of me to weaken Paulie. Meech says I’ve done nothing ..except for that stupid whisper comment. And its probably going to get me sent home. Vic and Nicole enter the bathroom and Meech & Z leave.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 21-27-11-431

9:30pm Bathroom – Vic says they’re (Z and Meech) are so nervous. Nicole says we couldn’t tell them it was happening because they would have told Da. They wanted Natalie to win so bad. Vic says yeah I know .. I heard them!

9:35pm – 9:40pm In the bedroom – Meech says the fact that everyone’s been sucking up to Bridgette. Z says it makes so much more sense. Z says I wanted to freak the f**k out on people after. I get the fact they wanted her out but .. Meech says why not tell us!? Z says I get to the fact like just send me out. Did you (?) drop right after me because you thought I was going to win. Z says you know if you go up .. you play hard in that veto. And if I get to play I will play hard to pull you down. Meech says no one even cares.. they’re out there having fun. Meech says imagine if we had won. Z says it would have been a quiet house. You would have heard crickets.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 21-36-48-575

Bedroom – Corey says we’ve made it half way. Next week has to be a double (eviction). Bridgette says or maybe there won’t be and then they’ll have a triple eviction.

9:45pm – 9:55pm In the London bedroom – Meech says I don’t know why the didn’t tell me!? I would have voted the other way. Paul says they didn’t tell me either. I think because I was hell bent. I asked him and he said he knows who he’s putting up. I’ll try and talk to him (Vic) after the HOH (reveal). Meech says I think he’s going to put me up. Paul asks why? You haven’t done anything. Meech says I was all weird this week… because there was a passing comment with Corey and Nicole. Paul says if I over react right now .. home girl (Bridgette) is still in the house. You know how much sh*t I said about her. If I were you girls I wouldn’t show that you’re upset. Meech says I thought you were in on it. Paul says they didn’t tell me sh*t. Meech says all I said was man they (Nicole & Corey) whisper a lot. Paul asks why was Z crying? Meech says why do you think .. when people you though you were close to lied to you.

Nicole says I really feel like an a-hole. I just know I’ll never have her vote or be on a trust level with her again. If I had told her, I would made the boys mad and be in a really bad position now. Nicole heads into the London bedroom to talk to Meech. Meech says the reason why I’m crying is because I feel betrayed by you guys. Its not because I wanted her here. Nicole says It hurts me so much that I hurt you. Strategically for me I could not have her (Da) in this game. Nicole says I knew I wouldn’t have your permission if I told you I was going to vote her out. Meech says you didn’t need my permission, I would have voted her out if everyone else was. Nicole says she (Da) literally went up to two boys before. Nicole says I’m truly sorry.. but Da was not good for my game. Meech says you’re the only person that’s apologized to me.

10:10pm Safari room – Paulie says the executives hold all the cards in the house. They talk about bouncing back and forth winning HOH’s and vetos. Vic says if I get house guests choice I’m picking one of you guys (Paul Or Paulie) or him (James). James joins them. They talk about how Meech and Z are freaking out right now. Never cared! They speculate on how would have gone up if Z had won. Paul says I think me and you (Vic). Vic agrees. Vic says all I know is .. I don’t give a f**K. Paulie says lets be realistic .. next week is double eviction and we need to be strategic about who goes. Paulie says at the end of the day the F**King execs are cruzin’.

10:15pm The cameras switch to James and Natalie in the storage room. James tells Natalie that’s the plan. You’re safe. Don’t tell anyone. Natalie says I won’t. James says another week of safety. Natalie says you don’t know that yet. James says no they won’t do that to you. I’m not in an alliance but I’m working with people. Natalie says I wouldn’t care if you were.. just don’t f**k me over. James says I’m not. They know how I feel about you .. that’s why they don’t mess with you. Thank you for saying that to Bridgette. That you let her know I had her back. You’re protected in so many ways and you don’t even know it. Nicole would go home before you.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 22-44-59-502
10:20pm – 10:45pm Bathroom – Vic, Paulie and Bridgette. Paulie asks out of those two who do you think needs to go. Michelle and Z? Bridgette says they’re both after me. .. Michelle’s won more comps. Vic says Michelle only won that comp because she got stuck and made a pile. Paulie says Z is waiting for the mental comps and she’s social. We’ll wait to see what the care package is. Vic says I hope you get it. Paul joins them and talks about his dog.

10:55pm – 11pm Safari room – Z and Paulie. Paulie says if by Aug 18th no one comes back then there will be a jury buy back. There has to be. Z asks so you didn’t fall after me on purpose? Paulie says no I was doing what I was doing f**k around. Paulie says I told you and Michelle how I was voting. The only person I owe an apology is Da for not telling her I was voting her out. I think James raised suspicion for jumping off first. At least Paul and Vic were pissed. I don’t care about stuff like that. Vic is being very vague. I could have sworn he was going to put up Natalie but the fact that she lasted until the end with him out of honor he might not do it. That leaves two people in jeopardy. .. he could put James, won’t put Paul up. There’s high probability that one of the five of us are going up. If its me .. thank god its not a double evict and I would have a chance at the veto.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 22-52-29-788

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I don’t care who victor puts up. He’s between a rock and a hard place. He’s well aware that he has to fight for his survival in the game. He’s been everybody’s ( behind his back) whipping boy. The sacrificial lamb/ scapegoat. He has to think long and hard what’s best for his game.
Congratulations Vic . you’re all heart buddy.


Victor is an ass………….


Zakiyah got pretty tee teez. Paulie looks like scott caan, disgusting.

gimme an H, gimme an O

I watched BBAD last evening…holy crap! Zakiyah is a little trampy ho. I saw her wearing practically nothing…humping on Paulie, IN FRONT OF PEOPLE! Soft porn on POP. Girl, have some self-respect…
He said he could feel the “heat -from down there”….
She deserves to go to jury.

girl, bye.

Z’s Mama is gonna flip out. She is a BB super fan and fo sho watching the BBAD and Feeds.
Nicole is no better, wearing that low V-neck t-shirt with a black lacy bra showing. These girls are ho bags. Get Z out so that we can see Paulie flirt with Bridgette and Meech…

Jury bound....

These showmances are ruining this season. OMG. The C/N and Z/P hook ups are so boring and gross.

jobless in September...

Zakiyah works with little children. Well, she used to.


He is arrogant though. He truly doesn’t know that the things he says comes off bad. I agree its nothing as vulgar as what spews from Pauls mouth, or Paulie’s for that matter. Vic will end up playing lap dog to someone else. Remember, when he came back in, he said he would target Paulie I believe. This will prove if he has integrity or not. Vic’s over confidence has probably cost him the game, because he has obviously ignored Da’s warning.

What is even worse, is to play like James just did. Pretty sorry. James and Nat could have held their ground, and led to a tie vote. I saw a post saying it wouldn’t have mattered. Well, yes it would have. The HOH just got a free get out of blood card. If you are HOH, you need to make strong decisions. James and Nat could have forced him to vote out Day, making him look bad. I no longer care for James. I used to think useless Meg was tearing him down last time , but truth is… he is just bad, broken, and whipped. He may very well take Natalie down due to it. Natalie may not be good at games, but she is about the only genuine person left.


Screw Victor! Him coming back ruined the season, gave the boys new ideas for the bro club. If Tiffany had come back, this would still be an interesting season. Now it’s close to being dead, heading the same boring, horrible way season 16 went.


Tiff put me off watching and people want her back 🙁
What did you like about her?


The Pee Pee or dick twins put me off with their arrogance, they vulgarity and just flat out disgusting behavior


Z and meech then hope for a backdoor of Nicole or james


I’m glad yo black ass is gone.
Ah ha they got yo ass.
You lost you lost.
*sticks tongue out*

You're super lame

People like you are cowards
I know you wouldn’t say to Da in person


I am hoping Paulie gets the backdoor. I would laugh my *ss off!


BB 18, the season where everybody in the house wins HOH every week.

Frank's Tasty Butt Juice

Frank is the man! Sucks he’s gone! Frank would have crushed these losers if it wasn’t rigged.


Him and Bridgette are the only 2 who get a pass for doing the sycophant deal….because they have no choice, tried to play, and were left just trying to survive. Right or wrong, likable or not, unlike all the others, they played 1st before becoming suck-ups and as of yet we are still waiting to see what they do when given a chance to make a move.

Victor knows that unless somebody pitches a big play, somebody goes out on a limb, and is willing to take a risk…and that person brings votes (like James going with Nat, having a heart to heart to squash any nonsense, then pitching that he can get Bridgette, Nicole, and Michelle to take out Paulie….and it’s really not that hard a sell, if only James had brains…and b*lls)….then the safe move is just to go along with those at least pretending to be friends. Because there’s no better option.


Paulie already determining who goes up and out! Here we go again if Vic is stupid enough to do what Paulie wants, even after warning from Da, and being backdoored by Paulie. But hey Vic, lets listen/trust Paulie once again… So hope he does what is best for his game, and not Paulie. Plus, Paul once again wants to target Bridge, but the King voted that down right away. Should make Paul think…

sunny dee

remember to vote care package for james, this just might work out after all 🙂

I see how paulie and paul have decided for vic what vic is going to do with vic’s hoh. i know he’s not putting up paul, kept him off the block. but what about what day had to say, knowing vic he’s going to actually tell those guys what she said, and they’ll spin it. oh well.

vic made a deal with nat, and those guys act like vic should be putting her up, getting her out. i wonder what he’s going to do, the right thing, or their thing. these guys could just use and reuse bridget as pawn star. not sure why M and Z think they were left out of the loop, isn’t it better that day had a couple of votes, and it not be a house vote all the time?

hopefully vic will put up Z and M, and nothing changes. of course Z is going to know PP is behind it, vic is so transparent about everything, that he doesn’t make a move without checking to see where Paul is first.


The Coalition of The Willing

10 left you need 4 votes to evict. There won’t be a pawn this week. PP plus nicorey enough. Or gut less James plus Nat. So many ways to get to 4 votes. Take Meech and Z on the block. Where does either get 4 votes you ask PP who is going.
At the moment maybe Big Meech but my gut says Z if she doesn’t win POV. Any way I play the numbers it looks like PP are almost golden. The question is will anyone try to flip the house? Bunch of scared HG’s running on adrenaline and nothing else.


Voting the care package for James is the same thing as giving it to Paulie. It’s not secret. James won’t “show his cards to Paulie”. He already sold Natalie and day out to Paulie. What makes you think he would do anything other than what Paulie wants? He’s proven time and time again he won’t.

Jury bound....

Getting Natalie out at this point would look weak on anyone’s HOH. Just saying.
Make a name for yourself whenever you can. They change their minds and loyalties all the time. Take a risk. Get out a big dog!


Based on Vic’s comment to Paulie after he won HOH, I’m thinking Vic might try to backdoor Paulie. One can only hope!!!
( Comment was about 9:15 PM “Oh how the tables turn”.)


Since James is always talking about not wanting to win comps and throwing them can he just leave please? what a pathetic guy James is. He was yapping to Victor and Paul how he “did not want to win that HOH” is there one comp you want to win? because he has been talking about taking the luxury prizes during a lux veto comp for weeks now…..Victor better have some balls and realize who put him out last time…if Victor puts up Bridgette/Nathalie or Bridgette and some other girl I will scream

If James leaves just give the money to Paulie

Like it or not James is the last hope of this season…and why d he want to win this HOH? To put up Paulie and Nicole jus to be out next week? at this point everyon who rocks the boat will be out next… James needs to survive till f7 at least to be able to make a move…not to mention the whole argument about ppl wh are not winnig comp being worthless is BS coz the ebst player Dr. Will always talked about throwing comps and neer winning anything in 2 seasons….winning means nothing if u have a good social game

TX rar

James knows that being HOH for DE is crucial. Victor needed the HOH to stay safe. I hope Bridgette, victor, corey, nicole, james, nat FINALLY team up.


Oh dear… It’s gonna be so boring.. Nicole is working on Vic already. Another idiot, just like James . They have everything in front of them, some one even tell them out loud how it is… and they refuse to see it.


While its nice to see Pee Pee making the decisions for Vic, on who to put up . I love it if he put Pee Pee up, but that’s not going to happen, Vic has no one to help him. Too bad! Boring for us!


Unfortunately the girls are imploding again this year! Victor is a typical dude who is going to play with the guys, and you’re correct…boring!


Not just boring, maddening to us women! Male dominating chauvinists. Maybe once Z is out Paulie can truly hook up with Paul, Corey, or Vic and rub all over one of them.

El oh el

Poor nat nat bridgy and Zak are in major trouble =( imma cry for them RIP for one of your summers ladies


Natalie and Bridgette should stay; Z can go and hang with Da in jury. She’s useless and besides, there’s no DR to tell her to go put pants on.


One thing is for sure, Paulie is not playing for America’s favorite player with the way he is treating Zakiyah. Not nice to make a girl cry, offer no comfort and play the hot and cold game with her! However, she has really handed him her whole game to play, as has Natalie!


Imagine they had won (meech,Z) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lol yea right as if by some miracle they would have won and then you would have put up Paulie lol lmfao I cant stop laughing lol


why wouldn’t PP jump at the chance to get Corey or James out and keep the weaker girls that they could easily beat in most comps. Bridgett won a HOH but hasn’t been able to win anything and save herself. Do they really want all guys at the end to compete against. And this is their chance to get it done without having to do it themselves.

Powder Puff Girl

Paulie said something along this line: that he wants to take the stronger players to the end like Derrick did it worked for him. These are not the same players Derrick had to deal with I think it is short sighted on Paulies part.
The only one ruthless enough to damage Paulies game is Paul. But Paul gave away his balls to Paulie and most likely will not get them back. These people are playing for Paulie to win.

never cared....

I hope it’s Brigette, Paul and Natalie in the final three…
I want any one of them to win. And before you poo poo my comment…
this is going to be a bitter jury that votes with emotion, not game play.


Corey is a weak ass girl and James throws everything so no worries with those two

Lame Duck

I simply cannot fathom why Bridgette is so high in these polls. She is absolutely insufferable. I get that she is an underdog now, but come on. Did everyone fall for that bully victim crap or what? The only way I would ever root for her is if she guns for Nicole and/or Paulie. However she’ll just find some other guy’s butt to crawl up and take orders from likely targeting James and Nat Nat further paving the way for PP to final 2.

Give the advantage to Meech or James this week. Any other person getting it will further PP’s game.


Nailed it!


What? James is too dumb to know which to votes to eliminate!! Not smart at all. Both seasons he voted out his own allies. DUMMY!


I’m sorry but why do you think James winning the care package would do any damage against pp?

If anything it would be the same as Paulie winning it. James has done every single thing Paulie has wanted him to do this entire game. He even sold out Natalie to Paulie. He sold out day to Paulie. Don’t you get it? James is Paulies whipping boy.

And the care package is not secret. No way in the world James does anything with it other than exactly what Paulie wants him to do with it.


They might have the option of keeping what the care package is a secret now…Would make more sense


The twist is everyone knows who gets the care package and what it does. So the only way it won’t be known to the whole house if they just disregard the two votes without telling the house guests.


The rules state they have to open them in front of everyone. It’s kind of a reward possible punishment thing. Because just receiving it can make you a target.


C’mon Vic, surprise us all and put up Nicole and Meech. Or Nicole and Z. Or Nicole and Paulie. Or Nicole and the Easter Bunny. I don’t care, just get the whining whackjob out, because she’s never going to go out with you, and we’re all sick of listening to her.

bounced cheques

would love to see Nat go home this week and someone to tell James “sorry James but this is big brother and you can bounce cheques in the bb house”

James told Day she going before live show

Omg get this turd out the house he already ruined the whole season!


Victor is gonna put up whoever I tell him to put up and I’m sending his ass home on DE even when I don’t win hoh I run this house motherfuckers


I am hoping that Vic acts like he is doing what Paulie wants by putting Mic and Z up but that Vic ends up backdooring Paulie.

Vic will target Paulie

Isn’t that what he said he was going to do? I don’t think he is that naive to take out a strong player when he could gain more allies.

Now, I am a Paulie fan. I have no idea where all this hate? Of wanting him out. Didn’t everyone complain when no one was doing something? Paulie is doing something.

In terms of the showmances, at best — just flirting. I don’t think that anyone is really genuinely interested. I have this feeling that Z might think that she could have had a happy ending with Paulie like Rachel and Jordan did.

Paul, Corey, and Nicole are probably the safest this week. Paulie could go up considering that he was the reason why Victor got eliminated the first time around.


Wtf, is Zak talking about Vic wants to clip her to weaken Paulie. I’m finding it harder and harder to root for this girl when she keeps doing dumb stuff.
I guess she did not notice that Paulie didn’t let go till after she fell off.
Paulie keeps her in check by petting her.
Meech or Zak needs to go talk to Vic. Instead they are just amongst themselves.
BB18 best season turned, worst season.

Powder Puff Girl

James, Nat, Meech, Bridgette (Z – cannot trust her – if Paulie kissed her she would give in to him) needs to talk to Vik and tell him he is on the hit list and that he has the votes to make a big move. These players are only concerned that they are safe for one more week and do nothing! These weeks are running out for them.

sunny dee

and this is what i mean by Nat is strong, but they continue to label her weak. once again she is in the top position for a comp, and just missing, unlike many others, who are first down. they’d be wise to consider her not just a prop for james, or someone vic targets, but an actual threat, far more than some of the others. hoping they do put her up, and james gets the eliminate votes card, and that’s enough to change the outcome. 🙂


How my girl do in those mental comps or just the last hoh where she hit three perfect shots got to red ball and completely choked. Yeah u bet on that!


Victor better take heed of the gift Davonne gave him on the way out the door…boy, you in trouble! He has one chance this week to grab a life vest, set up a team and take out one of the big targets…Paulie? Nicole? And clear the way for his dominance in comps. Unfortunately Victor does not seem to understand this BB game too well, and good luck to him this week!
One other thing, Paul, his bad tatoos, his loud mouth and ugly beard has got to go! Soon! His Mommy might find him entertaining, but he is not!

Velvet Rose

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Victor Please put Paul and Corey up, and when veto is used put that fake wanna be Godfather Paulie Puke Pee Pee up……Back door his ass. If not at least the other male on the block will be out. Don’t worry about James, he will share maxi pads with Z…….Get a strong male out.

Powder Puff Girl

Yes, nice edit of Paul they should have shown the numerous times he said he wanted to punch one of the female players in the face. He is one of the #meangirls.

Only can wish

Wow, it doesn’t take long for Nicole to be in Victor’s face. She is Paul and Paulie HOH Reporter now. Where’s Corey? Usually he not too far away. Another Paulie’s HOH in the making, He already had 2 without even winning HOH (James/Paul). This is sad!!!

Froot Loop Dingus

Watching After Dark right now. Meech needs a straight jacket and a padded room. That’s an emotional train wreck.

But most of all I want James out. He’s such a weasel. Him and Nat in the storage room “you’re safe another week”. Just keep floating James. No strategic except claiming to throw comps when he wouldn’t have won anyway.

I hope Vic gets the care package too so he’s fully in charge and it makes it easier for him to make a move and get out some competition. Would be awesome if Paul’s been playing Paulie and works with Vic to get calafiore out.

Michelle crying

Michelle has literally been crying for hours. Its pitiful to watch. But its pitiful for the viewers, because she is just a breakdown for this show. Nicole in there laying it on thick, trying to deflect what Nicole deems as blame. Nicole is overthinking it. Michelle is just “nuts”. Literally in the head, and her eating… “nuts”

Do they not screen the mental issues for some of these players? It’s obvious that they seem to be inviting people who are mentally unstable and that just seems unethical on CBS. Michelle is about as bad as Vanessa. Remember how Vanessa would sit at the DR room waiting for her meds, and then you could actually see them kick in.


As a Bridgette fan I don’t like Meech much. But she has a good reason to cry this week as her 3 strong alliance has been shattered.

Notice during the episode she was under the impression that everyone was voting Bridgette out. She really thought they were all in a strong position.


Hey Paulie, you look ridiculous with those sideburns. Not a good look, unless Corey likes them?


I hope Natalie goes to the jury, just so James sees what a dumb ass sucker he is…..

no jury for Nat

no. I don’t want to see Nat go to jury. I want to see her at least final 2 . Normally wouldn’t say that, but she’s the only genuine person left.


With a name like yours you sound like the Brother of Vic…


Imagine how lit it would be if Vic grew a pair and put PP up


I have a feeling that victor is going to listen to paulie the one who backdoored you week 3 and also said that is your target when you walked back into the house again put the girls up a combination between bridgette / zak or zak/michelle bridgette / michelle zak / Natalie and Michelle / Natalie idk about nicole tho but he aint going to put a guy on the block cuz he’s all about those bros .


What a shit show. A total and utterly boring shit show. This is going to be another boring and predictable week. UGH!


Its too bad Vic won. Its just going to be another PP HOH. Vic doesnt have the kahunas to make a bold move. If Nat could have won, the house at least would have a chance to flip. This just looks like a PP F2. Its gonna be really hard to stop this PP freight train.


Is there any chance Victor goes after Paulie for taking him out?

The Roach Coach

Wish Rachel would drop a care package for James…. a life-vest


Can Paulie stop cutting hair on his body? He becomes more delusional with each cut. Now he wants Z gone because he believes she can win mental comps and physical comps. Just a week ago he told Paul she couldn’t win anything. Make up your mind Paulie. Victor will do what Paulie tells him to do even though Paulie voted him out once already. I hope he wises up and decides to do what is best for his game. Sadly, he won’t though. Let’s just give Paulie the check and wrap up this season.


Did James just ask Paulie if he, “had his blessing? WTF was that.


yea james is playing a weird game sucking up to paulie and constantly stroking his ego.. its a good strategy to keep him safe for awhile hes really not on anyones radar but definitely not a winning strategy to take him all the way


Is James really that far out of the loop or does he just choose to lie to Natalie? He tells Natalie not to worry, Nicole is the next target yet Paul, Paulie, Victor with Bridgette talking about Zakiyah, Michelle, Natalie as targets.


i voted 20 more times for james today America packages 2
next time im go cazy in vote for bridget America packaes 3
20 times everyday to the end of the vote


Only have until Friday 9AM PST to vote on ACP #2. I am voting James in hopes that it can save Nat if she goes up a replacement nominee. I know Vic said he wouldn’t…. but Paulie has already brought Nat’s name up and we know that he will push and push until he gets what he wants.


What whispered comment is Meech referring to?

Powder Puff Girl

I think this is it:
“Meech says all I said was man they (Nicole & Corey) whisper a lot”

please correct me if I am wrong.


Thanks friend ????


vic is so naive its tough watching him suck up to pp after the way they did him

Dawg and Simon

Who is your favorite bb player this season and of all-time? Who is your least favorite?

Powder Puff Girl

Frank is my favourite player this season.
Dan is my all time favourite.
Amanda least favourite player


please put Nicole on the block

never cared....

I would love to see Nicole gone. She has let down everyone that loved her in BB16. Hope they are done with her. Oooooh, then Corey can hang with Bridgette and Meech. I need to see Nicole and Zakiyah go to jury. Free up these singles again!


I can’t stand Paulie! I would give anything to see him knocked down a few pegs by getting put on the block. But that won’t ever happen. Everyone is just going to keep letting him run the house all the way to the end.


Goes to show he’s playing a good game


Paulie thinking he decides who goes up fucking kills me. EVERY WEEK. I’m so done with this season. It’s going to end up like season 16. But hey what are you to expect from a bunch of meatheads who think they are gods gift to women.


Ratcole: oh what the crap I’m not getting Days vote…..LOL
Oh Ratcole honey you don’t have to worry about that, I think you’ll be seeing Day sooner than you think. How awesome would it be if Vic flipped the script and put up PP, I mean it’s not going to happen, but it would be epic.

gimme an H, gimme an O

Ok so, they are all tools, with the exception of Natalie and Bridgett.
Victor is a little grudge holder. If he has half a brain, he will put up Paul and Corey. After veto, pull Corey off and put up Paulie. Watch those egos start to deflate…

Curious BB

So Z will be blindsided right?

Dont vote for James on the ACP

if he gets the 2 votes he ll also get the 1 way tivket to block…we need to vote for him on co-HOH!!!!!


The way Paulie was talking tonight James won’t be around to the see Co-Host ACP.
After voting for Brig for #3 I don’t even know who I like enough to vote for on the remaining ones. I may just vote for VIC to get one (if He is still around) just to p*ss Paulie off.


Am I the only one who thinks James was a complete idiot for not making tonite’s voting a tie (or even trying to flip the house)? He could have revealed several of the other players’ cards to the house:

1. Thinking long term, he’d make Da see Paul’s true color and that would have been great if she had the return ticket… but that would have been better if she was sent to Jury after seeing that goodbye message in which Paul pretended not knowing what went wrong. That would guarantee one less vote for Paul… and if Da ever came back from Jury (I dunno if they are having that this year though…) he’d certainly have a pissed Da to go after the duo while he sat pretty watching everything.

2. He’d force Paul to show the house he preferred Bridgette over Da and was not only doing what “the house wanted.” Paul tried all week to put on a show for everyone with that “I hate Bridgette but I’m also doing what you guys want.” Even though Z and Meech were the only clueless ones about the whole situation, there was a chance hell would break loose with Z questioning how much Paullie kept her in the dark… and paranoid as she is, she’d also question Nicole and go over the last events a thousand times…

3. He could have flipped the house with some brainwashing on Victor… he’s so gullible and so desperate for a real partnership. Had he made a deal, they could target Paulie and finally break his game… and they would not even need to bother with Bridgette.


Once again Paul shows how fixated he is on Natalie to Paulie , like I mentioned in an earlier thread Paul has been stalking Natalie over the last week just staring at hre for 15+ mins when James and Natalie were on a chair outside and then staring at her showering earlier today for about 10 mins. Paulie says we should put up Natalie next week and of course Paul says why not James…. .Once again, Paul wants James out so he can do his Perverted Uncle routine on Natalie, the guy is a stalker…


Paul makes me sick referring to Nat as FT’s right in front of her all the time. I wish someone would tell her what that means. I think we need to start referring to Paul as NBP (No-Balls Paul) since he did nothing talk about ripping them off for weeks on end.


Vic got a red HOH robe. I guess BB had to burn that grey one after Paul wore it non-stop all week..LOL!!!!


Victor needs to take out the guy who elimitated him in the first place.
He should out up Paul and Paulie with Corey as the replacement nominee.
(Corey hates him so much.)
If Victor takes out the boys he can beat the girls in the house and win.

But that ain’t gonna happen because Victor is the worst BB Player when it comes to intuition.
He’s awesome at physical and mental comps…. but he can’t read people at all.


James is too dumb to know what to do with a care package power. DON’T
vote for James he’ll mess it up!


If Victor doesn’t see what’s going on… then just send him home……