Victor – Every time I get evicted I come back to a better situation

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nomi1nations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Corey and Victor
Care package Corey

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-27 23-52-13-552

11:53pm James Michelle and Natalie Loncon room (Chit chat)
Natalie comments that Michelle has predicted everything in the game so far.
Michelle says she has a gut feeling she’s going home.
James scoffs says she’s always saying that.

Natalie doesn’t know how to “work” macbooks
Michelle hopes her sister didn’t “Hack into” her macbook
James says the “1 thing” he doesn’t like about Apple is everything needs a credit card and a password
Natalie says with her learning disability she has to type up her notes, the disability support services gave her a voice recorder, “I legit have A.D.D.. I don’t think people think it’s a thing”

James says he threw the “Weather Comp”
Natalie says she wasn’t going to win so she didn’t give it her all.
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-27 23-53-46-758
Michelle – imagine if I win the double
Natalie says if she made it to final 4 and then went home she would be “So proud” of herself.
Natalie about last week “everything happened for a reason”
They are worried Paul, Victor, COrey and Nicole are now working together. Natalie doesn’t think that will happen because that would be “Stupid” of them. Natalie goes on about how they can’t beat Victor and Paul in comps.
James – I can’t believe Paul folded in all of them..
Michelle – it was strategic..
Natalie says Corey was helping Nicole win instead of winning himself
Michelle – I probably would have won if Corey folded..

Natalie – if you won that veto could you be bribed to lock the noms.
Michelle says she would
Natalie – That’s a lot of money
Michelle – I could buy a puppy..
Natalie says she would have looked like a idiot during if she played in that POV.

James – as long as I’m safe I don’t care I’m going through this whole season without winning a comp and make it to final 2 that’s an accomplishment

Michelle says Victor coming back into the house 2 is “insane”
Natalie – I can see Nicole and Victor final 2
Meech – for sure..
Michelle says she’s putting those 2 on the block. Points out that Victor is fake he’s playing all sides of the house too he’s playing Paul’s game. (LOL you all voted him out why would he play with your side?)
Michelle goes on about how Victor hasn’t played a honest game.
Natalie says Victor is lying to everyone and didn’t admit to making fun of her.
Michelle says Victor did the “FT’s” too (Did he lie about Fries?)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 00-23-02-885

They decide to go out into the hot tub

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 00-24-05-536

Midnight – 12:25am Backyard Corey, NIcole and Victor
Working out and Chit chat. COrey and Victor have farts from the have not protein diet.

Paul joins them says he talked to Michelle to bury their beef.
Nicole – who does she think is going home
Paul says she’s really didn’t say..
Paul – I said look 1 of us is going let’s have a good time.. “
Natalie and Michelle join them..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 00-27-27-197
12:26am Meech and Nicole saying Victor looks like a HOT celebrity dad
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 00-41-49-363

12:32am Chit chat…
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 01-07-49-409
12:40am Victor and Nicole
Victor saying he really wants to get the next HOH so he can have vengeance.
Nicole – we just have to deplete one of their numbers this week..
Victor complains about have nots
Nicole – you just gotta hold on
Nicole says James, Michelle and Natalie in the hot tub are “3 peas in a pod”
Victor says those three all were responsible for his departure. He has nothing against Michelle she just made a bad game move .

Victor says the stress of the house is causing him to lose hair.
Nicole – just getting to final 4 that’s a dream come true
Victor – I would be speechless..
Nicole says she’s happy with any of their 4 winning it
Nicole says strategically the 4 of them is their best bet, “probability is on our side”
Victor – Every time I get evicted I come back to a better situation
Victor points that last week they were all against him and Victor
Nicole – before that me and Corey were public enemy number 1

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 01-13-27-917

1:12am Michelle and Natalie
Michelle says she’s glad it all worked out the way it did. Says they all wanted Victor out but they weren’t 100% what James was goign to do.
Natalie wants to win another HOH and maybe a POV not sure.
Michelle says Victor is not good with the days because he was gone and it messes him up a little bit.
Natalie says she studied once with Paul and he doesn’t know the days
Michelle thinks Paul is lying
they go on and on about how Paul and Victor are goign to win “Back to back to back”
Natalie – they will continue winning until they get to final 2.
Michelle says Nicole has played a seamless game ans “her boy” is still in the game.
Michelle says that Nicole knew for a month she was coming back.

Natalie says they have to make an effort to hang out with Nicole and Corey.
Michelle agrees but says that Nicole cold have come over and hung out with them in the Hot Tub.
Meech – I don’t think she likes us to be honest.. or at least me, she was nice to you today.. I don’t think she hates anyone.. I just think she the type of person… I don’t think she likes girls..
Michelle says the girls have only won 20% of the competition this season.
Natalie – I only do well at endurance comps..

Natalie starts talking about weight gain.
Meech – I’ve gained 10
Natalie – no you’ve gained 5 I’ve gained 15
Meech – ya

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 01-29-29-852

1:27am Kitchen Victor and Paul
Talking about seeing a real reindeer during the POV today.
Nicole comes down.. They head to the bathroom
Paul – so basically the conclusions was if there was any doubt in there mind
Paul – how do you want me to act after Veto.. you want me to hang out with them more..
Paul – I don’t want to hang out with them alot and have you guys freaking out..
Nicole – if Michelle thinks she’s goign home
Paul – I don’t know
Nicole tells him to do whatever he wants
Paul just doesn’t want them to get paranoid
Paul – I’m upset with James and Natalie i’m not going to hide that last week they sent my Friends home.

Paul – my game is open they know i’m coming for them
Nicole says she’s comfortable with whatever her and Corey don’t care at all.
Paul asks if Corey is goign to use the 5g’s for the tie breaker.
Nicole says Corey is gettign weird about the 5g’s
they are having trouble finding out a good reason to use it.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 01-35-37-916

1:35am HOH Nicole and Corey
Corey is saying nobody will want to take the 5g’s and drop out of a HOH comp.
Corey – no one will want to make the deal right now they will want to after the eviction and at that point no one will want to do it.. I don’t know what to do..

Nicole – I want to know what Michelle is really thinking
Corey – what does it matter
Nicole – i saw Natalie and her whispering in the Jacuzzi
Nicole wants things to be as smooth as possible with Natalie and James
Corey – be like Michelle is acting sketch.. she’s coming after me.. Paul is not coming after me
Nicole doesn’t want to tell james Paul isn’t coming after her becuase then he’ll run to Paul and be like ‘Why are you coming after me”
Nicole will say Michele IS coming after her but Paul “Might be” coming after her

Nicole hopes Paul and Vic aren’t using them to get through this week.
Corey – I don’t think they are.. why would they come after us.
Corey – even if we did send Vic home it’ll be me and Paul against Natalie, James and Michelle.. (going into HOH)
Corey says even if they do win that HOH the following week Paul will flip on them for sure after they took out Vic.
Corey – we have to take a risk honestly..
Nicole – we have to trust them..
They agree they want Vic or Paul to win the HOH and put up James/Natalie up.

Corey thinks if Natalie wins the HOH she’ll put them up
Corey – I don’t like Natalie.. she’s super fake
Nicole – she is but she denies it.. but you can see the real side coming out.. she’s doing a good job she’s been keeping it up
Corey – she’s so fake

Nicole says she doesn’t want to hang out with anyone else this season other than Corey.
Nicole – Be honesttttttttt i did not make a life long friend this sesaonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Nicole explains she meant “Girl wise” says she made a lifelong friend with Corey
Nicole says she will always be friend with Victoria, Zak, Derrick and Cody, “I loved everyone on my season pretty much”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 02-28-17-584
2:28am Safari room Victor and Paul
Talking about how Michelle treats the safari room as her own room. Victor points out a dirty dish that has been out all day. A plastic container left for 1 week.
Paul – you how many times I tell her to wash her fruit before she eats them.. fool gets dairreha every day..
Paul – fool you think we live in the Amazon.. you know where this fruit comes from.. GMO crops..
Michelle comes in
Paul – Meech.. why were you screaming..
Feeds cut..
When we’re back Victor is talking about how hilarious Meech is.
Victor can’t wait to hang out with Meech after the show
Paul isn’t sure he does, he might have to take her in small increments.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 02-48-21-035
2:43am London room Michelle, Natalie and James
talking about drinking and driving and how bad it is. Natalie says it’s its’ scariest thing
Michelle – I would never ever ever drive drunk
Natalie – no way
Meech – that’s horrible
Natalie – me neither .. that’s the scariest thing you could ever do
Meech – ya
James disagrees
James – the scariest thing you can ever do is not pull out
Michelle – you can kill someones family
Natalie – you can kill someone
James- you can get someone pregnant
James laughing.. Michelle and Natalie don’t look impress.
Feeds cut. (what a champ)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 03-25-11-509
3:30am Chit chat or sleeping
Topic is “Lab made meat”

8:00am Zzzzzzzz

10:10am They’re all still sleeping..

11am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.

11:30am Quiet Sunday morning in the BB house..

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-28 11-29-00-357

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please evict jamsey soon, tired of hearing his voice and the crap that comes out of it..


I’d rather see little Miss Me Me Me go. The conversation about her friends having designer bags and how hard that is for her is sickening. Now she has ADD. Give me a break. I do think she has given James enough clues as to her real self. If he sticks around……that’s his fault.


Big F$%&$@%$ Munch is just a pig. I have not seen her clean anything. Cook either. She has not made one thing for anyone else. She sure eats what others make. Has anyone ever noticed such a difference when she has no make up on? Wow.

Pi's Psigh

My sorority sisters and I watch this over the summer and then get together to watch when we return to the dorms and WE LOVE MEECH. WE LOVE VIC too. Tired of all the hate for woman this season. My mates and I all think that Meech and Vic have chosen wrong allies. Production also clearly wants certain people to win and it isn’t those two. I thought BigBrother meant we the audience would change things up. Hate that the only two women that will be left are such bad examples because we couldn’t have a smart girl win. Meech has been no worse than the others with things Paul just acting like nit and the French fries thing now. We all agreed that we stopped liking Paul back in his PP days and thought he had redeemed himself until recently. He knows it has been Nat and James lying to Meech unless DR is steering him to Meech. He also said he was trying to get under Meech skin so why are people mad at her when Paul harasses her relentlessly on purpose his on words and he did mind going to the place he went to get her there. I would however like to see James game blown up before POV about throwing Meech under the bus and would love to see Nicole put James or Nat up but she and Corey are just stupid. We use to think Corey and Vic were the cutest Vic was my number 1 but now we all just can’t stand Corey . Vic is cute and fun, Paul is rude and arrogant Corey is truly a stupid jock, James is becoming a perv BTW James girls don’t like talking about pulling out you have a daughter James what’s happening to you. Meech we LOVE and she’s a lot of fun, Nat makes girl look like schemers who just use there bodies and Nicole makes us look like we all need a man all the time; we may want one but we don’t need one. Nicole redeem yourself do a big MOVE and this is not it. Dawg and Simon are really Attractive and seem funny.


This is funny, you don’t like how the women have been hated on his season, yet in the next sentence you do that very thing….


@R@Pis I also believe that this season has been loaded with a bunch of hate including the boards. Perhaps Pi meant that it is more than the normal ribbing that each houseguest gets. I didn’t think your ribbing was so bad (Pi) I do think things have been said in the house and on the boards that have gone past civility. but that is just my opinion and some people are aslo being to touchy about stuff also my just an opinion

About to upset people

So funny that James, Nat, and Meech decided to turn their back on Paul and Vic and here we are.

They will be scrambling next week if Nicole sticks to her guns.

They can thank James. Since he told Nic that Meech wanted her out.

Karma comes fast in BB


And it doesn’t help that the 3 of them just sit there and talk to each other all day long. Like another poster said, things change minute by minute and for the HGs every minute counts. So for Natalie to say, “I will go up and talk to them tomorrow,” is absolutely ridiculous. Look how fast the F4 was formed!


Sure is amazing that the three of them are sitting downstairs while Paul and Vic are hanging out in the HOH and when Nat or Munch say “do you think they are working together” James is like “no that would be stupid, Paul is the target blah, blah, blah. Oh but this turkey sandwich is really good” How the hell can you not think they are plotting and if nothing else trying to work on Nicole and Corey the space cadet? Those three deserve what they get for pulling the trigger on Paul and Vic one week too soon. (yes it could have meant Butterfly crier would have come back but at the time they did not know that.)


James is a saboteur. He is helping Nic win…
I am one of the few that still like meech and nat. I think they are the ones excluded, not them doing it to themselves. James gives bad advise, and they listen to him.

A Girl Has No Name

Agree. James doesn’t understand the dynamics of the game the way he thinks he does. He isn’t there to win the $500k, he’s there for the fame…the glory without the guts. He has played a bs “game” and like her or not, he has essentially ruined Natalie’s chances to go much further by handing that HOH over to Nicole because she trusted him do do his best and he didn’t. I’m disgusted with him this go-round. He learned nothing from his mistakes of last season. I like both Nat and Michelle and would rather see James go out the door than Meech.


The way James said that and then talks about his sandwich made me think he does know they’re working together and doesn’t care.

Pi's Psigh

He does know they are working together he just wants Nat all to himself as the Austwins would say eeewwwwwwwwwwww I hope I don’t have to stop watching after this week but its probably better for my grades. My friends and I stopped last year after Jmac left ewww

Calling the kettle black...

Then Nat, jamesy, & Meech complain how vic & paul flipped flopped…YOU TRIED TO GET THEM OUT MORONS

sunny dee

that makes no sense, why would paul be mad at jataleech just because they lied to their faces, put them on the block instead of nicorey, then when corey was finally also on the block voted out Vic after saying no they weren’t going to vote out vic, like that just isn’t logical that vic/paul might be irritated by all that, right??

funnier because vic came back, reset the game, and prior to last eviction/voting, paul already cosied up to nicorey and spilled the beans. uh oh.

Nina Young

Agree. James really messed up TRUSTING NICORY! He was trying to show Nicory they could trust him(when he told Nicole about Big Meech coming after her) and now it is going to come back and bite him.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I missed something ......

Didn’t they turn their back on Paul mostly and only really James on Vic and only really to save Nicole? So aren’t they in this position predominantly because of James (never mind his decision to throw the HOH to Nicole)? They should throw James’ ass under the bus and tell Vic that!

About to upset people

I’m going to miss Meech is it to late to give her the package?


Your sarcasm is hilarious.

I dont get Nicole

I don t see why she d want after Meech – James to go, as soon as James goes, Natalie will go to Victor and Paul nd they will take her in(coz they do actually like her) and will take out Nicole the last vet, lat showmance, last never nominated person…If she votes in DE to evict James over Natalie it will be another Austwins situation in which she will totally lose the season by evicting her last piece of shield…so stupid


Nicole is an immature 14 year old girl. Shes like a tree monkey stuck on Corey. (And she needs to shower ugh) Shes playing a personal game against Michelle. Tho I am ok with Paul staying it is a ridulous move on her part. Vic and Paul with turn on Nicole and Corey in a heartbeat. Can’t wait for that to happen. Once Nicole is gone I might be able to watch the feeds and after dark again. I cringe when I hear her speak. Stop the whining!!!!

Damned if you do and damned if you don't

Nicole’s only option is to side with Vick and Paul. That’s 2 against 2 and not 3 (James Nat Meech) against 2.
Making it at least to final 4 is better than 6th place. At 4 anything could happen since POV winner decides who’s in final 3.

Meech isn’t being logical when she called Nichol stupid for siding with Paul and Vick and in the next breath saying she’ll put Nic and Cory up next week.
Of course Paul and Vick might get perinoid and turn on them but James almost did that last week.
Also Nicole will probably take out Nat before James.

An Apple a Day

Big Meech is that girl who sabotages herself. She idolized and crushed on Frank, but got jealous and turned on him. She was excited to work with just the girls and couldn’t keep her jealousy and big mouth under control. She lays there stuffing her face and speaKing out loud her “thought bubbles”, & she turns on everyone she’s worked with. She idolized Nicole, but she called her a snake on national TV. What the heck would Nicole work with her??? What makes her game weak, it’s her mean girl tendencies. She attacks, then cries about it. She’s smart, but has no control over her emotions and she is this season’s “Self Saboteur”.

Franks fumes

Ah yes the bizzaro logic of Meech nat and James is the gift that keeps on giving!

nicole the useless

nicole is the dumbest woman i ever met. she thinks she so smart but she’s basically getting set up by paul and vic to get KO’d next week. meech isn’t gonna win anything. why are you so scared of her. your a retard nicole. no one cares about you. your not speacial. and the only reason you have corey’s attention is bc your the only girl available in the house. geez no wonder hayden dumped your ass


You’re wrong about Corey, he could have had Natalie. He was her second choice. After a short fling with Victor he told her he didn’t want a showmance so she started flirting with Corey who paid her no attention at all. So she settled on James.
Nicole isn’t “scared” of Meech, she just doesn’t like her and knows that Meech wants her out. That is the reason Meech is on the block now, not because she’s such a great game player.


I disagree. I think meech will be good at the mental comps coming up. The only players to challenge Michelle in those comps would be Paul and possibly Vic. If Nicole focuses less on Corey and more on preparing, she would probably do well on the ones coming up too.


Corey, Paul and Victor each would take Nicole to F2.
F4 looks to be a good move to me,
But she might backstab Paul cause she is a snake!


I’m sorry, but Paul and Vic are taking each other to the final 2.


Why do people have to write offensive things about houseguests and use offensive wording ie. Retard. Maybe you don’t like her game play but writing on a personal level is immature. At least she is on the show, where are you?


Read his post and that’ll tell you his maturity level. Using the word “retard”. Countless spelling and grammar mistakes. He’s obviously not all there. Probably a trump supporter, because Trump “loves the uneducated!

Shut up sabs

So you are one of those intolerant people who don’t think others can have an opinion when you don’t like it and try to silence them with your insults. Then you have to associate them with someone you don’t like to stereotype people. Shut up Sabs.


I actually agreed with his opinion, but people shouldn’t be calling people “retards”. As someone that works with mentally handicapped people, I don’t take that word lightly.


He’s probably about 13 yrs old, if not younger. That’s not meant as a sarcastic insult. It’s just highly likely.

Yeah! Shut up Sabs

Sabs why do you insult someone who supports Trump? You are intolerant. Keep your comments to Big brother.


The R word is still uncool.


YOU’VE MET NICOLE?!? (note: you’ve, you have – not youv)


Yes Nicole, they are using you


But then every HG is using everyone else to win.

Franks fumes

James hates Vic because the way nat nat looks at him…..and he wants Paul gone because he thinks thats his only competition for America’s favourite…hes a jealous little devil!


Exactly!! He prepped Natalie’s game weeks ago but he knows, that’s the only way he will win in a f2. If he was smart, he would have worked with Paul or Victor. But, he’s jealous of Paul being funnier then him and Victor’s everything.


PAUL & VICTOR …. trusting Nicole too much is a huge mistake.


I hate to say it, but Paul is doing really good. He is somehow not getting sent home this week. He has already told nic he will be hanging w/ james and nat more, so he will be working on them for the de.
Meech is going to be taken out, so he has a better chance of winning the mental comps.

If James and Nic werent so close, it would make this season the best, but I already know what James will do anything for Nic. I think Paul has figured this out too, there are too many signs.
He has an uphill battle, and will deserve to win if he gets to f2.

Franks fumes

Paul in the hot tub with Meech nat james trying to act interested in their conversation he looks so lost…… a Rabbi at a tractor pull!


Why is getting a woman pregnant so scary to James? It’s not like he’s going to support the kid anyways.


You really should get your facts straight before you mouth off about something you know nothing about. James has a daughter by a “one night stand” and he does support her and does see her regularly. He and the mother were friends and got together one drunken night. They mutually decided to just remain friends and both stay in their daughter’s life.


Actually James was arrested for failure to pay child support. He was so far behind for nonpayment they arrested him.


He had a one night stand and the gal got pregnant. He does support her and her mom. He mentioned if he wins the game he will purchase this daughter’s mom a van to drive his daughter around. He is NOT a dead beat dad. Your comment struck a raw nerve with me and I am not a Jamesy fan. If a father is there, supporting financially while taking responsibility for his daughter after a one night stand, he deserves respect, not negative unkind comments.


I don’t know the particulars about James and his daughter and his daughter’s mother, however, I just know I was really disappointed in James for his words that sounded like the worst thing that could ever happen is that you get someone pregnant. These words here and on TV stay forever – if I was his daughter I would be hurt terribly not only by those words, but that he didn’t even think of me when he said them.

Zingbot 2016



Ummm, James had a kid from a one night stand and has fully supported child from the get go. He in fact helps support his baby’s momma’s other child by a different man without being in a relationship with the mother.


He did not support her from the get-go. Real men step up without the courts getting involved and at least without having to tell them multiple times, to the point they jail them for refusing to support their child. That’s your golden boy. Look it up.


Wrong is right! Those of you believing the BS James spews to impress Nat need to explain his mugshot. Failure to obey family court order. He can say whatever he wants, but facts are facts. He did not “step up”. He is supporting the child now but only after he was jailed. He lies!

Justin beaver

He just said that to divert the talk away from drunk driving, which he probably enjoys.

Probably true

I don’t understand all the thumbs down. He went to jail for not paying child support, didn’t he?


Yes he did, and is also known to have a big mouth after having a few drinks in him at the bars too. His ass has been kicked a few times because of it. And it’s documented that she took him to court for child support and that he was arrested for not making payments. So I also don’t get the thumbs down. He’s a phony weasel!

Franks fumes

I don’t think James fans wanna believe it…..Just the facts guys.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Hopefully Natalie is starting to see what a scummy person James is. I mean, he’s sort of implying that having a kid was a mistake worse than vehicular manslaughter. That’s not something you joke about. Hopefully his daughter doesn’t become aware of this some day. Being behind on child support to the point that he gets arrested for it is just icing on his sh*t cake.


But yet he believes everyone respects him and knows he is a “straight shooter” I didn’t see it the first time he was on, I thought it was pathetic the way he chased Meg even after she made it clear 10000% she was not interested. His game and his pranks were lame and still are. Now to hear some of this about his outside the game actions confirms he is a total tool. Natalie would have already realized it if she wasn’t so busy with the me, me , me.


LOL Clay!!!

Franks fumes



5Gs for a DOG? I just get so sick when I hear an ignorant POS say that! Too bad one of the options for the $ isn’t to contribute to a charity. The fool is taking laxatives every day- that’s why she has diarrhea. Cannot stand her. She would have been bounced in the beginning if not for the teams.


If Nicole is final 2 with a guy. I believe she will lose to a guy. She has never made an effort to bond with the girls. She has only used them for information and to get something she needed from them. I think that will leave the girls bitter towards her, even when the girls came back in the house for the Buy Back, she noticed none of the girls would hug her. If Nicole is final 2 with a guy, then the ratio of girls will be more than the ratio of guys for voting in the end. 5 girls voting to 4 guys voting. If a guy was smart he would take Nicole to the end, I really don’t think one girl would vote for her.


So true. She’s bad mouthed every girl in the jury and has lied to them right in front of their face. But highly doubt she will make it that far. First chance V/P/C get, they will vote her out.


True. I don’t even think she can win against the girls even.
If she is against Natalie somehow, Natalie will probably have Da, Bridgette, Meech, James. Z may vote for Nicole, but with Paulie hating Natalie, that would swing her to vote for Natalie out of spite.
If she is against Meech, I still think Meech has Da, Bridgette, Nicole, and Meech.
Therefore I think Nicole is really playing for 2nd place, best case scenario for her to win will be a 5-4 vote against Meech in final 2, which is not going to happen now that that she’s getting rid of Meech.
She might actually lose close to unanimously to any guy (with Corey the sole vote for her, maybe, and that’s not confirmed, I personally think Corey may choose a guy to win to send a message to Nicole that what they have is not real). Especially since she actively screwed over all the girls, and the guys have a “bro code”.

Roll Tide

Nicole and Corey are so full of them selves! But I do think deep down Nicole realizes that she should get Paul out. But I think her end game is to make it to final 4.
Michele should have put Nicole up last week. She missed a golden opportunity.


For the longest time I tried to figure out exactly what kind of game Paulie was playing. He would constantly talk about Cody’s season and what Derrick would do or think or say. But I couldn’t figure out which part Paulie was trying to play. He was not able to be the quiet thinker or to be content in the background because he couldn’t handle not winning everything so he definitely wasn’t cut out for the Derrick role. He was actually closest to the Caleb role but what Paulie needed was for someone to be his Derrick. I always thought Tiffany could have been Paulie’s Derrick and I just watched the aftershow and learned that Cody felt the exact same way. He really wanted them to work together. I feel like Paulie’s hatred of Tiff and his vendetta against her is when his game really began to unravel. It started with the Vanessa Effect and ended with the Butterfly Effect.


Never put any thought into Paulie’s game….. never cared


I don’t think Tiff could have played the Derrick role because she was just too paranoid and quick to blow up people’s game. Derrick was never emotional like Tiff was. Vanessa used crying as a strategy whereas Tiff cried for no reason. Also, Derrick was good at kicking back and having people come to him and trust him. Tiff skulled in the corner with her hats and sunglasses all of the time. It was creepy and obvious and everyone knew what she was doing.


I don’t believe that Tiff ruined Paulie’s game at all. It was his involvement with Z. If they hadn’t hooked up then they wouldn’t have had all of the fights and Natalie wouldn’t have talked to Z about the crappy way he was treating her. Z was the one that got Paulie to show what a real a-hole he was when she told him what Nat said and he blew up because he knew Z was believing Nat. Up to that point he had everyone convinced what a great and trustworthy guy he was but the blow up he had with Nat showed everyone his true colors. His game just unraveled after that!

Only can wish

At this point, Paul and Victor really don’t have a choice but to trust Nicole/Corey. I hope she doesn’t backdoor Paul. That would be a big move for her, if she makes Final 2. I’m wondering why Michelle isn’t mad at Natalie and James for talking her out of putting Nicole on the block last week. Nicole wins HOH, puts Michelle up with no hesitation. I guess James and Natalie are trying to keep Michelle cool, so she don’t turn on them. Michelle needs to stop settling on what James says, whining and play the game. Paul isn’t stupid, he know he may go home, eventhough, he’s has a final 4 deal with Nicole, he’s still playing the game.
Here come Natalie again with Victor talking about her. Sorry to disappoint you, Natalie. BB is not all about the guys talking about you, BooBoo. How did she think Victor was suppose to come back in the house after she put him up on the block? I guess he was suppose to come back in baking cookies and cakes for them. SMH


So Corey & Nicole can’t think of a way to use the $5k………..?????

How about……use it for Michele to promise never to put either one of them up & never to vote either one of them out? (I know it has to be used this week but doesn’t say the bribe action has to take place this week)

That solves Nicole’s problem of being terrified of Michele putting her up. She knows James will never put her up if she gets Paul out this week.

Problem is….Corey could care less about Nicole going up…he’s “bro’d out” with Vic & Paul!! Don’t think he would use it for Nicole’s safety.

Nicole’s walking a VERY short plank if she’s banking on Vic & Paul. They may go after James first…but she’s definitely next. That leaves the “bros” Corey, Paul & Vic against Nat & Nicole. Paul & Vic will take Nat to F3, just like Victoria went to F3.

Nicole is blind. This week will be her greatest regret…..

Corey's Hoe

You are right I think Corey is pumped to have the ALL BRO group going to the end again. He wasted his HOH believing them that it was still a go … Why he would trust them again is beyond me but I think he’s more about the Bros than taking his hoe to the end.


Whatever reputation James thought he had is long gone. James, you are a pathetic weasel. You turtle up under pressure and try to hide your game behind your desperate stalking of women way above your pay grade. So sad that this adolescent act is real. You are the only one who thinks it is clever for a 30 year old to pull high school pranks. Maybe you could kidnap the BB mascot and Corey can set it on fire.
Was Nat talking to James or Meech when she said she was mad that no one told her the tricks and strategy to use for each comp? You guys are in bed all day talking and you haven’t gotten around to reviewing strategies for each potential comp? Too busy patting yourselves on the back and endlessly repeating whatever your self-delusional excuse of the week is…Paul is a liar, Vic is a beast, Nicole will evict Paul…
If Meech goes this week (I am not convinced that Nicole will not wimp out and instead evict Paul with the tie breaker vote) Natalie is going to rub her eyes and realize that she is next, and there is really only one person to blame – Jamesy Wamesy, though she won’t be calling him that any more. He will be the little weasel that never should have dropped off the wall, should have voted out Corey last week, should not have thrown other comps, etc….in fact, I think Nat is clever enough that she will take some seemingly minor situation or innocuous comment from james and turn it into some big fight that “hurts her heart”, and gives her the excuse to run to someone who understands, some one that will make her feel safe, someone who respects her…..Victor maybe? Paul even? Mark my words…big misunderstanding with James standing there with that dumb, blank look on his face while Nat goes off on him. Thursday night or Friday. Get ready james, the fantasy is almost over….hope the whiff was worth it!
Oh, and too bad for Nat that Vic may “play for the other team” and I’m not referring to teaming up with Nicole and Corey. Well, Corey maybe, but a different kind of teaming up, if you know what I mean (not that there is anything wrong with that).

James hilarious lies

Lames says he threw the Storm comp. Yeah right you little turd. You win a mental comp? NEVER. He always tries to make Natalie think he is this great BB player. When he really is just a little dumb rat turd who never had a chance of winning BB ever.

Meanwhile Nat stares at Victor like he is a Snickers bar and she is starving.


You nailed it.

Shelli's Chompers

You’re not you when you’re hungry!

Another Anonymous

James should see a gut doctor. His gut keeps telling him wrong things.


Vic is the Forest Gump of BB. He was completely relaxed his 1st eviction, certain he was safe, then he gets a slate of easy people to beat to get back in. Upon his return, Vic floats to power even as his allies mock him mercilessly, planning to discard him after bigger fish are fried. He gets a stronger position when people turn, so he floats to them and they use him to get Paulie, before discarding him again. Now like a cat with 3 lives, Vic benefits from the idiocy of those who discarded him, as he marvels how he keeps losing only to come back with more people helping.

All that’s missing is him saying, “Big Brother is like a box of chocolates”…


Nicole, yes they are using you. It doesnt worry you that Paul just ran by you that he will be hanging with them more. Why? Because they are malleable, and 2 will be staying. Nicole isnt putting herself in a perfect position, she is putting Paul in a perfect position. Paul will be smashing nicorey under this “ruse”, then they will get blindsided with one of their own going… And you all think she will be unscathed?
Paul and vic will go after the strongest, and so will Nat. Nat will go after Paul & Nic, but Nic could do no wrong in Jameseys eyes. I am sure Paul & meech has figured this out by now, they were on the same season. That alone is sketch…
Nicole COULD set up a deal w/ the 3 to send vic in the double, and she could be meech’s “best friend”. Meech aches for it, but Nic is too much of a snob.. Its not nat & meech, its totally her, she never went to them when they were in power either. She names all guys in her season that she is life long friends with in her season, besides victoria… really? I think Coreys obsession w/ bro-ing out is really a good match for Nic too.
It all depends what happens in the DE… this could be a great move, that everyone seems to think it is, but I think this move is a shoe-in for eviction.


Um, no. They were not on the same season.


James was on season 17 and Nicole was on the one previous to that (it shall not be named). She was with Derrick and Cody. Somewhere in the Big Brother rounds Nicole/James/Cody/Derrick et. al. met and got chummy. Which makes this cast a little more suspect to me and makes my tinfoil tingle.


Yes, I know that… I honestly cant believe I wrote that, my mind mustve been somewhere else. I was meaning being apart of the bb alumni, and a vet. Knowing each other outside the house is a major red flag. lol. Face palm.


As much as I dislike the ole Crunch and Munch I can’t believe she considers herself fat. Please don’t kill me but dare I say she looks very normal in the above bikini picture.


Michelle whines about her weight every day, it’s disgusting. I don’t mean her weight, I mean her constant complaining. I think she and Natalie both do it just to get attention. I’m sure they just want someone to say “Oh no, your not fat” Looking for compliments and validation, that’s all.


Exactly. Girls do it all the time. They say these things so that others will confirm how good they look. A very old trick of conceited girls.


After losing a lot of weight a few years back I had become the most fit I’d ever been in my life, but then I hit a rough patch. One day during a related convo with coworkers I mentioned this fact when some a$$hole piped in and said “she’s only saying that so you tell her how good she looks.” Um, no prick, I was making a true statement. Newsflash, I don’t give a [bleep] what people think or say. I did it for me, I continue to do it for me. I don’t need recognition from anyone. Sure it’s nice to hear, but I don’t seek conformation from anybody. Obviously I can’t speak for every person, but I can confidently say that not every female makes comments about themselves just to feed their ego. Get a grip.


You obviously don’t have Live Feeds otherwise you would know that she is constantly fishing for compliments. Every day since about week 3 she has mentioned how fat she is getting. She stands in front of mirrors studying her body. The girl is definitely obsessed with her weight. She is very insecure in many ways and it shows. As for Natalie she has to one-up Michelle. If Michelle mentions her weight, instead of encouragement or kind words she talks about hers. It’s fine that you don’t need validation from others but Michelle definitely does.

Another Anonymous

How could she not be gaining weight with a cereal box glued to her hand 24/7?


I never, ever thought I’d be saying this, but I actually think Nicole is playing a smart, strategic game. She and Corey will throw the next HOH to Paul or Vic, who will nominate James and Nat with Nat likely going to jury. Same thing with the next HOH, throwing it to either Paul or Vic who will then send James to jury. She’s covered herself with James, in essence keeping her word and not nominating him, ensuring his and Nat’s vote in the jury. Final 4. . .Paul, Vic, Corey and Nicole. Corey and Nic will then try to win the HOH to send Vic home. Final three. . .Corey, Paul and Nic. Corey will definitely take Nic to final two and Paul’s a toss up, but that’s the risk she has to take. If it all works out this way, her odds of making it to final two are pretty good and if she’s sitting next to Corey. . .game over.


Thumbs up if anyone thinks that Paul would throw Nicole and Corey under the bus if James or Natalie wins HOH in Double Eviction. Thumbs down if you think he will be true to Nicole or Corey and not throw them under the bus.

Hypocrites Anonymous

Agree with you but I think James will still take out Paul or Victor (esp Victor).


what did big Meech do to get in trouble?


Ate all of the production crews Ding Dongs.

Bird is the Word

And the twinkies.


….and the crew


Unfortunately, Michelle is her own worst enemy, with good instinct and intuition. If she had the self-confidence to follow-through with her gut instincts, and not allow her personal feelings to interfere, she would be in a different position right now. She is so perceptive, but, so myopic.


She threatened to burn Paul’s clothes.


But, Paul said he would “punch that b!$@h right in the face”. He, also, is his own worst enemy.


I hope Victor wins it all, he really is the only person who seems real. The others all have been fake at one time or another. They all lie, all talk about the others behind their backs. I realize its a game but I am hoping Victor all the way to 500K


Voting out one of Coreys new “Bros”will not happen. Nicole is listening to Corey, and he will talk her right onto the block. She knows she should take one of the duo of Paul/Vic out right now, but Corey keeps saying no. Nicole can’t see the forest for the Sex!!! If she wanted to she could put her foot down, but wants to be with Cooorrrreey! I hope he is worth it. If she was seriously going for the $500,000, she should take James because, like her, he is a returnee, and he is as disliked as she is. She will not win against any other person left in that house. Should that not be a consideration in choosing who you want to be sitting with at the end? Once she is no longer HOH she no longer has any control over anyone, and from the conversation Meech and Paul had last night, you could see that Paul is certainly starting to think about it. He was asking who would vote for who, so that is in the wind. He knows he cannot win against Victor.


Personally, I don’t like Nicole and I don’t want her to win. However, with the way this is playing out, I think she may have a good chance if she is in the final 2. Nat and James think their final 4 with her and Corey is still strong and if she gets Paul and Vic to send Nat and James to jury, Nicole will have their votes. Da, Z and Bridgette may vote for her just because they want a girl to win. Paulie may also vote for Nicole because of her relationship with Cody. Meech. . .who knows what that girl will do!

If Corey is in Final 2, he hasn’t built any relationships with anyone except Nicole and Paulie. In the jurors’ eyes, he hasn’t done anything except throw comps and spend time with Nicole.

If Vic is in Final 2, his coming back after being evicted may help or hurt him. Paul said last night if he was sitting next to Victor one of the points in his speech would be that he survived being on the block, while Vic was voted out both times he was on the block. Yes, Vic is a comp beast, but strategically. . .?

If Paul is in Final 2, personal feelings may play a factor in votes. It’s hard to call with Paul. I think it will depend on who’s sitting next to him.


I get it Nat is fake – whatever. So is RatCole and CURIOUS COREY. The 3 of them along with No Show JAMES aren’t talking with each other at the moment. And why is that ??? Because all Nicole has done is secluded herself in the HoH room with Vic and Paul the whole week. – At least James and Nat aren’t kissing Nicole’s ASS and making a deal for safety like Vic and Paul are. What does that tell you ??? – But Nicole and Corey are too Stupid to realize that.
Everyone is mad at James for backstabbing players and turning on them when it really mattered and eventually they got sent home??? Well it turned out, they were strong players, and they would have came after him and Nat anyways. Remember in his Last Season how everyone was screaming at James to make big moves in the game with Meg and he never did and he got screwed over – Well he was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t this Season, because you all would be screaming at him for being a Coward for not having Nat’s back !!!! – AND don’t LIE you all know you would be !!!!
I like how this week is playing out with Meech going home. Now you have the 3 showmance’s left in the house James/Nat, Rat/CuriosCorey and Vic/Paul. They will battle it out with a possible double coming up to get to F4. Who could ask for anything more.
I personally would love to see Vic and Corey go home next after Meech. One because I am tired of hearing Vic say I survived 2 times coming back in to this house well then a third time will be for good FOOL. And Corey because hiding behind Nicole is way worse than anything Nat has ever done in the entire game including any of the things anyone has ever written about Nat. Plus I’d rather Have Paul only male up their with James in F4. I think he deserves it more than Vic. Paul has been pulling Vic’s strings all Season – and we all know that !!!!!

Nat the Rat

You say Nicole and Corey are fake like Nat but neither of them have made up or embellished lies against someone to target them like Nat has. Nat has literally changed her story several times regarding Pauls leg touching. The incident with Paulie LEADING UP TO HIS BLOW UP was totally blown out of proportion by Nat. Once he blew up, he lost all credibility and HE looked bad. Also the other night, she admitted to lying about Paul to James because she wanted Paulie out so bad.


Nat and Meech are keeping their distance from the other HGs because they want James to take them to the end and James told them to isolate themselves from the others. They must know that there is no blending into the background at this stage in the game. There are too few people to try to make themselves invisible.

James just doesn’t want them talking game.
1. Because they are terrible at it
2. They will put their foot in their mouth and he will have to do damage control
3. He doesn’t want Nic to slip about their agreement
4. He is a control freak
5. He doesn’t want them to make deals with the others
6. Us against them is kind of James’s thing.
7. He doesn’t want them to know how often he lies and withholds information.


When Nicole came back into the house I was glad to see that she made it because I thought she got a raw deal when she first played BB but now she is showing her real colours. She is still that whiny person but I Can’t stand Nicole! I Can’t stand her voice, I can’t stand her pretend sweet girl deameaner and I can’t stand the idea that she might make final 4 or God forbid final 2 !!
Previously she made deals with Natalie and James ( who were stupid to believe that she would be honest with them and stay loyal) and she always scurries around the house like a scared rabbit when other people are in charge but now since she has the HOH she is strutting around like a peacock. It is funny to see how people change when they have power. It will be interesting to see how she whines and backstabs Vic and Paul if by some chance James or Natalie win HOH.

Jake K.

I don’t know about you, but I always get some sort of feeling about two possible game winners around this time. Without a doubt Rachel and Ian, Andy and Derrick absolutely; Steve and Vanessa were on my radar. Even going back to the days of BB5 you knew it was going to be Drew or Diane, Maggie in 6, Boogie and Dick in 7 and 8, etc. It’s becoming quite clear the winner of this season will either be Paul or Nicole.


James and Nicole had a pre-show alliance hence why they don’t wanna go after each other


I feel sorry for James (after the show) being so used by Nat and being her 3rd or 4th choice for a showmance. Some guys don’t see a girl like that coming.


The only guys Nicole has a CHANCE of beating in the end is James and Corey. The only girl she has a slim chance at beating is Meech. If she doesn’t realize this soon she’s Dunzo.


Not sure about her beating meech. At least meech can say she orchestrated getting Paulie out. Nicole really has nothing to say other than she laid in bed all summer.


My guess is if James wins the 500k, she could have the lifestyle she desires for at least a couple of months that is until she bleeds him dry. If doesn’t win the 500k she will be done with him before it even started!


she just won HOH and POV back to back.


And like both her HoHs, I read that the POV was given to her. What a great player she is? Yeah, right!!!


James and Nicole have to be working together. He is positive Paul is going home. If Paul does we will know for sure they have a final two together. He said last night to Nat and. Meech, something about the secret of an alliance you don’t know people are working together. Also why would he give her the Hoh just so she can get a letter? Production has wanted them to win all along. There was no reason to put Paul up against Meech. If she is so sure Meech is going put up Corey, or Nat. If Paul goes home it’s fixed. Break out the rum.


Nicole said she knew for a month she was coming back and the vet list got leaked. Her and James have a pre-show alliance. Also I do think production is trying to get them far. Look at James for example last week all he could talk about was the wall comp and what do you know there’s the wall comp. Also James gave up way too easy when he let nicole win that hoh.


Talking about the weather comp or something on AD and Nat says “I am going to play the 5th on that one”




Let me get this right. Nicole wants to vote out the weakest player, possibly the only player she would stand a chance against with the jury, and keep the two strongest players in many years safe?

Brilliant move! Her and Cody were made for each other.


The only one that is targeting Nicole is Michelle, so it makes complete sense for Nicole to want her out. No one else would put up Nicole at this point other than Natalie once Michelle leaves. So if you ask me, Michelle is the best option. And Michelle is actually in a good spot right now to go all the way to at least top 3 since she doesn’t have a partner, so it’s best to take out the person that every couple would take to the top three spot. I do agree that taking Victor out now is best, since I do believe that he will go all the way to top 2 if he is not stopped now, but for Nicole’s game it is better to keep him since he will likely not put her up.


No wait…Corey has thought this thru as evidenced by this brilliant thought when deciding who they should keep……

Corey – I don’t like Natalie.. she’s super fake

Obviously Corey did not get the memo…..that this is a strategic game ….not the dating game.


Natalie quotes:

*I can have any guy that I want.

*It’s so great being in the BB house. At home I am constantly pestered by guys who want to take me out on dates. What a relief!

*It’s so hard for me. All my friends have designer bags and I don’t.

Natalie certainly likes herself a lot. Are you hopeless romantics out there still so certain that Natalie’s feelings about James are genuine? Do you think he would ever be able to provide Natalie with the life of luxury that she desires? Outside the BB house James would be just another one of those annoying guys who constantly seek her affections. The concealment of Natalie’s true personality is breaking apart by the day..

Backseat Driver

I said this before on a post…..when the lights go out in the backyard September 22, Natalie will be saying,,,”James, who?”

Gnat's Colours

Spot on. She sucks swamp water.


I can’t stand Nicole. She never liked any of the girls in the house. She sat her whiney ass under Corey all summer and had sex on tv. She is now hoh making a dumb move. I hope she gets evicted.


Here we go again, same person, different names, making another false comment about them having sex. No life.


There’s video of it….twice. Not sure where you get its false? Not only is it obvious by what you see in the video, but also by what Corey says in the video. Sorry but video doesn’t lie. Lol


You are making assumptions based on movement seen under the covers. Please review the definition of sex.

Butters Mom

I knew Michelle wasnt washing that fruit! She was eating that KIWI skin and all with the sticker still on it. Idiot. She claims to be a nutritionist yet she doesnt know pesticides are bad for you? The reason she has the sh*ts is because she isnt peeling her kiwis. lol


What kind of raccoon stomach does someone have to be able to eat Kiwi skin lol. That’s like just biting into the banana and going with it. Yuck


Nicole really is a fruit loop dingus. No way she can win against Victor and Paul. I heard it mentioned that hers and James stipend was bigger than the others and guess that’s what she and James are playing for. Just hang in and get a good paycheck instead of trying to win the half million. It’s a shame, too, because the half million will be more than the stipend. Nicole needs to pull Meech off and put up Victor, tell the others she doesn’t care who they vote out and then hope James or Nat wins next hoh. Or even Meech wins hoh because she can be persuaded to put up Paul and Corey. Doesn’t look like Nicole is that smart though.


I want to say I heard the amount of 25K from one of them at some point. I believe that was if they made it to jury. I am not sure if that was a flat rate or if they also get the stipend. If it included the stipend which did someone say $750 per week, that would be 40K payout pre-tax. Not bad for laying on your azz all summer and in Nicole’s case being a finger puppet.

OMG DANNY Boy .....

As rude as your finger puppet comment was it REALLY made me laugh!


Does anybody know, can the winner or the runner up get AFP?

America screwing with the game

America put Meech in a bad spot last week. Don’t get me wrong, she should not have been so easily swayed buy Nat and James, but still, if she had not won that prize it would be a different game right now. Meech is a bit of a drama queen and revels a little too much in talking shit about people, she could have been co-hoh and still played the middle of she could keep her might shut. James is a bonehead and has zero idea how to play this game, he just wants AFP and NatNookie, and he won’t be getting either I don’t think. Nicole actually killed it this week, this was a clutch week for her to pull out a couple W’s, but I think she is still wasting her HOH leaving two solid couples on the board. Corey is dead weight, he cannot win mental or physical against those left.


I can not for the life of me figure out that Meech and Natalie can not figure out that James lied to Natalie when he said he did not tell Nicole and Corey that Meech was after Nicole. Beech has been in the room when James has sold out people that are close to Natalie before. Natalie knows that James told Paulie about things that Natalie has said. The both know that James has lied and gone back on his word repeatedly.

It is not exactly an known in the house that James word is worthless and that he has no core values in this game that would prevent him from backstabbing someone that thinks he is an ally because he has done that to people in front of them. Natalie can not figure out that the only other person in the room that wasn’t a girl in the room when they talked about their girl alliance was James. Natalie can not figure out that James has worked hard to isolate Nat in the game and keep her just for himself. I wonder what their future will be like when she finds out that James has betrayed her most in the game by taking out ALL of her other friends in the house…. not much of a future.

The DUI conversation about driving drunk was killing me… I thought I was going to die laughing considering James past that must have been a very uncomfortable conversation considering he has DUI’s and another violation for driving drunk with a suspended license for driving drunk LoL…. they will not last a week when NatNat finds out all of the things about James she does not know.


I cannot stand Natilie. But I do think she’s trying to hurt him but in the end it will. Her body language is honest when she says she loves James but it’s in a platonic way. She doesn’t seem to have much to say about him future wise. Everything she says future wise doesn’t include him. Earlier today she said she hopes to find a good guy to marry. How many hints has James given her about getting married and she turned him down or changed the subject. When she lets him down its going to be a disaster.


Why is it that the only showmance that doesn’t make out, kiss or have touchy feely bedtime is James and Nat. Yet everyone keeps saying she really likes him. Umm no she doesn’t, not in that way. She might like “having someone in the house” but she doesn’t like him like that. Reason, you would be able to tell…..period.

Why he said what he said about pulling out (gross pig) because hes a jerk and he always was. Do people not remember all his rude remarks about women, all the time on his season. Its not as much this time but its still there because that’s who he is. Notice how none of them said “Why not use a condom dick head” !. He acts like his “one night stand” was all the girls fault. Like fuck off James you little troll. You’re lucky anyone wanted to sleep with you with that shitty attitude of yours. Southern Charm my ass. Just because you can repeat Gentlemen like behavior doesn’t mean you are a Gentlemen! Grr (lols)
Would love to see him out on his arse!

Gnat stinks

A drone flew over the backyard. Meech ran in like she was in danger.

Froot Loop Dingus

If there was any doubt about Nat and Meech being Mean Girls, this post should put an end to that. They’re mad that Vic and Paul are hanging out with Nicole and Corey? Who was it that put them on the block last week, voted Vic out and Had a screaming match with Paul? That french fry liar. And all they do is sit around bitching about everyone.
And now suddenly Meech wants Vic out, because he’s a liar? Hilarious.
As for James, he’s just an embarassment. The comment about pulling out? WTF.. and he’s the oldest person left in the house. Wow. And is there a comp he hasn’t claimed to have thrown? What a loser.
As far as Nicole, getting Meech out is not her worst move, nor is aligning with Vic & Paul. James, Nat & Meech is a trio. Getting Meech out puts the house at 3 duos (albeit not evenly matched) And with Nicole not playing in the next HOH, she’s aligned with the 3 people who have the majority of the comp wins.
Without a doubt Paul & Vic will target Lames and Nastalie before Nicole and Corey. A
And yes, if James or Nat win HOH, Vic and Paul may try to get in their good graces… you pretty much have to if you don’t want to go home. But I do think they will stay loyal to Nic & Corey until final 4. Just as they would have been loyal to the 3 stooges (James/Nat/Meech).
To be honest getting Nat out is the best move since that makes James and Meech into basically 2 singles who are up for grabs.
Corey should use the bribe at the Veto ceremony and offer Nicole the $5000 if she uses the Veto on Paul and replaces him with James or Nat. That would rattle the remaining 2 for the HOH, plus it gives Nicole an excuse to do it (and it bounces a check to James which he deserves).

Shut up!

Since none of you can possibly know all of the facts why don’t you all shut up. Keep your remarks relative to the game.