James- “I guarantee he (PAUL) knows he’s going home”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nomi1nations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Corey and Victor
Care package Corey

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2:38pm Backyard James, Victor, Michelle, Corey and Nicole
Chit chat (The entire morning has been uneventful)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 14-41-47-802

2:41pm A Drone visits the backyard.. (You can hear the buzzing)
“What the heck.. “
Michelle runs away.. Screaming.. “What is is saying it has a guy on it.”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 15-25-40-240

<1 Victor - I saw sh1t to be completely honest to you.. I didn’t see the number 1 the T kor the U Nicole - it was hard to see.. I thought it was a swarm of bees.. Paul says they (DR) said there is an event going on and it’s from that Corey doesn't think it is he thinks it’s about the game. Victor says Natalie thinks it’s something insulting her Victor - just stop ... everything has to be personal attack to her.. They all comment that Natalie is playing the victim again. Nicole doesn’t want them talking much about it because she doesn’t want people to disrupt the game. (True) Nicole mentions that Michelle is saying they flew the done because she was in the backyard. Paul says he’s worried they might drop a message just to mess with them. Nicole says nothing that gets flown into the backyard that will change this weeks target. Paul- Tell me exactly what words you saw. Corey- It was T with 4 to5 letters... 2 to 4 letters and then number 1 [gallery ids="150157,150158,150159"]

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 15-38-37-145

3:30pm London Natalie, Michelle and James
Natalie – they said it had dark hair..
Michelle – so I have dark hair..

Natalie says no one talks game with her anymore.
James says he does.
Michelle is going to talk to talk to Nicole after the veto ceremony. Michelle is going to tell them that America wants Paul out because he was in danger and the care package didn’t go to Victor/Paul it went to Corey.
Michelle is going to say Victor is her target for Double.

Micelle adds she’s going to tell them if Victor/paul are in power they will put up Corey and James.
James – next week if Nicole gets rid of Paul and they trust Victor to work with Corey and NIcole.. That is the side he’ll be rolling with now.. They (Vic) can put me up and her (Nat) up if you (MEECH) stay.. One of us might win that veto and that means Corey or Nicole has to go up and where do the votes lie..
James- 2 to 1 Corey will go home.. That’s what I don’t know Nicole knows..
Michelle says Corey and Nicole are buddy buddy with Victor it’s obnoxious
James says he thinks 2-3 weeks out all the time says keeping Victor is bad for Nicole. Nicole isn’t thinking about what happens if he wins the Veto.
Jame s- Nicole if you want to risk me and Natalie winning the veto and Corey going up..
James says Victor doesn’t think he’s just a machine
Michelle – why wouldn’t they put me up instead (of Corey)
James – ohh I didn’t think of that.. (HAHAHAHAHAH)

Michelle going on and on that Victor is going to win all the vetoes from now on they will never get him out.
JAmes says if they had kept Victor he might have stuck with them but probably not.
JAme s- I don’t think Paul is staying this week
Michelle – would I not pitch anything to Nicole
Jame s- not scenarios.. She’s smart..
James – just say hey my fate’s in your hands.. I have no problem with you.. My target’s Victor..
James- that’s all you have to say.. (ZOMG)
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 15-37-08-586
James- I guarantee he (PAUL) knows he’s going home..

Michelle and Natalie agree the game would have been better for them without Vets in it.
Michelle – I feel like I would have had an advantage

Michelle says Paul is sleeping all the time because he knows he’s going home. (LOL he’s upstairs in the HOH with everyone else for the last hour)
Natalie is certain that America doesn’t like Paul and this drone was a sign for that.

Michelle says it looked like Victor’s hair. Maybe they are being told to not trust Victor.
Natalie proposes if it had short dark hair maybe it was Paul.. maybe they are being told they can’t trust Paul.

Paul joins them.. Speculation about the done commences..
(the message makes little sense)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 15-38-41-207

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 15-59-03-892

3:58pm HOH Nicole, Corey and Victor
Nicole – you swear you guys aren’t changing your votes..
Victor – if you ask 1 more time i’m changing my vote
Corey laughs.. “Same”
Corey – I am not Voting Paul out I love Paul.. we’re in an alliance we’re final 4.. (See image)
Victor – what’s the problem
Corey – she’s wanting to know if she should send Natalie out
Victor – if you don’t want to send Natalie out don’t put her on the block
Corey – we’re sending Michelle out..
Victor – I’m not here to f*** you over

Paul comes back up after talkign to Michelle, Natalie and James.. says Michele is being a bit “airhead” about the drone.
Victor – I think Natalie read it.
Paul says Natalie thinks it’s a insult to her body and Michelle think’s it’s game related
Nicole – I just want Michelle gone 10 times more now.. she’s throwing my name around because of the team america thing..

Paul says Michelle said Nicole’s name twice and Corey/Victor 1
Nicole says Michelle throws her name out ..

Victor- Target Nat #1
Corey – It could I think it was Target Nat number 1 ..
Paul – I caught James doing another 1 of his f*** updates..
Paul explains that Natalie, Michele and James have been saying it was not a girl all this times.
Paul adds that he caught James saying “She” then correct himself saying “The Doll”
Nicole – he was shaking when he ate the brownies, he was scared..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 17-15-13-895
5:00pm Michelle and Natalie
Michelle freaking out calling Victor a snake saying he’s a traitor. (LOL.. YOU GUYS VOTED HIM OUT)
Michelle- I can’t deal with the fakeness.. I literally can’t stand them..

Michelle says Nicole plays this friendly act and she’s never been to her.
Michelle – I’m done with her act.. I’M DONE

Natalie tries her best to comfort Meech.
Meech – I hate the way I look I hate the way I look i’m the ugliest person
Natalie – you are not..
Meech – I can’t even look at myself..
Meech in full crying mode..
Meech – why is it so long… Season 14 was 77 days long we’d be almost done by now. (the good ol days)
Natalie says there show is more popular they get more air time.
Meech bawls.. full on bawls but it’s MEECH “bawlng” which is forced.

Natalie – if you win that 1/2 millions dollars
Meech – NATALIE chances are I’m not.. there’s goign to be 40 episodes of me lookign like a ugle person..

Natalie – there’s not MEECHIE.. Seriouslly..
meech – I wasn’t ready to be here.. I wasn’t ready to come here…
Nat – don’t think that way I don’t think anyone was ready to come here MEECH, you survived a double evcution.. you surviofed thuis long without a showmance.
Natlaie says if it wasn’t for James she would be gone by now.. HSe had someone to trust 100% and Mcihelel never had that..

Natalie – you had your girlfriends..
Meech – they were real…
Natalie – I’m goign to be here when you’re sad when you’re angry..

Meech – I hate my body I hate my face I hate everything about myself..
Meech – I wish I looked different be a different person
James comes by says the Chicken is ready.. Natalie ticks with her

Michelle – I don’t have a pretty face.. it’s so fat.. it looks like buzz light year
Nat – you are gorgeous.. you have the most beautiful eyes. to be honest to me you are tall and skinny.. I know you are not your best face..

Meech – It’s something different every day I just hate myself all together..
Natalie tries to make her feel better and does a good job. (this is some of the old Natalie coming back)
Meech – I look like a ugly bum every single day everyone see it.. I guarantee you there’s screen captures of mee looking ugly.. the DR I always look like sh1t they always make me talk in there…

Paul comes in
Natalie – stop crying Paul’s coming..
Paul asks her if she wants anything.. leaves…

Michelle is sick of Victor being fake
Natalie says Victor will go wherever the power goes (YOU GOT HIM OUT.. sorry but they seem to forget this and it’s Hilarious )

Natalie goes on and on how beautiful Meech is “You didn’t need surgery you are born beautiful”
Natalie reminds her they are locked in a house for months they can’t go to the store.
Meech – I’m just scared of being on the block this week

Natalie – James said in confidence today that in his gut you are not goign home (ZOMG.. James gut = Meg’s gut)
Meech – OK
natalie says she’s not the target she is not going home.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 17-37-23-705

5:32pm HOH Nicole and Corey
Nicole – Victor is someone that needs a lot of attention
Corey – I like Vic I like him more and more now..

Corey – there’s no way he’s coming for us (Vic)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 18-02-07-663

6:02pm Back outside…

6:47pm James petting Natalie like a dog

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-28 19-51-13-959

7:30pm Corey and Nicole hammock

Nicole – I really think they don’t think Michelle is leaving..
Nicole – you would think one of them would come ask me..

Nicole wonders if they (James, Michelle, Natalie) have Victor on their side it’s 4-2 and 4-1 in the next HOH.
Nicole – I’ll be so mad Paul goes him that’s all i’m saying..

Nicole – I don’t think Victor is smart enough to play us after they voted him out.. Right..
Corey – I know..
Nicoe – it would be a good move for him Get pula ou.
Corey – should I offer Vic $5 dollars to vote Michelle out
Nicole wants them to wait to see how the week goes.

Corey – maybe you should put Natalie up to be safe
Nicole – I don’t want tooooo, James will gravitate towards them.. I’m not doing it that will screw us over for double for sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Nicole – you got to play risky but that’s like me voting you out.. Vic has no strategy.. No strategy to know that’s a good move for him. (WTF?)
Corey suggest they give Victor the 5 Grand to solidify their final 4 alliance.
Nicole – very true.. Vic could use the money.. He’s broke..
Corey – so broke
Nicole – i’m broke.. But Victor needs the money so bad he told me his car windows don’t roll down.. Poor guy and I know he would 100% use it for you know what…
COrey – what
Nicole – for that trip.. It’s cute.. I do think he’s going to win 500K

Nicole says this is a great idea bribe Victor to vote out Michelle. Nicole says she can breath easy.
Corey – should I do that .. that would 100% solidify .. . he’ll be like I love Corey and NIcole they just gave me 5 grand..
Nicole – it’s a really good idea..

Nicole saying they can offer it to James to vote Michelle out.
Corey do you want James on our side or Vic on our side
Nicole – Vic

Corey says he does not want to keep the bribe for the HOH nobody will drop for 5Grand. They are going to give it to Victor to make sure he votes out Michelle.

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WEEK 5 – August 25 to August 26th
The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

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Teri B

So I’m confused. Can someone tell me who the frakking Target really IS? Are Nicole and James working together? Is Paul going home or is James delusional?

Thanks to anyone who can help me catch up. Love you Simon and Dawg!


lol yes james is most definitely delusional in more ways than one 🙂

Hide the chips

Just exactly how stupid is Nicole? Are they paying the final 4 players now? Is this bizarro bb?
I mean if you could win comps it’s still stupid but you and your showmance are both horrible at comps so you decide to keep the strongest competitor and evict the weakest?
On the plus side she’s passed James as America’s worst player.

Floating around so throw me a life vest

Is it me or this house got REALLY BORING this week?


This is the time of the season that I wish they would share air time with the Jury House. I bet that would be a little more interesting.


Welcome to bb18 this house is the floaters Paradise.



Froot Loop Dingus

Simon, I don’t know if its just that I’ve been reading all your posts, but lately, I notice your side comments are exactly what I was thinking when reading it. So damn funny!


LMAO @ the James petting Nat GIF.


I was thinking the same thing. Some of the side notes are more entertaining than the HG. Also damn better than the lame zing bot. How tall are you Simon? Can we get you in that zing-bot costume? Somehow I think you would tear it up!
I think most of us would very well working with James. Just like with George on Seinfeld everything James says or thinks……………do the opposite! It is starting to get a little creepy, he is keeping those two girls isolated in that London room. No, no don’t talk to anyone I will talk to Nicole. She will tell me. He says on AD “Nicole is a straight shooter she will either say she doesn’t know (how the vote will go) and she may not know or she will tell me Paul is the target” It was basically like well she will either blow smoke up my azz or she will blow smoke up my azz but believe me she is a straight shooter. Another lame phrase that can die and be buried. Straight shooter. In a game of lies and deception nobody gives it to you straight. Besides what weapon shoots crooked or around corners anyway? Sounds dumb and coming from Lamesy it sound ridiculous


seriously its painful to keep watching this borefest.. i dont remember a season so boring this early on.. i mean literally half the house is still in there and i couldnt care less what happens or who wins.. i just wish it would end already and hope bb19 is far better god knows it cant be worse smh


I hope this doesn’t come across rudely. You do know that the season started with 16 houseguests, right? There are only 6 people left, literally less than half of the cast is still in the house. The season is almost over.

Can you count?



Personally, I think this season has been more exciting than it has been in a few years. Victor and Paul are very entertaining. Hope they make it to final 2.


Get over yourself Natalie!!!


The self absorbed path she travels from time to time is my least fave. I’m not certain how introspective she is but I’m hoping after seeing herself on bb (provided she watches which something tells me she most certainly will;-)) she will become a little more self aware as she is a sweet girl. She just tends to make stuff about her and reads too much into comments, especially those made by men (although the f t thing was legitimately offensive). I bet many of you have a Nat in your life, prett, sweet girl who struggles w some self esteem issues and is likely seeking validation through advances made by opposite sex. She beautiful and I think she’ll come to know this as she matures:-)


I am not sure if you people realize the degree to which James is playing a psychological game. He obviously knows how to get into the minds of others.

He is willing to sacrifice Michelle this week and then pair up with the HOH winners. He will be able to ‘mist’ Nicory or Pauvic.

I believe those who can witness this the way i do will know what a mindwarper James is. I bow down. By the way, he will be with Natalie the day after BB ends. Natalie knows when to grab on to a good one.

Sir James, I salute you.


honestly i do like a good troll and at best you qualify for soso however i must admit “sir james i salute you” did make me laugh


Actually James has played more like Derick than anyone. James first time around he won the first HOH and was a target from then on. He won 2 HOH’s, two battle of the blocks, and 2 veto’s. Ended up being nominated for eviction 5 times and was evicted on this week. So I can understand him keeping a low profile this time. Like Derick he doesn’t win comps, tells on people blames it on others, tells everyone he has their back, and when something happens denies he knew anything about it. Although thats what I didn’t like about Dericks game but if you liked the way Derick played than you should have no problem with James. Oh and Nat is James’s Victoria. If James doesn’t get evicted this week he will have done better than his last season. Just saying.

Teri B

Yeah, not gonna happen. Just sayin.


I think I need to hit the bong for a couple of hours and take a couple tabs of LSD to be able to see the sh*t you see.
If you really think Vic will work with that backstabbing little turd you are indeed high as can be. If Corey happens to trip and fall into an HOH yes Nicole who will need to run the space man’s HOH might have to show her cards and reveal she has a side deal with Lame James. But Corey will push hard for his boys. His face lights up like a kid at Christmas whenever Vic walks in the room. Plus he doesn’t like Nat. Even from Pluto or whatever planet he is on he can see she is fake and selfish. (the drone must have been about me it had dark hair)


Then I must be high, because VIctor was stupid enough to work with the person who backdoored him (Paulie), and he only got rid of Paulie because Paul told him to do so.


Seems like the mist only worked in you.


Funniest post in a while, I know you’re trolling, but still pretty funny

Anyone but James for AFP

This comment really has to be a joke. It looks to me like James wrote it but where he in the house….maybe his mother? lol

Wesley Sims

i think Niclole is already misted by what i am not sure ….


The doll said JUR 8 BBS 18 #1. The beginning JUR 8 references someone and the end could mean that person is big brother season 18s number one


What doll? I’m so confused!

UFO sighting

There was a small inflatable doll hanging from the drone, and the letters/numbers were written on the dolls stomach.

It's a Twitter handle

The message was someone’s Twitter handle JUR8BBS18

sunny dee

if that was a twitter handle, it joined this month and pretty much has nothing going on. no idea why they’d send up a drone considering nothing is on the TL


sunny dee

I think it says James U R8 Biggest Bitch Sucker 18 #1

Reality Check

Isn’t there a way to put the live feed on the jury house? Way more fun at the jury house with Paulie and his Queens. Watching James talk and no action is like watching paint dry.


I want to see the Jury House when Meech steps in and tell Z how Paulie has been telling everybody about how many times they’ve had sex in the house without condoms. Bawlie claimed he squared everything away with Z, but I don’t believe for a minute that he mentioned that to her

my thoughts

it would be smarter for nicole to send michelle home over paul! and i believe that nicole and james has some kind of final 2 that no one knows about.


Oh we all know about James and Nicole’s final two they made that deal before they even entered the house


I know conspiracy theories are a favorite pastime here, but making a final 2 deal 6 months ago or day 1 in the house, there’s no difference…and only a goof would buy into it. Case in point, if you’re in the game and somebody offers you a final 2, what person is saying “no thanks”. Really any “final” deal is lip service in a game filled with it, just more jargon that has no meaning.

This house is filled with really dumb people…and that alone makes it interesting, frustrating, but interesting in how unpredictable these imbeciles are based on their read. An idiot thinks a bigger idiot is smart, an irrational person distrusts one who is rational, the simplest, most obvious move is never considered in favor of the convoluted, yet transparent move. So whenever Nicole and James made this secret deal, it will only come into play if somehow either lucks into the final 3….and Corey or Nat isn’t the 3rd person.


Your Joking right? It would literally be mentally retarded to do ANYTHING except use the Veto to get rid of Victor….I mean CLEARLY everyone in that house is mentally challenged. Not ever sure why the morons have such a hard time figuring out VICTOR is the one who needs to be put up next to Paul AGAIN and evicted…The guy has been evicted TWICE, fought back in TWICE and won 2 or 3 HoH competitions between that…..

Its not about god damned friendship, its not about I like this person more than that person….Its god damned common sense….Paul isn’t shit, really hasn’t won anything Victor will beat ANYONE in the final 2 there is again literally ZERO chance anyone could beat Victor all he would need to say is I was evicted twice and fought to get back in and its game over for whoever he’s sitting next to….Obviously Paul is just as mentally challenged wanting to be in the final 2 with him….
Its not rocket science its common sense, the person who wins the most needs to be taken out, not Paul, not Michelle…..Its not high school, its not about who you like and who you don’t like…Its not about friendship, its about trying to win 500,000 dollars


I’m just curious how the jury is going to react to Victor getting evicted twice. For me it should disqualify him from winning but it’s possible for it to go the other direction and have that be what secures his victory. I do think Paul would potentially have the ability to convince the jury that Victor shouldn’t win since he was evicted twice.

James & Nicoles Pre show Alliance

Have killed this season


Seriously? It late afternoon and they are in bed. No wonder they are acting stupid. Their sleep schedules are way off.


Not for the big brother house. They’re always up all night till five-ish

Dawg on BBCan5

Application for Dawg to apply big brother Canada 5 is on Monday October 24, 2016 (bigbrothercanadacasting.ca)

We need Simon with the updates here. Can’t have you two on a show and no updates here.

I know everybody on this site would be cheering for Dawg and his bucket list of being on Big Brother. Yes I know the odds are stacked against for him (they only choose 16 out of a ton of candidates), but expect the unexpected.


Hate when the majority alliance gets all cocky.


How can it be cockiness when Meech, Natalie and James haven’t really talked to Nicole since she became HOH. Just lying around talking false trash about the others

Canadian Kev

That’s true. They haven’t. Of course, Paul and Vic are making sure theyr’e attached at the hip to both Corey and Nicole, which of course makes game talk without them difficult..

I keep looking for either nat or James to talk to Nicole or corey – but they do just keep talking to one another.

But let’s be honest. Production is doing all the talking between james and nicole anyway. So they don’t need to actually talk face to face.

To be clear, i think it’s a mistake to keep vic and/or Paul.
But they are currently playing the better game (than anyone really – fuck i hate nicole, i can’t believe she won veto after HoH; her voice makes my ears bleed, and all she wants to do is corey, not win).

And these fools are handing the game to them.

Jber Can

couldn’t agree more on Nicole, she’s a waste of time and space


“Victor says Natalie thinks it’s something insulting her
Victor – just stop … everything has to be personal attack to her..
They all comment that Natalie is playing the victim again.”

Can’t wait til Natalie gets victimized by the block next week…


I lost my drone ….. anyone see it?


“You see my weiner”


Floaters Paradise ahhhhhhh uh oh I need to make a decision oh no let’s see who made fun of last ok let’s put them up. When nicole wins this game I’m gonna laugh because she slept with Corey for 6 weeks before they got rid of Paulie and then realized I need to start playing.


I honestly think Nicole is playing a really good game. By taking out Michelle she is not the target of the other 2 couples, she have never been nominated and she has 2 strong final 4. I believe thet after Michelle’s eviction her only threat will be Paul so probably she hopes James or Nat will win the HoH. And after that she will probably be in the best spot yet. Her gameplay reminds me a little bit of Diane’s gameplay. And for those who says it’s a waste of an HoH to take out Meech, if that girl ever make it to the final 2 she has for sure the votes of Da, Z, Bridgette and Nat. Also she is gunning for Nicole, so it’s in Nicole best interest to take her out.


It’s getting harder to watch and read what’s going on in the house. With the exception of Victor and Paul, they are all so stupid!!! Corey is such a doofus. He and Nicole deserve each other. I hated Nat and Meech, then liked them, now back to hating them. They need some serious therapy! And James needs to STFU about AFP, and grow the hell up. Stop begging for a kiss. Be a f’ing man for gods sake!


That’s how good I think everyone is playing:
Paul 9/10
Nicole 8/10
Victor 7.5/10
Natalie 7/10
Michelle 6/10
Corey 2/10
I’m curious. What is your opinion? 🙂


James is playing almost as much as Corey…

Anyone but James for AFP

James who? lol Wow he is boring. I’ll never understand how he got AFP last year. The only one who thinks he should get it this year is him. It’s so pathetic how he is in the house telling the other houseguests he will probably get it again this year. Hope BB does a close up when his name isn’t even in the top three for it.


he did not get AFP because of the first half of the game. I honestly think he received AFP because Vanessa and the Austwins were so revolting and people started cheering for the underdog. I didn’t really like James that much last Season. For the most part I found him to be a little dog that wanted to be a big dog really bad. His game towards the end was just to be picked off like the others.

I voted Johnny Mac and so did all of the other Live Feeders I know… i really think it was the TV fans felt sorry for him.

Butters Mom

Johnny Mac was my fav too!


Is he still in there?


Michelle is on her way out the door, is that really 6/10?


I was think about an overall gameplay. That’s why she is a 6. James is fat big ZERO. Sorry not sorry


Corey is a waste of space. He has no game whatsoever. You are generous with your 2/10 score! He has no clue about this show and is dumber than a box of rocks.


The 2 is because he aligned with Nicole who is carrying him right to the end


That’s how good I think everyone is playing:
Paul 9/10
Nicole 7/10
Victor 8.5/10
Natalie 5/10
Michelle 5/10
Corey 7/10 I would give Corey slightly higher because he has won comps and he is more solid when it comes to a game plan than most in the house.
James: 6/10 His game has been mostly having bigger people to take out before him, but this is about as close to winning as he will get because he is making all of the same mistakes as last year and he has broken his word more this year. It is pretty much common knowledge that James has boned almost all of them at least once. In BB your word does need to have some value even if it is just marginal. Other than that he thossed the one and only comp he is any good at.
I’m curious. What is your opinion? 🙂

Froot Loop Dingus

I would rank them exactly the same.


I don’t believe James gave Nicole that hoh. I think he knew she was gonna beat him, so he came up with his load of crap to save face. He was clearly hurting a lot more than Nicole was. I’m just not buying what he’s selling anymore

Grandma G

I think Paul is playing a decent game BUT he has a similar problem as Day only worse because he can’t “shut the f… up”. Victor knows and told him to shut it and don’t do anything “extra” this week. I guarantee if Vic and Paul continue to spend all their time in the HOH room giving Nicole and Corey no privacy and no breathing room Paul goes home this week.

Froot Loop Dingus

The difference is Paul has actually won comps like HOH & Veto. he’s survived being on the block at least 4 times. In 2 seasons Da never won a single comp.

She’s funny in the DR, but that’s about it.


Paul is playing an excellent game. He has survived things that sent most of that house home. He has made strategic moves that most of them were afraid to do. Look at Pauls position in the House He had lost 100% of his alliance and survived. He managed to put himself in positions that other players would not have been able to. At this point in the game he has managed to operate the couples, is taking out Meech and keeping himself and Victor safe… He is doing excellent. I am completely Team Paul at this point and I respect his game.


Don’t really watch BBAD that much, only on occasion but I did the other night.. My, things have really changed. Some of the HG’s were asleep or in the bed early. Back in the day when it was on SHO2, they weren’t allowed to go to sleep until BBAD was over


NICOLE … be a real player …. bounce a BB check like James did and use your veto to save Paul and nominate James …. I triple dog dare you


OK stick your tongue out…now


cross your heart and hope to die
stick a needle in your eye


That would be cool. Corey can use the money to bribe Nicole to take Paul down and put James up and use the tie breaker to bounce him right out the front door where he belongs


Uggggghhhh! I can’t stand this bunch. I can’t watch them for more than five minutes a day. So, thank you Simon and Dawg for doing the painful work for me.
Even though there have been more fireworks and fewer sheep moves, i just can’t watch.

Another Anonymous

What’s going on inside Natalie’s mind:

“There’s a drone flying overhead. It must be an insult about my body.”

“James said his turkey sandwich tastes really good. He must mean that I should be eating turkey, too, because I’m too fat.”

“Julie just said, ‘Hello house guests.’ She must mean that I look as big as a house.”


CBS Big Brother, if you want to see your ratings go high next year, please consider doing one of the following:

– Put a variety of houseguests in the house that are in their 20’s 30’s and 40’s. Sometimes the twenty-something behavior can be boring.

– Please consider a “celebrity” season. I am sure there are a lot of B-list or “washed up” celebs that would love to go into the house.

-Or maybe it’s time for another BB All-Star season (like when Janelle, Dr. Will and Boogie where on), you could include people we love to hate like Frankie or Jessie G, or other all-stars like Frank (yes, I want to see him play again).

Whatever you decide, please just not another year of little boys and girls running around, please.

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Please please please pulleeeeeze can we put William Shatner and James Spader in the BB house?!

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And Joe Pesche?


Nicole is a moron if she thinks final 4 with Paul and Vic is a good idea. Both of them will destroy her and Corey in comps


I agree, but hope it happens because I am rooting for Paul and Vic.


Do you seriously believe in that final 4? She is just using them to take out James and then she, Corey and Natalie will go against them. It is called Lying


But why does she need Vic and Paul if she can just use the veto and nominate James herself?

Nicole Rocks!

LOL! Nicole just destroyed them both in the last 2 comps, even an endurance comp, so your comment is just ridiculous.


Yes, Nicole winning two comps invalidates all of Victor and Paul’s wins


Some people are giving Nicole too much credit for her wins. She was handed both HOH’s and from what I read Cory helped her win veto. She is not this great player. I will give her credit for hanging on until the last two. She may get lucky and win if Vic and Paul drag her along.


There are also lots of mental comps coming up now that she could possibly win. She outlasted both of them in the HOH Competition. I’m not so sure they will destroy her.


My prediction is p/v will take out James next week and than target Nicole. Paul is smart enough to know it’s in his best interest to take nat and Cory to the end. V/p will be the first to attack. The only way Nicole is safe for awhile is if James wins the next hoh. Don’t know what the ramifications are going to be that she blindsided j/n evicting mich.

Morgan LaFay

I think Meech is having a psychotic break. She needs to be out of the house, and recover in jury. She is screaming she hates how she is, hates her body, knows her sisters are going through her stuff and on and on. I truly don’t know how she passed the entrance evaluation. It will take her some time to get over being on Big Brother.

sunny dee

nicorey = awkward hug time (corey side eyes and eye rolling, are we done yet?)

michelle, really, if you took 5 minutes in the morning just even to brush your hair? you wouldn’t feel like a troll. You feel like a mess because that is what happens when you lay around in bed all darn day, do nothing, and can’t even what put on a decent looking top and brush your hair? always cold? how can she always be cold other than she’s basically stopped moving since she got there. lots of others are being casual fridays every day, but they don’t look like they went out of their way to look like unclean slobs.


Meech probably is not used to needing to dress up and put a ton of makeup to be pretty. She is very pretty and has the best body out of the girls, she just isn’t confident enough to show it. She is used to being the skinniest and prettiest and it is throwing her through a loop that the other people in the house are not fawning all over her. But if you act ugly you feel ugly, and Meech acts ugly a lot.

I think that Paul is in a similar situation of always getting a lot of attention on the real world and getting very little attention for his looks in the house, and you don’t see him being a baby about it. He just decided to be funny instead of hot. Meech could have done the same thing. The others comment on her being funny, which makes you think she must actually have a sense of humor and a good personality, it just doesn’t show often.


I hope she sees your comment when she’s out of the house! Ditto. She is beautiful.
I don’t think that she has an ugly personality. She has been put in a place and situation with a lot of self-doubt. She’s come a long way. She’s survived self-preservation in the house, and I think that she’s working her way to feeling good about herself when she gets out.


Wow, I almost always agree with you, and am surprised by this!
I think that Michelle is truly having a difficult time in there. She’s said, herself, that she has been brutal in her judgement on others, in the bb house, and has voiced it on Reddit, etc.
She’s said she regrets doing that, now that she knows what it’s like, to live it.
She is a young woman, exploring, self-evaluating, confused in her current situation, and trying to make sense of a welcoming, yet predatory, existence, in that house.
Having no idea of who to trust would be difficult for any of us.


Of course, I do agree about Corey’s eye roll!….
Why doesn’t Nicole get it?! He’s just not into you or any other woman.


I really really really want James to be the one going.
NICOLE take down PAUL and put up James .

Froot Loop Dingus

Too bad it wasn’t a Buzz Lightyear action figure on the drone!


My GOD i miss the days when houseguests didnt give a shit what america thinks of them. Is big meech worse than jen johnson was about her appearance. Hey big meech NOBODY cares go play the game and try to secure corys vote.

Reality Check

Nicole….Corey, you are sooooo cute

Corey (unsure of the concept)…NO

Corey, when a girl compliments, you return the compliment. Nicole is a human being, not a goat.

Corey has zero common sense and sadly has zombie eyes.


still trying to figure out how Corey ended up with the care package… he has done absolutely NOTHING the entire summer! Hope Michelle goes home on Thursday. she sounds pathetic going on & on about how ugly she is. as for James.. i was a fan last season, but do not like his game this season. Hope either Vic or Paul wins!

Froot Loop Dingus

Natalie goes on and on how beautiful Meech is “You didn’t need surgery you are born beautiful”

Apparently the irony in that statement was lost on Natalie. Lmao

And James comes by says the Chicken is ready… well at least his “gut” is right about something.


Thursday should be interesting………

Nicole’s plan this week is to stay good with Vic/Paul & James/Natalie. However, come Thursday, she will be having paranoid fits (& whining all of us to death) because she’s gonna have to jump to one side of that fence she’s straddling. Vic/Corey vote for Paul to stay (bro’s) and James/Natalie vote for Michele to stay…………

As HOH….Nicole will HAVE TO decide who goes. If it’s Paul (highly unlikely) then Vic & Corey are mad at her…
If it’s Michele then James/Natalie are mad at her. And in Nicole’s world, having someone mad at her is tantamount to “the worst possible scenario”.

Next week will be Whining Central!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole Rocks!

Nah, Nicole knows she would have to break the tie and will smooth things over with James before sending Michelle out eviction night.


“Michelle – I don’t have a pretty face.. it’s so fat.. it looks like buzz light year”

Meech is very pretty, but where she get buzz lightyear from? That’s hilarious..


It’s ALWAYS a duo of 2 sneaky guys that make it to the end. They think it’s so unpredictable but it’s not… Watch Paul and victor make it to final 2 if even one of em makes it they win… Bring that to Nicole attention… Think about that you dumb broad. They are comp beasts… Welp we know she ain’t winning this season… Can’t wait till it’s her turn to cry when she walks out the door all over again.


if I had to pick a winner now I pick pual here why nobody was going to target pulie until pual told victor
in he getting Nicole to save him an he got victor on his side he should be the winner in my opinon
in he was a pawn I think 5 times won pov won hoh he playing the game

Grandma G

If Victor and Paul are final two Paul wins. Victor already told Julie that Paul was the “brains”. Victor won alot of comps but he was just Paul’s arm. Victor may be more liked but as far as game play he sucked.


i am trying to figure out how Corey ended up with the care package…..he has done absolutely NOTHING the entire summer. Michelle is being pathetic carrying on & on about how ugly she is. she needs to go home! as for james, i was a fan last season, but do not like his game this season. I hope either Victor or Paul wins.

Backseat Driver

I think it was production’s pick…….who watching this would have voted for Corey…..?? Absolutely makes no freakin’ sense. Production has rigged this whole thing.


For those who don’t understand or get the joke… ‘friendship’ means weed. ya know like mary jane, whacky tobacky, chronic, herb, hydro, dank.

The fact that Chenbot and CBS have both said/posted ‘Friendship’ on air made this entire season for me…. it’s priceless that Paul passed that one off on them.

BB Curious

Seriously? I never knew! That is pretty funny. Never heard it called chronic, hydro or dank either. I really need to get out more!


Friendship? Yes… We are best buds!


When Paul uses it I’m pretty sure it just means that he is relying on his social game to keep him in the game. That’s the power of friendship. It wouldn’t make any sense if it was the power of weed.


Did he say that was what he was doing on the live feeds or something? cuz it doesn’t seem like he’s joking about marijuana to me. Maybe i missed something cuz i was high at the time. Need less friendship in my life.

An Apple A Day

LMBO Seriously I had no idea. “Dank” I didn’t know that either. Here I thought I was so up on slang, current fads, etc. I watch BRAVO for gosh sakes! (I’m old, hangs her head and slithers out of the room.)


I am trying to figure out just how Corey ended up with the care package…..he has done absolutely NOTHING the entire summer. Michelle is being pathetic carrying on & on about how ugly she is. she needs to go home! as for James, I was a fan last season, but do not like his game this season. I hope either Victor or Paul wins.


It’s called Production


It takes some time for comments to post. You don’t need to re-post the same thing over and over


Sorry for reposting – didn’t think my original comment posted so i reposted again & again. 🙂


How, or why, hasn’t James checked in with Nic? He clearly has no clue. I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt that he is waiting for everything to be set in stone before checking in with her but jesus, a foundation with Vic and Paul has been formed while he is eating his turkey sandwich and secretly not wanting to pull out with Natalie.

Nicole & James pre show alliance

I have a very simple reason for the question you are asking



BB Curious

“Secretly not wanting to pull out with Natalie” Lmao!!!


Actually I do think VIctor is stupid enough to work with James. Victor started working with Paulie after Paulie had boackdorred him so yes, he is stupid. He only backdoored Paulie because of Paul.

Only can wish

At first, I was wondering how come Da’Vonne quit so soon when I read the earlier post about the HOH comp, until I seen it on TV. I felt so sad for her. She knew she couldn’t beat Victor and Paul. When the wall was tilted, everyone was really struggling to hold on or grip the board except James. They shouldn’t have been able to squat down to be fair since Corey had a height disadvantage.
James is really irritating me. He thinks he knows everything and don’t know s!#t. Paul is on to him and I hope Nicole votes Michelle out. Michelle gets mad at Paul about Da’Vonne getting evicted, but not James for telling Nicole that Michelle wanted her out. That’s crazy. She’s out by.association, being.dumb for believing everything James and Natalie says and not playing her game.
Why are the other HGS are questioning Paul/Victor motives now that Nicole is HOH? When Victor was HOH, James/Natalie/Michelle was all in his face and when Natalie was HOH, Nicole/Corey were all in her face. It’s called playing BB to win 500K.


I can’t stand Paul. All he does is talk talk talk, he never shuts the fuck up! And Nicole is so stupid, the most powerful duo in the house is Vic and Paul, why would she keep them? Does Nicole really think she’s going to win against Corey(so dumb) and Vic and Paul? If she does she is delusional. By the way, so pissed when Nicole cried like a baby to James that she needed a letter from her mommy. It’s unfortunate James is such a nice guy, nice guys don’t always win. Pissed!


Wow Paulie got screwed by that water and Nicole never got hit by much at all wow I would seriously be pissed if I played, that water over hours is huge and truly changes the outcome, come on big brother be better than that

Ariana Grande stinks!

Meech, we don’t hate your body or your face but we absolutely hate the fugly person you are.

Ghost of BB Past

I know these people get paranoid and crazy in there, but how come they are incapable of keeping their eye on the ball. The bottom line is one person wins 500,000. Vic and Paul have that clearly in mind always. Everyone else is playing for something else. Nicole and Cory are giving up their chance to win the money by keeping Vic and Paul. It drives me nuts that they keep losing track of the game. Nicole mentions that making final four is huge. Well statistically you had a 25% chance, it’s not so far fetched. Set the bar higher and try to freaking win!

Your boy

Wow, its so pathetic how James, Natalie, and Michelle became this season’s Austwins…

Franks fumes

Except Austin wasn’t a complete dolt like James.

James is a huge disappointment this season

Its ridiculous how James, Natalie, and Michelle became this seasons Austwins…they actually think America likes them

Just here for the entertainment

BBS 18

James you rate
Big brother season 18

I suspect the drone doll was sent by a James fan.

Only can wish

Michelle really needs to stop with the BS. I have no sympathy for her. What she is doing is beating herself up because the game isn’t going to way she wants it. If she gets off her a$$, stop this pity party and talk to Nicole, she will see it’s James destroying her game and not Paul and Victor. Get it together, Michelle!!! I still want her to leave, but leave with her head held high.


Lmfaooooo at nicorey using the bribe for victor to vote out meech. All the theories and strategies you can sit and discuss and you come up with Vic might Vote out Paul omg lmao