Corey “I’m sorry I’ve got to have my girl’s back.. I’ve got to vote her [Meech] out.”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nomi1nations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Corey and Victor
Care package Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-27 19-50-10-985

7:35pm Kitchen – Meech, Nat and James. Meech says this has been a good week so far. Nat says that comp was fun. They talk about what numbers they guessed for each. Nat says it really gets me mad that you know these comps and you never tell me any tricks to it. James says next comp I’ll let you know. Meech says the next comp will probably be a before/after comp. James says as long as he keeps us safe it was a week well worth it. Meech says yeah I’m glad you’re both safe. I’m just preparing for the worst. Nat says it would be a waste of an HOH. James says if Corey wins HOH he will probably try and take Victor out. Meech says I’ll pitch to Nicole for a double I will throw it to Corey so he can put Victor up … but I won’t throw it I’ll try to win it and put Nicole and Victor up. Nat says Nicole is a bigger threat than Corey. Nat says you have to win it. Meech says obviously if I stay but I have a feeling I’m not. Nat says stop with this feeling stuff. Meech asks what was your feel after talking to Nicole? James says I don’t think she wants you out. She was leaving personal out of it. Meech says I don’t get personal.. I want her out because she’s a threat to me.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-27 19-54-19-193

7:55pm – 8:50pm HOH room – Paul, Vic, Nicole and Corey. Paul says just a heads up don’t use the coffee mate .. they put garlic salt in it. So that needs to be thrown out. Nicole says thank you because I would have used it. Vic asks was it James? Paul says no Nat. Vic says what a waste. Lets just put garlic salt on their cake. Paul says no, I’m over it. I want to sit Michelle down and say can we just not. Can we stop with the back handed comments. Paul and Vic head downstairs. Corey says I think I will give the 5K to you. Nicole says if that’s what you want to do but I’m going to kick your butt if it could have saved us next week. Can you just wait unit we find out if its a double or not? Corey asks how would we know? Nicole says Julie comes on the TV and tells us. Corey says no one is going to take the 5k to throw the HOH.. there’s too much on the line. Nicole says there is no way Vic would change his vote? I had a pawn go home on my season. Nicole says this is best for my game. Meech is 1000% putting me up. She has got to go. I don’t want to blindside James. Corey says well we’ll tell him right before. Nicole says I think you should tell him. He respects you a lot. I’m sorry I’ve got to have my girl’s back .. I got this care package. I’ve got to vote her out. He always says that. I have to be careful how I say it because he might take it as a back handed comment.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-27 20-50-11-109

Nicole says I’m worried if we tell James they (Vic & Paul) will be mad be cause they want to blindside him. To fluster them for the HOH. James might vote the other way just to make them mad at us. It hurts my heart to blindside James. If we tell him .. he has the biggest mouth. Corey says lets not blindside him. During the live show I can be like Nicole here’s 5K to evict my cat (Meech). There’s been a bad cat in the house. Corey reads his BB Bribe card and says your bribe expires at the conclusion of the next head of household competition. SO I should use it on the next head of household comp then. That’s annoying we don’t even know what its going to be and I don’t even want to win HOH. Nicole says you should at least try I might be in trouble. I think it might just put a target on my back if you just hand it over to me. Corey says I might as well give the 5K to you. A bribe is not a good thing.

8:25pm – 8:50pm Paul says I really hope I stay and Michelle leaves. That would be the best f**k you. Vic says you know you’re staying. I just want to win next week to put up James and Natalie up. I would get that same feeling I got when I put up Paulie. Paul says prides himself (James) on a wall comp and doesn’t even win this one. Vic says Nat would be so lost. Paul says she tires to turn to us. Vic says no think you. Michelle better not poke and prod. VIc says then blow up if you have to. Paul says I don’t want to … does she want me to drop the c-bomb again!? Vic says I fricken like that girl and I like Corey.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-27 20-30-01-596
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8:55pm – 10:15pm Havenot room – Paul asks Meech if she wants to talk for a minute. Meech says sure. Paul says basically .. realistically one of us is going home this week and I would rather squash this and put things behind me. If its my last week or you last week. I won’t lie you did say somethings that made me upset and I said something that up set you. I was trying to do that but I would rather talk about it than keep ignoring you or make back handed comments. Its a game and I plan to be friends with everybody after. Meech says i wasn’t planning on yelling at you or calling you out. Paul says I’m not campaigning against you. Meech says I know you told them .. like how did Nicole know I was targeting them? Paul says you said it out loud. Its common knowledge. You called out Nicole and said she was a snake. They talk about him touching her clothes and how they pissed each other off. If it is my last week or your last week I would rather we not sh*t on each other. Paul says I love how you call people out and sh*t on people. Paul says you’re not a bully. I was trying to hurt your feelings. Meech says I should never have butted into that conversation. Paul says he thinks he is going. Meech says she thinks he’s staying. Paul asks are you on drugs?! Paul and Meech continue to chat about their conflicts and the season.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-27 20-57-05-984

10:15pm In the kitchen – Corey and Vic test each other on the number of things there are in the house.

10:20pm Safari room – Paul tells Corey about his conversation with Meech. Vic joins them.

10:30pm The backyard opens – Vic, Paul and Corey get in the hot tub. They talk about Corey’s 5K bribe. Paul says either you could do it at noms and give it Nicole or you could wait for the HOH comp. Corey says yeah I could wait for the HOH comp and if I was one of the last people I could go like do you want this 5k to drop? Paul says do what you want with it. Vic says I don’t want James to get another 5k. That’s 10K up from all of us.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-27 22-37-35-310

10:55pm London Bedroom – James says that he will talk to Nicole but it has to happen organically. Meech says don’t do it if you don’t want to. Nat says no he has to do it. James says my gut tells me that Nicole wants Paul out. I’m going to hit them and plant that seed. Meech says you might actually be able to catch Nicole when she comes out of the diary room. Nat says they will talk to anyone .. no shame. Victor will put himself in rooms. Meech says Nicole & Corey were trying to have a glass of wine and Vic popped in.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-27 22-40-21-703

11:35pm London bedroom – James, Nat and Meech. James thinks there will be a double eviction this Thursday. That’s why I will have all my stuff packed. Meech says I don’t get why people don’t tell someone they’re going home. James says because people don’t want the drama that goes with it. Meech says I’m not going to blow anyone up. I would be happy if you or James were in the end. Nat says she would be happy if James or Meech won. Nat talks about how “we” helped take out the biggest threats of the game.

11:50pm Backyard –
Corey is in the hot tub. Nicole joins Corey. Vic is working out.

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WEEK 5 – August 25 to August 26th
The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

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These ppl are stupid

I personally like Paul think hes playing a great game but how are u gonna keep both Victor and Paul and get rid of Meech who is useless she is by herself basically. Nicole and Corey want to go final 4 with 2 dudes that can beat them easily in comps which is what they want and Nicole is falling right in their plan. If they were smart they would vote out Victor or Paul this week then next week if Victor wins he will put up James and Nat, Corey wins can put up Victor and Meech, James and Nat would put up Victor and Meech (Pawn), and at worst Meech wins puts up Corey and Nicole and u have a 4 out of 6 chance at winning the Veto pull 1 off Victor would go up then u vote him out. Shits so simple.


not really.. how many times does it need to be said meech is coming straight for nicorey should she win hoh which is unlikely but possible.. vic and paul are going straight at nat and james.. nat and james are going straight at vic and paul.. so yeah clearly the best move for nicory is take out meech

These ppl are stupid

The whole point is Nicole and Corey have no shot at beating Victor and Paul however they can beat James/Nat/Meech.


why do you keep speaking in third person referring to yourself as “these ppl”


Meech needs take the fight to Nicole, and campaign and just burn bridges on James and Nat. Paul already planted the seed, so if Meech throws James and Nat under the bus that will give Nicole the excuse to backdoor James.


“vic and paul are going straight at nat and james.. nat and james are going straight at vic and paul”

Actually, no. You think that because the entire house is saying that. However, I’m sure its not lost on paul and vic that the reason why they dont take down paul is because they are playing both sides. They all are telling her what she wants to hear, and is thinking she is safe, when Paul has wanted her gone all along… She is making a weak and shortsighted move.

Franks. fumes

Paul and Vic target James and Nat James and Nat target Paul and Vic ……Nicorey skates to the end…….seems smart to me.

Franks. fumes

Production disagrees!

Paulie the Misogynistic A-hole

Looks like your opinion is unpopular since most people want to see Paul & Victor win, but you are absolutely right.

Michelle is the least dangerous player, being the only one not in a pair, and bad at comps. Nicole and Meech wanting to put each other up is purely personal, but bad strategy.

Paul & Victor are a much better comp pair than James & Natalie. Any move other than putting up Paul & Vic together is complete stupidity by any of the other players.

Of course, maybe the other players just think at this point that if they voted Victor out, CBS would just put him back in again.


Idk I think meech is a good target for Nicole this week. Simply because meech made it clear she thinks Nicole is a snake, and Nicole knows meech will put her up. She also knows meech knows the game and the mental comps that are coming up meech will be good at.

Right now Nicole has Vic and Paul. She can most likely convince James and Nat that James is the reason she voted out meech. Remember James is the one that told Nicole meech is coming after her. And if any of the four between Vic/Paul James/Nat win hoh they are definitely striking at each other in the double. So Nicole basically just bought herself another week assuming things won’t change by Thursday. I think voting out meech puts her in the best possible position right now.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Nicole’s an idiot. So Michelle wants her out and we know Michelle is a comp beast. Who’s going to vote Nicole out? James and Corey won’t let it happen if they are still there. Michelle is not beating Vic, Paul or Corey. Nicole was given this HOH. Haven’t seen the tape but it sounds like she won her first comp on her own. She doesn’t have to worry about Michelle but she does Paul and Vic. Paul goes and Vic wins next HOH Nat will go out. HOH after that Vic goes. Unless there is a miracle the one after that Michelle goes. Why waste it on her now? Because Nicole is a moron and her b!tch James is too! Friggin dumb a$$!!!

Celine Dion

If Corey ended up winning the game it would be a travesty! Not since Andy Herren winning Big Brother would I be so upset! Victor deserves to win the game.

Big Jim

At least Andy had an A+ social game. If Corey won it would be the worst ever along with Jordan and Adam

My Fart Will Go On

Victor has already lost the game twice and been put back in by production twists. If he wins, he will be the least deserving winner in the history of the game. I’ve never respected comp beast only players like him and Frank.


Victor is also well-liked by the majority of people in the house. He is a straight-shooter and takes the high road in conflicts (i.e. doesn’t resort to intimidation tactics or name-calling). He can be a bit annoying, but not to a point that it outweighs the aforementioned virtues. These facts therefore indicate a great social game and negate an assertion he is a “comps-only” player.

My Fart Will Go On

The reason I think he has a bad social game is because he keeps getting voted out and needs to keep winning comps to get himself back in. A good player doesn’t get voted out so much.


I wanted Frank evicted but what production did to him was messed up. Instead of letting the first 6 evicted compete and the first 6 jury members compete to come back they took the first 5 which stuck him right in the middle. I don’t think it was fair that he didn’t get the same chance everybody else got. Although I didn’t want him to come back it was still messed up and thats putting it politely.


I think Natalie is starting to see through James…questioning why he doesn’t share any tricks about the comps. I think she is smarter than he is and will be in the final two. (Hopefully with Vic) And I can’t wait to see James face when he doesn’t win America’s favorite!!!

sunny dee

he also undermined her HOH by running off and squealing to nicorey about the plans, in order to thwart it. jatalie would probably have been fine had they stuck to the plan and not put vic and paul up or voted vic out. the fact vic came back doesn’t really change that, i mean even if nicorey did benefit from it, it showed james to be untrustworthy to nat and mich and paul still in the house, it wouldn’t benefit nicorey to continue to work or protect him because he’d already burned too many along the way.

I think we forget that james (with meg and that crew) used to get every single thing wrong about what they thought was happening in the house last season. in this season i get the feeling that he’s following along better, then he flips it around and i realize, nope, no he’s not, it’s last year all over again, gives me hope that he’s going to impress me and want me to help him get further, but nope he does something bizarre like saying how he knows America wants something, and we all know America (and canada) want the exact opposite.

Had he kept with the plan i would still be team jatalie and anti nicorey, and now i’m like, say, how about that nicole, she’s doing ok, aint she?


You are so right. I was excited that he got another chance to do it right. But, no, he’s just as wrong as he ever was. Can’t stand Nicole, but is she actually making an intelligent move?


Just need the POV ceremony to come and go. So glad it will be Meech (hopefully) going to jury. Wish it was James.

No Name

Been rooting for Paul for a couple weeks now, but good lord sometimes he is his own worst enemy.

He just talks and digs way too much.

I think at this point it would be best if he just chill the F’out.

I’m watching him having a conversation with Michelle right now, for what reason I don’t know, but he is just yapping and yapping and yapping. Michelle can’t get a word in edge wise.

Just none stop talking.

Just STFU and let the game play out. He should be good this week and I get the feeling if he doesn’t shut his trap for just one second he’s going to blow it.

An Apple A Day

Not to mention, I think I’ve figured out one of that girl’s problems. She’s miserable … self loathing, so she deflects her misery onto everyone else with spewing the same insults she hurls at herself. It’s exhausting and dysfunctional. My only thought may be that he’s trying to “mend” the relationship to prepare for a possible jury vote. Other than that, he’s wasting his breath.

Butters Mom

The reason Paul is making nice with Michelle is because he thinks she is the one leaving and he’s trying to smooth her over so she votes for him in the end. He wants her vote. Simple as that! If he were to leave things the way they were, she would have gone back and tainted the jury on him and he would be facing the same group of bitter women Paulie faced.


100% right

Big Jim

I hope Nicole sticks to her guns. If James finds out I think he could persuade her to vote Paul out she’s so weak.


Has anyone realized that the only person who has not had the chance to re-enter the game this season is Frank? The first 5 evicted were given a chance to win their way back –Glen, Josea, Victor, Bronte, and Tiffany. Frank was evicted next, then the jury began. And this week members of the jury had a chance to renter the game. How unfair!


I guess you forgot that Frank had a chance with the round trip ticket???


over idiots that down vote a true statement!


The round trip ticket was not playing to get back into the house. It was a “chance”, if you had one of 12 tickets. That wasn’t a genuine chance to get back in like the others had. Just saying.


You’re the idiot, the return ticket isn’t the same as being able to put your game in your own hands by being involved in the return comps. Frank was the only person who never had that opportunity. Totally unfair!

Franks. fumes

Actually Frank had a 1 in 10 shot at the round trip but every other player had a chance either to come back pre or post jury and Vic both! So anyway you cut it my boy Frank was boned intentionally or not. The only one not offered the same opportunity to return once evicted….not fair anyway you look at it!


y’all can read right? This is the post: “Kwbigbrotherfan says: August 27, 2016 at 9:16 pm
Has anyone realized that the only person who has not had the chance to re-enter the game this season is Frank? The first 5 evicted were given a chance to win their way back –Glen, Josea, Victor, Bronte, and Tiffany. Frank was evicted next, then the jury began. And this week members of the jury had a chance to renter the game. How unfair!” First sentence……read it again……Frank did have a chance to re-enter the game. Never said he had the same opportunities as the others……BUT… says chance not opporunity! So yes he did have a f*cking chance!

Franks fumes

I was responding to the comment by Ummmm not you…..Its gonna be alright relax.

Butters Mom

Why does everyone assume its stupid to take Paul/Vic over Meech? Meech just said before she’s even off the block to Natalie that Nicole is her target. Nicole just beat everyone including Paul/Vic in the HOH AND the POV. They cant win every comp… they are beatable and as of right now.. they are on Nicole and Coreys side. Michelle is clearly not. Meech needs to go! After that… its a scramble again.


Yes, meech has been saying she wants nicole out… but she realized that paul is a bigger threat.
Its funny, that everyone forgets that Paul has wanted nic out more than anybody. He has always wanted her and all the vets out. He has also always floated to power. Every. Single. Time. So don’t take this alliance as truth.
Surrounding yourself with men guys also guarantees you wont win a physical comp which takes away your chances. It will be viewed as a 2nd place move, because the jury will credit her more w/ pauls head than Michelle’s. This is not making a “big move”. Its a very short term strategy. With a double coming up… Nicole is far from sitting pretty.

Butters Mom

If they go by seasons past… the 2nd HOH in the double (if the double is next week) could be the transfer water in a cup from a pool to the bottle by sliding … like skating. Nicole will get to compete in this and Im totally over thinking this probably but I think she will do well in that comp compared to the taller guys or the guys from the south… no ice skating going on regularly in texas or florida… my point is.. these comps are set up so that just because someone is athletic, doesnt mean they will beat someone less athletic… it depends on the comp. I think the girls will do well in this one. In private conversations between Vic and Paul, they have both said they are going to stick to the final 4 with Nicole and Corey… they usually keep it real when they are alone together… so, Im thinking she’s making a good choice getting rid of Michelle this week. We shall see. The unknown is part of the fun right. 🙂

Guy From Canada

And if memory serves me right, Caleb crushed that comp in bb16 with his knee blown. But I don’t recal in Nicole played in that one but I see her as being in co ordinated if it is the soapy slippery comp……..


Let’s state the obvious, this is a game in which only one person wins $500k. Everyone wants everyone else out at some point. The trick to succeeding in the game is to know when to get them out. Paul wants Nicole out no more than she wants him out, but they don’t feel it’s the right time in their game. However, when you have Meech trying to blow up people’s game (like when she called Nicole a snake in her speech), telling everyone that she is targeting that one person every time the topic comes up, then it is not surprising that the squeaky threat will get the boot sooner than later. Nicole has always used the excuse that she put Jozea up because she was told he was gunning for her. Did Michelle not think Nic would react the same way to her threats? But then again, Michelle is so dumb that she can’t figure out how Nicole knows she wants her out! Oblivious! She is going to be hurt when she finds out her not so trustworthy James threw her under the bus to protect his secret alliance with Nicole. A secret alliance that I don’t believe will hold up at all when Nicole and James have to make a choice between each other and their showmances!

sunny dee

and, michelle, ‘how did they know?’ question? seriously? you announced it on live TV, everyone knows this lol. not news

Hey it's me

Gosh!!! Mich… You called Nicole snake on national tv now you ask Paul how did she know she is your target??!!! Really???!!! Too much sugar in your system can’t think straight!

Hillary- I'm with her

I doubt Nicole would win. She is targeting Michelle for personal reason. If she is siding only for this hoh with Paul and Vic, then she should Take out the strongest from the other side, that would be James the rat geisha. Once he is out, Nat would be like a little puppy. If Corey gets the HOH then target the other side Paul or victor. Gee these people are given second chances to play the game and they keep doing the same mistake.


No need for racist comments

Call the grammar police!

This idiot never shuts up with the “rat geisha” comment. He also goes by Hillary 2016. He’s a troll.


No, again it’s Nicole’s best move to get rid of Michelle, who is after her and is the third person for j/n. She is in the middle. Nobody knows who is going to win next week and they think it’s a double. V/p will go for j/n and vis versa. It’s after there are 3 pairs than it will be interesting. No Michelle to hind behind a side will have to be picked by everyone.


geisha is Japanese. James is Korean. Calling James Rat geisha is nonsensical and lame


“It hurts my heart to blindside James. If we tell him .. he has the biggest mouth. Corey says lets not blindside him.”

Why not blindside James he’s done it many times during his BB seasons, if ge can constantly blindside his alliances, he can be blibdsided.. He don’t deserve special treatment…


Work that jury vote, Paul! She’s gullible.

BB Fan

Can’t stand James.
Never cared.
Nic has done nothing but try not to be noticed all season. Thanks for contributing nothing to the entertainment value of actually making game moves nic. It’s like the players walk in each seaon now planning to be floaters equals no boring bb. Pissed.

An Apple A Day

Big Meech, “I don’t get personal.” Wait, what????

production rigged it

Some people are saying oh Nicole just beat Paul/Victor in back to back comps but the thing is all she had to do was stand there on the wall and stay or fold with the cards. Not that hard to do, if it comes down to anything physical or athletic her and Corey have no chance. They would have a much better chance at beating James/Natalie or Michelle. I can see her point in getting Michelle out because Michelle wants her out but how many comps has Michelle won this year, exactly one OTEV which was how many weeks ago. Good for her in the short term but bad to not get Paul out now in the long run though game wise, because Nicole/Corey are never going to turn on each other. If they took Natalie to final 4 with them and if by some miracle she won she might would take one of them especially Victor to final 3 or 2 instead of Corey/Nicole because she doesn’t like Corey. Of course James would have to be gone first though and for people who don’t think she could make it don’t forget Jordan did, I didn’t see that season but from what I read people seemed surprised that she did.


Please, please, please. Paul will NOT SHUT UP!!!!! My goodness. He must LOVE the sound of his own voice. I know he’s trying to secure that jury vote (he’s put more thought into those jury votes than anyone – I bet even Da’Vonne votes him 500k and then she’ll go home and be very surprised watching the past season). Geez, I can’t watch this crap anymore – I’m putting in a Denzel Washington movie. I’ll keep y’all around for MY Big Brother entertainment. This sight is a heck of a lot more entertaining anyway.


Paul, Paul …… Someone said he talks to much. He needs to do what Cory did when he was on the block and stay in bed. He needs to relax and quit pitching other plans. He could win if he’d tone it down.


I hear you but at least he’s playing, he’s trying. We’ve seen way too much of people laying around doing nothing this season.

BB Fan

If I hear these people say one more time they don’t want to win the comps! Why bb? Why are they there? This isn’t see who can do nothing the longest to win $500,000 or I guess it’s what the show has evolved into. Annoying.


Knowing when not to win comps is part of the bb game.

Paul talks too much

Natalie looks like a complete moron laying in beds in full make up and fake eye lashes. Just stop already. Did you notice when Vic was out of house the first time for a few weeks she didnt gussy herself up as much? As soon as Vic came back she started again.

So obvious she has wanted him since day one of game and not James.

Corey also wants Vic. That’s nearly as obvious.


Last time I checked, Vic is always laying all over Corey and getting in-between Nicole and Corey.

The Roach Coach

Paul is winning this game, no doubt.

Call the grammar police!

What a difference an apostrophe makes. It should read “I’ve got to have my girl’s back.” I didn’t know what girls (plural) Corey could be referring to wanting back when I read this originally.

Call the grammar police!

Oh, and they added the apostrophe now! Thank you!


Is anyone else suffering from BB fatigue? I’m chalking it up to a number of things, but I just couldn’t get excited about it today.


That’s what I keep saying. Victor didn’t win the POV when he was up against Paul and neither of them one the wall comp for HOH, in addition to today’s POV. They are strong comp players but they can be beat even during the most important comps when their game lives are on the line.

Guy From Canada

Watching so many blunders ive had it. I’ve applied for bbcan so see if I can really do better, or fail like the rest. Up vote if you think Dawg should do the same, or down vote if you think Simon needs him here next spring

Reality Check

Dawg would dominate in bbcan5.
Dawg could play good guy or bad guy. He is that good. Simon must bow to Dawg’s greatness.

Buffalo Nickel

Wow, really? James says he’s known to be a straight shooter and a loyal guy in a convo with Nat and Michelle. Nat says well, what about when you promised Bridgette to keep her safe then voted her out. James responds that was a game move. I don’t get it…when it’s a “game move” then loyalty and being a straight shooter doesn’t count! It’s a game so aren’t they all “game moves”. So, more accurately, James is really only a straight shooter and loyal “outside” the game.

Grandma G

I am not sure why Corey and Nicole are thinking the bribe can save them next week. It specifically says it is good for one action within the week up to the eviction. Next weeks HOH takes place AFTER the eviction.


Corey reading from the card says its says “it expires at the end of the HOH comp”.
Yes I know the CBS site where we voted didn’t say that, just another way production doing whatever they want.

Franks fumes

Big Brother is the only gameshow where you are rewarded for sleeping …not knowing whats going on and most importantly….being a bore! Please mix this format up for the online version this shit is f#cking hard to watch for real!

Franks fumes


Watch again

Natalie is the one that put garlic salt in the creamer. Not James.


Someone needs to go pee on their clothes…enough already with the immature pranks! Wouldn’t hurt to slide in a few pieces of stinky squid in their luggage bags…bet that would slow down the ole pranksters.


Nicole and Corey should use bribe to get James to go up as a pawn. Clearly James values the money as seen in Zingbot veto and all his talk about AFP. Then just vote him out. And Natalie and Michelle are now numbers.


Nicole and James have never been on the block…..

They both must be doing something right…..


Its absolutely amazing to me how Nicole cannot figure out that she is Dead in the Water by staying with Paul and Victor. If she takes James to the end for example, she wins hands down. That jury is filled with people that will never vote for James. I even feel like there’s a possibility that she would lose against Cory in the end. Just because there will be people that feel like she didn’t do enough. She might beat Natalie too, but that’s it. Trust me, if you are one of the Nicole fans out there, you had better hope that she ditches Paul this week Victor goes next week or at least Michelle and Victor. She truly has no shot otherwise.

Marvin Gaye

Just like every twist this Summer , ACP has been a flop……. The Care Package will go to waste again this week and not be a factor in the game …. Waste Waste Waste

Dedicated BB Fan

I think Nat and Vic have been an item since day 1 and this is their secret game strategy… I think Corey may be a little smarter then we are giving him credit for he’s still siting pretty in the game!!! The bribe says Corey must use it by end of HOH but does the person he bribes need to fulfil it by then…is it possible for Corey to say yo Victor yo will give you $5K for you not to vote against me for the rest of the game???? Does that make sense lol