Paul “I can put my n*t s@ck on it that if James wins he is not wasting it on me.”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: Victor AND Corey
Have Nots Victor and James

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-24 18-03-53-953

5:10pm – 5:20pm Bathroom – James, Nicole and Natalie. Nicole says the HOH comp is going to be physical. If I had to go up against Vic I would be crapping myself. James says I think we could beat Paul… you, me and Corey. And if one of us lose we definitely deserve to go home. Nat says I just don’t like how he tries to sabotage people. Nicole says he can’t sabotage us. He can bang pots and pans all night but I doubt that. Nat says I just don’t know how he is going to react when Victor goes home. James says is it really coming down to my vote. Nicole says it is because I am never changing my vote. Paul thinks its going to be a last minute decision. Keep him thinking that. Nat says he came to me and I said its not me its James voting. He said well you can force James. I told him James is going to do whatever he wants to do. Nat says I get annoyed because he keeps bringing it up. I snapped at him today .. I’m not the ones voting. Nicole says he doesn’t think you’ve decided yet. Nat says I just don’t want to get cornered any more. Vic keeps asking me we’re good right? We’re good right?! Nicole says I just don’t get why Vic thinks anyone would keep him in the game. He just doesn’t understand the game. They head to the kitchen to make dinner.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-24 18-18-04-463
Natalie says I hate James America! America ya’ll are wondering where James and I are going to go after the show. I hate him. James says put it on everything that you hate me. Nat says she won’t. James says we’re going to be best friends after.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-24 18-19-50-268
5:40pm London bedroom – Vic says I am just ready for it to be tomorrow already. Paul asks did you have that convo? Vic says I had one with Natalie and that didn’t go so well. Because she literally told me when she first put me up that she would make sure James would vote for me. And now that I’m up she’s like James is his own person. So I’m like okay, freaking sketch liar! Paul asks so how did the conversation go? Vic says that was the jist of it. Paul asks who else was there? Vic says no one. Paul says I told you it would be better to have other people there. Vic says never cared! I’ll talk to James later. I’m just going to be straight forward with him. I’d be like if you want me gone I hope you would just be honest with me and it not be a blindside. I feel like it could go either way really. Just don’t trust him now. Meech asked me last night is Paul mad at me? I said I don’t know just talk to him. She said if he’s not talking to me, I’m not talking to him. Then they brought up the Da thing again. Saying that you definitely knew. They definitely have a bad taste in there mouth about you. They get one whiff of power and they think they’re safe forever. Vic heads to the kitchen/living room to do his prison workout.

6:35pm – 7:05pm London Bedroom – Paul talks to Nicole and tells her that he knows Vic is going home. Nicole asks did James tell you? Paul says no. Nicole says because I would like to know. Paul says I would appreciate you not saying that I’m saying this prematurely. I can bet on it. Just from what is going on. Nicole says I know that sucks for you but I am secretly very happy. I’ve been attaching myself to Corey’s hip just in case he is going. Paul says its good that Corey is staying for you. The way it was done and moving forward I have a lot of questions about that I would like to ask you. Nicole says wait till its me you and Corey so we can talk together. Paul says I know exactly what is going to happen next week. I think its going to be you two.. nobody is touching Michelle .. and I don’t think anyone would waste an HOH on me because they’re going to want to separate (Nat & James). Its just obvious and from what I was told. Nicole says that makes sense. Paul tells them about how Nat and Meech kept saying it was a mistake to put them up only after I won the veto. Paul says Michelle thinks you, Corey, James and Natalie have a four thing. I don’t believe it. Paul says one of us (Paul or Corey) are going to get the care package. We’ve never talked game because we’ve been on other sides. They’ve lied to me and put me on the block .. you guys haven’t lied to me or put me on the block. Moving forward Vic is going. They know and we know. Paul explains how Nat and James are going to take a shot at Nicole and Corey. They’re not going to waste an HOH on Michelle or me the lone wolf. You need to take a shot before they do. Paul says they’re been sh*tting on you two for the past 3 weeks. Nat has been playing dumb all season but I’m the one that’s the liar. They pitched us a final four before the HOH comp. They were in the middle and were trying to get us to go against each other. Nicole says they were trying to get us to fire at each other. They told me why don’t you go downstairs and blow their sh*t up. Paul says I can put my nut sack on it that if James wins he is not wasting it on me. I want one of us to win the HOH so that two of them can go up and the other can be the replacement if one comes off.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-24 18-36-39-052

6:45pm 7:20pm HOH room – Meech, James and Nat. Meech says I’m worried they’re going to wrap him in. James says they don’t trust him. I just get a weird vibe. James says its in their best interest to keep us to take Paul out. They need us to get Paul out. Nicole definitely doesn’t not want Paul to get to the end. Corey joins them. Meech says she doesn’t want to move back downstairs. James says if I win HOH you can both stay up here and I’ll sleep downstairs. Nat says yeah. James says if Paul did make it to the final 2.. Nat and Meech both say he doesn’t have our vote. James says and one of us is sitting in the other seat. James says there is not more relationship building in here. There is really nothing I can do to change your opinion except to throw chairs at you and be this monster you don’t know about. We all know each other. Its all game now. Nat says I want him (Paul). James says we just need to win the HOH and we put up Paul and Corey. And or we put up Nicole and Corey with Paul as the replacement nom. James picks up one of Nat’s photos and says he’s going to put it in his truck to say that’s my girl. Nat says who says I’m your girl outside of here? James says you’ll always be my girl. I’m very persistent.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-24 19-23-41-942

7:30pm Corey says I don’t think James would switch his vote. Nicole says no but us talking to him (Paul) could get us in trouble. Michelle ran up there and James might switch is vote. James joins them to show them his beard. James leaves and Paul joins them again.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-24 19-30-38-619

7:45pm Vic says on Thursday I am going to give props to Nicole and Corey and sh*t on James and Natalie. Paul says I wouldn’t I would just sh*t on James and Natalie. if You make them the targets I would help me. Vic says I told you I wouldn’t respect your game if you blindsided me. Go be nice to them upstairs while I go be sketchy with them. Vic heads up to the HOH room.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-24 19-38-15-757

8pm Kitchen – Nat, James, Meech and Vic talk about Paul talking to Nicole and Corey now when he hasn’t talked to them before. Vic says if they are working with him now one of you.. or two of you are going up. Meech says I want to call him out on his BULLSH&T! Vic tells her not to do it yet. Don’t do anything dumb.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-24 19-57-59-500

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Bring back Da’!!! DRAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda queefs slop

Da’ can suck a fart from my a$$.


@anonymous No! I love Da out of the game she is hilarious. In the game she shoots herself and I hate seeing it because I like her. I think she should do some funny commentary. Also I hate how they edit this show. It makes it so clear who they want to win and get ACP. I think I realize why Nat and James are really getting on my nerves is because not only are they just not playing in away that I think is ok(Nat using real things that are done to women but not being done to her just to make people look bad and also every time she promise James she will make out with him if he does something she wants him to do)production is also making people who only watch the show (one of my sisters) think that Nat is innocent and making James and Meech look like they are the once that started the Paul and Vic thing. I also think the reason Nat keeps saying to Meech if you want to switch targets we can do that several times is so they can edit it to not show were the other half of the time Nat tells her Vic has to go. Also did anyone notice how when meech talked about evicting Vic that the Dr session It started off as her saying ok I guess I will get rid of Vic . So what QA or leading QA did Dr ask her. They flashed to that Dr session after James said they need to get rid of him but they really did not show any of Nats part. I think editing like this is why America is voting the way they are. Corey is edited just to seem like that nice not so smart Jock they did not show just How bad he really acted with the guys about Nicole. the only thing production has gotten right with him is the not so smart moments. Production can go kiss my grits

Amanda queefs slop

James should prank Paul by shaving his beard while he sleeps. He will cry like a little beotch, and self evict! Problem solved.


James would kicked out of the house if he did that, so problem solved…

Really Real

James should stop rolling around the backyard with a salt-shaker like a side-show midget being production’s bitch and start PLAYING BB. Paul’s always talking about ripping his nutsack off… maybe James could borrow it and have one for once.


I haven’t been watching the tv shows. Is CBS still giving the golden edits to Lames and Bratalie or have they shown their true selves?


I would love for the final care package to be a mandatory self eviction. That Would Be Classic! Expect the Unexpected…but alas…

Really Real

Ooooh, yeah!
ACP: the “Rainbow Power of Veto”, all-powerful, to be used in 3 days times.
And a “supplementary prize” (like the socks James got) including Twizzlers injected with mandrake root, deadly poisonous, effective in 2 days time.
C’mon BB, give us SOMETHING.

Big Jim

I’m hoping for Victor. Already solid with Paul will make the biggest potential impact IMO

Just Sayin'

Ughhhh, nicole and corey are the worst. Seriously one of the worst showmances ever to watch.

Dr Will or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Personal Attacks

Pssst…. not NiCorey…. “CORnhOLE”… pass it on….


I’m hoping that the reason Corey is ahead in the poll for acp is because it’s not a useful power and not because he’s actually a house guest favorite


I voted for Corey because he’s a idiot and it would be funny to watch him bribe anyone for anything


I want victor to come back and take out James. I can’t stand him this season!


Can’t stand James and Nicole this season.


I cant stand anyone this season I hope none of them ever come back.
This season has put me off watching big time.
The last few seasons imo have all been a copy of the year before same kind of actors, games and gameplay.
I hope cbs does something because the show could be great again.
They just needs to pick better people and make it so people dont all throw every comp. nothing worse than seeing someone throw comps.
Also they shouldnt read the number of eviction votes it stops people voting how they want.
And never ever put them in two groups at the start that was so dumb this season.
plus its not even trying to hide how rigged it is with production telling housemates to work togeather and half of them are family friends.
oh well what can ya do 🙂


Yeah, they’re playing. This could get interesting!

Another Anonymous

Meech puts Paul up on the block. He pulls himself off. And now she thinks that she’s entitled to call him out on his bullsh$t? Huh? Why does she think that he owes her anything but bullsh$t?


Meexh keep saying she wants to “call him out”, but she only wants to do it if everyone is backing her up, or she’ll be in tears. Hury up Thursday so the HGs can be mad when Vic or Paulie wins buy back…

No Name

Paulie or Victor back in the house to team up with Nicole & Corey.

Time for Natalie, James, and Michelle to get a taste of their own medicine

Paulie & Paul as final 2

Franks fumes

I can’t wait for NatNat and geisha boy to go on the block together and I “LITERALLY” can’t stand their cringeworthy showmance bullshit another godamn minute.


I really can’t stand either of the cringeworthy showmances!

BB Cynic

I’d like to see what see what Natalie is like without James filling her head with “AFP is better than winning”. If James got the toss, I could see Natalie potentially growing one pair for the both of them.

Yeah, let’s get rid of James. Useless.


Don’t understand why Michelle wants to call Paul out. It’s Big Brother he has the right to play the game. She was sucking up to Nicole and Corey this week, but she has to call Paul out for doing the same. She has been such a floater and gets very nasty to the person that she is not siding with. She either shuns them or badmouths them.


I was safe for a few weeks and now Paul has bet my nutsack AGAIN!!!! Is he going to threaten ripping them off and gluing it to his forehead soon??? it’s hard being his nutsack …..always living in fear.


I have never in my life heard someone say the will rip their own balls off.
I would die of laughter if someone said that to me.

More Anonymous

I hope it is a blindside. That would give Victor even more determination to give it all he’s got one last time as an FU. But James with his “Texas Code” will probably tell him just before the show goes live like he did Paulie. Then Julie, “Victor you have been evicted, but stay where you are…..” BLINDSIDE for James, Nat, Meech, Nicole and Corey. Priceless.

Franks fumes

How can Big Meech not have a giant ass after 3 months of shoving potato chips down her throat …….hmmmmm…..guess jealousy is a great calorie burner!


Have you not seen her cottage cheese thighs at age 23? She looks nasty in a bathing suit.


HMMM. Let’s see a picture of you.

BB Cynic

Hey… it’s NOT ok to try to personally demolish a woman for their thighs or their personal appearance. Whodafugareyou… Paulie??? Why aren’t you on Paul about all those fugging fried fries he’s frying??

What IS ok is to demolish someone for being a nutritionist that goes on a TV show and uses it as an excuse to ignore everything they dictate to and shame their clients with on a daily basis.


She throws it all up. She has a major eating disorder and will need help after the show.
I do think shes going to do very well mentally after the shows over sadly.

Reality Check

What is Nat Nat’s obsession with Paul and his French Fries?

So Paul (can/can not) cook French Fries, who cares.


The entire world cares! You can’t lie about fries man! It’s not cool and it’s against the fry code. Paul’s a monster!

BB Cynic

Sheesh, it’s pretty simple really. It’s because has Natalie has no idea what Big Brother is and she doesn’t care if she wins, as long as she continues up the step-ladder of CBS reality shows. She was recruited and given a list of shows she could be on. The Bachelor has no stipend, so she went with BB in the hopes that she could find an AFP to go on The Amazing Race with. Corey, too. Bangin’ the weasel-rat so they can Amazing Race together.

So, yeah… she’s temporarily on BB until she move on to better things with her showmance. So she needs “justification” but she’s not sophisticated enough to just say, “It’s strategy, I think you’re going to win, get to steppin'” She needs personal, emotional, cathartic justificaiton: betrayal, lies, and blah blah blah. She and James are hyper-aware that you can make $500 a week on the low-end bar circuit if you get AFP. Even if the manufactured excuses are weak as fark, Production will accommodate for TV in the edit.

Texas Code

Paul cooks fries and everyone loses their minds…Corey burns a goat and no one says a word! I need a Joker meme STAT!


Am I the only one who remembers Paul cooking all those French fries back before Tiffany got voted out? I remember distinctly that he fried fries every evening (he had me craving them) and he also made dipping sauces, cupcakes galore, and kicked one frozen pizza up so much that I’ve since made one just like the one he made. I had to clarify this since Natalie keeps whining and whining about Paul and French fries. Does anyone else remember this????


You are right. And he had the girls peeling potatoes for the french fries that he was about to cook. Natalie was there. What is wrong with that girl! There is no way that she forgot about that. She is the manipulator.


I’m hoping victor or victor comes back.
OR, maybe victor.

Dr Will or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Personal Attacks

I haven’t posted much this season. I just don’t really care about these people that much. There’s no one that I can really shred with as much vehemence as, say, Vanessa. I miss her now. Conversely, there are no Dr Wills or Evel Dicks to really stand behind. A couple of Literal Dicks, perhaps, but no Evel. Who the hell are these people and why should I care? There’s a certain interest to it, like putting 16 hamburgers in your backyard and seeing which one takes the longest to rot.

I do have this to say, though:
It’s not NiCory. It’s CORnhOLE, period.

What, is she 4? Stop WHINING!! Can she not go on Tinder or something and spare us the televised version of her desperate quest for a breeding mate? And if Cory is really that far out of her league… should she not practice some version of self care? Wash that hair? Maybe get out of bed occasionally? You. Are. Playing. A. Game. On. TV. For. HALFAFUGGINGMILLIONDOLLARS! Useless. Go home, and don’t forget to thank Paulie’s dad for hooking up you and James and Production.


/ \
(o ) ( o )

Yup, so two-dimensional you can build him with ASCii.

Dr Will or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Simon & Dawg

Ack! His nose and his brows shifted to the left! To the LEFT I tells ya! Oh, my monster…. my byuteeful monster….

Dr Will or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Personal Attacks

Fock it. Pretend the periods are spaces. The software kills spaces apparently….


Totally Corey, just Corey with zits now. Visualize the whitespace…

And finally, I would like to apologize for mis-spelling “Corey” as “Cory”. I forgot that it’s “i before e except when you have sex on TV”


corey might just be going hone tomorrow. if Julie announces the jury buy back prior to the voting which was done prior to the previous buy back… James will likely switch his vote for fear that Paulie or Vic might come back in and he’ll be screwed. If Paulie gets back, he’ll be lined with Nicorey which doesn’t help James. if Vic hets back, he’s already done him bad. so he might vote out Corey to keep paulvic on his side as more power for in case Paulie gets back in. lets see if James is smart enough to figure this out.

BB Cynic

No. James thinks on his feet as gracefully as cats herd in the ocean. He’s there to follow… Production, America, tall-guys-with-abs in that order. Useless. He’s all about the wimmin-folk, with his obsessive, Southern “I’m yer Daddy and I know best” code. Prediction: James will not do anything significant AGAIN this year.


Makes me think Nicole and James have a pre – alliance even before the season started.

BB Smarty-Pants

Paulie’s dad acts as some sort of “booking agent” for BB meet-and-greets for… you guessed it… duh duh duh… Cody, Derrick, Paulie, James, and Nicole. Derrick apparently spent time specifically coaching Nicole, James, and Paulie prior to them going into the house this season. Derrick’s writing a book on how to manipulate people so, for cross-promotional purposes, it’s really important for those 3 to make it really far this year. Just watch.

Big Sister

Michelle eating is like Jaws Z’s the shark!

fender strat

Dear Victor,

You’re a nice looking dude (no homo) so please shave that rat’s nest off your face. It really doesn’t work.

And Lay Off The Fracking Hair Gel

No, really. Lay off the hair gel, there, Slidell. This is BB not GTA.

Misty Beethoven

I am hoping James shits a brick with the Buy back. And Natalie will be so pissed at him, because he told her repeatedly there would absolutely no way no how be a returning player. The howls will be deafening. This will make up for all the garbage we’ve had to watch.

Dr Will or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Simon & Dawg

ALSO… there are times where I load up the feed summary and it seems like soooo much work just to read about what these dolts are up to. And then I think about poor Simon & Dawg that sit there and type the drivel out, hour after hour, night after night… for OUR benefit. Mine, yours, yours… even YOURS. Yeah, you with the yellow knit Nicole-matchy-sweater, I’m tawkin’ to you!. And so I happily donate tonight, secure in the knowledge that Simon & Dawg will take the CORnhOLE bullet for me, letting me know when they’re “undersheet” so I can look awaaaaaaaay from the feeds before I see the unsee-able. Simon & Dawg give us a cozy, safe, anonymous little space to vent and rant. It’s safe here, it’s consensual, and it’s fun. It’s important that we support Simon & Dawg so they’ll be around when BB eventually swings full circle and becomes a game again. I gave… so should you!


Natalie showed her true colors to James tonight, James said that he is taking the picture he took from her HOH room, and he is going to put it in his truck and tell everyone, she is his girl.
Natalie then said to James, who said I was going to be your girl outside of the house, she keeps giving him clues that she is not into him. But as James was last season, he is so not aware of things said or done right in his face, Natalie is not into James. I doubt if she will be hanging out or cuddling with him in jury, unless the others treat her bad, then she will cling to James again. Please let James and Natalie both be evicted, and take that useless Michelle out also, I am so sick of her crying and then talking crap about Paul. Get over it, Da was evicted, why does everyone need to tell you how they voted, or if they were aware that Da was going to be evicted.

Maybe if you did not spend so much time in the kitchen eating, and then sleeping, you might have been kept in the loop. She is not going to call Paul out, Paul will have her in tears, and no backbone James is not going to rescue her, Michelle needs to shut the hell up, and so does Natalie.

BB 80's Flashback Edition

How about a season featuring only players who remember the 80’s? Would you watch it? Would you play it if you had the chance to be on it? Would it be worse than watching 20-something nincompoops?


Trump 2016! Consider the alternative fpr America. A lying scumbag is what I am talking about. And unfortunately Trump is just a little bit better than HillarLie Clinton.

Hiding From Treason...

Hey Simon and Dawg… I just tried to post this but got a server meltdown. If you could gently edit so this doesn’t get twice by accident, I’d appreciate it. I fear that Trump and his treasonous ties to Russia, Cuba, and Miss Universe may be involved in my attempt to post. Anyway, here’s my post again… (for Freedom! ‘Murica! Down with 404:errors!)

So, here’s the thing:

Dr. Will is already a doctor. He’s rich and successful. A beautiful man and an unapologetic getter-doner-of-things. People do what he wants. He panders to his audience, entertains everyone, makes us all happy and secure that he’s doing what needs to be done.

Trump is a pathetic old man whose dad left him enough money that he hasn’t quite lost it all yet but will because he never has ANY idea what he’s saying, let alone that he’s saying it on camera. Desperate for attention, he will say anything, just for airtime.



I have a question. Just researched a portion of the show where Vic came back. It was before the comp and they didn’t look surprised. Do they get a heads up right before the live tv airing? Because if so, this could change James plan.
I feel sorry for him because he IS IN A TOUGH spot. Regardless of how he votes, he’s got the target on him. Also, he KNOWS the Paul/Vic plan to get him out next week, so, he has no choice. Vic just has to suck it up that out of all his comp wins, he couldn’t win the veto against Paul which would guarantee his safety. I wish he had beat Paul!
Here’s hoping Bridgette wins! And America finally wides up and gives HER the CP!


Ugh!! Feeds are so boring tonight! I seriously can’t watch Michelle eat anymore. It looks like she is going to eat her whole hand off. I hope whoever comes back into the house is able to stir some sh$t up next week!


After dark is actually pretty good tonight. Vic and Paul are game playing big time.

Butters Mom

and those brainless biotches are falling for it big time! If Natalie says, “im not dumb” one more time … she couldnt be dumber. James is in so much trouble regardless of who he votes for and Natalie has turned on him… its obvious. She would pick Vic and Meech over James to go to the end.


I think Vic is playing a good game tonight but unfortunately I think what Paul is trying to sell to Corey and Nicole is falling on deaf ears. I think Nicole hates Paul and would never work with him over James. I hope Vic and Paul’s plan works though! James is too jealous of Vic so I don’t know if he’d actually vote Corey out but if he did then he’d have Nicole in his back pocket. She’d be pissed but she would still work with James.


Nicole is banging Paulie’s dad. She will never turn on James.

(I think James is actually banging Paulie’s dad, too.)


That was the plan. Vic goes to Nat, James, Meech and plants seeds of distrust for Nic and Corey and Paul goes down and acts sketch with Nicory so Nat, James, Meech can see it on the surveillance camera in the HOH room.

Fender strat

Omg stop that bish from eating! It’s always something loud and crunchy and annoying af like a bag of chips or box of cereal. Her shoving her greedy hands in the bag or box is so loud and annoying. Does she only eat snacks and only on bbad ? Godddddddamn I can’t take it.

Reformed Snacker

I swear I can’t even eat anymore without asking myself do I look like Meech? Do I chew like Meech? Do I shovel food like Meech? Aaack! Put it back! I will never snack again!

The Dutch

Sorry I’m a little behind just turned on BBAD so are Paul and Vic playing game acting like each other shitting on one another or is Vic really upset with Paul

Butters Mom

Paul and Vic are playing them for the fools they are! FINALLY!


They’re playing. It’s not real. And if it works, it’s going to be spectacular.

Game on

Vic and Paul have Nat and she is going to convince James to vote out Corey.

I can’t wait to see Nicole’s face. Of course James will tell Nic and Corey 20 mins before live show that Corey is going like the pussy he is.

Paul is a bad ass player of this game.

The Roach Coach

It’s working! Paul and Victor are playing these fools!
Nat and Meech have 2 braincells between the two of them, and Nat has both of them… James will do whatever Natalie tells him to do…
So that means, Gbye Corey…. Later Nicole!
Bring Back Bridgette and we got ourselves a game!
Vic and Paul playing these dimwits to perfection, can’t wait!!!

Butters Mom

I actually want Corey to go… I know… I said it. But, it is only because I want Paulie back in the house to work with Nicole and James against Meech and Natalie and Paul and Victor. I think it will shake things up a bit. Hoping Paulie battles back and wins HOH… goes for the throat of Natalie… in the mean time, I hope Natalie has shown her true colors to James and they both turn on each other. She has used him long enough.. I just want him to get some of his self respect back. geeesh and its time for Corey and Nicole to get some space. I dont care who wins anymore out of this group… waste of a cast. Glad to see Paul and Victor playing the game tonight on after dark. Clearly they are dealing with idiots though so its not hard.

Franks fumes

Meechs demeanor posture ect. Is like an old lady…..its so weird!


This is my opinion all the houseguest left game play.
Vic- Good at comps & loyal but also too naive at times.
Corey-isnt playing the game at all. He was a coasting until his alliance became the target.
Nicole- she is a rat but she also have never been on the block & is in a okay spot since next week Nat & James will most likely be the target.
Natalie- Naive, fake & is playing it up for the cameras, & doesn’t know what a good move is.
James-blindes by love
Michele- I thought Meech could be a Godfrey kind of player but she isn’t to smart.
Paul- smart as fuck, good at comps, can win but has a big damn mouth & doesn’t know when to chill.

Just wow

I used to love a Nat. But she thinks she knows everything about the game but is so dumb, she has no read on anybody. I can’t take it anymore. If they don’t get Vic out now, they will never have another chance. He is just to strong at comps physical and mental.

Loving this

Vic and Paul doing exactly what I was hoping they would. Looks like it could possibly work. If they pull this off, Give them both half a mill. I get excited then realize. It’s the night before eviction. They are just playing us. And Vic gets voted out. Praying this plan works tho. But I’m seriously about to pull my hair out listening to Michelle eat. Oh my lord. Why doesn’t production tell her to stop.

Froot Loop Dingus

I love the look on James’ face whine Nastalie is telling him she wants Vic to stay. He looks like he’s crapping his pants. It’s so obvious he doesn’t want to keep Vic and isn’t sure how he can “respect” his woman’s HOH and still vote Vic out.
I’m loving how Vic and Paul are playing this. Especially if Vic stays and bounces the check he’s writing them. It would be amazing.
If Vic stays and Corey goes home I kind of hope Da comes back. I can see Vic and Paul pulling her in since they didn’t betray her.


James isn’t falling for it! No way no how! Only thing he’s seeing is Natalie’s eagerness for Vic. Get down and talk to nastycole James!


Love how people literally sh/t on Paulie for 3 weeks straight & now are hoping he goes back in?! You loved Nat/Bridge & Meech for all they did in that but don’t you dare touch Paul or you are whiners, floaters and just hard to watch..always pissed off about something.