Vic – “What do I do?”

Head of Household: ?
Nominations: ???
The Power of Veto Players are: ??????
POwer of Veto Winner: ?????
Power of Veto Ceremony: ??????
Have nots: Ro, Vic, Breydon, Austin

Feeds return after almost 24 hours of downtime. Big Brother Canada tweeted out that the feeds will be going down again until tonight. My Kraken gut is saying it’s Vic or maybe (slight maybe) Ro/Tera.

The HOH (whoever that is) got to pick one houseguest to get a letter from Home. Tina got a letter.

Victoria is the HOH and the house is convinced it’s her. She is now thinking of putting herself on the block to throw them off the sent.  It’s messy.

12:55 pm Feeds return Jed and Ro playing chess, Ty in the room as well.
Jed – people will like you to do the dirty work
Ro – I’m not going to lie they want me to put you guys up
Jed – because they think you are HOH
Ro – yeah but just in General
Jed – it will be intriguing to see what happens
Ro – you guys know Beth better than I do. We’ve had maybe three conversations and all of them have been without that last week and a bit. I trust what she said but I will take your guy’s word. I wouldn’t know you guys know better than I would
Ro – there are two ways people can look at this. Solo players and Pairs.
Ro breaks down the solo players are Beth, Kiefer, and himself. The rest of the house has a pair.
Ro – the natural thing is to break up a pair
Ty – we wouldn’t put you up if we had it
Ty leaves.

12:55 pm Vic and Kiefer
Vic – any intel for me
K – the boys are having a really long chat with RO
Vic – nice
K – Makes me uncomfortable
Vic – it makes me uncomfortable
Vic – you don’t think they are making deals or anything?
K – they are making deals
V – Get out
Kiefer – they think he’s the secret HOH
Vic – ohh boy.. that’s scary
V – his only options if he was beside them would be you and I
Kiefer leaves.. Tera in there now.
Tera – everyone knows I was in the tiebreaker
Tera – it’s perfect
Tera says she only cares about Vic, Kiefer, and Tina.
Tera says whoever goes up they will discuss with Vic.
Vic says the four of them decide who goes home.
They hug “as long as you have my back in this game you are safe”

Tera leaves and Ty joins her.

Vic says she’s loyal to their final 4 “I don’t have it and if I did I wouldn’t be putting you up.. ”
Vic – no one has any idea that we are working together.. Austin and Breydon came up to me and were like I hope you have it.
Vic laughs “If I won I would put up Ro and Austin”

Vic – no flippity floping
Ty – 100% same page
Vic – how was your sleep
Ty – good till the nonsense..
Feeds cut..
When we’re back..
Vic says she thought the HOH would be known by now
Ty – I know Kief doesn’t have it, Tina doesn’t have it, Tera doesn’t have it, I don’t have it. I don’t think Jed has it so that leaves 5 and you say you don’t have it that leaves, Ro, Beth, Austin, and Breydon
Vic – you guys should chat with Ro because if he has it he would put up you guys and Kief, As long as us 5 sticks together we control the week

Vic says if she had it she’ll put up “F**Ing snakes like RO”
Vic _ I would love to see Austin and Ro..
Ty – I hope its you
Vic – It’s not me Ty..

Vic – do you think Ro has it
Ty – good chance he does
Vic – the cameras are on Ro like no f**ing tomorrow

After Everyone is gone.. Vic looks at the camera “What do I do”

Kiefer joins her.
K – my fear is Austin and Breydon have it..
Vic – they don’t.. they don’t have it..
Vic looks at Kiefer.. They start to laugh..

feeds down again.. will be back tonight maybe.

6:00 pm Feeds return.
Jed – I do think we are going to be OK this week I have a feeling we’re OK
Jed – My biggest worry was Ro and I don’t think he would put us up.. my biggest worry was Ro Now it’s Austin
Beth – we f**Ing kept her.. You are so good looking it’s disgusting..
Jed – you’re not too shabby yourself

Austin and Breydon laughing and chit-chat..

6:23 pm Vic, Breydon, and Austin
Vic going on about how she thinks it’s Ro based on much the camera has been following him.
They tell Vic if Ro won it She is safe.
Breydon says he thinks Ty might have it too “He’s so suss”

8:28 pm Ro and Victoria
Victoria saying she’s for sure not the HOH she wouldn’t have put herself on Slop!

After Ro leaves.. Victoria looks at the camera..
Victoria laughing about being on slop “I’m going to be so skinny”
(Victoria is HOH she picked herself to be on slop)

7:33 pm BReydon, Jed, Austin and Beth
They think Vic is the HOH. Going through scenarios about who Vic will put up.
Ty – this is twisted this is so twisted
They grapple with the possibility that Vic is HOH and put herself on Slop for the second week.
Ty – She has a slop pass
Breydon – I didn’t know that
Jed – Bro I said from the beginning it was her.
Beth – if it’s Vic who is going up?
Jed – maybe Ro because he backstabbed her? I don’t know
Breydon – would she use the slop pass?
Jed – I would..
Austin – I would
Ty – she’s smart..
Beth – she’s an actress
Jed – Bro
Ty – it’s gotta be her
Jed – it’s gotta be
Jed – it’s Vic.. it is vic.. its vic
Ty – I just thought she was overacting
Jed – she was overacting
Ty says going on slop is a small price to pay if it furthers you in the game.
Jed – she’s a super fan.. Canada would love it put yourself on slop make a big move.
Austin – if the big move is in this room we have to gun for it and reverse it. Cause you guys can’t exist without us because then you’ll be the biggest target in the house and vice versa
Ty – the big moves are in this room. ONe of us four are going up tomorrow.. or two if we are being real ..
Beth – just between us she’s saying it’s Ro or Austin.
Austin mentions if Vic is trying to pin this on them then they won’t be on the block tomrorow.
Breydon – true
Austin points out that Vic seems very calm chilling which is totally different than last week
Breydon – runnign around lkike a chicken with her head cut off.
Austin says in a couple of weeks, Tina and Tera will control the vote. “they will be half the votes in a couple weeks
Jed says they are forming another side of the house, Tina, Tera, Kiefer, Vic
Jed – they can have the numbers in a week
Ty – yeah, they’re inciting a war while they sit back

Vic joins them.
Breydon – I just can’t go on the block and be on slop I just can’t
Jed – I don’t know who would do that
Vic – I’m shook
Austin – If I had won I would have put the four people that haven’t been on slop
Jed – I was ready to take it
Ty – this game is crazy
Vic – “you guys made a deal with Ro”
Ty – we made a deal for what
Vic – I’m sorry.. crazy sh1t is going to start coming out..
Jed – no Vic NO.
Vic laughs says some crazy things are going to come out

Austin – If I’m on the block and on the block I’m flipping this house
Jed – It’s not us I would not put you on slop two weeks in a row..
Ty – I was prepared for my name to be called first..
Ty – I don’t think Ro makes this move..
Ty – If we are being real it’ll be me, Jed or Beth
Jed – I swear on my life I’m not HOH
Austin says if they are on slop and on the block that person is evil
Breydon – a evil person
Vic – literally
Austin – like Nasty, thats really personal if that happens I’ll be f***ing pissed
Beth leaves..
Vic – that’s insane.. i’m not down with this to be honest. I’m pretty upset.
Austin – I cried on the couch
Vic – like family meeting.. no just kidding
Jed – everyone saw who you struggled on Slop (Austin the week before)
Austin says it took her a week to recover from slop
Austin – who the f** would do that because that is f** up
Vic – this is crazy. I feel like there’s more that we don’t know
Ty – what do you mean we don’t know?
Vic – like I don’t know
Ty – who the HOH is?
Vic – I dunno
Vic leaves..


Austin – what do you think
Jed – is it her?
Breydoin – it’s possible
Ty – possible..
Jed – very Possible
Jed says Vic is a super fan this is the type of sh1t she likes to do.
Jed – A move she did that holy sh1t ..

10:47 pm No Feeds

12am Storage room. Austin, Tina and Breydon.
Breydon – I don’t know. Its hard to figure out. Austin – I am smiling but I am really stressed out. Breydon – I am praying that maybe they’re nice .. like you went on slop so I won’t put you on the block. Tina – I am wondering if the four that are on slop, there are going to be two people that are not on slop that are put on the block. Austin – I hope so. Tina – and I’m thinking it is going to be me and Tera. Breydon and Austin – I don’t think so. Tina – I don’t know .. I am f**king nervous! Breydon – I am too.. I thought I had an idea of who it was and then I went on slop and I was like oh!? I have no idea who I think it could be now. Tina – who do you think it could be? Breydon – I was thinking it was either going to be Vic or Roh. Austin – that’s what I thought. But Vic would not

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Mr George H Lewis

I think Vic has to take a shot at Ty and Jed
1) They are in a trio with Beth, that need to be broken up and she will get no blood on her hands doing so, (the strongest alliance in the house)
2) Its a great move on her resume at the end
3) Jed and Ty will know its her as they think its one of Beth, Austin, Braydon, Vic or Ro if Austin and Braydon go up then they know its probably Vic.


The token hetro white guy is gonzo. Yay Canada? This lot are all over the place, Ghosts of Foutte are appearing and when almost everyone left is easily Foutte material, well someone from Foutte will win.

I say that because even Simon says this season is soooo entertaining but the game playing and various strategies we are watching are well below par. It’s like watching a poorly written Nicolas Cage movie and having to suspend one’s disbelief throughout the movie….This is the season BBCAN jumped the shark. Next yr, everyone will come from S. Ontario and be one freak show that makes this yr look like a warm up.


If Vic had it she’d be bouncing off the walls so I have to hope she doesn’t. If production handed her this and then let’s her compete for HOH next week, I’m retiring from BBCan forever. I spent many hours of the feeds being down this season, watching past seasons and this season is really low budget
The dollar store fake greenery, the comps, the food. The stage where they’re interviewed post eviction. All the glitz is gone.


I don’t know for sure but my guess is no one is leaving this week b/c eviction day is April Fools Day.

So – if that’s the case than Keifer is the one gaining an advantage getting to play in B2B HOHs. – I’m not happy about that either lol

eddie taylor

Whats wrong with Keifer?


Yeh true..
Just don’t by shares of Corus Entertainment Inc.. lol


I’m thinking the feeds are down 15 hours a day because they don’t want to pay the crew overtime or shift premiums. When the feeds are up you have to see that olg or Expedia ad before the feed opens. Maybe the sponsors have limited what they’ll sponsor and when.

another name

don’t get invested in the underdog side this season.
EVERY article, EVERY released preview clip, EVERY commercial is extremely heavy on a sunsetters and VIC slant.
You saw this in 7 with PB’s being the only named alliance to make air for the season.
You saw this in 6 with the Real Deal. There were 30 alliances by the end of week 2… the show only aired the Real Deal as an alliance.
You saw this in season 5 with every return houseguest whispering to that KevinRobertMartin that they were there for him (like there was some therapy redemption deal going on after he’d been promoted as the sure winner of 3).

You’re used to seeing the writing on the wall. Don’t invest in the ones waiting for toetags.

ugh here we go with production authorizing and pushing the steamroll UHgain.

Who are the two people in the house that would try to pull a long con that they had it?
Ro and Vic.
They might have it. They might be pulling a con.
Vic is telling Kiefer and tera they are safe because Vic knows the boot order from both sides. She heard them. She knows suns are likely going after ARB, she knows ARB are going after TY/Jed.
With that knowledge she could reasonably play up to Tera and to Kiefer that they are safe without consequesnce.
OR she IS HOH.
Either way. Whatever.

another name

Tera Vic convo in my read:
It isn’t Tera knows who has it.
That’s not what she’s saying. She’s saying that the foursome of Vic, Tina, Tera and Kief decide the fate of who is going home this week. They are the secret majority in Tera’s head.


Fun thought – what if no one has it, and production is just messing with everyone to see how paranoid they’ll get? Display two random noms that make no sense, then on Thursday say “April Fools” and call a double eviction.

i hate this twist

No HoH room, no one on one talks with the HoH, no throwing people utb, no deals, no alliance shifting, no gameplay, no gametalks, no strategy.

Just speculation, “Who has it? So and so has it, no so and so doesnt have it, Do you have it, i dont have it,..blah blah blah”

it puts the game on hold, and kills the feeds, so i guess its good theyre turning feeds off.

its like whoever comes up with twists never watches BB and cant foresee what would happen. in the past these Canada twists usually end up screwing over good players

Guy From Canada

This season there are no good players, ha ha

another name

Another round of speculation:

What has this twist done?
It’s got everyone that is a control freak to spin out.
Tera’s offering pitches to one and all.
Ro is going around making safety deals.
Ty Jed and Beth are making Wed. night alliances on Friday morning.

Kiefer is kiefing in paranoiaville.
Austin and Breydon are…. sitting on the couch. sideye. great hustle guys.
Tina is wordless really.
Vic is doing Vic things. acting like she’s in the know, and acting like she has the power.

So, the twist should be sketching anyone that had a pre-existing deal with a control freak not included in the new round of deals.
So, the twist should be pointing out the hierarchy of the house.

By Wednesday there will be a find the balls that spell BINGO twist on the already twisted invisibility HOH. Maybe. Or the April Fool’s it was all a joke thing happens.

I want to know what the big “that nonsense” that happened last night is all about.

Press Release of the comp has already altered the comp rules.
the comp is now whoever gets closest without going over, not whoever gets closest as per Arisa during the episode.
Subtle distinction that smells a bit.

Joe Franco

If one comes down put up Kiefer the weasel
If it’s Vic, she will more than likely put up Ro.


Adam Pike on Twitter says he has a source and Tina won HOH. I’m hoping it’s true.

another name

the alum are infamous for trolling the fans, though. not to be a downer, because Tina’s on my shortlist of suspects too.


It would make total sense that Tina got it and not tell anyone including Tera. If you watch when convos happen & Tera is spinning out of control it’s always Tina that will throw in a little thing to calm the situation or make sure Tera doesn’t go too far.

Besides Tina knows Tera would be too calm if she told her (if she won). Who knows maybe even TPTB told her she can’t tell.

Guy From Canada

The clip circulating of Vic telling Keri she has it….troll or actual.

another name

She doesn’t tell Kief she has it technically. She tells him B/A/R don’t have it, and gives him a smile.


See with an invisible HOH I don’t see how it behooves anyone who isn’t Beth to put Ty/Jed on the block. Keifer, I could also understand but he didn’t play in HOH.

Vic knows Ty/Jed have Beth at a minimum ahead of her & likely Keif too so why put up Brey/Aus who wouldn’t target her ahead of those 3 or Keif?

There is no benefit gained for Vic to protect/save TJB – her better bet if she is HOH is to take the shot. And even if she is HOH & puts them up she’ll blame AB anyway – that’s her MO.

Guy From Canada

Really want an invisible HOH, tell everyone they won, get everyone to secretly vote, then draw the 5 people for veto randomly, then Monday and BB put two people on the couch that un know HOH voted for, have the veto winner do what they want, and turn on the feeds and watch chaos ensue till Thursday


Since Vic is pushing hard to convince people Ro is HOH is it safe to assume she wants to make a move she can easily pin on Ro? In which case putting Ty and Jed up seems like a real possibility right?

another name

Noms not until Sat? What… is that a thing
That’s just weird.
Vic being Vic and overdoing it, has, for the moment, solidified Au/Brey with the Throuple against the swingvote middles? Didn’t have that on my 2021 Pandemic Bingo Card.

Vic’s musical chairing of namedropping that worked well last week… has gotten stale in the house. They’re all catching it now that she pulled the Have Not Scam. What’s this Have not pass they’re talking about? Did i miss a have not pass game?
They should have caught all of Kief’s Kiefing last week.
Does anyone know why nobody caught Kief’s Kiefing last week? I mean, it can’t be because they were too busy listening to campaigning to chat. *Well Tina did sort of catch it, but Tina downplaying like Tina does* Oh. Wait. It was because the throuple spent the week occupying HOH, and only Screechy Cackles was out talking to people (mostly to do the same namedropping herself).

How long does the consolidation of the fake 5 last? Not long. It can’t. Screechy was already in regret mode for keeping Austin (she realllly doesn’t want any other women in the game) when she was talking to Jed.
But figuring out that the swingvoters are a thing may force them to honor their mutual nonaggression talks, or attempt to keep the remainder of BAR as a swingvote maneuver block. They’ve already made Ro a similar proposition. How much Kiefer gets told will tell the tale.

The “should I nominate myself” talk. We know it’s talk, because after the debacle in season 4 where one of the bros wanted to nominate themselves at veto… they made it a rule for the next time someone mentioned it. If they allow her to nominate herself, sorry, we know there’s a complete rig happening.

This is all suppositional because of the nature of Invisible HOH and everyone trying to make deals with everyone, and I’m not holding any of these deals as real. If Charted they’re all fake deals.

Vic getting this HOH has me sideyeing. Oh come on. Installing her as HOH on a twist week? mmhmm. Really? The rules changed slightly? Oh. That makes me feel like season 3’s double veto option allll over again.
Yeah, Tina doesn’t have the high profile to make the drama hot for tv but could pull off keeping the secret. Her noms would have gone against edited storyline too much.
Yeah, Ro doesn’t have the chops to run this long a long con without betraying himself. His noms would go against edited storyline too much.
But… I’m sussed. In the realm of believability, I’m sussed. Saving grace? It wasn’t Kiefer. If they’d tossed it to Kiefer I’d have quit the season on the spot. Manufacturing his edit is already pushing my buttons. Actually the manufactured edits of all of the prodopets is really ticking me off the more I recap episodes.


Mr George H Lewis

Not everything is fixed plus most comps you can’t fix like so fixing one is just dumb and pointless.So like someone is bitter.

another name

Everything rigged? hmmm. NOT EVERYTHING. But, let’s be honest here, if we are just seeing edits of competitions and not the entire competition on feeds or in episode uncut, then we are suspending our disbelief to believe that a reality production would be honest and fair like a gameshow. That’s not true. I mean, count the number of writers and storyline producers in the editing department, so there’s fiddling for effect. There’s manipulation for effect (the comparison of feeds to episode makes that crystal clear),
I’m not bitter about who stays or goes. Meh. I usually spend half the season pointing and laughing as each person is evicted. But I’m not blind to how reality entertainment in a gameshow format is more reality entertainment than gameshow. I could pull a list of suspect or obviously rigged competitions from bbus season 3 to 22, and bbcan 1 to present that would illustrate. I could easily point to the season 7 moment that illustrated in concrete that veto picks are manufactured for storyline. Is EVERYTHING manufactured? No. Is everything Kosher? Hell no.
We know from season 5 of bbcan that the twist prizes are not awarded by chance. House guests talking about all being locked in the HOH for a long period of time except for the guy that found the tunnel veto? The season 6 special twist that was scrapped and turned into a Marsha visit?
Read the rules of fanvotes. after you vote look at the rules and regulations, specifically the part that indicates the production reserves the rights to remove votes during or after the voting process without notification. Even when they show you how the vote broke down, you have to keep that in mind, they reserve the right to manipulate the vote count.
Is it a gameshow that is forced to follow the legal rules for gameshows? NO. That was decided a couple of years ago. reality entertainment is not held to the same standards as an actual gameshow. We know this.

Bitter about who goes home? NO. Bitter about Oz behind the curtain being too obvious? THAT’S my issue.
While i didn’t like who was being voted out week 1-4… I thought each had more storyline advantage… I was actually pleased that it was unpredictable. I was happy to be wrong in my week 1-4 projection of how storyline was going to proceed. Then we get twists and i get antsy.


With each conversation, Vic has you can almost see the wheels turning in her head.

She’s already commented to the cameras that she should’ve made Beth a have-not instead of herself. In fact, by putting herself on slop (and b/c she won the slop pass) she overplayed a bit too much and that let the trio, and AB believe it’s her who won HOH.

She also asked the cameras if she should put herself on the block. Vic is extra but I think that was just for entertainment value.

The trio is sure Vic won HOH and aren’t worried b/c they think she’ll put up AB. I’m not so sure she isn’t putting up TJ b/c of how she sells things when talking to each group. Yes, she’s flippant and angry with Austin/Brey (after she leaves them — not in front of them) but it’s the trio she keeps telling I think one of Ro or Austin has the power which only works if neither of them are OTB. Beth is sure Vic is doing this playacting to make it look like she is the HOH.

Aus/Brey have said if they are also put on the block (plus slop) they are immediately going to start eating. If VIc puts up Ty & Jed (pretty please) they’ll likely initially believe it’s AB but I have a feeling that all this drama and entertaining spinouts is going to culminate in everyone figuring out Vic is HOH and exposing her game.

Definitely will be interesting to see who is nominated and how the group deals with Vic — it could backfire on her in a big way if the trio and AB decide to take out Vic next regardless of who is nominated and who leaves (if anyone I still think this week is all an April Fools joke).

One major point I’m missing by not having feeds is whether Ro is talking at all to AB. Has he told them that TJ confirmed Vic’s targets are AB? Presumably, they remain his priority alliance but the only feeds I saw of him were convos with everyone except AB.

Hopefully, they’ll be leak feeds today as it should be dramatic.


Here’s an idea Vic. This is what you do. To really fool everyone, nominate yourself to go up on the block. Between that and being a have not, nobody will suspect you’re the invisible HOH. Put yourself up against Austin, a women far lesser in every way in your own mind. If you don’t win the veto, convince whoever did to pull you off the block. In my perfect world, they don’t pull you off and you become the first HOH history to get evicted while HOH. You’ll be famous and lots of us will be really happy to see you go.


This would have been incredible


If I’m Vic I’m putting up Austin and Beth. Because whomever leaves I’d just naturally be closer to there allies.

Also he decision on slop was stupid it makes sense to put up 4 people who haven’t been on slop. Or I’d pick one person from every side and myself throw them off the scent.

I think ppl give Vic to much credit. Like this shouldn’t only be about building a resume it should be about getting further in the game. If Beth or Austin leave preferable Beth the boys will get closer to her and if Austin leaves breydon is closer to Vic that gives her another 3 weeks at least.

Mr George H Lewis

Not if they know Vic got them out, putting up one of each would piss off both sides.


Ya but they might think it’s tera kiefer Tina or Vic. They all would benefit if Beth or Austin cut. the only person pissed is the side of the person who ends up going home. Also who cares being pissed off at someone in big brother has a shelf life of what 2 weeks maybe less things change ppl find new things as goals or reasons to be pissed. Look at ty and Jed they aren’t pissed toya left anymore.

another name

Not only will the HOH be invisible,
BUT a secret power will be unveiled that can be used invisibly. Similar to an invisible veto holder, but altered.
I suspect the secret power will not be a butt veto in basis, but may be like the BBUS season 18 power to add a third nominee of their choosing invisibly. Sort of like the nomination from the file room that got Cori on the block in season 7 bbcan.

Anyone think this is possible? The wording of the announcer in the last episode made me feel like Invisible HOH was more than just an Invisible HOH, that there was another power in store.
Probability in by opinion only about 35% but worth questioning.

another name

By the sounds of it (unconfirmed, but come on)
this is how things are looking as of 140pm eastern on the saturday of week 5.

bbcan9 WEEK FIVEa.jpg
East coaster

Feeds were on briefly. By the sounds of the talks it’s Brey and Aus on the block. Also seems like they’re getting ready to do the veto later