Invisible HOH Nomination Results

Head of Household:
Nominations: Breydon and Austin
The Power of Veto Players are: Ro, Vic, Breydon, Austin, Ty
POwer of Veto Winner: Ro
Power of Veto Ceremony: ??????
Have nots: Ro, Vic, Breydon, Austin

2:38 pm Breydon and Austin were nominated.

They’re spinning their wheels trying to figure out who is HOH
Austin – It’s TY I’m telling you. (LOL)
Autin says Ty is angry about Latoya.
They agree Ro hates Beth.

Talk about POV picks.
Breydon – who do we pick
Austin – Ro
Breydon – what if Ro is already up
Austin – Tina
Austin – Ideal will be us two, Ro, Vic and Tina

They call Ro over “who do we pick if you are up”
Ro – Pick Vic and Uh and one of these two.. Tina and Tera. We can play for you.
Breydon – which one
Austin – Tina

Ro says Beth is his number one pick for who has HOH, Ty is his number two Guess.
Austin thinks it’s Ty.

2:53 pm Breydon, Vic, Austin
Austin says people think Vic is HOH because it’s easy.
Breydon – people are pining this on you
Austin says everyone is picking her as HOH but they don’t think it is.
Vic – they are idiots they don’t know we are working together. I have no one in this game
Vic – if you guys get houseguest choice pick me
Vic says Tera won’t use it because she’s scared Tina goes up. The boys wouldn’t use it because they would be sacred the other boy goes up.
Breydon adds – or Beth going up

Vic- I think it’s f***ing beth
Breydon – Ty won’t look at us
Austin – and Ty got random word that we were trying to backdoor him/
Austin adds it might be a little bit of that plus the Latoya vote.
Breydon says he doesn’t see Beth swearing on her dad because she is so religious.
Vic thinks people leave that at the door when they enter the house, “I’ve seen it every season.. inside its game outside I agree”
Vic – from a logical standpoint this would be the best move of all time.
Breydon – you think that?

Austin – we are going off the faith it’s not you because we know who you are and what our relationship is. Like we love you personally so that’s what we are going off of
Austin – we’ve built trust early on. You said I was your one and only and I believe you I really do.. I always have.
Vic – this is so hard
Austin – if we’re wrong.. You gotcha girl..

Austin – you are a bad b1tch you are ballsey as hell and if you took one of us off
Vic – I will
Austin – Ideally it would be us Ro you and Tina.. Ideal

Vic says them going on the block and on slop are is “Dirty”
Vic – people are being so f***ing fake I hate it.

Austin – I’ve loved you since day one and that has never wavered..
Vic – this is so crazy.. hopefully, you guys get Houseguest choice.. and whoever they put up is a way bigger target
Vic – I can’t believe someone puts you on slop and on the block it’s hideous
Vic – maybe they put you on slop because they knew you were the target and they knew people would put you up slop it would eliminate the amount of people (Suspects)
Vic – I wouldn’t have put myself on slop that is stupid
Austin – you have us you can trust us. I said Vic is the badest b1tch in this game. She’s not scared to do something I believe her.

3:18 pm Feeds down.

3:49 pm Vic says best case is Ty wins.

9:45pm Feeds are still blocked.

10:35 pm Feeds back.
Austin crying. Ro is contemplating if he should use the veto. Says it’s better for his game he doesn’t use it.
Ro – you still want me to win after this
Austin – over them 100%
Ro – I don’t want you to think of me any differently because of this
Austin – it’s a game.
Ro – if I don’t use it it will be the hardest decision I’ve made in my life hands down.

10:50 pm Austin and Breydon
Austin – F** everyone else in here but you
Austin – if he doesn’t use it I will in a factual way tell everyone exactly who they are..
Austin – I feel betrayed by everyone in this house but you..

feeds flip to Ro talking to Beth. Ro says he doesn’t intend to use it.
Ro – I’m 110 % positive I won’t use it.
Ro warns her about hte boys saying based on the way they talk they think of her as expendable.

11:00 pm Tina and Tera.
Hoping Ro doesn’t use it because they fear they’ll go up.

11:01 pm Tina tells her after they get through this section of the game they need to sit down and have a conversation with beth without Vic.

11:05 pm Austin and Breydon
Breydon – why did he win that?
Talking about how Ro told them time and again he would use the veto on them.
Austin – I asked him a million times.
Austin “He literally said throw it to me”
Austin – really? you wanted to f** me that bad?
Breydon – that’s my thing
Austin – honestly f** them all

Austin – Funny how quickly Tina and Tera are saying don’t use it when I kept them safe for weeks.
Breydon – that’s what I’m saying.. or how they wanted to flip it on you last week
Austin – they wanted to flip it and keep Kyle

11:41 pm Tera and Kiefer
Kiefer says Austin’s gotta go.
Kiefer says if Breydoin wins he has no idea what he’ll do. “My guess is he won’t wih”
Tera – trust me out of the two boys which one would you want to go first?
K – I don’t even know if I can trust you with that information.
Tera – I’m not going to say anything. Honestly .. TY
Kiefer – I can’t read him
Tera – he’s hard to read and I think he’s more likable
Kiefer- Jed’s my boy. My number one pick. I built a relationship with Jed day one
Tera – do you think those boys have a final two with each other
Kiefer – I think they don’t but I think it’s unspoken I think Beth’s their three and I will be their four
Tera – yeah

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So was Ty picked to play in the Veto then?

another name

With the return of obliviousness,
either Austin or Breydon can go without me batting a lash in regard to my analytical game perspective.
Am I surprised? No. They have spent so much time being unable to be fluid in their game that they can’t pivot.
The entire house is saying if I win veto I’m not using it. Even Ro, who is trying hard to get in with everyone, and sees the iceburg for what it is. But then, Ro also suffers from bad reading syndrome, so who knows what he really thinks. He was the one that pushed for trusting Kiefer in week two. He was the one that was more willing to believe the alpha deal. He’s the one still trying for an alpha deal, and he’s the one that is completely believing VIc. Not from evidence, but from inability to read the room past his own long term plan. Disappointing. All three are disappointing.

I STILL think there are multiple avenues where all three could actually survive the week
But… does that change anything?.

However. Let’s all be 100 on this: putting up the two oblivious ones that spend their day talking about cheese rather than a member of a strong 3 before jury is absolutely and completely asinine. Burning 2 jury votes if you get to the end with the third? How is that a brilliant tactical move? It isn’t.
Actually, with the move, She burns 3 jury votes if she makes it to the end with one of the triangle. Because when she says she was the Invisible HOH, she loses whoever stays from this week. Either Austin or Breydon have it in them to be bitter. Actually, most of the house has it in them to be bitter. Their personalities are very much aiming at a bitter jury.
Seriously. bad tactical move.

Mr George H Lewis

What an awful move by Vic she plays this game very personal. She is so obsessed with being Canada’s fav it turns people off. There is a clear trio with kiefer as a puppet. Austin and Braydon actually want to work with her unlike the trio.



another name

…. so at this point, we’ve all got to hope next week is (don’t say it… don’t do it…)
a Tera HOH?

Guy From Canada

Does she still have the votes if she replaces a/b with ty/jed to get one of them out?


Like I said a few days ago, this season is complete amateur hour. Both Kreifer and Vickie are almost too dumb to breathe without assistance. Useful idiots until the time comes to cut them loose. FOUTTE REDUX.

i hate this twist

i dont like Vic no more


Wtf took you so long? Throw Keifer the dolt in there too….These two muppets make Fessy look like a mastermind…


Leave it to BB Canada to ruin another season by putting in a twist to knock the likeable players out. Don’t they know you put in twists to help the houseguests the audience is rooting for!?!? Fools. They will lose a lot of viewers if just the sunsetters, Vic and Tara left in this game. Lets go Ro for the veto!!


Lol What makes her more likeable than any of the others?

Cameron is bitter

Im obssesed with seeing austin evicted lets gooo






wtf vic???

Feeds Gold

a few thoughts…

im bored of the tina/tera do nothing game, havent had to do sh!t…just cruising along, as are jeds trio…its not supposed to be this easy…all signs point to a steamroll for jed and co as underdogs karb have been so decimated

im completely over the over the top fake phony camera time needlessly loud and silly vocal inflections act of fluky vic(the amount of luck shes had is beyond belief)…shes a mean spirited b!tch obsessed with wanting to be accepted by the cool kids, who dont really give a sh!t about her, whilst she stupidly trashes the games of the people most loyal to her…also beth is pretty fake, but she comes nowhere near the level of vic

vic has ruined any chance of a real sunsetters v oddballs battle this season by screwing over the underdogs and made her task of being in the middle more difficult by strengthening one side over the other too much…how on earth does she expect to win out versus a 4 strong loyal crew who would all take her out before easybeats tina/tera?

also brey and aus would have been 2 locked jury votes if vic was f2 with anyone other than ro(had she not screwed them over which will come out), sending home one of them pre jury is pretty dumb…ok sure they said her name last week, but only to save aus, as it was clearly between aus and vic…she should have forgiven them and got over it but shes too emotional and heavily manipulated by queefer…she was in a f3 with them well before she joined with queefer…vic and queefer in the span of 9 days have pretty much ended the chance of what looked a truly great season

this move by vic is on the level of foutte fessy putting up scottie…all to help the large alliance who dont care about her

this twist wasnt needed and is utter garbage as all it does is help quash drama because you cant really face your enemy without knowing 100% for sure who it is and not wanting to piss people off for potential votes…its majorly unfair to those on the block and makes it alot more difficult to campaign

the twist means weve missed out on an epic aus/brey v vic showdown and that is unforgivable…i think the twist was designed to help the likes of vic continue to play the middle, but its not what i wanted to see this season, i wanted 2 even sides battling it out

the 600-700 rocks counting hoh is such an easy one to rig as its so long and theres no way they can prove how many rocks actually fell and it wasnt shown live…it also looked and sounded unfair as aus said she was the furthest away and wasnt allowed to wear her glasses…how convenient production pet(or plant?) vic won it so she can hide and she got to play veto, and can play next hoh…why dont they give her a season slop pass and safety until f3 too? ffs

ro is na├»ve if he thinks hes not target #1 by jeds crew until hes gone no matter if he uses the veto or not…i hope he realises this and at least attempts to save his 2 most loyal allies, as if he saves aus, theres a slight chance brey stays as hes so well liked, and depending who the renom is…and aus is more likely to win an hoh to target the other side(tina/tera should consider this)

for ro/tina/tera they need to realise aus is more likely to win hoh to go after jeds crew…also if brey is solo theres big potential he goes to beth…for the likes of ro/tina/tera and perhaps even jed they should all consider aus may be better to stay for their individual games

everyone voting should also consider if aus stays as a bigger target, less liked, and better at comps, theres more of a chance she is nominated originally or as a renom as a solo player as opposed to brey and that means if any of them are sitting on the block v aus theres a better chance they survive, and if they are sitting next to brey theres a higher chance they leave…same in a f2 scenario, if youre sitting next to aus theres more of a chance you win as opposed to sitting next to brey as pretty much nobody dislikes him

next hoh is an absolute must win for brey or ro…and maybe tina/tera if they actually put up jeds crew

for skip the slop im voting for austin…as brey is likely staying and hes already won it the last time and it will majorly piss off the others on slop vic and queefer who both think they are canadas alltime faves, but i find them to be assholes

im hoping ro changes his mind and uses veto so we get a bit of chaos…production please do everything you possibly can in your dr’s with aus and ro to help sway ro to use the veto

i think this week would be a perfect time for a secret veto or something involving the numbered balls to save brey/aus in the ball pit or a fake eviction(brey and aus have studied the ball numbers alot in the ball pit)…robbed goddess aus coming back with a vengeance for vic would be good tv…and having one halting hex or fake eviction week would also allow for a 2nd double eviction rather than only one double in future weeks

i miss the banter of karb, one of few things that have brought me enjoyment this season