“I’m going first unless Jed and TY want to go first because you’re HOH this week”

Head of Household: Kiefer
Nominations: Kyle and Ro Austin
The Power of Veto Players are : Beth, Austin, Jed, Kyle, Ro
POwer of Veto Winner : Rohan
Power of Veto Ceremony : Ro used the veto on himself. Austin nominated as replacement.
Have nots: Ro, Tina, Tera, Victoria

Big Brother Spoilers – Kyle was evicted. It’s Friday 9:06 am in the Big Brother house and the feeds are down. No idea when they are coming back.

10:55 am Vic and Kyle
Vic – I know Tina and Tera really want you to be here they don’t want you to go
Kyle says he’s going to campaign but he’s not going to trash Austin
Vic – I don’t think you are dead in this game.

Kyle – has there been murmurers that people want Austin gone
Vic – Tina, and Tera have been doing a little fighting for you (HA so VIC fires up Tina/Tera about the flip then goes around telling people it’s Tina/Tera all the way pushing for it)
Vic – So I think that was a little bit of our own..
feeds cut.. when we’re back
Kyle – thanks Spicey

Vic says Kiefer has been wavering a bit
Kyle – got he would be stupid for keeping me.. I would have vengeance in my eyes. Don’t tell him that

Vic says people don’t like the “no campaigning”
Kyle – it’s tough..
Vic – I know it’s tough. usually, you don’t see that usually, people want to be here and make it clear to every person
Kyle – I will for sure make it known..
Vic -you’re not dead I’ll tell you that
Kyle – Jed might be my PITCH
Vic says he needs to convince Kiefer if he can convince Kiefer “you’re golden”

11:30 am Ro and Kyle

Kyle is going to pitch to Jed and Ty they can use him to take out Kiefer. “I know they don’t want to be the ones that do it.. That’s going to be my thing”
Kyle – I will be straight up honest I will put up a person on your side but it will be Kiefer I’m after
Kyle – Tina and Tera are pushing HARD for me to stay
Ro – they told me yesterday do not to repeat this to tina and Tera. Apparently, JEd approached them yesterday and he was like do you guys find it weird that Austin feels so safe in this situation. They said the way he said it they were interested in flipping the vote on Austin.

Talking about the flip and how it can be used to put a wedge between them and Breydon.
Kyle – we just have to make sure whatever we said doesn’t get twisted
Ro – don’t talk about Austin at all just talk about you
Ro – we have to be prepared that the boys go back to Austin and Breydon and say that Kyle and Ro are campaigning against you
Kyle will talk to Austin first and explain he’s just campaigning to stay not against her.
Ro – I’m sure the boys will go to her and say we were campaigning HARD against you.. If they are going to send her packing anyways it doesn’t really matter. It’s in the boy’s hands.

noonish Tera and Kyle
Tera – so yesterday there were murmurs around the house to keep you but I don’t know if they started to try to pin Austin and BReydon against me and Tina
Tera – they were saying Austin and Breydon are gunning for you guys (they = JED, TY, BETH – you guys = Tera/Tina)
Tera says she entertained the idea of the flip because of their four but she is now worried it will put her in a bad spot with Austin.
Kyle – she’s a pretty rational girl she knows she can’t trust those guys
Tera – they’re saying they’re going for her but they are also telling me she’s coming for us.

2:00 pm Kyle’s pitch to Jed and Ty

Kyle says he’s leaving Austin’s name out of the pitch, “I do want to stay I want to be here”
K – we’ve always been on the same page with getting wishy-washy players out
Kyle says he’s put a big target on himself for blowing up on Keifer twice.
Kyle – you guys are also BIG targets. So I am a BIG target that hasn’t done well in comps so far.. If I get to Jury eventually .. I am assuming you two want to go as far as you can I mean that’s obvious
Kyle – At some point during the game somebody will have to take a shot at Kief and if it’s me that takes a shot at Kief later on in the game. Obviously not next week

Kyle says there’s no chance in “sams hell” Kiefer will vote for Kyle to win, “He just doesn’t like me”
They ask him who he would target.
Jed – we’ve heard you and ro are gunning for us 100%
Kyle – no.. we heard the same thing about you guys since day one..
Kyle – I’ve been told Austin’s coming after me since DAy three

Ty says he wants names from Kyle.
Kyle – me and Ro did Vic a little dirty last week so that’s not someone I really would want to put up. Tina and Tera would be on my radar.

After Kyle leaves Keifer comes in to chat
Jed says they don’t technically need Tina and Tera’s vote they have their three Vic and Breydon to evict Kyle.
Kiefer says it’s a lie when Kyle says he’s not coming after them.
Kiefer – Ro didn’t even try and talk game once with me when we played Chess.
Kiefer says Kyle doesn’t have Tina, Tera, Vic’s vote. If TNT is lying to him that means everything is ruined that they’ve built since day 2
Ty – should we put them to the test.. we as a house say we’re voting one way. We tell them to vote out Austin we vote to evict Kyle “we see where they vote?” (LOL what a great idea)
Kief – I’m not doing that they will be pissed at me and everything I’ve built with them will be gone. They will freak
Kiefer – at this point I’m game with voting out Austin with all this talk because that benefits me the most
Ty and Jed say they are still on the same page. They want Kyle out.
Ty – he’s already up there take the shot

2:50 pm Kyle, Austin and Breydon
Kyle – how was your convo with Jed, Ty, and Kiefer
Austin – very Jed, Ty and Kiefer
Kyle – they tried to corner me into throwing you under the bus
Breydon – of course
Austin – of course
Kyle – I was like Guys I learned my lesson from VIC. they told me they would let me know tonight.
Austin – they never asked me to throw you under the bus
Breydon – they want to pull you apart
Austin – one of us is f**ing leaving
Breydon – you from Ro or something.. you know what I mean?
Kyle says they asked him if he was in an alliance with Austin/Breydon. He said no, They thought he was because he talks to them a lot. Kyle points out Jed, Ty, Kief, Beth all talk together a lot.

Breydon impersonating Keifer telling him “I heard you four are working together. you have a name for each other. I was like WHAT? Keifer, c’mon it’s phoney baloney, you listen to everything people tell you. He was like.. Breydon I just want you to know so you can look after yourself”
Breydon – F*** off Keifer
Austin – nice kid..
Kyle says he’s building up the energy to talk to Kiefer.

Breydon says if Austin goes home they’re all going to rush to him to console him “I won’t be having it” (Breydon for HOH)
Breydon – no F** you.. or just wait until I win HOH.. all you are going up
Austin – I nominate everybody
Breydon – you’re all going home..
Breydon – I’ll be like Beth you’re f****g fake you are a fake girl
Kyle – I kinda hope I’m here for that I’ll f**ing join him
Breydon – I don’t want any of you to f***ing look at me.. I’ll go off..
Austin – I’ll go off.
Breydon – and then they’ll go.. Breydon since you blew off you’re going on the block
Breydon – send me the f*** home send me out of this house I hate every one of you

They agree the other side won’t trust Breydon and Austin anymore
Austin – Jed told me point blank if he won he would put up Ro and Tera
Kyle – they are just trying to get in our heads. They are saying your after Ro
Kyle – if we could have f***ing won HOH we would have dominated this year (the fact that they are three and trust each other)
Ro – ohh 100%
Breydon – Jed is so annoying

3:10 pm Breydon and Austin practising their roasts
“Jed, speaking from personal experience for someone who shaves their entire body it’s funny how you aren’t even smooth”
“They say you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take Ty has shot his shot and is still sleeping on Keifer’s couch .. Ok Keifer”
“It’s fitting that you’re the cook of the house because you always seem to find yourself in boiling hot water”
Breydon impersonating Jed “YO you did me dirty.. YO”

3:30 pm The housegests together to do some roasts
Vic starts us off with a GRENADE – “I’m going first unless Jed and TY want to go first since you’re HOH this week”
Vic – I’ve been hearing a lot of you guys think of me as a COMP beast. Beast Vic. I’m going to take this opportunity to clear up some of those rumors. the first comp we had I don’t think we knew each other for an hour so when we went out to drop the bucket I was pretty happy to see that everyone’s name was in front of their bucket. So I finally get my groove I’m looking at the names. I start struggling.
Vic goes on about how she was going to let go she was going to quit. “my team was like VIC you gotta do this for us you gotta. I’m like I cannot do this I’m going to lose I’m going to let everyone down. I’m thinking my team’s going to hate me I’m thinking I’m not going to win until I look up as see it’s just me a RO
Vic – I won against Ro, Compe beast? I dunno

Kiefer – Thanks Tera I haven’t seen you in like 11 episodes
Tera – you only need to see me on Finale
Kiefer – thanks for having me here. Good looking crowd. Is it douchey in here or is that just Ty and Jed?
Kiefer – They have a lot in common. BAsketball, they’re both tall, they’re both getting played by Beth.
Kiefer – Beth, Why is your face shaped like Alberta? Calgary and Edmonton are not lining up
Kiefer – Austin, I’m glad you showed up with your two expressions. one of them being Breydon.
Kiefer – Kyle, I’ve never seen anyone start smoking to make their breath smell better. Interesting tactic but it’s working. Right, Austin?
Kiefer – Rohan, I’ve never seen anyone dress so nice but look so ugly. You are what you eat..
Kiefer – All season we’ve been looking for a mop but it’s been chilling on Tina’s head
Ro – you know is a really sweet girl I really appreciate the fact I got to know her. We had a really good conversation you were just telling me your love for puppies and that’s something we have in common I’m glad to hear you have your very own puppy in this house and his name is Breydon

(HAHAHA Kiefer’s roasts are good)

6:54 pm Breydon, Kyle, Austin, inside the ballroom chatting. Ro might be in there to.

9:00 pm Kyle, Ro and Tina
Going over scenarios. Kyle plans on talking to Kiefer.
Kyle says he threw out Tina and Tera’s names out as targets.
Tina suggests he makes a deal with Keifer say “I’m not coming for you”
Kyle – that means I’ve talked to everyone and did the best job I could without dragging Austin. I could drag Austin and stay
Ro – drag her, say what? that she’s going after them
Kyle – yeah

Kyle heads out to chat with Kiefer “one more shot for Kman”
After Kyle leaves.
Ro – hopefully, they tell us tonight so it’s not a 4-4 vote
Ro doesn’t think the other side will “F* us like that.. One of us could win HOH”

9:15 pm Tina and Tera
Tina – I was talking to Kyle.. He told me about his conversation with Jed. They asked for names. I said what names did you give him?
Tina – remember when we were upstairs and they said they were adamant that Kyle was throwing out Kiefer’s name
Tera – I know that wasn’t true. I know Kiefer won’t not believe them anyways.. Jed’s a liar
Tina – he was the one that said it
Tera – because Jed told him. Jed’s a liar. I believe Jed is lying about Austin and Breydon as well
Tina – yeah
Tera – I knew Kyle didn’t say that because I helped Kyle create his entire pitch.
Tera – Kiefer believes them more than he believes us so there’s no point in saying it’s not true. Honestly..
Tina – I’m a little surprised by Keifer, to be honest with you. He was adamant. So Jed is lying to Kiefer. Keifer is not aware.
Tera – if we tell Kiefer that Jed is lying I don’t think they will believe us. He’s playing both too closely. I think at this stage of the game I think Keifer wants us for the long game this game right now until they start dwindling he’s more loyal to them.
Tera – he’s set on Kyle because that is who they want. Straight up Jed is lying to Keifer about their targets being Austin and Breydon. They lie to Keifer all the time
Tina – Keifer doesn’t have proof
Tera – Jed is the liar and now I’m starting to catch it. I don’t think Austin and Breydon never said our name with intention. They are doing exactly to us what they are doing to them. Almost word for word..
Tera – Jed is fully lying to Kiefer .. FULLY
Tina – if Kiefer knew that would he turn
Tera – I don’t think so man.. he wouldn’t he would be too scared if he turned on them right before an HOH and they won and they felt Keifer turned on them they will put him up. He won’t do it. But we know Jed is lying to us and Keifer
Tina – hands down
Tera – the only thing.. do not repeat it.. Say if I have the chance to put up Jed and Ty I would put them up together
Tina – I would to
Tera – that’s my move 1000% I’m not looking at Breydon.
Tera says she’s not looking at Austin and Breydon. “The bigger fish have to fry” she doesn’t care if breydon/Austin are two-timing them one of the boys has to go.
Tera says Jed is more dangerous because he is lying.
Tera – but if one comes down.. you may need to use Keifer as a pawn. Just because we can’t have him swaying votes or trying to get them. that would only leave them with two votes. Who else do you put up next to them without the flips?
Tera says Beth, Tina, Breydon, Vic, Austin would all go up against Jed/Ty
Tera – I just pray I win
Tina – me or you get this HOH
Tera – or Ro
Tina – yeah
Tera – or Vic.. I think we can talk to Vic and be like man the lies start with the guys.. honestly, I think Breydon and Austin they’re over it.
Tera says the guys are running their names through the mud “I’m telling you I think they’re over it.. ”
They compare notes that Ro and Kyle both say TnT can trust Austin/Breydon

They have some arm wrestle. Jed and Kyle compete and Kyle wins.

10:48 pm the two groups of the house. Which side are you on?

11:53 pm Vic and Ro
Ro says “they” said they were making the decision tonight but he’s pretty sure Kyle is gone.
Vic agrees.
Vic – Kiefer really wants Kyle gone and they are trying to respect it
Ro – that joke was so good today.. (vic’s about Kiefer)
Vic – it sucks Kyle’s going. If the next week an oddball out..
Ro – I go on the block. Sounds like you’ll avoid the block.
Ro – all they tell me is Tina and Tera
Vic – I don’t believe that
Ro – I don’t either it doesn’t make sense.
Ro – if you win the boys?
Vic – yeah
Ro – me to
Vic – I wouldn’t lie honestly I love you guys.. how could I beat you guys look at you guys
Vic – They don’t talk to me. When they do it’s bullshit

Vic – I’m ready to play this game
Ro – if you win HOH COMP BEAST..
Vic – that would be sick
Ro – that’s so funny they were calling you a floater last week this girl’s eon two competitions she’s won the most competitions in the house
Vic says if it’s between them she’ll throw him one.
Ro – everybody is going to gun for it.
Vic asks if Tina/Tera would make a big move
Ro – yes, Tera is a little worried a bit. The boys are reacting poorly
Vic – it’s a game. They can’t attack her.

10:00 am Thursday morning
Houseguests getting up.

11:30 am Feeds are down.

1:46 pm Feeds come back after 3 hours off.
Kyle still leaving everyone pretty calm.

An announcement says the eviction is in 1 hour! which is what 6 hours before the show at 9pm EST tonight.

2:30 pm Ro and Kyle
Ro – I’ll see you when you get out there..

2:44 pm Kiefer,Tera, Tina and Beth
Kiefer jokes “Should we do a flip?”
Kiefer – all we need is vic, you two, and Ro.

3:00 pm The last we see of these two together on the feeds.. (maybe)

Friday 12:03 am Feeds have been down since the last update.

9:06 am no feeds don’t care.

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another name

WEEK 4 HOHITIS on feeds, sweet cuddly loveable in edit. Blechhh. Ptui. shudder.
preamble: so if we don’t see who the HOH is we’ll all be playing junior detective until noms, at which point we’ll all be sure, or acting like Fessy and saying who flipped.
My prediction after Monday’s edit was Austin leaves. Feeds since then tell a different tale.
Let’s take a closer look:
Minutes away from the next eviction? What… no filler?
Stop calling Kiefer King Kief. ugh.
They will have filler.
Hidden power of the hidden HOH. They gonna drag out that stupid Hacker voice from BB20?
Post Nominations
The D/R is creepy. I’m not liking the D/R that goes with this chunk of the storyline.
The clip about the “argument” that was released as preview hours ago.
Vic felt upstaged and needed to make sure nobody else got screen time. Like we don’t know the call out was all about that? BOTH sounded TOO rehearsed, so much so that the passion was gone from delivery.

Chicken and egg about who threw whom under the bus: discuss.

Kief, Tera and Tina segment. We’re old is the basic summation. The season median age is 29…. because of TINA.
Discussion from before nominations becomes edit AFTER nominations. Get ready for the time spin boogie.
Ro and Kyle talk to Vic. Vic doesn’t care. Vic is being Vic. only Vic is allowed to lie.
Why is Kyle laying down to die segment. Leads to another Austin target situation: Ty Beth talk. Back to the edit that led to my prediction on Monday.
Arisa: who is the actual target?
FILLER: THE PARTY CHALLENGE Let’s get some airtime for the invisibles.
Tina and Tera go to the diary room. Matriarchs… not sure how i feel about that word.
Let’s chug. They won’t know.
Another V is here to entertain D/R.
Dear VIC,
if you have to keep telling us you entertain us… are you? Sometimes when you arern’t trying so hard we are actually entertained. Stop pandering. It cheapens your chaos factor and makes you look prodopet. Kay? THX.
Austin and Kyle showmance development for the showmance fans. with music. eyeroll.
Tera is getting quite a bit of involvement in the episode. kvetching about campaigning again. Of course Tera in d/r is giving a different breakdown than the one she talks about in the house with Tina. It’s a fed hierarchy dialogue.
Dear Tera, don’t tell Austin she has your vote before she goes on the block if you want her to campaign, how many times do i have to say this…i don’t know, how many times. ugh i’m annoyed.

Campaigning? NO. Tera’s Agenda Subtle like a Nuclear Bomb.
Tera pushes for a flip section. First to Kief. Then to Ro.
Rohan is overthinking. It’s an interesting edit choice, the way they cut that.
Austin campaign insinuation… but does she campaign? heavenstobetsy no.
Kyle campaigns to Jed and Ty in HOH. I’ll take out Kief for you argument. They shoo Kief from his HOH.
Kyle names his votes.
Ty sounds enthusiastic. Hmmm. That Loyal to the Soil shudder edit from Wednesday would look pretty sketch wouldn’t it?
The edit STILL sounds Austin is going home. See why I was seeing that prediction yet?
Talk to the Houseguests Clipshow Filler
jump/scares, drunk party games, Vic’s shower flash, ballpit jumps, drag show, dance moves, Kiefer finding the new room.
Kyle: I love you’s. Don’t let lies tear you apart.
Austin: I love you’s. I feel connected to you. Keep me.
Brey: Kyle Tina: Kyle Ty: Kyle Beth shoutycackles: Kyle Vic: Kyle Jed: Kyle Tera badmothertears: Kyle Rohan: Austin.
7-1 Kyle is evicted
Last word “unemployed”
Arisa: HOH that’s going to get rocky.
Q’s: why no fight? Austin is it real?
Tera and Austin and Rohan are the clips shown. IS BREYDON INVISIBLE AGAIN? Seems so.
sets up a back to back hoh situation. NO HOH Room.
Kiefer cannot compete.
count the rocks that fall.
Bloodless Arisa calls it.
NOBODY WILL KNOW WHO HOH IS until MONDAY. We get to play junior detective.
Attached is the house chart… the one that was plan b if my prediction was wrong.

bbcan9 WEEK FIVEa.jpg
another name

Most of the house has bad poker face.
Look to see if Tera is comfortable.
Look to see if Beth is giggly.
Look to see if Jed is pumping his chest and talking to people a little too close
Vic will just tell us if it was her. She can’t help but get to the cam and gloat how she did that.
That’s all we’ll need.
Actually, this is the perfect opportunity to get Vic on the block without her going off.



Im actually loving Vic this season. Every episode she has made me laugh out loud. That roast at the end is too good.

Guy From Canada

Oh when Tera made her comment about saving Ro and in feed 1 the glare Ro gave….wow….


I have to check that out. Sounds amazing

another name

Notes on roast:
(keep in mind, much like season 3’s comedy sketch, there may have been some prodogremlin involvement, she said she adlibbed hers too, d/r leak earlier that day in season 3 told us… not so much).

Vic: sure point out the power structure of the house. nobody will notice later.
Kief: at least he was even in treatment for the most part. said he adlibbed.
Au/Brey: don’t duo…. one of you is on the block. eyeroll. no… don’t do a standalone Jed joke…. his ego will bruise…. you did a jed standalone. eyeroll 2. cringe a bit.
Jed: we all KNOW the feed cuts were because they didn’t know what cringe thing he’d adlib in there.
Ro: now you know Kief is a sensitive muffin…. don’t do it…. he did it. yeesh.

Which brings us to Tera. oh. no. car accident in progress is going to try to be funny.
Tera. So. Much. Messy.
She couldn’t have been messier if she’d lit herself on fire.


Forget the HGS. I follow BBCan to read the fine and funny reporting from posters like you!! Thanks for making me laugh!!


I don’t know why — but KARB in the ball room lying under all the balls talking is like my favorite thing ever lol


So when did Ty and Beth stop being an item? The smile on his face was so forced during the roast you could see the muscle knots in his face trembling. Also if his foot twitched any faster, his slide would have been flung across the room.

another name

I actually think it’s just Jed’s turn.
Next week it will be Ty again.
but face it, Jed is easier to manipulate.

another name

Preamble before episode begins:
Let’s get a load of this edit and see what they do with it? When last we left Episodies thought Rohan was the target and Austin was in danger. It’s a Kief HOH, so part of me is thinking I’d rather just watch the ballpit with nobody in it than listen to his d/r.
And here we go:
Kief went from 0 to hero? um.. still more of a 0 to me Mr. #2 on my nopelist.
Rohan was target? That’s not what the sunsetters decided. he’s a red herring not a target.
Kief: 2 of the biggest threats. Nice to watch someone else sweat.
Ro: name dragger with a b/s speech.
Kyle: grudge. oh well.
Ballpit: personal game… and he’s sticking with the people that voted him out. Jed and Ty knew they were safe. No respect anymore for Kief. *ed. they didn’t start with much.
*If I hear Loyal to the Soil one more time. It’s getting to feeds ‘that’s for LaToya’ levels.
Vic segment: has to maintain all of her relationships to ride the middle, lucky she isn’t nominated. Oh… is that how they’re editing what she’s been doing?
Tera. Tera and her disgust. and that was before Slop. Slop Tera is worse.
Tina and Tera complain segment about those rotten kids. At least they took out the part about Beth’s hairy pasties. More of theses segments and i’m going to compare them to Marge’s sisters. Sit, do nothing, kvetch.
Laundry segment about targeting Austin. They say the sunsetters didn’t turn on each other… um, you did sort of pack Kief’s bags and say go away and treat him like he had the plague… but tell yourselves about loyalty. truth.
Kyle and Ro thinking they can both stay.
Flirtmance Introduction Segment MORE FILLER
meh. never cared. lets get on with the veto. Choices: Kef wants Sunsetters.
Kief pics Beth. Ro pics Jed. Kyle pics Austin. yeah, they did that on purpose having Kyle pick Austin, see Flirtmance Intro above.
Ro Masterminding sneak edit. Jed saying he doesn’t throw comps. sideye.
Austin says she won’t throw… hmm. The make Vic a target.
Boys / Kief backdoor reference. *He called out a backdoor instead of the word renom too much remember?
VETO Mole in One.
balls avoid obstacles to get the ball into the hole with your mouth.
*And me without my whackamole mallot. Now I have the sads.
The noms want to win. sooor-prise.
Kyle gets a ball stuck.
Jed says he isn’t throwing again.
Austin is struggling. she thinks she’s covered by the HOH COMP deal (about that…yeesh)
Rohan figures out find the best path. refraining from all this rhythm in a blowing balls comp humor.
Kyle doesn’t have endurance.
Austin is sucking. Rohan is picking up speed. Kiefer wants Jed to compbeast out.
The comp retells were nothing like the comp edit. But you be you episode edit.
Tie game right now they say.
So much for throwing the comp says D/R.
Jed getting a lot of cheers. Considering hg’s were saying they couldn’t see what was going on…. interesting.
PreVeto Ceremony Campaign Plans.
Vic. oops. sorry. You are the weakest link (and the craziest, and the lyingest, and the scariest) Is that a Bus? Check behind you to see if she already has a fleet of buses on standby guys.
Skip the Slop Filler that caused a social media argument.
Rohan wins.
This happened after the Veto meeting… Right? Yeah. Right. They were hung over when he got skip the slop.
Now they are including the Austin convos. She was a convo on Thursday. They’re skipping the deal aspect and breaking his word? mmhmmm.
Now are they editing that everyone is snaking Kief after giving him their word? hmmmm. The edit is getting more convoluted.
The clean slate talk. Kyle to Kiefer. The first pitch for Vic. It’s not a horrible pitch. but. Kiefer is Kiefer and Kiefs. He never bought it. AT ALL. Never thought it was Valid.
Kyle is begging people to put Vic up… Vic throws Austin under the bus. lol. Gee, wasn’t planned at all.
Which Austin conversation do they put in. They skipped the others. Kief doesn’t know yet if he’s putting Austin on the block. Austin bleeped d/r of typical Kiefer. She shouldn’t have thrown the HOH. To a non ally.
Kief is the butcher edit. eyeroll.
So, the best part of the episode so far is the (what i consider) dubiously edited Veto comp. mmm. a complete meh episode then.
*Knowing how feeds were, and comparing to how this week’s episodes are edited is sketching me to high heaven.
Kyle speech as rehearsed. Rohan uses veto on himself.
Kiefer renoms: Austin.
Ceremony is complete.
They skip the callouts. Instead welcome to the D/R
Austin: buyers remorse on throwing that HOH.
Kiefer: who cares who leaves.
Kyle: gonna fight like hell.

Oh good. A twist. mmhmm.

another name

It’s six days later than most seasons. It’s traditionally a week 4 thing.
Guess they just didn’t have the heart to screw with their golden edit’s (as opposed to their Paras edit) HOH.
Honestly though, the episode edits this week are.. it’s not even alternate universe. It’s like… alternative facts. The edit is straight up lying through omission about target, plan from the beginning, and houseguest motivations.
This isn’t just fudging things over with a wayback flip flop time machine edit. This is straight up lying to the episode onlies.

another name

Beth and Vic have decided to partner up to snake the other side?
Beth will fish for info from A/B
Vic will fish for info from Ro.
Then they share.

*problem: A/B know Beth is fishing for info from them.
Part of me has decided this is fake. More on Beth’s part, she’s likely been told that Vic trusts Beth least of that side (Vic only told Kief, Ty and Jed that a few dozen times).
A female partnership for both of them has the shelf life of 6 days.

ANYONE that WASN’T expecting a TWIST when the production approved steamroll was possibly in doubt… have we BEEN watching the same edit?

Marcie Roy

I hope there is something in the ball pit to save Kyle and Austin.

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Anyone remember the season 1 “invisible instant nominations”? The Topaz HOH where they broadcast her decision process to the house?
If a non sunsetter wins HOH, would prodo be that petty again?

a) individual time comp. go to d/r after comp, only one person is told you are HOH nominate in secret in the d/r tomorrow at 11am.
b) fanvote for who gets HOH.
ALL names are eligible to play in the POV.
If a nominee wins, then the HOH secretly noms a replacement.
HOH goes in to vote at the end of the week, but doesn’t actually vote.

Why? How many houseguests have said they can’t directly nominate their targets because they are playing the middle? Covers Tera, Tina, and VIC as well as Beth(in her mind) to make a move without catching heat.

Problems: who do you pitch?
who do you campaign to?
how do you flip the vote?

Problems with individual time comp hoh: do i say this for every individual time comp, yes i do. Individual time comps are bullshit prodo tools where they just install whoever fits storyline as a winner. Too many individual time comp edits and discussions over the years have shown that to be a thing. All the way back to season 5 at the very least (when the guy that didn’t know his days won the individual time events comp veto).

a what if question for everyone: what if Tina and or Tera had told the oddballs about the sunsetters last week. That Kiefer was in the alliance with Ty/Jed/Beth/Latoya and white lie they’d been using Tina and Tera as numbers through intimidation, but they are a named alliance.
How would that have changed everyone’s tactics this week?

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  • Maybe they’ll give Kyle the BBAUS Angela treatment and make him a secret HOH instead of leaving.(probability: low, like real low)
  • Maybe the noms will be decided by Canada, but the HOH has to deliver the noms as their own (making Canada the invisible HOH) (probability: really low, episodes move to 9pm for eviction, with noms at 6-9pm on Friday… don’t see it)
  • Who cares this is crap, why can’t they let us have pretty toys? I’m calling fixed now. (probability: i agree).
  • Is this Neds secret room and Kevin secret nominations happening again? (probability medium)
  • Whatever :( guess I stop watching until Eviction nights again. (probability HIGH, this friend usually ducks out once the twists get going).
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The last time they did an overnight vote for a ceremony was… Season 6
The really really biased episode edit where they saved that Ryan guy, not knowing that Erica’s alliance was considering a backstab for being too strong in comps because it was left out of the episodes
SO the viewers saved Ryan after three tinkly piano fillers and an actual plea from him bedside asking Canada to save him. And Erica the season comp beast left within a half hour of going on the block.

What we really need is that twitter guy that hacked into the websites code to find out there were teams, to do a dive and find out what this invisible hoh means.

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I don’t care what anyone says, for ME it’s the worst season.
100%. Sussing out the eviction order for the season by the way the first episode is edited… and only making one error in flipping two women in their places… so bad.


Any chance viewers are the invisible HOH and we get to nominate 2 HGS to put up like in season 2?? I would love that lol. So many choices.

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I have a feeling they’d call it Canada’s HOH again.
Next Thursday’s Eviction is on April Fool’s Day.
Sounds like a plausible out to call it a fake eviction if things go off storyline.

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The fact that nobody has used the ballpit room to trap a houseguest in a lie or expose their game is a damn shame.
Get somebody to hide in the ballpit close to one of the edges of the wall.
Get your target to go play in the ballpit and get them chatting game.
Expose their ass.

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I mean. even though they know there is room to hide behind the olg couch… does anyone check anymore? no.
these people keep saying they can’t tell who is lying.
there’s ways to find out.

I think the reason I have been more on the side of KARB than the Sunsetters is the way they have handled their time in adversity. Sunsetters did a viking funeral before nominations, saying don’t let the door hit ya to Kief.. who gets his bed?. KARB? Not that.

Do I think the flip is totally dead. I have my doubts. With the addition of Beth to the Pink Ladies alliance tonight (stupidest move EVER), I think something may oddly transpire where Beth “accidentally” votes the wrong way.

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hey Simon, about the arm wrestling,
How did Breydon and Jed come to a 1-1 draw?
Tina did well compared to a lot of them.

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With Jed and Ty
If they lose they’ll just tell everyone they weren’t trying, but move the winner’s name up their list.
(like Ty and Ro playing chess).

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Wednesday Night Alliance Continuity Problem.
Beth joined the Pink Ladies.
This is a problem because Beth and Vic were pushing that they, as a group, can protect certain people in the game, excluding Ty and Jed and Brey and Austin.
I’m going to need a Tina Talk.

Tina had been lying on the couch above where Rohan and Vic were talking. It appeared that she could hear some of their conversation given her facial expression. The Vic Ro talk was full of inaccuracies that Tina knows are inaccuracies.
Vic told Rohan that Jed and Ty don’t even talk to her.
Tina knows this to be false. Tina also knows from Kiefer that Vic runs everything said back to Ty and Jed. Tina and Tera had already decided that Ty and Jed were big targets, and that Beth was trafficking in gossip. They were wary of Vic and Kiefer for their growing ties to the Alphas.
So, I am really going to need to know if Tina took gullible pills, or if she’s been replaced with a pod creature… or if she realizes this alliance is a sham.

This alliance is meant to protect Ty and Jed from Tera in case she gets an HOH. We’re aware of this. The HOH conversations about Tera rising out of her station have indicated that somebody had to reign in Tera. Kiefer insisted it should be him. (think back to the number of one on one conversations that exist between Beth and Kiefer, it won’t take long, you won’t even need two hands, so is she going to trust Kief to do it?) Insert Beth, who days ago learned that Tera disliked her as much as Beth disliked Tera, and wasn’t being silent about it, so started a fake friendship.

The object is to redirect Tera and Tina to target Breydon and Austin instead. But Tina and Tera know that’s what the house is doing, trying to turn the two pairs against each other. Does it work on Tina? They are aware, but will they fall into the trap?
How does anyone not realize, that in spending up to 12 hours in the HOH, you are announcing your alliance intent. Majorly obvious that Jed and Ty have been camped out in HOH. Also incredibly noticeable that every time Beth has a conversation in the house, she immediately goes to HOH. But it’s a known, especially to TIna. When Tina sees Vic go to HOH after convos, how is it not registering that Vic has turned? She’s been warned Vic has turned.
Will Tina and Tera realize that the alliance with VIc and Beth, made the night before a major HOH comp… is a complete and utter sham? I’m gong to need to know.
And what does Tera inform the other two they have to do in order to prove their loyalty to her?
I’m feeling incredulous about some of what is going on in the house. Are they really that inobservant? Mutliple times Oddballs have conversations with Beth or Vic, and watch them walk DIRECTLY to the HOH immediately. They make not of it, and they even say… do you think she’s running info back? Five conversations later they are saying the exact same thing. In what world do red flags and alarm bells mean continue resting comfortably in the room that’s currently on fire?

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I don’t think anything is ever going to hit BBOTT levels again.
This could get close if they’re going so far as war over save the slop votes.
All I know for sure:
Prodo is making it quite clear who they want us to cheer for in their promotions and articles for the last two weeks. They are HEAVY into promoting Sunsetters.
After a few seasons you know that, for me, that’s reason enough for me to say anyone but sunsetters, you can’t tell me what to think d/rmonkeys and prodogremlins.
Once the twists get into full swing… I’ll start Tinfoilhat chatting like I’m Tera.


So I read on Twitter they did something similar in BB Australia & if she’s right — I kind of love this but only b/c I’m more into the KARB group who go lie under the balls & talk (again I love this room & even more I LOVE how they go chill in there)

Anyway, so it’s in BB Australia it was “the secret room, watching the cameras, spying, and pulling strings behind the curtain. Also might include a way to battle back in? Assume the evicted HG becomes a 2nd HOH (to team up with the real one)?”

… If that’s true Kyle might NOT be gone – so now I’m kind of hoping Austin gets it so he can share all the intel with her (or Brey, or Ro) anyone but a Sunsetter & I do love Vic but I don’t want her to win it.

I’m trying to think who of the ARB would be best & keep coming back to one of Austin b/c

  1. they’ll be able to discuss it rationally
  2. if kyle catches Vic/Keif/ anyone in a lie he can share it & then Austin could subtley use the same phrase – or straight up ask “hey are you in an alliance with Beth, TNT Vic? NO? Are you in an alliance with Jed/Ty/Beth & Keifer? No… Are you in an alliance with Keif TNT? No> okay Austin would deliver it so deadpan whereas Ro would come across the wrong way probably.
  3. And I literally NEVER like showmances but they seem respectful of each other it’s more of a friendship. Just like Austin/Brey I enjoy those aspects of the show when you see their personalities.

In fairness, this ^^^ could all be wrong but figured I’d share & be happy about the possibility Kyle might not be gone.

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Wendy’s is trolling.
This is what happens when Wendy’s thinks they might lose that commercial in an episode due to a twist.

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and Wendy’s trolls more.

this is meant to upset the sunsetter side of the fanbase so that if there is a vote there is an increased amount of voting for Kiefer. Let’s remind ourselves: for two days he’s said he’d volunteer for slop because he’d get the slop pass. Today he says he hopes canada gets a jury vote because they’d vote for him. HOHITIS is real.

wendy troll2.jpeg
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not feeling good about the twist thing. but i hated the season 2 canada hoh twist idea.
At least we’ll have those amazing few weeks of messy game and amazing feeds before production decided to Kraken everybody’s buzz?

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someone on social media posted a screen shot of the houseguest ratings from one of the sites.
Kief was on the bottom for nearly every day.
That has changed because a lot of Sunsetter fans were upset that all of the sunsetters were near the bottom. Accusations and a battle ensued.

So, i went to look if anything has changed on that ratings a few minutes ago. I don’t do the ratings there… I’m too zero happy, and only end up giving out high ranks to the people that have already gone home because at least they aren’t making me cringe.
Since the screen shot went up, the ratings have changed on episode days.
Beth is squarely on the bottom on those days. Ty and sometimes LaToya or Jed are in the Top 7. BUT ONLY ON EPISODE DAYS.

I don’t know how I feel about this. Well I do, but I’ll sound callous, and it will sound like I’m saying things that I’m NOT saying. My point isn’t about WHY. My point is about LOOK, This is happening and it’s a pretty divisive season. In this case, I’m not pointing at the houseguests… I’m pointing at us the fandom, and saying chill a bit, it’s only week five as of now. Pace yourselves. Let’s not burn out before the Kracken announcement. THEN it’s every bitter harpie for themselves! :D

Last time they did this count it was whoever buzzed in when they believed the rock count hit 1000.


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My usual routine is to wait until they hit the 12 hour mark, then send them an email saying that we fans make you, and we fans are the reasons sponsors pay you the big bucks for advertising blocks. So i’m not saying turn on the feeds, I’m just saying tell us within the next hour if feeds are down for the night or weekend, so that I don’t have to organize a letter campaign to your sponsors. thanks.
I’ve gotten response emails back twice.

And feeds are back a troll account says.
a fake feedbot twitter.
don’t fall for it.
or hunt the user down and eveyone send the cats to make them pay.


1:46 pm An announcement says the eviction is in 1 hour! which is what 6 hours before the show at 9pm EST tonight.

BBCAN really needs to stop calling the Thursday shows “LIVE Eviction” if it’s not live. Either actually do it live, or don’t say it’s live.

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The eviction show in BBCAN has never been *live* it’s always been taped live before an audience. Now it’s just taped live because nobody actually died.

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Production tools they’ll have to remove this week:
no wendy’s meal. unless they draw from the veto bag which 2 get it.
no shmultzy letter from home segment (never cared)
no have nots. the choice of have nots for each side was made 100% clear, it’s too big of a hint (unless they do a have not comp) which also means no skip the dishes (that’s 2 sponsors dissed… yeesh).
no one on ones segment.

They probably got a meal and beer, then “went to bed”
so no feeds.
I suggest if feeds aren’t on at 9am (longer than my usual waiting period), then we worry.
meh. i’m going to crash anyway, because they’re usually asleep at this time anyway.

Worst case they don’t come back until after the Monday show airs, and they inform feed watchers some time after 10pm Friday.
or… second worst, feeds come back after noms.

Strategy if i were in that house as invisibe HOH.
If ur an oddball
curve ball them like nobody’s business.
Throw up 2 people that don’t make sense initially. Beth and Vic.
why: suspicion about Vic’s loyalty in the oddballs except for Ro.
You Know The boys will take down Beth, which ticks off Vic.
Puts Vic against the people that won’t use veto on her.
If veto is used by one alpha, put up the other.
If the alpha refuses to use veto, vote out Beth.
If an oddball wins veto, publicly take down vic, put up one of the alphas.
hope your move earned vic’s trust.
vote out one whoever (stupid not to vote out an alpha).


How can I watch big brother

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promo image explaining the comp.
Taken when they were all in the 300’s.
average was 332 at this point.
remove the ones that are highest and lowest, and keep the bulk in the middle as most likely being more accurate.
Jed Ro Beth and Austin are all in that centre bulk. Tera is low, Ty and Vic are on the high side.

hohcomp rock (2).jpeg
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but then the spike in site views from people checking multiple times would decline, and their ad rates couldn’t rise.

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well, from an exec prod point of view, procuring funding to pay for the whole season is job1.
with the typical double / triple things coming, they need to show their advertisers that there is a spike in interest for the series.
hence the usual long blocks on a twist weekend.
they can present the number of views to the advertisers in order to set the price for the blocks in order to fund for the lull that happens in viewership after the triple.
I hate it, but I get it. I also hate that from a production point of view they’re trying to hide spoils from the episodies by depriving the feedsters. This is because the wednesday episodes have been getting their highest ratings *due to time of episode and it being the storyline development episode, so they are trying to bump up viewership of the Monday show.
It’s all about the cash.

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Now. If i were an instigator… I’d be asking myself how sponsors would feel if all the feedsters took to social media and said they’d be boycotting wendy’s, skip the dishes, muskoka, sunlight and expedia in retalliation for the disrespect of cutting feeds without notification unless the situation is rectified and notification is released post haste.
I’m not saying people should be @ them or hashtag them or anything like that. Not at all. But if i were an instigator i might be saying those companies sponsoring should expect a decline in business if the disrespect of a lack of notification continues.
Good thing I’m not an instigator.

I type that and feeds return.
glad i’m not an instigator.


So now we know what this invisible HOH is it bodes well for no one leaving this week — (day of eviction) – – ha ha April Fools Day!

Because that seems to be the setup this week is only good if TPTB purposely gives the HOH to someone who would put up Jed/Ty.

If TNT wins HOH – people will know it’s them b/c Tera would spiral if she didn’t know who had it. If anyone of the oddballs wins & tells Vic she’ll tell Ty/Jed to curry favor with them.

So — this week will only serve to help in terms of seeing Ty/Jed sweat & to expose Vic’s antics. Notably – hard to be offended by Vic for her lies b/c she owned it in the DR calling out someone for lying & then winking at the camera saying “only I’m allowed to do that”.

My guess is TPTB gives the HOH to one of TNT — the question is how will Vic spin this to benefit her? My guess is she’ll paint someone she wants out as having the power (one of Austin or Beth?)

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What we’re learning from the peek.
Beth says she was 10 off so isn’t HOH.
Beth offered a deal to secretly work with the trio to Ro.
The house thinks Ro is the HOH. He’s spinny about it or something but hasn’t directly denied it.
Ro and the boys are making a secret deal including Beth.
Does Ro think that Jed is HOH? Ro has a crowd around him bigger than i’ve seen all season. Yeah, some definitely think Ro is HOH.

Austin and Brey denied being HOH to Jed. They were extremely adamant per description.
Of course that will mean that Ty will think Austin or Breydon are on the suspect list.
Kiefer and Vic are nervous that deals are being made that exclude them. Kiefer has said if the boys won they wouldn’t tell him (i think) and that Beth wouldn’t tell any of them. Kiefer is worrying the trio is more important than Kiefer when it comes to sunsetter ranks? D’uh dude. that fall from HOHITIS back to your real place in the hierarchy must have hurt.
Ty thinks the only people that aren’t HOH are Kief TNT.
They comment that RO and Brey and Jed have been getting a lot of d/r calls? Not sure if he said Brey… I think he did. VIc says she went to d/r to ask for advil.

There are no HN’s.
There was a tie breaker possibly.
Vic says if she got it she’d nominate Ro and Austin, she’s loyal to the sunsetters to Ty.
Vic says she’s loyal to the pre90 people to Tera.
Kiefer is REALLY pushing that final 2 deal with Vic i’m sensing.

Tera thinks Vic was in the tie breaker? or Tera was in the tiebreaker? Tera says she was in the tie breaker? She had the lowest count in the promo picture. I dunno she’s speaking Tera. Maybe she’s saying she was Vic’s swing vote in the LaToya vote? Who knows, it’s Tera being Christmas in March.
Tera is appealing to Vic to keep the four safe (not sure if she means pre90/vic or the pink ladies). Tera has been running to everyone pitching her safety apparently.

Vic says “what do i do” alone after Ty says he hopes it was her that got it? that camera was trained on Rohan a lot she has said earlier. She is telling Kief she thinks they’re safe because she thinks she knows who it is. Vic is strongly implying Vic things to people. It’s too obvious that they are playing Vic as HOH… isn’t it? SHe told Ty that if she won she’d put up the snakes Ro and Austin.
The camera followed Vic around a lot in that preview.
Meanwhile… the oblivious pair of Austin and Breydon are chilling on the couch.

SUSPECTS in the house: Vic, Ty, Beth, Ro. according to other houseguests. Ty suspects everyone but TNT (apparently he doesn’t think they can push a button?)
If TERA was in the Tie breaker: TINA was the next closest number. TINA would be a vault. We know this.

IF you think Production is going to straight up tell us after that long feed outage then shoot for VIc for HOH.
IF you think Production is dirty and schemy and messy throwing the ultimate red herring: I’d go Tina. Tina and Vic couldn’t be any more different in floating style.
IF you think Production will protect it’s pets: BETH.

Feeds likely to return after noms. NOMS should be telling.