Vic “That f*****g pissed me off about Beth! I’m f*****g done! That’s the fake s**t I’m talking about!”

Head of Household: VIC
Nominations: Breydon and Austin
The Power of Veto Players are: Ro, Vic, Breydon, Austin, Ty
POwer of Veto Winner: Ro
Power of Veto Ceremony: Rohan did not use the veto.
Have nots: Ro, Vic, Breydon, Austin

Big Brother Spoilers – As of 1:00 pm Austin is being evicted. There’s no talk of flips since yesterday. BB Tweeted out that the evicted houseguests will be on their after-show so safe to assume no April fools this week. Safe to say us feed watchers were the fools.

Big Brother Spoilers – We got real flip energy going on this morning. This group will waffle HARD get ready for a long day of circular conversations. Austin’s pitch appears to have worked on Beth a bit. Interesting…

12am Bedroom.
The house guests saw videos with the house guests and information to remember for the HOH competition tomorrow. Big Brother is going to repeat these all night keeping the house guests up.
Roh – dude! I’m not going to be able to even go asleep. I’m going to be asleep for five minutes and they’re going to go off again. Vic – not me! I’m going to sleep as much as I can. That’s my strategy! And then as soon as I hear commotion… Tina – they’re going to rotate these, repeating. One calendar year and then start over. Its going to be all night like this. Roh – that was crazy when it was going happy new year in here. Vic – I didn’t get what was going on .. now I f**king do! I am going to try and look lit on tv still! Tina starts studying out loud. Vic – literally in my audition video I said the worst thing.. my biggest weakness would be my memory. That weed ..really f**ks up your memory guys! Big Brother cuts the feeds. Vic – that f**king pissed me off about Beth you guys! I am done! That is the fake sh*t I am talking about! Tera – agreed! Vic – Like f**k off! She just wants anything to bring back to the boys. Tina – Ty does it too. They continue studying. Beth pops her head in and says I just wanted to say good night. Beth leaves. Tina – she was coming to see how we were practicing! Doesn’t that piss you off?! Roh – she is the literal worst.

1am Austin and Breydon studying..

10:20 am Thursday morning.. Talking about their goodbye messages not being savage
Kiefer – I’m just going to say I warned you..
Jed – you went home week 2.. you threw away your whole game for Josh was it worth it?

Feeds go down for an hour.

11:26 am Ty and Jed in the *(insert corporate sponsor) room studying.

11:42 am Tera and Tina are studying
Ty comes in for a second then leaves.
Tina – that is pissing me off..
Tera – it’s infuriating..
Tina – get the f** out.. what are you doing?
Tera – we don’t do that to them
Tina – no, it’s annoying as hell
Tera – he’s not coming in for anything
Tina – came in to see who’s f**ing in here.
Tera – I don’t want him to move back in here
Tina – I don’t either
Tera – it’s like he’s just keeping an eye in here

11:50 am Big Brother over the speakers warns them they have 3 hours until the eviction show. Nominees have 1 hour to have their bags packed.

12:14 pm Ro, Tina and Breydon studying

(From what I’ve heard Ro and Jed seems to know a lot)

1:26 pm Austin and Breydon
Austin gives him something special says she’s held onto this for years and was going to give it to her soulmate. Some sort of locket or trinket?
They hug..

2:00 pm Feeds down…
10:00 pm feeds still down

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another name

aka Sunsetter Hour…Let’s edit everyone but Vic and Kief to seem like morons.
preamble: this week has been a strain, a drain, and generally a ball pit full of manure when it comes to feed blocks. Not enough pressure exists to turn this into a diamond in terms of believability.
If he plays up the Kiefer thing again, I’m gonna snap. Fair warning.
Incredible power blah blah. didn’t call it a backstab because that’s bad for image.
Making the veto decision seem like it was Vic gameplay and not Rohan double dipping. That’s an edit choice. Lots of Kiefer inclusion in the recap considering he had NOTHING TO DO WITH STORYLINE FOR THE WEEK. Eyeroll.
Arisa loved every minute of it. Maybe we would have too… if feeds weren’t blocked.
Double eviction and jury news upcoming. eyeroll.
D/R Frustrated Austin. Ghosted Breydon. Vic is being Vic and I’m over her cue card reading.
Ro: Austin Breydon are my closest allies. sideye. He’s a joke tbh, because he’ll play underdog when it’s his own doing. Shove that tinkly piano shit.
Vic is being Vic and painting the target on Austin by chirping at Breydon. Transparently. Beyond Belief. Reality she wanted to look like a hero mastermind, and someone called her out. It’s about how it affects HER self image.
Beth Screeches in D/R and they’re celebrating. Sunsetter steamroll edit continues..
Austin to Vic conversation. How do they edit this? With suspense music.
Vic says awkward. Gee Ms. Toughie is afraid of the house crier’s reaction? What happened to all that tough talk? Oh right, couldn’t even take the shot in the open…
Arisa is back saying totally undercover HOH. Arisa quit lying. Just about everyone knew.
Messing up the kitchen comp. Make it impossible for the have nots to clean it up. Why are the Have nots cleaning up to begin with? Yeah, I’d be saying fuq you.
Double eviction is on the horizon. So… which sunsetter wins HOH for that one? Really, someone’s gonna argue with me on that one?
More filler.
NO campaigning yet. Eyeroll. oh ffs, not the stupid rain kissing shit.
By this point: Austin has campaigned to Tina and Tera. Just not VIC and it drives her nuts.
Showing Breydon’s campaign. Uh huh…. ummmm. That was a day and a half after Austin pitched them. Tera was all the way team Austin until a one hour feed block before yesterday’s episode. Then she wants to keep Breydon because she wants to get to know him…. Really. That was her explanation. It wasn’t game at all. It was after a month it’s time to get to know my roomate.
Austin’s campaign to Beth. That was after Tina and Tera were more in Austin’s corner. That was after Rohan had a convo with Beth.
Beth Screechy in D/R again. She has thinking to do. Can she make a decision without consensus from the boys? She went to Jed so nope. But it was still a possibility at least until the one hour feed block two hours after that talk. That was one busy feed break. Both Tera and Beth were talked out of making a game move that didn’t benefit Vic and the boys and the edit. If they call you to D/R don’t ever drink the koolaid, no matter how many times they offer it to you.

BREYDON PLEA: wants to fight more. Buhbye Austin
AUSTIN PLEA: wants to target the invisible HOH. Love you Breydon. Austin evicted.
Kief: Austin Jedson: Austin Vic. raspberry. Ty: Austin Beth: Austin
Tera: Austin Tina: Austin Rohan: Austin.
Unanimous Vote of 7-0 Austin is evicted.
The Arisaview:
Austin fought hard but was it too late? She Hopes Breydon thrives.
Beth: sunsetter reveal. Rohan and Breydon friends forever. Vic is saying she’s invisible HOH.

The calendar stuff. With the playback.
a or b questions.
1) What day is marsha’s bday 3rd or 20th. a) everyone correct.
2) Slop pie bake off july fr or sa? a) Vic and Tera are out.
3) April Rohan’s umbella had stripes t or f. b) all correct.
4) How many hg had sunglasses 2 or 3. b) Jed Beth Brey are still in.
5) July Aug same font true or false. b) Breydon is out
6) whose bday was missing Julie or Josh: a) Julie both correct.
7) how many dates were blank on calendar. BETH IS THE NEW HOH.
Jury starts next week. With 2 jurors entering the Jury house.
Next week is the double.
Beth. won. Did you listen to Beth study? She didn’t even know the events of July this morning. mmhmm.

another name

Don’t ask me why I woke up four hours before usual.
Oh right. I turned off feeds and went to sleep two hours early last night… yeah that math makes sense.
Advisory warning: I’m not likely to edit myself well right now.

So catching up a bit they decide to throw in the memory hoh now. Head cocks to side: Really? Petty. Vic? she’s saying she’ll be a non factor. Don’t worry Vic, if Prodo wants you to win they’ll just whip up some answer cards for your morning d/r visit.

What is the Grand Poobah’s (emphasis on poo) problem with Rohan now? The egg thing this morning already bad enough, but now he’s the bed assignment warden? ffs, really, I’m going to need someone to deflate that ego of his. Kissing up to the cams when he thinks they are focused on him, and being a complete asshat the rest of the time? gtfo.
Why is it that Alliances always try to commandeer a bedroom for themselves, and then bitch and moan when they are seen as an alliance? well d’uh, I don’t know why we thought you were a group…. you only kicked out the people you don’t like from the bedroom. Asshattery. Yeah. at this point, if I had a category lower than nope: population Kiefer.

And no, really, why DID Austin go to Vic to try to get her vote? After the breakthrough she had two feedblocks previously knowing Vic is the HOH and her nom is based on “that girl” logic? WTF was that shit? That’s senseless. She already thought she might get Beth. Why did she need to even entertain l’enfant terrible?

Yeah, It’s too early to make coffee, so I’m probably going to be a little salty.

So is Breydon going to think he’s staying because he “put in work” on Ty? Is he really going to take a page out of the triangle’s book? And, no really, is he actually going to flip back to trying not to win anything? Fuuuuq. He’s acting like Ty is his new pair. Oh ffs, what is the deal with these stepford houseguests? Obviously this season has been brought to you by the same writers that brought you season 7. And that didn’t have any prodomanipulation at alllll. Except constantly. Obi wan to season 7: this is not an alliance you are looking at. Every damn week.

And what was with the ‘who believes things shifted like they did’ after each feed block deal yesterday? Is that supposed to help me with my waning belief in the credibility issue?
Hint: It didn’t. It actually did just the opposite. Not knowing how things occurred in order for drastic plot changes to happen because of a feed block is, of course, leading me to say Prodogremlins. Don’t let us have nice things like Vic scrambling. NoooOOOOoooo. Let’s keep that sanitized chaos mastermind edit intact. It fits so nicely next to that King Kiefer bullshit the recap guy keeps pulling. Has anyone else just wanted to slap recap voice guy?
I sort of do. On the regular. Just shake him until he stops saying king kiefer. could take a while. Keep shaking him all the way back to when he said the goofy newfie 20 times a recap. Like an etch a sketch.

So they’re going to be up for hours in the grand tradition of the season 3 Bedtime Story HOH comp. We’ll get retells, they’ll turn off feeds for it so we don’t get an accurate view of the images ourselves, just like season 3. Of course, that comp was Head to Head, with Naeha the resting grumpycat face woman nearly destroying the button on her third and fourth time being called out (she was called every other turn). KevinMartin won and had to make the immediate noms for an instant eviction on that one. No veto. one hour from nom announcement to leaving. I hated Instant evicitons. They were a farce. They won’t do head to head again. they just did that in week 3. It would call out Vic and Kief’s loyalties definitively. So Prodo is a No Go on that. Austin is staying up with them to help Brey and TNT study. Yeah, Poohbah and Jed… is that what an effing bitch would do? Fuqheads. Sure she’s secretly salty when she’s asked by people not keeping her, but she answers.
Brey worries that the boys have told him Tera is going to target him.
Brey wonders if he and Ty could ever make it to the end together (shoot me in the effing head).

Prodo is actually still trolling. Every other week they name the nominees and ask for questions to the evicted houseguest. This time it says do you have a question for the nominees unnamed without the word evicted. They’ve seen the rise in April Fools Noneviction talk on social media. They’re playing into it.
Of course petty af as I am? If I were wanting a story shake I’d be saying “the invisible HOH was told that their status was to be invisible. I’m sorry Victoria, your invisible HOH is nullified, you didn’t keep the secret.” But I’m just being petty. I thought it would be an interesting deal from the beginning if the HOH were not allowed to confirm they are the HOH. Sort of like the rules they have about special powers: you can’t lie about having one, and you can’t lie about what it does (made after the Season 2 Adel pretty much declares his canadavote power to automatically make him the winner).

So From Brey and Austin as well as Ty’s rap (for feb) we learn the first slide is January. pictured vic. pink hat, pink noisemaker horn in left hand. pink outfit. champagne flute right hand. three necklaces orange blue green in order. Dates of note Jan: su3 Marsha bday. tu19 ty bday th21 veto delivery.
Next month has
Feb: pictured Jed rose right hand horse on his right side says be mine four hearts over his head. lights go pink. Dates Feb: su7 dinner with defender su14 heart th18 slop shack
March: Austin silver key left hand 2 prongs. black bag right hand on stage the s is illuminated. dates: we3 premiere mo8 Ro party su28 meet with hoh
In case it matters to anyone. it was the last 4 minutes of feeds before sparky and skippy went off duty…a few hours ago.

another name

Last night meets morning.
Last night:
little tidbits from whispers:
Kief told Vic he doesn’t think he wants/needs to win HOH.
Ty told Brey his ass doesn’t touch the block this week.
Beth spilled the entire Austin campaign to Ty, and admits she considered it, pinning her vote on Kiefer. Ty says the fact Austin is that smart is why she has GOT to be evicted.

This morning:
Jed is jittery, Brey says it’s just like cramming for exams, so he’s fine.
Beth says she remembers everything to Jed… which is apparently false because he has to help her remember July’s dates.
Tina and Ro are quizzing each other.

No seriously guys, D/R will call in the winner this morning and give them a study sheet. You could have slept.

Houseguests called to the couches in the living room. April Fools Prank about to be played on them?
feeds go down. Probably have to prepare Tera for her nomination this week, and telling the whole house that if she attacks, stomping her insole is okay, but a throat punch is bad.

Feeds Gold

even breydon and austin last night were speculating about an april fools non elimination round cancelled eviction for today!

another name

Arisa’s moring tweet sounded pretty definitive that there’d be an eviction.
However, she’s now an executive producer, and therefore one of the suits that allowed feeds to be cut for 90% of the day after eviction, and 25-60 percent for the following 4 days.
Austin and Breydon have hoped for an April Fools noneviction multiple times this week.
Tera also mentioned it. Usually there’s a feed cut involved shortly thereafter.

Feeds Gold

arisa is smart, she cant fool us if she gives us a warning that she plans to fool us

Feeds Gold

boo they didnt do it

another name

sorry, I forgot to come back to say BBCAN TikTok message said either AU/Brey would be on tonight after eviction to answer questions. Saw it while i was doing the dishes.

another name

How I feel about the houseguests:
You aren’t obligated to agree, it’s just what I feel about them after about 30 days.
This is mostly sarcasm… but there’s a kernel of the true feeling i have for them, in most of these. I’m just amplifying my displeasure by about 400 percent.

Jed: gee, someone’s future involves a harassment complaint that mommy and daddy are going to have to wave lots of dollars at to go away. yeesh he has suuch a pred vibe to me.
Breydon: will become a bb recluse when he finds out he was the butt of the joke for the trio. Not that he wasn’t close to being a recluse before.
Beth: She’ll make a great addition to the family for some lucky guy, his dad, and all of his brothers and that cousin with the lazy eye. Develops a horrible case of carpal tunnel.
Austin: back to therapy and will be outspoken on twitter about women not having to be objects of flirtation in order to survive in the world. She’ll get a cat. Or 12. Tina will tag them.
Vic: will go on tour using the line “You don’t see everything that happens on feeds” to justify herself, and blame others. She’s the one. Book it.
Tina: She’ll fade back into obscurity except for in the pet expo scene where she pushes her pet finder tags.
Rohan: He’ll try to convince everyone he was playing a loyal perfect game, and he was an underdog (not that he made himself a constant target with poor decision making).
Kiefer: Most likely to think he’s a star to all of BBCAN fandom and ends up hitting a big depression when he realizes he’s no Ika. Hell he’ll find out he’s no Jackie.
Tera: She’ll become the season 9 version of Sabrina when it comes to inclusion with the other BB houseguests of her season. They’ll have to gag order her not to drop a dime on shadiness.
LaToya: Will continue to hang out maskless with people not in her bubble or her pod from previous seasons of Big Brother in order for the hasbeens to cash in on her 15 minutes, and for her to keep playing foiled queen instead of overplayer control freak.
Kyle: will still be living at home with the ‘rents.
Ty? Well according to a massive social media following Ty can do no wrong… what could i possibly say? Looks over my shoulder to see if they’re behind me.
Julie and Josh? Seeeriousssly? Yeah, I care about them about as much as Anick(2) and Mark(5). Honorable mentions if honorable mentions means people that aren’t going to make a dent on our psyches in about 3 months. Don’t even hit the level of also ran for me.

On feeds, Brey is letting Ro down slowly with the news that Vic is the HOH. The fourth person to do so. He’s still in the “IF she is” stage. Okay, can i Etch a Sketch shake him too? Please?


How much of a bad move did Vic make?

another name

Season 6 level Ryan nominates his only 2 allies in the game bad.
Season 3 Zach leaves Jordan on the block when he has the veto bad.
Season 21and 22 bad. Just the m’effin whole damn thing for both.

I mean I think I’ll target the smurfs when a trio is Godzillaing their way through Tokyo?
Her goodbye with Austin… If you somehow get back in the house I hope you win the next comp, I’m so sorry I couldn’t keep you? In the least authentic tone possilbe?


Damn season 3 Zach leaving parhar OTB .. that’s bad.

Feeds Gold

i was just watching that this morning…

so iconic, one of my fave bbcan weeks, they were so sure jp would be fine on the block that he slept in the individual timed veto to throw it haha…the smugness and arrogance of zac/jp vs the innocent bystander sleeping giant godfrey…epic speeches and best reactions to a vote in the shows history…great stuff

another name

Well… her move is based on getting in good with then breaking the woman out of the trio that formed day two and are all actively entangling without getting caught or blamed.

She was invisible, the trio would NEVER have blamed her for a Beth/Jed nom.
They’d have gone Ro or Austin or Tera 100 % before Vic.
How are you going to call getting rid of one of the two that talk about cheese for two hours breaking up a power duo?
That’s stupid tactically. Just get rid of Beth and the place in the trio is hers, instead of going petty with Austin and then targeting Beth.

The goal is to get in with Ty and Jed, and get rid of Beth, and she gets rid of Beth this week how? Fail.

Casualties to Vic’s game: Tina and Tera think she’s sketch. Brey thinks she’s sketch and wants the position she covets for himself. Beth wants her gone. Ty and Jed think she’s too much to take to the end.
She started in the perfect house position and was just considered floating by both sides. Now she’s considered sketchy at best by everyone.
In pos neg sense she ends the week in the negative when she was invisible.

Wait.. I know. 21 Christie eating bad.

Feeds Gold

i would say pretty bad, foutte would be proud…jeds crew want her out soon, everyone is wary of her, and she turned on 2 of the people most loyal to her, and most in the house know for sure she was invisible hoh or have strong suspicion she was, and losing a likely jury vote in austin who will be at home watching like us, also making herself the biggest female target and a likely backdoor plan

the way queefer manipulated vic against her allies, it does remind me of sabrina manipulating rachelle to backdoor her ally ika or jc manipulating fessy to evict ally scottie and using their emotions against them, convincing them it was good for their game when it was clearly not

having said that shes also been very lucky, and also good at comps, so it will be interesting to see how she handles herself being under the pump, on the block etc in the coming weeks


If these are Vic’s nominations, then, yes, very wasteful. But I thought the consensus was that Production controlled the noms more than Vic did this week. I’m a bit behind on reading the updates so maybe that’s not the most recent take on the noms this time.



The obvious negatives were her looking petty and cruel for putting Aus/Brey up together and sticking the knife deeper by putting them on slop as well. It took away her loyalty argument (F3 with them) while making her look unable to work with females. It also increased her target exponentially b/c if she could do this to the people she “loves the most” it proves she’ll cut anyone’s throat.

But it’s worse for numerous other reasons…

Of all the people in the house, aside from Ro, Austin was her greatest ally. She is sending out the one person who would stand up for her if things get sticky, who would keep her off the block, and most importantly was a guaranteed jury vote.

Even if the move wasn’t asinine if she’d kept it to herself she could’ve argued later that she did it to gain favor with the trio so that she would have alliances in every corner.

Instead, she told or hinted to everyone (except Ro & Aus) even telling Breydon —“I don’t know why everyone is afraid of them (the trio), I have more wins than all of them combined”. The only way that could be true is if she is the invisible HOH.

Because of her need to be recognized and the constant lies & insecurities, it’s resulted in her looking like a loose cannon that no one can trust. After this week, virtually every alliance she’s made is null & void. Worse, Keifer is ready to cut her (even told Ty he’d take the shot himself) & Ro now knows she’s badmouthing him & TJ want her out right after Ro b/c of how dangerous she is.

The craziest part of her HOH is if she had kept quiet there was a way to salvage the week and put herself in a prime position. She noted how she questioned her noms right away & watching her face in talks with Austin yesterday & today she KNOWS she messed up (whether she’ll say it or not). If she had stopped to trust her gut that this was wrong she could’ve told Ro to use the POV & trust her that Beth would be the re-nom but to keep it between them.

She might not have received the F3 Ghost Pepper alliance this week (that is fake anyway) but with Beth gone the guys might’ve been more inclined to pull her in.

Players seldom get a second chance in the game & she had a real opportunity to fix the damage she did but her ego & mouth ruined that opportunity. Now she’ll go from being in the safest position (other than Tina) in the house to being one of the four biggest targets & biggest female target and she has no one to blame but HERSELF.



I wonder if the feeds will be down this weekend. They usually are for Easter.

I will be away from the site from Saturday to Sunday morning without internet access. I’ll post something official tomorrow once I have my times figured out. Dawg will be approving comments and posting at night but daytime Saturday updates will be sparse.

another name

maybe it’s the new normal with the eviction episode now being at 9, that the feeds will remain down for a day or so after, then be down for 8 hours a day over the weekend.
Enjoy your weekend.


I was thinking that it may be the new normal.

another name

about 2 hours usually down on a friday pm for noms.
an hour down to film veto picks and 6 hours or so on sat for veto anyway
if they move the ceremony to Sunday coinciding with the special task filler crap, that’s another 8 hours or so with 2 hours for veto ceremony and 6 for craptastic filler.
It’s doable.


I hope Vic goes home soon .

another name

Please wait.

hmm. Let’s think about the last things on feeds before they were cut off.
Vic, Kief, TnT were talking about targeting Beth so that they could join Jed and Ty in a final 6 agreement. TnT (who didn’t trust Kief or Vic three feedblocks ago) didn’t give visual cue that they’d be against the proposition. Kiefer told Tina that Tera could be a pawn. Tina was… not enthused.
Kief told TIna or Tera they should throw a rogue vote. Both seemed non plus at the concept, but it didn’t seem to send up a red flag. That should have been a HUGE red flag.

Really? We’re really going to go all in on this bullshit?

A few days ago, after a feedblock when Tera decided she wouldn’t target the boys, but would go after Beth and Breydon, I though oh ffs production, that’s not even remotely believable. Tera has been shouting from the roof she’d put the boys on the block since the 13 year old boy incident in week 2. Come on now. At least try to be believable.

Tina’s buying this? Tina? Really? Tiiinaaaa? Nope. Passive floater doesn’t mean braindead. She’s not braindead.

Breydon is saying he wonders if he and Ty could really make a run together to the end. Sideye. Oh Breydon honey, there’s eggplant at the grocery store, stop. You’re making a fool of yourself.

What’s next? Rohan decides Kiefer would be his ideal final 2? Oh crap. i just gave them an idea. I’m so ashamed.

Dear prodogremlins,
Stop trying so hard. It’s getting creepy. Like left your laptop running on the toilet seat creepy. If you’re really going to do a bullcrap steamroller, make it believable cus this ain’t it.
Everyone but that weirdo on twitter. You know the one.


New era Big Brother is bullshit. It’s not even close to the show I fell in love with.
BB did Austin dirty not just Vic who looks like a pathetic, narcissistic, insecure little girl. She couldn’t even show some grace in her GB message — hopefully, Austin remembers it when Vic wants to be “friends” post-show.

How ironic Vic kept going in the DR to call Austin fake or say cruel things about her but then almost knocked people over trying to get to Beth to congratulate her on winning HOH.
The same Beth she’s been slamming for weeks & upped the intensity this week with Austin already on her way out. Expect TNT, Brey (& hopefully Ro wakes up & joins in) tells Beth how Vic is targeting her.

Production will push a Rohan – Tera nomination but we’ll see if they “allow” Beth to do what’s best for her game which is to take out Vic. If it was me I wouldn’t even pussyfoot around – I’d put her straight up on the block – F you Vic.

It’ll be one of the few things I’ll enjoy about this season is if Austin’s eviction speech ends up being profound with karma paying Vic a visit resulting in her eviction this week.

another name

Just a little note from listening to study sessions, and a comment Brey made to Austin today.
Wanna know why a bunch went out on the same question including Kiefer?
Kiefer fed some wrong answers to people in studying. Kiefer planned to throw.
Brey and Austin clocked it.