Beth wins Head of Household – Double Eviction next week

Head of Household: Beth
Nominations: ??
The Power of Veto Players are: ?????
POwer of Veto Winner: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: ????
Have nots: ?????

Beth wins HOH! next week is a double eviction.

10:40 pm Beth, Breydon, Keif, Ty and Jed celebrating
Talking about how Austin and Breydon thought it was Ty that had the invisible HOH.
Breydon – you were always smiling.. you looked like you won a million dollars.
Ty – I’m glad Austin doesn’t think it’s me.. (now)
They laugh about Austin waiting for him on the outside with a grenade..
Kiefer – Jed you sleeping in defender tonight?
Jed – probably not
K – WHAT! we need you you’re the glue
Jed- I’m the glue?

10:21 pm More of the house is pooling around the HOH now. I think only Tera is missing now.

It’s a sunsetter week

10:40 pm Tine and Tera
Tina – I wonder if she’ll go the easy way and nominate Roh
Tera wants Roh to stay but if it comes down to them or Ro she wants him gone.
they laugh
Tina – Seeya later.. peace..
Tina says Kief is going to want to start making a move soon. “If we can get down to the 6”
Tera – Kief is going to put in some work

Tina – if we get to the 6 then the three of us.. (Keif, Tera, Tina)
Tina – I would think that Beth MAy May switch over.. She knows she’s not going to win against those guys
Tera is going to remind Beth about not being able to beat the boys.
When the feeds come back they are talking about how everyone upstairs is rubbing each other’s back. They add Breydon is rubbing Ty and Ro looks bored as hell.

They agree Jed, Ty, Beth “are never going to eat slop in this house”
Tina – could you imagine those guys on slop?
Tera – ugh this is not how I wanted my game to go. I feel like I’m always in survival mode.. ohh well
Tera – I feel like it’ll be really hard to get conversations in.. I miss Keifer…

midnight Breydon, Beth, and Jed
Beth is saying she wants to go. “I’m going to tow his boat this week”
Breydon – up against Tera
Beth – I think so yeah
Breydon asks if she’s going to backdoor him.
Breydon – he’s literally won every veto he’s played in
Sounds like Tera is the target if Ro wins Veto.

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another name

Does Beth do what SHE wants to do…
or does Beth get consensus?
Beth has said multiple times she wants Vic gone.
Kiefer wants Rohan gone.
Jed and Ty pay more attention to Kiefer than Beth most of the time.
Jed already planning to move in. Has he been invited? sideye.
Maybe it’s Ty’s week Jed.

Does Breydon tell Beth Vic has been targeting her forever and extra hard since veto?
Does Tina confirm? Does Tera pop a xanax so she doesn’t go Christmas Krampus this week?
Does Rohan come back in smarming his secret buddy connection (that’s tons of fake on both sides?)

This week on BIIIIIIG BOTHER SUNSETTERS EDITION. i know what i wrote. It’s not a typo.

FUNFEEDS WOULD BE TERA AND VIC ON THE BLOCK AT THE SAME TIME. That’s why it won’t happen. But Imagine it.

bbcan9 WEEK SIXb.jpg

We wrote almost the same thing about what could happen (see previous page lol)

I’m also wondering if production & the predetermined winners (Ty/Jed) push the Ro exit or if Beth does what she wants. Ro, TNT, Brey all have ample fodder to fuel Beth with regarding Vic’s comments particularly this past week.

Not to mention their MOTIVATION…

Clearly, they all want to stay so they need to emphasize how hard Vic is pushing for Beth to be the next target, how she pinned the invisible HOH on Beth saying it proves how vile she is for putting AB on slop & OTB.

I guess we’ll know the play based on noms & whether this coming POV is a “timed event” (read – TPTB select the POV winner). With the double coming this next week it’s likely the case & Ro will be gone. But a girl can hope Vic gets her just due. Then again, I’ve sort of lost interest in this season b/c we all know what the final page of the script says already.

another name

My season prediction has Tera leaving this week. but i thought triple in week 8 not double in week 6/7. Does that change my estimation? Not by much.
Then again, my season prediction has Beth cut right after Tera.

If I didn’t know better, I’d suspect Breydon is ever so sublty trying to shift the target to Vic. At the same time, it aaaalmost feels like Beth is testing the waters to see if there is any green light to targeting Vic.
Jed seems to be considering it, as he feeds into all of the Vic is a liar and sneak talk.

Here’s the test:
If Beth has interest in winning BBCAN herself she targets Victoria.
If Beth wants Jed/Ty to win BBCAN, she targets Rohan.
This is how we can determine Beth’s investment in winning.

BTW, serious question:
Do you think they use a taser in the D/R to get Beth to screech like that?
Or… could they use one to get her to stop screeching like that?

another name

I mean, If I can’t have Kiefer and Jed on the block saying “who flipped”
at least give me Vic on the block pulling a tasmanian devil.

But, If Rohan does end up on the block and evcted this week, it’s because he didn’t use the veto to save one of his allies last week Unforced error of his own making in not saving a target that was bigger than him.


Well, that presupposes the big dawgs(sorry) at the top allow the pions unfettered access to said feeds. As usual, BBCAN is the JV of the global BB franchise umbrella. So many random evictions and random decisions from the bubble minions; very little rational thought(s) or strategic thinking from those that are being handed the HOH, PV et al……Ro is dumb as fck; throw in Twofer and Vic. The Bobbsey twins Jy/Ted are quite a duo, 63 was your answer to the tie breaker….Great casting….

another name

Kiefer has officially kicked Rohan out of the Defender room, and is supervising the removal of all things Rohan as they are moved into Destiny. Including distribution of drawers and how many shoes Rohan has.
No really, can somebody just… please, someone call bb21 Sam to give him a curbstomp.
I’m so over him. I really thought Jed would be my big loathing of the season. I dislike him greatly, but Kiefer takes the cake. I have a very hard time not just typing multiple strings of cusses to describe him. Feels safe, so lording it over others? The guy is garbage. Seriously, after all the insults at Rohan’s expense in the HOH room, and now the forced move? Rohan has faaaaaaaaaaar more patience than I’d ever have for that flatulent toad.

In other news, after hearing in graphic detail about just about everything Beth and Ty and Jed related, feeds cut every time Breydon discusses what he’d been doing with Ty? So there’s a limit to diversity still? Oh. mmmkay. Noted.

Tera does a pretty good eeyore impression about not being able to find a secret power because it’ll be in the ball pit. I’d forgotten she didn’t like the ballpit.

Vic moved Beth’s bags out for her. Intentionally to be petty. Jeepers, Vic, feeling pretty safe when you told almost everyone in the house to target Beth 12 hours ago. Almost like you’ve got that invisible hand of the D/R to protect you.

Hmm. My animosity has been higher than usual today. Maybe i really did need that 4 hours of sleep I missed.

AAAAnd Beth has gone the boy’s route. She’s going to target Rohan and put up Tera, but if veto is used she could backdoor Vic.


I don’t think it’s the sleep deprivation – Keifer is just really, really, really unlikeable. In fact, there aren’t many likable hamsters in this cast and the last two evictions took out (at least IMHO) the most likable & genuine of the group.

another name

Well, from last night’s convo we know that Breydon was scouted by season 4 didn’t get to appear but was almost a houseguest Kirsten (i think she was/might be part of RHAP).
I don’t really get why Jed and Beth call the producer that will be supervising the jury “sunsetter” in front of Breydon. But they are.

I liked Austin, but I thought she was making foolish game moves. She had a couple unforced errors in there that had me saying ‘now how do you expect me to root for you when you make a move like that.’
I didn’t dislike Kyle, but I thought he and Rohan together worked poorly only because they seemed to work at cross purposes to each other when they’d go out to game seperately. Ro would go out and tell a houseguest one thing, by that evening, Kyle would go say the opposite. They failed to coordinate.

The Kief / Ty bedtime conversation showed me some stuff.
If Ty is reading between the lines, he thinks Kief has been steering talks on the other side to target the showmance (Beth) not Ty and Jed.
Kief was hinting if there was a possibility they’d dump Beth and take Vic to the end as their fourth. In a normal season, hinting that the HOH should be targeted is a truly stupid move. This season it’s irrelevant because of the prodotone being set. Does Ty tell Jed or Beth?

Breydon is playing into Beth’s desire to have a gbf so much. I mean, she’s farting to hear about his adventures. She’s in bliss thinking she’s the new Austin, and he’s sitting back thinking to himself, “now how do I get this fool to target Vic?” Two days and she’s going to be ON the boys that Breydon is their fourth, screw Kiefer.