Corey – we don’t want to be in the final 4 with you guys we don’t want to be in the final 3 either

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 11th
HOH Corey Next HOH Sept 15th
Original Nominations: Vic AND Paul
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-09 19-59-25-692

8:00pm James, COrey and Victor Kitchen
James talking about the beautiful sorority girls that go to the bar “Lone star” that he frequents. Mentions how they wear “Daisy dukes “,
James- I have fun I have fun I’m not going to lie I flirt with a lot of them.. They have to be 21..
Corey – Fake ID’s

James – that ain’t on me.. That’s like false information..
James says you have to start carding people before you go home with the .
Corey says Dylan cards girls before he has sex with them
James says you have to nowadays ..
James- 21 and over it is what it is..
James says in south carolina the age of consent is 14
Corey – that’s 8th grade

James says he saw some of those teachers that were fired for sleeping with their students.
James – fine teachers.. Fine.. why why couldn’t that be me..
Vic – at that age..

James – I got a little girl now I see it in a different perspective..
James says having a daughter makes him want to be better and not a “sh1t head” to girls.

They start Bro chatting..

James “My pull out game is weak for One. I just started learning.. “
James – my friends always joke about that.. Dude you’re so weak just like your pull out game..
Corey tells them a storey about his buddy whose 23 got a “hooters girl” pregnant.
James – I feel his pain I feel his pain.. Say no more..

Corey starts telling more stories but they cut the feeds..
James – next veto competitions is about legs how far can you spread them.

James- you know what would make this season funner if we had to catch our own food..

They talk about getting locked in rooms while 1 houseguest is doing a timed competitions. Victor was locked in the Storage room. Paul locked in the safari room.
Victor – at least you can lay down in the safari room.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-09 20-41-53-884

8:42pm Corey and Paul Kitchen
Paul hopes eviction is Sunday

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-09 21-08-07-477

8:48pm London room Victor
Victor groans – Now I have to win that veto but If I win Paul goes home.. You can’t win in this situation
Victor – dang it
Paul joins them “I hope one of wins it”
Paul – hard but.. If one of us wins HOH put Corey up..
Victor – if you put Corey and Nicole up James will vote out Corey
Victor says he won a TV, tablet, 5 grand and a cell phone
Paul – I won sh1t
Victor – America’s favorite houseguest
Paul – I doubt it will be me
Victor – I doubt it will be me too.. F*** ever being loyal.. It’s just you and me
Paul starts fantasizing about the veto being a coup d’etat
They agree they would take Nicole out just on principal.
Victor – Just sucks tomorrow.. I know we are going to play our hearts out but it’ll be a bitter victory

Victor knows if neither of them win the veto he’s going home
Paul – that’s why you win the Veto G
They agree if they don’t win the veto noms stay the same.
Vic – I’m done for by the end of the week I’m ,on the block i’m gone
Paul – you think they are gunning for it
Vic – f** ya.. They want 1 of us gone.. They don’t want James on the block and have to pick.. They want it to be ambiguous

Paul – theres a tie breaker and all that sh1t
Vic – Yup.. one of us goes down Corey picks..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-09 21-08-05-847
They laugh that James will have to team up with one of them

They both agree they’ll take james for the “Fu** you”
Victor says he 100% trusted Corey and Nicole but never trusted James like that.
Victor says Nicole told him last week she wouldn’t buy him a ticket to ulby if he screwed her over and in the end she screwed him over.
Paul – we literally have to win everything which sucks..

Vic says he told them they caused tension they didn’t need too.
Vic points out that Corey and Nicole are not comfortable around them anymore.
Victor says if Paul makes it to the final 2 he’ll win
Paul – I hope one of us wins something

Victor – I’m not mad that I’m on the block I’m mad that they did it..
Victor says the biggest move Corey will have done this season is get him out, the only other thing he did was get Bridgette out during the double.
Victor – “Big deal we still had the numbers at that point.. Got himself off the block won a couple vetos.. “
Paul – he laid low
Vic – is that really an accomplishment .. Making it to the end is an accomplishment laying low is nothing to brag about..
Vic – Nicole hasn’t been on the block yet which is an accomplishment.
Paul – she will if one of us wins

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-09 21-08-31-036

They agree it would be hard to pick a winner out of James, Corey and Nicole.
Victor – they have been so minimal in this game
Paul – I would give it to Corey because he wasn’t a vet ..
Paul – dude if I went back into the game with this experience..

Paul says the team twist benefited the vets otherwise they would have been evicted first.
Victor says tomorrow is veto, veto ceremony Sunday and Eviction Monday

Paul – now I don’t feel so bad for shitting on Corey all season
Paul – I’ve shit on everyone
Victor says he hasn’t shit on anyone

Victor says it was never about protecting Nicole, Corey put them up because he wanted one of them out.

Paul says James had a big hand in them going up.
Victor says he has more respect for James than Corey and Nicole. Explains that he trusted them 100% and they backstabbed them. James never had that much trust.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-09 21-30-23-659

9:22pm Snacole, Corey and James
Jame s- if I win the veto and lock the noms up..
Nic – Sssssssssssss
Corey – he (Victor) like you blindsided me.. I’m like you did that to me and Paulie
Nic – Ssssssss
Corey – I was cool with the executives.. I was cool during the double and the next day you blew all that up.. I’m, just surprised he’s so shocked
Nic – Sssssssssss ssssssssss
Corey – it’s been very confusing
Nic – Ssss ssss sssss ssss ss ss s s s
Corey – Oh yeah I know.. It’s logical
Jame s- chicken looks really good though..
Victor walks by
Nic – Sssssssss
Victor looks at the clock “9:23”
James- ya Lights can go off.

James- you’re a nurse why do people have night sweats
Nic – ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

They talk about going to Paul’s Halloween party.
Nicole and Corey wonder if they are still invited.
James – we’ll have to see if Natalie wants to go .. if not I’ll probably still try to come

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-09 21-35-51-527

9:33pm Paul and Victor London room
Paul – There’s 1 way we can survive.. If you pull yourself off I make it somehow tell Nicole and Corey none of you can beat victor and pretty much pull a paulie..
Vic – it’s not going to work.. They aren’t going to buy it
Vic – you can try I just don’t want you to look dumb,.
Paul – they might be stupid enough.. Dude it might work.. James isn’t going to win anything James is putting them both up..
Paul – I’m not stronger than Victor but I’m stronger than James you keep james and you’re f***d
Paul – lets just wait for this F***g veto we were close last time.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-09 21-40-15-457

9:40pm Kitchen Corey, Nicole and James
Corey is telling a story about his drunk sister followed about a story about his dogs “Diesel hump everything in site”
Nic – Sssssssssssss (does he hump people)
Corey – Yeah… mainly dogs.. I’m like you’re just like your daddy Diesel

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-09 21-56-41-927

9:50pm Corey and Nicole
Nicole she feels like she lost a friend, “Ssssss”
Corey is mad at Victor because he’s acting like the victim
Corey doesn’t feel bad anyways.
They comment on Victor telling them he didn’t want to be their friends in the game but outside he can be
Corey says Victor is making it worse than it really is.
Nicole and Corey agree they Victor is “Making us look bad” that is why Corey is saying in the Diary room “I don’t feel bad.. He did it first.. Hope he goes home”
Nicole – Sssssssssss (we saved him he saved us)
Corey points out how he was loyal to the guys alliance during the double then the next week Victor puts him up.

Corey – we don’t want to be in the final 4 with you guys we don’t want to be in the final 3 either
Nicole is worried that James might team up with the Paul and come after them.

Nicole is surprised they went from ‘Liking us to hating us”
Nicole – SSSssssssssss (did you ever like us)
Nicoel – sssssss (he’s going to tear us a new one in jury round table
Corey – I don’t care
Nicole lists the possible comps they could have, Face morph, Days.
Corey heads to the HOH. Nicole slithers behind. When they get up there Nicole is giving him a rundown of the face morph competition.

10:53pm James, Nicole and Corey in the HOH talking about Season 16 . Vic dunking a chocolate chip cookie in some milk

11:20pm Kitchen
Some of them were sleeping for awhile.. now they are chit chatting..

11:58pm Corey, Paul and Victor
Corey is talking about app monetizing.

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Yet Another Hillary Lie

Strap in Corey and Nicole this is going to be a bumby ride.

BB18 Worst Season

So this is what is going to be Final 3?

The snake who rarely showers, and does handjobs under the sheets but tries to act pure…

The goat burning dullard who changes the actual events of every story.

The returning vet who really should have went on a dating show, because he didnt come to play Bigbrother..

Good job production/CBS…
Definitely cutting off All Access..this is a shit show..


me too! I was on the fence for a while about whether to get all access (and I actually bought the feeds through this site – thank you Simon and Dawg!) but seeing as how this season went down and how much production meddles (which I didn’t really want to believe but now see there is no denying it) I am 1000% not watching next the fall season. I love BB and I will watch next summer – but not paying to be duped and to watch sloth like creatures unfairly win 250k.


So its clear that each year production plays a larger part in what really goes on..but why are they pushing for Corey, James and Nicole so hard?

I just dont get it…are Nicole and James that well liked outside the house?..maybe we are not in tune with what America thinks?

By the way, I really enjoy this site, the posters are hilarious…Simon/Dawg thanks for the updates, I will be making my first donation!


ANYONE win but Cooorrrrrryyyy and Rat’s Nest atop her head! PLLLeeeeaaassseeeee-at the end of the day Soooooooo annoying. Karma would be if they DO end up together for ever and ever! 😉


Production makes this season a joke! Nicole sleeps all summer then gets out of bed when everyone is practically gone. Production is ruining BB. Another scripted season just like Derek’s season. Yeah, his coaching was listening to production and read the teleprompter.


I’ve enjoyed this season…it is reality tv so of course it is scripted, if it bothers anyone just don’t watch. I like Nicole, it is big brother -everyone is a snake. I love it when they bring back vets & I loved this season. Honestly the only season I hated was the ginamarie and Andy season. Vic & Paul were not going to hold true to the final 2 either, at this part in the game it is every person for themselves. I would love Nicole & James in the end, saying we fooled you all we are really a couple. Corey is starting to impress me and If he wins the final hoh & doesn’t take Nicole to the final 2 – I will tip my hat to him as it would be a smart move & well played on his part.


I like it when they bring back vets too… But, good vets. Boogie, Janelle, Brittany, Jeff, even frickin’ Rachel. People who actual play the game.
This year all they could scrap up was 4 of the lamest vets. James rolls over and dies in tight spots, Nicole sleeps all summer, Frank can’t survive without Boogie’s coaching, and Mama Day couldn’t shut her mouth long enough to play the game. None of them are good game players.
I still enjoyed this season, but I really miss “old school” big brother, when there was less backstabbing and more strategic moves. If you are a good enough player, you don’t have to be a snake.

Corey finally out the closet

Finally…phewww!…i can tell the world im gay!!..oh you know how i let everyone know?…

My HOH gifts…Think about it, how many straight men would request Taylor Swift album…coconut foot cream….pillows with pics of my dogs…and portuguese sausage…yumm…cant wait!!!

Dont hate me because you ain’t me…

U r not fooling anyone!

Quick get the bug spray! The pesky troll is back. Maybe it needs a time out.


I just watched a YouTube video of Victor and Nicole and in one scene at the 3 min mark, Corey is doing his snake charming, actually waving his hand up and down in the background while Vic bends over and hugs Nicole. I had to reply it a couple times because I couldn’t believe right at the moment Vic bends over, Corey had to adjust his shorts because he got a boner@!!!!


This had me laughing ssssssssssso hard!


I’m literally peeing myself from laughing so hard at this!!! Great job Simon:-)


James- I have fun I have fun I’m not going to lie I flirt with a lot of them.. They have to be 21..
Corey – Fake ID’s
James – that ain’t on me.. That’s like false information..

HOME >> Big Brother >> Big Brother 18 >> Corey – we don’t want to be in the final 4 with you guys we don’t want to be in the final 3 either
Corey – we don’t want to be in the final 4 with you guys we don’t want to be in the final 3 either

Posted: September 9, 2016 at 10:05 pm (BBT) Author: Simon
POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 12th
HOH Corey Next HOH Sept 15th
Original Nominations: Vic AND Paul
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-09 19-59-25-692

8:00pm James, COrey and Victor Kitchen
James talking about the beautiful sorority girls that go to the bar “Lone star” that he frequents. Mentions how they wear “Daisy dukes “,
James- I have fun I have fun I’m not going to lie I flirt with a lot of them.. They have to be 21..
Corey – Fake ID’s

James – that ain’t on me.. That’s like false information..
James says you have to start carding people before you go home with the .
Corey says Dylan cards girls before he has sex with them
James says you have to nowadays ..
James- 21 and over it is what it is..
James says in south carolina the age of consent is 14
Corey – that’s 8th grade

James says he saw some of those teachers that were fired for sleeping with their students.
James – fine teachers.. Fine.. why why couldn’t that be me..
Vic – at that age..

James “My pull out game is weak for One. I just started learning.. “
James – my friends always joke about that.. Dude you’re so weak just like your pull out game..
Corey tells them a storey about his buddy whose 23 got a “hooters girl” pregnant.
James – I feel his pain I feel his pain.. Say no more.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you America’s Favourite Houseguest (drumroll) : James. He’s just a classy guy isn’t he? Fanatasizing about underage girls in daisy dukes, having sex with 14 year olds and feeling pain because Corey’s friend got a girl pregnant.

Give me a break!

Wow! You put words in his mouth! He was talking about him being 14 and the teacher coming to him. Just because you don’t like him, you don’t need to slander him. You’re just sick!

Franks fumes

James is a little lying troll all he can get are very drunk fat divorcees……. and their the ones that have the morning regrets!

James gives US Asians a bad name..

I’m so embarrassed by James’ behavior and speeches. His actions are just simply so deplorable at times.

Trust me, I’m not the only one who’s feeling he gives Asians a bad rap.

*wishing he’s not on tv AT ALL*


OMG….keep the Asian thing out of it. His DNA may be Asian, but he was raised as an orphan first and then by Caucasian parents. He’s American. I doubt he has a rice cooker on his kitchen counter.


So, was his baby momma they showed on air wearing Daisy Dukes when he picked her up for a one night stand? And does a “great father” repeatedly say on TV that his daughter’s mother was just a one night stand? That’s gonna make his daughter so proud.


You are so wrong. That is NOT what James said. You’re trying to make him look like some perv that wants underaged girls. You really need to reevaluate your reading capabilities, because you obviously only read what you want to see and just make sh!t up. You’re pathetic…samboooooodee


At least I am not insulting other posters on this forum. No wonder you’re a James fan, you’re just as delusional as him “playing” the game.


james never said he wanted to be with 14 year olds, he was saying that he wished he had hot teachers when he was that age. you either misheard the conversation, or misread what was written by simon.


Right he didn’t say he wanted to have sex with underage girls. He DID say he “feels their pain” for Corey’s friend who got someone knocked up, implying his daughter was a mistake he regrets, on national tv. What a stand-up dude, America!


(So sad and my heart hurts!)
But i love love love your “sssss sss” on Nicwhore… kept me smiling.




O M G!

Nicwhore’s pic! (LMFAO)
Y’all are the best. :))


Omg thanks for pointing that out. I’m literally dead.


Well, it appears that Corey knows what to do when playing a game…he should know, he’s an athlete…he came to win. On the court, on the field, in the ring, you can play like a fiend against the other guy or team…that doesn’t mean you hate him and will never speak to him again. You can pat each other on the back and say, “Good game!” if there’s no cheating involved. But throw in all these other non-athletes not used to game playing? You get whining, crying, backstabbing, flopping and making excuses why you fail and blame others for your loss. SO even though Corey was the target of everyone as a dumb jock…he knows when to shrug off the insults and accusations and plow straight to the finish line…even when he has to go up against Nicole.

Franks fumes

Yeh but what if the ref is on the take? PRODUCTION!

paulie's psychiatrist

cory displays typical sociopath behavior along with cormorbid narcissism personality disorder


That’s not a psychiatric diagnosis. It’s the definition of the Millennial Generation.

Linda in Texas

I agree,
A great perspective on what we thought Big Brother was about.


Okay the fact that Nicole’s picture has been changed to a picture of a snake is the best f*cking thing I’ve ever seen.


the guys writing the updates obviously cannot handle seeing a girl play the game as hard as the guys do, and succeed at it.
i don’t recall them ever changing someone’s picture to anything insulting previously, so it is just because nicole is beating vic and paul and they cannot handle it. pretty sad.


yep…RELAX…you dont need that $hit Simon…can you ban someone that doesnt appreciate humour? We will say it for you…Get off this site…if ya are that ridiculously stupid to complain about a joke that 99.99% of us enjoyed!


Also nicole is getting away with it, even after being told by numerous people and being called out numerous times, yet these idiots keep putting their trust in her

More sad that...

You have not been here long enough to know these guys… S/D
They do an amazing job and have definitely changed a lot of pics over the years sometimes even taking requests. Simon and Dawg are dedicated to OUR entertainment and they really do an amazing job.
Way to drop the sexist card….
Listen to Simon

Simon says relax…


Kallio = Mariah or Nicole’s mom. Lol


I am a woman and find the take on Nicole here extremely funny. She is fake, she is a snake, plays innocent but very dirty and back handed. Every female in the house called her a snake.

I have no issue whatsoever with how Nicole is betrayed on this site. And I do not think it has anything to do with men not handling a woman winning. Look at all the names the male house guests have been called on the show and on this and other sites.


actually they have altered the pictures in the past to mock HGs and/or their gameplay – it’s HILARIOUS and all in good fun. So save your inaccurate comments – noone here wants to hear them and noone is forcing you to come to this website.


Would be great if Vic won veto pulled himself off. Then Vic and Paul get in Coreys ear about the megaphone message that Nicole is with James from before the show started.
Corey puts up James and tells Nicole his target is to get James out.
When the votes come out one vote for Paul and one vote for James then Corey will no that Nicole can’t be trusted.

It's funny

If Nicole were a man she’d be a strategical genius. She gets nothing but bad mouthed for surviving eviction after eviction and never getting nominated.

Fun Fact – She’s been in the BB house the 3rd longest behind Janelle (who played 3times and James (by 8 days) and only Derrick made it further than her without being nominated.

Honestly Nicole’s strategy is working and because it’s not flashy it’s a disappointment. She’s won 3 comps and has manipulated her was through the game dispite Jozea, Tiffany, Frank, Da’Vonne, Bridgette, Michelle, Natalie and now Paul and Victor all wanting her out but she still hasn’t been nominated.

Again if only she was a man.




they’d matter even more if you spelled feminist correctly.


She survived Natalie and Meech’s HoH because production told Natalie to work with Nicole and Corey. I truly believe they coerced Michelle to not nominate Nicole. Would it have mattered? She would have been sitting next to Vic and they vote Vic out. If I were some of these house guests I’d look at legal options. If I was promised an equal opportunity at the prize and found out production safeguarded certain players I’d be pissed.

TX rar

Laying in bed all season and following Corey around like a puppy dog does NOT make a strong player. The other guys protected her. She hasnt stated playing until last week and then production obviously told Corey about the pipes and key bc he went straight for them. What show have you been watching?


Where’s your proof? All the ex-houseguests expect for Evel Dick (irony) that is say production has nothing to do with the DR, or their game what so ever.

I think Nicole and James really like each other and Nicole used that relationship to save her and Corey that week. James is a nice guy to people he likes.

I just like how “It was production” is thrown out there like its a 100% fact when it’s a complete opinion and you’re not apart of production or have ever played Big Brother before.


Even if she was a man I would still dislike Nicole. Derrick was never on the block and played a “flawless” game, and I disliked Derrick and his gameplay. Its just plain boring! They are both boring! (plus Nicole whines so much)

True, Nicole definitely did better this season in terms of making it far and never getting nominated. But I don’t feel that she manipulated anything. People knew she was a snake, but had bigger fish to fry. She was unimportant enough to be targeted.

wake up and smell the BS

It’s fake, Derek’s season was fake, and now Nicole is being brought along by cbs, they’re both sorry and pathetic.
When you’re being guided, IT’S NOT YOU! When you’re told do this and do that, IT’S NOT STRATEGY OF YOUR OWN, you’re just a puppet!


Derrick sucked, i never could stand that smarmy pig nosed fucker… talking about how he wanted to slap Donny like a kid because he is quote “taking the food out of his daughter’s mouth” what a scumbag.


So many people have been bagging on Nicorey which I totally get. However, I have to get them some props….they’ve weezled themselves out of a lot of bad situations. To not go on the block this entire time and be in this position, is a good thing for snakole. She played like a rat and that rat just snuck her way to the top. James did too though. Their game wasn’t that different. I still think James and Nicole had a final two deal before coming into the house. Anyway, if you managed to get to the end, you have to have some kind of game play…whether it be a snake, behind the scenes person, flipper, or comp beast. You’re there and the jury isn’t.


the best person never wins this game. Every season i hope that the best person will win but it never happens. Nic was/is unimportant (didn’t you read Freepablo’s post?) nobody thought of her as a threat b/c there were real threats in the game. The only reason nic and cory made it this far is b/c production and their plant james shut down anyone who targeted them (bridge, mich, and nat wanted nic and cory up and out).
For future players – do not let production know what you are doing, agree with whatever they say, and play your own game – advice from Evel Dick


I love the idea of playing against Production and CBS. What if an entire season was dedicated to players coming in to play not only against each other, but Production as well? You could have some of the DR sessions be a dialogue, showing both the scripted influences and players’ balking against Grodner’s boring, processed unexperiment. I have been a fan for so long, and couldn’t fathom a summer without the BB obsession. I think, however, next summer will be BBfree.

So funny

Take advice from Evel Dick about production when he was literally saved by a twist that production could manipulate to have him numerous times. Did you even watch season 8. ED is one of the worse players ever to win.


Snacole!!! I’m dying

Feed the fish....

Pulling for James. He’s a nice guy and he doesn’t put the F word in every sentence. Go James!


Yeah, he keeps it much classier.
Like telling his daughter on the live feeds she was a mistake because his pullout game is “not on point”.

Reality Check

I pray for James’ sake, that if he indeed does make it to final 2, put the money he won on big brother to Baleigh’s (her daughter) education fund. That is the most important thing for him to do. I cannot imagine the tuition when she attends university.

The possibility of James blowing this potential money on Nat Nat or partying with Corey is very high and of course stupid.

Corey for the win ONLY if he takes James to final 2 and kicks Nicole to the curb. That will be awesome tv to watch.

Franks fumes

If Paul and Vic take this lying down this week its gonna be another example of the epic f#ckover by production……I understand Paul waiting on blowing up till after veto but why try to tamp down Vics anger and wanting to confront his backstabbing pal Corine ……..and Nicole needs to be called out for her pre show alliance with James……..I know its pre determined that Nicole or James win but I want to see those 2 address how thats a evictable breaking of the rules…….oh yeah the rules are a joke.


Vic made the mistake of playing the game with his word. Corey is not familiar with that concept. A man that finds it amusing trying to set a goat on fire, having sexual interactions with Nicole all along knowing that it is not going to go anywhere outside of the house, finding it amusing the way Paulie abused women, James was his number 1……….no Paulie was, they were planning on getting rid of James right after Vic. Corey is jealous of Vic because of Nat, Corey’s ego got hurt over Nat choosing Vic, and he is scared that Nicole will wake up and choose Vic, Now he does not want Nicole, but his ego took a hit. Corey is a very shallow, self centered person, he has no conscious and Nicole is going to learn this lesson the hard way. Corey also can not admit to himself that Production has had a lot to do with him being successful in his wins………veto comp. was so obvious. I am a person who believes in a level playing field……….let the chips fall where they may. CBS has made it obvious who they want to win, the people they have chosen are not very good representatives of the show.

TX rar

Production clearly told Corey about the pipes and key. I’ve never been someone who bought into “production fixing things”. until I saw that comp. it was too obvious bc he went straight to the pipes with zero hesitation or looking around like all the other HG.
Don’t forget that Corey laughed when Paulie suggested they switch girls? He is an aging frat boy follower.


I understood production manipulated things but I didn’t want to believe they “rigged” it either – but after Nicole has REPEATEDLY been stating she is fabricating conversations for the sake of giving production the TV footage they want (and urging others to “play along” with her) and Natalie saying that “Mom and Dad” (aka production) told her to work with Nic and Corey (which ultimately got her evicted), there is not question in my mind. It also helps that past HGs attest to how certain things in the game are rigged.

Franks fumes

Paul had it all wrong about Big Meech….Corine is the real C#nt.

Time to boot Nicole!

Greater would be if James wins, Paul and Vic rope him in, He uses veto on either, Nicole is nominated and voted out! A girl can dream.


Simon and Dawg, the snake pic and ssssssssssssss, thank you. You guys not only keep a great site going when things are wild, but keep us laughing when things are slow! Thanks for making this site so entertaining !

Misty Beethoven

Love the snake photo! It made me laugh so hard, I snorted. I think Simon and Dawg are a bit punch drunk right now from this lunacy.


Why is Nicole again the snake when it’s Corey’s HOH. Nobody has lied more than Paul in this house and Vic back stabbed Corey and other people flat out! She whines all the time but geez people she’s playing a game and has done a good job!


When has Paul lied about anything? All I ever see is the guy getting lied to. He is definitely trying to sell an image to help his business, but is the most honest player in the game.


He has done a good job sidestepping any lies, but there are two that come to mind. He lied to Day about her eviction, he knew she was going home. And big one in my opinion, he lied to Vic the first time he was evicted. Remember when Paul was nominated in Week 3 and pulled Houseguests Choice, he didn’t choose Vic. He told Vic he completely blanked but he actually agreed to be the pawn to save himself and let Vic be backdoored.


it’s a double standard, the guys are allowed to play the game, but the girls aren’t. the boys can backstab, lie, use girls, manipulate, and backstab and they get off the hook for it. no one changes their picture to a rat or snake. if a girl does it, watch out.
it’s called sexism and being a sore loser. she is playing the game well and they can’t handle it, they hide behind the fact that they find her voice irritating or make claims that she ‘hasn’t done anything in the game thus far’. she has been playing hard from the first eviction, she had to win hoh and got the hoh by making her teammates give it to her. she has survived to this point based off of strategy and alliances, and has also won comps. blame production if you aren’t happy with the game, but stop blaming a girl for something you wouldn’t mind at all if she only had a penis.


U do realize that people only want to trust her because she is a girl right oh and white, how’s that worked out for them since frank not so well


Thank you! I couldn’t agree more!! It’s absolutely evident from comments on this blog how much sexism still exists.

Anonymous are you serious?!?! What ha Paul lied about?!? He’s played a very good game of manipulation! The last two weeks he’s been lazy about it! I actually don’t mind that he is a liar Bc he’s playing the game but this Nicole hating is ridiculous!!


I’m sorry but I’m a female and absolutely cannot stand Nicole. Women like Nicole are the problem.

Are you kidding me? She came on a reality tv show, laid on her back all summer. Had sex, gave hand jobs to a fake Showmance on camera and you’re acting like she’s some role model for women players on big brother lol.

No thanks. Give me a janelle any day of the week. The true women big brother greats have never done anything even remotely close to what she’s done. Nicole is the one giving women players a bad name. Hate to burst your bubble, but she’s an embarrassment.

So anyway...

You’re only assuming what she did under the covers. You have no proof of that.


Um yes there’s proof all over the Internet. You can live in denial all you want but it’s pretty easy to literally SEE what they are doing and hear what Corey is saying while doing it. It’s not rocket science.


Damn straight! that no good bastard Paul he lied about the FRIES! How quickly people forget and want to sweep it under the rug. If he was a woman nobody would have said anything about his cooking skills. But since he is a man all hell broke loose because he can cook some fries and even fry a burger. If he had a vagina it would be ok. It is called sexism!!! #foolcancook


I like Paul too but, speaking impartially, there are dozens of valid and substantial reasons to dislike Nicole. I would list them but everyone on this board has done a good job of that already. It really has nothing to do with sex, gender, or bias.


Hey I think you may have hit on something. Maybe she/he does have a penis! Although it blows your theory out of the water it would explain why the space killer Corey likes her/him.

Other then that your whole theory is off. A lot of people dislike Nichole and I doubt very much it has anything to do with gender. If it is not the race baiters it is the gender baiters? I thought the Snacole and picture was funny as hell and the sssssssssss, or Corey goes to the kitchen and Nicole slithers behind!!! Gold I tell ya gold!
if you do not like the way the moderators entertain us you can always not visit the site.


I’m a girl and a former Nicole fan and now even I don’t want her in the finals. She’s played by backstabbing, teaming up with the boys from the start, criticizing girls for no reason, and then cries foul. Like if she can’t get why Vic is mad, she’s delusional. She cries loyalty and then is disloyal to James and Nat and now Vic and Paul. She should not win just because she’s a girl.

If her game is to be a snake (like Dan did), then don’t cry foul behind the scenes.

Nicole says

Siiimmmoooonnnnnnn, DaaawwwwggggggggI You guys are so meeeaannn. I hate yooouuuuuuu! SssssssSsssssss


Someone tell these idiots that the only way to get out of this mess is to get james on their side, promise him your unborn child for final 3 nicole and Corey can’t do that , but that might have them know something about the game before bb16 so, nevermind


James is not turning on Nicole. The tinfoil hat is no longer helping.


now you just need a picture of a rat or a jackass for Corey!!


You just gave me a vision of “Newton” from the 60s Hercules cartoon. Ha Ha Ha. Paste Corey’s head on it.

An ornery mouse

The female Michigan Slit-Nosed Rat Snake – An extremely horny species that does not play well with the same sex. Distinguishable by its nasally hiss, poor vision, nervous disposition and unquenchable thirst for males.


It also carries it’s rat nest home on it’s head.

Nicole says...

It’s actually a snake nest.


Lol Simon! I laughed so hard at the Nicole responses that you wrote “ssssssssssss” “sssssssssssss”! It was ssssssssssssso funny! I really needed that laugh. Thank you Simon!


Lmaooooooooo at the pic of the snake for Nicole!! She really is a snake & Corey stop talking like production didn’t give you the veto and suggest the noms. if Vic and Paul go lamest f3 ever *sighs*


If you are going to put a picture up with a snake at least give it glasses!

Anyone else horrified that Corey does not have his dog fixed and is okay with it helping to create unwanted puppies and strays who are just going to end up euthanized? It really is not that cute in that context.

Now that James has a daughter hopefully he understands why the last thing any father would ever want is for their daughter to come home with someone like James. I know his stories are meant to impress his housemates but if his goal is to campaign for AFP perhaps he needs to stop emphasizing just how much jailbait throws themselves at him? Even if he’s being “responsible” and checking their IDs.

Nicole seems to understand more than most of us gave her credit for that things are going to change once they exit the game and that her and Corey are going to have to re-evaluate where they are on the outside. A little sketchy that Corey tries to act offended that she’d assume they’d be anything but full-on once they step outside the house.


Production will NEVER air James’ comments about underage stuff on TV. The voting majority will not hear that and will still vote James for AFP. Unfortunate.


It is unfortunate he’s like that. I still have a bad taste from last year’s yeast infection story. Other than that I sort of like James, but not as this years AFP. He got that last year because, really, no one else last year could have.

Gooooo Danton

“anyone else horrified that Corey does not have his dog fixed and is okay with it helping to create unwanted puppies and strays who are just going to end up euthanized? It really is not that cute in that context.”

I am glad I am not the only one who was troubled by that. Neutering your pets is responsible ownership.


pretty sure that you can be a responsible owner and not surgically remove the sex organs of your dog. i have managed my dog just fine without it…it’s called a leash, a fence, and actually supervising your pet properly instead of being a lazy loser. you don’t need surgery to stop breeding, you just need a brain.


Diesel, the humping dog, was his friend’s pet, I think.

production rigged it

I don’t really like anyone that’s left but i find it funny that Paul/Victor got so pissed off that Natalie put them on the block and shit all over her but they’re saying they’re not mad at Corey/Nicole they’re just hurt because of the final 4 deal they had with them. So they can call a woman out and talk shit about her but not a man though and i use that word loosely in describing Corey. Hopefully before one of them are evicted they will call Corey/Nicole out and shit all over them too just to be fair. Natalie wanted to work with them and they knew that because she changed her mind and wanted Victor to stay over Corey and she told them she wanted James to vote Corey out. Like i said they knew this and they still put her and James on the block so they have nobody to blame but themselves for being on the block, i mean how many people in the house called Nicole a snake and yet they still chose to make a deal with her and Corey. I guess they’re regretting that decision now.


You people can hate on Nicorey all you want but fact of the matter is that this is a great game move and your beloved duo of boys that have had a zillion chances in this game is being split up, ha ha!


Nicole and James had their chance last season. I hate bringing back the vets. They were able to go this far because they have a history together and final 2 deal. They know each other’s family and have built a trust.

Ha ha?

The beauty of this country and this site is that I can like or not like anyone in this game or out of this game that I want. So if I choose to cheer on my “duo of boys” (as you referred to them) or if I choose to not like Nicorey, frankly Arees, it is my business and my preference. I don’t put you down or mock you as you so “maturely” stated by saying “ha ha” when referring to the “duo of boys” being split. So don’t come here with your nonsense trying to make a point but sounding like a 4th grade child.


I don’t think i put anyone down when i said “ha ha”, it is my right to be happy that one of them will get evicted, just as it is yours to cheer for them as you so clearly stated. So get over yourself and enjoy the game!


Girl bye. Even if slutcole does win, everyone will always remember it was production that gave it to her.

Her great accomplishment on big brother will always be the porno plastered all over the internet. I hope someone tapes her reaction when Corey dumps her after the show.


Just WOW. Production wants SNacole and James final 2 that bad? Seriously, anyone know who between James and SNacole Production is aiming to win? I know it has to be one of these 2, its so blatantly obvious.


i just realised the pic ofnicole, hahahha,and all nicole conversation is sssssss,ssss,ssss. big meech would be satisfied and happy if she read this website.


I know its just a game, but I really hate Nicole. She LOVESSSSSSSS being the last girl standing. And I absolutely believe that she had a final 2 deal with James. I thought that she and her finger banging boyfriend would hold true to their final 4 deal with Vic and Paul.
I used to like when they brought vets back….but no more. Its unfair.


I love it best post ever all the ssssssssssss is fu king hilarious love u guys

Ariana Grande Stinks

Ratcole, a.k.a. Snakole is the worst person I have EVER seen in my life on TV. She made me discover a sadistic inner myself. When I listen to her whiny way of speaking and just seeing at that fugly puppet-face makes me wish her all the worst to her that is (sub)humanly possible — including the physical pain — just punch her in that snake face of a rat that she is… ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! Also her whiny mother — it’s just unbearable… I hope she wins big money and then some disaster happens and she loses everything.

She’s supposed to be a nurse — God forbid!

A very similar applies to James — a complete a-hole and a conniving brainless piece of excrement!


Get a grip. It is just a well-orchestrated game.

Ariana Grande stinks!

I know it is, and I know my reaction is completely irrational, and yet it is genuine. I absolutely hate her guts from the bottom of my heart. I wish her only the worst I can imagine… It suffices to hear her whiny way of speaking or see her on the show — the shit breaks loose. It’s bad doctor…

Nicole, I hope you get bitten by a dozen of venomous snakes — as poisonous as you!


you seem to have a lot of irrational anger, you should get help for that. it’s a tv show. perhaps if you were happier with your own life you wouldn’t wish harm upon others, that is a very unhealthy mindset to have.

Froot Loop Dingus

Wow Lames, just when I think you couldn’t be more pathetic you have this conversation. And this clown is Les Moonves’ favorite player. No wonder CBS has such a shit line up of shows.

Is it too much to hope for a Diamond Power of Veto or a coup d’etat, so we end up with Vic & Paul safe and 2 of these other 3 slime balls on the block?


So again Cory is talking about how loyal he was to the guys alliance and snake is just slithering there saying nothing…she should win HOH and put his butt up!


I think she might if it was final 3.
But not final 4. Next noms/eviction it doesn’t matter who’s nominated. The POV holds all the power of life and death in the game. Hoh is just safe.

An Apple A Day

Well, crap. It is what it is. But I really can’t stand Cory. He’s the passive side of douche to Paulie. He’s privileged, and seems like your basic under achiever. His stories are creepy. I like James, but he just woke up to play this game once Natalie left, so the thought of him slipping into final 3 just sucks. Whoever make it through eviction this week, I hope Paul or Vic somehow plow through to be in the Final 2. Just screw up their plans for Final 3 and get Cory OUT of that house.


I”m surprised that the houseguest did not question Corey’s win, for the Maguiver comp. They got to see each individual do the comp on the monitor. Not one person found it strange that Corey went straight to the pipe without looking at the manhole.


NEXT HOH/ Nicole wins HOH , PAUL wins POV and sends her boytoy out on her HOH, than he wins the LAST HOH and evicts Nicole….
Paul 1st
James 2nd
And I d be okay with this season


Corey is going to end up like Cody. take a friend to the final two just to get the 50k and hand them the 500. versus evicting tge friend to win the 500k and possibly gift them 50k.

Victor is such a good guy all around. unfortunately, he’s been carrying Paul’s weight, Paul’s not able to win stuff when it’s his turn to. he was supposed to pull food that hoh but he can’t win nothing.

all hope isn’t lost Victor, gunn for the pov and win. send Paul home. this could have happened at final four either ways if nicorey kept the deal. one of you still Gotta go. nicorey can change their target to james if it’s Victor who wins the veto. they’ll see that corey can’t play and would lije to have James taken out in case Victor wins next hoh. and if Victor does go home, its a win for him still, doors wog opportunity will open for him and I bet he is likely to get AFP


i get that a lot of people don’t like nicole, but i have always come here to read summaries that are accurate representations of what actually happened. i would appreciate it if the summaries here remain unbiased, as they are on other update sites.


1) it’s a JOKE 2) this isn’t cnn it’s a big brother BLOG 3) it’s their site, they can have a little fun and add their thoughts if they chose to do so.

If you can’t take the heat get outta the kitchen hon.


Im not sure who whines more, you or nicole… sssssssssssssss. Dawg and Simon are adding some entertainment which is something the feeds are lacking right now


Then run your wn damn site.


I come here for the updates, the funny and insightful comments by the posters and the structure and layout of the site. The comedy and side notes of the moderators are a BONUS and I personally enjoy them. that is 2 or 3 posts with you bitching about the site, if you enjoy other sites better by all means go there. You will not be missed much like me or my comments would not be missed. Why come here and bitch?


“Corey tells them a storey about his buddy whose 23 got a “hooters girl” pregnant.
James – I feel his pain I feel his pain.. say no more..”

What a lovely thing to say, James. So very over him and the sh*t that comes out of his mouth. He’s gone from lovesick puppy dog to frat douchecanoe so quickly, I’m surprised I don’t have whiplash. People can say what they want about Natalie and her hot & cold emotional swings but I find it remarkable that James has managed to slip right back into Broville.
Also, the teacher comment. While I’m glad there are people not letting his comments get misconstrued into him being into underage girls, I’d like to also say that teachers having sex with underage students isn’t acceptable or hilarious in the slightest.


I can only wish that James wins the POV and that he will take down Victor. Corey will have to put up Nicole and she would be evicted. That would be great!!! If James does that he will be redeemed in my eyes and be #1 for the win.


Really do not see James doing that. Paul & Victor can only save themselves


Plus nicole doesn’t own up to her shit I bet she thinks she plays the game honest, Corey is oblivious doesn’t know better like beating your young child so we don’t beat up on him, nicole obviously can take so we let the ssssssssssss happen


Samboooodee can I just say , I love you. Also I’m sure there’s no chance in hell scatalie will be with James prolly not even as a friend. All I know is if I was trapped in a house with the crying every 5 minutes over nothing and giving everyone wrong info cuz she’s just dumb, not even if her goofy ass Meech ways. I would be kicked off Bb cuz they would have to pay me from not punching in her jimdog mouth! Super fan my ass.


Haven’t been around for a while.
I still appreciate Dawg and Simon’s efforts.. I just got disgusted by the amount of feed talk about production influence and manipulation. It’s just no fun to be a conspiracy theorist about rigging when the house guests are so blatantly talking about the rigging. Are we supposed to believe that none of the incidents (i can think of six off the top of my head) took place? In terms of the number of comments and conversations house guests have about d/r coercing them who to work with or target, or what comments to throw into conversations for episode purposes, or help given in competitions, or leading comments from d/r determining what another house guest is doing behind their backs… i just don’t care about these people at all anymore. This is by far worse than the rigging evidence seen in bbcan3.
Anyone left saying best season ever? Give me some reasons, because i can’t legitimately think of any now.


So Corey is trying to say he was getting revenge for Paulie? Oh Dear Lord. Hope he realizes that, against any of the remaining houseguests, he will not be the winner of Big Brother this season. He has been riding the coat tails of everyone; many of his “decisions” were really Nicole’s lately.

Tears on my pillow

I don’t think it was out of revenge for Paulie. I think it was more part of his justification as to why he put them up. When Corey won HOH during the double he said are we going to do this or not (execs alliance). Everybody was yeah, yeah, yeah. So he put up Meech and Bridge. The next HOH Vic put up Paulie and Corey (with Paul all in his ear). So if anything Vic and Paul drew first blood way back then. So stop playing the we got boned and the victim card V and P, it’s annoying!!

Hope this Is the last BB rodeo for James

I can’t comprehend why anyone would vote James for AFP. He is boring, his pity parties and sad faces are only to try and prompt AFP votes. He told Natalie he hopes Amazing Race and Survivor call. LOL That guy is so lazy, just imagine him on either of those shows.
Please BB make this the ‘last rodeo’ for James on this show.

Natalia's Revenge

I Fucking hate James. He is sick. He was clearly talking about being ok with sleeping with underaged girls as long as he wasn’t legally responsible. He mistreated Natalie, not the other way around like its been portrayed. She was abosutely right in everything she said. Everyone assumes that because she is so clearly out of his league in the looks department, she was using him. Guess what? Not all pretty girls are shallow. She tried to be honest and kind in a house full of people that were cruel to her. James was using her for her looks and his fragile ego. He was quick to play the victim game when she showed any resistance. Napoleon (whoops I mean James) was all to happy to have her taken out of the game. He couldn’t have planned that exit better himself…does anybody else smell this absolute Bullshit?

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Bingo. James is gross. I don’t know what anyone sees in him. He should be grateful that Natalie gave him a second of her time, because he deserved so much worse. And the fact that he constantly makes jokes about not being able to pull out shows so much disrespect to his daughter. I hope she never sees it.


Kudos to paul and vic for making it this far. I hope whoever survives this week wins but it isnt likely unless they win the next veto and final 3 part hoh. The sad thing is with a nicole james and goat burner wonkey eyed corey we are likely to have another shitty winner. 4th bad season in a row. What happened to this once great show. I was riveted back during season 2 through 8 then 10. Now its a chore to watch the feeds and especially the show. Every year i keep having hope that BB ill be great again but every year I see more production manipulation, more twists (15 this year), casting 30 year old live with their mommy unemployed morons, protection for horrible vets, the show edit gets worse every year, scripted diary rooms, casting for showmances and so on and so on. I think the biggest issue ive noticed is how they are clearly casting people that are easily manipulated by the DR. No more people playing their own game no matter how the DR steers them. Ill painfuly watch the rest of this season and will hope that it gets good again next year but I wont hold my breath.


I don’t give a f**k of what you All say. I hope Nicole wins.