“Don’t be scared, Don’t be nervous.. Panic if you were up there and I wasn’t in control of the situation”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 04-39-38-402

12:40am Michelle alone in the safari room
(Her time to feel the shun)
Michelle – just 2 weeks ago I thought I was in such a good spot in this game.. if anyone else won HOH it would have been different.. I thought me and Victor were good but apparently not.
Michelle – If I go home 7 – O I will be devastated and disappointed in a lot of people.. This is my last Sunday.. my last Competition every was today and I didn’t win.. I looked like a idiot..
Michelle – I have the feeling Paulie is walking away with 500 000 dollars.. But i’m going to make sure.. if I’m going home fore sure I’ll blow his game up. He’s playing Derrick’s game except winning comps.. c’mon he’s won half the vetos.. he has 2 HOH’s and 3 vetos
Michelle – I can wait to hear everyone’s thought process what I did wrong.. I just hope Paulie uses that Veto and Vicotr tries to backdoor someone like James.
Michelle counts the vote but doesn’t thin she’ll stay if up against James.
Michelle – He wouldn’t put up Bridgette.. Yup.. I’m fucked
Michelle says she’s not going to stay1 unless she has the road trip.

Michelle – I feel that all those people are not going to tell me the vote they will tell me what I want to hear..
Michelle – this is the wrong season for me I wanted to play regular Big Brother, No vets, NO teams, no freaking… I wish there was still roadkill.. roadkill was awesome made it way easier to get people out.

Michelle – people are crushing my dream by voting me out this week, I thought I had a lot of friends but I don’t think so… I’m going to blow their sh1t up.
Michelle – Mostly Paulie, Nicole and James… I don’t have anything else really
Michelle – Paulie is so cocky I can’t stand it, I’ve never met a guy that cocky..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 01-30-12-053

1:18AM Natalie and James
Natalie is complaining about her underwear been strewn all over the house
Meech comes in asks if they are sleeping there.
Natalie – James is a have not babe
Natalie thinks people ripping through her underwear bag was unnecessary she wishes people would have left her stuff alone, “Have a ball paint the walls I don’t care”
James says it probably was a guy that went through her underwear
James – us guys when we’re in the heat of the moment we’re grabbing, ripping and kicking..

James goes on to explain scenarios where a guy is searching for the veto not targeting Natalie’s underwear and throwing it around.

James to Michelle “Sorry for taking you out that was a good hiding spot”

James says Nicole hide her veto in the popcorn machine made it look like it was part of the real thing. “We all touched it.”

Michelle points out that Paulie has played in 6 vetoes and won 3 of them, “He’s played in every won except OTEV”

James is getting pissed because people are implying he was the one that tore through the underwear.
Natalie – I’m not mad at you i’m over it

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 01-47-33-647
1:47am Corey and Paulie
Talking about getting one of the girls out. Corey mentions girls being in an alliance “Da was the leader of that thing.”
PAulie – have we decided on the markman or the executioners
Corey – I like Marksman because we can shoot arrows
Paulie – shoot f***g arrows.. I like that it’s bada$$… executioners chop off people’s heads

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 01-49-47-839
1:50am Paulie balancing the flour

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 02-11-41-104
1:57am James and Natalie
JAmes going on about how he was brought back because he’s a prankster and the producers like that.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 01-53-48-926
1:59am Zakiyah and Paulie
Zakiyah – you change your mind
Paulie – ABout what
Zak – I don’t want to say it
Paulie – you know who’s going home
Zak – Michelle says she’s going to ask you… to use it
PAulie – either way she’s going home.. Even if I don’t use it you’re not going ome
Zak – you are not going to use it
Paulie – I don’t feel like you are in danger.. I want to keep people in the dark of things..
Zak – you keep it the same I understand
Paulie- I 100% want her going home..

Paulie – you’re in good hands plus James has 2 votes he can eliminate any people I suspect are putting votes on you.
Zakiyah asks if he was going to tell her what he’s doing. PAulie says like Frank always said “I would rather asks for forgiveness than permission.. Well i’m the exact opposite..”

Paulie says Paul/Victor are getting really close to Bridgette and they are also getting really close to Michelle, “I don’t know what is going on I just want to see what can happen cause the worst case scenario 1 person would take a shot I would have James Cap that”
Zakiyah – do you trust James enough
Paulie – I trust the fact enough that he would rather have Michelle gone this week.. Weather I trust him on a personal level.. A game level that’s whatever he’s doing his thing I’m doing my thing..he’s got his girl I got my girl whatever.
Paulie – I know with everything Michelle has done his vote is going 100%
Paulie – obviously I want Vic out at some point.. Vic will listen and he’s loyal.
Paulie just needs to know if it’s Paul calling the shots..
Paulie – I know for a fact James wants Michelle out..
Paulie is wanting to see what Victor and Paul will say to him tomorrow
Paulie – If I get the sense people are looking to f** me over blindside me then I’ll pull you down.. For me the goal is Michelle.. Doesn’t matter who’s up they’re next to her.
Paulie suggest if he uses the veto Victor might put up Nicole or Corey.
Zakiyah – I’m a little nervous
Paulie – Don’t be scared .. don’t be nervous
Paulie goes on about how he’s “Panic if you were up there and I wasn’t in control of the situation” that’s why he’s feeling safe leaving her on the block.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 02-13-09-099
2:04am Natalie and James
James asks her if there is a girls alliance.
Natalie says the girls in this house are flaky, “They’re not playing for themselves.. They are afraid to win comps.. I would never be in an alliance with girls that can’t win”

Natalie points out that Nicole use to me really close to Zakiyah and Michelle but lately she’s been all over Bridgette, “And now Nicole is being all super buddy buddy with me and like she’s not hanging out with Michelle and Zakiyah at all”

2:33am -3:13am Zakiyah, Paulie, Bridgette, Corey, Nicole and Natalie chit chat in the kitchen.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 03-18-58-235
3:14amPool table Paulie and James back yard
James – that slop is not bad at a.. the consistency outta what we got.. I actually don’t mind being a have nots to be honest with you.
PAyulie – I don’t mind the beds.. the only thing for me is the cold showers..
jaem s- that’s it for me..
PAulie – and honestly the cold showers only bother me this time in the night.. If I works out shower than come back out and hang i’m good.
Paulie – I broke the news to Z baby that I’m seriously considering not using the veto.
James- she flipped
PAulie – she handled it pretty well said I trust you
James- Be like honestly I don’t know who Victor will put up.. might not be good for my game.

Jame s- Natalie swears up and down there’s an all guys alliance up in here..
Paulie – I wonder who puts that in her head.. I think Bridgette.
James- Natalie is worried of being put up as a replacement nom.. she talked to Bridgette
James adds Bridgette told her that Victor isn’t putting her up.
Paulie – Victor would never put one of us up but I do think Paul and Victor have an ulterior motive with Michelle and Bridgette.
James- I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen
Paulie – I’m locking the Noms up if you want to X out my vote and his.. (Paul)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 03-28-19-306

Corey comes by..
Paulie – Theres people saying theres a all guys alliance because of the steam rolling process going on right now.. Nicole is on our side… Zakiyah and so is Natalie..
PAulie explains Only Bridgette and Michelle are the girls that pose a risk to the guys.

Paulie says Bridgette will be going after Zakiyah and Nicole but after that she’s after James so they have to take care of that sooner than later.
Paulie – Michelle has to go this week.. and the with Paul pushing Zakiyah so hard.. Paul is doing it because he’s trying to set himself up he has Vic trying to pull Bridgette in ..
Paulie he wants James to X James and Nicole’s vote
James- I can’t do that.. I asked them that I c an’t X my own vote.. if that was the case I would take myself outta teh equation.
Paulie going on about how Paul is

James – you think Paul is trying to flip on us with Vic
Paulie and Corey don’t think right now
Corey – they might after this week
James agrees.
Paulie – I want to get the suspicious girls out so I can play pool with the boys.

James – do NOt sleep on Vic
Corey – Agreed
PAulie – Vic’s robotic.. loyal but needs orders.. if the orders are coming from Paul we know what is being said and what needs to be done
Jame sis really pushing Paul and Vic having something going on
Corey agrees, “For now Paul would be game to get Vic out next week.. but that doesn’t mean next week this wouldn’t change”

Paulie – her [Zakiyah] targets are simple Bridgette Vic Natalie
Paulie – the only two people I don’t want to win HOH are Bridgette and Michelle
James – double evict is f***g nasty dude I’m not going to lie to you.. you have to put 3 people up it’s fast pace.
Pauli has been couching Zakiyah to put up Vic and Bridgette, “She’s trained that is why she’ll stay this week.. Michelle’s not Trained”
James says PAul wants Michelle left in the game so she wins during the double eviction, ‘Leaves us three open”
Paulie – we’re safe with Bridgette for a little bit because she’s still leery of Nicole.. Stuff Frank told her..
James- still

Paulie – as much as Vic is a threat I feel like I can beat him head to head.. I think all of you can beat him head to head.
Paulie explains that Vic is not thinking he’s just trying to win every competition he can.
James- he’s going for 10
Paulie – he doesn’t realize he has 4.. I’ll count he battle backs as 1 full (LOL of course you will)

James is warning them that pretty soon Victor is going to be playing in every Veto
Paulie – all of us playing in a veto I still think we’ll f****g beat him . .

3:47am Paulie tells Corey he should rope in Bridgette. Zakiyah comes by to watch the guys play pool..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 03-29-51-207

3:36am Michelle, Natalie and Nicole
Talking about the guys in the backyard having an alliance called “Shupa pings… or PIng Shupa”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 04-09-45-000

4:05am Paulie and Zakiyah
Paulie says theres no votes going towards Zakiyah this week it’ll be unanimous voting out Michelle.
Paulie – it’s not set in stone that I’m not using the veto.
Paulie – worst case scenario Michelle has the road-trip.. bit that’s not going to happen.
Paulie says Victor put her up for a reason maybe tomorrow they will find out what that reason is.
PAulie says James is going to “X” out Paul and Bridgette’s vote.
PAulie – I’m voting Michelle out, Nicole, Corey voting Michelle out, James voting Michelle out and Natalie, 5 nothing
Zakiyah – I want to get Vic out of this house
Paulie – the only person you have to beat out on Thursday is Bridgette
Zakiyah – I’ll take her.. I’m good I feel confident..
Paulie thinks Corey. Nicole, James will throw the HOH to Zakiyah if she’s going after Victor.
Zakiyah is worried Natalie will put her up. Paulie says Natalie will put up however James tells her to.

Paulie says if Paul and Victor fight for him not to use the veto than he’ll know what their plan is for the next 2 or 3 moves.
Zakiyah – I want Victor out
Paulie – You need to focus on Thursday how you are going to win the competition and what you are going to do.
Zakiyah – alright.. ok
Paulie – We have a long week it’s not worth stressing about it .. it’s a done deal Michelle is going home nobody is keeping her around
Paulie – I got your back.. Corey and Michelle aren’t going against us if James wants to come in and replace F****g Michelle because F****G so far we’re O fer two, with a fifth person we can trust.. that gives us 6 going into the home stretch .. what better time to get a trustworthy 5 and 6 right then right now ()
Zakiyah – right.. right..

4:17am Sleeping

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 04-27-45-628

4:26am James, Natalie, Paulie, Zakiyah, Michelle, Corey and Nicole
James says he parties with Liz from his season even though she was the one that got him out he’s still cool with her. Says during new years eve he was drinking 1000 dollar bottle of champagne
James- new years eve party sh1t got nuts…
James – Julia, Liz, Me , Boston Rob, Rodney from Survivor, D rob
James – new years eve we threw 10 thousand dollars in the club
Everyone is freaking out asking James where they are getting all the money. James goes on about D rob being a baller. Paulie knows him.
Natalie keeps asking where this guy has all this money to buy 1K bottles and throwing 10 grand on the dance floors in clubs.
James says Trust… but is cut off by Paulie saying “Baller” and “DRob”
James- it’s actually Paulie’s friend.. I’d tell ya I would have to kill you.. you’ll all meet him after the show
Michelle – is it a CBS executive..
James- this guy blows throw 1/2 a million dollars in play money .. this guy is really good people.. good people.
Natalie – is it P diddy
Paulie – how you know Natalie..

4:50am housguests still giggling but all the lights are off..
Paulie – Big SHUPA

7:53am Sleeping…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 08-39-03-083

8:38am Corey and Paulie are up to use the washroom..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 08-40-32-715
Corey sets a saucer of milk out for Michelle before heading back to bed. (He does this every morning.. )

10:00am Sleeping

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Simon and Dawg, I’m sorry. This season is painful. Boring as can be with zero strategy. Can’t they just hand Paulie the check already and use the extra time to totally revamp the casting process?


you should apologize for not being original. that has been said 200000000x already.


So should you for this lame comment


James is paulis puppet

Deez Nutz

I am relatively new to Big Brother (since season 11) and it just seems that it has gotten to be less entertaining over the last few years. I miss the competitiveness of both male and females unlike the last few seasons. I keep hanging in there hoping that the next season will be better an to be honest, I thought this season was off to a really good start.


I think there are a lot of viewers like that. The premise behind Big Brother is great but the execution the last few years has been very hit or miss. 16 was abysmal, some other seasons had sparks of entertainment and then huge troughs of boring. Listening to the conversation about James and the clubs, makes me wonder just how much inbreeding there is in the Big Brother gene pool.


They need to cast people with class.


People with real class would never be on a reality-show-wannabe like Big Brother.


Paulie and Nicole on the block together would be a beautiful thing.


I’m confused. Who wants to vote out Who? Help me ahahahahahah


James so stupid. Throws Nat UTB with guy alliance (true!) rumors than agrees to do Paulie’s bidding by using advantage to save Z even though Paulie says Nat would be one of Z’s targets. Michelle would be receptive to promising James and Nat safety (and unlike James keep promise) if he used it to help her stay. Paulie not going after Paul anytime soon and would definitely sacrifice James if Paul win next HOH and Vic or Bridgette after him. Everyone is expendable to Pauli.


Yes! James is a rat, I really am amaze at his level of stupidity, which was broadcast on the show when he spilled the beans on DE for Da…Now I hope they will also show this bit ( wtf does that do him an good snitching his one and only true ally like this) because if not, he will very disgustingly win AFP again…


James isn’t on the show to win. He said he’s here because the producers think we like his pranks and that’s why he got America’s Favorite last year. I think he got it because he was just the underdog and we hated the same power group in charge for 75% of the game. I’m voting for Glenn this year…

Birthday Cake issue?

Off topic, but figured I would throw it up.

What is this issue about Bridgette’s Birthday Cake? Did Zika Virus steal the cake batter or something? I was reading somewhere that either Zika, or Muchelle stole her cake mix, that was from the Production, and made a cake for her stupid Giraffe toy. If that is true, Zika is just a waste of space not only in the game, but on planet Earth. If I’m wrong about the cake, forget I said that…. but even Da’vonne seemed to suggest production gave Zika the cake batter for the Giraffe. MEAN. I go away for vacation, and now I understand what mean girls is. Although I do not think Natalie is part of the mean crowd. guilt only by association maybe. If all that is true, Bridgette really has been bullied on. Bridgette isn’t clean, but what the other girls are doing is not normal human behavior. Were they raised in a barn? All Munchelle does is eat and slobber over everything. There are pictures of her downing a rotten watermelon. Natalie, took one bite, and knew it was rotten and threw it away, while Michelle spat it out, then immediately re-ate it, and put lemon and spices on it. There is a nearly 30 page report on her gluttony habits.


It was Max-Z and Da. That is exactly what they did. Had A B-Day party for the giraffe and was taking about it being Paulie’s baby or some childish sh*t


Am I the only one who doesn’t think it’s funny to reference a disease that deforms helpless infants?

Zakiyah Virus

Lighten up. Its a joke about zakiyah not the innocent children who contract the disease

ReddBladed (CDN)

Lmao @ This shytt

Roll Tide

It was Bridge’s birthday. But MaxZ decided to have a birthday party for MaxiZ’s giraffe. They made a cake for the toy and made many other treats for them to eat. The girls minus Bridge and I think Nat, all cooked for thr toy’s party. Never said Happy Birthday to Bridgette. Bridgette is a very strong young lady to be able to take all the bullying they did to her. Those girls Michelle, MaxiZ, Nicole, Tiffany and Davonne should all be ashamed of themselves.


Michelle and Z have not been very kind with their actions or words, but either has Bridgette with the eye brow remark. It was thoughtless to use the cake mix for the giraffe , however Bridgette told people she didn’t want to do anything for her birthday. I would love to see Michelle and Z go home right away, they have played a useless game. But words can hurt, and I would hate for them to get out and read what you wrote, for some of your words were very unkind and could be called MEAN.


Bridgette expressed many times she did not want anyone to make a big deal out of her birthday. She even told Zakiyah on her birthday (which was right before hers) that she wanted to keep her birthday a secret because she doesn’t like attention like that. Then when they followed her wishes she became offened. I believe what happened is she secretly did want the attention but tried to put on a fake humble act and it backfired. Bridgette is a sneaky little attention whore. Just look at how she puts on that fake baby act around all the guys.Don’t forget about how she draped herself all over Frank even though she has a boyfriend at home. She may be fooling some but not me.


Paulie is such a badass because he can justify treating the girls like dirt, and the reward for the other guys is “hanging with the boys”. I knew he would switch from targeting Z and bragging that he was going to clip her, to now convincing the guys that he can control her….and how does it benefit the other guys that Pauline controls a second vote? Uh, that’s the reason to get rid of her. I think he is jumping the shark and he is revealing his strategy. This over play is going to cost him. The biggest idiot in the house (not sure who that is, but that is one competition that would be fierce) knows what Pauline was going to do….win the veto, take Z off the block, and eliminate the possibility that he could have been the replacement if someone else had win the veto. All the tough guy talk about taking out Z was nothing but BS, and everyone knows it now…or will soon. Now he just needs a patsy (Paul?) to blame…telling James to remove Paul’s vote? What happened to pp?


Except James sees Nat as his Z, Corey sees Nicole as his Z….and the girls see that a target of showmances mean they’re next. That’s 5 votes when Paulie only needs 4…and Bridgette’s best bet is to go along with Paulie until there’s a better opportunity…and Paul ain’t it

The overplay…and clumsy hard sell…is Paul who is all but telling Paulie, Corey and James he wants their girls out while he clumsily tries to gather Vic, Bridgette, Michelle to do his dirty work. Paul’s not bright enough to see the guys talk but won’t part with their girls when there are other easy options. Paul has all the subtlety of a desperate small man who constantly boasts of his fearlessness, toughness, and prowess with the ladies, yet demonstrating not one of these attributes. He’s transparent and is soon to discover his spot is court jester, not equal partner. The question is will he fold beneath Paulie…or will he make a play that overestimates his stature, one that sees him and Vic gone in the double eviction.


I would be ashamed to have to tell the world that I was Paulie’s parents. Good looks will get him nowhere in life. You just cannot talk about and treat women the way he does and call it “game play”. I hope the women in his life see this and SCRAM! If he can ACT like this, it has to be somewhere in his DNA waiting to come out. His brother didn’t talk this way!

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Maybe his daddy should have taught him manners instead of how to French kiss!


Why are Nicole, Corey and James letting Paulie walk away with no blood on his hands. He is setting them up to take the fall for sending Michelle home so he can be blameless for it with Paul and Victor. Paul and Victor are going to be upset with Nicole, Corey and James not him. They need to let Paul and Victor know that it was Paulie’s idea also. They are such sheep doing Paulie’s dirty work. Are they that gullible to let Paul walk away without blame?

Franks fumes

Because they are incredibly stupid…


I meant to write Paulie walk away with out any blame not Paul.


I’m really suprised Z didn’t overreact, she really must be whipped over this pelican looking ass!


Zakiyah has some nice chocolate cupcakes.

Franks fumes

With STD filling inside…Sorry not Sorry!


I didn’t say Da’Vonne.


Yes, there is an all-guys alliance James… And you ain’t in it.

Paulie's Nasty Hair

Can Paulie honestly just shave all his damn hair off because he has fucked it up to the point where there’s no other option but to get rid of it all. It just looks straight disgusting. But I guess in a way, it does suit his personality. ^_^


So I haven’t seen anyone post about this….is it me or does Paulie need some Mucinex and antibiotic. He’s always clearing his throat and has stuff in his throat. I’m serious it’s concerning the boy has serious sinus issues. Anyone else notice this??


It’s just him coming off of coke


Does it annoy everyone as much as me when they call Max-Z “Z-Baby”?
Paulie telling people “Z is trained” like he is talking about a dog not messing in the house!
I couldn’t stop laughing listening to their conversation. Him telling her what to do, what to think, who to target. “I got this”, “I feel confident” “yup, yup, you right, you right” Ole Munchie was all big and bad when she was one of or thought she was one of the cool kids. She will see this week what it feels like to be shunned and targeted. I have no pity for her. Her just desert is served. Eat it up Munchie!


Sounds like James took the opportunity while alone in the house to sniff some of Nat’s panties (maybe stash a pair for later) that is as close as he is ever going to get to her the little perv lost in the friendship zone.


Do any people really enjoy sniffing underwear?


Yes they do. At a previous boyfriend’s apartment I decided to do a nice thing and take care of his wash. When I was putting his clean clothes away I came across a drawer that contained four pairs of my unwashed underwear. I knew they were missing but I had dismissed it thinking I had I left them at my parent’s house the month before (I stayed there to watch the house while they were away). This was a little too creepy for me to deal with.


Have you seen Orange is the New Black? The inmates start a secret panty mail order business for perves who want dirty inmate panties.


Be careful – the delusional hopeless romantics in here take offense when you keep it real by suggesting that Natalie will never enter into a relationship with James outside of the BB house. There is a better chance of my dating Scarlett Johansson than Natalie and James becoming a real life couple.


Ahhh, Paulie’s criteria for keeping Z is she’s trained: “She’s trained that is why she stay this week.. Michelle’s not Trained”

I guess it would be too much to hope for that Z finally gets what’s happening and turns the tables on Paulie.

Franks fumes

Hoping Z does anything smart would require her to remove her lips from Paulies genitals for a minute….Not gonna happen.

TX rar

Paulie doesn’t want to lose Z vote for everything he does. UGH. I hope James,Paul, Bridgette, Vic band together and get Z out.

James needs to cancel Paulie and Corey votes this week.


Paulie already discussed the vote cancelling with James last night.
Paulie wants James to cancel both his (Paulie’s) and Paul’s vote. That way it will appear to Paul and Vic that Z staying was not Paulies’ fault with the added bonus that Vic and Paul will blame it on James and make James a target to those two. Not sure if James is going to do it but I hope not.


Pitiful z will never wake up till she’s in jury next to da she is not a strong woman they wouldn’t drape themselves atop paulie like shit on a stick as she does showing her asset even though it’s sad would be funny if she got costume veto that resembled poop then did her paulie hug drape lounging in her puppet master paulie ugh at least we could lol at the picture theyd make together instead of gagging as she called herself strong woman one more time. And she would hate a costume she couldn’t make anyone double take over her lack of dress or sense geezopetes woman grow up find an ovary. You are disgrace to women . sad role model for any girl yes paulie you will get some when out but dropping her after is inevitable.


I think Paulie’s personality is that of a nacissist and he needs to to be the controller of everyone and everything. I think Paul standing his grown with Paulie is going to be his biggest downfall. I think Paulie sees that Paul is starting to think for himself and is going to get rid of him. Paulie can’t handle anyone who has an opinion others than his own and scares him when he loses that control over that person. He only keeps the ones he can manipulate and knows that he can’t do this with Paul anymore.


it’s bc he has no control over the larger circumstances of his life (his intelligence, his career, his job, his low parentage and middle class status) so he compensates with minutiae in more isolated environments like the BB house. He’s a sad case.


Really? Now you “reply” to yourself. Geez!

James ruined the season

My god you know it’s bad when I’m hoping Michelle goes out and comes right back in. She is the devil but she Bridge and Paul ONLY ones left we have hope of taking Paulie down. Vic bows to Paulie also but if Paul grows a pair and goes after Paulie Vic will be on board. He more loyal to Paul.

Be fun to watch how the next 2 weeks play out. James I’m sure will continue ruining the season and making sure Paulie wins while waiting to be kicked to curb himself. James also totally has ruined any chance Nat had of winning.
You know he is the one that went thru Nats underwear. Only chance he will ever get to sniff em. Nat wouldn’t date him outside the house if her life depended on it. And any of you James Lames who still think different you are losers at life.

Season getting just a little better. Maybe 16 will keep it’s crown as worst season ever yet. As it stands 18 holds that title. But let’s hope the end game is grand and Paulie doesn’t win.

With those left I’d be ok with Bridge, Paul or Corey winning. Everyone else I will take great joy in their demise.


Disagree with the Corey thing. He is disgusting with the whole goat thing and frankly thought he would be kicked out for that story. I can’t even believe he is still in there – Paul should have put him up and evicted his animal abusing ass…..


I’ve been an avid fan since season one. I’ve been frustrated with some previous seasons but never as disinterested as I am with season 18. I find myself going days without even checking in and then when I do it’s YAWWWWWNNNNNNN…… horrible season. Maybe the show has just been on for too long?


The only saving grace is – and what I enjoy the most – is reading Simon and Dawg’s recaps.

Min O'Pause

Totally agree. Surely there are still people who want to play BB the way it should be played. Even Palsy’s game is a rerun! Perhaps they should get Dr. Will oe Evel Dick to do casting and I’d bet they’d do a better job than whoever is casting dull mannikens.

Franks fumes

Paul is starting to see the bigger picture and finally looking at what Paulies greedy positioning could be doing to his game. I think the best chance at Paulie being targeted is Paul angeling to Vic that Paulie being selfish and only making moves to benifit himself has to be nipped in the bud. Thanks to Paulines ego and arrogance he may really be f#cking up his gameplan….Lets hope so!

Keeping it Real

I can’t figure Paulie out. He tells Z he is likely not using the veto and she is 100% safe and tells his boys ! an has to go. It’s in Paulie’ s best interest to keep Zak, so I’m truly confused about his plan. Truth is, he IS playing this game. As much as I dislike his methods, Paulie has orchestrated a clear victory.

Yet, I dislike Zak’ s play so much more because it is nonexistent! Bumper car sex, possessive antics, mean girl behavior, and disgusting girly behavior make her a target in my book if this was a popularity contest. However, Paulie has her vote 100%, and she would absolutely go after Vic, Paulie’ s only physical competition. If only I could read his mind!

This is a game, and Paulie is destined to win unless James makes a BIG move. James and Michelle are the only ones who would go after the mob boss, but I think Meech will get her walking papers.

“Jaaaaaamezzzzzzz,” cries Natalie, “make a move, take over this game, and earn that $ so we can go find your birth mother.”

On a side note, I’m really grossed out by the showmance sex. Nicorey and Zaulie should be ashamed. Their acts are on display for life now. Why don’t the hgs at least go in the toilet room? Is that not allowed by BB?

Oh, and I’m still so disappointed that Nat didn’t outlast Vic in that HOH comp. That was her chance to play this game and shake things up. She knows the mob boss is in charge, yet she gave it away. *sigh


To me it’s clear Paulie plans to take Z to the end. Let’s face it, she’s done absolutely nothing the entire game much like Victoria. And we all know Paulie thinks he’s playing derricks game since he never lets us forget Derrick “coached” him.

I have thought for some time now that he throws Zs name out to the guys so much, that it has to be a ploy. He just wants them to THINK he will drop her no problem. When in reality, he wants to take her to the end. She’s too easy to beat.

But now, he’s really showing his cards. He keeps saying how keeping Z is good for “their” game, when it really only benefits Paulie. All it takes is for one of them to PLEASE use their brain, to see what Paulie is doing. He’s showing his cards plain as day right now. If they don’t catch on after this, it really is over. Just give him the check for sure.

Keeping it Real

Yeah, that seems to be his plan, and it is what’s best for his game. But Paul is pretty insistent on getting rid of Z, almost like, “Okay Paulie…..I can play your game, too…you think you have control but just wait until your Zbaby hears about your plan. You think I want Z out but I’m actually thinking it’s best to keep her to get rid if you. Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”


I am also grossed out by the showmance sex. How many times have you heard houseguest say “I’ve been watching BB since I was 10 years old, kids are watching. These two fauxmances have no respect for viewers, their own families, friends, and obviously none for themselves.


Paulie want to look like Elvis now? These a$$hats could use an Elvis pep talk right about now………..”A little less conversation, a little more action. All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me”


LOL!!!! First laugh of the day….Thanks!

Marvin Gaye

I have to give it to Paulie he is on his game…. He knows Paul is setting up his own side crew… The thing I love about what Paulie did was he tried to get Paul to say he wanted Michelle out on his own but once Ray didn’t work, he just tells Paul hat he wants to hear while secretly getting in Corey n James ear to vote out Michelle… He don’t need Paul’s blessing…. He is feeding it to others that Paul is calling the shots, lol! putting a bigger target on Paul and not him. Nat n Nicole are playing for Jury and that’ sucks….. Why even go on the show.

Go James!

I agree. While it seems like PP are running the house together, it’s really just an alliance of necessity. Paulie was very smart to secretly secure votes with the other members to keep Z, and to arrange for James to nullify his vote so he can hide his allegiances no matter which way the votes fall. AND, knowing whom Paul wants out, getting rid of that one certain vote to keep Michelle. I know that everyone thinks James isn’t doing anything, and I agree that he really doesn’t need to tell those guys EVERYTHING, but I believe that he has read the personalities, and he knows that if he shows any inclination to have his own thoughts, he will be targeted until he’s gone. He’s trying to stay off the radar, lying it wait, while the power players pick their next target. He’s waiting for the perfect opportunity to make his move. That could be double-eviction or at the point PP turn on each other. I hope he doesn’t wait for too long..; Looking forward to all the drama down the line with these guys…


I sure hope you’re right!


He’s right. Been tryin’ to tell y’all. I got this.

Franks fumes

Its called floating.


I can’t believe everyone picked James for the America’s care package! He is such a wuss! They should’ve just voted for Paulie cuz James is just doing what he says anyway. He has no backbone whatsoever!


I seriously hope someone punches Paulie in the face after this season ends, that would be a look good for him along with his 500K.


I’m pretty sure that Zakiyah’s family has more class than to punch him in the face but I think her mom is going to be giving him a hurting. I’m pretty sure she’s going to go off on Papa Califiore too. Odd man kissed his boys on the lips.


No if her family had any class their daughter would have a little more class and self respect. I think they would all be ready to throw down if they feel slighted. Didn’t Max-Z say she wanted to fight Bridgette at the wrap party? No she learner her mannerisms from her parents. She said so herself when changing her pad in front of everyone. “I am so ghetto” I can not disagree.


Zakiyah’s family raised Zakiyah…so I’m not sure how much class they have.


The only good thing I can say about Zakiyah’s family is, Z says her mother and sister are coming to the wrap party. I’m sure they will have an ear full about what’s really been going on. Then the three of them can confront Elvis, I mean Paulie. Put that on all access.


Paulie don’t believe females have brains don’t he? Shame on them for not using it by banding together to get him out! Do your thing Michelle since your brain knows what’s going on, handle it and blow up game girl and make sure you’ve eaten before you do it and hold the tears and apologies once you see the effects!

It's who you know

All these behind the scenes ties and prior inter-relationships are annoying. Probably a good part of the reason casting is so bad.

Franks fumes

James screwing up everything as usual ratting his girl to Paulie. What a great guy! This guy is so spineless and his dumbass pranks are stale. Paulies lap dog for AFP!


We know from some of statements from the 4 returnees that they are getting a flat rate that is more that the other HGs stipend. Perhaps James is just doing the role that BB pointed out was what they wanted him to do when they hired him. Now as to Nicole if she was paid to do what she is doing on camera with Corey under the sheets they better have paid her a LOT!


would you guys watch an all nude BB if it was something like HBO?


I’m voting for Brigdette, Nicole, and Z to get the care packages. Not Bc I particularly like any of them I just don’t want to boys to completely dominate the season! Get Paulie out of there!


Big Meech, The Beech, looking like a Big Beach Ball with that poka-dot swimsuit bottom she was wearing in the hot tub.


Seriously stop! Is body shaming her really necessary? You are the reason girl’s like Meech have eating disorders in the first place.


Sure…Blame your shit on others. Sounds like anyone we know??


I swear it was a short circuit and I didn’t see Classified or Top Secret stamped on it and anyway Condi Rice did it too and anyway that Devil in a Blue Dress Monica had Bill by his dick and hacked into my account when hecwas distracted and WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE ANYWAY?!


I’m picturing the world of warcraft guy from that southpark episode ranting about Michelle. Michelle is neither fat nor unattractive. She may not be a super model but she’s not physically ugly.


Agree. I don’t like the attacks on physical appearance. Meech’s appearance is the LEAST offensive thing about her. Her catty, whiny personality is offensive enough on its own. Also, I imagine trolls sitting behind their phones & laptops critiquing the girls’ appearances.


Yes, stop making remarks about Big Meech’s looks. Michelle is the ugly one.


Sorry about the above mistake, you guys all know Nicole is the ugly one.


I swear the picture of Paulie above reminded me of Hans from Frozen. Appropriate, as they are both douches that are full of themselves, and use women then discard them to gain power.

Lame af

How old are you? Five?… most the women posting are petty, catty, sexist or even worse feminist. I also can guarantee the guys trashing Paulie get no p*ssy.

Jeezus &Nem

Oh. All this time I thought Paulie wore his hair that way because he “represeeeents the Lollipop Guild”.. munchkin lookin muhfukah.


“Lollipop Guild”….exactly my thought the other night during the Thurs eviction show which he sported that big curl in the front. Little taller that the munchkins but not by much…LOL!

Min O'Pause

Ya know I read this account of the filming of “The Wizard of Oz” that said the little people sure loved their alcohol and were drunk most nights after work and were lecherous little rascals. So suppose Palsy’s great grandmammy traveled to Hollywood back in the day and suppose one of these lecherous drunken munchkins climbed up her stockings under her dress? And suppose she didn’t notice because she was leering at Jack Haley or Bert Lahr? Maybe the resemblance ain’t no coincidence….

and suppose she was a Missouri leg hound like Z? Maybe that hair curl

Min O'Pause

Well if that didn’t come out all screwed up……


hey simon an dawg say bridget got to survivor this double evection cause I belive she be super safe winner this time
if she goes home in Nicole wins it I think its un fair to the fans cause we voted for bridget the most
to get it why it cant be brought out early if pulie get his way getting bridget out before she recive the super safe package we know its rigged for him that’s the problem I don’t care if he wins the game just let bridget recive the super safe packages form America fans


Hard to understand what the F you are saying.


There are two Anonymous posters. One is pretty cool and posts are usually spot on. The other is maybe 10 or 12. Needs to pay attention in English class. Really easy to tell the difference.


Anyone who doesn’t put a name in the box gets the Anonymous label. So there are quite a few floating around.


I’m sure there’s more than two anonymous posters. If you don’t go in and change the “name” section above the post comment section, then it just comes up anonymous when you post. Sometimes mine comes up anonymous randomly even if it shows my “name” when I hit post comment.


This one poster is here a lot and from statements I have seen I think they are from another country and doesn’t really know the English language all that well and may even be using an online translator. So I give them a break for being such a fan that they continue to post even when they keep bashed for it.

Wake up!!!

I am still holding out hope that someone, anyone takes Paulie out. All we can do is make sure that Paulie does not win any care packages. He is not Derek. Derek was not intolerably cocky. Derek did not use Victoria like Paulie is using Z. Yes, it is a game and people lie, but draw the line somewhere. I do not think Paulie will win. He is going to have one bitter jury. I wish we could send him a care package of immediate eviction of himself. Then the live feeds would be watchable again.


Agreed Pauli is not a man derek is, zed not a strong woman just sad slut put her in ridiculous costume he wants her safe one more week anyway but at least thud both look ridiculous when she draped herself all over him how about dog pop costume Pauli deserves to look like what he is. Laughable comparing him to derek who is a man. And had feelings for Victoria didn’t want to hurt people needlessly where as Pauli preys meant spelling upon anyone out of his view point. Ugh what a douche bag

Bolt Uprite

It is obvious that Derrick schooled Paulie pretty well. Paulie isn’t Derrick, they are totally different personalities, but Paulie isn’t married, he’s a player, and he has adapted Derrick’s strategies to his own style, but what they both have is extreme self-confidence and focus. Paulie has morphed his behavior and appearance just like Derrick did, and being single he’s not restricted in his conduct with women like Derrick was. He’s a sort of Cody/Derrick hybrid, and I think if Paulie scores the 500K it will not only enhance Derrick’s legend but I think he’s always wanted to pay back the Califiores for the sacrifice Cody made for him in BB16.

Go James !

I forgot about Derrick changing his appearance! I thought it was very smart of Paulie to mimic Paul to get his trust. Nice psychologically manipulative move!


Someone please send a colossal block of cheese to go with Michelle’s massive jug of whine.


im gonna puke if i read that coreys such a man, mature beautiful, smart, outta my league $hit 1 more time!


also gagging me about michelle
“this was my dream”
well mean girl bitch..you should have played the game you claim to know so well…maybe frank would still be there playing with you!
instead you bullied and laughed at bridgette …ostricized her…didnt save ur so called crush fav. bb player frank
now ur crying like a victim…nope ur far from victim
u deserve to be going out now…
as was all your doing! …wow!!


My generation considers the BB antics a cesspool and pornography. I sure hope they are practicing safe sex since they surely aren’t practicing SAVE sex…like, you know, for your private bedroom….for after the nation is watching you live on their picture box!

Where is self respect for these young people? What must their families be thinking and feeling! Shameful behavior (shakes finger at the blondies, the strange haired fellow with no shirt, and the girl with no training on how and when to care for her menstrual cycle).

I thought Nicole and Zakiyah were outstanding young ladies at first. Now I’ve seen too much and can’t unsee their undercover calisthenics.

Now, that Natalie is my kind of people. What a nice young lady with displayed morals and behavior that match her pretty face. She reminds me of my own granddaughter who can shoot a missile launcher one minute and walk a beauty pageant the next….all while maintaining decency. I don’t like that potty talk, though. Even Natalie has used some profane words that put my girdle in a bunch. I need to wash all their mouths out with Lifebuoy.

Now, where are my spectacles? I have to examine that bumper car footage again!


James is showing Nat what a wimp he is, and finishing off any chance he had with her. She has been showing a lot more awareness, even telling James to stop talking about every little thing he hears. She is realising that James has no game and I predict that she will start guiding him…just like last time with Meg. Difference is Nat actually wants to play, unlike meg who just wanted to lay in bed until jury. I think Nat is going to make some moves…the guys egos will hopefully lead to them underestimating her because they have to scoff at the premise that Nat would be smart enough to make a move. Too bad James will probably be too afraid of “the boys”..he’ll just dutifully wait for his turn to be evicted…coming up soon. He will be disappointed when Nat doesn’t follow him to jury a week later (or before him).
Nat could spend one day flirting with Corey and Victor and start ww3 with Nicole in the middle and Cory and Victor ready to physically fight…if only she did not have
“No game Lame James” like an albatross around her neck…she has tried to unite the girls who were totally uninterested in talking about the fact that only girls were being nominated. Time to try another tact, exploit the Achilles heal of all these guys….their huge inflated egos, and the jealousy of all the remaining girls….after DE she will see that her and James are on the short list, and then we’ll see if she makes a move….


Natalie is jealous of Nicole because she got her ideal man. She has wanted Corey since the start.
She was turned down by Victor, Zakiyah got her second choice and James was the only willing participant for her to latch onto.
Her only game strategy is to flaunt her assets, jump up and down as much as possible and giggle, then bad mouth Nicole to anyone who listens.
Nicole may be whiny and stuck to Corey but she at least plays the game(one or two days a week) and adjusts accordingly to whomever she believes will get her further in the game. Nicole comes up with actual plans to keep herself safe. She may not win but she won’t be brought to the end because she’s a “Victoria” and an easy win for anyone else. She will be there because she has made connections to the stronger(??) players.
Natalie will get evicted so no one is tempted to pull the Victoria card.
James is already starting to throw Nat Nat under the bus. He knows if they ever start to target couples, he would go before his crush.


If the girls had any sense they would band together during double eviction and target 2 of the strong boys. Vic would be a pointless nomination. I am relying on Bridgette to see the light, win hoh and put Paulie & Paul or Paulie and Corey on the block! Either would make for a good double eviction episode!!


Lots of micro aggression going on with Paulie’s training remarks. Sorry he is a d*ckweed. Someone needs to call him out. This is the opposite of a pc house. Makes my skin crawl to read what they say sometimes.

Bolt Uprite

What Paulie means by “trained” is that he and Zika have discussed the DE scenario at length so she has an idea what to do when the shit goes down. She knows what to do instead of going in cold and unprepared like Big Mooch.


I had originally thought the POV was the face morphing one because it took so long and these guys only know their own faces.


Too funny!


James is willing to cancel out votes to help Paulie keep Zak even though Zak will target Nat. The only logical reason for James to do this is if he thinks Michelle would target him. She might, but…if he cancels out the votes to save Zak now he has Paul and Victor pissed off. And that is exactly why Paulie wants him to do it. Paulie won’t take the blame for pushing to keep Zak. No one who votes to evict Michelle will take the blame. James will take all the blame from P&V putting an even bigger target on his back. He will also take the blame from Michelle so if she has the round trip she will still target him and if she goes to jury he won’t have her vote. Ah yes, Paulie is an evil mastermind. But I still don’t like him and still can’t root for him.
I have tried to figure out what makes me like/dislike different winners over the seasons. There are people who didn’t play a great, or even good, game that basically won by default because other better players made one mistake to open the door for eviction. Season 9 Adam and season 11 Jordon would be two of the best examples. Adam-I was rooting so hard for other players, but given the final 2 we were stuck with I was indifferent as to who won. Jordon-It should have been a Jeff vs. Russell final 2 but they could never trust each other quite enough. Given the final 2 in that season, I was fine with Jordon winning. If you have to give the money to someone who didn’t play a great game it helps if it’s a nice person.
So why is it then that I can’t like Paulie? He is arrogant, cocky, egotistical, a bit of a hypocrite and he never, ever shuts his mouth. If you want to base your game on strategy and being a puppet master it helps to be more subtle-like Derrick. If you want to base your game on being a comp beast it helps if you are winning some of those comps when your own ass is on the line. It also helps to give credit where credit is due. For years people have looked up to Janelle and in return Janelle has given credit to people like Dani D. Paulie won’t even give credit to the comps Victor won and the reason Paulie feels the need to win comps even when he is not at risk is because his ego is too big to allow him to lose. And if you do decide to play the game being egotistical and cocky it really helps to do things with humor and charm, kind of tongue in cheek like, ‘I hate you all. JK.’ I honestly did not like Will (or Chill Town) at all in season 2 and did not get why people loved him. I wasn’t happy to see him on all-stars. By the end of the season I felt like I understood him a little better. It was all about the game for him and it was all about the humor. He didn’t take any of it personally.

Paulie just doesn’t cut it in any of these categories. He is not smooth or subtle-he is aggressive and overbearing. He is not humble in the least and is neither a gracious winner or a gracious loser. He isn’t charming, witty or funny. He is cocky, rude and arrogant. So no, I still can’t root for him. If he wins, he will go in the same category as Mike Boogie or whichever nerd herd member won in season 6-they may be the winners, some people may even think they played the best game but I will never consider them in the category of the great players and they won’t even have the likeability factor of Jordon.


Have you ever heard when people enter BB house, they left their moral outside? Are you watching BB or other show?


There actually are players that have won the game with most of their morals and integrity in tact. There are also people like Evel Dick who, at least in some people’s opinion, may have never had morals or integrity but what he did have was honesty and brass balls, two things Paulie is sorely lacking in.


James should void Paul and Paulie’s vote. He won’t get blood on his hands if he says, you picked who you wanted on the block. Now let the house picks who they want gone. After all that is what they are always saying. I am voting with what the house wants.

Froot Loop Dingus

James isn’t smart enough to come up with that idea, and even if he did he’s too spineless to make a move without being told what to do.

Or as he would say “It’s too soon to play my cards.”


Zaykiah needs to go!! She’s absolutely useless in this game. Paulie wants her for the f2 because he would win by a landslide. And as far as the cake incident goes, Bridgette did not want a cake or anyone to even sing happy birthday to her. SHE SAID, it would just depress her having it in (quoting her words) this fucking house!! Bridgette had a big, nasty, swearing mouth, behind people’s back but around certain other people, she was giggles and had that 12 year old, sounding voice. She was just as mean and nasty as Zakiyah, Bronte, Michelle and yes, Nicole. Michelle and Zakiyah’s comments got back to them, thanks to the two-face, lying ass Nicole and her lurch showmance, Cory. Natalie made some questionable comments but not as crude as theirs. And as far as Paulie goes, love the guy or hate him, if they’re letting him make it to the end, seeing what he’s doing, that’s on the house guest. Paul, Frank, Day, Paulie were and are there to win. The rest of them just want a work free summer, free food, to find a boyfriend/ girlfriend, jury money and to be on tv


Is the showmance behavior questionable? Yes! However I have seen nothing that confirms any one has actually had sex.


Here, Honey.

You need to borrow my spectacles.


physical activity in which people touch each other’s bodies, kiss each other, etc. : physical activity that is related to and often includes sexual intercourse
Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

Min O'Pause

Sex: a sandwich made up of Sam Elliot, Pierce Brosnan and yours truly. With some Shamar Moore on the side.


Well dagnabbit!! I’ve been doing it wrong for 50 years.

Many thanks for leaving it to my imagination instead of broadcasting for the world to see. *giggles

The eyes have it

Why is half the house cross eyed this season? I hate looking at Michelle’s creepy psycho crossed eyes. Then Corey accents his crazy eyes and widens ’em while telling his lame stories that are so boring and have no point ever. Paulie”s eyes crossed and he stares off into no where when telling someone how great he thinks he is at everything. Why do u live at home Mr. Great Life? Honestly, Zak is no prize but she is too good for Paulie. What’s her attraction? The living at home? The no career? The shortness? This guy makes Vic the tool with the horrible laugh look like a great success story.


What’s with the milk by Meech,Corey?

Gordon Ramsey

Can someone PLEASE elaborate upon the “Corey sets out a saucer of milk for Michelle- he does this every day’.
Simon/Dawg, you gotta help me out here. This is hilarious. Is he treating her like a cat? Or is it for her cereal? Was he putting it on the floor? Corey is such a psycho. I must know more!


Corey is smarter than he looks.

deliberately hurtful in one’s remarks; spiteful.
of or relating to cats; catlike.

Sure sounds like Meech to me.

James Lames

James prolly went through Nats underwear cause he knows it’s the only way he’ll ever see them.
Give it up already and try to win before it’s too late.


Oh God!
Having to listain to paulie talk. Can someone gag him please. He’s just so gross in many many different ways. As much as I dislike some of these girls. Who is paulie to say, ” I’ve got them trained? ” it’s obvious he is a selfish ego maniac. Posturing,bragging dick for brain asshole. No, he’s certainly not smooth and certainly not Derrick. I hope/pray he gets his ass handed to him on a platter. I have to hold back the urge to barf when paulie starts on his boring self serving diatribes. Yuck! Gross! Disgusting!


Anonymous, so true!!! I could not take watching BBAD for awhile, decided to peak in and of course same ole, same ole! All kissing Paulie’s butt AND worse Paulie, talking about how he has Z trained, and lame James stating how Nat do as he wants with votes – all the while Paulie discussing Nat’s dimise within his egotistical talk! OMG, I cannot take this season! TRAINED??? He is so gross! I would love to view his reaction when hg’s do not go his way. But, that would mean hg’s playing. Why did America vote for James to X 2 votes, knowing he would do as Paulie wants: James= “Hey, Sir Paulie, your wish is my command!” followed by, “Hey, hg’s Paulie wants me to go on the block, veto my vote and join jury – so jury I go!!!” Lame, Lame James – no words!!! Yet, he is in the running again for AFP!!! I wish production would show how the hg’s actually are as oppossed to editing they way they wish each hg is perceived. Please show Paulie in detail how he stated having Z trained, and lame James dumb moves to appease Paulie, Z=where did production find her- no words, Corey=nothing, Nicole=wineyyyyyyy voice! Can not continue! Why in the world would the hg’s keep Z knowing her strong loyalty to Paulie will only benefit his game! WHY??? When will we get hg’s in the house that will actually play the game, and not sit back, dream of fame outside the house, and just play follow the ‘leader’! I wish Paul/Vic would someway get hg’s to not abide by Paulie , vote out Z and knock him down a notch! Lastly, VOTE FRANK AFP – NOT LAMO!!!!


I bet if paulie asked James to give him a BJ . James would say, ” with your blessing master.”