Vic “I’m sticking to my guns, I gave them both equal opportunity to take themselves off.”

POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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11am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Paulie asks Corey so what happens when you have to go in the pool? Corey says I get another costume. Corey heads out into the backyard to lay on the lounger.

The red alert alarm goes off “Red Alert! Red Alert! Security breach! Security Breach!” Paul awakes up, fixes his suit and tie. Paul tells James to spread his legs. James says spread your legs! Paul then goes throughout the house to clear the other house guests. Corey asks how did you sleep in that (suit). Paul says terrible. Corey complains to James about how his costume is too small and it makes his nuts hurt. I asked them for a bigger one. James says sh*t that might be the biggest they’ve got. Paulie joins them. Corey asks why didn’t they break down the table this week. James says we’re not going to go back to 9 people. If we get locked down for no reason that will probably be it. Vic joins them and starts working out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 11-12-30-805

11:30am Big Brother calls Paulie to the diary room. Paulie says alright, well this might be the pie thing. (As a punishment from the veto competition, Paulie as to make a pie every time he’s told by BB. Paulie and Corey head inside. Paulie says Michelle said that she would vote her out. I am going to think of something to say to Vic. And be like James and Paul.. . no one is going to vote her out. At least allow me to play the game. If you can think of anything else. Corey says Yeah I’ll try to think of something. Paulie says yeah James is … I never thought he would be that person. Corey says I didn’t either. God James. Paulie sasy maybe James still likes you. Corey says there is no reason for him to not like me. Maybe you can still talk to him. Like is there anyway you can talk to Vic so that I (Corey) can come off the block to give Paulie a shot to do whatever. Paulie says or maybe not tell them because then he might go back to them and do whatever. Lets think about it. Paulie heads into the diary room. When Paulie comes out of the diary room it wasn’t for the pie thing.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 11-30-21-132

11:40am – 12pm Backyard – James, Vic and Michelle are talking. Vic says I am sticking to my guns on this one. I gave them both equal opportunity to take themselves off. I’m an equal opportunity employer. Michelle says we need to keep asking for you (Vic), me or Paul to get a pack (Care Package).

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 11-41-53-739
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12pm – 12:25pm Backyard – Paulie says I know I came to you after the veto and asked you to put up someone I could campaign against. I don’t want to be here. So if you want to replace him with someone like Natalie … you know James isn’t going to vote for her. You know Michelle isn’t going to vote for her. I can see how if Michelle is up there, James might flip flop. But I will even make so that James f**King hates me. I’m even going to take penalty votes on the whatever (Pie punishment)… I’m just through with everything. I love you boys lihe my homies but I’m done with this game. I’ve already checked my self out. If I have the round trip .. I am still checked out. If there is a jury buy back I am still checked out. You’ve been straight up with me and if I did come back you’re not the one I would come after you. You’re not the one that stabbed me in the heart and crushed my sh*t! You know what I mean. You just finished the job that everyone else started. I am just checked out. Vic says I feel you man. I’ll keep all that in mind. Paulie says I ain’t staying in that f**king jury house. Pawns are there for a reason because no one is going to send them home. If not for anything I just don’t want to go out like a rolled over dead dog. I know she’ll have some fun with it too. Vic says I’ll keep it in mind but I can’t promise anything .. and I can’t even tell you anyways. Paulie says I’m not about to be cooking a bunch of dumb pies.

Vic says the more I change things the more opportunity there is for things to change the less I change things the less opportunity there is. If Corey is up there Nicole will never vote for him. Paulie says if you want me to get a penalty vote I will. Vic says it doesn’t have to be like that. Paulie says I’m just trying to talk to you homie to homie. The end result is I’m going home. Vic says why not take the easiest road. I actually took the hardest road by blatantly putting you both up there. Paulie says I’m not trying to beg. I’m just asking to not be up there by my boy. Paulie asks whats the difference between 5 and 2 votes. Vic says the chance .. that’s what I’m not willing to take. I still had a chance and I got voted out 9-1. You put me up as replacement nom .. I didn’t even get a chance to fight in the veto didn’t give me a chance.. so stop asking me to keep giving you a chance. I’m not trying to be rude. When I went… I went home.. no jury .. no more pay check for me. I’m broke .. I need the money unlike you. Paulie says I’m here to pay off my parents home and to help my aunt who is dying of cancer. We all have our reasons. Paulie calls Vics win a crap shoot. Vic says stop taking away my win… and saying its a crap shoot. There was strategy involved. Vic says in my blog I wrote that you were a ride or die.. and I feel dumb for saying that. This week I get a chance to change that. Even if Corey is up there he isn’t going home. WHat’s the difference between being up there against Corey and someone else if you’re still going home.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 12-22-32-379

12:30pm Vic asks would a backdoor been netter for you? Paulie says I would have expected that. Vic says exactly and we wouldn’t have been still having these conversations. Paulie says we did have something. We did share something. Vic says I still have the resentment in the 9-1 (vote against him). Right now I’m in a good spot, I’m getting my resentment out and I’m happy with that. Vic says what is the difference between you sitting up there next to Corey verses someone else. Paulie says my preference is to not sit next to my boy. Vic says its not your preference, its my preference. I don’t even have to have this conversation with you but I am because I’m not that type of person. I didn’t have a choice to sit next to Bronte. She was on my team. You want something to go my way .. I want something to go my way. Natalie being up on the block is not my plan. Paulie says I’m going home either way. I’ve already checked out. Vic says the less conversations we have like this the better. Paulie says you seem pretty set. If you are going to think about it I would appreciate it. Vic says the more we talk about it the less sympathetic I am. They shake hands and hug.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 14-00-12-028

1pm PP talk – Paulie says you looked shocked at the meeting. When I saw my face go up I knew Corey would go up next to me. Paul says yeah I thought it was going to be me. Paulie says I knew you wouldn’t go up. I knew no one figured us out. Everyone knew about Corey and I. I stuck true to you because you’re loyal as f**k. Its going to be hard for you to get him (Vic) out .. he’s a competition beast. If I was going to campaign that’s the only thing I would say. I could go to the boys and say please keep me here. He has a good reason to get me out because no one wants me here. I’ll never campaign against Corey but you guys should keep me to compete against Vic to get him out.

1:07pm – 2pm James talks to Paulie. Paulie says I’m not going campaign against Corey. I asked him to pull Corey off and put someone else up. I said for him to put up Nat because no one would vote her out. I already talked to Nat about it and said it wasn’t anything personal. If I am gone its going to be hard to get out Vic … I think you and Corey could do it though. The same way he stayed loyal to me he would stay loyal to you. I don’t know why in the kitchen you brought up the being blinded by me. If you were trying to start a rise I can understand that before a veto comp. My mind doesn’t get blinded by that kind of stuff. You were someone very close to me and outside the game you will be very close to me. James says same here man. Paulie says I’ve already checked out at this point. I’m just realizing that I’m not what’s best for everyone’s game. I’m having a battle with how I would handle this in real life versus the game. I’m looking for some advice from someone older and wiser. James says if you don’t want to campaign against Corey I get it because he’s your boy. I think its pretty dead set that the house is going to vote you out. You’re a great game player. Mad respect to you. I just know that if you would have just stuck with a small group, you would have been fine. James says I think the only thing I can do now is to beast this sh*t out .. that’s the only way I’ll win it.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 14-10-36-631

2:10pm Vic and James are talking by the conversations they’ve had with Paulie.

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Alright… voting vic for cp.

We can beat out corey/Paulie fans!


Paulie is so delusional he DOES believe his own spin. Meech never said she would vote out Nat. She said she would never go against her Nat saved her. Vick stick to your guns!! I’m still voting for Meech this time though.


Paulie is a sore loser. all this BS not campaigning against Corey is lame. Vic was man enough to let Paulie and Corey fight for the veto and they failed. funny how Paulie forgets in how he treated Da and Frank during the week of their evictions, fighting for your BB life while you’re on block gives you the right to campaign who ever is sitting next to you. Frank didn’t campaign against Bridgette, but at least he didn’t go out like a bi7ch. Frank went to each individual and campaigned scenarios in how it benefited them to keep him. Paulie wants his cake and eat it too, he wants the house to keep the 5 dudes alliance in the game.


But don’t you see he’s just playing an angle….and once it doesn’t work, he’ll campaign against Corey no different than anybody else. He’s simply shooting…overshooting…for the best case scenario, which is him getting the votes and somebody other than Corey leaving.

Personally, I think the better angle would be to make Vic see that it’s in his interest to make nice with Corey, so convince him to ask Michelle for the favor of being a pawn. There’s lots of ways to sell it to her. Paulie still won’t win, but doing the sad sack routine and coming from weakness is transparent. His better move is to stick with what got him this far; intimidation.

If I’m Paulie I’d remind Vic each week the round trip odds narrow. That if I get it, I come right back to play in an HOH…one you don’t and are relying on others, many who are weak, to carry the day. Make no mistake, I’ll be coming for you (which helps him campaign for votes)…but taking Corey off maybe makes him keep his previous targets, James and Nat, still no. 1. Do you really want to face Thursday night with an angry Corey….especially if you might be facing an angry me with my round trip, not the care package, which with my bro and Cody’s fans showing up strong could be mine as well?


That’s a good reason to vote Vic for ACP. Then if Paulie comes back and wins HOH, Corey goes.


I’m so glad Vic just told Paulie to stop hahaha why should he give him any chance at all when Paulie backdoored him


Paulie thinks they can “have some fun with it” if Vic were to put Natalie up as replacement? Fun means ramping up the non-stop verbal degradation of everything Naralie? The lies, the flirting, Jersey girls, pageants, fake this, lying about that…wouldn’t that he fun for all?!
Could have at least tried pitching James…he stabbed me in the back, let me go mano a mano, blah blah blah…jeesh, the layers of delusion are dizzying….let’s huge Pauline a reason to attack Natalie some more.
One more thing. Paulue will start campaigning against Corey right after the veto ceremony….I say he goes with “Cory doesn’t want/expect to win. He doesn’t need/want the money….”

Bridgette's Good Ankle

I have dedicated enough posts analyzing Paulie’s many toxic comments, lies, and character flaws..

I will dedicate this post to Victor and the honest, mature, and straight forward way he dealt with Paulie..who even being on the block has not curbed his self-centered, egotistical..tantrum-like behavior.

I hope Victor wins the care package, and at this point I hope he wins BB18!

BB fan #22

Paulie is an ass.Vote for Vic


If meech (somehow) wins the HOH comp and she is the first in line for the care package HOH, I would bet they will give the care package to the next person in line: which may be corey/Nicole.
Vic can’t compete so he won’t win the comp and we won’t be in trouble of losing out on yet another care package


If Meech somehow wins HOH wouldn’t care package goto the person with the 2nd most votes? Could be Paulie or Corey. Not that it matters because Nicory dosnt have the numbers, but Vic is a safe bet and deserves it more.

Franks fumes

LOL……I love the way RobotVic shut down Turdboys BS! Sure Vic has no personality thats what makes his matter of fact way of dealing with Paulie so funny…..Paulie thinks he’s clever hilarious!


yeah he does indeed believe his own spin ,lies and betrayals are not his fault and he is a victim . I am beginning to think his last name is Clinton


If you want to get political, Paulie has Donald Trump personality disorders stamped all over him


And Hillary attacks victims of her rapist husband. Don’t go there with me honey.

sunny dee

corey is supposed to be his boy, but he still can’t stop lying to yet another alliance member (or former one)

vic had a classic line, should be on a BB tshirt “It’s not your preference, it’s mine” as reply to paulie campaigning to take corey down because it isn’t his preference to be on the block with Corey. oh, that’s kind of sad right. no. that’s karmic

I am still voting for Meech to get coHOH. Vic has been HOH the most already, he isn’t in much real danger considering this twist. If michelle actually wins HOH, chances are he will get the next highest votes.

i don’t see corey getting co HOH unless he wins HOH in the comp. i think they have already played hoh comp when the care package comes down so that will be funny shocker for whoever wins especially if nicorey wins, and on whichever one is HOH the other goes up and gets evicted. and that one will be for bridgette.

It’s super annoying that claustrophic Paulie didn’t say a word or hyperventilate when he crawled thru the tunnel to the Paris room, and didn’t say anything while in BB house or on HOH room lock down, etc. Now suddenly he can’t stand being locked up. Last time i checked, the jury house is an actual house, with a private yard, pool, usually an awesome view to the great outdoors. i think it would be hard to claim claustrophobia there

Big Sister

I said this yesterday, plus we need Victor to be there just on case Paulie has the round trip. He is probably the only one to beat him in another of these endless physical comps. Vic for acp, not Michelle. She feels sorry for Paulie…

TX rar

Vote Victor for co Hoh Acp4. He cant fight for hoh directly buy it will protect him from the block and give him 1 nom. Meech can flake too easy for this care package


I was torn between voting for Meech or Vic but last night’s 2 hr whisper session between Meech & Paulie was a little too sketch for me. If Paulie has the RT I don’t want Meech in power to be swayed. So I am determined to vote only for Vic now, it is the only way he is safe next week and he is a heck of a comp beast.


Gimme V! Gimme a I! Gimme a C! For VICTORy!!!!!!! Go Victor! Love the feeds (from 8/14 1:58-2:33p central). Definitely voting Victor for Care Package.

ACP for Vic!

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want Paulie to be around past Thursday (well, past today for that matter!) But I would have *loved* to see the look on his face when he found out that AMERICA chose the other side of the house.

Just saying

Paulie/Cory fans have no chance of giving the care package Especially if they continue to split their votes between Paulie and Cory.
They might have a slim chance if they all vote for Cory, since it’s a sure thing that Paulie is going home anyway.



About to upset people

What a difference a week makes. Now I want to give Michelle the package. Paulie lying about claustrophobia if he goes to a larger house is pathetic.

Nicole not caring about being clipped due to a guy alliance that her friendmance is in is pathetic.

At this point I have to pull for Vic or Paul.

Michelle Stan

So listening to Nat and James last night, I would bet that we will get to watch them continue their faux romance on The Amazing Race. No doubt Nat will be wearing the pants in that scenario. Personally I’d rather see Tara Lupinski and Johnny Weir, but they have real jobs.

Double D

What a quitter…Paulie, ” I’m going home I’m not going to make any pies”. Didn’t Shelly kick 1000 goals even though she was leaving?


It was Brittany and I think it was 2500! But yes. And crybaby can’t even bake some pies. Smh


It wasn’t Shelly, it was Brittany. Nonetheless, she didn’t quit when she knew she was leaving. Paulie seems entitled because he is Cody’s brother. I love when the tables turn on people in the BB house. They get amnesia and become holier than thou.


Shelli did the sword thing 1000 times. Brittany had to kick 2400 goals in 24 hours. She did it even though she was pretty sure she was going home just in case.

Fuzzy Num Num

The conversation between Not-Cody and Corey shows that he isn’t broken down and pitiful. He’s just trying to wiggle out of it. I really hope Vic sticks. I also don’t for one minute believe he’s claustrophobic. If he can stay in the BB house, he’ll be fine in the sequester house. My lord, he will have his own room and his own bed. Granted Max-Z will be in it, but he did say he was having trouble sleeping without her.
I don’t think the house will settle down that much without him. There will be a realignment after he goes. It will end up being Vic/Paul against Corey/Whiny with Screech/James/NatNat in the middle and floating back and forth.

Michelle Stan

Polly makes me think about when Probst thought it would be a great idea to bring Russell’s nephew onto Survivor. That worked out well.


I have no word for paulie…..
I thought the audrey situation was bad…. Paulie is taking it to a whole new level.
Ok. So i have a lot of words for paulie.
Its not even funny anymore. Im embaressed for him. Wtf is he even doing?! Lied about mental health to get on the show. Talking in circles. Having the biggest pity party ive ever seen. Throwing a tantrum refusing his pie punishment. Saying he will leave the jury house. Saying hes given up even if he has the round trip or gets jury buy back….
Its so pathetic.
He is acting like a spoiled brat.
Has anyone else seen the chicks that called him out on twitter. Theyre friends with his ex. They know paulie and they use to cheer with Nat. Lol. Its pure gold. Hes a total douch.
I couldnt even handle BBAD friday night. He had diahrea of the mouth. Could not stop talking. It was cringe worthy.
Have some self respect. Hell. Have some respect for the game you loved playing up until now. So far everyone thats left has handled getting the boot with dignity. Paulie cant even pretend to do that. I wonder if BB will let him get away with being a drama queen in the jury house. Cave to his spoiled brat demands so he sticks around. Or if paulie is as full of shit as he sounds and will do as he should (follow contacts etc they no doubt signed) i realllllly hope BB doesnt let him get away with shit. Like if he threatens to leave jury tell him not to let the door hit ya bud. And then air that on the show as well.

I have never seen anything lile this before on BB. So strange.

Min O'Pause

Ok, taking a chance that ill sound like a real bitch here but….now he has an aunt with cancer? After everything else hes spewed I don’t know if I believe that. I hate to say I hope hes truthful because I wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone. But as someone who treats these patients I hats misguided individuals who lie about it to further their own agenda.

Matt Hoffman

Thanks for the prop’s Polly, stealing my “sick relative” pitch. I am going to vote for you to get ACP so you can ‘pay’ for your fake Psychiatrist and not pay for your aunt’s fake illness.


I’m waiting for him to stomp in to the DR and demand they let him talk to his Daddy, so Daddy can call Grodner and fix this. Because he’s Paulie Freakin’ Califiore, dammit, and he’s supposed to win!
So pathetic, so weak. So embarrassing.

TX rar

Paulie slept in the bumper car (and had sex) with no thought to this. ‘sudden claustrophobia” . It’s just a BS story.


Well hopefully Vic will get the care package. He can’t play in the HOH. Meech is begging for it I didn’t think I’d say it but I’m hoping Vic wins


Vic has really shown some class in dealing with this HOH………..He needs this upcoming care package.

Canadian Kevin

Agreed. I did not like either Paul or Vic when Jozea was around. And while I still don’t like Paul’s hyperbole with regards to hitting women (I honestly think he just uses that Bullshit to emphasize what he is saying – but he should use different words), I am pulling for them both now, along with Natural and James.

Shit, even Merchant now.

Bit how Vic handled this week with Paulie? Makes me like and respect him more.

Howard's gonna rape me

The house did not get turned because of anything Bridgette, Nat or Meech did. The house got turned because Paul got called into DR, where he was told that Polly’s fantasy of a F5 all bro circle jerk would kill the show. The “Boys” down at Corey’s bar would love it, and the gals who are dying to see James without a shirt, but the show needs a wider demographic appeal than that. They probably promised Paul a good edit if he would engineer a flip. So he rewired Vicbot, and here we are .Paul FTW.


Wrong. I literally watched it unfold on the feeds. The talk started with Bridgette and Nat. Then meech was campaigning to Bridgette also pointing out paulie. So Bridgette brought in Nat on the meech campaign. Nat brought in James. And they all talked to and told paul everything paulies been doing. At which time paul flipped on paulie. Paul then went to Vic. So it technically started with Bridgette and meech.


Pretty sure Paul was one of the last involved in the flip. The girls got together (Nicole isn’t one of the girls of course), backed James into a corner, then made him understand the “house” isn’t always what Paulie says. Zakiyah is gone and Paulie is having a stroke.


I didn’t like Vic at first until he won the Roadkill comp. He seemed genuinely surprised and proud of himself. That seemed to flip a switch in him. He did what he needed to do to stay quiet in the house, the unleashed the inner cool yet strong beast. He handled Paulie calmly yet firmly. I think he has surprised us all.

Pinocchio Obama

I’m really looking forward to seeing what they show tonight. The house has exploded in the last few days.


If CBS doesn’t show all that nastiness of Paulie then we know it is all rigged for him to come back . they need to show Nat giving him the bizness and how he spoke to her when he got called out in the lies . VIC FOR ACP !

Big Jim

The die hard fans make up a small percentage of the voters so we all need to be on the same page. Victor for the care package makes the most sense


I agree we need to be on the same page. We need to get the points on why voting Vic over Meech is better out there on all the social media sites and make sure we vote everyday Sun thru Friday.


Do we know for sure that if Vic gets co HOH that he’ll be able to play in the next HOH? Because if he can’t I think it would be better to give it to Meech


and the mighty Paulie strikes out…

Not as though there are any real options but Paulie sure is invested in this all or nothing play… trying to leverage the misogynist in Victor to rekindle his disdain for Natalie, bro hug him to safety for the week and make Victor see that Paulie is his best bet to help cover the weeks when Victor is not eligible to be HOH so Victor isn’t forced to win POV or campaign to stay in the weeks someone else wins HOH.


OMG Michelle… stop lobbying for care package votes. It is our choice. Our decision. Begging for it is pathetic. So, if we give it to you (Vic or Paul), will you assume your begging helped?
Stop begging… if anything it makes me want to give all my votes to someone else; not good for you or your current side.


Please keep voting for Mich so the votes will stay the same. Look like she is leading on onlinebigbrother so she should be in the lead on CBS I would think. Brig was winning on this website but went home. I remember Nicole was in second place and that’s why I think Nicole received ACP. I think we can look at these votes to get an idea where we stand with votes. If not Mich then Paul or Victor for ACP. Since Mich is in the lead we need to keep voting. Its all up to us. Hope you will not let Mich get to you. By the way Mich is working my nerves too.


I am a 100% okay with Victor to receive ACP this would be gre

ACP for Vic!

Voting doesn’t start on CBS until tonight, so no one has voted for anyone. In regards to the poll here, I *think* that the reason most people voted before Meech’s discussion with Paulie – where she seemed to be swayed and offered him a pity vote. Since then, I think a lot of people have worried about how easy it is to sway her – and are thinking about choosing either Vic or Paul.


Okay thanks for filling me in on the votes for this post. I would love for Victor to get ACP. Thanks again

Leopold Stotch

VICTOR FOR America’s Care Package
The conversation Michelle had with Paulie last night will likely hurt her in the eyes of Paul, Nat, James and Vic, but won’t have an effect on this weeks eviction. However, I don’t think she should be entrusted with such an important ACP. Victor WILL follow through with the plan to get Nicole and Corey out.


His name should be “Never-quit-Paulie.” Geesh. Paulie you are being screwed. Just explore the feeling. Grow empathy from it!


Vic for the win.”
Just so glad Vic stuck up for himself to Paulie.
Why would Paulie tell Vic his win was a crap shoot? So rude and demeaning.


Paulie says he’s done, not coming back even if he gets the ticket or a buy back BUT if I do come back, I’m not coming for you Vic. He’s just a goof..don’t want to go out like that but look at you..he’s acting a fool.


I love how Vic just crushed Paulie’s dream! Go Vic! He’s done some GREAT acting this past week and he/Paul have converted me! #teamsittingducks


Paulie is a sore loser. Maybe he should hear the same thing he said to Frank. Just stop you’re making yourself look pathetic. I’d love for Paulie to refuse to go to jury and they do a jury buy back the next day.


“Paulie says I’m here to pay off my parents home and to help my aunt who is dying of cancer.”

Pulling the “C” word–how low can he go?


Maybe your dad shouldn’t have bought Caleb a truck if money was tight.

ACP for Vic!

But….wasn’t it Derek that bought the truck for Caleb? He even posted photos of giving it to him.


That pissed me off. Claiming to want to pay off the parents home and help his Aunt with cancer. What happened to the money from all his clubs and businesses. Why didn’t Cody pay off the house. Their dad turned into Derrick and Cody’s manager. Paulie is so full of (crap) himself.

15 minutes of fame

I heard that too and spit my coffee out. The pressure the Califiore parents put on their kids is terrible. I read that Cody paid for expensive acting school and they are in serious debt. I also read the ex wanted Paulie to work and have a normal life, but the whole family is chasing their 15 minutes of fame. So he decided bb was more important than her and went on the show. How glad she must be to have avoided a life with a such a smug selfish baby.


VICTOR …. you da man

Paulie go home already :)

I was watching some of the earlier episodes of the regular show while making jewelry the other day. My, how Vic has changed. Remember when he took off his shirt while talking to Nicole when she was HOH, and told her that all the newbies were gunning for her especially his good friend Josea? What kind of strategy was that? LOL
After Josea was evicted Paulie sucked him in and Paul tried to warn him they were gunning for him with a back door and not to tell anyone he had the secret roadkill nomination, and he’s like OH no, I trust Paulie
Boom! Out he goes.
And now he seems to have learned how to play the game. So proud of him. Giving him all my votes for co-HOH

Meech Is Still A Beotch

While I’m happy that Michelle called out Paulie Bag of No Nuts on live TV and that she apologized for her behavior to Bridgette (mostly because her ass was on the block and she knew that America thought of her as a bully), it still doesn’t make up for all of the shit she’s done. No way does she deserve the best care package to be given. Sorry, but Victor is the one with huge balls for making the move and Paul deserves the credit for reminding him that Paulie was the one who backdoored him. Furthermore, Victor is not backing down or falling for any of Paulie’s crap and either him or Paul should be the ones rewarded with ACP for making the biggest move of the season. What’s truly sad is Paulie looking for sympathy from America feel bad for him saying he wants to pay off his parents’ house and help his Aunt dying of cancer. This guy will stop at nothing. What a POS he is! Sorry but I just don’t think Michelle deserves any care package at all. Paul or Victor for ACP!


At least she apologized tho..Z had every opportunity to apologize and she just walked away with her nose up in the air. I can understand that sometimes girls can be mean (even when their not generally mean people) because they are in a group with mean people. I know I am guilty of that and I have apologized and genuinely meant every word. It’s possible is all I’m saying. Forgive but don’t forget.


I really hope Victor stick to his guns and leave noms the same. Also, I really hope Not-Cody, aka Paulie, is not lying about about needing the money to pay for his parent’s house and his aunt dying of cancer because that sounds like shades of Matt from BB12 lying about his wife’s illness to gain sympathy from the HGs…if he’s lying, then he’s a bigger POS! Hoping Big Meech or Victor to get the Care Package of Co-HOH next week!!!


Yes Vic! Despite Victor’s seemingly clueless manner he clearly retains more information than he lets on. Paulie whining about being on the block with Corey isn’t fooling Vic.
And Paulie… if you want sympathy from someone try and hide your jealousy and overall douchie-ness instead of pushing your delusion that the battle-back doesn’t count for anything.
Vic was sent out (by YOU), came back, and is now more powerful in the game than you are. That’s a sweet BB twist right there.


Wait is Pauline now trying to play the Jesus card? Help the parents and the aunt? Lol what else is he promising ? give some of his winning to charity like the orange clown? lol VIC you deniftely arre getting my vote for the next CO HOH but in order for VIC to win he needs to bring Nicole to the final. Every single girl hates Nicole. ????????????

The Roach Coach

Dayyyyyyyyyyum Vic! I see you big homie!

Misty Beethoven

Oh Paulie, you dumb, delusional jackass, how many times can you say you’re not going to do something? I’m not going to f*cking jury house, I’m not making any dumb pies, but please, please, puh-leez Vic, save me? Go suck a rock, you asshat.
On a totally different note, I think Paul looks kinda hot in that suit. Very intriguing…


I gotta say Vic is being a real straight shooter!! They all say they are but Vic is giving it to Paulie. He is playing for himself and he is not backing down. I respect him for that. And him saying I need this money unlike you!. DANG Paulie you dug your own grave. Julie waiting with the tombstone. Its just a game but I think Paulie thought this was going to be a start of a new great grand life he’s going to go into hiding after this.

Bolt Uprite

I think if Palsy would just give it a try he might find baking a pie therapeutic. He needs to stop being a punk.


Get over it, Paulie and stop being a sore loser! Suck it up and head to the jury just like others have done for 18 seasons.

No backdoor for me

Paulie your running out of time to get it on with corey.

sunny dee

sometimes, they go to jury more than just the one time !!

if paulie needs the $$ enough to try to get vic’s pity move then he should stop talking about leaving early etc, that would mean anything he’s earned so far is gone, he should be thinking of staying thru to finale to ensure he gets the full $$ package, since money is so tight why would he even consider throwing thousands away?

friday episode worries me 🙂

Paulie Bag of No Nuts

Oh how the mighty has fallen. So desperate that he’s saying he “needs the money to pay off his parents’ house and to help his Aunt dying of cancer.” So pathetic!


Victor has shown cooth in this game with Paulie. What a wuss Paulie is, blaming everyone, taking zero responsibility for him leaving. Then saying he’ll take penalty votes and checkout. ..pussy!!! He really has issues and I hope he doesn’t commit suicide over this game..reminds me of the movie the breakfast club…Emilios character had to be the best because of his depressed him ..paulie has mentioned he’s even with Cody on comps….if anything, I hope he’s learned the world doesn’t revolve around just him. I hope he gets tge mental help he needs….Victor for the win!


Cody won comps?


That’s what paulie said lol…from what I remember cody won when he had to..


Please America, vote for Victor to get the Co-Hoh. If Paulie by chance has RT or jury buy back, Victor will need it because Paulie will go after him hard. And at this time Victor is standing strong! He is the only one that has the balls, and strength to get Paulie out again! Paulie’s melt-down, combined with his ego of not entering the jury, only pawns go in the jury, blah, blah, blah… Ah BIG BROTHER, hello!!! What did he think, he was guaranteed to slide to f2??? When playing BB, all hg’s know they may end up in jury. What makes him think he is so special??? AND stop mentioning Cody/Derrick!

not begging, but puhleeeeeeese???

OMG Paulie went from zero to house b*tch faster than a Lambo does zero – 60. Any respect he might have had is gone.Pull his man card, he’s done.


Paulie … what is it??? Claustrophobia, failing business, you broke and now debt to dad and an aunt who is sick. Pick one and stick to it.

You can’t go to Jury house because of your claustrophobia …. hmmmm. I’m pretty sure the jury house is way bigger than the one you live outside BB. Unless you’re sleeping on a park bench in the park and you have all that open space.

All your excuses are soooooooooo lame. You have said Day and James can’t or shouldn’t win because they are here to win the money for their kids. You’re so more entitled to the $500K? why?

This is the worst campaign .. non campaign strategy in BB history. Your game is blown …. take it like a man.

So happy that Vic is sticking to his guns and not being rude or smug about it with either noms.


What a spoiled, self entitled, narcissist Paulie is. He thought he could just steam roll through this game, win it all, prove he’s better than Cody and dismiss all his little minions along the way. Now that he got knocked down a few notches he’s playing the victim. Oh poor me blah blah blah. Threatening to quit like a spoiled brat who throws a tantrum in the grocery store because his mommy won’t buy him a candy bar at the check out counter. Whatever. Quit already!!! Never cared!!!!

Paulie go home already :)

Threatening to quit like a spoiled brat who throws a tantrum in the grocery store because his mommy won’t buy him a candy bar at the check out counter. ROFL. Good one

Kathie from Canada

Kudos to Victor! He didn’t give an inch. He talked straight to Paulie and kept it classy! Victor for the win!

New favorite

After that conversation between Paulie & Victor…. Victor is my favorite now! Victors points are exactly inline with reality….

“Even if Corey is up there he isn’t going home. What’s the difference between being up there with Corey or someone else if you’re still going home”


What a sore loser Paulie is. Did he really think he was going to win it all because he was coached by Derrick? What a douche.


I can’t figure out why Paulie is so into Corey. He came to play his game and he is basically trying to give it to Corey. What the heck has Corey done in this game? He talks about stupid stuff and creepy stuff with his Marty Feldman eyes!!


They are probably more than friends. Josea said it and so did Paul

ACP for Vic!

I feel like that whole thing is just a ploy to make it look like HE is being the good guy and making the decision to take himself out. If he doesn’t say that stuff, then he has to admit that the house doesn’t want him there. But guess what Paulie? They aren’t stupid and the people watching aren’t stupid (except for the 16 year old girls that will be all over you on Twitter telling you how wronged you were)


Maybe, but he knows he’s going and keeps telling James to look out for Corey and work with Corey because he is loyal. Like Corey is a f-ing puppy or something. Paulie is one strange bird!


For sure!

Only can wish

Paulie is so FULL OF S$!T!!! Paulie said to Victor, I have checked out of the game, I’ve checked out of the jury, I’ve checked out, if I have the return ticket. Then he says If I COME BACK I’m not coming after you (Vic). SMDH REALLY!!!
Then Paulie brings up helping his parents and his dying of cancer Aunt(sorry to hear that, if its true). He did not have to bring that up. I told you all on these posts he is willing to do or say anything to win this game, which is sad. I really believe Paulie would sell his soul to the devil, if he haven’t already did because his actions speaks for themselves in this game.
JMO, the more Paulie keeps talking, Victor seems like he’s losing some respect for him. I like how Victor keep reminding Paulie how Paulie did him when he got evicted and to stop throwing the sympathy card.
If Michelle finds out Paulie lied on her to Corey, about supposedly voting out Natalie (not true), she’s going to flip. Corey is so dumb to believe that too. He just dont get it. Paulie is loyal to no one but himself. He’s not loyal to Corey, because he’s still lying to him.


Vic is by far the best real BB player in years. Derrick didnt do shit (competition win 0, HOH 0) and Cody came in second place which is not a win. . Last years winner won only because it was him or Vanessa (yuk) and I can’t even remember his name. Victor and Paul have really grown as BB players.

Meechs Pizza Barf

Victor is playing great in comps and is straight up with Paulie which is refreshing however everyone cheering his big move remember two days ago when he won he wanted to put up two weak girls. Paul had to program him like the puppy dog he is and show him Paulie was running away with the game. Then James and Natalie and Paul had to sit with him and all tell him what’s up. When he now had a 5-3 advantage he took Paul’s advice. Yes great move but Paul deserves huge credit and even more son because he had Vic do it for him. VIC does make most sense for ACP since he can’t play and he has called out Nicwhiney and never liked Corey much.


Way to go Vic!!!!!!!!! Dump that reality all over Paulie’s head!

Love the way Vic responds to Paulie’s crap with cool, calm logic. “I gave you the chance you didn’t give play for the veto…so stop asking for chances.” “Stop making less of my wins”. Paulie, you’re sooooo jealous of Vic it’s seeping out of your pores!

Now I really want to give Vic the ACP this week!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just when I thought Paulie couldn’t disappoint me more than he has already! What a pathetic fool! He actually thinks Victor is dumb enough to fall for this delusional babble talk! If I were Victor I would be so pissed and woulda laughed in his face right there while puttin him on blast. Victor was so polite! I wasn’t a fan of Victors before, but he really has battled the shet out of his second chance and deserves a spot in the final two. Paulie deserves everything he is going to get from this point on in the house and out the house! DAHLOOZSANULL

Vic for the win!

Paulie and his broken puppy dog routine is ridicuous and makes no sense abt staying in house cuz of small spaces… Vic loved that you didnt back down n told him look u backdoored me, where i gave you a chance to take win veto… get over it and man up!!! Send his a** straight to jury vic… Im luvin vic and the way hes handling things! Vic for co-hoh cuz meech is too emotional and flip flops based on who’s nice to her…


Until 3 days ago this was the Godfather of the house, pulling all the strings, running the house, bullying the girls, and being as arrogant and cocky as he could be. Now he’s on the block for the first time and he’s a cry baby, a quiter, and the biggest sore loser I’ve ever witnessed. If he walks away from the jury house, I wish him nothing but the worst karma in his life.

ACP for Vic!

Paulie was crying again today, and all I keep thinking about is how *cruel* he was to Michelle when she cried. And how mean he’s been to everyone that’s been on the block. Totally changes your perspective when you’re the one up there, huh Paulie?


Oh. And gawd damn.
Paul looks hot in that suit and glasses.
He didnt do a whole lot for me before. But i am enjoying that outfit.

Vic for cohoh!!!
Paul for bribe. (maybe. We’ll see i might change to meech depending on the situation)


Paulie doesn’t want to go out like a rolled over dead dog….
….but he is done with this game and willing to take penalty votes for refusal to make his punishment pies and says he won’t stay in the jury house when evicted. Sounds legit.

(Still a douche!)

Disappointed Cody

I just wish shorty would stop distracting the Callifiere name. Marone!!!!!

not begging, but puhleeeeeeese???

Michelle isn’t stupid. She’s buttering up Paulie on one side if he has the round trip, and getting close to Nicole if Corey goes. She knows that the other side of the house is paired up. Nat and James, Vic and Paul. I don’t blame her for doing what she’s doing, but it’s TOO DAMN apparent that she’s doing it. I know we were all pulling for her earlier on in the week for Care Package because she blew up Paulie’s spot, but I hope we don’t screw it up again like with Bridge. Right now Michelle is top dog in the care package poll. At least voting doesn’t start until tonight. Time to turn it around. Who would’ve thought that one of the most annoying and abrasive players in Paul, and the ego driven machismo robot would be the most solid players in the long run.
Vic for care package. It’s more relevant that he gets it since he cant play.


We need a list of all of the excuses Pauline has made to sway anyone to pull Corey down and for him to fight for his so called BB life. Now it’s he’s paying his parents home off and his aunt has cancer?
I’m wondering what else he’s going to say.


Ugh Corey’s campaigning is really horrible. I’m glad Victor is sticking to his decision. The irony of all ironies is that Victor keeps pointing out he did him a lot worse. Get a clue bro.

Tiny trump hand

i hope Corey wins HOH and Vic wives CoHoH. It’ll be crazy the following week when neither of them can play for HOH, but chances are Paulie will have won buy/back or Return ticket