James “I lost a lot of respect for him when he snatched the veto from you” Corey “I felt betrayed”

POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 14-58-52-521

3pm Paulie joins Corey in the bedroom. Paulie says I was just going to him again. I said you messed up and really did us dirty. Like you don’t do things that America wants you to. Corey says I am just confused what happens next whether you or I stay. Where are people at this point in the game. I’m so confused. Corey asks is Paul with Vic now. Paulie says I keep telling James he needs to trust you and Nicole now. Even Michelle. Corey asks if James wins .. am I going up or what? Paulie says na, I think he would go after Vic or Paul. Corey asks what if Nat wins? Nat, James and Michelle need to go after Vic and Paul because they’re the ones that are going to win the competitions.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 14-59-29-832
Nicole talks about Corey. He is literally the best guy I have ever met in my entire life all around hands down. I would never meet a guy like him again. He has nothing but a heart of gold. James says I can tell that. Nicole says he was raised so well. His morals are just .. I have never met a guy that is just so good looking and the attention that he gets. He is so humble and he is so like committed. He could get so many girls and stuff. He really is just a ride or die when it comes to relationships. I don’t know a lot of guys like that. He is genuine. Regardless I am happy I got to spend 60 days with him. James says regardless of what happens with you two .. actions speak louder than words. You can say you like someone all you want but if you’re being distant. When I look at you and Corey I can tell ya’ll like each other. 100% No doubt. Nicole says Tiffany told me that he looks at me like no one she’s seen before. James says you have been all he’s been looking at and talking about. I think its pretty awesome you met someone like that and I wish the best for both of you guys. Nicole says thank you. I think you and Nat are good together too. James says yeah but she likes to hang out with her friends and stuff. Nicole says I think that’s pretty normal.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 15-19-33-503

3:15pm James says I think Paul would have let Corey keep that veto. I would have. Nicole says then Paulie took it. That was selfish. James says that’s what I said in the dairy room. James says he didn’t think no one was going to take the veto from him? We had two people left. I was mad about that. You know you’re not going to hold onto the veto and then you give Corey a punishment. Nicole says I hope because of that pawn thing I’m not coming after Natalie. James says its a game and I wouldn’t hold it against you if you did. Corey joins them. James says he said he’s not going to jury. Corey says I know, its selfish. Nicole says its actually not that bed. Corey says a whole different side of him has come out. I didn’t know he was like this. James says I lost a lot of respect for him when he snatched the veto from you. That’s exactly what he wanted to happen. You would have come down and someone else would have gone up. Nicole says he sealed his fate. Corey says I felt a little betrayed in that moment. Nicole says poor Corey he’s getting betrayed left and right. James says and he has his hand up a bald eagles a$$.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 15-36-57-305
3:40pm – 4pm London bedroom – James and Paul chat. James thinks Nat is mad at him but doesn’t know why. Nat joins them. James asks her if she is okay. She says she’s fine. Paul asks Nat did you talk to Meech. Nat says yeah she’s on board with us. Paul tells Nat to not fee into it. (Paulie trying to get her on the block) Nat says I know, I’m not. Paul says its so obvious they’re all working together. Like when Victor won the veto Nicole smiled. Paul says the fact that he is harping on the sympathy card just makes me lose respect for him. Nat says everything he does makes me lose respect for him and if he does have a round trip ticket I will make sure I win the HOH and send him right back out. Paul says damn! Do you hear that James. Natalie says I’m just annoyed that Corey is trying to get James to hang out with him after and party and meet girls… that’s why I’m pissed. I overheard that conversation .. and it doesn’t make me feel good about myself because I feel fat. James tells Nat you have nothing to worry about … I’m not that type of person. Paul says we have to entertain conversations. Corey is reeling everyone in because he knows he is alone after this week. James asks if she is okay. Nat says yeah, my feelings are just a little hurt. I’m over it, I don’t care any more. Nat asks what else has Paulie said about me. I am so tired of my name coming out of his mouth. James says just that he wanted you to go up. James says you should know that I really really really really really really like you. And I would never hurt you. Natalie says my priority after this is to not go party and go ham. I want to go spend time with my family. James says I do too.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 15-45-28-417

4:10pm Paul asks do I instill some fear and get him to play on emotion and lose next week? Nat says no make them feel comfortable. Paul says because I know if one of them win, I am going up so should I just be like f**k it? To get in their head. Natalie says I don’t know. I know if one of them wins I know I am going up. James says no you won’t go up it will be me, Paul or Victor. Nat says just the fact that they give zero f**ks about my feelings makes me want them out even more. Nat says I don’t care if you want to meet girls after the show. Its okay, we’re not dating. I just want you to know that it hurt my feelings. James tells he doesn’t want to and really really likes her. Nat says when I don’t feel good about my body it just hurt to hear things like that.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 16-13-17-758

Paul head up to the HOH room. Guess what Paulie’s pitch to me was now. If he doesn’t use it .. you have to realize he is a beast and you’re never going to beat him. He then went to James and said you have to vote me in. No one can beat him (Vic) but me. I said eventually when it comes down to 5 or even people we’re going to have to go against each other. Paul tells Vic about Nat getting mad for entertaining conversations about meeting girls and partying. Paul tells Vic I got you bro. Vic asks why would I do that (take off Corey and put up Nat) after making such a big move. The red alert alarm goes off and Paul goes to pat down all the house guests.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 16-18-53-153

5:20pm Bedroom – Nicole says that James was asking if Natalie really liked him. I was like I’m not getting into any of this crap because its going to come back and bite me. He was asking because she’s been so buddy buddy with Victor. I was like I don’t know. He said you and Corey like to hang out all the time. Corey says she doesn’t like him! Nicole says I know. I’ve been there ever time he’s been sad.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 17-29-40-730

5:45pm – 6:10pm Paul talks to the camera. Paul says some very interesting things have been going on in the house. Paulie was exposed for his lies. There was a power shift and the underdog seem to be on top. Natalie, Vic and I started in the beginning together, went our separate ways and all came back somehow. So I think that’s pretty cool to see. I am really surprised I made it this far to be honest. What made me get this far is staying out of the cross fire and just generally having fun. james joins Paul. Paul tells James how he thinks he is still here because of his advice to just have fun. James says yeah just have fun and save yourself if you win the veto. They talk about how Paulie is still in the diary room. They’re concerned because its been a long time. James goes to check on him.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-14 17-45-29-324

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217 thoughts on “James “I lost a lot of respect for him when he snatched the veto from you” Corey “I felt betrayed”

  1. a persons true character is exposed when chips are down.. paulie please take a deep breath find your zen and take your medicine like a man.. stop publicly humiliating yourself and embarrassing your family.. i hope for your sake you go to the jury house realize how immature you’ve acted then take the opportunity at the finale to sincerely apologize to your family friends hg’s america and most importantly zakiyah and her family..

      1. My guess on final2 is Bridget & Victor! They will not use the TICKET THING and there will be a jury by back! Bridg will re-enter and the two who were evicted will end up winning! Love it

      2. Paul and Victor – they have everyone convinced they are underdogs when actually they’re the most competitive left in the house. Until people start realizing that Paul is doing the exact same things that Paulie was doing (building trust with everyone, etc), they pretty much have a free ride.

        1. The difference is that Paul isn’t promising final 2 and final 3 deals with everyone. He also isnt treating the girls like shit and running his mouth about “clipping” this person or that person to everyone in the house. Paul is only talking with Victor about future evictions.
          Paul’s game is nothing like Paulie’s.

    1. He had zero sympathy for others on the block. He even made fun of them. Fist bumped and celebrated their misery and sadness. Now…..the tables have turned. Big baby. I hope he does not have the round trip.

          1. I’m glad Paulie’s going. Laughing at Paul eating Cheeto’s. But I have to admit that Natalie’s Venezuelan bootie is making me feel a certain type of way.

            1. “This man has helped me love again”
              gtfoh rmfao… the saddest part is deep in James intuition, he knows he is being played. Fast women learn how to be the trick and the pimp. James is in way over his head and Paulie tried to tell em! Hillbilly dwarf blinded by the p*ssy. James your thirsty af… You broke the code. The family should wack you

          2. CBS gave him a bad edit huh. How about they kind of went easy on him, as he gave himself a bad edit. Get off of here Cody.

          3. I think they gave him a bad edit because he is pissing them off begging for them to make a way for him to stay. His behavior is disgusting. I can’t believe he is going as far as saying he lied about his mental state to get in the house. He is trying to get sent home instead of the jury house. He’s a selfish little bytch!

        1. Actually Paulie got a really brutal edit for a change. I got the feeling that CBS was laying the groundwork to let him leave. I can’t see Production even attempting to rig anything in his favour. He’s done like a dinner.

        2. So glad the show portrayed Paulie’s true persona as a douche bag bro and Don Mafioso, as he has been. It’s about time.

        3. I wanted them to shoe the clip of when corey and paulie told each other they could have at each othera girl. They dont care.
          I think that was one of the most telling convos between the two of them. Showing theyre 100% using the girls and dont give a shit.
          I wanted to see it sooo bad.
          I think it would give a lot of the non feed watchers a mew perspective on those two.
          All in all they did a pretty good job of showing the real paulie. I guess.

      1. Corey just woke up to the fact that it was Paulie blowing up all their games, and that James would never have done what he did, had Paulie not acted like an ass.

        Nicole argued a bit, sticking to the fact that James was going to blindside them in the DE – but Corey said no, James wouldn’t have done any of that if Paulie hadn’t been acting aggresive and causing shit.

    2. There is a rumor that Victor said that Production tried to persuade him to not nominate Paulie.
      Can anyone confirm/give a time stamp?

      1. If that is true, I wonder if they’ll sabotage the round trip ticket to get Paulie (or whoever) back in.. Like switch them while the hgs are in the backyard doing a comp :0

      1. I’m so glad that CBS showed everything that lead up to Z’s eviction and the way Paulie confronted Nat.

        Loved at the end with Vic and Paulie just listening to everything going down and Paul eating Cheetos like he was watching a good movie!

      1. I agree. Just because we hate Paulie the most right now, none of the guys in here have shown themselves to be anything but rude and dismissive to women with the possible exception of James who has just shown himself to be a bigger meow meow than his cat Gizmo.

      2. We’ll have to see how Victor acts after Paulie leaves. Overall, I think the whole situation with Paulie made him look inside himself and realize Paulie was rubbing off on him and didn’t want to be like that.

    3. @TeamVictor, well said and so true…..and Paulie should really watch this season back as soon as possible, his behavior was really despicable, and very aggressive.

      Everyone playing needs to remember it is a game with only one winner for grand prize.

      I hope Victor wins!

    4. The ladies of the house need to convince Paulie that he has all their votes to stay, with Nic & Nat stating they need to cut ties with their showmances for their game. Then vote him off on eviction day & whispering in his ear as he leaves, ” this is for Z ” . At least when Z sees they had her back for real, she may feel better when Paulie truly lets her know she was used.

  2. I think James doesn’t get:
    1. That Nat actually likes him more than he thinks
    2. That Nat likes him more than she thinks
    3. That Nat is actually pretty insecure about James, and prone to jealousy.

    Which means he really doesn’t get women, since in my experience this applies to most when they are in a relationship.

    1. Nat is afraid of losing her grip on James. He’s the reason she’s still in the game and she wants to ride that pony as far as it will take her.

      1. I agree to a certain extent but if that’s all she cared about she wouldn’t be sweating anything people are saying to James about the after party. She obviously DOES care about him otherwise she wouldn’t have reacted to Corey saying that to him.

        1. You really don’t see how that’s manipulation? To overreact and pretend to be hurt that he might go out in 2 months and be around girls? Every game-playing girl I’ve ever known knows that move. To pick some innocuous nonsense, something not remotely real, to pretend to be jealous and insecure, so that I dote on and reassure her….while my ego is fed that I’m this big irresistible stud. I’m pretty sure girls like Nat learn that move in high school.

          And James has just the right amount of desperation to make Nat’s moves transparent to everybody except him….and the desperate men and lonely/unfulfilled women in the audience

          1. These are a bunch of desperate nerds living vicariously through James. Nat does not like James. She is using HIM for AFP. Not the other way around. James isn’t stupid. He’s the one who is around her 24/7. He can feel it. He knows she doesn’t like him. Yes, she is very jealous because she is insecure but that’s about it. That’s the only reason she has a melt down if she even thinks James is thinking of another woman. In fact, she can’t stand to see any of the guys not giving her all the attention. James is feeling something you all can’t feel through the TV screen or computer monitor.

      2. Well in my opinion, i think your wrong, Natalie, granted while she is in the bubble of the BB house, really believes she likes, likes James a lot, I mean a lot. I know it’s so junior or high school, but just embrace the idea that the two of them as a real life couple could be true. It’s so cute!!!

    2. One thing about NatNat….it’s all about NatNat. James made her feel bad about herself talking to Corey about getting together to party after the show. She feels fat and that makes her feel bad about herself. Oh cry me a river Natalie. Even if you do like James enough to sustain a relationship outside that house you need to grow the feck up, Nobody makes you feel any way at all. Your feelings are your responsibility. And dogs on short leashes tend to run away at first opportunity. Grow up!

      1. I am confident and I feel insecure.
        I am a strong woman. I feel fat.
        You’re a good friend, James. You don’t care about my feelings, James.

        1. Everybody has their good days and bad. I can feel decent about myself one day and the next feel not so great. In every relationship (even if it’s friends or friends with benefits) their are tiffs & spats. Geez now that Paulie is going it seems people need to find something wrong with someone else..she is allowed to have flaws people.

      2. It is like a paradox isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I love Nat….but when someone says, “you make me feel bad”…I would run the other way. We live in a society where no one seems to want to take personal responsibility for how they feel, instead it is someone else’s way how they feel. It is the biggest cop out to say this and Big Brother is based on this or at least Paulie believes this….never look in the mirror and always blame is the saddest way to live life!! :-)

    3. Natalie ain’t that into him, she may not be a terrible person but she IS somewhat fake….She knows she needs James to get anywhere close to the end…..She already proved that when she kept telling Paulie her and James are just friends and shes being realistic about it….That factually means shes not that into him

      1. She was literally just telling Paul she wasn’t ready for a real relationship last night. I liked her in the beginning but it really was just an act. Go back to Jersey you blown

    4. James is a sensitive guy and was hurt by Meg the 1st season he played. He’s afraid of being hurt again. I think everything will work out fine for him and Nat at the finale party if not sooner in jury.

    5. I agree that Nat is insecure like most women however I disagree with her actually liking James. She looks like the type that likes attention on her. Do you think she would be cool with James bring “flirtatious” with the other girls in the house?! Doubt it but it’s ok for her to be? She tells Paulie how she loves James blah blah blah and she knows James likes her A LOT but she tells him the next second its ok for him to see other girls outside the house because it’s not like they’re dating. She’s clearly using him! I find all the female HGs this season pathetic who clearly forgot $500k is on the line!

    6. So I’m behind in watching the feeds a bit. It’s after 12am here in Memphis so my comment is very late. But James, come on dude, take a chance, grab Nat with a compassionate authority, look deep into her eyes and tell her how much you really care for her. As Eminem wrote, You only get one shot, do not miss your chance… This opportunity comes once in a lifetime!! And then plant a great passionate kiss on her. Until you do, you’ll never know if there is sparks or just friendship. Just go for it dude!!!

  3. Paulie and Corey aka the Brokeback Mountain Block To see “Mr Everything” Paulie check out like this= priceless

    THis week has been one of my favorite BB weeks in a long time. The Season looked all but lost, but now has promise again

  4. Paulie will go down as one of the worst players on BBC not because of game play but because of the worse sport ever with the lies and whining how pathetic I would watch the live feeds either if I was him

    1. I think he should be forced to watch himself while he’s in the jury house, and let him reflect on how he acted to everyone.

      1. Yes it’s only fair. We had to sit through it. Well I guess I couldn’t not watched but no I’m going to watch so HE should have to watch too

      2. i know people like him. He won’t be able to see it, he literally can’t imagine or empathize that reality of what he did is exactly what he accuses others of doing. usually falsely accusing them.

        Even if he watches himself doing it, and it is edited to show quickly what he’s been doing he’ll find a way to make excuses for this and that. people like him don’t take responsibilities, and care less about how others feel, so their feelings or decisions have little impact on him. everything is their fault, and he’s an innocent victim.

        Julie says so you final 2d everyone in the house, they compared notes and found out, and you are literally surprised that they all turned on you. and you want to blame bridgette for how it all went down because ‘feminism’.

  5. I’m sorry but that is ridiculous to think that he wouldn’t take the veto. It’s a game! He had to look out for himself. I’m sure he would be getting even more bashed if he let Corey keep it.

    1. I think it may be the contradiction to his big pitch…take Corey down & let me fight someone else, don’t make me sit next to Corey, I’m still going home anyway, etc. If he weren’t talking about that 24/7 they probably wouldn’t even bring up that he took the POV

      1. I think the thing is there was someone after Paulie so there was almost no way Paulie was keeping it. Paulie handed the punishment to Corey.

  6. Paulie will go down as one of the worst players on BBC not because of game play but because of being the worse sport ever with the lies and whining how pathetic I would watch the live feeds either if I was him

  7. Yep how dare that Victor go for the veto. This is big brother shut up nicole which is clearly a game youve never had an interest in playing

  8. NATALIE …. Go to the DR and ask for a 800mg Chill Pill. Getting upset over something that has not happened is getting a little carried away. Remember, it is just a game, it is still ongoing, and some conversations have to be entertained to play it.

  9. smh drives me crazy when girls like nat so sexy inside and out act insecure and think they’re “fat” i mean cmon girl give me a break theres literally thousands of guys watching you just wishing a girl like you would even give them the time of day let alone go all in like you are with james.. he’s a damn fool if he lets you get away

    1. Women have been brainwashed from birth that they have to look a certain way. Today it’s a “thigh gap.” The female body was designed to store fat in a particular way because it is capable of producing a new human being. We take something that is perfect and beautiful in itself and abuse it into Madison Avenue’s ideal. Very sad .

      1. Agreed. Anyone who is criticizing Natalie for her insecurities has never listened to a woman. I don’t think her insecurities are abnormal, even if it’s hard to understand why she would have any. She also has never lived with men and has an absentee father, so it makes sense that she will have doubts about her worthiness as a person and James’s trustworthiness as a man. When you’ve been hurt by the man who is supposed to love you most, it messes with you (speaking from personal experience). Pile that on top of being stuck in that house with a legitimate abuser (i.e. Paulie), she’s taking things better than one would think. I mean, look at Zakiyah. She’s an example of an insecure person with no insight into her issues.

  10. Yes Nicole, Corey is a great guy with good morals……….that’s why he and his friends tried to set a goat on fire and laughed about it. Those gooooooooooood morals are just oozing out of him!! Not to mention what you two do under the covers on national TV…………right gooooooooooood morals! No, I am not the morals police but listening to her talk about Corey, I want to poke a fork in my eyes. Good Grief she drives me crazy!!

  11. Meech is leading here in the CP4 poll, but has the tide changed to Victor since Friday? I can rustle up 100 votes each day but for which one?
    Thumbs up for Victor
    Thumbs down for Meech

    1. THIS IS SO CRAPPY AND NASTY. Stacking votes for the undeserved. If they’re good players, wouldn’t they win without their fans cheating?

      1. You are very assuming.

        They said “rustle up 100 points” not “put all of my emails in and vote 100 times.

        maybe they have friends or family that don’t watch the live feeds and are influenced by this person. Or maybe they really do have 5 emails. We don’t know.

        1. Someone else admitted they go from computer to computer to stack the votes. They were asking if we wanted them to vote for Michelle.

      2. And I guess it’s really fair that previous America’s “Favorite” players with huge fan bases like Nicole and James got care packages? Guess Nicole got it because she such a great player this season. Bet if Frank was still there he would have gotten one too. Is it fair that people got screwed who voted for Bridget and their votes meant nothing. Is it fair that edits by BB to favor certain HGs influence the TV audience who make up the vast majority of voters?

  12. Corey is soooooooooooo dumb–like dude, you’re 25, grow tf up… I really really dislike Paulie, he’s way too into himself and not humble at all.

  13. Thursday night interview on stage:

    Julie: Paulie, can you tell me exactly what your problem is with feminism?

    Paulie: Well…Julie…you know, I got a little heated, you know what I’m sayin’? it’s a game……….type thing”

    Goodbye Paulie… And to think, you actually told Frank not to act like an ass before he got evicted.

    Karma is working :D

        1. No, my mother’s dead, thank you. I happen to be a fan of Milo’s, and I am old enough to appreciate when he’s being serious and when he’s being provocative.
          You, on the other hand, probably live in your mother’s basement and eat Happy Meals daily.

            1. Thank you for letting me know, if indeed that is the case. Just a bit touchy about Milo since he got banned from Twitter. But I digress: Paulie sucks.

    1. Paulie may just walk storm out and try to avoid going to the stage. They are going to have a CBS employee and friends and family audience just to make sure he’s not jeered.

  14. Paulie taking the VETO from Cory makes perfect sense. His butt is majorly on the line, he is fighting to stay in the game. Any one of them would have done the exact same thing if they were as much danger as Paulie is right now. Is James saying if he was Paulie he would have just given up the VETO, BULL he would have taken it from any one of them, other then Nat. I do not want Pauklie to stay, I want him out, like yesterday, but this is BS.

  15. Paul has been playing these fools for weeks. Best player of the season. And the most vile. “FT’s” is one of his catchphrases. He insults these women up and down all day, but he’s still liked in the house and by the fans. Domination.

    1. Paul and Victor have been insulting Natalie for weeks, but she’s all worked up about Paulie and Corey. She’s blind to the master of the house, Paul.

      1. Paul and Victory are literally laughing right now at Natalie reeling James back in. It’s good for their game that he not stray. They want to take James out, not have James take them out.

    2. Does cbs only pick rich people to play this game. Was I the only one who saw the house Paul lives in? And he told his mother he would buy her a Bentley if he won….Please….

  16. Can you imagine dating Paulie? So controlling. If you broke up with him, he would be verbally abusive. He doesn’t have respect for women.

    1. He would probably be physically abusive as well. I feel his problems relate to his childhood. .ya know, not living up to Cody standards. Their father probably pit them against each other constantly. Paulie is humiliated he didn’t make it to f2 like Cody..if he doesn’t have the round trip or jury buyback that is…. I truly worry he may commit suicide. Did you see the edit? His crying in the DR? That’s how he probably does women after they dump his sorry ass for his abusive tendencies. He’s messed up for sure.

    2. He seems to be disrespectful to anyone who isn’t Derrick or Cody
      He’s disrespected women, especially Zakiyah, who is beautiful and strong;
      Natalie, because she has had breast augmentation and is a “Jersey Girl”…. I would be completely offended if I was her and if I were a Jersey girl!;
      Michelle, he’s described as a nonentity on every level, in gameplay, and it’s insulting, when she offers a lot.
      He’s never had respect for Nicole, as only viewing her as a Cody vote (bad on her, for that)
      He back stabbed all of the other guys in the alliance, except for Cody,
      I’ve said it before, but I’m so done with Paulie.
      Glad they finally showed it.
      He may have wanted to play Derrick and Cody’s game, but he is so not doing that.

    1. Hi Simon/Dawg/et al
      Thank you for this account of the house. I don’t have the patience to watch the feeds but can speed read through this written transcription. Super!.

      Can you explain what is the “BB bribes” mentioned here?

      1. Its the final care package:

        “BB BRIBE”
        WEEK 5 – August 21 to August 26th
        The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

  17. James is such a naturally gifted suckass that sometimes he doesn’t realize he is sucking. It’s just what he does, what he’s always done, and what he will always do.

  18. Ok….I have a confession. I was being In-patient and went to BB Junkies blog and I have to say, first off I’m sorry and I’ll never do it again. Second, they suck big time. Terrible, boring post that literally skipped over the Vic & Paulie conversation at 12:50. Third, it’s not even close to being as AMAZING as this Blog. Simon & Dawg, you both are true Big Brother fans and I just want to thank you for all the time and energy you invest in keeping us in the loop and you do it in a way that makes me feel 100% up to date with the goings on in the BB house. You are my forever “BB journalist”. I’ll never stray again:)

    1. Ditto. Thanks Simon and Dawg, for all of the time you put into bringing this to us. You two always have every significant moment that happens, that many others miss.

  19. This season is getting better now. What would be good to see after this season over is to see James and Cal from previous season on there together or the amazing race.

  20. I forgot to include my name in my thank you to Dawg and Simon. I didnt want it under “anonymous” because it will upset that one person that post rants about “anonymous” posting 1000s of times a day. (zing!) Lmao

  21. What’s that saying, “A person’s character is like a tea bag; you never know how strong they are till you put them in hot water.” Epic fail, not-Cody.

  22. Paul takes the game to a different level. Lies like everyone , talks shit about everyone and then gets evil about it. He is not the Saint his mommy claims he is. He is an evil person on the inside. Wish there were more mature people in the house. This is one of the worst seasons yet!

  23. PAUL is the rat of 18. Why is he receiving so much support from the viewer’s? Everything vile Paulie was doing, Paul was right there.

  24. I really don’t like any of the people that are left in the house and don’t think any of them have played a great game! Michelle cries her way through, Nicole whines, Natalie flirts/complains and bribes James, James just wants a relationship, Corey seems to be skating through and is oblivious to what is going on around him, Paul is a delusional snake who thinks everybody should be playing for him and Victor is Paul’s puppet. Paulie had a great game going until his true colors started showing… What a bunch of losers!

    1. Don’t put words in my mouth, whoever wrote this is an idiot. I can speak for myself. Why would you want to use my name? Use your own name!!

  25. Paulie is 100% going, so what’s the use of giving the next care package to either Paul or Victor? Once Paulie is gone, they will be the douchebags that they have been all season. Michelle doesn’t deserve it either.

    There is no one to cheer for. Maybe Natalie.

  26. Sometimes i wonder if those are real people lol nicole talking about corey like he is the greatest guy is just laugable lol. She is making the sane mistake rather than drawing a strategy to win the game. this is not a game to win half million dollars but match.com plus corey js gay and bash every singke girl lol lol and same goes to james dude natalie is not into you probably she see you as a friend but physically i can tell she is mostly playing the sane and using you as a shield. Kudos to victor, paul and nat the ones playing a good game

  27. I really don’t like any of the people that are left in the house and don’t think any of them have played a great game! Michelle cries her way through, Nicole whines, Natalie flirts/complains and bribes James, James just wants a relationship, Corey seems to be skating through and is oblivious to what is going on around him, Paul is a delusional snake who thinks everybody should be playing for him and Victor is Paul’s puppet. Paulie had a great game going until his true colors started showing… What a bunch of losers!

  28. What a loser, He still thinks he can manipulate the house. Begging Victor to take cory down and put natalie up so he has a chance. Paulie then telling james victor is a comp beast and if they keep him (Paulie) he can beat victor for them. Paulie taking the Veto from Cory during the comp and now because things are not going his way Paulie is saying he’s going home and he does not want to go to the jury house. Paulies parents must be so proud of him.
    So Glad Victor is sticking to his guns telling paulie I gave you both a chance which is more than you gave me.

  29. every time i hit refresh and there is a new unread post to open up, i get a little thrilly shock.

    on the edge of my seat this season


  30. LOVE a good troll.. i know plenty of good trolls.. you sir are not a good troll.. it takes wit humor and literacy all of which you seem to lack so please stop its honestly embarrassing smh

  31. I can’t help but notice that Victor makes one good move and behaves like he should for a few days and now it’s like America forgot the rest of the season.

  32. LOVE a good troll.. i know plenty of good trolls.. you sir are not a good troll.. it takes a strong wit a good dose of humor and proper literacy all of which you seem to lack so please stop its honestly embarrassing smh

  33. JAMES … agreeing with Natalie all the time just to have her not be upset will only serve to put you in a bad position with her down the road if you indeed continue a relationship outside the game. Yes, treat her with respect and be supportive but be strong enough to tell her when she is being unnecessarily insecure. From what I can tell of the conversation you and Corey where having (only what I read here), it seems to me if any girl in the house was being disrespected, it was Nicole. Natalie just has a problem with making everything about her at times to garner attention and this is one of those times it seems.

  34. I would like to see a girl in final two and since meech is the only girl left without a cp I may vote her for the 5k. Another week and things may change, we will see!

  35. Gah, I can hardly watch Paulie anymore…..he is truly disturbed and creepy…. I think he will hold a grudge for years: ” James gutted” ” Victor really didn’t win all those comps”……like wtf? Paulie could be used as a teaching video in universities for a true depiction of a narcissist personality disorder…he also shows sociopathic traits. Hope that Paul and Vic can keep everyone in check and not listen to Paulie’s verbal poison ; I worry abt Meech being vulnerable to flip… not trusting her with CO-HOH so gonna vote Vic.. this guy needs to be rewarded for making the big move and having to deal with Paulie’s shit!

    1. So you go through life never getting upset? Have you ever had 5 people coming at you at once, hollering, making accusations?
      You’re no better than what you’re saying about someone else.

  36. Everything hurts her heart. Buck up! Get some thick skin! Dayum. She’s so annoying!!! Aaahhh! I cant stand any of them!

  37. Nicole can’t get a break with guys in the Big Brother House, because I got the impression that Corey like guys by the way he was talking about Victor in the diary room on the first episode. Poor thing is looking for love in all the wrong places.

  38. I almost spit out my orange juice when I heard Paulie say he needed the money to pay off his family’s house and his aunt has cancer!! Seriously Paulie, when all you bragged about all season was your fancy trips you’ve taken, the money you’ve spent clubbing and entertaining girls? This guy is trying to pull a ” Dan Mist”. Sorry not sorry Paulie but Dan was a quiet snake, you are a loud mouth bully, who tried to control everybody’s game. Welcome to BB!!

  39. I heard that Paulie had to stay in a Hotel for a week before coming into the Big Brother House. Wouldn’t that be worse than the Jury House? I believe the claustrophobia story is just another manipulation.

  40. Yeah poor poor poor Corine….. Nicole is a dumbass of the highest order almost as dumb as James both are gonna be dumped….and can’t say I blame them!

  41. So there’s talk there will be a jury buyback this Friday.
    Let me get this straight… The First Five out all get a second chance, the First Four jury get a second chance…
    But Frank just gets fucked?!?!

  42. I just went to the voting and sent Vic 20 big fat kisses I mean votes. Somebody had said there is somewhere on there you can see how the voting is going, but I can’t find anything. Is it true and if so where?

  43. While trying to vote for next care package (after 8 p.m.), Nicole is still open on the choices. Something is wrong with the voting site.

      1. Even if she gets the most votes, there’s no way she’s getting a package. No the real problem is who would have gotten her votes.

  44. I’m watching Bb on tv right now.
    Bb is portraying Paulie as the villian and Natalie as the victim. FALSE…. Not what live feeds showed.
    You disappoint me big brother. You’re acting like the ones in the London room… Make it how you want it.
    Why aren’t you showing any of the clips of Natalie acting nasty? Or Bridgette? Or Michelle? Or Paul? Or Janes? What about when Natalie told Michelle to be rude to Julie Chen?
    Ratings more important than Paulies reputation?

    1. They gave Paulie a better edit than he deserved!!!! What show are you watching because it is not Big Brother? Paulie is scum!

      1. If you had people ganging up on you all at once, you might show out to. Did you not see where Paul said he tells everyone lies about Paulie?

    2. Paulie ruined his reputation all by himself. He blew up because everyone compared notes and found out he was playing everyone. There are consequences if you get found out playing the game that way. I think he really feels he was going to steamroll his way to the end and is pissed because people are actually playing the game now.

    3. The reason they are not showing Nat, Bridge or anyone else acting nasty is because it never happened. Paulie is a steroidholic. The rage shows.

  45. CBS didn’t give the events prior to Double eviction the golden edit. Paulie’s complete dbag behavior and the unravelling of his mind was shown.

    Buh bye Jersey boy!!!

    1. They didn’t show the girls acting nasty either or Paul telling the girls to terrorize him to get him mad. They didn’t show the girls hollering and crying. Y’all are as bad as the London room only focusing on Paulie. I hope the tide turns again.

      1. Paul had a nice edit they should have included that he wanted to punch some of the female houseguests faces. With that said,

        Paulie has outdone Paul, Michelle in the mean department. His total disrespect for women; using, abusing of Z, telling America he had sex with her 5-6 times, not using the veto on her; not wanting to go to jury room to be with floaters and feminists; not wanting to make pies; self-eviction. He is a sore loser and wants nothing to do with the game if he is evicted as they are beneath his talent. Sinister Paul even recognizes the flaws in Paulie’s character.

    1. I’m so sick of Nat she has done nothing the whole season. And now she wants to play the game. Little to late dear and I’m sick and tired of listening to her complain get over your self and grow the hell up

  46. What’s terrible is we’ve been voting for Paulie and his percentage never increases. Big brother and the cheating fans who vote 100’s of times are controlling the votes. Sketch…

    1. You, like Paulie, think youre the center of the universe. You are not the only one voting, theres tons of people voting mostly for anyone but Paulie, so it does make sense for his % not to increase. Im actually surprised it is as high as it shows… so cry me a river like Paulie did, but he is goin home and Im loving it!

      1. Narrow, I know the balls of that guy to think that his 20 votes matter. Everyone knows that mine are the only ones that matter because I am the Center Of The Universe (also Master Of My Own Domain).

  47. Tonight on CBS some of the snippets were hilarious!!!
    Loved Vic and Paul in the storage room…………..Paul in the DR doing his little cheer and dance……..maybe Paul has a chance at the NFL………..as a cheerleader…zing!

    1. I have watched Paul in the past doing some of Natalie’s Cheerleading moves – the one where she kicks her leg up high. He is very good at this move!

    1. No one knows, but with the end of the round trip ticket, they may do a jury buy back if Paulie doesn’t have it. Or they may have a special comp for some excursion like they did for the last couple seasons. Or maybe they are preparing for a Paulie melt down and really want to have time to show some stuff.

    2. I expect a battle back competition for one player if Paulie doesn’t have the one way ticket, or even two players if he refuses to to go to jury. If he refuses, he’s stupid cause he would have a good shot at winning the battle back and can reenter to help Corey.

  48. Michelle needs a minder this week so Paulie can’t get in her ear. I was glad to see on tonight’s episode that Paul recognizes this. If I were in Paulie’s position I’d make a beeline for Michelle. She’s a weak link and needs to be liked. She’s vulnerable to Paulie’s poison.

  49. I don’t know why so many people here attack Nicole and adore Natalie. Is Nicole the best Big Brother player? No. Is she playing like a decent human being? Yes. Natalie flirts with every guy and then runs to James if they flirt back. She is incredibly catty to the other girls, but gets offended because Nicole twirls her hair as an imitation. I do not like Paulie’s behavior, but I don’t like Natalie’s either. She whines because people won’t give her a win, tries to use her looks to win the guys over and then attacks anyone she sees as a threat. Poor James is once again falling for someone who will never think of him as anything more than a ticket to get further in the game. If the power shifts away from him, she will dump him like last week’s trash.

    1. You are entitled to your opinion; however, I take exception to you using the word “playing” when describing Nicole. Nicole isn’t playing, she’s barely participating, unless it has Corey involved. She actually admitted she figured out she spends 22 out of 24 hours a day with him. Who in God’s name does that? No wonder the poor guy wants to go to Miami and whoop it up. He can’t get away from her!

    2. Did you fall and bump your head? Nicole is one of the meanest girls in the house. Right from the start if any of the other girls in the house looked or talked to Corey … she went into a psychotic jealous rage and whined all night. Right away she participated and made fun of all the female HGs with the guys.

      Nicole has not done one thing in the BB house except taking possession of Corey. She might as well not be there. Did you see how rude she was while making her votes for eviction last week? She couldn’t even make eye contact with the camera or Julie. She loss sight of the $500K prize and reason why she came back into the BB house once her teeny weeny little eyes saw Corey.

      Guess the only way she can get a boyfriend is on BB. Sad and rude awakening for her when the game is over and finds out Corey is not that into her.

      1. I think if Victor is eligible for the package then the package is outside the standard HoH rules. Which if Victor wins the package and wins the next HoH would be crazy.

  50. Yeah I love how we are excusing the girls for being disgusting catty bitches all of last week to provoked Paulie, but when Paulie tries to defend himself and call out Natalie for spreading her bullshit its suddenly “ohh Paulie is misogynistic, he is sexist omg he is not a man.” I love how Natalie used the sexist card by saying “I didn’t feel comfortable when he spoke about my butt,” and “I didn’t feel comfortable when you said we could kiss.” News flash, you’re just as flirty as he is, except you’ve gone through 4 guys until you arrived at James who is pretty much a kiss ass. Those were obviously fucking jokes, but yeah I guess if you’re useless all game and suddenly the only game move you have is to frame him as sexist, okay….”good move” I guess?

  51. Natalie: “I love James more than anyone, except for my family and all my friends”… I love him. LOL. Natalie loves James more than anyone in that house and all the strangers shes never met.

    1. Nope. She’s just the type to use her looks and false promises to get ahead. She bragged about getting the doctor to give her breast augmentation at a discount because he “liked her”. I would love to see her when she is 10 years older and 20 pounds heavier and she has to do something for herself. Nevermind. She’ll probably have married some poor sap by then.

  52. – I don’t understand why Paulie is getting away with not doing his punishment making pies. Everyone else is doing what they’re suppose to. It’s not fair! Something just doesn’t seem right(very suspious). He’s gets away with so many things. This is why he feels entitled, arrogant, superior, etc. If it was anybody else, they would probably be gone, especially if they said they lied on their application. BB needs better rules than what they have.
    – Why do Corey look like he’s lost in space? He looks like he really does not know what’s going on, like a deer caught in headlights. Just clueless!!!
    – Seeing Nicole on TV, I lost respect for her(don’t know her personally), but for her to literally hide under the covers when Paulie and Natalie were going back and forth. I didn’t expect her to do anything, but why hide? At least Paul and Victor was sitting there, eating their cheese puffs like they were watching porn or something. Now that was PRICELESS!!! You all know that was funny.
    – I can respect Paul and Victor’s game. Paul has social game and Victor has comp. game. If they are the Final 2, it would be a close vote.

  53. Omg !!! Vic and Paul sitting back listening to that whole thing not saying a word. After Nat leaves Paul slowly reaching and taking a Cheeto out of the bag. And the looks on both of their faces. I was crying !! Those looks said. Yep. You guys just keep on. We will just sit and quietly eat Cheetos and be on the outside of this drama. Dying !! But Paulie clapping at himself. And I believe Corey joined in with a couple of claps himself. Ughhhh. Took some of the fun out of that moment. What arrogant D hays. That smug look on his face showing how proud of himself he was. Really takes a big big man to verbally beat down a girl. You should be so so proud !!! Sure hope his momma isn’t proud of that. I swear if he was my child. Wouldn’t matter how old he is. I would be ashamed and would be trying to figure out where I went wrong.

  54. Flip the house…. Victor and Michelle take Cory, Paulie, and Nicole’s side. Watch James, Natalie, and Paul freak out. James will be like oh well it is what it is, he will freak out the least after the 1st 10 min…. Backdoor James. Natalie and Paul will have each other to freak out together.

  55. Paulie should have baked a pie by now. Every BB punishment comes with a costume and in this case it is probably a frilly full length apron and maybe some kind of wig or hat. If he’s been in the Diary Room a lot it means they are trying to persuade him. If he bakes a pie without a costume or a minimal costume it shows he is being treated as special by production. If he refuses to play he should leave. Send Bridget back.

  56. Does anyone know if Paulie has even been told to make a pie yet? I don’t get it..they usually start that stuff right after the veto…makes me think they don’t want him to get a penalty vote.

  57. Just have to love how clueless both Nicole and Corey are when they said about Natalie, “she doesn’t like him! Nicole says I know. I’ve been there ever time he’s been sad.”

    I mean if any Girl truly has deep feelings for a guy this season it is Natalie for James and it just goes to show how both Nicole and Corey are utterly clueless in this game about what is going on….. Can’t wait to see them both get booted out over the next couple weeks.

    1. Totally agree. They can’t believe that someone that looks like Nat ACTUALLY likes James. It’s clear as day if you watch After Dark and the feeds that they’re both into each other.
      It’s pathetic that Corey and Nicole have to judge them because Nat and James could care less about Corey and Nicole’s relationship

  58. With the world rallying to oppose bullying..Paulie just showed why bullying is so awful. Seeing him bake and eat humble pie is karma. But. Let us not forget Vic and duck dynasty are far from innocent. Nicole was bullying as well..mayter of fact do was Meech. Im pulling for Nat. But, the girls need to use James once more to get Vic out..if Vic stays..just Hand him the money.

  59. I think james is a pretty underaverage player , but his skill to make ppl like him is really strong. It s easy to see Nicorey likes him a lot(once again) and I hope he realizes it and goes after Vic next week coz he seems to be the only one immune to his charm…and James d be then in a great spot…not the 1st winner who d solely get to final 2 based on being likable.

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