“Maybe Nicole got the package because they know who has the number and they figure if I was the target I would be safe”

POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-14 00-19-56-518
12:09am Corey, Paulie and Nicole
Nicole says it’s difficult to “Not be perfect” in the house, “Don’t sit here and beat yourself up.. You can’t be so hard on yourself you made it on the show and fought your heart out”

Nicole – everyone should be peaceful and calm about things.. I told Michelle everything should be over
Nicole says that Michelle regrets some of the things she’s done this season.
Nicole – start over and be you .. it’s an experience of a lifetime and it’s crazy.
Corey – you got to think we did so freaking good this season.. You won a lot of comps
Nicole – you were on the block week 1
Corey – people coming after us left and right
Nicole – for freaking nothing and it was people we were supposed to trust every single time
Nicole says Natalie and Michelle are not on the block because the guys are scared.
Paulie – I don’t want you guys to think I’m being a baby.. I’m just competitive.. This is the last game of the season and you lose
COrey – you can’t win all seasons (Sports seasons)
Paulie didn’t expect the strong players to be targeted
Nicole says on her season it was different the BOB kept the strong players safe.
Corey is saying James “Fricken screwed us” if he was still there they would be in top 7
Corey – we got backstabbed man
Paulie – I knew that was coming from them but would have never expected it from James
Nicole -same

Paulie calls Corey his brother says Nicole is a sweet heart says there was a reason cody really liked Nicole.

Nicole – I had to be feisty this season.. I had no choice I had my guard up.
They can hear Victor laughing nicole commented how his laugh echoed throughout the house you can hear it in the have nots room, “It’s crazy”

Nicole leaves..

Meech joins them and they chat about the POV competition. Conversation moves to politics. Michelle seems to be knowledgeable about Clintons corruption scandals she would have prefered Bernie, “I would not want Clinton at all”
Paule – I would agree to that
Corey – ya
Michelle – why do you want a liar that is funded by wall street it blow my mind
Paul – Clinton doesn’t stand a chance..

Michelle brings up Justin Trudeau “He’s done so much stuff.. He’s just a person like you and me”
Michelle – didn’t he pass Marijuana to be legal (not yet Spring 2017)
Michelle – he was in a gladiator movie, Snowboard instructor.. He’s a cool guy and super hot I’m not going to lie..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-14 00-34-38-739

12:28am Natalie and James London room
Talking of being on the amazing race

Natalie starts talking about Nicole making fun of Natalie when the camera are off during the live show. Natalie is not interested at Corey at all and doesn’t understand Nicole keeps bringing up that she is. James says they will be taking either Nicole or Corey out next week. Natalie says Michelle wants Nicole out but both natalie and James want Corey out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-14 01-35-08-869

12:56am Safari room Michelle and Paulie
Paulie – I respect the hell out of your game
Michelle – you shouldn’t it’s not a clean game
Paulie- you played a dirty game

Paulie says he saw someone in production pulling their phone out to take a picture of Meech during the POV Competition.
Michelle – I don’t know why they call you a poor man’s Cody (From Zingbot)
Paulie says COdy is chiseled and tall but they are tied for wins

Paulie says he’s not going to campaign against Corey but has a pitch.
Michelle tells him if he doesn’t have the round trip look who’s in jury if there is a jury member returning they’re no way Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette are going to beat him.

Paulie – I’ve lost people I can trust
Michelle – you can trust Corey.. .and Nicole
Michelle says she’ll give Paulie a sympathy vote.
Paulie – if i’m sitting next to Corey I want all the votes against me, Nicole never screwed you over.

Paulie – I don’t know if I can say this to someone who openly says they play dirty
Paulie – I betrayed you..
Michelle says Paul’s betrayal was worse than her betrayal

Paulie says he didn’t want to take Natalie far that was all Paul.
Michelle says they all planned to get into Paulie’s head before Veto.
Paulie says that stuff doesn’t affect him, “I know they are all being a certain way..”
Michelle – it’s going to stop everyone loves you as a person
Paulie – Ya I get it nobody would have gotten into my head it just happened to be a crapshoot veto
Michelle – I had a hard time watching to be honest.. It hurt my heart

Paulie – 1 option and it’s basically my only option.. I literally don’t want anymore those guys are 100% against me .. the only play I have is to plead to Victor to pull Corey down and put up natalie.
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-14 01-46-58-568
Michelle – I’ve gotten really close to natalie.. She helped save my butt
Paulie – I know the votes won’t go my way.. You would be the deciding votes.
Paulie says he would have Nicole and Corey’s vote it would be 3 to 2
Michelle – you got to try .. do what you got to do dude..
Paulie – vic said if I one of us go down you go up..
Paulie keeps saying he won’t campaign against Corey
Michelle says find a bigger target out of everyone you don’t have to throw corey under the bus, “Do you think I campaigned against Zakiyah”

Michelle – Zakiyah told Nicole when she walked out, That girl will never get me vote
Michelle – it’s a game i’m not going to roll over and die

Paulie – right now all those boys are together
Michelle – you can pull somethin outta your butt… I thought I was going home.

Paulie – I’m Ok with going home right now MEECH i’m never going to campaign against Corey
Michelle says Corey isn’t here to win he doesn’t have the same drive
Paulie – James stabbed me in the back.

Paulie is saying what the other houseguests are doing to him calling him out are “Cheap shots” says he thought he had squashed everything with Natalie.

Paulie is going to try and get Natalie put up after Vic uses the Veto on Corey. he’ll then campaign to save himself it’s his only play. Michelle brings up he might have the round trip.
Paulie says he was loyal to the guys goes on about getting backstabbed.
Michelle points out she was in an alliance with Paulie he was always talking about the loyalty within that group.

Michelle says she wants to give him her honest Answer she won’t vote against Natalie
Paulie – James literally tore my heart out by sending my girl home..
Paulie says next week would be a good time to get rid of Victor because he can’t play HOH.

Paulie – after I’m gone Nicole and Corey are sitting ducks.
Michelle – so are me and natalie.. I’m really disappointed in the girls this season… I’m embarrassed with myself.. I came in here thinking I was competitive.

Paulie – Corey and Nicole are crushed by James, Nicole had something with James, Corey can win comps to.
Paulie say Corey and james will not work with James
Michelle – James lied to me a bunch of times saying I don’t have anything, i have nothing i’ve never been asked for a final 2.

Paulie – i’m really f***g down and out
Michelle – you acting that way
Paulie – I’m really crushed.. It’s very real .. once the emotions are there can you make them more
Paulie – if I come back I come back and if I do they are expecting me to be gung ho boys, because that’s what i’ve been preaching..
Michelle – what number do you have
Paulie – 10
Michelle – ooo that’s not a bad number
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-14 00-59-55-337
Paulie – Maybe Nicole got the package because they know who has the number adn they figure if I was the target I would be safe (ZOMG)
Michelle – probably
Paulie is going to tell Victor – ”At least give me the option to campaign.. Put Natalie up”

Michelle says she truly wishes she used the Veto on Frank
Paulie – I do to, you and I were the only ones that wanted to keep him
Paulie wants to flip the house from a fan perspective

Paulie starts talking about his mental state, “Between you and I , I have appointments with. . Feeds cut
Paulie – I’m petrified of being in Jury and being closed in
Feeds cut
Paulie has information that can blow the guys up if he stays he’ll do it.
Paulie pushing to get Victor out, says Michelle can do it during a mental comp.
Paulie says he wants to form a group Corey, Michelle, paulie and Nicole.
Paulie – We’re on the outside and you are on the ins
Michelle – that’s funny last week us 4 were working together
Paulie – they never give me information they used to .. but they will to you and you will sit there and play who the target is
Paulie – You guys are the disposable ones, it’s Paul, Vic and Natalie
Paulie says James backstabbed him all because of a girl
Paulie – I was going to ride it out with Him adn Corey and paul was my 4th part of the piece.. Paul wanted to keep you, James wanted to keep Natalie and Corey wanted Nicole
Michelle – why did Paul want to keep me
Paul – I told him to keep you told him I liked you (LOL)
Paulie going on about James ripping his heart out, (even though what james did saved Michelle)
Paulie going on about knowing Natalie’s friends back home says she’s fake
Michelle says sometimes she thinks Natalie is too good too be true because she knows Michelle has said all these things about her
Paulie – she’s fake

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-14 01-18-40-325
1:18am James and Natalie Bathroom
Natalie says Michelle and Paulie keep whispering
Natalie says Paul is unsure about Michelle’s loyalty.
James says she might have to be the next one to go if she’s being sketchy
James – do you think she’s going to be sketchy
Natalie – No she shouldn’t be the next one to go .. She’s with us we need her right now..
Natalie – we can control her we have the numbers.. Corey and Nicole next ones to go.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-14 01-21-25-650
1:21am Mr Jenkins still alive

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-14 01-58-54-824

1:49am Kitchen Natalie and James
Natalie says if Michelle votes the other way it won’t matter they still have the votes and Michelle will be the target.
James- if Michelle votes their way it’ll be 3-2
Natalie – if she votes Nicole’s way it’ll be 3 to 2 and Paulie will go home and she’ll be the target.. He just talks and talks and talks.. Everything he says is a lie
Jaems – we have to be careful what we say
Natalie – i’m done talking to her about that stuff

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-14 02-07-58-618
2:07am Have nots Michelle and Nicole
Michelle – I feel really bad for Paulie he’s really beaten down.. I just don’t like seeing him like that he’s always peppy happy ..
Nicole – he’ll be better in a couple days

Michelle – my pees smell like Slop

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-14 02-16-16-710

2:16am Alarm goes off PAul goes and frisks everyone down and clear the check points

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-14 02-30-30-824

2:23am London room James, Natalie and Paul
They tell Paul, Meech and Paulie were whispering in the Safari room for 2 hours.
Natalie is going to find out what they were talkign about when they go out tanning tomorrow.
Paul – it doesn’t matter we have the 3 votes right here but it’s disconcerting
Natalie says Michelle was telling her she she feels bad for Paulie
Paul- we gotta really be careful
Natalie – our group is straight shooters we’re loyal

Natalie – why were they whispering for 2 hours
Paul – really 2 hours..

Paul says he’s been warning them about Meech they have to stick with her and make sure on the off chance she does win the HOH she sticks to the plan and puts up Nicole and Corey.
Paul says they don’t even need Meech as a number next week if he wins HOH he’ll put Corey and Nicole up Natalie, JAmes, Vic have the votes.

Paul says Nicole and Meech are Chatting in the dark “They aren’t a sleep”
Natalie – I just hope she doesn’t make herself the target .. why can’t people be straight shooters..

Paul – this is only Saturday ..
Paul says imagine how much whispering will go on Wednesday they have to stick close to Meech all day.
Paul – She might feed into their bullshit.. that is why I was nervous
They agree Bridgette staying would be WAY better for their game

Paul – Vic not changing it .. unless hommie has a round trip ticket he’s gone
Natalie – now he’s (Paulie) is acting all calm
They chat about how Paulie is now saying how he needs the money whereas in the beginning of the season he would always talk about how much money he had.

Paul says he never liked Zakiyah calls her a “Sh1t stain”
Natalie – she would talk so much sh1t about Bridgette but to her face she was nice.. she tried to make amends with Bridgette because she was staying, but saying upstairs how much she didn’t like her.

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I hate Michelle

Mini Me James

Well Paulie has two chances left. He has to hope he has the round trip ticket or he needs to make the case to the people voting that he controls four jury votes ( His,Z,Nicole,Corey) that he will use to make sure they don’t win the game.

The girls should just sit back and let Victor,James,Corey,Paul, and Paulie target each other and then team up to take control of the house.


True but the only problem is the girls gotta win something eventually do u truly have faith in them. Rachel Reilly rolling over in her grave watching this season

Another Hillary Lie

You are correct in that these girls are no Rachel but if the guys keep picking each other off and they can’t have back to back HOH sooner or later the girls will get their chance.


These girls are weak, naive, gullible… but Rachel was a hideous troll who happened to make it to the end of a game of circumstance – big whoop! if you look up to Rachel, please medicate yourself immediately

Truth Hurts

Rachael won this game and the 500K prize. Your best work was smacking people with a paddle while you played an internet troll in the HOH competition.

Frank's dingleberry

You know the Inquisitor mention OBB on Paulie’s meltdown and his past mental health problems, gave a shout out on breaking news.
They also said they have Paulie sedated and say not wanting him self evict, or making it to Thursday but skipping jury.
I guess it’s a real possibility he’ll quit in some form or another


Rachel was, is and will always be a pompous, entitled, whiny, ugly bug-looking emotional wreck. Then, I had to see her double down her douchery on the Amazing Race. I do no trolling, I just call it like it is. So, like it also is… is that you are probably so offended by my comment because your pea brain has probably guided you to worship Queen Stankness, and now you’re so upset to realize how utterly pathetic you truly are, so in retaliation, you try to throw a tantrum bomb on my freedom of speech thinking you may stifle me. Well, little Miss Plumpmuffin, it’s time for you to sit on a cactus and hug a porcupine while licking a hairy lollipop. Oh, and have a nice day.


Rachel is alive, she can’t be rolling over in her grave…smh


Rachel Reilly’s in her grave? FIIIIINALY!!!


I looked at the last post I wrote to see any responses. I was talking about Paulie’s instability and someone then took my screen name and started saying the exact opposite and defending Paulie. Wow people are really coming on here to do PR spins CRAZY…. FYI It is not my post if it defends Paulie His behavior is cruel and that is not ok even for a game to me at least. I still want to THANK Simon and Dawg again this is the BEST Blog / forum out there.


With next week care package being cohoh does that mean they won’t be able to vote also

Anonymous 2

That is a great question. I would think yes.
So if 2 HOHs and 2 Noms can’t vote then it only takes 2 votes to send someone home!


I like Paulie’s supposed reasoning for Vic to use the veto…”please give me someone I can campaign against….hmm. Don’t know….Natalie. Yeah, give me a chance”. He is saying this in the most sincere fake way, so comical. So you want Victor to take Corey off the block, which will add a vote to you. And Then for Vic to put Nat up, which will remove a vote against you…I think you are asking for a bit more than a chance to campaign there paulie boy. Delusional much?

sunny dee

paulie telling michelle he wants an alliance, him, her, nicole and corey.
michelle telling paulie, weren’t we in that alliance last week? and corey put me up in DE, and you guys had your 5 or die and put me up to go out same way?

in other words, maybe being in an alliance with paulie is the same as telling paulie you want to be evicted next?

he overstepped and overthought all his moves. he gets zak on the block and saying he wants her out because others want her out and she’s a dreaded girl. corey is saying ‘i don’t like her, happy to do that’ then one thing happens and he’s gung ho for michelle out and acts like he NEVER once said he actually wanted zak out to free him up

well he free now, dude bro

TX rar

Paulie just needs to STFU. He can’t let anything go: Nat has FT, Nat is fake, Bridgette said feminst things (whatis wrong with equality?). James backstabbed him (after he made personal attacks on Nat)

He is like a broken record!!!!! Net-Net- if he can’t manipulate you and do what he tells you to do OR if you are a women then you are scheming or disloyal if you are a man.

The FT comments...

Today, these FT comments are out of line. Medical procedures are not only just to help you function, but many are for self esteem and to make a person feel better. She has nothing to be ashamed about, because she mentioned early in the season she felt lacking in that area.

I am willing to bet, that Paulie or Corey, or anyone that is joking about her FT’s, EVEN VICTOR has, that they have some kind of Dental work or something done. Maybe a crown, some type of work be it braces at some point in their life to fix not only function but self esteem. These comments just make no sense in today’s age. If you are missing a leg, and you want to look normal, you get a prosthetic. Missing hair, get extensions, or a wig. This is not uncommon. Mental doctoring is just as valuable as functional doctoring in that sense if it makes a person live a better life. My 2 cents.


I love you for that kind and thoughtful post…..


So getting dental work is the same as getting breast implants? Losing a leg and getting a prosthetic is the same as cosmetic enhancement of your boobs?

Listen up: Natalie has EVERY RIGHT TO GET A BREAST AUGMENTATION FOR ANY REASON SHE WANTS!! However, her doing so is an act of VANITY- not necessity.

By comparison, I was mugged years ago, and the criminal bashed me in the face with a club, which broke out my teeth. Getting crowns/implants was required just to get my mouth back to a similar state to before the attack.

A war vet who loses a leg in combat has ZERO good choices and has to settle for the least painful and most functional option available to him/her.

I had a hair stylist who got implants. She was already beautiful, inside and out, and I was surprised that she did it. But since I had already been going to her for many years, she opened up to me about her reasons. She was so embarrassed by the shape of them, that she never even took her top off in front of her mother, let alone any boyfriend she ever had. For her, breast augmentation was needed for her to have confidence and to get over the humiliation she felt. She told me the story about the day she had the surgery. Her mother went with her for the surgery, and it wasn’t until the final consultation with the doctor that her mother saw why her daughter was about to have the surgery. Until that point, she thought her daughter was doing it for vanity. Once she realized the truth, her mother started to cry and apologize to her daughter. They cried together, overwhelmed with emotion. And so did I when she told me the story.


CALM DOWN……………jeez


Wow….a bit judgie! Also hypocritical. So it’s ok for you because you feel your reason trumps her reason? How do you know her “natural” breast weren’t malformed? Ya don’t do find another soapbox to pontificate from. Big brother doesn’t seem like the blog you really need to be on.


Yes, my reason did trump hers. I wasn’t envious of anyone when I had my mouth surgically repaired, or my teeth replaced. It was necessary – not vanity or envy. Sorry you don’t see the difference, but there is a difference.

Also, I have seen Natalie’s pics in a variety of bikinis. Her chest was small, not malformed.



Glad your hairstylist got your approval. You sound like a real a#hole


Huh? Sorry you can’t handle the truth. And for the record, you sound like a bigger, vulgar ahole.

Buckeye Bob

So Nic didn’t know if Hawaii is part of USA. You have to love that Meeesheegun educational system. And she made it through nursing school. Go Bucks!!!


Nichole might be wondering if the vacation is only for the continental United States. Which would rule Hawaii out.

Mister pickles

Nicole is a style setter. These synchronized swimmers are wearing hooks in their noses that pull their nostrils up and make them look like Nicole. And I thought she got that look from wearing Bondage nose hooks. But she probably just did synchronized swimming and forgot to take the hooks out when practice was over.

Are u another Paulie

And how are you different from Paulie or any other bully attacking Nichole on a personal level. There’s enough game play mistakes you can comment on.

Mister pickles

Don’t you recognize a compliment when you see one? I like Nicole.

Paul the Punk

James has now joined Andy Herren in the Rat Hall of Fame.


So how is James a rat? There never was a legitimate alliance with paulie. Paulies ride or die has always been Corey. ALL his “alliances” we’re just in place to keep his ass covered. Everyone knows this. James helped get paulie before paulie could get him. It’s that simple.


Ever heard of PP?


And last week he was ratting Natalie out to Paulie. Like many people, I used to like James and can no longer stand him.

Pinocchio Obama


Is this week the last chance to use the Round Trip Ticket?

Pinocchio Obama

Thanks Simon.


What if the actual hoh is the winner of acp cohoh ?
Then would it be like a normal hoh

Pinocchio Obama

What a difference a week makes. BB18 is no longer boring.


Well it looks like I’m voting for Paul to get the package now

BB18 Grossmances

*Michelle’s thoughts: “Man it’s really sad to see Paulie so beaten down and defeated. I mean when I threatened to blow up his game…and revealed all his lies…and went off on him in my speech..and again before veto… I didn’t think they would record that!…wait…is that why all these cameras are in here?…no, don’t record me, I’m hideous!..Maybe if I give Paulie a sympathy vote he will cuddle with me..**cries hysterically***…I miss you Frank!!!


That’s funny! I DO think that because she is an emotional person she has a lot of empathy and she really does feel badly for Paulie. She won’t flip her vote for him, but it’s easier to hate on someone while they are being a jerk than when they are crying and She understands how it feels the moment you lose all hope of staying in the house.

Powder Puff Girl

After this conversation I am now voting for Victor for the Care Package to be on the safe side.

Right now I do not think Michelle has flipped but could be biting. I hope someone asks Michelle what Paulie said to her to get her report so we can see if she is sliding… I am wondering if Michelle is still trying to rebrand herself from being #meangirl to the public? Paulie playing hard with her buttering up the sympathy card hoping for a new alliance. He wanting Corey down was for 2 votes, was only to save his neck, nothing to do with keeping Corey safe (Corey most likely thinks he is doing it to protect him). Paulie is still in full on gameplay mode like he should be.

We have a lot of time before Thursday, Victor, Natalie, James, Paul, Michelle have to relay all chats they have with Paulie.


Paul would be a fool not to fight for his life. There have been MANY houseguests over the years that were down and out but able to pull themselves up. I actually hope Paulie does make it. I hope Victor uses the VETO and puts someone else up who leaves. This game has been boring and now they want a Paul, Victor, Natalie and James final four……boring and gross as none of them deserve it. Victor a little for coming back but that is it really. Natalie is a horrible person. Paul is a snake and James is a dunce who follows the crowd.

BB18 Grossmances

*Victor’s thoughts: Me.. The Puerto Rican Sensation is close to 10 comp wins!..I will be the best BB competitor this season..no wait, this decade…maybe ever!..Paulie thinks I would take Corey off the block, so he can campaign against someone else…HA!!…never cared…he doesnt count my Battle back wins…he’s telling everyone he threw HOH..well he’s done…I wonder if the fans will be able to Google me yet…ladies hit me #PuertoRican Sensation BB18


LOL that’s her 🙂 I started the seaSon loving Michelle, then couldn’t stand her for being mean for no reason, and now I’m back to loving her again. She is flawed, but she totally owns it and is very self aware of her mistakes and was eventually open enough to get to know Natalie.

Paulie keeps saying he squashed it with Natalie, but he’s still calling her fake and maligning the entire state of Jersey. He takes absolutely no ownership in being a misogynistic pig, a bully, and he was NEVER loyal to James. He believes his own press release.

I'm wealthy

Let’s give it to Victor. He can’t play in the next HoH and will make the right choice. I hope Paul wins the HoH though, Paul and Victor combo would be awesome!


Vote for whoever you want to win! It isn’t a “group” vote like “voting with the house.” Vote for who YOU want to win. With that said, Michele would be fun to watch by probably irritating the HoH winner, Victor would need it to be safe because he doesn’t have a chance and Cory/Nichole will be gunning for him if they are really playing, and Jame/Natalie just to get a letter, (I believe they are safe next week).

Dawg/Simon you were right about this season being better than the past several. Love the house flipping when the underdogs finally aren’t scared and start sharing conversations.

Paulie-I am so sorry you are on the block and acting defeated. lololololololo (sorry I couldn’t stop laughing) You are a tool and have never shut up about people. I hate the way he treated Zak even though I really didn’t like her meanness. I feel bad for her and the “things” she has done on camera are there for ever. As a teacher, she could be fired for having sex on camera and it being on the internet. We sign a contract that we will act responsibly on social media. This could harm her career, not to mention her professional reputation. Her students are young, but they have parents. Students Google their teachers in high school to see what they can find. I have a teacher friend that got called into the admin office because a student saw a wine glass on her Facebook page and told his rich mom she was an alcoholic drinking all the time and coming to class the next morning smelling of alcohol. Hopefully Paulie’s parents will get him a PR person to clean up their family name now and for him take responsibility for his unattractive behavior.

Mr Jenkins

Simon Dawg, you need to add Mr. Jenkins to that poll, because its popularity is just as good as most of those house guests. From the looks of the poor thing, they going to let it die, so they are essentially evicting it. Care package for Mr. Jenkins

Hal 9000

What about Bobby?

Oaulie lost already :)

Who is Bobby?

Another Hillary Lie

It would be funny to add Mr. Jenkins to the poll and see where he stands.


Well Paulie, someone had to make progressive feminist comments to balance out the total sh*tbag comments falling out of your mouth every two minutes. There are many reasons I don’t want you to have the RT ticket, but the biggest reason is I think the jury house will be good for you. Bridgette can talk to you like a normal human being, you can accuse her of feminism, she’ll say “duh,” you’ll (hopefully) stomp home early because you can’t handle the things you dish out and we don’t have to hear your voice anymore.

Who’d have thought of all the things he fears, it’s feminists that get to Paulie the most.


Feminism is supporting equal rights for women, and Paulie honestly thinks it is a terrible thing. Nice job Mrs. Califiore, you should be proud. That is, if females are even allowed to have an opinion in the Califiore household.


Has Paulie ever even mentioned his mom? Most of the other guys are always talking about their moms or giving shout outs to their moms but only remember Paulie talking about his dad, Cory and a couple of times his sister.

As to him making statements about maybe taking penalties instead of baking pies, I think in his mind he is thinking that is beneath him because that is women’s work.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

In Paulies defense what would he talk about his mom? With all the French kissing he does with his tank top wearing dad he’s got no time for her




Agreed. Pauline makes this season hard to watch. I don’t know about BB Canada (Simon/Dawg?) but in BB UK and BB Australia people have been ejected for less offensive comments and less threatening behavior than Pauline’s.

Bridgette's Good Ankle

So true that Paulie does appear to be afraid of strong women and this is why he was able to manipulate Zakiyah…and currently attempting to manipulate Michelle (unfortunately he may be succesful).

Since Paulie has to bake perhaps Big brother has slipped in the recipe for “Humble Pie” ..he needs it.

Between Corey’s flag costume and Nicole’s safety outfit…together they are a soar for sight eyes!


I think Paulie is intimidated by not just strong women but anyone who is stronger than him. Both physically and mentally. He is a controller and can’t deal with not getting his way. He has no humility. The world revolves around him. He is a true martyr.

TX rar

Or a patholigical narcissist maybe?? . He lashes out in anger if he cant control you and attacks anyone that figures out his game and tries to get others to attack them


I still find it hilarious and ironic that Paulie makes Nasty comments to Nat about being a Jersey girl when she is Venezuelan by birth . Most funny to me isn’t his Mother and sister JERSEY GIRLS ? I guess with a low I Q he cant comprehend that situation

star gazer

Paulie really reminds me of not just 1, but 2 tv personalities – Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: could be the reasons he’s seeing a Psychiatrist? I think he is a real threat to women. He has so much anger in him. I still think he’s in the closet fighting urges.

Butter cup

So Paulie also said Zak is s shit stain? That’s funny coming from someone full of shit. Lol well paulie you licked shit stain, hugged, kissed, and boned, you peace of shit!!!!!


Paul, not Paulie, said it, but Paulie probably would be in agreement


Meech face turn was too good to be true.

Vote for Victor!

Victor cannot compete for HOH. It makes the most sense to give this one to him. This one is too important to trust Meech with. She is easily swayed.


That seals it. I completely forgot that Victor wasn’t going to be able to play in the H.O.H.
Victor for Care Package it is then.


You know….I was 1000% for Michele before this conversation with Paulie. Now………….

Victor for ACP!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really don’t see Meech being influenced by Paulie, It’s probably just the same thing as the bathroom conversation. She’s just using Paulie’s ability to blab to get info to sink his own ship. In the Kitchen fight she was constantly piping up with sh!t he would say in the bathroom convo the day before that didn’t match what he was claiming in the moment.

That being said, I’m still voting Vic for ACP. He’s strategic, measured, calm in the face of Paulie’s constant narcissistic badgering AND he can’t compete for HOH next week, which leaves him vulnerable. Yes to VIC for ACP!


I think Michelle is indeed falling for Paulie’s lies again, who in their right mind would vote for Paulie to stay? Even as a “sympathy” vote that’s too much of a risk, plus the Roundtrip ticket is still in play. Michelle is truly Mentally unstable to suggest a sympathy vote.


What I am afraid of is that all this splitting of votes between Vic, Meech and Paul will result in a Corey win. It seems to me that on twitter I see a higher % of people posting for Vic versus Meech to win it so I may go with Vic.

Leopold Stotch

Gotta’ agree – VICTOR FOR ACP!

The conversation Michelle had with Paulie will likely hurt her in the eyes of Paul, Nat, James and Vic, but won’t have an effect on this weeks eviction. However, I don’t think she should be entrusted with such an important ACP.



Oh, and Paulie – thank you for acting like such a spoiled child who doesn’t get his way. Watching you suffer is an awesome reward for being forced to watch your egotistical BS this season!!


I think you should copy and paste this often.

Vic may not be the brightest bulb, but he acted with calm and maturity when he was backdoored.

Vic for America’s player & ACP!


It might be better if victor can vote? If co hoh can’t vote maybe mich should be the one


Looking at the Care Packages left, I think the next one would be the most beneficial over the last. Now, we’re going to have to follow O.B.B all day to determine what the hell Michelle is doing. Is she too flaky to give this much power too? My gut tells me yes. So Victor or Paul for this week? And whoever doesn’t get it this week out of this week’s option, gets it next week. No soup for Corey or Paulie.
Here’s hoping Paulie doesn’t have the return ticket.


Agreed, Victor or Paul would be the safe bet to vote for the care package. But think of all the possibilities, Michelle could potentially make it a full-filled week of drama to watch on the feeds!!!!

Bridgette's Good Ankle

I’m voting for Victor to receive America’s Care Package, after this week he earned it…he followed thru and put Paulie on the block, and it may keep him safe since he can’t play HOH.

Watching Paulie’s transition has been interesting, he went from being cocky and manipulative…to claiming to be mentally unstable.. in need of the money (he bragged about his money/ businesses this entire game)..claustrophobic (so he won’t be forced to stay in jury, and face all the women he evicted/ degraded)… But then always refers back to Cody and Derrick and loyalty/honor…

If he is unstable, I hope he continues therapy.
I have little sympathy for his current circumstance, and believe he is being a sore loser, poor sportsman.

Min O'Pause

20 bucks says Palsy’s psychiatrist appointments are simply him watching old episodes of Dr. Phil.


Voting for Victor. He needs to be kept safe and he was rock solid this week.


Has it occurred to anyone that Paulie is trying to Dan Gheesling the hell out of this?
I don’t believe him for a second.


Seems like Meech has a case of PauliTITIS – Doesn’t know when to shut up or stop listening !!!!


So if everything goes according to plan they’re will be no more moves this week.
It’s a done deal. Right? Paulie is out for sure. Right?
Ach I doubt it somehow.

Huckleberry Hillary

Don’t forget Productions plan.


It is absolutely ridiculous to think that Production wants to keep Paulie in the house after everything that has happened in the past week.


To see Nichole’s face if Cory left, priceless. I really don’t care for the girl this season. I tho0u0ght she was stronger and her whininnnnnnng. uck. I just can’t!!


This season?? She’s the same whiny childish snot that she was the first time around! ????


Michelle, don’t you dare fall for Paulie’s bullshit!!!!


I think the only way it matters is if he has the return ticket. And who knows, maybe she’s just playing him for a jury vote.

TX rar

This is why Michelle cant have ACP4 co-hoh. She is too easilty manipulated. Vote Victor!


Well they were bonding over their hatred of Hillary Clinton (before BB decided we shouldn’t be hearing that apparently) so who knows.


Seriously listeming to Paulie lying, complaining, not taking responsability for his own actions, attacking women and crying like a baby reminds the orange guy the one who wants to make russia great again lol i was planning to vote for meech To get the co hoh but now i would vote for victor. My fav to win vic, natalie or james.

Hilary For Prison

If they don’t start to target the couples I think James has a good shot at winning this.


Really? You like women haters?

Big Jim

Paulie was head over heels for Zakiyah who knew? Give me a break she was a piece of ass he could manipulate and control

Is he hearing voices?

I agree. He’s just grasping at straws now trying anything he can to mess with everyone’s head. But it seems to me his upstairs is a padded room and he is in need of a staight jacket.


paulie trying to play a Derek’s game and a Cody’s game but it didn’t work so now he’s gonna tried play a Dan’s game. Not going to work I hope.


If Paulie leaves so do I. He is hot

Hilary For Prison

This is a joke….right?


Bye! Never cared.

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

*sniff sob* Me too!


He looks like Homer Simpson since he shaved.


Pauline hot? Sorry to break your heart he’s gay lol

Another Hillary Lie

Paulie is hot……Hot headed.


Girl, bye!


“Paulie – I’m petrified of being in Jury and being closed in”

But he isn’t terrified of being closed in the BB house itself?

TX rar

…. Or by sleeping with Z on those tiny bumper cars? Not buying it Paulie !

Min O'Pause

Or when Z was wrapped around him like a kudzu vine humping like a Missouri leg hound?


That lame excuse is the best he could come up with?


Paulie’s ego cannot tolerate being evicted ahead of any of the people left in the house and certainly not ahead of Natalie… oh, and to have to live the rest of his life with Cody thoroughly kicking his butt at this game is going to destroy him.
Pathetic. He is always counting and comparing… points out he and Cody are tied for wins… he’ll try to spin it that getting booted earlier while having won the same number of competitions as Cody makes his accomplishment better… Imagine how many I would have won if I had stayed in the game to the end like you did, Cody… I’d have won way more than you.
BUT you got evicted, Paulie…. screw the what ifs the coulda happens… the object of the game is to not get evicted and in this Cody destroyed you.
P.S. ever consider the possibility you are NOT being competitive, you are being narcissistic?
Dude, you can spin it all you want but no one gets a free pass on misogyny. Your behaviour is not defensible under the guise of game play. It isn’t haters… dude you turned people off who had you as the favourite; people who didn’t like you still respected you playing the game but, in the end, even as you employ a great tactical move to spin the house flip that gives you an extra vote to stay with Corey off the block… you continue to turn us off. I’m not a hater. I just don’t respect your behaviour. You have insufficient redeeming qualities.


After all he’s been through, to come back into the house and make THE most important move of the season, Victor has truly EARNED the next care package.

Natalie's Fake

Natalie is truly fake and is playing for America’s favourite, when the show is over you’ll see her true colours come out. It’s funny how she has to reiterate that she is a ‘good person’ time and time again, narcissistic much?


It doesn’t matter what you think, she is HUGELY popular and beloved. She probably will win America’s Fav, and you’ll still be bitching on the internet.

TX rar

Sounds like you’ve been drinking Paulie’s kool-aid. Nat is a sweet girl.


Do you know her personally? Or any of these guys personally…I think not, BYE!


Well, she got implants because she saw the attention paid to all of her cheerleader and beauty pageant friends with bigger boobs…

She also has admitted to deliberately acting one way when she came in the house, and is now acting more like herself…

Early in the season, she openly admitted that she doesn’t want to drink in the house because she has a bad habit of dancing on tables and kissing guys in bars…

Also – last night, she said to Paul: “I’m don’t like how you said you didn’t like older women (attracted to older women). I still feel like I’m 23” (she’s 26).
Paul said: “But you’re not (23)!”
—-So Natalie does not like it that Paul is not attracted to her because she’s older? Why is Natalie thinking or worrying about Paul being attracted to her in the first place?!?!?!?!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Natalie is a bad person, but I also do not think she is exactly as she tries to appear…

Min O'Pause

They may read this in 30 years and realize how stupid it sounds arguing 23 vs. 26.

Truth Hurts

Should I feel bad that I would enjoy seeing her dance on the tables?


Her big problem is female insecurity other than that I’m a really good person lol


Everyone keeps forgetting the actual words that came out of her (Nat) mouth when Victor rejected her weeeks ago! And I quote “I can have any guy I want”. That screams shallow narcissistic fake slor……Chics like her are a dime a dozen and for some reason they think they are so special. And they are special, to all the slor trolling bar boys whose main purpose in life is to have as many drunk naked passed out slors pictures in their phones to show all the other bar boys!

Min O'Pause

How can Palsy feel closed in at the jury house? When they show the evicted HG arriving the house looks huge with a fabulous swimming pool.


closed in because of the women

Paulie lost already :)

He is claustrophobic at the thought of being trapped in a house with three strong women he disrespected and evicted who probably hold him largely responsible and whom in the case of Da’ and Zakiyah was in an alliance with. Bridgette he merely promised to “protect” I don’t think he ever made an actual alliance. I guess I really can’t call Z a strong woman…and knowing her past behavior instead of giving him the cold shoulder in jury she will probably throw herself on him….


He is saying that to try and manipulate production to throw him some favors to help stay in the game. It’s a pussy move but he clearly has issues. I think he should be removed from the show for lying about his mental issues (he said it not me) this kid is very used to getting his way. I have zero sympathy for this a#hole. And this is just my opinion.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

I’m not sure who’s pu$$y stinks worse, Paulies or Nicole’s? I mean doesn’t Nicole look like she stinks? And James being the reason Z left and this whole thing started. Didn’t they all know from the beginning he was going to cancel out Paul and Corey’s vote? Didn’t they volunteer bc they all thought it was going to be a landslide that Michelle would be voted out? James sucks d$cks and didn’t do shit. It was Nat and Bridge who made this shit happen. Corey needs to wash the a-hole, Nicole that nasty puss and Paulie his lips bc he’s coming home daddy!

Truth Hurts

And Frank sits at home.

Only can wish

Paulie is playing crazy with these HGS. He knows exactly whats hes doing. He is still playing this game. He keeps telling Vic to take Corey off because he don’t want to campaign against him and put someone else up, so he can try to save himself. He’s still trying to dictate play. Im hoping Vic doesn’t fall it. Michelle is on my radar.


Paulie is for sure gone. I think next week will be either Corey or Nicole. (Because of CoHOH one of them will be gone) If Corey stays I can see him winning an HOH and taking out Victor.

I think Natalie is definitely got the best shot at going final two, I just don’t see the jury giving her the money except for Bridgette and James.

Paul and Vic got a really good shot at winning the game. Rooting for Vic just because I think it would be cool for an evicted HG to win.


Paulie is starting to remind of Travis Bickle. The character from Taxi Driver. So I guess he’s going try and kill Cory (Uncle Sam) and Paul (Secret Service) has to stop him.

Another Anonymous

Michelle broke the fundamental rule–never show your preference regarding presidential politics. She just ended up losing half her voters for ACP. [Plus, I have no idea why she is spilling all this stuff to Paulie.] I’m now voting for Victor for co-HOH.

Another Anonymous

Also, Simon, you have Paul saying something bad about Clinton, but it was Paulie, right?


Right. Seemed to me Paul wasn’t saying anything.


Why is it that people cannot allow and respect the opinions of others. There is no ideal candidate… there is no consensus rank of variables by priority that represents a universal truth. Who is the best candidate is entirely subjective but you are compelled to punish someone in the game for having a different opinion than you on a subject that has nothing to do with the game… Wow.

Another Anonymous

No, you’re wrong. I couldn’t care less about Michelle’s political views. She can support whomever she wants. However, she said the following: “Michelle – why do you want a liar that is funded by wall street it blows my mind.” She insulted MY political views–as though I must be stupid for supporting Hillary (yeah, I know, some of you think that I am). But, you want me to ignore that and give Michelle a reward even though she insulted me? No thank you. I’m voting for Victor, who is smart enough to keep his political views to himself.


Michelle would not like Trudeau if she knew the amount of “mayonnaise” he has consumed during his life.


Whoa…you saying Trudeau is on the down low? They say its common knowledge that Obama was a frequent visitor to Chicago’s bath houses prior to his presidency.


They are part of The New World which is a cult and most of them are homosexuals serving the Dark side. Justin’s father was a part of it also. John F. Kennedy realized what the Government was all about and even did a speech to the public about the secret society. He went against them and they got rid of him. Bobby went against them also.


Jfk was the last true American president. There will never be another. As anyone that takes the office will either do what “they” want or will meet the same fate as jfk did when he tried to strike against them regarding the “federal” reserve. I’m glad more people are seeing the truth.

Carl Sagan

Aliens. Plain and simple. It’s alien lizard people.


Actually good ol Reagan was!


Meant to write New World Order not New World.


What about her believing in the Ted Cruz/Zodiac killer rumor? Pitiful..I don’t even think Cruz was even born when those killings started.


Don’t worry FLOTUS I wasn’t going to bring up that you’re really a man named Michael who played college football…


What’s wrong with mayo?! You can make it at home with olive (or canola) oil, 1 egg yolk, a little white wine vinegar, dry mustard, lemon juice and a little salt and pepper, whip it up with a stick blender! Simple and delicious!

Any other “mayo” that you might be referring to is disgusting and should be used sparingly.


“Paulie didn’t expect the strong players to be targeted”

This is why smart players say “too soon” about taking out a strong player like Frank. A smart player would have walked the anti-Frank talk back, keep it on the back burner, not stoke the flame. A smart player knows that if a majority feels threats, then eliminating one will cause them to need to find another….and it’s likely to be you.

And a smart player would avoid the very behavior that opened to door to vilify other strong players.

Natalie is Hot

Since Vic can’t compete in the next HOH I think James and Natalie should team up with Corey and Nicole. Those four votes will be a majority of the house after this weeks eviction and if I’m James and Natalie I would much rather have to beat Corey and Nicole than Paul and Victor and they would get credit for making a big move.

VPN + PrePaid Visa = Still No Access

Hi Guys,

I seem to be having issues getting CBS All Access in Australia. I have purchased a prepaid visa and a VPN and yet I still get errors trying to purchase the early access. Funny thing is I have logged into CBS and watching its episodes, therefore the VPN is not an issue.

Moreover, the Visa works internationally, on my US PayPal and on stuck such as Netflix and Hulu, so can some please explain what the fuck I can do?

Care we share an account, like netflix? I obviously would pay for the damn thing.

Thanks in advance.


I think you need to use a prepaid American Express, not Visa.

Whoop Whoop

Ignore what I said above, I got about 7-8 CBS ALL Access accounts. Finally, I can watch All Access its just a shame they are all sleeping now. If anyone needs a free account let me know (must have skype or youtube, can not send private message here).



I hope you got those through this site, I’m sure Simon and Dawg would appreciate the tips.


What a big change from that smug smile on Paulie’s face as he belittled women to tears running down his face as he realizes he is no longer in control of everybody. Bully to baby.

TX rar

His pride and basic beliefs were hurt that the women working together blew up his game and is sending him home- with the crucial help of Victor winning HOH/POV.

Cabana Fana

I don’t think Meech is falling for what Paulie is saying. It seems like she’s just covering herself should he have the round trip ticket or get the jury buy back.


I’m inclined to agree. However, Michelle is failing to manage how her time spent with Paulie can appear to her paranoid house mates… in failing to manage and inform her alliance she is coming across as sketch…


If paulie want to stay, he need to wake up..you won’t campaign against corey and you want to get natalie out,pffffttt, make no sense ,of course from our prespective you know who flip the house and you want her out, but the house is already flipped ,thanks to Nat,and you are on the block so i think it won’t work, the only way is to campaign against corey because he’s the only reason you can stay since they’re power couple and tall and sometimes good at challanges and he also on the block. if Nat goes on the block it wont affect anything , she has number…is he become dumb or what,, sorry


Did I miss something or did everybody forget it was Paul who told vic to put up Paulie and Corey vic is a great robot but needs computing. Natalie just caused an argument. Paul saw an opportunity to get the better player on his side fully with the others support this all would have been nixed if vic knew the game, because if Paul doesn’t get hoh or vic win veto he will be next


Agree that Paul was instrumental in Paulie and Corey being nominated but Natalie swung Bridgette and laid the groundwork for this eviction a week ago… before Vic won HOH.

Cabana Fana

I don’t think Meech is falling for what Paulie is saying. It seems like she is covering herself should he have the round trip ticket or a jury buyback.


I do not like Paulie but he is playing hard!

Gordon Ramsey

I’ll probably get a lot of thumbs down for this, but I want Pailie to stay. He’s an asshole and deserves to go, but with Cory out Paulie and Nicole will scramble to make new alliances and it will make better TV. In past seasons, such as bb15 with Amanda, when the villain was voted out we all rejoiced but then the show became dull. I’m telling ya, as much as I don’t like Paulie- he’s more entertaining to keep in the house. Thanks for reading, go ahead and click thumbs down.


I actually feel bad for Paulie. It sucks to get ganged up on like that. Those other people in that house are not any better. Yeah some of the stuff Paulie said was pretty abrasive and made hime look like a royal douche, but Paul has said some pretty crappy things too and I don’t see anyone on here up in arms about it. That Natalie girl rubs me the wrong way, I don’t think she is as “nice” as she claims to be. Any person who has to constantly remind everyone how nice they are is pretty sketchy, I’m not buying it. After watching her for the past few days she hasn’t exactly coming off as nice. She has hopped on the crap stirring, mean girl talk with none other than Paul…who, let’s face it, loves a good mean girl talk. Paul has been my pick to win this thing since day one, however, I kinda don’t want him to because he is just as guilty as Paulie the only difference is he knows when to keep his mouth shut. I really do hope meech teams back up with Corey and Nicole after Paulie is gone. The side she is with now isn’t going to keep her around. Her only realy chance after Paulie leaves is try to win crap with those two. We all have our favorites but if we take the emotions out of it and see it strategically from Michelle’s point of view. She would be next to go after Corey and Nicole anyway. Her best bet is to take out Victor and Paul will scramble. I’m really rallying for Meech because even though she’s annoying as hell she has proven to be a survivor and she’s got some balls on her.


Natalie reminds me of Mary Ann from Gilligans Island!!!!


My gosh…you are right!!!!


I don’t know if giving Michelle the care package is such a good idea anymore..like C’mon girl..he’s just manipulating you AGAIN!! If she’s that easily manipulated then this care package should not be in her hands..especially if Paulie comes back!

Powder Puff Girl

I am hoping that someone asks her about the chat so we if she is slipping. Right now we have people wanting Vic, Michelle (high in polls) and Paul. Paulie fans will be in full force voting for him they think he will get out of his fix.

We do not want the votes to get split just in case Paulie comes back. I was voting for Michelle – will see what happens today in the house. If no one asks what was Paulie selling I will vote Victor when the polls open.

Maybe this was sympathy for Paulie she or she could be rallying for a jury vote or trying to rebrand her image. I am just a little cautious like the HG’s if this was a whispered convo. I do not have the feeds and did not hear it.

any input?

P one PP zero

I think Paulie has Jozea’s BB Messiah complex. He constantly refers to Cory and Derrick, made multiple deals (PP, the Execs, Final 5, etc.). several HOH and POV wins, targeting the weaker players, and thinking himself untouchable. It never occurred to him that HGs would talk and realize he was playing all of them. Paulie only sees himself as the victim. He is one messed up dude.


Please explain how that is any different than all the deals James has had?


James doesn’t think he’s untouchable or that he’s a victim. He’s spineless, but he’s not a delusional crybaby like Paulie.

P one PP zero

Its not a difference in game play from James or any other HG. It’s Paulie’s reaction to being on the block. He never expected it and can’t comprehend it. Even now he thinks that Nicole only got a package because America likes him best and they are saving the best package for him. He is devastated and only hurt himself by lying to production about his psychiatrist.


Maybe you guys were right about Natalie using James. He said he is going to need her address and she just blew him off.


She’s being realistic. And it seems like she’s trying her best to not make any promises while not hurting his feelings. I think she honestly doesn’t know what will happen afterwards when they get out and she doesn’t really want to think about it or discuss it till then. She’s all business.


Why would Natalie give her address out on live tv?! Lol!


What is she supposed to write it down with, mascara? on toilet paper?


Omg…..Michelle is not stable. Please vote for Paul to get the care package. Vic or Paul.

Miss the Tank

Love how Natalie is already setting up the lets just be friends talk with James after the shows over…. I’m not ready for a real relationship…..I work 6-7 days a week…..we live too far apart…..

Guess Paulie wasn’t too far off in his comments about her


I was thinking about Michelle and thinking that there was no consistency this year…but there definitely is.

Corey is consistently gay. And useless.
Nicole is consistently annoying (and she was my favorite before)
Paulie is consistently a big ball of testosterone who turned out to be the biggest bitch in the house.
Paul is consistently annoying with the occasional points of humor.
James is consistently whipped.
Natalie is consistently…there.

The only two I’ve been surprised by are:
Victor–couldn’t stand him….still can’t. But he’s the only one in the house with any balls.
Michelle is so bipolar that I can’t even deal. Paul, I hate you, I mean I love you, I mean I hate you. She is a loose cannon and I really hope that they aren’t counting on her to play her part. I really hope that America wakes up and gives to co-HOH to Victor.

Zakiyas pad and chips so gross

It’s official I will vote Paul for the co hoh care package and the last package will be for Vic.


and then there is Cody’s reaction to last night..

Cody is very arrogant and smug when he talks as well, so when I read this I literally picture the two of their smug looking faces and it makes me dislike them more! I couldn’t stand him on his season. Was way too cocky for my liking..
I wonder if Pauli can’t sleep because he keeps going back to when he was basically taunting Nat and saying “Michelle is going home this week & you are next”..that must haunt him..poor guy! that he really thought that was going to happen and he was such a smug asshole about it and then a GIRL (of all people) is the reason he’s going home!
I hope people aren’t falling for his apology tour b/c he goes and apologizes and then talks shit about that person to Nicole & Corey for an hour and then on to the next person. I can’t believe Corey can’t see what is happening right under his nose.

Seriously tho....

Don’t agree with Paulie’s comments to Nat, and that he keeps bringing it up after apologizing, but Nat is no better. She keeps whining about people talking about her behind her back, but she’s doing the same thing. I liked that girl for a few weeks. Now I can’t stand her. She’s done absolutely nothing in this game except play the victim and lead James on.

No Name

At the moment, the person I feel the most sorry for is Bridgette.

Can you imagine being her and being stuck in the jury house with DaVonne, Zakiyah, and Paulie.

Hopefully DaVonne acts like an adult and keeps Paulie and Zakiyah from ganging up on Bridgette.

Morgan LaFay

I honestly think that Paulie is physically incapable to stop talking. He just doesn’t shut up. Zip your lip, little man, nobody’s buying what you’re selling.


So if they have TWO HOH’s next week NEITHER can play the following week?!?! So if two from the 5 side get it then there is a buyback it leaves them really week the next HOH?!? I think the voting should be for 24 hours only after you have all the info about who is HOH. This blind voting screws it up if the person leaves or becomes the HOH. Need new rules.


OMG..I didn’t think about the fact that normally the HOH can’t play the next week. Maybe they will make an exception in this case but if not I vote to cancel ACP4 in its entirety.


I’m thinking the care package is outside the rules. Natalie was still technically supposed to be a have not but is protected by hers. I’m thinking the Co-HoH doesn’t prevent the care package winner from competing the following week.


ACP4 should go to Paul. Michelle and Vic can be influenced and manipulated. Remember how Vic was dead set on seeking revenge on Paulie if he returned to the house, he then became Paulie’s dog when he did actually return. In the last week, Paul got in his ear and made Paulie the target. Vic is not taking any decisions of his own, he’s too easily manipulated. Paul for ACP.


Less then 2 weeks ago..lounging in the sun with Bridgette they were watching Paulie workout and Natalie said “there’s my future husband”
So is Natalie playing James?
1000000HUNDO % YES!!!
and if she gets back into cheerleading…She will only be harmless flirting around the NFL locker rooms i guess eh?…James is in for a world of hurt…cut ties now!

Rocky Balboa Says

Hey yo Paulie Why you had to be so disrespectful to the women huh? Hey yo Paulie it’s just a game, Why do you want Natalie put up for you to campaign against? Yo Paulie can’t you campaign against Cory? or does it make you feel more like a man to go against a girl?
The thing here is you came into the house trying to make a name for yourself Paulie because deep down you know Cody played a much better social game than you ever could. It’s not all about comps Cody made his deal with Derrik on day one that they would take each other to the end and both Derrik and Cody never let on they were working together thats why they won their season
You may have been coached before coming into the big Brother house but I think you entered the wrong classroom, instead of Derriks how to play and win Big Brother you took how to be a douchebag 101.
Yo Paulie one last thing threatening your fellow houseguests that you can controle the jury votes if they evict you… that’s been tried every season and it never happens. Everyone knows you for the douchebag you are now and each jury member sees tapes…so your game is blown up…It’s round 15 and lights out for you Paulie unless you got that Round trip ticket.


Wish Paulie was gone already. Can’t stand to look at his face. Thursday needs to get here fast.