Vic “I had a WD last night. I was like how did it get on my stomach?! Fools huge!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nomi1nations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?
Care package Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-26 20-18-13-492

8:25pm London bedroom – Nat thanks James for always going to bat for her and for going to bat for Bronte. Nat says the best case scenario is … best best best best best case scenario is Paul wins veto and pulls himself down. Vic goes up. Vic gets evicted and my next target is Paul again. James says I need to talk to Nicole and Corey and tell them they need to send Vic home again for good this time. Nat says they could win their way to the final 2 .. what other couple could do that? James agrees. James says they’re not going to send Meech home over Paul or Victor. James says I am just trying to get you and I in a position so that we can get to the final 2. Nat says well I need Meech here. She can win metal comps and I trust her. James says yeah I’m not good at mental comps. Nat says we’re not good at metal comps. James says if you can win the veto .. win it. Lock the noms up and vote Paul’s a$$ out. Nat tells Jams I wouldn’t have made it this far without you. Nat says this is the best case scenario to work with them in secret. James says we just have to make sure they keep working with us you know. Nat agrees.

8:40pm – 8:50pm James says some times I think I’m broken.. like it takes me a lot to cry. Nat says that’s okay Corey hasn’t cried either. Some people are different, I wear my heart on my sleeve. James says if I’m not personally close to you I have no problem cutting you. I try to keep emotions out of the game. James says I’ve got a proposition for you if I leave .. and we’re on finale. Nat says yes I will give you a kiss. James says evict me now.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-26 20-53-16-470

HOH room – Nicole and Corey open her bottle of wine to drink together. Nicole says cheers to us doing really good in this game! Corey says congrats on winning the wall comp. He tries the wine and says it tastes like college. Vic joins them and says he will go get Michelle’s bottle of wine. Vic leaves and asks Meech if he can have some of her wine. Just don’t give any to Paul. Meech tells him he can have it, just save a little for me. In the HOH room – Nicole says wanted it to just be her and Corey. Vic comes back with the wine. Vic tells them he had a WD (wet dream) last night. “I was like how did it get on my stomach?!” Fools huge .. goes through the waist band.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-26 21-10-53-558

HOH room – Nicole asks are they shocked that you’re not on the block. Vic says no. Meech called it that she and Paul were going to be nominated. She guessed about the wall comp too. Nicole says she’s good. Nicole says moving forward its best for us to get her (Meech) out now. The other two (James & Nat) I think you can beat in mental comps. Corey explains how if Meech wins the veto he could offer her the 5K to not use it.

9pm – 9:25pm London bedroom – Michelle tells Nat the Vic just asked for my bottle of wine and didn’t even invite me to go up with him. Nat says he’s the target anyways. Michelle says I feel like I’m the target. Nat tells Meech that when she was HOH you were the only person Corey and Nicole said not to put up. Meech says that was before all the stuff that came out with Paul. Nat says you have block paranoia. Nat says if Paul wins the veto and comes down we just have to hope and pray Vic goes up.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-26 21-00-25-324

9:55pm Corey sasy they haven’t come up here to talk to us. Nothing. I think they’re just sh*tting their pants right now. I feel like Michelle is the main one that gets them going and scheming. Vic says no its Natalie. Paul says Natalie told me she’s been playing dumb and is going to turn on her bad b***h mode. Paul says tomorrow I am going to tell Michelle thanks for the wine. Vic says no, don’t throw me under the bus. Paul says I’m kidding.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-26 21-55-31-525

10:10pm – 10:45pm HOH room – Corey, Paul and Vic. Corey says I am legitimately confused on what I am supposed to use it on. (BB 5K Bribe) Vic syas I think use it for if I win the veto or for a replacement nom. Corey says I appreciate it very much but what does America need me use it on. Paul says save it for next weeks HOH. Corey says Is someone going to just take 5g’s and drop. Paul says we might use it for veto or toss it to Nicole and use it on they trip.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-26 22-16-03-770

10:50pm – 11pm Nicole comes back from the dairy room saying she was slurring her words. Paul is telling his Prague stories. The conversation turns to talking about the warp party and other things they’ll do when they get out. They head down to the kitchen to eat.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-26 22-58-47-400

All the house guests except for James and Nat head to bed. James is in the kitchen cooking burgers. Natalie is in the diary room.

11:50pm Nicole and Corey in the HOH bed …
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-26 23-40-27-816

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-27 01-26-07-194

1:20am Tokyo Room Natalie, Michelle and James
Natalie and JAmes talking about not “F****G” each other over.
Natalie says if he “F***” her over in this game she’ll “F***” him right back.
James says if he “F***s” Natalie over he’ll “F***” her so good she won’t be able to get him back.
Michelle laughs that production is going to use the sound bites.

1:36am they start chatting about ‘PAulie’s Mist” a reference to Dan Gooslings famous “Mist” ability being able to bullshit people.
Michelle – do you think Paulie was cute
Nat – at first no.. I’ll be honest with you first impression not at all
Michelle – he looked like a cowboy
Natalie – He kinda grew on me but his personality I saw him evolve… I don’t find him attractive.
Michelle says she thought Victor was the hottest until Frank came.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-27 01-54-46-630

1:51am Michelle brings up that Corey would says that Natalie continually flirted with him and call him sexy.
Natalie says she called him sexy the first week after that she never talked to Corey much
Michelle believes her says she never really saw them together much and she thought it was funny Corey was saying you always called him sexy.
Natalie laughs

Natalie – I’ll admit this first 2 weeks I flirted hard.. I didn’t give a f*** .. I flirted hard..
Natalie – I was flirting with everyone girls guys
James- you never flirted with me
Natalie – you were on my team..
Natalie says she would talk to all the guys the first 2 weeks so she could find out who had the good intentions. She adds that she found the “Good one’ with James.
Natalie starts talking about being with Victor in the beginning and she was flirting with Corey at the same time so she told Corey “I really liked you at first but I’m goign to hang out with Vic.. OK”

Natalie says Victor would kiss her on the forehead and tuck her in at night for the 3 days they had a showmance.
Michelle says that COrey was “Butt” hurt that Natalie turned him down because he wouldn’t stop talking about how she flirted with him. Michelle says he was doing it to keep a target on her.
Natalie agrees that Corey was “Butt” hurt by it.
Natalie adds she never told Corey in a coincided way she just said that she liked Corey but choose Vic, “Maybe it came off the wrong way”
Michelle says that Nicole was mad at Natalie and Zakiyah was mad at Bronte they thought you were goign to “Steal” their mean.

2:21am Tokyo room Natalie, James and Michelle
talking about Bronte. Natalie says Bronte never knew how to socialize. Michelle feels bad she thought Bronte was just being rude.

3:51am sleeping

8:00am Feeds on jeff.. Have nots being picked?

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WEEK 5 – August 25 to August 26th
The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

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i really hope fatalie goes home this week

Rubber Ducky

Lmao @ fatalie!

Grrrrr Weight Jokes

I hope Natalie wins Veto and pulls Meech down. Nicole seems to have a NEVER PUT JAMES UP deal. So Victor has to go up as a replacement. Paul and Victor will be on the block again.


Keeping Paul and Vic is super stupid for anyone’s game if they want to win LOL




I guess the have not pass wasn’t good for her


I guess the have not pass wasn’t good for her!


Yes, let’s always remember to judge a woman’s worth by her appearance, and pay special attention to her weight, because females don’t deserve to get very much food. Paulie would be proud.


Natalie is constantly talking about being fat. I think the poster is just using her own words. It gets old. She is not fat so her constantly whining about it is getting old. I don’t think the poster meant it as anything other than sarcasm.


This is interesting: So if Vic or Corey came in shredded, in great shape, then each week is softer, fatter, I don’t think anybody would think twice about goofing on him. Why is it out of bounds to treat women equally bad?

It’s fascinating to me how women, which I am assuming you are and I could be wrong, demand a double standard: Women are equal….but equality demands special treatment. They have to be spoken to and about with kid gloves. Case in point would be Paulie. He’s the villain….and a guy…so we can mock his height, his stupid hair and sideburns, how he used Z for his game, we can equate his every move with his personal inadequacy. Yet if somebody sees Nat as a villain, it’s out of bounds to mock cosmetic surgery, gaining weight, using James for her game, and equate her moves with personal inadequacy.

We’re all hypocrites…but this insert blank-shaming movement created by women is delicious. Men’s foibles are fair game, but women have a laundry list of privilege….


Riiiiigght.. Poor picked on paulie. Lol. The double standards! The shame…. Hahaha!!
Equality isnt about equal treatment. If 2 people, one short and one tall, try to look over a fence, you say, give the short one a stool. Its equality. No. Its removing the fence, that’s equality.

I hppe I got my point across. I never edit when im on my phone.


this is what was said last night Natalie ” best case scenario is if Paul takes himself off the block, Victor goes up. She says Victor gets evicted and then Paul is her target again.” She is after my Vic she needs to go Plus She wrapped her legs around him and acted like they were besties and she seems so legit when she does it. She schemes like it breathing so natural. I do think Vic is on to her though. I think Nat is still pretty but she has to go Don’t mess with Vic !!!


Natalie jumping wrapping her legs around Vic should’ve alerted James that she’s attracted to Vic and just using James to further her in the game. When the show is over, he gonna be let down(unless he wins)


what a sh177y name


Her weight gain is related to her not being able to continue taking Adderall. She has said it herself. I guess Vanessa was the catalyst for Production saying that cast could not be on Adderrall. Corey was on it before they started too. I’m against body shaming any of the cast. They have talked about this on BBAD.


Nic “to us doing really good in this game”. How bout to not doing anything in this game. -zzz


Just trying this out, to see if it works. I’ve had problems with my posts not showing up.

Nicole self sabotager

I think Nicole is setting herself up for final 3 or two because she knows Victor or Paul will take her to final three. Corey will be booted to final 4. Nicole is going to back stab Corey I guarantee it. She already said he needs to take one for the team as a have not. That’s how selfish is. That’s her boy she knows he miserable in the bumper cars. Paul and Vic won’t take her to final 2. Corey and Nicole need to work with James and Natilie if they want to win.

I know

I agree, Nicorey has to work with James/Nat if they want to win. They don’t have a chance agains Paul and Vic.


You’re making the classic superfan mistake and creating narrative instead of counting votes, thinking comps mean everything, when they mean little, especially late in the game.

Da will be emotional, but time heals, and Nicole was a friend. Paul and Vic weren’t
Z will vote for Nicole over two guys that nominated, double crossed and got her out.
Paulie will vote for Nicole. She stayed loyal
Bridgette knows Paul and Vic were allies, then cut her loose out of straight fear. She’s in play.
Throw in Corey, there’s a Nicole vote.

That’s enough to win right there. 5 Votes. Then add James, who is close to Nicole inside and outside the house, and Nat who have no affection for Paul or Vic, and especially won’t if they get evicted by their hands. And the jury will be a girl majority….girls who don’t buy into comp wins are everything, girls who float, girls who could think the guys were all dirty, manipulative and never gave the girls a fair chance. It that rational? Nope…but neither is this jury.


I disagree. I feel like Da’ will vote for who played the best game as a whole. Z etc will follow suite.

Nicole has spent the majority of her summer in bed. At this point she really doesn’t have much of a resume if she made F2. I don’t see her winning at all.

TX rar

Da said on the jury tape she wanted Vic to win.


I think Nic’s strategy is playing the victoria game. She is really working for second place. Taking Paul, vic & corey, will pretty much ensure she gets taken to f2, when there is no way she can win a physical comp against them.
Therefore, Nat and Meech and to a lesser extent, James is her #1 target.
However, you may have a point and she may have a shot. The entire cast realize CBS hired a tonne of jacked up men to play, and the sexism and broing out this year, may be to her advantage. Plus cbs can redeem themselves, saying “AMAZING! A WOMAN WON THIS YEAR, EVEN THOUGH THE ODDS ARE COMPLETELY AGAINST HER!!!!” b.s. spin.. The Jury may vote for her because they were voting for a woman no matter what.

Still, I cant imagine a world where the majority cast their vote for her. The jury will never respect the first time she gets power she evicts a woman.


I don’t believe that a Newbie is going to vote for any Vet to win, I know I wouldn’t


Day isn’t voting for Nicole because she’s a snake and she wants Vic to win. When Day was evicted she made sure she told Vic that they planned to take him out in the DE and when she returned with other jurors, she told Vic to take out James

I disagree

James will probably go in the DE and then is Nicole screwed unless she wins HOH coz Paul&Vic will prefer natalie in f3 or Corey in f4 over her…

Go Nat

Why does everyone trust Nicorey?
I mean, both Paul/Vic and James/Nat trust them so much that everything is going according to plan. Fight harder guys, as 5 people told you (like Michelle said), “Nicole is a snake”.

Gamewise, I don’t see a reason for Nicorey to keep Vic/Paul, they are much stronger and have a bigger chance at winning. If they keep them they are just dumb, really.


James giving Nicole the HOH wall comp last night will go down as one of the dumbest moves in BB history. it’s crunch time and the dude you voted out is back in the house, and you’re handing over HOH comps away? weeks earlier in a HOH comp Nat was crying and begging for Vic to throw her the HOH comp, and Vic basically shut her down. you got a rookie making a vet move, and vet making one the dumbest moves ever.


He did not give it to her. It was the comp he’d been waiting for and bragging about all season. Even afterwards he kept saying if he won he would have had 4 wall comp wins under his belt. He couldn’t hold on much longer and began dealing with Nicole. He keeps saying he did for his own ego and to impress Nat.


Not dumb. She is not going to put him on the block, and he needed to be able to play next weeks HOH comp.


That moment when everyone in the house is !*t faced drunk and no one else is awake in the house to put the live feeds on. Good luck production. BBAD is getting more and more boring.


Dawg, your sense of humor is to be congratulated! The montage of pics…first Corey hears about Vic’s w.d., second, he’s dreaming about it (i.e. the dreamcatcher), third, about Vic!

Not U Dawg

Your’e name is logged in for me. Tried to log out. went out of site etc but you still there.

Misty Beethoven

Dawg, are you Krakken tonight? I am, as a continuation of last night’s festivities, and the last paragraph about Nicole exiting the dairy room to go on into a discussion about the warp party
struck me so funny (damn you, Krakken!) that I am now only to have it once a week on Thurs. Yeah, that’ll happen. Anyway, thanks for a great 24 hours. Second installment coming soon! Time to put baby Krak away……..

Fuck the game

Taking Vic & Paul to F4 seals your fate, folks. Laughing. Out. Loud.


Remember that it is the jury who decides the winner, and while Vic and Paul have always been well liked they were far from anyone’s favorites this season. I would just like to see either of them make it to final two.

The jurors might think that eating chips and being mean to people in eviction speeches is great game play, and so have Meech win.

They might think that BB is about lying and manipulating and so think James should win.

They might just feel like Corey looks like a winner and so have him win (as that would be the only reason).

They might think that you are supposed to lie in bed all summer and only come out to make final deals with everyone in the house, so clearly Nicole should win.

They might really like high kicks and fake tits so think Nat Nat should win.

You just never know.


Nicole is dumb! That is all.


smh….Nicole is a fool in love. she sees how much Corey enjoys being around his bros (Paul & Vic), so she figures if that makes Corey happy she will make a final 4 alliance with them.


It would be interesting to know what she’s thinking. I wonder (hope) she’s thinking that Vic/Paul would take her to final 3. She has to know Corey is not going to make it and when it comes time to cut, 500K will be more likely to end up in her checkbook if she goes to final 3 with Vic & Paul. Actually, that’s how I would do it. She saw Victoria float to F3 and she’s stronger than her so might make it to F2. But I’m not a Nic fan, I don’t like how she’s played this game, but I do enjoy strategy so I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt hoping that after 2 seasons, she did learn something.


If she leaves Paul/Vic and James/ Natalie in the game they will go after each other and Cory or herself. She is getting rid of thier pawn so now she can sit back and watch them take each other out and she will be able to work with what is left.

Franks fumes

James has played a underhanded game all season….bouncing checks as he calls it…he broke his deal with Bridgette after he told her she and Frank were safe….thats the one that really irked me…it wasn’t even good for his game…thats why Nicole should back door James….what goes around comes around….Karmas a bitch!

Never cared

Couldn’t agree more. Ever since James hosed Bridgette for no good reason I have wanted him gone. Not a single shred of respect for him after that d-bag move.

Uncle Teddy

He did the same shit last year. It’s how he plays.


What is sad to me is that all the viewers of the tv BB shows, who do not see live feeds or visit OBB or other sites will vote James AFP, something he does not deseve this season!!!


Natalie seems to be getting the more likable edit. They are positioning James as the decider (as ridiculous as that is). I think she’ll get the cutesy, wootsy vote. Poor Glenn.


I am so tired of James trying to impress Nat by bragging about how great he is at BB (in his own mind). And it is pathetic the way he pleads for a kiss from her when she has made it clear she is not interested in a romantic relationship after BB.


But I bet if Vic told her to drop her panties she would in less then a heartbeat. Wrapped her legs around him so tight the other night! I don’t get why James can’t see it. Besides Frank I do not see any reason the other vets returned. They sucked once and they sucked again. Freaking Da was out 2nd on her season. I wouldn’t even count her as a vet


If Nicole puts up James to back door him( which she said she would never do (put him up ) ) then she should WIN THE GAME! But vic should win in my opinion


Paul or victor are going home.


Nicole is going to win this game and she didn’t have to lift a finger.

Oh Jesus Christ

That’s because Corey has been doing all the finger lifting for her.

Franks fumes



It’s sooooooo funny hearing Nat tell Meech that she has block paranoia………..shit just wait till Monday afternoon when ur Azz is sitting right next to her!!!!!!!!


Come on comp beast aka Victor!!! Win that damn veto & pull Paul off the block!!!

Franks fumes

Everyone of the care packages have been failures….LOL….Clueless Corine gets it and doesnt even give a shit or know what to do with it so hes gonna give it to Nicole for her trip after the show….thats just what America wanted!….I would love for us feedsters to be the sole voters to determine who gets in the future….maybe with the new online season thst will be the case.


production needs to void this care package. these fools are already plotting to book flights with the 5K. also, Corey mentioned that production told him he can use the bribe in the next HOH. I thought the care packages were supposed to be used during the time period of the HOH in play. this has become the most random buffoonery season ever.


I guess, technically, the HoH last from winning until the next HoH is crowned. So the next HoH contest happens during Nicole’s HoH.


I was thinking the exact same thing!


Like it or hate it. Game wise Nichole needs to get the stronger players out. If I were there, I would see Paul and Vic as the stronger players. I did acquire a new respect for Vic while watching his exit interview with Julie. He seems like a nice, smart and genuine guy. But still, he’s got to go if I want to win. 🙂

Also, I was reading a few blogs back, and all I can say is “Really Nat? Patty cake?” Bouncing on the bed playing patty cake? SMH

Franks fumes

There gonna need a Seventies porno soundtrack in the HOH late tonight when the finger hockey starts up!…Boom chanka whaa whaa!!

Reality Check

Great, more body odor exchanging between Nicole and Corey.

Under the blanket too? I hope you two goofballs wash the blanket after you shred each other with fingers. Here I thought fingers is the official slogan for KFC “finger licking good” but then the goat and his sick kick Ratcole destroy it.


The house is gonna be so boring if Paul gets evicted

Franks fumes

That wasn’t a wet dream Vic ….it was Big Meech sleep eating.

Big Beech

I just barfed a little in my mouth.

Franks fumes

Im not gonna lie I was a little nauseated too.


So James says “If I’m not personally close to you I have no problem cutting you. I try to keep emotions out of the game.” Kraken man! I mean crikey man! It is the same thing. You are using your emotions in both sentences.
James can’t figure out what side of his face to talk out of. Not that he’s a major liar but he seems to have little
self-awareness this time out. ( Hopefully last time ). Winning AFP swelled his head and he think’s everyone loves him again this season. Sorry James.
And the (fact?) that he’s quite good friends with Nicole and her Dad just makes it worse. Be surprised if he turns on her.

Never cared

Hope James isn’t banking on another AFP win this time around cuz I just don’t see it happening for his lying @ss. Would love to see him go out this week!


Bwahahahaha. James keeps emotions out of the game? Then how come both seasons he almost immediately fell for a woman who uses him and plays on his emotions all season long? Then dumps him. James’ ego and bragging to impress his nomance is as ridiculous as his childish pranks.


I think that is James strategy. He uses his shortcomings for sympathy. He trolls for the cutest girl and attaches to her thru pranks and then he becomes the poor underdog everyone feels sorry for because he is in “love” and the girl is just using him. Poor James, he should get AFP! It is a back up plan. However, this year he is over the top with begging ‘Merica to send them the CP and always hamming it up for the cameras. I hope ‘Merica sees through it and actually sees how egotistical he has become since he now has semi-fame from his season. All the outside relationships are shady, too. In the past, when there are relationships in the house it is discussed by Julie. This year it is a spiderweb of relationships and production was mum. That is dishonest.


Paul or Vic are going to win. Nicole and Corey aren’t thinking it through very hard doing a final 4 with them. At this point in the game, it doesn’t matter were the loyalties are, you have to get out the people that can beat you. James and Nat are playing a crappy game by not putting that on the table. They should know Paul and Vic play hard, especially Paul, of course they are going to try to strike a deal. James might as well start playing the no one will vote for me because I have broken my word to every group I have worked with card. He may as well just own it and find a way to use it to his advantage. Don’t see that happening though. Wouldn’t be shocked to even see him get backdoored this week.


Production probably told her to work with them, as last week was such a fail. I don’t really care though, I’m just glad that Paul and Vic have a chance to stay in the house a little longer.

Vic's D

I’m so huge. Almost as big as the grand prize I’m takin’ home at the end of the summer!

Never cared

Oh I see what ya did there LOL!!!


I don’t care anymore.
Nicole – will win( got your girl win)
James – 2nd or AFP
Corey- 2nd or AFP
Paul may get AFP(long shot)
About the next veto- Paul wins, victor goes up.
Nicole said that she wanted Paul calm.
Victor and Paul ARE sitting ducks.
Waiting to get shot and ate for dinner.

Jimmy 64

I think Michelle will leave this week. if James or Natalie win the next
HOH watch how fast Paul and Victor dump Nicole & Corey and start
to kissing their ass.


Is anyone else bothered by the way everyone keeps on referring to Paul and Vic as a couple? They are not a couple. They are two players who have been friends in the house and work mainly with eachother. No one calls Nat and Meech a couple, even though they have the same relationship as Paul and Vic do.

No calls people who work together in the house couples unless they are actually a couple. It strikes me a disrespectful to them as well as to the game. Then again, most things that Nat, Meech, and Nic do are disrespectful and mean spirited.


the real couples in the house is James, Nicole and production.



nice one


They are a couple. Nat and Meech do not have the same relationship. Vic and Paul are two people working closely together and playing the game in a very tight alliance; they are each other’s ride or die, that is called a couple. And even if they weren’t, I don’t see what’s “disrespectful” about calling them a couple. Do you think that the word couple means they’re romantically involved? Would that even be an issue? (Not trying to be an SJW, just wondering).

Floating around so throw me a life vest

Yeaps. Totes a couple. A bromance type of couple. I think some ppl overanalyze the “couple” term and see it as the “relationship/SO” type and not as a PAIR. Maybe those people should grab a thesaurus… Or just google the word. Google is awesome like that.


Would you prefer duo? A pair? Coordinated Voting Unit? The word couple works and there doesn’t have to be any sexual overtones to the relationship.


Why are you asking me? Ask “Me”


It’s the other HGs putting them on the same level as Nat and James or Nic and Corey that is the disrespect. They have done nothing similar to the showmances but are getting talked about like they are.

Plus, Vic and Paul only started hanging out fairly recently, and that was because there was literally no one else to hang out with. They aren’t that close and aren’t really in a ride or die kind of situations. If one went home the other would be kind of bummed and much more bored, but it wouldn’t ruin their game.

No one would have called Dr. Will and Boogie a couple. No one called Cody and Derrick a couple. So why would anyone classify Vic and Paul who are much less tight then these past players as a couple?


But ultimately, it’s just a word, and an accurate one, so it’s not that serious. And ride or die doesn’t necessarily mean one’s game is ruined without the other, it just means they would always save each other and vote anyone else out over the other


I think that you are being hyper sensitive over the “couple” reference. No one thinks that they are an “actual showmance couple”. I am having trouble understanding why you would get so offended by people using that word to describe Paul and Vic. So in case you did not know, the word couple can have more than one reference.

Another Me

They’re a couple within the context of the game. That’s all.

Paulie went home already :)

Is “couple” type thing like “uncomfortable” in some type of way?


So to be p.c., would it be 2 couples, a pair and Meech left in the house right now?


hey simon and dawg!
has the care package changed in wording from what was voted on to what was given today (duration of viability)?
if so, was there any explanation? sorry if it’s been asked and answered.


thanks for the speedy reply to my silly question.

Never cared

So if BB follows their own rules Corey cannot use the bribe to affect the next HOH but production told him he could??? The wording clearly states it must be used in the week leading up to the next eviction. It should be voided if he tries to use it after the next eviction. Am I right?


Maybe they are stretching the meaning for him. He just has to offer the bribe during the week but the action could be completed after the week. Like vote for me if I get final 2. Tell me all about your wet dreams in exquisite detail for the rest of summer while we see if you can feel me through the pillow.


Goodness gracious I cannot believe that Nat and James are talking about Vic jumping ship……………….duh… put him out…………you said he was safe and then voted him out, and you expect him to be loyal to you???? WOW!! Don’t we think highly of ourselves!!!


What do they expect? Natalie and James weren’t loyal to Vic or Paul, so why not jump somewhere else to preserve your game. Nat and James together are bad for each other’s game


Is Nicole telling the truth about Nat and why she voted him out???? That Vic hurt Nat’s feelings because he did not want to be her BB boyfriend??? {he just wanted to concentrate on playing the game} Vic thought it was about her grey pants being too long and one other thing, but Nicole said no, it was because he rejected her. Yikes!! She must be a lot of fun!!!

TX rar

Yep that was week 1. He didnt want to get tied up in a showmance vs play the game

2nd year BB Fan

Could it be Nicole truly is hoping that Vic pulls off Paul? She will say she feels bad she has to put up Natalie but she has the deciding vote and gets rid of Michelle. Saying she got rid of Michelle because she felt it was her only option.
Next couple of eviction Vic/Paul and Nat/James will go after each other.


That picture of Corey is freaking priceless.

SIMON looking for your intel

i heard that around 11pm Corey, Nicole, Paul & Victor were discussing whether or not Corey is gay.
waht was the consensuses?

Franks fumes

Corey is Q …… for Questioning!


I’m glad you brought that up. I think they were talking about Jozea and Jozea said something to the effect of Corey was gay?? . And If I’m not mistaken, Corey said TRUE!!


I missed that but caught the Jozea one many times.


I am really nervous for Paul & Vic, Nicole can be very flaky. The best scenario is for Vic to win the HOH, then pull Paul down, Nicole will then have to put up James or Natalie, this way Vic and Paul are both safe. I really do hope that Vic does not end up on the Block again, I am really tired of the way James thinks he knows this game so well and he is teaching Natalie how to play Big Brother. Nobody in there right mind throws an HOH competition this late in the game, James has done nothing this entire game other than go back on his word because he was instructed by his Leader Paulie, to put Bridgette and Frank up on the block after saying he would not do that. He was Paulie’s little flunky and bitch boy, James has really been a disappointment in this season, just like he was last season when he was letting Meg call the shots.

James and the silly games, Natalie always playing the victim, Michelle talking crap about people, and then crying and feeling left out because she was stupid enough to listen to Natalie and James and put Paul on the block, she should have stuck with Victor and Paul. Working with two weak players like James and Natalie, she set herself up to fail and be evicted.

On another subject, I would love to see how Paulie is doing now in the Jury House, before he was evicted he was always saying that he is the only one in the house that could beat Victory head to head in a competition, well Victor whooped his but and won his way back into the house and sent Paulie back to the Jury house wearing his hot pants funny looking little shorts.


Ive been saying that for awhile, that nat is still salty at vic for him turning her high head down yet if you watch her body language everytime shes around vic even if james is right there she is totally checking him out. I dont see her checking james out cuz shes nt attracted to him… nicole is just weighing her options right now, once veto is won we will see her true colors! She will def stab corey m the back for 500k u watch if she even makes it that far… I wldnt trust james at all, he will do whatever including clipping nat for 500k and hes never gonna make it, I see him going double eviction by multiple ppl wanting him gone except nat but even nat told michelle she wld clip james to get to final two… I want vic to win veto and take paul down so we can watch these people squirm up on the block… time to shake this vet friendship deal bs up and break these couples up and play this game… hope to see james out b4 vic so he can freak out in jury thinking abt natalie checking vic out all the time… you seen how pissy he was all last week when she kept saying what a great guy vic was on and on and on….


IMO I don’t think Nicole would ever stab Corey in the back. The child has the mental capabilities of a 12 year old. She would do much better if she was on a Nicolodian tv show:) Corey behaves like he’s in high school. Time to turn off the feeds


Remember when the subject FIRST came up about Paul tickling Natalie’s knee? Natalie she was fine with it, they had a brother/sister relationship and it did’ the bother her at all. Well things have changed, now he she says he touched her butt and that made her “uncomfortable”. BS, she believes saying that about Paulie helped to get him out, so she’s trying to see if it will work again. Think of something new, this is only going to work on James.


Much like baseball and basketball – the BB season is too long.

BB Curious

Hockey too.

Bad Move Update

James, Nat, and Meech continue to lay around downstairs while the game literally passes them by. I actually think that giving Nicole the HOH was a good (albeit risky) move but the followup has been horrible (because there’s yet to be ANY followup). I don’t know what they expect to happen when they let Paul/Vic camp out in the HOH room 24/7. The strategy is simple … get your butts up to that room!!


Right there is no strategy. As a Victor fan I am saying the following: It was actually good for the others that Victor is not on the block because there is a chance that he can’t play in the veto competition. Let’s face it. Does anyone think that if Victor wins the veto competition that Corey would be able to bribe Victor not to use the POV; I don’t think so. This leaves the option open to backdoor Victor


Only 1 person doesn’t play. I hope Corey doesn’t play. Vic can take all the non required players in a mental comp and Corey is the only one that has a chance to beat Vic in an actual athletic comp.


The only one that can get through to Nicole is James and so far he has been a no show. Nicole will never go to a final 4 with all guys. Never going to happen. So I don’t see her getting rid of Nat or James at this point. her targets are Meech and if Paul comes down then she had better hope it isn’t Vic who wins that Veto to bring Paul down because she needs Vic to put up as the replacement !!!


I think that any woman who Nicole thinks is prettier than her that their fate is sealed. In her mind she sees that woman as a temptress trying to steal her man. The only woman that she was close to, was Christine because she was not a threat to her in looks. The only time Nicole is happy, is when she is surrounded by men. She is never giggly or upbeat with the women. She sold every girl out, to be in the alliance with Paulie. Just so that she could be the only in girl in their alliance. She loves the attention she is getting with Paul and Victor and willing to backstabb anyone to get it. That’s what her game has been all about since the beginning.


Nicole is perfectly described here! Thank you. Well said. Likes to be the only woman with all the guys. I totally noticed this


Don’t they wonder why Paul and Victor are spending so much time with Corey and Nicole and drinking wine with them. They are not even questioning why Paul is not freaking out because he is on the block.


James and Nicole have an agreement. James feels somewhat confident in that agreement. I don’t really know what Nicole is thinking. She is a snake so you don’t know what she will do. Will she break the agreement with James? Is this just and act that she and Corey have agreed to play on Paul and the live feeders? I don’t think we will know for sure until eviction night.

It could be that production has told her to side with Paul and Vic for drama. James acts somewhat worried, but…

Roll Tide

Last week Natalie wanted to put Nicole and Corey on the block because that was what her alliance wanted. The Dairy Room told her 3 different times to work with Nicole and Corey. DR also told James to work with Nicole and Corey.
Why has the DR not told Nicole and Corey to work with James and Nat? Things don’t seem right.
Corey lite a goat on fire. Wanted to tell James to hid in the trash can and then cover it in Saran Wrap so he couldn’t get out. He seems like to hurt people/animals. Nicole has not a clue.
When she gets out and finds out her sexcapades are all over the Internet, she will be whining big time.


Last nite was the most iv ever heard corey talk. Plus, with each passing day, he snaps at nic more and more…getting ready to cut the ties that bind them …sorry nic…u were totally used up…ew


Corey as a lot of not so flattering info. about himself that will be exposed once the show is over. The most controversial is that he is very homophobic. Production saw that his Twitter acct . (I believe) were full of posts expressing a hatred for the gay community, which is not of the opinion or stance of CBS or BB. I read somewhere that he was talked to after he made a couple derogatory statements during the live feeds about gays and in particular, Josiah. My understanding is that they actually made him delete his comments on social media, and they do expect the other house guests to be surprised , even shocked by his actions. Will be interesting to who will not look favorably on this issue. Not quite sure if this will bother Nichole in any real significant way. You know she is aware that they really can’t hide their sex play and doesn’t have enough respect for herself not to let “America” even get a peek into their privacy. Let alone to be mature enough to see Corey doesn’t have much respect for her either if he allows it as well. So I find it contradicting to say that she would want him er family to be ashamed of her. Shows a lack of respect for her family and friends. Have no sympathy for them! I think James should have made smarter alliances and moves but I do believe he and Nat are cute and can grow a best friend thing possibly into something more some day! I really think Nat is a heartfelt person, a little naive but a genuine person, and think gets gets a raw deal. She really hasn’t been the one to start the drama where someone gets their feelings hurt. She honestly felt as a friend she needed to tell Z about Paulie. In the long run Z did believe her and has stopped even talking to him, but Z started the drama by telling Paulie that Nat had spoken to her. And this resulted in a full on Paulie attack on Nat. Very unfair. And Meech started that whole hating of Bridgette b/c of Frank , and Nat was only one who tried to stick up for her. You see how most like Bridgette now. So it’s pretty clear to me that Nat is a good judge of character and has integrity. She’s been right about Paulie , Paul , Nic and TIff for being manipulators and Bronte, Frank, Bridgette, Vic and James to be decent people that are playing a game


Nic and James promised each other they would not put each other up or vote for each other to go. Nic is setting the stage for Paul and Vic to do it and she can keep her word but still get him out. She and James still believe they are ‘merica’s favs and with the casual viewer it seems they may still be. This blog and Jokers seems to think differently as a whole. If I believed a vet was the fav, I would want them out ASAP and not be in the F2 with them.

A strong strategy since survivor 1 was to take the villain (most hated) to the end so you would get jury votes. I know people get mad at the person who got them out, but end the end most will admit it was a good game play and will vote for that person. James has bounced checks all summer, but it may be seen as good game play because he is still there and never on the block. I want James to go, and I believe Nic knows that he is her biggest threat for a jury vote. She is banking on the old feelings that once evicted you are not worthy and she knows James and Nat are gunning for Paul and Vic. I think she feels if she takes out James and Nat’s voting power (Meech) and step back and let Paul, Vic, James and Nat battle it out she and Corey can beat the last man standing in either comps or jury.

It’s a strategy game and sometimes it’s a gamble, but going with the odds is the best choice you can make with the cards you are delt.




James’ Texas code is funny. He can break it and it’s just game, but no one else can and be honorable. And just for the record, Texas is known for being rebellious not hiding and doing what you are told. If that were the case, Texas would still be part of Mexico!


I heard Paul was making fries!!! That’s right fries. Something suspicious here. Quick somebody check to see if those are Idaho potatoes. Nicole tried to read the bag but said ummmmmmmm I-DA-Ho yessssssssssss.


Is that a pic of Corey (AKA Major Tom) waiting in position in case Vic has another WD? Some of those spaced out looks are down right scary. I can’t say I have ever seen someone into stare off into space so much as this guy.

Vic an Paul are mind F’in’ these fools. But when you have minds that are playing patty cake in the HOH I guess it is not very hard to do. I hope Vic wins POV and pulls Paul down. If them and major Tom can convince Nicole to put up Lamesy Jamesy (pre game alliance) and the vote his dumb check bouncing azz out the door. They tell Crunch and Munch how she was the target and next week put up Nicole and Corey. “Never Cared” that leaves them 2 left with Munchy, Bratalie, hopefully Nicole………….they sail to F-2 with that group. Nicole and Nat helpless without their “boyfriends” will be totally freaked out and Munchie stays freaked out


Anyone else find it funny that Paul and Vic are mad at Jatalie because they didn’t vote out Corey. And they are using it as an excuse to Nicorey. It would be a different week if James voted out Corey and stuck with Vic/Paul. Would Paulie have won the buyback?


Maybe, but Da’ and Z quit to give it to Vic, so they might’ve had more incentive to stay up to beat Corey and Paulie


Probably won’t much affect her. She has to know there is a big chance that they were seen. And once she finds out about the controversy of Corey’s anti-gay tweets and live feed gay comments towards Josiah that production had to take action of making either Corey himself or a friend delete his social media comments probably won’t bother her either. She has no self respect, or respect for her family and friends, and Corey has no real respect for her to also allow “America” to be witness into their private life. I can almost forgive his ditzy self but I think she’s smarter than that. She should be ashamed f herself.


I the!ta say I am blown away by the chir Nicole dumbassness of it all. I actually thought this girl might do something this year since she was a returner. Good grief how wrong was I and everybody else that thought that. She actually thinks she actually believes that they’re better off going with Paul and Victor!! oh my God this is laughable those two are going to squash them like bugs and take themselves to the final two. What the hell is Nicole thinking?? she’s not thinking, the poster above said it right. she loves to be surrounded by dudes she’s got cock on the brain not winning Big Brother, that’s for sure… girl you’re an idiot and I hope that when you get out you read and do press and get your ass grilled by reporters and podcasters about the stupid move you made to get rid of two people that you could beat in the end, versus keeping two juggernauts that are going to steamroll your dumb, whining, syllable-elongating, coin-slot nostril nose, self into the dirt. Enjoy your third or fourth place finish. You are a disgrace to the game of Big Brother. I cannot believe they paid you money to come back, it just goes to show you how effed up that grodner and this Casting Company is. Have fun f*king Cory in the HOH room. Guess what, he’s probably thinking about Victor and Paul double-teaming him the whole time he’s with you.


Now tell us how you really feel…

Totally agree btw

BB Curious

Somebody is really letting their emotions take over! And I don’t mean a houseguest! Lol


My thoughts is after Nicole’s HoH is a DE with the second HoH being the slip and slide.

Charlotte 89

How is Nicorey so stupid? Do they really think they have any chance of winning out against Vic and Paul?
I knew they were lazy, didn’t realize how dumb.
If either Nicole or Corey make it to the final 2 it will suck – they really deserve nothing