Vic “Do you think she really likes him [James]? Paul “No. Natalie is a sh*t head!”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: Victor AND Corey
Have Nots Victor and James

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-23 18-02-14-371

5pm – 6:10pm Vic, Corey, Nicole and James are chatting in the kitchen about survivor and other random things. James heads to the London bedroom. James tells Paul that we were just talking about you in the kitchen.. Paul, Natalie and Michelle are all going to sleep their life away. Michelle and Natalie haven’t even woken up yet. They woke up this morning for pictures and haven’t been up since. I think Natalie is mad at me. Paul asks again?! James says yeah. Paul says I don’t get why she’s always mad at you. You’re so good to her. James says I know. Paul says some girls do the cat and mouse thing.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-23 18-53-11-550

6:35pm Bedroom –
Corey says he’s nervous. I wanted to get to this point where its top eight or whatever.. once I get to a certain point .. I was chilling all season but now its crunch time. Nicole says might as well go big or your going home. Nicole tells him when he gets like that he should wake her up. Why didn’t you? Corey says because I was mad at you. Corey talks about how Paul is mad about Michelle calling him an Atheist and his family might see it. Nicole says I thought that wasn’t being aired. Corey says well he doesn’t know and maybe its on the live feeds. And he was like she is still being mean to me. Nicole says he does lie and he is manipulating people. I was just wondering why he was so quiet last night. I didn’t want Michelle or Nat to put them up for any other reason other than they’re the biggest threat in the game. They didn’t need to get personal. Natalie told me yesterday that Paul went to her and said that you said something really mean about her. (Paul says that Corey said Natalie was sucking James’s d!ck all the way to the top.) James said it wasn’t even worth repeating. She said I don’t believe it because he’s not that type of person. She won’t repeat it. She won’t trust me if I tell you. Corey says I definitely didn’t say anything mean about her. There’s nothing I’ve said that would upset Natalie. Nicole says she doesn’t believe it. They talk about wanting to do The Amazing Race together. James joins them. Nicole says I feel that if Vic goes they can do the days comp. I need to study. James says if its that I’m screwed. Nicole and Corey start studying.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-23 18-33-25-264

6:50pm – 7:20pm Safari room – Vic says this day has been dragging. I feel that most of the game talk has been done. Paul says that’s what Corey was saying that he’s at a stand still with Victor. There is nothing I can say to James about Victor that he doesn’t know .. like you’re good at competing. Vic says he can say I can compete and if I win I might put you up. Vic asks do you think she really likes him? Paul says no. Vic says just using him for the game. Paul says yes. Vic asks do you think he knows? Paul says no and I don’t want to be the one to tell him. Vic asks how do you know? Paul says because she’s always hot and cold with him. Natalie is a sh*t head. Vic says that’s what’s dangerous about bringing floaters to the end. Paul says I wouldn’t mind if Natalie was up its Michelle that’s the stupid leave her, floater. Vic says They don’t win anything so you want to keep them around but if they win the show you would be like why the f**k did I let that happen. Paul says next week Natalie and James on the block and one of them goes. Vic says yeah. Paul says tie in Nicole closer to us. If you leave I’m boned. If you leave I have to tie in closer to Nicole and Corey. Vic says I’m just going to have 1 conversation with each of them tomorrow. Paul tells him to have the conversation with all of them together so they can’t say different things. Paul says if Michelle was smart she would have put up James.

7:35pm – 7:55pm Vic, Corey, Paul, Nicole and James are in the kitchen having ice cream. Vic and Corey talk about how expensive it is to take a girl out to dinner and a movie. The conversation turns to talking about dating apps. Corey and Paul have stories for days about the dating apps they’ve used.

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The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

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About to upset people

I love that CBS has covered up Paulie acting like a dbag and positioning it so it appears that Natalie wasn’t given her script err guidance by production.

Meanwhile James is caught breaking show rules and it likely won’t be revealed either.

If CBS wants to save this season Vic needs to win buy back, HOH, and place Natalie up next to Nicole


I think Natalie is a nice person, I truly do. but at the same time I could see princess, regardless of your financial situation you can be spoiled, I definitely get that vibe from her. I don’t think she truly wants James in any way. I do believe she is using him, of course would not any Cruel Intentions, but using him none the less. at times she seems fake, James has got to know this. anyways, I like her, but I’m not liking her as much as I used to. I kind of want her out soon, but I want Nicole out sooner because she’s a God damn rat, games sucks, and I’m sick of her voice.


I hate to say this because it sounds mean, but James is stupid not to see how Nat is using him. Nat is out of his league by a mile, look wise. Let’s be truthful!!! Unfortunately some girls use their looks to manipulate men, and Nat happens to be one of them. I blame James for not realizing this. He’s too weak. James, the gun and the knife you have in your pickup truck won’t always protect you.


Funny, I’ve always interpreted their relationship as James using Nat, not the other way around. What makes Nat too good for James? I just don’t see it.

What I do see is a BB famous guy isolating a young girl from her friends and using her as someone to hide behind while he plays his real games with his friends from outside the house. “Old lady” my foot, he is calling the shots and pressuring Nat the actress to say that she is making decisions all by her little self.


i believe at heart nat is a happy positive person and also like all of us she is flawed in more ways than one.. she seems to be a typical “insecure pretty girl” and cmon people shes not out of james league thats just ridiculous.. they actually seem to genuinely like each other and i hope they get whatever it is they’re hoping for after the show.. to be clear i know what your saying and think i know what you mean but imo its just not true..

on a side note is it me or did this season suddenly get soooo boring i mean it usually does near the end anyway but theres still 7 people and a jury buyback yet im finding it difficult to stay even remotely interested or care whatsoever what happen or who wins.. purely to finish what i started ill see it through but damn i really could care less what happens πŸ™

sunny dee

Nat isn’t a young girl, or someone lacking self esteem. Those are the types who would latch onto a guy who will take them farther, using their looks with a less attractive guy. In Nat’s case she has enough confidence she doesn’t care if someone else thinks James is at a lower level than she is, looks wise. Mature women are not that shallow, they don’t require a studly guy on their arm, even if they loathe him, to impress others.

There are lots of unlikely couples out there. he just doesn’t happen to fit the ideal of what is supposed to be all american handsome or cute. Corey does, yet he has the personality of a gnat. Who do you think a vibrant attractive young woman should be attracted to: someone with a personality or someone without one.

Nicole on the other hand, well, just putting it out there.

Franks fumes

Are we talkin about Nat having self confidence…..people who consantly seek attention and fish out compliments don’t strike me as confident….and shes an asshole so there’s that.


That is a perfect plan!!! Best one yet. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that one. KABOOM! awsomesauce

Reality Check

James does indeed have to play for his girl…his own daughter. That is the girl James has to play for, not Nat.


I have a hard time getting behind reality TV show parents, probably because I was raised by parents who genuinely were interested in their kids. We didn’t have a lot of money, but I really don’t think they would have traded a chance at 500k to spend the summer not with their kids.

This should be the summer that James and Da’s kids remember playing Pokemon Go with their parents. Instead it is the summer that one of their parents aren’t around (again). James really thinks that buying his baby mama an SUV if he wins makes him a stand up guy. A kid is going to remember memories of do things with their parent when they grow up, not what kind of car their Mom drove.

Natalie's tw@t

James is going to find out the hard way once the show is over. He’s probably going to commit suicide.


Not funny.


Victor return again? No way! This whole week would be a waste. He already had his chance back. Plus it would not be fair, the same person returning twice in one season, when others did not get the chance to come back once! DAWG or SIMON what does a KRAKEN season mean???


If Vic wins he deserves to come back. They all have the same chance he just happens to be a competition beast. I don’t care for him but if he keeps winning he deserves to be in the game


You could say that about any one of them returning. If it’s Paulie, then the week he was on the block is a “waste”, and so on. That’s the twist so it is what it is.

At least if Vic came back it wouldn’t be so one sided. With Vic going it makes it one against 5. In other words, boring.


Hard wired…. To self destruct


If we get down to James, Natalie, Corey and Nicole…just remember it’s almost over and neither heroin nor LSD is going to make the feeds bearable. Although LSD could go either way.


Seriously mad me laugh!!!

Franks fumes

True LSD might work……but my money is on bathsalts!


Paul if Victor leaves, you’re screwed either way. I’m neeeevveeerrrrrr goooooiiinnnngggg toooo puuuuut jameeeeeesss upppppppp.

Canuck Chick

Paul’s been playing the game since Vic’s first eviction. Such a let down if people who sleep, whine and get protected to the end even have a shot at the $$$.
Vic would be my next choice-just because the thought of the other five makes me kweezy ????


Yeah, well then those people should rather them to get out other strong players… so, all who make are legitimate potential winners!




Say whaaaat?


Smelly, been hitting the Kraken, eh?

i know i've said it already and you don't want to hear it but,

I blame america for voting, big mouth, do nothing big beech. We should have protected vic and paul for making the move and taking out paulie. But, no, people thought big beech was funny and wouldn’t it be funny, if we voted her for co-hoh, what could go wrong? The scary thing is most of the people voting also vote in elections (foreshadowing of the us elections).

Please stop. Don’t compare the pres. election to the care package vote, it’s not the same. America probably just thought Michelle would bring the most entertainment. This is a TV show, it’s really not a big deal.


i think that’s how trunp got the gop nomination

You are soooo right....

Yes, elections in America are decided by the same group that vote 20 times a day for a “reality” show care package. We all hope you keep posting this several times a day because it shows exactly how intelligent you are. Thank you and we will elect our president based on your wonderful advice.

Get a life.


Do you mean “queasy” as in slightly nauseous, or is “kweezy” a word that is unfamiliar to me?


I just love your posts!


This season is so disappointing, but some of you psycho fans are even more disappointing…

thank you for saying something

you’re sooo evolved. I’m surprised you even read the comments, d*uche b@g


I’m not a douchebag; it just pisses me off seeing commenters personally attacking other commenters just because of their opinions on the game and the players. And yes, I know I’m doing something similar, but I’m not calling anyone out specifically, I’m just drawing attention to the fact that people are acting out over stuff that isn’t that important.


Relax!! This is a TV show. And even if a floater wins they won’t cause WWIII. BB and this blog is an excape for some of us, to have fun and not worry about what is going on in the real world. So relax, have fun, and if not then troll somewhere else so the rest of us can just enjoy this blog that the guys work so hard on.


You clearly misunderstood my comment…

You seem a little angry

So you are tired of people acting like you are right now?

Anonymous 2

Thank you for proving the above posters point……….

Final 7 +1

Why whenever it gets to this stage of the game everybody blames the results because their guy didn’t think he would be voted out and he did. What if James is actually using Natalie? Paul and Vic always say to get rid of the couples.. well duh.. they ARE a couple. and they are getting rid of them. Geesh people.. right now its boring because all the drama people are gone. But if Dvonne, Vic or Paulie comes back in the game, look out excitement again.


Lol Paul. “Natalie is a sh#!head”.


Natalie is annoying as heck, but Paul is the biggest liar in the house. He’s still denying that he knew Davonne was going to be sent home. Everyone hated on Paulie cuz of the things he said, but at least he admitted to it and apologized (whether he meant it or not). Paul just denies, denies, denies. Grow some balls and fess up. It was decided they were sending Z home, and when Paulie “his boy” confronted him, he still denied it, and then got mad and made Paulie seem like the bad guy for questioning him… He was in the room for probably every conversation Paulie had insulting people, and he was agreeing if not starting the conversation. When the houseguests rewatch the season they’re gonna see what a real douche Paul is. Or maybe not since CBS hasn’t really showed Paul’s dick moves. People complain about CBS not showing James cheating or making Paulie seem like a jerk, they never showed Paul acting like a d’head either.

fender strat

thank you. some times i feel like i’m the only one that sees paul for what he is, a liar and schemer and an overall hard to take attention whore.

poor paulie took a beating mainly because of him and natalie and he has no clue his boy paul is a huge phony.

Powder Puff Cat

I think Paul would have fessed up to Z going home if there was not a RT. He has to protect his game with Paulie so lying again was the move to make. If Paulie was going and no return ticket Paul would have unloaded on him.


Pff, so you are irritated that Paul is actually playing Big Brother? Sneaky, lying, conniving…those are the traits of the great BB players. Sounds like you could use a little Friendship Time with Paul.


I have wanted Paul gone since the meeting of the houseguests, and I still want him gone today and, every. damn. week…

With that being said, he is making the right move in is denial. Look where fessing up got Paulie! ALWAYS Deny, deny, deny. Especially to the fuzz. They can suspect you all day long, but dont give it up…Or you go bye bye…

I hope he confesses though… hes the worst.


Yes, Natalie is a fake shithead using James to get her 15 minutes of fame and probably hoping to use that “fame” to find a better man. And James is a pathetic little man who falls hard for women not at all interested in him romantically. He did the same thing last time with Meg. Sad.


I’m going to look into finding some of that Kraken rum so I can get through this season.


I am growing pretty tired of all these people thinking the game this year sucks. It has been a Great Year in my eyes. I didn’t like Paul and Vic in the beginning but they are real competitors and people I would hang with in my life.
James, Nat, Corey and Nic I like too. They are playing a game! I don’t like all their moves and statements either but it is a game.
So all you special little snowflakes out their that rip all these houseguests because you disagree with them, their actions or their words, GROW UP and GROW A PAIR!

I’m tired of these people who are so offended at everything.

Backseat Driver

After Simon told us what it was……..(he’s a clever one)……I found it at Safeway!


Simon, sounds like you should share these posts with Kraken and have them sponsor you for sending new customers their way.


Yeah I was thinking the same thing but it’s a long drive to Canada from Arizona:)


i just saw the vid of nic and cory having sex and yep, she’s a dead lay (i kinda thought so anyways). Looks like he didn’t pull out in time either, soo maybe 2 bb babies this year – i don’t know why people don’t use condoms

Never cared

…and still don’t! Nicole must not be all that worried about getting a job after all.
#1 rule of job hunting- don’t have sex on national tv girl!!!

The Roach Coach

Yeah I saw them have sex too… it’s sad how much nicole changed…
She thinks it’s inappropriate to kiss on camera, but she’ll bang, no biggie…
There’s no double standard from Zaulie either, for everyone who took pleasure in calling Z a hoe…here it is…
You’re a hoe and a fruitloop dingus!

I feel better…

But seriously, Corey better be careful, she’s not those closeted baseball players he’s used to, unlike his former exbf’s, Nicole can and will get pregnant!

Judging by the video i saw of them all over twitter, he’s a 1 min man, 2 pumpchump, and no condom, which is nasty, but he’s playing with fire cause without getting graphic, he was clearly poorly timed with his finishing move execution….


But for serious… Nicole has said on the feeds she won’t have sex again until she is with the man she will marry, she’s creeper style obsessed with him, and just 3 weeks ago talked about getting pregnant and having babies once or twice a day for literally 6 straight days….
That’s never good news for a guy like corey, forget your after party with James that Nat got jealous about, forget the baseball, the bartending, and the frat house, but maybe if he’s lucky he can still enjoy a frat boy on the side…

One things for sure after seeing their nasty “embrace”, for all those people that said Corey is Gay, he’s not….



She was feeling guilty today, you could tell. But who cares… Corey had sex too. They are young, hormonal, and in a very high stress environment. Who cares if they want to bump tummies?
Summertime, and the livins easy.

Franks fumes

And Nicole says the people in the house don’t “pray enough”..WTF!


Why do people call it ‘buy back’ – who’s buying? Comeback maybe but I don’t get the use of the word buy. Please explain.


Sweat effort I guess or production thinking what’ll generate the most money for them…so buy back.


Production is so good at giving hints…………”America loves the couples, they want you to work together”, how about hinting to everyone there could be somebody coming back. Make it fair. Nat put Paul and Vic up because of Production.
I have wonder if Production isn’t getting even with Vic for putting Paulie up….I heard Vic said they tried to talk him out of it….makes you say Hmmmmmmmmmmm! Production needs to undo this unfarness, if it hadn’t been for them, Nat would never of put up Vic and Paul. It would of been Nicole and Corey. CBS do you really want to keep a couple who have no entertainment value, not to mention…… the unmentionable??
Nicole is afraid she is going to have a hard time finding a job………..hmmmmm, I wonder why?? But she is not going to be the only one!

Misty Beethoven

Nicole’s going to wind up working at a Minute Clinic inside a CVS.


Is that because of the Minute Clinic Corey gave her?


There are videos of Nicole and Corey on YouTube having sex. She’s not as innocent as the act she puts on. At night under the covers is a different Nivole. She knows and is worried about her image.


I believe Frank got voted out because production was afraid he was about to blow the lid off of their “hints” to the houseguests. When Frank was in the house, they were constantly calling him out for talking about his diary room sessions and he would just laugh and keep talking. I think they got him out before jury to shut him up – and it worked. This season has been a serious mess and quite honestly, I don’t think any of the people left in the house deserve the 500k even though I know one of them will get it. This season is probably very exciting to anyone who doesn’t know just how much production has played a role in the overall game play.

Franks fumes

Frank was screwed over on his first season by production. Frank was HOH and had Dan on the Block ready 2 go home but after Frank had a impromptu DR session they had the famous Dans funeral bullshit and magically agreed to keep Dan…..and of course the next week Frank was summarily put on the block and voted out….and Dan won thanks CBS!


Notice also that Frank is the only evicted house guest so far that has not been given a chance to get back in the house this season. They wanted him out.





Reality Check

Kraken straight up or kraken and coke?


both… but Kraken and diet Pepsi may be my favorite.


I really do not understand all the Nicole hatred. She has done nothing but spent all her time and energy on Corey. She spends about 30 minutes a week on game talk.
Michelle and Paul have been very “rat” like and “Snakey” in this game, even when not needed. Temper tantrums, swearing, yelling, crying and spreading false rumours like manure.
Even the precious Natalie has lied, bad mouthed every house guest, made (game timely)accusations of “feeling uncomfortable” by most of the men in the house and used James to get further in the game.
James is the player who changes sides more than his underwear.
Again I ask, why all the Nicole hatred?


“She has done nothing but spent all her time and energy on Corey. She spends about 30 minutes a week on game talk.”

While hate might be a strong word (for me, anyway), I think you answered your own question.


Read your first sentence! That is why! She has done nothing but spend all her time on Corey.


It’s been explained several times before, so I’ll give the abridged version: she whines nonstop, she’s up Corey’s ass so much she’s on a first name basis with his hemmorroids, she rarely cooks or cleans up after herself, and she is two faced, not in the game way but in a mean girls way. And she rarely got involved in the house, only recently did she wake up and realize she actually has to participate if she wants to win the $500,000.

Enough of that..

Ok ten mins into BBAD and you can tell it’s going to be lame annoying night with these fk faces.

Time for a movie. πŸ™‚


If it’s this bad now, wait till it gets to final four with two showmances. Simon and Dawg will only have to do one post, then change the date and repost next day.
Nicole and Corey Sleeping
James and Natalie Sleeping
Houseguests using the bathroom
Housguests eating
Housguests tanning, idle chit chat
Houseguests eating
James pranks Natalie, Natalie “Jameseeeey”, Natalie mad at James, not talking to him.
Nicole and Corey back in bed cuddling, Coreeeey, you’re such a dreamboat. I never knew a guy like you existed. Are you getting ready for our make out shess? I only want to be engaged for 8 months. When can I meet your tall boy friend with those fantastic blue eyes? Do you like him better than meeeeeeeeeeeee?
James begs Natalie to forgive him. She replies you hurt my heart. I’m so fat. Do you think I should get bigger implants? Are Nicole and Corey making fun of me? Everybody talks about me behind my back. My armpits are hairy again, America hates me. I want a girl to win babe.
Houseguests eating.
Nat and Nicole use hot tub, talk about having dual Big Brother weddings and babies together. Corey and James play around of pool.
Houseguests cuddle.
Houseguests sleeping.

Well you get the idea


I could only imagine the conversation between Paul and Vic if they made final three. They would be complimenting each others’ pecs and saying how gullible everyone else must be that got evicted. Luckily, their are other houseguests that are not part of the Mutual Pecs Appreciation Society. Go Big Meech! I want the underdog.


You nailed it with that template, well done.


True. But watch Mr robot on USA. Great show


Evel Dick keeps tweeting that the term was coined by Frankie Grande. I think CBS calls it a Battle Back.


That’s what I was thinking to.


Please don’t say the words “Frankie Grande” please, i almost hurled.


Don’t say it three times

Sh#tHeads, Inc

Victor, we Sh#Heads have a problem with you calling Natalie one of us. We have high standards and she doesn’t meet them. Please find another group for her. We took a vote and by majority vote, we think she’s a beautiful sexy girl.


Gee, you really are a Sh#thead! It was Paul that made the comment about Natalie! Smiles!


I think Natalie’s not as bad as people say she is. I think the nice girl we had seen before is the real her, and that pressure cooker we call a house combined with the fact that she’s been in there with THOSE people made her go a little crazy. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking…

Natalie sucks

She is actually worse. Your ears will bleed watching live feeds because she whines like a baby over everything from getting soap in her eyes while showering to making up lies about Tiffany and Z. She complains something is glass half empty every single day. On a serious note, first Vic got the bad rap because she is overly sensitive and then Paulie (which was deserved) but now Paul has made her feel uncomfortable with the leg touching when she said it didn’t bother her because they are like brother and sister? But she needs to be real careful because everyone sees her now as the girl who cries wolf. She is always giving James the silent treatment like the day in the London room after Corey invited James to party with him. She is looking like a complete hypersensitive fool.




Now is the time for everyone who has CBS all access to watch previous (better) seasons of BB. I’m watching season 13 right now!


I want Jozea back in this house.


Jozea is a loser, any moron that uses calls himself “The Messiah” is a world class d-bag.

fender strat

LOL you have got to be kidding? LOL LOL LOLO


Yeah, I wonder if there’d be all this sex in the house if the messiah was in there?????

Jimmy 64

Every guest who has been vote out has had a chance to get back in the
game. If it goes as planned and James votes out Victor and he wins his
way back in the game a second time. I hope he wins the whole damn


The tank disagrees


Natalie is artificial sugar.


I have noticed for the past 4 – 5 seasons of Big Beother, some of the houseguests always seen to be on various medications. I just read were Corey said when he uses his Adderall, he’s balls to the wall, well I guess they are not giving it to him, because have sure has not done anything to show he is balls to the wall the entire season. (To easy to make a comment about his balls and Nicole), I’ll leave that to everyone else’s immagination. But seriously, sometimes I had wondered if it is fair that some houseguests are given medication that might help them in some of the physical & mental competitions.


He probably wasn’t on meds prior to going into the BB house, so didn’t go into the house on them. Most adults with ADHD don’t medicate unless their doctor sees a medical reason for them. People take them in school so they can do what is expected of them in a classroom, which is sit still and focus for hours at a time. Most jobs do not require that, so why would a doctor give him medication?


He said adderal makes him clean a lot. As a licensed psychotherapist, I can tell you, that kind of reaction signals he either does not need the stimulant in the first place or he needs a lower dose. He likely gets it from a primary care doctor who has no business prescribing it to him.


Hahaha! Do you see how much that guy spaces out? “As a licensed psychotherapist”… no… just… no. stop.


you’re wrong, giving an adhd/add patient too much ritalin causes the patient to become drowsy and zombie-like


Well, there you have it. Problem solved. Zombie Corey is actually Over-medicated Corey.

I'm no pyschotherapist but...

Have you seen the filth they live in, while Victor cleans up after them all? Especially that bathroom (gag, barf). If Adderall makes him clean, I say double his dosage.


Somehow I have missed how James has cheated could someone please let those of us that do not have the live feeds in on his cheating deeds.
I do think that Natalie has played the most strategic game by sitting back in the beginning and using James as a shield and now using him to get as far in the game and then winning the HOH at the perfect time to get out another strong player.

Reality Check

Essentially Nicole told James if she won $500,000, she will buy all the houseguests a gift. James then told Nicole that he will give her, Corey and Nat $10,000 each should he win Big Brother.

Big Brother rules state that you cannot mention money or gifts to another houseguest. James is cheating because he is giving three potential jurors incentives ($10,000) and thus giving the other houseguest (if it is not Nicole) no chance of winning. In a way James tainted the jury and yeah both he and Nicole should be punished by Big Brother.


And then there is a video out where later James went and told Nat the deal about how those 4 (the two showmances) would each get some of the $. James and Nat were sitting with their feet in the pool at that time. When it came out afterwards, “sweet, innocent” Nat denied knowing anything about it. They are cheaters, all the live-feeders know it, and CBS doesn’t seem to care.


Just when the game started to get interesting… KABOOM!
It flat lined.


I really feel bad for Victor, I think he knows James is going to vote him out. I am just hoping and praying that Victor wins the Battle Back, and then he or Paul wins HOH, I want to see The look on Natalie and James faces. I bet 100% Natalie will tell Victor how she was shocked that he was voted out, she did not know James would vote him out, and James being the weak wimp that he is, he will take the blame to protect a woman who is going to kick him to the curb as soon as this show is over.

One last thing, please let Paul win HOH, I want to see how quick Michelle & Natalie’s attitude changes. They will be kissing butt, and I bet we won’t hear them saying how much he lies and they want him out of the house. As for Nicole saying she has never said Paul manipulates people, she just said it to Corey while they are in the bed once again under the covers.

I’m pulling for Paul and Victor in the final 2, yes they have not always been Angels, but you have to say that they have been the only 2 playing the game the entire season. They are not caught up in a showmance, they are a team of two who have been plotting and planning, and I find them a little more entertaining than listening to Natalie whining, and James building her up, or listening to Corey and Nicole. I want even start on Michelle who seems to always be crying, eating, talking crap about everyone in the house, and she calls herself a Super Fan, please just go away Michelle, you are annoying as HELL!!!!


I agree except for the part where Nat kicks James to the curb when the show is over. I bet she doesn’t wait that long if they both land on the block together. “Wah, James is touching me and making me uncomfortable. He needs to go.”


Just saying ……the only dating app Corey has ever used is grindr

Franks fumes

For what its worth….Corine said something to the affect that Natalie was gonna ride James dick to the top not sure he said sucks…its just symantecs however he did without a doubt say it in the HOH after Paulies attack on the girls…..So there’s proof of Nats bs cause she chooses to not believe he said that …..but deep down in that bitches soul or whatever she knows its true.

Nat the Rat

Thank you and that is EXACTLY why I call bulls$hit on James and Natalie stand up for yourself crap. If James was really a Texas man protecting his woman, at the very least he would of had a conversation with Corey to see if he said it. Natalie sure seemed to not be “uncomfortable” about it this week because it doesn’t fit her agenda but I GUARANTEE you when the timing is just right to get Corey out, Natalie will bring it up and her heart will hurt over it. I am so appalled at the picture she is trying to paint of Paul, but it seems to be backfiring hard on her with live feeders. She pulled the victim card one too many times.

Frank's NASA Hat

Why are ya’ll so cruel to each other? Childish name calling, grammar police, angry exchanges… BB is a summer fling, no one gets hurt in the end, it was just a good time had by all. I enjoy a witty sparing match, but some take things to far. Now, on with the nasty, hate filled comments…

James is getting f**ked

I agree with the majority regarding Nat is using James. It’s so obvious. She is definitely hot and cold with him. When a girl likes a guy, the girl usually acts like Nicole, z or even Bridgette towards there man. Nat turns on the flirt game with James whenever he feels insecure or someone calling her out about James. Once that situation slows down, then she is back to doing her own thing. Typical hot chick behavior towards a nice guy that is wrapped around their finger. I can guarantee she will show way more affection to an asshole that is good looking that shows her Intrest. At the end of the day, James is 100% getting boned in this game (meaning he is going to lose because of his love for Nat). I feel bad for the guy. I hope James wins hoh and someone would hint to him about Nat.


This ACP Bribe becomes more interesting so I hope someone returns who I like (well that’s virtually anyone other than Paulie/Zakiyah)

Paul has made it clear he intends to work with NiCorey now and take out James/Nat. So a vote for Paul means one of James/Nat will leave b/c Paul will use the bribe to ensure that happens.

If any of Victor, Da or Bridgette return I’ll vote for them to get the package. I know Vic it tied to Paul BUT he
deserves to be in the house the most so that would supersede my voting for either Paul or Corey


Paul and Victor are looking more like chill town to me, in their thinking.


Get off the pot! it’s time for another post!

And yes, I mean both Pots!

I couldn't help myself

Nike and anonymous… I think.
LOL. Thanks I needed that.