Big Brother Spoilers Co-HOH Pictures

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nominations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: Victor AND COrey
Have Nots Victor and James

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 14-27-11-042

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 14-22-45-353

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 14-42-14-585

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 14-42-02-402

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 14-40-39-518

What happened today? HOH pictures.
Anything else? Nope.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 14-30-36-963

2:30pm …. ZZzszzzz on all feeds.. Corey, James, Michelle and Victor are in the kitchen eating etc.. (I’m actually happy all the feeds are on someone sleeping)

2:37pm the feeds flip to the kitchen where Victor and Corey are chatting about skydiving videos.. etc..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 15-33-29-245

3:30pm Kitchen Nicole and Corey
Nicole says she messed up and called Paul a manipulator but then went off denying it
Corey – who cares
Nicole – I want to cry and leave, because what if I can’t get a job after this or something..
Corey – are you serious, that will get you out of a job (see image above)
Nicole – I don’t knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Corey – are you for real right now, nothing you can do in this house..
Nicole cuts him off.. Yes, you have to be very careful
Corey – really.. Why do you say that
Nicole – anything you say or do can be held against you .. that’s why I was scared to come back too..
Nicole says she feels so guilty she never did anything bad.
Corey doesn’t believe her says none of that is true people don’t care.
Nicole asks him if he was around when she called Paul a manipulator
Corey – I believe I said it.. I didn’t care.. Didn’t say it in a negative way..
Nicole – meant he was good ya..
Corey thinks it’s crazy it would impact your jobs outside or prevent you from getting a job. Explains they are on a game show about manipulating and lying.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 15-48-55-961

3:40pm – 4:10
Victor, Corey, Nicole cleaning up the house
James irons his shirt
Natalie sleeping
Meech and Paul off Camera most likely sleeping

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 16-06-36-556

4:07PM Nicole and James
Nicole says she has slipped up in front of Victor a couple times.
James says it doesn’t matter he thinks Victor knows already and so does Paul

James – it’s best for everyone’s game Victor is gone..
James says if Paul doesn’t win the HOH next week he’s gone
Nicole – he can win Veto or the care package.. hopefully not..

Nicole – the fact that he lies about French fries.. that’s what makes me nervous.. lies so easily
James- french fries.. he’s working all sides..
Nicole says she knows a lot of things that Paul lied about, She adds that lying is part of the game but Paul is so good.

They agree Paul is acting weird right now he’s not talking at all.
Nicole says 26 hours ago Paul was ruling the house.
James says he’ll throw the HOH to Nicole and Corey if they take Paul out
Nicole – I would never put you up no matter what.. Even if I heard you wanted to cut my arm off or shave my eyebrows off.. I still wouldn’t
Nicole – strategically smart for me.. I never would..
James- I never told anyone I was gunning for you and Corey..
Nicole – same
Jame s- i just distance myself because Paulie and that little hiccup
Nicole now claiming she was never close to Pauli it was always Corey and James then Paulie was 4th on the “Scale”
Nicole says them still being in the game this long “is so cool” being with people for this long that they “Click with”

4:33pm Kitchen random chatter..
Corey – when I’m on adderall I go balls to the walls cleaning..
Victor says he’s always had a clean room
Nicole says when she was in college her room was messy

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 16-53-48-805

4:53pm More chit chat…

**note they are in lockdown now for production to build the backyard competition. If you remember from past years when they have competitions for a jury member to come back they sometimes roll the HOH and returnee comps into 1. The last jury member standing comes back and the last house guests standing wins HOH.. Think BB15, or it could be a complete crapshoot like BB16. prepare yourself in case my vision is wrong and the most boring jury member comes back**

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It’s a Kraken season.


Can I buy Kraken here in the states?
I am afraid that all the twists, teams, road kill, care packages, battle back, jury buy back, are all attempts to make it possible for a$$ wipe Paulie to get back in the house and redeem himself and win $500K.


Canadians are stealing our rum!

Powder Puff Cat

Nicole – the fact that he lies about French fries.. that’s what makes me nervous.. lies so easily
James- french fries.. he’s working all sides..

enough said!


I hope Michelle wins. That seems like a fitting end to this crazy awful season.


I hope Vic wins cause I like him, I do think that Meech is getting way to much heat for acting the way she is especially since she said it was a strategy(not to my liking but I’m not there) and production is definitely feeding her bad juju everytime she walks out of there her mind changes(also think James is being told the couples thing is making good TV). Paul people are forgetting acted terribly with Paulie PP even about Victor remember when Vic won HOH Paul said to Paulie “Vic want me to sleep up there maybe he wants to F me I’m going to do it so I can keep n eye on him and control him” so had Paulie not betrayed him he would have boned Vic. All these people are being way worse than Meech (except Vic) and that is not even their strategy. Paul also is covering his bases in the house by being more social with Nicorey and also telling vic things about Meech I think so Vic and Meech will stop getting closer just in case Vic stays . I also think Paul wanted to keep Meech and Vic because Vic wins HoH and would take Paul if he won final HOH but I think that if he won he would take Meech cause he would win next to her. I also wonder if Production will bring back Paulie because he would work with Paul against Nat and James and then it would be Nicoery and PP against poor little Nat and James and we would all love those 2 again..Kraken and Buschwacker season for me fo sho. Production boo you


Michelle winning 500K would actually be EPIC! LOL Most talked about season — anyone can win even a goof like her.






Too true. Thanks for watching for us. I just get too annoyed listening to their trivial complaints about each other. Omg he lied about making fries!!!!


i blame america for this sh*t season – voting for the big mouth do nothing big beech for co-hoh rather than vic who clearly deserved it – so stupid

good luck in november fools

#feel the bern
#paul and vic final 2
#always a fan of vic – always


I’m so tired of seeing this crap. No one “deserves” a freaking care package, it’s whoever the people want to give it to. Also, the season didn’t begin this week, so Michelle getting it didn’t ruin the season, it sucked from the start. People aren’t stupid because they voted differently than you wanted them to; BB should have little to no impact on your life, so it shouldn’t be that serious. Please explain the logic of how it was stupid to vote for Michelle. Victor getting voted out is not a reason for it being stupid. Everyone’s opinions on houseguests are just that, opinions. Someone wanting to give one hg power over another isn’t stupid, it’s a matter of opinion.

^ another anonymous fool who shouldn't be allowed to vote in anything

Paulie was running the house until paul had vic put paulie up and out. You’d think vic or paul would be rewarded for that by america b/c he was unable to play this week and needed safety. But, alas, fools like you voted michelle who did nothing, NOTHING this season, outside of bullying bridgette, binging and purging, and putting down other house guests behind their backs (sound familiar, ringing bells yet?)

I am mad about the stupidity of america, not the game. And, you should be mad too…. season’s ruined. Typically you vote for the best person, the one who plays the game and takes risks —- BUT NOT YOU GUYS.
Americans are actually proud to vote michelle
Good luck in november fools

#feel the bern
#vic and paul final 2
#always been a fan of vic – Always

First of all, I didn’t vote for anyone. Second of all, those who voted for Michelle aren’t fools because you think Victor deserves it, and, by the way, a week and a half of good behavior + one good move doesn’t erase the rest of the season (I’m referring to Victor). Maybe the people who voted for Michelle don’t give a sh*t who wins or deserves to win, and just want to be entertained. Is it shocking that people want to get entertained by a show? In fact, I’d go so far as to say that you’re a fool for thinking you can measure someone’s intelligence based on who they vote for to get a care package in big brother (which is rather meaningless) and maybe YOU shouldn’t be allowed to vote for anything.

actually tell a lot about somebody based on how they vote

you can tell a lot about somebody based on how they vote
you can tell what their values are …
you can tell what their morals are …
so yeah, i stand by what i say …. how you vote is a measure of your intelligence
but, keep defending voting big beech for co-hoh and ruining the rest of the season
good job america
good luck in november


Actually, no you can’t when it’s for some reality tv show. Get your priorities in order.


anytime you make a choice you are using your intelligence or lack of.

I have no more time for you, you are to slow to learn and i don’t have the patience


REALLY? I’M slow to learn?! I tried to have a rational debate, but you’re clearly too stupid. No, voting a certain way for the care package for a REALITY TV SHOW does NOT show someone’s intelligence because you don’t know what they’re intentions are. Victor didn’t get the care package and now he’s getting evicted, so you’re not getting your way, and now you whining like a toddler over it and calling the country stupid for defying you, which makes you a whiny, irrational brat!

Never cared

@Anonymous & actually
Y’all sure sound cranky. I think you both need a care package 🙂

I can’t see how anyone would vote Vic to win , voted out. Twice is not a good player I agree he’s a likable enough guy but he doesn’t know or understand the game at all and is just a comp beast So no to Vic for the win


Don’t blame all of America. I vote for Victor. Stupid me I voted for Johnny Mac for AFP last year and i’m loving how people are saying how in the world did James get that. he shouldn’t have, Johnny Mac should have.
And I’d much rather have him in the house this season but alas…he actually has a job.


Forgive my ignorance but Does Kraken mean badass? Sea Monster? (like in good or bad?) lol?


Ahhhhhhh YUM ..thank you.

More Anonymous

And I thought Simon was referring in some offbeat Canadian way to the howling Hakken-Kracs.


Simon, if you were in that house who would you vote out? be honest.


Who do you think will win the 500k, Simon? Also, who do you think deserves to win?

Ian's Lament

This is a crap season. What do you consider the last truly entertaining season of Big Brother?


Wasn’t season 16 the Derrick season? Man, I loved that season but maybe because I loved to see someone so masterfully manipulate the house. But I guess if one isn’t a Derrick fan, it got a little boring/frustrating.


Agreed. With this crew, unless you are kraken open a beer or a good bottle of red wine, you are gonna be bored. The comments sections is way more fun.

sunny dee

yr recaps with stuff like this make my day:

Nicole – I don’t knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


Seeing these pics reminds me how juvenile they are.


ya i am really interested if nat has armpit hair,


I had a dream this morning or should I say a Nightmare, that Bawlie was back in the house!! Say it ain’t so. Sometimes my dreams come true, but I hope this one doesn’t. I really want Vic to win the Battle Back. If Vic doesn’t win I would love to see Day or Bridgette back in the house


If Paulie, AKA Scorpion Tongue [LOL] returns to the house, I imagine the following scenerio….

Big Brother yells over the loud speakers – Security! Security! All security to the back yard STAT…and bring your bazookas.

We need to clear the area of Butterflies!
…and take out any Buttercups & Daisies as well, as they are in cahoots with those Soul Stealing Butterflies! Now GO!






I wish CBS would give viewers an opportunity to send at least one NEVER CARED PACKAGE with a list of punishments.


I love you.


LOL You seriously need to submit that to cbs.

Nicoles Rats Nest Hair

Brilliant. CBS should do it. This arrogant group would really be thrown for a loop if something like that were to happen. Plus it would be so great to see their reactions!

Never cared

I’d vote for that!!!

Powder Puff Cat

Why don’t you tweet that to BB? I would love to retweet back to BB and hope others will.


Corey is the worst houseguest (aside from Z and Paulie obvs)




No thanks. I’ll take crooked Hillary over the psychotic bigot. Lesser of evils.

americans are dumb

could’ve had bernie, but american’s are too stupid and uninformed to do that.

Good luck in november morons


The problem with Bernie is that he would’ve gotten nothing done because Congress would have stopped him, so blame Congress

Just stop.

Bernie is an idiot and apparently you are too. I’m sick of seeing at the end of all your posts “feel the bern” and Americans are stupid. He’s not even the nominee so you can stop with that. And he’s a sellout like all the rest…took all the money his “followers” gave him and bought his 3rd house!! We in America, with brains, don’t want to be another Venezuela! And for those who say they’d rather have crooked Hillary over trump, please educate yourself!! Don’t believe everything the biased, liberal media tell you, dig a little deeper, do your research!! Bunch of sheep with mental disorders. Sad, really.

who's the dumb one?

American’s = American is…so American is are too stupid? Nice sentence dillhole!

thank god the grammer nazies are here

does it change your understanding of my point?


grammar *

couldn’t resist … sorry 😉


You get some jack boots!

grammar Nazi!

yes, I’m a spelling Nazi too

Butters Mom

I guess you missed Natalies conversation with James about how socialism ruined her country and democracy is the best form of Govt there is.

voting between two parties is not democracy

free education doesn’t not equal socialism. In fact, the more educated a society is the better offf they are


u believe natalie? i suggest you don’t believe everything you hear, especially from that twit.
google Hugo Chavez = the more you know


It did ruin Venezuela. It used to be a very good country and one of the better ones to live in Latin America. I have several relatives living there and they say sometimea they can’t even get milk, eggs, or toilet paper. I’m from Colombia, I used to visit all the time until I move to USA. I would not go back right now.


free healthcare in canada and we’re doin fine – political corruption was the problem – google hugo chavze

Butters Mom

An educated society IS better for everyone and EVERYONE that pursues that education should expect to pay for it themselves! I would much rather take out student loans to pay for my own education and be done paying when my loan is paid in full than have to continue paying for everyone elses education through taxes for the rest of my life. I have 3 kids… the oldest graduated with a teaching degree… just paid off her student loans last month, the middle child is working on her masters right now and will pay her own loans off when she is finished and the youngest is a freshman in college right now and attending community college to begin with so that he wont have any student loans until he completes his associates degree and moves to a university. All of my kids worked full time 40plus hours a week while attending college… the older 2 graduated magna cum laude and the youngest will do the same. I get REALLY tired of hearing about education needing to be free … yes the costs are extreme but that only means you should attend a school where you can manage the cost by living at home an commuting, community college and student loans. I have had this conversation before on this site and I find it ridiculous that some how a big brother forum turns into politics. If you want something … expect to pay for it… YOURSELF. No one OWES you a free education.


lol You take political advice from Nat?

Wake up already

They are ALL crooked. Not a single solitary one of them serve the American people. They serve the elite of the world, have for a long time and will continue to do so. There’s no point in arguing about any of them. They are all one in the same.

Skips mom

It’s sad most of the women self destructed this season when they could have made it far. Z will be remembered for her maxi pad incident and giving Paulie permission to slap and beat her. Nicole will be remembered for having sex in the house as her biggest accomplishment. Michelle will be remembered as a bully to Bridgette. Natalie will be remembered for using sexual harassment as a strategy.


What some people are willing to reveal about themselves or sacrifice for $500K … or more than likely, only 15 minutes of fame …. makes you wonder sometimes ….


Most of ’em won’t be remembered at all.

Nicoles Rats Nest Hair

So true. These so called women are either crying, sniping or attaching themselves to a guy and simply existing in the house, not really playing any real part in anything. Also, if I have to watch Nicole push those huge glasses up one more time I’m going to scream. Can’t she find glasses that don’t slip down her nose every two seconds?


the stuff about Nat is so outrageous, she NEVER used sexual harrassment as a strategy, she told Paulie it wasn’t cool to say certain things to her, when he was supposed to be with Z, that’s it…sheesh…lots of people flirted, Victor, James, Nic, Corey, Paulie, Zak, Frank, Bridgette, which was mostly harmless…or some people call it being ‘charming’, there is a line you don’t cross when you are with someone else..Paulie also admitted that part of his strategy was flirting…so he did go out of his way as well to try to earn favor with the females…people do it all the time in real life and in the game…but saying that Nat saying that is was ‘sexual harrassment’ is a blatant lie….she was saying that if her really cared about Z, he wouldn’t say some of the things he was saying to her…good for her! She did nothing wrong, and my feeling is perhaps the Paulie camp is out in full droves to try and make Nat look bad so Paulie doesn’t look so try and save face and regain some of his reputation that is now in the toilet….


Dear Nat’s Mom. Do you ever sleep?


is that all ya got lol look, this kind of stuff is what causes people to be affected outside of the house, and sexual harassment is not joke, this twitter stupidity just trivializes real harassment…I would be defending anyone, not just Nat

Not really

What you said would be true if she wasn’t doing the same thing to Paul right now. She showed her hand, it’s not other people’s fault for seeing it. This time no one is going to believe it though, as Paul has been nothing but friendly to her all season.

She just realized that telling people that he doesn’t know how to make fries is not a big character flaw so made up something that she knows is.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Who did Natalie sexually harass in order to use it as strategy? Or are you saying that Natalie being a victim of sexual harassment is her strategy? Of course that would mean Natalie would have to have some kind of psychic powers to make those gross comments come out of Paulie’s mouth so she could call him out and rely on the other house guests to side with her and vote him out — strategically, of course.


It’s definitely gonna be the wall comp this thursday for hoh and jury members will join in

sunny dee

the one they have to catch balls to fill something up one? or just holding on and getting splattered. i prefer the ball catching one, but maybe it is too similar to that obstacle course to fill something up one.

it will be interesting to see which juror if not vic who goes thru it. i thought paulie was ‘out’ so i wonder if that is true enough for him to just throw the comp and not try. i imagine bridgette is all healed up, but she’d come into a game where the new goal is get out Paul, which is kind of a pointless game. the only thing that interests me is seeing vic come back in.

More Anonymous

I want Vic to win it also but worried that if endurance, he’s at a disadvantage. He talked last night about feeling weak, the bad effects from a slop diet and sleeping poorly in the bumper cars. If it’s the wall, he also has a height disadvantage which favors short people and females. James won it last year early in the season.


Don’t they realize if the Roundtrip wasn’t played, someone has to come back from jury?


Not really. If it was played they would expect another DE.

Natalie's fake eye lashes

Natalie doesn’t want to be bothered in her HOH room because she knows she is doing Victor dirty and she doesn’t wanna talk game now because she knows it makes her look bad to the viewers. Little does she know this game move is the least of what makes her look bad to us.

Part of it is game. Yes Victor is strong player. BUT a big part of this is payback for Nat. She was rejected by Victor and any man that turns her down this girl will seek vengeance on.

Funny how she thinks Paul is too smart to be 23. She has been around “Jamesy” too long. Dude is over 30 and dumb as a stump.

Let’s just hope her smear campaign on Paul backfires and she is out the door very soon.

And just a sidenote. Anyone notice when Michelle got the Co HOH package Natalie acted and even said in DR she was happy about sharing her HOH? I could see in her eyes she was like “I dnt want that bitch being CO HOH with me. This is mine all mine! How dare they make me share this! This hurts my heart. I feel abused!”

natalie's fake hair

jamesey, i made this decison all by myself. Oh, dr told you to work with nic and cory too? my bad i didn’t know you knew

natialies fake t*ts

i am soooo great. I made the biggest move this season. yea me


You are a idiot!

natalie;s fake all over

just like meg, i’m gonna leave james for some other bb alumni, can’t wait.


Wayment, What or should I say Who is Meg dating from BB?




WOW!! Thanx. Didn’t know that

Natalie's fake personality

Fake happy girl in DR and on Thursday nights and negative Natalie complaining whiner the rest of the week.

Kathleen Smith

does Meech ever stop eating ??? and soooo noisy !!! LOL


It really bothers me that most of these young adults are college grads. I swear when I watch them I think they are in High School. I fear for the future of our country. I can’t see how any of them could run a business or head up a family or be active in community life. They can’t even express themselves with proper sentences, falling back on slang and swear words in a sort of unconnected flow of words. The boys are frat house chauvinistic little piggies and the girls are ditzy airheads. I don’t even watch the BBAD anymore, it’s too depressing.


Don’t worry, BB just casts a certain type of young adult, and that’s what has caused the decline of the show. These fools are not an accurate representation of young people.


With so many states using the lottery to fund scholarships for whoever maintains a b in high school, many kids who wouldn’t have gone to college now go to have a 4 year party on someone else’s dime. Add in all the people borrowing as much money as they can through student loans so they can avoid work and live it up, college is just high school without parents.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Sounds like something an uneducated, crotchety baby boomer would say.


Im guessing later on tonight Natalie will be complaining about Vic trying to stick his tongue in her mouth and groping her while taking HOH pictures with her!!!!!

Teri B

As boring as it is and can be, you guys still rock my world! Love ya both!! Many thanks for all you do.


Just a random question for Simon/Dawg….have you guys ever applied to be on BB? Would you? I’d miss the updates on here but it sure would be cool to see one of you play the game 🙂


You should totally apply! After all you’ve done (and all you’ve had to endure with this season) you must know the game VERY well!


That would be awesome. Your occupation could be online blogger mogul.

More Anonymous

If Dawg got on BBCan, which past US houseguest would he be most like in terms of strategy? I know he married last year(?) so showmance would be out.


Just one request: not sure if you’re married or not, but if not, please do not have a showmance.

Thank you.

Oh and please immediately vote out any showmances for the sake of our sanity….


If Simon and Dawg get on Big Brother it better be an awesome season because we wouldn’t have anyone to endure horrible feeds for something interesting. I’m not sure I could consume enough Kraken to make it through a season of feeds. My attention span is pretty short anyway.


I for one hope Paulie comes back…I’m not saying he isn’t a total tool…but I’d love the look on Paul’s face when he walks back in and now Paul is on the outside. Would be Paulie, Corey and Nic vs. Nat, James and the emotional wreck that is Michelle…wouldn’t be looking good for everyone outside of Paulie, Corey and Nic…although I suppose Paul would play both sides to get someone else out and then join who ever the numbers were in favor of. Da and Bridgett seem nice enough but they are what I refer to as nothing, expendable players. No excitement there.


Omg please no. He would just team up with Borey. Blah.

Tonight on 2020

At first I was really mad at what Natalie did putting Paul and Victor up ..I thought it was stupid ..but then she won the competition by four seconds ..and if Cory would’ve won he would’ve done the same thing so we would be in the same spot now ..

Only can wish

That’s true, but Paul and Victor would have expected it from Corey.


Victor, Victor, Victor! Want to see these Bitches with their slack jaws hanging. You gotta win this bro. Beast it out. The only other juror I can take is Bridget.

Unbattled Block

Can we vote for ourselves to win the final ACP ?

Cuz i almost feel like i have to bribe myself 5000 dollars just to be able to finish this season.

Simon/Dawg…………… Release the Kraken !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

South City California

Totally well said! Omg hillarious thanks!

Tonight on 2020

boring now in the house and I think big brother knows it because on their shows they’re using lots of music and sound effects to make it look more interesting than what it is … And when they showed the couples on that special they did they didn’t even show Corey and Nicole they are getting edited to the max they showed James and Natalie’s being cute P and z being cute and fighting they just showed James talking to Nicole in the Hamic about Corey and showed nothing else …

Reality Check

I cannot believe how dumb Nicole and James were. They were both trying to give each other money by taking each other along with Natalie and Corey to the final 4. Exchanging money to the other houseguests is illegal in the big brother house because this causes tainting of the jury vote (bribing) and the integrity of the game. Two vets equals two dummies.

James and Nicole should be punish severely but yet from looking at production, they got a slap on the wrist, which is terrible. In my opinion both of them should be penalize a penalty vote by Julie on Thursday show and thus make Paul as the only person voting. Since when did James and Nicole get preferential treatment? Sad.


That is a brilliant plan to save the season, Reality Check! Great thinking! Production should do it to preserve the integrity of the game or else in future seasons it is just going to get worse. (Also think they should prevent Paulie from competing in the buy back competition because he didn’t follow Production’s rules.)

More Anonymous

Just want to mention how much I enjoyed your post last night. It was the last one I read before going to sleep and it let me drift off with a contented smile on my face. Your best line “making every female viewer have naughty fantasies when he dons his yellow gloves and tackles a cleaning project.” Thank you!


Ha ha! Thanks! I was guessing that a lot of us feel that way!

Reality Check

I appreciate the comments Puhlease. Thank you.

Imagine three votes tainted by these two clowns (should James and Nicole make the finale). The other houseguests not involve in this bribing cheating scandal has no chance of winning the finale.

Only can wish

That is a very good idea, but did Nicole go in detail with Corey about what her and James discuss with the money? Either way we look at it, it’s still tainted. This BB cast & season is a BIG JOKE!!!


It’s not like Nicole and James getting preferential treatment is something new, it’s been happening all season. The industry that surrounds the show depends on people like them who will do anything after the show to stay “famous”. Production wants their favorites to get to the end and show why viewers why they should want to throw away their careers to be on a reality show. If they didn’t BB would have nothing but not too bright college students and homeless people applying to be on the show.


I can’t get the feeds so could someone please tell me if Nat Nat has whinged, whined, cried or complained to Jamesy that she should not have to share the HOH that SHE won?


You keyboard warriors are just as bad as the house guest. All you do is complain year after year. It is fixed reality TV just like all the previous years. Don’t complain about what obviously happens every year just stop watching if you are that pissy about it….geese!!


I heard that.




Don’t you just hate it when you are on your high horse bashing people online (you little keyboard warrior you) … and then make a typo ….. kind of ruins it for you 😉


::pulls my jack boots on:: She didn’t mean to call us geese?

Canadian Goose



It’s like Nat shed her costume and went from ditzy, sunshine girl to cold, calculating, angry Nat. Her whole look and makeup went dark and severe…is this the real Nat? Jamesy is in way over his head…she is gonna cut him deep and quick…


Simon!! Haha seriously, that outfit was the first thing I noticed on that episode last week. That house is getting to her, last week it was goth wear and if she stays another week? Paulie makes it back in, she might be wearing his skin as a suit.


Must be hard to try and keep up a fake act / personality for 99 days.


It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the block again!


lol ;)!


What happened to the sweet Nat we’ve seen in the first 8 weeks? I want her back. : (

I’m hoping once she’s out of power that she’ll be nicer again, but idk.


I think we’re seeing the real Nat. The other one was fake.


Nat now has photographic evidence that she does NOT have hairy armpits and Zingbot was clearly just being mean to her. It hurt her heart very very very much and he surely deserves to go up on the block next week. “Ziingbot uoi have been evicted from the BB house”

Not that that would be a bad thing. He can take some of these lame predictable comps with him. With all their $$$ and the ever growing technology you would think they could come up with something new and fresh? I think we would also appreciate a redesign of the same old tired house.


How sad Nat is a waste product.James prank yourself grow up. Meech put the feed bag down play the game. Nicolle take your hand off Corey’s dick you are desparate.Corey here here not in space!!!!

Froot Loop Dingus

I think it’s kind of funny that Nicole is worried about calling someone a manipulator causing her problems getting a job or something.
Maybe she should let Natalie know that making unfounded allegations of sexual harassment is not a good idea… especially when you’re being video taped the whole time.
I think Natalie should be expelled from the house for that. She is a poor example for women. Not to mention to what women who actually have been the victim of sexual harassment would feel hearing her nonsense.
I’m not on twitter or any other social media, but I hope someone is letting CBS know how disgusting she is. This is a lot worse than any racial or inappropriate comments any previous houseguest has ever made.


I find it funny she is concerned about something considered part of the game (lying) affecting her job but having sex knowing cameras are watching is not even something she worries about …. these house guests are amazing


I don’t think its worse but about the same.

Ariana Grande stinks!

“prepare yourself in case my vision is wrong and the most boring useless jury member to comes back”

Zakiyah? :- ) That one was extremely boring. She too came just to get laid and a guy boning her was recounting their sex adventures… Gross! So, NO to Z! Da, on the other hand… : -) Or Bridgette… but yes, GO VICTOR!


Agree with you Simon 100%. I hope the showmance are blown up and evicted. Nicole said earlier about being careful about what you say on the show, it can impact you in your personal life and your job. Well she should have thought about that when she was having sex with Corey the other night.


Maybe she was hoping we’d all blink at the same time and miss it! That was QUICK.


Wait what! Did Nic have sex with Corey?

BB Curious

They sure did! It was obvious what was going on under the covers, looked like the scissors position? But in case there was any doubt, Corey cleared things up when he abruptly pulled out. Now if they weren’t having sex, why would he need to pull out? Just sayin’.


Agree … think Victor or Paulie would bring the most entertainment value


It shows you how much of an idiot Corey is that doesn’t believe Nicole about life after the Big Brother house. He’ll regret ever telling half the stories he’s told, especially the goat burning incident. He’s in for a rude awakening. What a moron. The guy hasn’t had one thought all summer that wasn’t someone else’s first. He just follows and agrees with everything. The last straw for me with him was when he didn’t even bother to try to study for this week’s Veto. 1) he’s either so stupid that he didn’t think he might go up, 2) he doesn’t care, or 3) he knows he’s ultimately safe either way because production is skewing the game.

As for Nicole, you can totally tell she is watching everything she says….which is why she never says anything most of the time. She’s another one who production is protecting. It’s like she knew all she had to do all summer was lie in bed and snuggle with the goat burner. She just stares off into space like Corey. They deserve each other. I liked her in her first season, can’t stand her this year.

I’ll still watch the remainder of the season (cuz I’m a glutten), but it’s really hard to get behind it. The past couple of weeks were so exciting, and now that it’s so obvious that production is messing with things it’s not even fun anymore. Paulie going from about to jump off a bridge to so giddy with excitement to leave the house tells me he already knew he was coming back in on Thursday night. Pathetic.


I doubt if they guaranteed him that he would come back. They probably just told him he would have a chance to beast it out against Da, Zakiyah, and gimpy Bridgette. That could be an explanation for that huge grin and good will towards his fellow houseguests. My other theory is that they gave him some really good drugs to keep him happy and not make an ass of himself on live t.v. Could be both…


I am so over Natalie, she said that she won HOH and she should not have to deal with all the drama ? What she does not understand, her small role is over now, nobody is kissing her butt, she has no power now that the nominations have been made.

She is not very bright, all she does is whine and complain, bitch about people being mean to her, people not being honest and lying, all while she is lying to Michelle about her and James working with Corey and Nicole. Natalie should be evicted soon, she won one HOH that really required no skill, it was a crap shoot comp, now she thinks she is in the major league because she has 1 HOH.

Her comment about Paul being to smart to be 23 years old, no Natalie, some people are intelligent and mature for their age, they have higher goals than being a cheerleader and having a boob job. You have been with James too long, James is immature and childish, he is a 30 year old who acts like a 15 year old kid, and not to mention has no backbone whatsoever.
Next you are upset and saying Paul is a liar because he does know how to cook French Fries ? You keep saying that over and over, what does that have to do with game play ? You have been whining about your next for the past 5 days, comments about what mean things have been said about you, I’m sick of hearing your voice, and your lame dumb puppet James.

One time I thought Natalie was a nice person, but the true Natalie is coming through, she talks about people behind their back, constantly complains, and I really do think she is upset with Vic because he did not want a showmance with her, that is why she ended up with Lame Childish James. One minute she says Victor is a nice guy, the next minute she said he is annoying and controlling, she is constantly talking crap about the other houseguests, I can’t wait to see Natalie on the block whining and crying, I’m so over her and her constant neediness.

Once Natalie goes home, please watch your time on big brother, you said Corey has not said anything mean about you, you think Paul made that up. Well wait until you see Corey clapping when Paulie had you walking out of the HOH when he talked about you being fake.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Wait. About Paul. Does he or does he not know how to make fries? Because if he does know how to make fries, I have to unflip my sh*t. I’ve been mad at him about f*cking up fries since yesterday. I could have channeled that rage elsewhere.


I agree production shouldnt have such a heavy hand in messing with the show BUT lets be real here sometimes without it, its dreadfully boring and VERY predictable! Example: watch BBcanada season 1!! I dont think there was much if any interference by production and ill tell you it was boring as hell and no need to watch because you knew who was going to win hoh/pov week after week! Just watch if you havnt and you’ll see what i mean! What i think it comes down to is CASTING.. With all entertaining unique ppl comes a cast where they dont need to get involved to keep it interesting. A little bit is okay imo. But bb recently (last few seasons) has done wayyyy too much interfering, rigging etc.. just give us a great cast and keep your hand light in the scripting/control of what you want!

Nicole's rats nest hair

So Nicole isn’t concerned everyone seeing her giving Corey hand jobs and them having sex but she is worried she was caught lying. Which by the way she knows isn’t close to the first time she has lied this season.

I think she does this fake worry about things to Corey because she thinks she is making him think she is this sweet girl when she knows damn well the person she really is.

Michelle Natalie and Nicole. 3 real witches from hell. Thank god for us men that most women are NOTHING like these 3.


Nicole is going to be doing some HEAVY talking the next few days trying to rehabilitate her reputation! after Her DR session this morning, she came out with kind of a sick look on her face and hid for a while.
I guarantee you she was told by DR that a Twitter video was going around stating it was her and Corey having sex. I’ll be watching for a big change in her.


I agree. Just saw the clip and you can hear Corey say “put it in”, then they grind and you can see him pull out super fast and push her off of him. How embarrassing.


Simon … I love the conversation of Nicole & Corey! That’s the least of her worries calling someone a manipulator…. How about what ya do under the covers with Corey? I don’t knowwwww (lol Simon!) … And Corey … Nobody cares .. He won’t have any trouble getting a job he’s going to work in a bar and do Meet & Greets!
Simon & Dawg thanks for painfully watching for us all! 🙂


I don’t think Nicole is worried about her job because of the manipulation comment even tho that’s what she’s saying. This morning it looked like production may have told her there’s a video of her and Corey having sex on Twitter. She verbally saying “manipulation” while mentally thinking “oh, craaaaaaaapppppp, I had desperate sex on cameraaaaaaaa”.

sunny dee

Ok, SO

French Fry Gate

What’s up with the french fries conspiracy take down blathering by nicole and natalie. cuz seriously, IT’S FRICKING FRENCH FRIES.


Does anyone want to explain how this French Fry BS started? Please. I know it’s been going on for a few days and it’s ridiculous. Haven’t all 3 women been complaining about it now?


If I was Paul and 23 like he is, I would lie about knowing how to make French fries, too. It is like openly admitting that this ultra-cool guy that he portrays himself as (and probably is) has had a job at In-and-Out Burgers or (God forbid) McDonald’s. Not cool!


um….you do know that French Fries can be made at home right?


Just playing the odds here. Paul was the guy who was mighty proud of himself when he figured out how to make muffins. Deep frying julienned potatoes at home seems like it may be a bit out of his comfort zone.

Powder Puff Cat

got an answer on reddit post.

“Paul said he doesn’t know how to cook and has never made fries. A couple days ago he told a story about when he was making fries for a friend”




I think Nicole worries about telling a fib for the cameras. She is a snake that wants to make people think she is Americas sweetheart. Oooooohhhhhh mmmyyyyyyyyy, I mmmiighttttt haaveeee told a fiiiiiibbbbbbbbb! I feeeeelllll sooooooo baaaaddddddd. Then she continues to lie and do what she does with Corey.


Nicole’s scared of not getting a job because she called Paul a manipulator?! Yeah right!! She’s just saying that instead of saying she’s worried cause they had sex on camera!! He’s to stupid to realize that’s what she’s getting at!! No way shes worried about the Paul thing effecting her outside the house!


Not accounting for any twists like battle back and care package, isn’t it obvious that Meech 100% WILL go up next week? I mean, she can’t even compete for HOH. So who else does she think will go up after Victor’s gone? (She’s sure not counting on Paul keeping her safe.) Or is she OK with the certainty of being on the block b/c she’s sure everyone’s gunning for Paul? I don’t understand why she’s so short-sighted. What am I missing?


Someone is coming back so she might not even be noticed


OMG…Vic fake tokin’! Hilarious! He could be an actor for sure.


Don’t bogart that joint my friend, pass it over to me.


Victor, Corey, Nicole and James are conversation is really odd. Corey and James are basically sitting quiet and say a few thing in between. Nicole and Victor are basically the only ones talking. Victor and Nicole have more chemistry together. I don’t think Corey can carry a educational conversation with substance. Now I know why he is pissed at her. She basically ignores him while talking to Victor.


I hope a girl comes back in because I think the strong girl players have been evicted. Wouldn’t mind seeing Bridgette if I didn’t have to listen to her mouth, Da and Z, well, meh. Not strong. Vic or Paulie coming back is too predictable. Would love to see how they all immediately pounce on Bridgette. What was her relationship with Michelle? I can’t remember

sunny dee

never mind i googled nicole corey sex twitter and found the 30 second vid.

couldn’t hear him saying anything, or a reason for breaking away, but pretty obvious.


Michelle and Bridg got close at the end. Together they took out Paulie


I like Victor/Paul and I also like James/Natalie. James is taking out Victor for what is best for his game. Paul/Victor have said several times on the live feeds as soon they get Cory out this week that James was next. That would leave Paul/Victor with just the 3 ladies left in house. James floated the first few weeks but now he is playing the game. In the last two weeks James has flipped the house twice. James used Paul and Victor to get Pauly out. Natalie has also started playing the game. James/Natalie might have started playing the game a week to early because the returning juror could be trouble for them. Also they have to rely on Corey/Nicole not putting them up and out. If neither one of these scenarios happen they have a cakewalk to final three.


Victor, Corey, Nicole and James conversation is a weird dynamic. Corey and James are listening quietly and say a few thing in between. Nicole and Victor are the only ones talking. They have more chemistry together without awkward silence. I don’t think Corey can carry a educational conversation with substance. Now I know why he is pissed at her. She basically ignores him while talking to Victor.

sunny dee

when did this alleged sex act take place? don’t people know to do this during wake up time (when music is playing there are no feeds, right? why not then? why not hoh shower together? makes no sense to be so dumb in any situation, when you’ve seen the show watched the show and know that lights out doesn’t mean there won’t be a show.


Good grief, minds change on here more than in the house!!
Just read a bunch of posts from 5-6 weeks ago, some of you who HATED Vic are now his ride or die!! Won’t say your names but dang!! He was a full of himself, talking about his package, Jozea Jr., clueless moron, mean, hateful d1ck? And now, he’s the nicest guy?
He wasn’t/isn’t he SAID he had to change his personality when coming back! He said TODAY on the feeds he’s an A$$hole in real life! He was the second person voted out for a REASON!!! Geesh
I don’t forget! He’s a JERK

Proud Papa

So proud of Nicole. Way to let a boy bang you on the feeds for all to see!