“my moms allergic.. to bananas.. so that’s why here I eat at least 1 banana a dayyyyy”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: Victor AND Corey
Have Nots Victor and James

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 20-02-44-587

8:03pm James, Corey and Nicole
Nicole is pissed because she found out about Corey being VIB (Like VIP) on bumble. VIB access is given to users who get swiped and swiped a lot it’s a more elite collection of Girls, “All the hot ones”
Corey claims he’s never been on a single bumble date he uses it to bring girls to his bar.
Corey starts grinning, “Don’t hate the player hate the game… “
Goes back to saying he just uses bumble for business..
Corey then says his “roommates” use his bumble account more than he does
James- you have farmers daugters.com
Corey – ya
Corey explains it but it doesn’t sound like he uses it.
Corey now says he used it plenty of times to meet people for business like dallas cowboy cheerleaders because then he can talk to athletes that might use his app.

JAmes leaves, Paul joins them and the tinder/bumble conversation continues…
Victor joins them..
Paul says Tinder is great he’s met some great people.
Corey – it’s a genius concept..
Victor says it’s a great resource to meet people when you’re busy with work and the gym, mentions how hit or miss it is meeting girls at the gym.
Nicole – I would download it if there was no profile pic
Paul – do you really want to do that
Victor – I meet people on instagram sometimes…. I like 1 they like 2 I like 2 they like 2….
8:32pm Paul and Corey
Chatting about their fans, who has the most fans, etc , etc.. Paul says his friend works at TMZ and will probably post something.
Paul – Bronte was the only roadkill that was sent home..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 20-35-28-879
Paul’s spending time with Corey Vic spending time with Michelle and Natalie

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 21-07-28-119

9:07pm Corey, Victor and paul
Corey admires Victor’s tan
Corey – you are getting dark… wow… OH my god you are frickin real dark..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 21-14-55-653

9:15pm HOH Nicole and Michelle
Getting paranoid about Paul because yesterday he was up all night and he didn’t talk to anybody today he’s acting like everything is fine.

Nicole says where she lives the only place to get avocado is wal-mart and they are not very good.
Nicole – my moms allergic.. She’s allergic to bananas too so that’s why here I eat at least 1 banana a dayyyyyyy.. And so at home we’ll like buy them but she .. I don’t like bringing them inside the house so I can’t eat them as much as I would like to.. I eat them with peanut butter
Nicole – I can’t eat them as much as i want to
Nicole explains that her mom’s tongue and throat swell up when she has a banana.
Nicole – she’s allergic, Kiwi, Banana, latex, Pineapple maybe

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 21-22-02-274

Cause everyone loves james’ pranks….

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 21-23-56-023

9:23pm HOH Natalie and Michelle
Getting paranoid that Paul is hanging around Corey all day.
Michelle says the plan is for James to tell Victor tomorrow, “You don’t want to blindside him”
Michelle says the worst case scenario is Paul gets the package and Corey/Nicole wins HOH

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 21-24-35-020
Nicole comes in says “Are you ready for a prank war”

The girls try to do something but are told to stop.. Natalie is pissed says Production lets James do whatever he wants and when they try they get “yelled” at .
9:34pm James and Natalie chatting, She thinks he’s the saboteur.
Natalie says James has the greatest legs in the house..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 21-38-50-958

Can he win and get back in again?

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 21-59-36-755


Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 22-02-30-055

Victor spent a good chunk of time cleaning out the bathroom

10:18pm Natalie and Meech in the HOH.. Natalie says a HOH takeover isn’t fare and it isn’t right.
Natalie going on about Paulie saying that James is blinded by Natalie’s b**bs.
(OMFG) Natalie brings up Paul lying about the fries. Paul told them he’s never cooked before yet shared a story where he made fries for his friends.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 22-29-00-488
10:25pm Kitchen Corey, Paul and James
laughing about he flower war.. James says something about keeping his head on a swivel because “I gotta deflect you for 28 days”
Paul gives James a look (See image)

10:34pm Nicole, Corey and James help clean up.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-23 23-23-33-992

11:22pm HOH Natalie, james and Michelle

James- I know every move he makes (JAmes about Paul)
James says Paul’s next move is to gain Nicole and Corey’s trust but secretly team up Michelle.
James adds that Paul is secretly going to be OK with James but if James wins

JAmes says he can read all that Paul is going says that Paul is going to tell Corey and Nicole that they were targeting them.
Michelle says it’s teh truth.
Natalie and James are now denying that they were targeting Nicole and Corey before.
Natalie goes on about being 100% with James and Michelle
Natalie says they never had an alliance with Paul they were just working to get Paul out.

11:31pm Natalie and Michele really want James to win the HOH this week.
Natalie tells him the care package might send one of them home.
JAmes says Paul can’t win every single time he’s goign to slip up and they’ll send him out.
natalie – JAmes you need to win
James- if I don’t win the HOH i’ll win the veto
Michelle says if she had won the veto she would have pulled Vic down
James – Vic would have been forced to work with us
Natalie says Paul forced them to help him study for the veto.
James says he’s goign to blame Paul on him voting out Victor tell paul that he was supposed to go this week.
Michelle says the only reason we voted Vic out was because he was close to paul, “It’s Paul’s fault”
11:36pm James wants them to fool Paul into thinning if he wins HOH he won’t get the care package.
Natalie says they are a group of 3 vs a group of 2 (Nicole and Corey) and a lone players Paul.
Michelle and Natalie says if Corey wins the care package it’s best case scenario but Corey cannot win the HOH.
PAul now saying Corey wants him to throw the HOH to Nicole so she can take PAul out.
Natalie – if you don’t win there’s a high possibility me or Michelle goes home next week.
Michelle doesn’t think Nicole will piss off James and send her home
Michelle says Paul wouldn’t waste a HOH on them.
Natalie calls PAul a master manipulator
Michelle says paul is with Corey and Nicole right now he’s goign to be up with them all night scheming.
The girls keep going on and on about James having to win the HOH. James says he’ll try and win it.
JAmes says if it’s Natalie and Michelle on the block Natalie will be the one evicted.
Michelle – We should send Nicole out if Paul gets the care package.. Corey will win the HOH to get Paul out for us.

11:47pm They are trying to figure out how the care package mechanics work. Michelle thinks the care packages show them that the fans want Paul and Victor out.
JAmes says if Paul had won the HOH they would have had to put up Nicole and Corey.

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Reality Check

No game talk here. Can someone give a Kraken to Vic please? He spent hours cleaning the bathroom and idiots like Nicole, James and Corey destroy it by dumping lotion, baby powder, whatever they can find.

Vic you deserve a kraken because you are indeed the best houseguest right now. You clean, cook, wash dishes, clean the bathroom. You are an awesome dude and it is a shame you are getting boned on Thursday.

you finally got out of bed

Nicole is lame and so are her pranks.


Straight the hell up. Victor for America’s Favorite Houseguest. He deserves it the most.


Relax they’re just having fun and they cleaned it up! What else is there to do in there?!

sunny dee

Pot ball or BB Bowling. The fact is this the straight up laziest group since bb 15 where everyone except paul and vict sleep or lay around in bed all day every day. and because paul doesn’t laze around all day, that is apparently ‘sketchy’ to these lazy bums

meanwhile on after dark i watch michelle eat a medium/large size fake chicken caesar salad, and IMMEDIATELY after she finishes she’s got a half bowl of cereal in front of her and blasts thru that, and while she is still eating mentions to vic that she is now really full, but does she STOP eating? nope, she literally pours what is left in the bowl into her mouth.

I think it is highly likely after she did that, she went looking for something else to chew on.

and seriously, still about the fries? someone says they don’t cook in what universe does anyone normal think that the ability to peel and cut a potato to drop into hot oil is cooking?

Jake K.

Dawg…that’s who I want in the game

Guy From Canada

He’s Canadian and they are casting now so you may get your wish


I hope Vic wins jury buyback.
Let’s Vote Paul for care package.

too bad you and everyone else is so slow

we needed you to do that last week


everyone’s on the paul vic train now. Where were you all last week?


Powder Puff Cat

I have been team #VicPaulPablo. Voted for Victor could not get anyone to flip from Michelle. I tried on youtube, Twitter, Reddit


I never understood why everyone wanted Meech to have the Co-HOH (she had no idea what C-O-H-O-H was). She is a true floater with no strategy; when her back is against the wall, she blows sh*t up and fully expects not to have to deal with the fallout/cleanup. Remember DE and she stayed twice?? She was backpedaling everywhere. No surprise she survived it because she is that one person who is too malleable and easily persuaded. This HOH is proof of that.
Can imagine the game we would be playing now if Vic had won Co-HOH and Nat did not have those 4 seconds on her side?


I hope Victor can do it again. He had to win three the last time, so hopefully he can manage one comp to get back. James is a dick. He knows Victor cleaned that bathroom and he’s doing it because he is jealous of Victor. Please let James be the next nominated and evicted. I can care less who’s next to him. An ideal final 4 for me is Victor, Michelle, Paul and Bratalie. The others could leave now and it would improve my viewing experience.

Skips mom

I think James and anicikecdid it to provoke Victor. If this is all those two can bring for entertainment it’s pathetic. Pauls mouth is a little dirty for me, but I do admit he makes me laugh and I find him very entertaining. Paul and Vic have some insightful conversations too and I have yet to hear one good convo from James, Natalie Nicole or Corey. Not one that I thought was interesting. These pranks are stupid.


I LOVE how James is definitely not getting AFP – he totally thinks he is too.


As much as I HATE TO, I have to vote for Corey to get the CP! Dang it! But, I have hope! I’m thinking BB may reset it. With jury buy back, there will be only three people eligible for it. Paul, Corey, and whoever comes back. They will say that because America wasn’t aware of the juror coming back, it’s only right to open it back up to everyone. Voting doesn’t start until after the comeback. It will make it 100 times more interesting, if America would get their heads in the game and play strategically!
But, if it’s Bridgette, I’ll vote for her.


Why do you have to vote for someone you hate to get a CP? Makes even less sense then the bribe that is in the useless thing.

Vote for Paul. He is the only one who will be a good sport about it. The BB punishments and the useless way the others have used the CPs have taught us that. He will probably be useless with it like all the others, but he’ll be entertaining about it.

I think it’s funny how the CPs have hurt the players more then helped them. All Meech’s did was make her ineligible to play in the next HOH. She just did what Nat wanted anyway and Nat still considers the HOH room hers this week. It’s BB punishing these dopes for not respecting the game (talking about what production tells them to do, breaking rules, bribing others with cash for them winning, using live ceremonies to air out dirty laundry, etc.). BB will most likely never call any of these people again for anything (no commentaries, no all-star seasons, nothing). They will just forget the brats ever existed (accept for Paulie maybe, but only because they don’t want to punish Cody for his brother being a twit).

Laugh it up about getting the best of production now you dummies, because they aren’t going to miss you.

2nd Year BB fan

Why Cory? Don’t see why he deserves anything. I am new but never seen him trying to play the game and him clapping when Pauli was dissing Natalie and the goat issue is pretty low. I would rather have Vic …then Paul. Liars yes but have played the game all the way along.


Plus the two showmances don’t need to bribe someone with $5,000. They already have an agreement (CHEATING) that if any of them win, the other 3 get $10,000.

TX rar

Did you watch the clip about Corey telling story about setting a live goat on fire ? He was there an did nothing to stop it AND thought it was funny!!! How can you vote for someone like that?

June 26 1:34 am clip time.


OMG, are you kidding, I did not hear that? I don’t like Corey, but now I really can’t tolerate him at all if he actually stood by and watched something so awful, then laughed and shared about it. That’s inexcusable. I can’t even put into words how sorry he is as a human being if that is truly the case.


I think Vic will be glad to leave the BB house so he doesn’t have to clean up after these slobs anymore! I wonder if Vic has been diagnosed with a little OCD.


It must be really boring, for Vic, having to live with those slobs. (Except for Paul and Vic none of them seem very interesting or bright.) How can they stand just lying around for weeks on end living in their own and each other’s filth? Cleaning is something productive to do and definitely needed. You don’t have to have OCD to want to live in a clean environment. Vic is just making the best of a bad situation. Those ingrates just don’t appreciate his efforts…very inconsiderate and disrespectful.

More anonymous than you

Diagnosed with good manners, unlike all these other fools in the house.

An Apple A Day

Behind on watching both After Dark & this week’s TV episodes (out of town). So glad for this blog! I’m in agreement. I’ve been defensive of Natalie but she and Michelle are annoying me. It’s Floater City… and I’m in agreement. Voting Care Package for Paul and hoping Vic makes it back in the house. I don’t like the fact that someone like Day could come back after chilling at the Jury House all this time. Paulie would blow it up, and might be nice to see (even though I detest him). These people are getting nasty. Clean the frickin’ house! Victor is a stud. Good looking young guy who CLEANS.

Morgan LaFay

James is a fucking asshole and Nicole is a stupid twat for destroying that bathroom after Victor killed himself cleaning it. I hope Victor doesn’t do one dish, clean one thing, for these demented juveniles. I have a slight case of OCD, and that scene would have sent me over the edge had I been there. It’s just super disrespectful. The DR better think of some activity for them because they’re all going stir crazy.

Big daddy

These couples got to go. And Nicole and Natalie ‘ s voices are getting on my nerves. And this superfloater Meech needs to go. I hate that some real players got put out for these floaters, except Victor and Paul. I remember when people played to win 500k not be happy to go to jury.


This lull in the action might be a bummer for feeders, but at least it’s good for the economy. Kraken will have to triple their production facilities to produce enough rum to get us through this one.


People always say they hate when floaters win, but I think if a floater plays intelligently, they could definitely be deserving of the win. But I do have a problem with coasters winning.


The term floater has absorbed a variety of meanings now. Now a floater is anyone who goes to whichever side has power regardless of previous alliances so this person could have great social game. Also it could those losers who either can’t or don’t win anything and just occupy space in the house. These people don’t have social game but because they aren’t doing anything aren’t a threat and left alone like mold in a dorm shower.

2nd Year BB fan

Do you think this sudden desire for Nicole to prank or Natalie saying she wants to do a puppet show is to up their profiles for TV editing?

Just asking.


I think so, they do “entertaining” stuff and they’ll get airtime. The girls get yelled at for their pranks because that’s what James was cast for, whereas Nicole was cast for her capacity to leech onto a guy. So no diviating from the prescribed roles..


I hope pual wins hoh


did you vote for him to have co-hoh last week?


Does any bb player ever have the mental strength to go into the diary room and NOT get influenced by the powers that be? Sheesh im sick of these easily influenced pea brains year after year. Its so obvious sometimes


Victor didn’t listen to them about Paulie, right?


Yes. Evel dick did it all the time. He wouldn’t even talk game at certain points or would keep certain things quiet so production couldn’t interfere.


Corey with his tongue hanging our!!!!!! It is taking everything he has not to reach for his manhood


Corey looking up and down Vic’s tan body gave me the creeps.

Franks fumes

The housguest over the past couple of days have been reminiscing about past houseguests but mostly Bridgette and alot of long shots of Mr. Jenkins……I wonder if these are clues alluding to the return of Bridgette…..It has been a recurring theme for two days…. has anybody else noticed? Probably wrong …..or watching too much boring ass feeds has rotted my brain!

Yours truly

It’s sad they cast this many emotionally unstable people on the show.. It seems to be getting worse each year.


Just watching some old after dark and Zakiyah’s got to be the dumbest chick I have ever seen on TV. Dumber than a bag of rocks. She also knew exactly what she was doing with the slut behaviour because the nights she grinded and had sex in the bumper car she constantly looked at or for the cameras and kept her ass pointed at one of them while lying on Baulie with what looked like to be no underwear. It was just the most skanky thing and did not come off as sexy in any way. When she speaks I can barely understand her – well suited to communicate with kindergarteners (no offence to good kindergarten teachers). Makes me want to heave. Effin idiot.

Traci S.

I hope Vic comes back and Paul gets the care package.. I cant stand James Natalie and Michelle is stupid just like Corey said.. Don’t want to see none of the showmance make it to the end I hope Paul makes it even though he talks to much sometimes.. If Paulie comes back its a wrap for James..

Franks fumes

I love when Natlie Meech and James have a game strategy convo in the HOH its like they are having a tug o war with the one brain cell between them!


I just can’t with corey or nicole, corey has noo personality at all!! Nicole is very annoying and that whiney voice all the time is like nails on a chalkboard… Meech- does this girl ever stop eating??? That was soo gross them zooming in on her eating salad and horsing down a bowl of ceral… Its going to be soo boring after my boy vic leaves on Thursday… Im soo over this cast! The only one i even like is vic and paul is atleast entertaining…

Franks fumes

Nat worried about Paul…..James says if I dont win HoH next week ill win the Veto….Production will see to it!

Hypocrites anonymous

I voted for Victor for last care package because it made the most sense (unless you were Nicory fans). But now I don’t know if Paul should get it or wait to see if Vic comes back.

I am really afraid that there is going to be some cute TV clips showing Cory and Nicole. Does one day of being social and fun in a whole season sway the masses?


You have no choice but to wait to see who comes back.. CBS voting opens AFTER the Jury Battle Back.




I saw James look at Vic when they were making the mess………..James probably thought ………..he’s leaving, I can make this mess no problem. Vic said he is not cleaning this mess up, and I can’t blame him. Production probably told them to do something to entertain the audience and this is the best they could come up with. Let’s face it Production….there are 2 entertaining houseguest and it is not the 2 couples or Big Meech! BB better warn these losers there is a player coming back. Paulie will definitely put James and Nat on the block……….Vic if he comes back in will put James and Corey on the block.
Frankly, I want Vic back in………..people say he got voted out….well as far as I am concerned, if he can get the win , he deserves to be there.
I am really despising Nat, James, Nicole and Corey….they are not funny or entertaining! I wish we could exchange those 4, for Glen, Frank, Tiffany, and Bronte……….they couldn’t be any worse!!


I for one am absolutely LIVID Paul lied about making french fries. I therefore am all for Natalie and Michelle bringing it up 500 more times. ZOMG!!


The fries, yea the fries! I to was suspicious when he was seasoning them. Something was up! Yea the fries. He needs to go!
Damn I wish they would just say it is a game move that this person or that person is a strong player and leave it alone. They have to talk about everyone on the block and come up with these lame reasons to target someone. Keep pissing off jury votes people. The butterfly crier was a industrial size douche but even some of the stuff Nat brought up was reaching. The one that sticks out to me is when he told her to put her butt away. Young people talk like that to each other all the time. “damn girl put that butt away” She was laying out in full make-up (as always) with a string bikini or whatever all pulled up in her butt crack (whatever her business) but when he said putt your butt away she rolled over smiling from ear to ear happy with the compliment but later claimed it hurt her feelings. She knows she is on camera as well and doesn’t think people in and out of the house are checking out her butt and making comments about it? Anyway never been a fan of hers and she is getting worse and worse every day. Her whiney voice is just a touch less annoying then the finger puppet’s.


Natalie is the worst! She only ‘ got upset’ about Paulie flirting when she found out he was saying she was a slut outside of the house and she realized he wasn’t attracted to her more than he was Zakiyah. Now she is trying to say Paul does touch her inappropriately. She gives women a bad name with all the false sexual harassment claims. She sure due look uncomfortable to me. Her telling Zakiyah was all about hurting Zakiyah because she was jealous more than helping her(even though I’m glad someone told her). Even now she can’t keep her name out of her mouth speaking disrespectfully of her and she is out of the game.


There hasn’t been a day this week where Natalie doesn’t bring up Zakiyah. Strange to me that she obsesses over someone who is out of the house and has ZERO to do with the current game play. The other thing I’m tired of hearing from Natalie is ‘America’. Stop pandering to the fans and stop asking for special powers. Play the remainder of the game and put us all out of our misery.


I want to know more about these fries. I think they will be delicious, especially if Paul is lying about them, to hide his secret… secret of the fries. After the show he should come out with his Friendship French Fries Cookbook and send a copy to Nic, Nat and MEECH.


Were they steak, crinkle cut, or curly fries?! Oven-baked or fried? If they were fried, what type of oil was used cause that’ll tell how serious a master chef he really is. He’s so sketch!


To describe the 2016 season of Big Brother based on song…look no other than the 2006 album by Günther (pleasureman).

The 2006 pleasureman album by Günther (any * means that this song is on YouTube)

ding dong song*
teeny weeny string bikini*
touch me* (with Samantha fox)
tutti frutti summer love*
crazy & wild
naughty boys
like fire tonight

Pretty much describe some of the houseguests. Thanks Günther

Franks fumes

Ok who’s worse Nat or Meech……just watched them on bbad and I have a conundrum of disgust going on and I need help determining which is a bigger POS …..PLEASE THUMBS UP FOR NAT OR THUMBS DOWN FOR BIG MEECH!


I hope I never see James, Nicole, Paulie, Davonne, Michelle or Corey on big brother ever again. I can’t stand any of them, and James thinks he is going to be America’s Favorite, I sure hope he is not, please don’t give that too him, I want to see his face when it goes to someone else.

I also have been so annoyed with Natalie & Michelle, all they do is bitch and complain, and if Natalie bring up things that were said about her FT’s, James being blinded by her boobs, and Michelle talk crap about people, and then cry, I just can’t wait to see all of these losers evicted !

Never cared

How rude is it that Nicole and Corey made a mess in the kitchen after Vic cleaned and then did the same thing in the bathroom??? Are they doing it on purpose just to disrespect him? I can’t decide if they’re trying to tick him off or if they’re just that inconsiderate. Enough of the mess making already though. This isn’t kindergarten. Wait, sorry kids, even 5 year olds don’t make messes like that!

Girlie girl

I hope victory wins this game he deserves it. The rest of them are floaters, in fact Victor and Paul are the only ones in the house who have been playing the game. Natalie is nasty and starts a lot of crap with lies, meech and Corey and Nicole spend most of there time in bed and James has done nothing but annoy the other house guests. I do believe that if Paul and Victor are side by side in the end Victor will win, he has played the best game.


It’s pretty obvious that Corey is bi. Not that there’s anything wrong with it…just making an observation.


Another observation. Those two have been making muffins under that same blanket for several nights now. And unfortunately we see Corey’s awkward pull out. What we didn’t see was if that blanket got washed. We do see neat freak Vic laying in that same bed with Corey. It just grosses me out. And if Vic knew, he’d be grossed out too. This is a dirty dirty group of house guests.


BB: Michelle, stop eating!


BB: Michelle, stop eating! OMG


Thanks production for making the feeds unwatchable with the boring, immature, morons left in the house except Paul and Victor. The edited version is painful to watch too. Why do they have to show every Nicole diary session? Certainly not for entertainment value. Hey James, America hates that you are voting to evict Victor. Production should be telling him that to save this lame show. Nicole, Corey, Natalie, Michelle, and James are superficial and boring. Natalie, if someone is truly a good person they do not have to keep repeating it to everyone. Also shut up about the fries already. Need Victor to get off the block and Bridgette to return. Then there would be 3 people actually playing the game.


For some reason it really pisses me off when James and Nat look into the camera and say “America look at what she is doing” “America James is being mean to me” on and on I can’t count the times. Not sure why it is so annoying but to me it is. Hey James leave us out of your fake love story with your needy whiney fake girlfriend.
did I read that now she is mad at him again because he said “we will see” on his HOH blog regarding their future? But she said that she said the same thing? It seems like at least once a week or more she finds something to be mad at him about, ignore him, and after hours of groveling and apologizing she says ” I am not mad, I just need some alone time” Same story rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. One whole night on AD was spent on him begging forgiveness at her feet while she had the blankets over her head.


Last year my heart ached for the little love struck guy. Always looking with adoration at the unattainable Meg. Trying so hard to fit in by being the funny guy pulling stupid pranks. He and Meg in their dentist’s chairs in the have not room waiting to be picked off. Yes, my heart cried for him.
Now I just want the annoying toad out.


OMG Dan, your comment is spot on! You have them perfectly described. 100 thumbs up!


They think there are masses of people hanging on their every word and cheering for them because they have seen the Hunger Games. C’mon Katniss, I mean Natalie, hang in there and be strong even if your heart is hurting you.


Victor and Paul for Final 2! I cannot stomach Jatalie, Nicorey, and Meech anymore…especially with them messing up the kitchen and bathroom. I bet James wanted to make Victor so mad that he’d hit him and get evicted, but Victor kept his cool. James, you’re an immature lame ass, and as for America’s Favorite Houseguest…I hope it goes to Paul or Victor (if they’re not the winner of BB 18). James would shit cement if thay happens…LOL.

Another Anonymous

That banana allergy must skip a generation. Nicole definitely is not allergic to Corey’s banana. However, it seems that Corey is more interested in Victor’s banana. I love that picture of Corey licking his lips in bed with Victor.


I was sick of Nat and James constantly talking and playing ‘merica early on. They still think we are stupid and will give them the AFP. And I do believe their true colors are coming out with the power. I went from liking Nat to being disgusted with her character defamation campaigns.

Over it

As much as I like Victor I’d like to see the drama of Da come in and navigate the house after being out, and CHOOSE to team up with Paul. I’d love to see a Paul/Da duo. Da was aligned with James but once she finds out he’s teamed up with Nicole, combined with the footage she saw in “jury” of him sending Z home, I think she may play James and that could make for some good watching. If Victor comes back the only thing that has changed is that Paul & Vic know they are on their own, and if they don’t win HOH we will see the same week again. Bridgette will side with James/Nat making that side stronger (boring), Z won’t know what to do because she never learned to play the game.


I just want someone to explain to me why people voted for Meech to get that Care Package