Power Of Veto Winner Results! Travis “Derek told me, you and Brent that he is going to take you off.”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Nominations: Kyland and Alyssa
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Frenchie, Alyssa, Travis, DerekX, Tiffany | HOST = DerekF
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony:

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winners team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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2:15pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for the Power of Veto competition.

Power of Veto Winner: Derek X

Bedroom – Brent and Derek X
Derek – I don’t know if this is enough. I hope it is like because I want to talk to him and lay it all out there. Like I want to work with you but I just need to know. Like basically my entire team is with him and I am trying to get in. Brent – well we’re the ones that saved you. Derek – exactly! But I also want to be a part of that conversation. Brent – yeah I know but we were doing damage control. Derek – yeah but now I want a fresh start. Brent – we are. That is why you’re not on the block. Derek – yeah but I want to move forward from this. Brent – you already have a possible target on your back from an alliance you were making.. so don’t make the same mistake again. Derek – I am trying to get IN with Frenchie. Brent – but you’re following the lead of Kyland right? Derek – I know the best thing for my game is my team. Brent – You stabbed me in the back and we vouched for you to get you not nominated. We wanted you to win. Derek – that was the past, now we’re on the same page… you’re all super tight with Frenchie. I want to be tight with Frenchie. Brent – we’re not that tight with him because we had to talk to him for an hour. Derek – I am hoping with this I can get to there with him. Brent – if you win, we stay safe and vice versa. So now that you won, whatever he says go with it. Don’t question it. Don’t try to change his mind. Derek – I get that. The goal is to get to where I was with Frenchie before all this happened. Brent – I just want you to do whatever he says. Derek – yeah, yeah. Brent – if Alyssa is the target, why mess with that if we have the votes. You get what I am saying? Derek – yeah. I didn’t even think about that. If he wants Ky off the block maybe he would put up a super nice girl or maybe Travis. Brent – but we don’t know what is brewing on the other side of the house. Alyssa joins them. Alyssa – I can’t wait to re-watch that one. They agree. Alyssa – I really want to talk to you too but later ..because I want you to have your moment. Congrats! You killed it! That was really awesome.

4:28pm – 5pm Kyland and Travis
Kyland – I told Frenchie that you’re going to go talk to him. He was like lets eat and enjoy. Travis – okay cool. So there are like 5, 6 potentials that can go up and like after dinner will talk to him. Kyland – I feel like there is a lot of leverage here because his biggest thing is not trusting Derek X. Travis – he like trusts him now. He said I am going to tell Derek do whatever is best for your game. And Derek told me, you and Brent that he is going to take you off. Kyland – I will wait for him to grab me at that point. Travis – who do you think should go up in your spot. Kyland – Its our opportunity to build something with the group. Xavier – so where do you stand. Travis – I have 95% confidence that Derek is going to take Kyland off the block so I am just wondering who is going to go up. Xavier – I haven’t talked to him so I don’t know who would go up. Let them enjoy it and we will talk later. He told you that he will tell him to do whatever he wants to do with it. Travis – Derek has told me, you and Brent that he will use it. Xavier – so he can’t go back on his word again. So had he had that conversation with Frenchie yet? Travis – Frenchie doesn’t really care, he is going to tell him to do whatever he wants.

5:17pm Havenot room – Xavier and Alyssa.
Xavier – I don’t think there is a scenario where Derek doesn’t use it.. just from the week that he’s had. From a personal level, this week has been hell for him. Alyssa – I know.. I feel bad. Xavier – He started lying and I think he wants to get on everyone’s good graces. By showing something that gets some of that trust back he likes that and it makes his game longer.

5:39pm Gym – Derek X and Brent
Brent – Kyland talked to me because he wanted to know where your head was at. I said that I just asked him and he said that he wants to use it on you. Derek – Yeah, we agreed last night. Brent – yeah he was just asking so I told him. Derek – yeah, yeah cool. We agreed last night. Cool. Brent – yeah if you talked to Frenchie that is all that matters. I am happy for you. I really am. Derek – thanks dawg! Brent – you beat big brother history getting you off the block. That is pretty amazing. Now we have our team and if we win HOH we’re all safe. We have a good four person shot. Derek – I feel bad for Xavier.. as a person I just feel bad because I like him. Also I feel like he probably already knows because there is no way Frenchie hasn’t told him about getting Christian out. I just hope he comes to terms with it. Brent – he’s a smart guy.

5:55pm Gym – Kyland and Derek.
Kyland – I would like to work with him. And that is the cool thing, it would be great to say that to him after the veto because its like Hey You have no more power and we’re still here to say that we want to work with you because I do. 100%! I have never said anything otherwise to anyone else and never will. Derek – we prove to him with this and then we prove to him when were are still there with him next week. Kyland – exactly. Derek – I need to stop trusting people so easily. That is why Brent plays a good game because even people that he trusts he doesn’t tell everything to. Kyland – I even did that with X .. I didn’t ask him for things that I didn’t want him to say. I am not going to put you in that position. Travis joins them.

6:15pm – 6:28pm Brent and Alyssa.
Brent – so far everything is lined up, the plan is in motion.. we just need to execute. Alyssa – and Ky is understanding about it right? Brent nods. Alyssa – as long as he is understanding about it too. Brent – you’re in good hands. Alyssa – because if that plan goes through I owe you guys big time. BIG TIME! BIG TIME! Especially you, Whitney and Frenchie because that is your teammate. Like I have your back 100%! He kept reassuring me that I was good and I said you don’t have to tell me. I want to wait for Derek X to talk to him (Frenchie) before I talk to him. You and Whitney talked to him. That was good. Brent – I asked him .. in front of your team that you betrayed what do you plan on doing with it. Alyssa – and what did he say? I want to talk to Frenchie? Brent – no, I am going to take Ky off. And what are you going to do after talking to me? He said talk to Frenchie. Alyssa – so it is probably Ky coming off and not me? Brent – the only way to make it work… Alyssa – is if I do.. ohh!!! I get what you mean now! I didn’t know what you were saying .. whether its me or him .. it has to make sense. I know what you mean now it has to be me to make sense. Brent – to make it look like you getting away .. because you were the bait but you’re actually part of an alliance that no one knows about. Alyssa – but how are you going to tell that to Derek X? Brent – that there has to be a replacement nominee so whatever that is it will be up to Frenchie. And he knows if he takes Ky down someone else has to go up. It will be too late for anyone to stop who goes up. Alyssa – but how will you make Derek X understand that it has to be me? Brent – he thinks you’re the target because he doesn’t know about the alliance. Alyssa – how are you going to convince him to take me off instead of Ky? Brent – we’re not. We’re taking Ky off and he’s putting up Travis and that way Travis is going to get voted out. Alyssa – so you are saying it makes sense to take ky off. Brent – because Travis is the big fish angle. Alyssa – and I’m the bait. Brent – so it looks like we like you and we’re not aligned with you .. but we are aligned with you after the fact.. and we are trying to keep both of you. Alyssa – and that way Travis isn’t freaking out and I’ll be sad. That makes sense. Should I still ask Derek X for him to use it on me? Brent – yes, act like you don’t know.

6:45pm – 7:15pm Derek X and Alyssa.
Alyssa – do you think he is going to ask you to use it? Derek – literally.. well what do you think was his goal going into his nominations? Alyssa – I think he was wanting to get Christian out and then I am guilty by association. Derek – what is his reasoning for taking you off. His reason for keeping you on is that it hurts Christians game. Alyssa – that he is kind of understanding now that it wasn’t fair and he didn’t give me a fair chance to explain. He was hearing rumors and I didn’t get a chance to justify myself. Derek – who would Frenchie put up? Alyssa – anyone but me and you. Derek – but then I burn my bridge with Frenchie if I do something that he doesn’t want. Alyssa – no, this has to be your decision that is best for you but if you talk to Frenchie maybe he has an idea that I don’t know yet. I am saying that if I am able to talk Frenchie into doing that and he tells you to do that.. would you do it? Derek – if Frenchie tells me to .. yeah. Alyssa – I think that is the perfect way for you to gain his trust. Derek – are you hip to the sh*t I tried to pull day two? Big Brother blocks the feeds. They continue to talk about other random things from their outside lives.

7:30pm – 8pm Living Room. Xavier, Whitney, Big D, Kyland, Alyssa and Travis are talking about their past BB cast crushes.

8:15pm Bedroom. Big D and Azah.
Big D – talking to Claire, talking to Britini, talking to Hannah .. I think you keep talking to all those girls and making a bond. You’re upstairs playing chess or hanging out with them. Perfect! I love that. You keep doing that. Azah – sometimes I get worried .. think about this.. Derek.. everyone kept saying he is amazing! And within one day Poom! I don’t know what he did. Big D – he said we need to get Brent out of here. Frenchie out of here next week. Yes he was saying these things. Azah – you heard him say that? Big D – he owned up to it. Yes, because Frenchie called him out. Azah – how did they find out? Who was he saying this to? Big D – Brent was feeling like everyone was against him. So he went to go talk to Frenchie. Then Frenchie had a one on one with Derek X. Frenchie was like what’s the deal, I hear you’re coming after me? That was when Frenchie was dropping little seeds. And that’s when Derek owned up and panicked. Big D tells Azah that her name is not coming up. And even if it did I would tell them to look at someone else. Girl, you have nothing to worry about. You’re safe this week. Next Thursday power is up for grabs. Azah – don’t you think there is an alliance somewhere? Day 4 there is no alliance amongst the guys? None? Isn’t that interesting to you? Big D – no, no, no. Azah – anything brewing? Big D – if so, I am not a part of it. Britini and Alyssa join them. Big D – I don’t think a girl should go this week. Alyssa – if I am not next to Ky or a girl, would you guys think I would have your votes to keep me? Big D – absolutely. Azah – you have my vote already. Britini – absolutely. Alyssa – if I was up against Ky I don’t think I would have a chance at staying.

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Big Jim

Who is going up as the replacement now?




If it is Alyssa vs Travis on the block together who is going home?


hopefully travis

Big Jim

Is this the second worst opening week HOH ever behind only Willie Hantz?


With this horrible cast, Frenchie will steamroll the competition!!!!!


You mean Swaggy F??? Woooooo O Woooooot!!! Let the trainwreck begin!!


What the f**king f**k is going on here?! Excuse my French…and that French. Wish he’d calm done some. I usually hate week ones because of all the alliance figuring and chaos. I think where they go wrong most of the time is trying to be in everything all the time. Pick a group and stay loyal to it. 1 side alliance at most.

Frenchie is unbearable to watch at this point. He’s gonna hang his own self by the overalls.

Hopeful for a Good Season

This season already hilarious


Is Frenchie the new Will Kirby?

French Fries

Frenchie for AFP


Frenchie for town mayor..


Why does everyone want to work with Frenchie? Does anyone see past his bs?


because he is able to nominate atm


As soon as the replacement is picked, Frenchie will most likely be an island. I doubt there’s anyone wanting to work with him long term right now.


I wish there was actually sand in the BB house. I’ve lost track of how many lines Frenchie has drawn this week

Rosin Dubh

I’m calling it right now. Derek X is gonna get CRUSHED hard and it’s gonna be damn funny.