“Maybe I can creatively make a deal with JMac. I won’t put him up, which doesn’t include backdoor”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 13-06-48-242

1:05pm – 1:15pm HOH room – Vanessa says maybe I can creatively make a deal with him (Johnny Mac) that I won’t put him up .. which doesn’t include backdoor. Austin says you could say that. Vanessa talks about how when she was on the block with Shelli she would talk about the next week like it was a forgone conclusion that I was going. Austin says After Clay left she was just gone. Her focus left. After Clay left she lost her identity. Julia says after Clay left she was like a 13 year old girl crying when a song come on. You’re a 33 year old woman who lost a guy you’ve known of 2 months. She had no social game without Clay. I had never talked to her for more than a couple minutes. She put all her eggs in one Clay basket. Vanessa asks do you guys know any competitions with blowing leaves.. because I saw leaves.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. They feeds return to them talking about competitions from past seasons. Liz gets called to the diary room and the others head downstairs.

In the kitchen – Becky says we lost the takeouts like we lost the takeovers. False promises! (They were supposed to receive 3 takeout meals and only received one of them.) Becky tells Austin once Vanessa goes into the diary room I want to talk to you and Liz. Austin says okay. She asks Austin to go grab Liz and she will go up to the HOH room to wait.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 13-20-17-934

1:30pm – 1:40pm HOH room – Becky says my strategy throughout the week is that I am going to convince everyone that I am for sure done. That I am going to jury. If I do a great roll of being the main target. .. when things are close that’s when things get messy and people start campaigning. Do you guys have any questions for me. I assume he will come to campaign unless he feels so safe that he doesn’t have to. I will talk to you guys one more time maybe Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Vanessa and Steve will want Johnny to stay and James and Meg will want me to stay. So you guys will be the deciding factor. The fact that someone does come back from jury no one will be throwing hail marys. It doesn’t help me if I walk out the door and says damn you Liz if I get back.. because then the second I walk back in the door you would want me back out again. If I stay in the house everyone knows who my target is. Liz says that’s right I don’t know who Johnny Mac is targeting. Becky says if I win she’s my target (Vanessa) if she wins I’m her target. Those that have been loyal to me I will be with them. I don’t sacrifice those around me to get further in the game. Those that deserve my trust and respect I will be loyal to. If I would win HOH I would heavily incorporate you guys. I know who I would put up and you guys wouldn’t be it. If I needed a pawn I would ask you guys who you think I should put up. Last time I didn’t listen to those around me. Becky leaves.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 13-29-34-448

1:40pm – 1:55pm HOH room – Austin, Julia and Liz talk. Austin says I love how she just sells out Meg. It just comes down to she would be better in competitions than Johnny. It better to get rid of her because of Jackie, if she comes back. Julia says the fact that Johnny Mac also wants Vanessa out its perfect. Austin says she was throwing Steve under the bus again, I can’t believe it. Julia says when someone comes back from jury Vanessa will be a number for us. Austin says that’s why we need to stay close to her. Julia says that’s why I think we keep her next week. Austin asks who do we take out then? Julia says Johnny Mac. Austin says then Steve wouldn’t trust us. Liz says she just scared me last night .. I think she would go after Austin. Julia says I think we should take Vanessa out the week after someone comes back. Austin says lets just see how it plays out. Julia says if I win next week I can’t put her up. Austin asks who would you put up as a pawn? Liz says I don’t think its good for you to win next week. Austin says If I won I would have to go after her because everyone would be expecting it. I would probably have to put her up with Steve. Steve or Johnny Mac. Austin says our goal is to just make sure Vanessa feel like she’s in the group again. The longer she is here the more she can turn people on us. Liz tells Julia if it comes down to you and Johnny Mac you have to throw it to him. Julia says I would rather he not win because he could put you up as a pawn. Liz says that’s right, that’s why you need to win Austin. Liz says and I want to stay in the HOH room. Julia says and don’t get Clay Aiken… jesus f**k! Austin say they (Production) were f**king with me (LOL). Austin says next weeks HOH would be the worst to win because then you sit on the side lines for the HOH when someone comes back. Liz tells Julia she needs to secure her vote with Johnny mac. Liz argues that she has to do it today .. as soon as possible. Austin says if you (Liz) say something it counts for both of you.. its crazy. Julia says I can’t go talk to him after Becky just talked to us it would be too obvious. They end their conversation and head out of the HOH room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 13-50-20-266

2:10pm – 2:20pm Backyard – Austin comes out to workout with Johnny Mac. Becky’s suntanning. Others are laying out by the pool.


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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I survived last seasons BB

As soon as POV Ceremony is over..Vanessa mysteriously comes out of hiding and starts Her usual crap.


Also known as playing the game smartly


Huh? You sound like Austin lol She hasnt been in “hiding” at all. She stayed in bed the day she was backdoored last week, but not since then.

Vanessa Takeover: Vanessa Gets BB to Split the Winnings

Queen Vanessa running the house, and having BB check rules for splitting winnings between players, she hasn’t shut up since Liz kept Veto Noms same. She rants she WAS a professional poker player made wads of cash and is trying to STAKE the GAME and have Austwits sign a contract that Final 4 SPLIT WINNINGS 500k 50k and 25k 4 ways. AUSTIN LIZ SAY OKAY SOUNDS GOOD! This is rediculous. They’re going to give her money BECAUSE SHE JUST REPORTED SHE’S GOING TO WIN NEXT HOH no matter what. Great job Austwits! You’ve been 150% wrong about Vanessa’s crazy act. She’s even planning to CHEAT again because she saw their HOH comp props Blowing Leaves, Logs, etc. they’ve had top block feeds 20 times since Veto Ceremony because Vanessa is trying to run the whole show again. She’s a lawyer she can rewrite the rules. Check the credits she’s probably listed as Executive Producer now and negotiating her back end deal, merchandising and residuals. This is crap! She’ll file a lawsuit if they don’t give her the money.

And Austwits look at Becky’s help to get out Vanessa as crazy?? JMAC isn’t going to win, neither is Steve, Austin, Meg, Julia, Liz…so that means Vanessa’s going to be handed HOH or 50/50 chance against James? I’m glad Austin killed the Twins game, they sold their bodies and it didn’t buy them much. Austin says they’re thinking too far ahead, whatta kook! He can’t see his ass on the block next week against Liz. Steve and JMAC better put their money where their mouth is cuz they ain’t getting a cut.

Why complain Becky turned on Meg when they themselves said they were going to vote her out because she doesn’t talk to Liz, and Vanessa and her friends make up the Jury. They call Shelli crazy for throwing her game for Clay when Austin Liz do same handing it to Vanessa like she’s going to hand it back. NOPE she’s doesn’t trust you, she’s handing out orders again.

Vanessa wasn’t reading BB Rule Book for slop recipes-she read up on alcohol and SPLITTING PRIZE MONEY so she doesn’t need Jury Votes from all she f*ked, who think she’s crazy, and because she can’t make it to Final 2 or 3.

This season is bull sh*t, casting a professional has-been gamer with basement dweller idiot recruits who never watched BB, like casting an undercover detective cop to dupe a house full of dopes in BB16. Vanessa professional con artist conning CBS into changing rules and allowing her to cheat. Disgusting!


Damn you’re mad lol. Alot of speculation and wild theories on your part. You sound a little coo coo yourself.


I don’t understand why Vanessa needs to make a deal with Johnny Mac. He doesn’t trust you, never will. Just chill. If you want to guarantee safety then start winning comps instead of throwing them.


Because Johnny Mac is literally the only person left that she isn’t already in an alliance with.

It’s obviously driving her crazy.


Wait, Didnt JMack say either earlier today or yesterday that he was going to try to make a deal with Vanessa? I’m pretty sure he said that to Austin. I remember reading it on here. Didn’t see you comment on that one.


Im surprised the house said when the twins first came into the house that julia was the mean one and liz is the nice one, because i actually find julia to have a little bit of a heart. Earlier, when liz and austin were bashing vanessa, julia felt bad and said “i dont think she would go against us cuz shes really into this austins angels thing”….and she felt bad about bashing her. She even went against liz and austin and said she “wouldnt put up Vanessa” to which austin and liz got mad at her. Liz too me seems to be more a mean girl.


Julia defending Vanessa has nothing to do with heart, it’s strategy.

Julia has been tight with Vanessa since the early weeks, and likes her way more than Austin. And Julia knows Austin would never take her to the final 2 over Liz, but Vanessa might.

Julia wants to cut Austin and keep Vanessa. She isn’t going to say that right out, but she will definitely try to swing Liz in that direction.


I always thought it was just the opposite even while they were still swapping out. Julia always seemed nicer than Liz to me and that is what I thought I saw most posters saying too.
In either case the twins have ruined BBAD for me, all their high pitched screeching is more than I can take. Now I DVR it and only pause to watch the parts where others are away from them talking.


Yep way too much screeching.

What BB needs to do is find some quality youtube celebrities and put them in a house. Then you’d have guaranteed entertainment (these people literally fill hours of youtube video with creative commentary) and you’d also have tolerable voices.


What would be really good next week is if vanessa wins HOH and then Meg and James (out of desperation to save themselves) go to her and spill all the crap that austin and liz said to them all this week! Vanessa unlike all these other ppl wont turn a blind eye to that information.


It seems all the HG want to keep on Vanessa good side and keep her around and want her to make deals with them all so she doesn’t even want to win HOH…. WTF? The Asstwins should want to see her win HOH and nominate or back doors someone from the other side as it leaves the blood off their stupid three heads!

shut up austwins

So they’re thinking keep Vanessa one more week after this one, and they’re deciding who take out next week and the week after, Its funny how power goes to the head of people. This clowns -Austwins- think that they will win AND control the following weeks, They are not even thinking that maybe one of the other guests MIGHT win ?? Oh No, Liz won HOH and POV so they’re now invincible. It can happen I know but its funny how they think, I just hope someone puts Vanessa and one of them in the block ASAP.


JMac or James for the win next week!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaasssee!


Becky is kinda delusional. She is telling Jmac how Vanessa and Austin hate her. Earth to Becky you were so far off the radar prior to your wackjob hoh reign. You made yourself a target. They never hated you, matter of fact they didn’t even know you existed.


Julia actually talking some sense, about keeping Vanessa as a number. Austin shoots her down immediately, because he feels Vanessa gets in his way of controlling the twins.


Vanessa is back at it…..Trying to put target on someone else back aka Johnny Mac already for next week! Lol she just can’t keep her mouth shut for very long! Her best move is to just stay silent no ones buying what your selling anymore girl!


So there is something wrong with her talking with her alliance, about going after someone that his targeting her.

Isn’t that the point of this game?


Awww Nicole are you butthurt that Vanessa plays the game and is going to take out your idiot favorite houseguests? Yeah she should just “shut up” cuz she is too good at the game. Not fair.

Smh at these people who hate the only person really playing the game in the whole house.


I wonder if Julia wins the next HOH if she will actually think for herself or let Austin control it like he’s controlling Liz’s.


I’m thinking she might put up Austin if she wins I don’t think she likes him getting in the way of her sister all the time.

Lemon balls

That would be a nice turn of events , its effect would depend on who is sitting beside him at the end of the week . if it’s Vanessa or Steve it would be very interesting .


I hope Becky finds out she is going home and she throws the Austwins under the bus. She can tell Vanessa that they were trying to get information from her that was against Vanessa.

Toll Road

I officially hate Liz. She’s really dumb for not getting rid of Vanessa. Oh, next week we can take her out. She has learned…nothing! Next week will most likely not go as planned, Vanessa might be HOH, have POV or both.

This season is a real lesson about opportunity and taking people out while you have a chance especially someone like Vanessa. You know she is poison yet you want another week to figure things out. That’s extremely naive and borderline retarded!

There better be a BB takeover or some twist this week or I think I’m skipping the episodes this week. I’ll stick to reading what’s going on and if I don’t like it I simply wont watch. Last season was filled with incompetent players and this situation with Vanessa is too soap opera-ish for me and it’s like watching last season’s fiasco where only Donny knew what was really going on.

Neither Becky or JMac deserve to get evicted like this, not before Vanessa or Austin for that matter and Steve. I hope Liz’s HOH explodes right before her eyes.


Becky created her demise. For no reason either, it was so weird how she conducted her hoh.


Now Vanessa will bully John again to give her a deal in order to get her vote. JohnMac will say “yes I am team Vanessa”.


And then he’ll go ahead and not honor that deal.

Meg is Hot

Like Vanessa has ever stuck to a deal. see Jason

Delta 231

I think Vanessa was seriously thinking she was going to be backdoored this week hence the tears yesterday. She is not used to not being front and centre during all discussions. Also after Austin walked out on her the other day she has been on edge, so I think she realizes she came pretty close to being backdoored this week. But at this point with so few people in the house, she must realize her options are few, and will have to try and make it attractive to keep her. Talking to Austin about splitting money etc. is just the start for her. They MUST keep her happy this week so she feels secure till HOH is won and the plan is put in motion. Also if by chance she does win, they stay safe one more week.


It is ABSOLUTE INSANITY that these idiots have allowed this gross 3 headed monster to survive this late in the game.

Ian's lament

It boggles the mind that in a game of breaking up power couples that these morons would actually bring someone’s twin sister into the house willingly and actually cheer for her coming in. One of the dumbest moves in BB history and everyone is to blame. Crazy

Wowie Mandel

Possibly production steered then in that direction. Who in their right mind would do that except complete morons. I agree , the stupidest move in BB history along with letting them stay this long


But you have to weigh that against the people who have gone home. For example Jackie was part of a 3 person alliance as well. She was also a very good, stealthy player and they all knew it.

Shelly was a social machine and even though I found her unlikable she had a lot of game skill. Jason was also a huge and valid target who was part of a group. Clay was probably the only useless vote they’ve done but then again he was part of a dangerous showmance and a pro athlete.

So that’s why I get a bit tired of people complaining that the twins are being left in the game. It assumes the players who were voted out were useless. Also I’m sure the house is aware of the twins and knows they will be going soon.


Something is smelling a little fishy to Julia. Seems she’s not as eager as Austin and Liz are to send Vanessa to jury. Maybe Julia’s remembering how eager Austin was to get her out in order to protect Liz.


Julia knew all about the plans to evict Austin. To the point were she didn’t tell Liz about the plans when they switched that week. Funny how she acted all surprised the other day when Becky ratted that all out. Julia is the smarter twin, she knows Vanessa helps her game.


Yea and starts cornering everyone and crying and acting all paranoid an gets that dark look in her face!! Hum.


Vanessa must use no more tears shampoo and forget to miss Mel as soon as she knows she is safe. Makes me ill.
Becky has big brass ones but still hasn’t learned to keep her mouth shut. Damn train must have loosened hinges so that jaw just keeps flapping. Still, I hope she comes back in guns blazing.


For the love of God CBS PLEASE give us some sort of twist this week. Diamond? Coup D’etat? Pandora’s Box? PLEASE!

This is supposed to be the “Season of Twists” yet there has been NOTHING in the past few weeks. What happened to the takeover song? Bringing back the Battle of the Block is not a twist…… this is just plain boring now. A power alliance is going to cruise to the final 4 and everyone will lose interest. Surprise surprise.

Meg's Twig Legs

There won’t be a power before a jury member has a chance to return. That is the next twist. Also why waste a pandora’s box on Becky’s ugly grill.


Amazon Ad above has Freaks and Geeks DVD lol


ughhhh the austwins suck the LIFE out of me


I hope James Jmac or even Meg win the next HOH
And put Vanessa & Liz on the block . And hope that Vanessa
Does not win the veto . The only way to get her out is to put her up
Against one of the twins or Austin.

Nikki Graham's Rant

Personally I would like to see Liz go first. Austin would probably ask to be evicted just to join Liz. The remaining HGs could then form some legitimate alliances and do battle against each other instead of this 1000 and 1 fake alliances and a million deals that are prevalent this season.


You sound like the rest of the people in the house that are perfectly ok with leaving 3 votes in 1 (Austin/Twins) in the game, or in other words basically handing them the game. With the numbers dwindling down, you realize how big it is to have those 3 votes, right?

Meg's Twig Legs

At this point using hoh on Vanessa is almost a waste. Her game is so exposed. She has lost a lot of Jury votes.

Strategy wise, the next target should be the Austwins.


at this point the only person i can see vanessa beating in a final 2 is maybe steve (or shelli if she comes back) unless by some miracle we don’t get a bitter jury. it’s pretty much a waste of an hoh to take her out as if she’s targeting you so are steve and the austwins so your game is already reliant on winning comps (and it’s hard to say she’s a comp threat though she has won some).


Why do they talk like they are winning hoh every week? Next week we do this, next week we do that. When’s the last time Austin actually won? Liz says he sucks all the time, she just needs to accept it.


I think its because everyone else said they are throwing it?


Look at these people asking for production to interfere with a soecial power because the people they don’t like are winning….what hypocrites. The same people who complain about it when it isn’t in their favor lol


I think people are just bored with things ATM and don’t see it changing in the future its no fun if you know what’s going to happen. A few twists and it could shake up the house. But I agree I wouldn’t want them to do stuff like they did in BBC3 and destroy a alliances chance at winning at the last second.


It amazes me that so many on here are calling out the HG’s stupidity while using ‘could of’, ‘should of’, and ‘would of’ when those phrases mean absolutely nothing. If you’re ESL you’re excused. It’s ‘could’ve’, ‘would’ve’, and ‘should’ve’ (a verb contraction of could/would/should HAVE. I seriously wonder what some of you who use ‘could of’ etc. actually think that phrase means? Everyone who does that is worse than Meg in the brains department. No Big Brother spot for you!


Lots of smart people cant spell or write very well.


Some of them may be smart, but if they don’t speak or write well it’s because they’re not educated.


People who corect spelling are always limited mentally. It’s a way to make themseves think there(I know) intelegent. I read a Harvard study about it.

obnoxious much?!?!

Usually when someone starts a statement using parenthesis,
they usually finish it with another one to be grammatically correct.
In this case, you ‘should of’ done that.
Glass-House owners, gotta love em….


People who don’t know the basic rules of grammar are stupid. Sorry, not sorry.


Leaving off a parenthesis is just a mistake, while writing ‘should of’ ‘could of’ and ‘would of’ is a basic error in understanding what words mean. There’s a big difference between these two things. And it’s not as if ‘should of’ can be explained as internet short-hand for ‘should’ve’. They just don’t know about verb tense and verb conjugations. Embarrassing.


I hope I spell this correctly….GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!!!!! Get off our BB17 blog ASSHOLES!!!!

Lemon balls

have you applied for big brother 18 yet? See how far your higher education gets you


You’re paragraph has several run-on sentences. You also did not close your parentheses. But thanks for playing English 101.


Someone will have to take Vanessa out soon. She’s too good and dangerous to leave in, but I sure will miss watching her do her magic. She’s pulled quite a few rabbits out of a hat this season.


Oh My GODDDDDDDD, like I’m starting to talk like Lizzzz and Juliiiiaaaaaa. It’s catchyyyyyy. Now I talk very annoyyyyinggggg. Hey Austinnnnnn, what should I doooooo?


Get someone to smack you in the back of the head. 🙂




really hoping the power goes to austwins’ heads and they finally become the target everyone should see them for. having a voting block that large at this stage is ridiculously dangerous for everyone’s game.

Bunny Slipper

Say what you like about ‘ol Austin, but his work out plan is really working for Jmac.????

Come again

think Meg is super manipulative she never forgets her target but lets everyone else think its theirs. (shelli)
and she wants Johnny Mac out bad she keeps reminding people he should be a target. Her game is good. Meg is the best at pretending she is ok with you. She has made her self seem vulnerable having a disease. (my sister was told she had RA because it was in some blood work but she doesn’t suffer from the symptoms so one docs say she has it the other says until she gets symptom’s she doesn’t .. ) She really is playing a similar games as the twins but wow she is so much better no blood on her hands I am disappointed in James and Meg they seem to forget that Austwins are not their friends I hope Meg is just lying when she seems happy that the Austwins like her. If Meg and James would not have convinced Jackie to not go with Vanessa Jackie would still be in the game. Meg and James are acting stupid but Meg still looks innocent everyone thanks James is the head of that snake. Meg looks like she is only taking revenge for her poor friends so that maybe her game to play the vulnerable harmless fun loving girl. I’m giving Jmac a pass because I believe that production has hurt his game by calling him so much when they know Austwins and Meg and James are getting so jealous. Maybe that’s why they are trying to persuade Austin out of nominating him. That would be a comic book Evil Austin and Mr Clean Jmac I feel like Jmac is a normal guy(not a wanna be actor, wrestler, or person striving to be on this show). I would have a beer with him. That being said he needs to do something different LIE to these people. Austin has already figured out that Jmac is loyal to a fault that’s why he asked Jmac if he could lie to Vanessa his answer ” to her I can”. We get it your a good guy but these people aren’t it is easy for them to lie(Dr Will) Jackie needs to come back:( Austwins cant win. eeewwwwwwww I have to say I stopped watching the feed lately cause those cuddles with Austin and liz are ick and Liz and Julia can be annoying sorry. Really not trying to be mean but my head hurts just thinking about it. I would love to see one of the twins game when they are alone(no Austin or other twin) it might be good. I would love too see Jackie and Jmac team up, if Jackie came back and he were still there. I wonder if Meg and James would then vote for her to go so they can stand by their Austwin alliance


I think the next hoh comp will something physical or endurance because what will they show on sunday if its mental. Or could be luxury comp. It could be the egg comp. I hoping James could win or Jmac win to send vanessa packing.

jmacs TWIN

Does Jmac really have a twin? Someone on here said it was just a joke. Just out of curiosity, I’d like to know the truth of it. people have been saying that his twin is probably been secretly coming in this house..Anyone have the real scoop?


“I had never talked to her for more than a couple minutes.” -Julia

Lucky Shelli.


I will say the one thing I like i about becky is that she speaks openly. Its frustrates me to no end (especially in the last few seasons) when they seem to beat around the bush about things that are as clear as f’n day. Yeah some may argue that is might be bad that she openly states her alliance with james and meg, but its just annoying when everyone acts like they’re one big happy alliance who will never target each other until they target each other.


WOW!!! FINALLY people are seeing what I have been saying for weeks!!!!!
Unlike everyone in summer camp on Big Brother, Vanessa is playing the game of Big Brother!! who cares how, at least she’s playing it! Nice to see people are finally seeing that!!!


Prior to Vanessa, everyone put the blame on Clay & Shellie for running the house, a big example of that was keeping Austin! Now everyone is pointing the finger at Vanessa! They should be pointing the fingers at themselves for NOT playing the game of Big Brother and instead were acting as though they were in summer camp! (and these people are super friends!? I believe they are all just happy they made it to jury)
I have been saying FOREVER that atleast Vanessa is playing the game!!!
Maybe too hard but WHO CARES!!!???!!!???