Big Brother Canada 4 April 10 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Jared Next POV April 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 11th
HOH Winner: Maddy Next HOH: April 14th
Original Nominations: Jared and Kelsey
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch
Have Nots Raul, Nikki, Kelsey

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Lets see how many Haters will comment tonight


Just stop. I get it people are saying mean things. Are you new to big brother? This is tame compared to season 2 rants lol. It really had no effect on you personally, and to be honest, I personally find it annoying to read your don’t be so negative comments through all the comment feeds. Don’t like it, thumbs down. Enough said.


straw man, yawn

Tank Stabber

I don’t think that means what you think it means…


another little White Knight coming to the rescue!


Because bitching about comments on a blog about a reality show is much more productive,

“Wait a minute, you should be on [insert name of game show despite not making any sense or have any relation to the reply I’m making]!”

Am I doing it right?


straw man, yawn


Do we know what Canada’s secret special power is going to be? Hidden power of veto? Voting out the HG of our choice? Picking our favourite bro and sending Phil home?


I would hate to see Phil leave from a twist like that. He would find a way to make it Nick’s fault. I would much rather see them separate, and have Phil play himself out of the game.


I’m not sure if big brother is courting disaster with three booze deliveries and then diary room sponsored spin the bottle, or maybe the editors just bored. Or they needed a storyline shift. who knows.
I’m really having a hard time deciphering any end game ideas for half of the houseguests. I understand why the brothers initially pushed for the keep the biggest target idea. They were a big target at the time. But it’s week…. is it seven? Sort of a dangerous time to be thinking keep a big target in the game at this point, imo.
So given that almost everybody has multiple ties right now, i’m not sure which is the real deal at this point and which is the smokescreen.
Any thoughts on who is actually wanting to go to the end with whom? Because the multiple deals at the moment and missing out on most of the day has me a bit confused.

Big Brother is life

I am so confused when Ramsey finally opened up to Maddy. So happy for #Mamsey #Raddy but when did this happen?

Maddy's Boyfriend

I’m not very happy for them.


Maddy only likes Ramsey when he pulls away from her.

another name

I’ve been stewing and holding my tongue for the last few hours.
I heard something on the feeds a few minutes ago that just pushed my button a little too hard. I don’t like to express opinions that don’t have some strategy or game basis, so please understand i’m venting. Sorry if it comes off as hate. I’m just thinking if I don’t expel these thoughts they’re going to fester.
The relationship of Kelsey and Jared. Not a fan. Fine. Not a big deal. Not a fan of showmances most of the time anyway. I’d rather watch strategy than suckyface.
Jared is very jealous. Kelsey kissed Nick in the context of a game of spin the bottle that big brother asked them to play after a food and liquor delivery, and a supplemental liquor delivery? And now Jared is fuming.
Seen it before. Fine. But when he says to her “You said sorry for this same kind of thing in the past, how long until you learn your lesson” … that’s getting too close to creepytown.
This isn’t strategic. This isn’t game. If my eyes had been closed and I’d heard that I’d be sure it was a movie of the week where the abuser is chastising his wife. I’m not calling Jared an abuser. He hasn’t abused her. But dang, I’m really, really getting offended by Jared’s possessiveness, and subsequent holier than thou sanctimony. He played the same game. In fact he flirted with Maddy on Thursday night in hopes of keeping himself off the block because he’s aware she has a thing for him. But that in his mind was game. Fine. Perhaps Kelsey should have left him sulking in the hot tub stewing in his own silly self absorbed hypocritical narcissism, or maybe she shouldn’t bother to “suck up to him” so that he can “fall for it again.”
Thanks in advance for not judging me too harshly for using all of you to vent right now. Why do I get the feeling that this was the entire reason for tonight’s festivities? To make the next part of the storyline more believable?


He has been this way since Day 1…its nothin new…he is possessive, jealous and controlling…he thinks he owns her…thats why he always hated on the brothers
He is 100% worse than Caleb ever was towards Amber…yet Caleb got all the hate!
Jared is not a nice guy!


I 1 million percent agree with you! And if you look back and listen thru many of Jared’s comments he is actually quite hypocritical about just about everything … how about when he put slop in Raul’s bin because “he made a secret alliance and didn’t tell Jared” …. hello??!! knock knock is anyone there? Does Jared or does he not have a secret alliance with Ramsey? And it comes out every time anyone wins a challenge or one of his group gets nominated … somehow he feels its ok if he wins or puts someone on the block but no one else can …. I honestly don’t remember a player with such a feeling of entitlement before in either the US or Canada … I really struggle everytime he speaks …


I think it’s going way too far to imply he’s an abuser in the early stages. Many guys don’t like seeing their girls get handled by other guys, it’s nearly a biological thing in my opinion.

The long argument they had was typical of couples who have been together a while. They were both talking in circles, repeating their points of view. They were doing that in the hot tub for like an hour and just getting more frustrated because they were effectively at a stalemate.

Physical abuse is a real issue and trying to say jealous arguments are also abuse is pretty sickening to me.

another name

Yeah, I was a little hypersensitive last night.
I wouldn’t have posted that rant normally.
I am having difficulty with not actually liking the personalities of the majority of the house guests this season. Once in a while one of them says or does something that annoys me more than it should.
In the context of game and strategy it’s sort of foolish, imo, to cause rifts in your own alliance when there are a few weeks left if you are already a target of the majority.
In the context of image (to which they all seem a little too obsessed) it’s a little foolish to loudly state over and over “no kissing, no nudity” an hour before going skinny dipping on live feeds.
In the context of showmances and having to take the good and the bad that come with them, sure you have to expect that 24/7 in the same place there’s going to be issue. By the same token, a good strategist would manage things better, someone so obsessed with image would manage things better.
I think what annoyed me was watching, yet again, as he pulled her aside where nobody could see to start his “dad jared” to “little gypsy kelsey” (his description) lessons workshop. Kelsey is no saint she flirts to form a social control bond, but the entire dynamic between them, and his reactions, are starting to really become something intolerable to me.

Deport him

I don’t think you were hypersensitive. I’m watching the after dark right now and i’m almost shaking, he’s reminding me way too much of an ex… Trust me, guys don’t start off super abusive. They lower your self esteem and destroy you emotionally so that you don’t feel you have any value, THEN they start “punsihing” you when you “act up”. He’s just at stage 1, he should be booted from the house for this (and i was a fan of his before this happened).


Be positive it will make everything easier

Ariana Grande stinks!

TBH I only watch the videos with Nikki in :- )
She’s the show. The rest can be seen on the summary shows.
I strongly dislike “Rail”, Ramsey is stinky too, Jared is a tad annoying, just like Kelsey, and the brothers are UNBEARABLE.


Does Kelsey really think those eyebrows look good. Makes her look like devil queen.


The eyebrows r the worse. Raul even told her about them. More importantly she better get away from Jared. He’s crazy


Thank you!


Another day in the Big Brother Canada house. Jelsey and Mamsey fallout after spin the bottle. Jared getting mad because kelsey kissed one of the brothers, while Maddy is mad that Ramsey kissed kelsey.

However, there is that twist…Maddy is also upset that Jared chose truth over kissing her. Not a suprise there. We all knew Maddy that you really want Jared and the truth finally comes out.

And the Big Brother Canada Romance continues…

Jared's Ego

Jared is a real piece of work, huh? His reaction to Kelsey giving Nick a peck during spin the bottle, really? How insecure is he? He’s so condescending and misogynistic to Kelsey, and I’m glad she kind of called him on it (and basically laughed at him) tonight. She’s not his property, hell, she’s not even his girlfriend. And no one needs to “learn their lesson”, Jared. Talking about “the last time a guy touched my girlfriend, I got invited to MMA Canada” lmao. Okay, tough guy. Jared’s attitude is so ugly.
Damn, I don’t even like Kelsey and he made me feel sorry for her tonight (though she dragged the conversation on way too long and she’s too grown to put up with that behavior).
I really hope the spin the bottle fall out makes the tv edit, if for no other reason than to expose Jared for being gross.


Did Muddy just call Kelsey a slut? Gurrl . . .

Bitch pls

LOL watching Jared be so uncomfortable while playing spin the bottle is priceless HAHA


I want Raul gone just so Mitch can be like ‘told you’ haha


We all know Jared is creepy. But Kelsey is no angel either! Give me a break. Does it excuse his behavior? No – absolutely not. But when you start a showmance in the BB house you better be prepared for what that involves -being around each other 24 hours a day everyday, with cameras on you for the world to see.


Even when Maddy won HOH he told Kelsey and Raul that they had something to worry about but he didn’t and was so surprised that Maddy put him up. When Kelsey kissed Nick he was pissed off. In his head he has such sense of grandiose that when someone goes against him he does not get it.He has made such a fantasy world of himself in his head that when someone burst that bubble he loses it and can’t deal with it.


Maddy actually made it pretty clear to Jared he wasn’t going up so the surprise made sense.


You’re right, went back to watch i guess i missed the beginning were she told him he was safe!

Tims glaring white chicklets

So out of boredom I actually watched After Dark last night and was unfortunate enough to watch them play Spin the Bottle. Yuck. Asking Joel if he has ever done “anal” was just gross. For the love of God can we get more of an array of different ages next year? It’s like watching a bunch of classless 9 year olds talking about sex. This group is shockingly immature and along with that also very boring to watch. In the words of Principal Ed Rooney, “I weep for our future”.


Wth is wrong with Cass? Why does she hate Rams so much? When he spinned the bottle and it was pointed to her everyone just tottally skipped like they know she’d never kiss him or answer any of his questions. Why all that hate? Even Kels and Maddy kissed and they hate each other’s guts but they stilled played it cool why can’t Cass do that with Ramsey?