Vanesssa “It will affect Austin’s game if Liz goes. He will become more ambivalent about staying”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and Liz
After POV Nominations: Liz and Julia

***FYI – The live feed time is off by about 15 minutes from the actual time.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-08 12-19-35-524
11:50am Steve comes out with the HOH camera. Julia, Vanessa and Johnny Mac head out into the backyard to take photos. Austin and Liz refuse to get up for the photos and go back to sleep. Steve wants to take the camera into the pool because it has an “underwater mode”. Vanessa doesn’t want to risk it. Steve says using the computer today was very strange. (HOH blog/tweets) I wanted to see if there was an internet browser because it was on wifi. Johnny Mac climbs in the dryer for a photo. They head inside. Steve complains the HOH blog hour was really draining.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-08 12-10-58-490

12:20pm – 12:45pmJohnny Mac takes a photo of Julia and Vanessa jumping from the nomination chairs. They all get into their tutus for a group photo. They convince Austin to join in on the tutu photo. Austin is being a big grump. They finish taking photos and start making breakfast.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-08 12-32-16-077

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-08 12-37-53-738
1pm In the kitchen – Liz tells Julia that Vanessa and Johnny Mac are up to something. They’ve been out there talking for awhile. Julia says she probably wants to bring him to the final 2. She is probably saying take me because everyone hates me in jury. That’s why I think she is going to throw the next HOH because she is good with him and

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-08 13-13-26-804

12:50pm – 1pmJohnny Mac joins Vanessa out in the backyard. Johnny says he doesn’t want to pull a Jeff and have one of those dreams. Vanessa says and he didn’t need to tell everyone about it. I am excited for Thursday. Johnny says more sh*t is happening. It our defining moment. Vanessa says I’ve been working out hard and will rest Wednesday. After tomorrow its going to be just a week and change left. I can’t wait! Johnny asks if it is shovels (Comp) I wonder which way they will set them up. Vanessa asks will your parents come? Johnny says if I make it to finale they will. Vanessa says you’ll make it. Vanessa says that she’s thinking about doing something romantic for her girlfriend Mel when she gets out. Johnny talks about how he warned his family not to read the stuff on the internet because there will be people that love you and hate you. He says I’m used to it being a dentist. I’ve walked in before and they say I hate you. Vanessa asks has Austin said which one wants to stay? Johnny says no, I don’t think they’ll decide until the last minute. Then we can decide whatever we want. Vanessa says I am supposed to vote how Steve wants. I definitely gave my word on that. Now if Steve doesn’t care. Then that’s different. He should care because if the one stays will probably want to come for revenge. So its obvious if he wants to minimize the odds of that (Vote out Liz). Johnny says Julia was better at the Midway (comp). If Liz stays she will do better but Julia will go further. If one comes off the block the other goes up as the replacement. Vanessa says it will affect Austin’s game if Liz goes. He will become more ambivalent about staying. Johnny says you’re right that’s a good way to look at it. Vanessa says the benefit of Liz staying we get to the final 4 no matter what. You’re okay with putting up Steve as a replacement? Johnny says yes. Vanessa says we can tell Steve that because we were the ones to play for HOH we made that deal not to backdoor each other and we will promise to keep him. Its in our incentive to keep him over Julia too because if she stays everyone would want to keep her to win over her in the final 2. Theoretically we should just keep Julia. Vanessa asks how do we know for sure Steve will take us? Johnny says right because he is tight with them. Vanessa says Steve’s incentives is not to take Austin because he has so many friends in jury. Julia comes out to break up their conversation.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-08 13-05-00-541

1:20pm Steve and Vanessa start playing chess.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-08 13-34-28-119

1:25pm – 1:40pm Bedroom – Austin and Liz are talking. Austin says that he is worried that Johnny Mac thinks the only person he can beat in the finale is her (Vanessa). She might have convinced him of that. So if he wins next week it doesn’t matter he is putting me and the twin up. That’s why we just have to go for the win. He won’t take her out. I will try and tell him, you and I are the favourites we should promise to take each other to the final 4 next week. That’s our only saving grace but I’m afraid it will go right back to her. So I don’t know if I should even say anything. If Steve and Johnny mac are in the final 3 they will take each other. She (Vanessa) thought they would take her. They won’t, they’ll take each other. If she is really good with Johnny Mac she will throw next week. Then its just me and the twin who need to win. They all want you out of here… but I don’t think they’ll lie if you want to stay .. I think she will vote for you because it would clearly show she is aligned with them. And if I win she is f**ked. If you win Julia wins f**ked. If you say you want to be here she will vote for you. If you go she thinks everyone would take her to final 2. Austin says she told me she would take me. I’m sure shes told Johnny Mac she will take him. I’m not here to get manipulated. Liz says America will hate her if she turns on us. (LOL) Liz says Vanessa is good from all sides. If I stay I am going after Steve and him (JMac). You’re not going after her. Austin says if its Julia, Vanessa and Johnny Mac in the final 3 .. she will throw it to Jmac so he can make the decision to evict Julia and not have to make the decision. She thinks about every angle possible. Liz asks should we ask her if she has anything with JMac? Austin says no there’s no point. I don’t know what Steve’s position is on it or Johnny Mac. Steve is scared as f**k because he can’t play HOH. Austin says either we try to win it or go to Johnny Mac and say we’re all getting played (by Vanessa). He isn’t going to win against her either. We should tell him if he is in the final 2 with her she has our votes .. even if it isn’t true. Liz says we’ll say she has a final 2 with me, you… Julia joins them.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-08 13-42-58-840

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Vanessa will win

and you peeps will complain and say you will never watch BB again. I will smile and watch you all come back next year. Get over it, weak players never win, so stop hoping for the underdogs!

Vanessa rocks. I will be the first in line to buy her book!


thank you for speaking up and telling it like it is. if you guys knew ‘Nessa like I do you would realize she has a heart of gold but is as smart as they come.

I am a lucky lady to have her in my life.

Frostbite Falls

Is Vanessa related to Bullwinkle? The resemblance is remarkable.

Hey Mel! Or Madeleine!

You must be a saint, and I’m sure Van never acts that crazy when she’s with you. What was Van talking about when she called you baggage? And having to pay all your bills, or she wouldn’t really need the money because she has plenty, but your bill’s are high? Why was she so surprised you still lover her? she was too scarey on feeds or you broke up before she started? Why’d she sob uncontrollably the first 24 hours? Out of meds, breakup or you didn’t provide enough reassurance you’d be there afterwards? Did you like the flowers she sent? Why didn’t she know your address? Why do you have to move every 2 months? Does she always dress like that? Sorry, I learned to ramble watching the show.

We’re so in love with her we just want to know more. Maybe she just made it all up, or was over medicated even she said things that weren’t so flattering, don’t worry. She needs to write a book because we don’t really know what’s the truth and what isn’t. She’s such a good liar!

PS do you ever win an argument? does she ever degrade you to get what she wants like she did these houseguests, or did she just learn it for the show? Can’t wait to see you destroy everyone on Amazing Race if you can get your Citizenship papers or visa or whatever!

You have our word, this is real!
Van Lovers


Bhlausch nisch!!!


High five Mel! Vanessa for the win. Haters gonna hate while Vanessa sits at final table aka … final six and then will deservingly win 500K because she is the most strategic player always thinking ahead. She keeps the game interesting and is responsible for many evictions. Yet the houseguests keep her around. She is convincing and brilliant! I will definitely buy her book. Go Van! Finish this! 😉


It’s apparent your friend has major issues. Also from read online a possible drug problem. Any woman who chooses poker as a profession has some serious issues in my book.


Joan Rivers! I thought you were dead!


You are lucky, if she eats you out as good as she is playing this game 🙂 just as long as she doesn’t wear that ugly ass green hat while she munches on your carpet 😉 Go Vanessa go! You’re the only one that deserves to win this $hitty season!

Double D

Next weeks nominees are Vanessa and Steve or Austin and Twin, with Johnny Mac as replacement. Will be a tie and HOH will have to vote.


Vanessa and Steve never happens. Steve/J Mac or Austin/twin. By the way no chance Van is winning HOH if she can convince J Mac to throw it tomorrow. Bet she convinces him to throw it to.
For Van to go up you’d need Austin and the guys to get together. I just don’t see it happening. The backdoor the only way they get her and that is unlikely to happen.


It’s not a back door if they play in the POV. Maybe learn the game before giving your 2 cents!!!


I think this is one of the best seasons in recent BB history. At least in terms of entertainment value, it’s been great. Watching this cast has been like watching a family of skunks in a cuckoo clock store. The fact that a single alliance pretty much ran the house was far overshadowed by the fact that most of the houseguests are highly broken and completely incapable of correctly judging the situation in the house around them. Vanessa has that incredible “misting” ability to convince people to do her bidding but suffers from her paranoid, delusional, incessant need to see twists and conspiracies where there are none. Lke the blind designated-driving the blind. JMac is playing the perfect Dr Will game, trying to throw comps and influence everyone with his personality… just no one understands what the hell he’s ever saying. Steve is a weird little man to the extreme, with his obsessions and delusions and off camera secrets. Austin and the twins have the same delightfully evil entertainment value you get when your friend says, “Eeeew, what the hell did I just step in?”

If you’re stuck on picking a favourite, a personal avatar that “deserves” to win then this season is not for you. As far as observation of the “human experiment” it’s been fascinating and quite a lot of fun.(Particularly because this board lets us all get a little involved. Thanks, guys, for the great job you’re doing for us!)

You Ain't Trying If You Ain't Cheating

Van has schooled Julia right, she says, now Julia’s gonna flip on every deal she made with her. once again Van’s backing out of her ridiculous “blood oath” (cause nobody buys her word, vows on her family, integrity or prop Bible she carries around) with JMac to take out both Twins back-to-back on their fake path to Final 2. Everyone knows she’s backstabbed everyone, and she’s a goner as soon as she doesn’t win. The hate fest hasn’t even begun! Austin JMAC Liz Julia are gonna change it up. Buh-bye Boy & Boy’s Mommy. Vanessa can change his diapers in the Jury House-as James would say, get to steppin Van.


Vanessa deserves the win!
Look at past BB.
Nobody really nice won.
Even Derek took out good ole Donny.

Frostbite Falls

The nicest winner was Jordan.


And the least deserving to win. She sat on her butt all summer like she was on vacation.


Natalie is that you?


DR up to no good again, planting seeds.

All of sudden the Austwits figure Vanessa out. Sure.


Weak players never win!?! Ha!
Tell that to Jordan, winner of BB11.


Jordan had Jeff to do all the work for her.


Vanessa is friggin brilliant. You may not like that she is a true, cut-throat gamer, but she is the only one left in the house that hasn’t been and isn’t part of a duo. It’s incredible that she’s held on this long being a solo player. If she makes it past next week it will be a miracle. She’s an All-Star!


I get the bias….. But are you delusional/ Vanessa a solo player I call BS on that. 6th sense then after Clelli left been working with Austin/twins give the pure BS a break seriously.


I feel like Vanessa was the most respectful one this season. I really liked her game play and she seems like a good person but just playing a game. Her and Steve for F2!

Vanessa's mom

Yes Vanessa’s mom. I am sure you will be the only one buying your daughter’s book. (Probably every copy)


Luv this game. It’s BB not Miss America. Only Don King could play a better game than Vanessa.

Pinocchio Obama

Would somone please target Vanessa for us?


Keep blaming Bush, it has worked for 8 years why stop now? HAHAAHAHAHHA


Interesting . Like them, hate them, or indifferent j Mac and Vanessa seem to be favorites coming down the stretch here . At least they have brains enough to discuss the last 2 weeks and prognosticate the last few positions and outcomes . Those simple, blonde, idiots have no clue how to se the entire picture . Liz cry babied when she was put on block, yet she put 3 people on block herself ! And made fun of crying! Now they obsess on getting Steve out because he nominated them . They can’t see past their emotion and stupidity, amongst an entire other host of issues. ( their eating makes me sick) season has stunk, at least there are couple people left with SOME, not a lot , but some idea .


only becuz they can no longer root for James…..

Vanessa Loves Vanessa

If the surviving twin wins this HOH I think Austin will be the winner of the game. Any one else I think Vanessa is our winner.

Clelli Fan

Shelli for America’s favorite!!


There’s not a snowballs chance in hell of that happening


AUstin should be AFP. But first he needs to shave his head and face. Next, he could never speak again. Then, remove all of his tattoos. Finally, power wash him for at least two weeks straight.

And don't forget...

Two paper bags over his head


I hate Liz ‘ face before she makes her pot ball throw . It’s like this smug half smile . I kinda hate her face, period . But 100% before she throws P. Ball
And Julia I think is a bit special, jus a touch .

You Watch PotBall??

Wow. Speechless.


I really don’t understand how these people are even considering keeping Liz over Julia. I mean, come on! Taking Liz out you break up 2 very strong pairs with one shot. Does anyone in that house have a brain or a spine?!!


No, no they don’t.

You Sound Worried & Desparate

If the stupid Twits figured her game out and Austin knows she’s not taking him to Finals what makes you think she’s got a chance? Oh yeah, cheating. More bribes. Her game is over, overplayed, overstated, overdosed, over your head apparently. Steve is her only friend, he gives her the creeps and she’s evicting him next, she thinks. She better win everything and keep her mouth shut, ooops impossible and impossible. She’s too obvious, too cocky –the upside she’ll see Mel sooner than expected. Which one of her fake partners will she vote to win? I love how she still lectures on what’s rude, how rude LizAustin doesn’t take pictures they go next. Barf.

Can’t wait to see her up on the block. You better have your meds ready. She’ll tell you how she f*cked up in her book, How to Lose: 50 Shades of Shady. Go stand in line at the bookstore now, hurry. Or you’ll make Vanasty mad. Why isn’t she producing Real Housewives of Vegas? Bravo won’t bet on her?

Frostbite Falls

One thing you can’t deny is that she can sway the vote. I’m not rooting for her but I am impressed by her game play.


Isn’t the best gameplay that should win? After all it is a game not a popularity contest.


Very well said~~~


Seriously you’re beating a dead horse. Cheating, meds, cheating, meds. Good grief give it a rest already.


I like cheating and drugs, better still cheating on drugs! Everyone else does it, why not ‘Nessa. Do whatever it takes girl! It’s all good!


Don’t forget to vote for Hillary Clinton she’s a cheater and a crook just like Van.
Why do so many people like cheating scum?


The fact that “you think” you are making an intelligent contribution to this forum speaks for itself.


I cant wait for the truth to smack you in the face.


HG’s are drinking the Koolaid I definitely don’t see this the same at all. I’m no fan by the way of Vanessa.

F5 Steve the target……reason danger finale part 3, 7 question. She is that good on strategy.
F4 prefers J Mac out… maybe. If she employs the different sides strategy then Austin the target. Reality is lots out of her control. To be safe win HOH or POV. Presume Juju is a keeper Austin/JMac may decide it themselves by who wins safety. It’s the place Van has the most risk if she gets Steve out F5. 3 part finale she’ll convince Austin/J Mac to throw it in endurance or she wins it out right. 7 questions she dominates and takes Juju. Don’t write the cheque to Van just yet but she is in a far better spot that you think. I’d give her a 75% chance to sit F2 and a 98% chance to beat Juju as it stands. The jury would have to be incredibly bitter to give 500K to Juju. Someone made a very good point a few days back. With so many recruits bitter jury is far less likely.


i really like that title! lol
50 Shades of Shadey!

vanessa's joan jett eyeballs

I am so with you. I am only watching now in the hopes that she gets nominated and implodes. I don’t like a one of them left in the game but it would be very satisfying to watch her squirm, freak out, and of course when all else fails cry like a little baby.


Poor J Mac buying the Van BS. He goes F5 if Steve wins POV. You’ll make the final 2 my azz! She is gonna work him tomorrow night to throw the HOH I guarantee it. She isn’t winning either as she’ll tank letting Austin/twin nom Boy/J Mac. Boy the target so J Mac might make F4.
Johnnie Mac must avoid F5 eviction 1st. Then must win HOH or POV F4. Win part 1 or 2 of the 3 part finale and 7 questions. Sit beside Juju win 500K maybe! lol I don’t trust J Mac to be competitive after all the comp throwing.
Steve might be a better choice to get to F4. It’s crazy but follow this…….. F4 lets say there is a puzzle HOH Or POV. If he beats Nessa he’s golden to F3.Finale part 2 usually a combo with puzzle/physical or days/physical ect. Maybe he plays 7 questions. It’s Van’s biggest fear. That is why he is her next target. Van is playing for the finale speech next week.

I oncelovedstoopidpeoplebutnowitsover, almost

Just listening to the Austinky twinkies cackle and ramble about….anything. It is sofa king hilarious, in that they think they know what’s going on and how people will vote!! LMFAO!!


The most stupid players out of all 17 seasons of BB….Wow!


Hope Vanessa wins America’s favorite along with the game to put the doubters of her great intelligence in place.

Cut from Honey

Vanessa AFP? Not a chance in hell.


Austin is like talking around getting rid of Vanessa. Austin are you serious!!! Vanessa has got to go next or she’s won this game! Please everyone in the house combine your brains to equal at least one brain and evict Vanessa or you will all lose!


The feeds have been boring since james and meg left. I am voting for james for america favorite houseguest.
Scenarios for next week will be intense because everyone is a threat.
Liz will win with everyone except jmac or vanessa she was a bigger target coming in the house and deserves the money.
Austin will win the game with julia
Vanessa will win hands down with anyone except jmac.
Steve will win with julia or austin.
Julia does not have a chance
Jmac will win against anyone but liz

Honestly had steve vote to keep meg it will show that he playing his own game has some balls to win the game. Had he flip it will impress the jury just like bb15. And also when is double eviction hoh he said vanessa was in his ear so not doing what he wanted. Based on interviews everyone sees him as vanessa pet rat and will obey her. Vanessa is playing strong game that could hurt her or not. Next week is the time for her to go because she will the final 4 hoh or veto and then final 3 hoh. She is a strong mental competitor and everyone will be a fool to keep her because she will win the game.


If Vanessa wins, she has worked her A$$ off for the money that’s for sure! She exhausts me, i can’t imagine having to be around her 24/7.. those house-guests deserve a medal for putting up with her.

Better Than Last Year

All these housepets are recruited from the Bedlam Asylum (they must have re-opened it just for BB casting)…………..

Seriously……….can’t there be a rule put in place that requires candidates to be drug free (prescribed or otherwise) & psychologically sound?


It really bothers me that whenever 2 people are alone together the other HGs get nervous and suspect they must be stratagizing so we better go break that up. But when a couple in a showmance are alone no one ever says they must be talking game. Especially this late in the game why can’t 2 people just be chatting and getting to know each other’s lives outside the house.


Nobody ever tries to talk-block Steve’s love affair with mommy-cam or eavesdrops on Coco Steve Teddy Bear time! If they did, they’d have confirmed he was bat shit crazy, and never saved him on the block, he’d have gone to Jury and fallen off the swing comp. Now we have to hear about Cleveland Steamers and v every other perversion for another week. Blech.


Did you see Steve’s head in Van’s lap, making promises about F2? While she’s talking about doing something romantic for Mel, Steve whispers inappropriate female body parts starting with cli… Van is horrified. I can’t believe it but he said it again! Van says get off me, he says that’s your poker face, she says no, it’s not my favorite word, its not a poker face. She ran to DR then Steve gets called in by Production right after, I’m sure with a warning about sexual harassment. Is this why Van mentions she’s had it rough in the house because she’s gay? Has Steve been this inappropriate with her all along? We keep giving him the benefit of the doubt, assume medical diagnoses, but he’s really off base like serious social clue problems because he wouldn’t let it go after Van was clearly shaken. They hashtag Steve’s #socialclues gaffes at another site there are so many! Is this what another commenter & Liz said would DQ him? Too embarrassing. The difference between what we see on network edit versus feeds completely different show.


Awful! When did that happen?


Vanessa is all about numbers if she wins last HOH she will want to take number 1) Julia 2) Austin and Johnny Mac and Steve I think in her brain are worst case happening. Whatever she tells people she thinks of the game and only game and who she can beat! Her loyalty to the twins or at least one of them is not fake it’s in her best interest always!


bye bye julia


America will hate someone for turning on the twins???? Who is feeding them this bs? Production? Are they just growing delusional in there?

At first I just ignored their comments like that, but it’s getting to be every post they are mentioning how much they are loved. It’s really weird.


Me too, I thought they were just BSing at first. But they are so fickle and easy to manipulate whatever is said they tend to believe it in the moment or give it some sort of credence.


Wow, the twins and Austin are just figuring Van out. It’s funny cause the other night, Austin’s first question was, “did you talk to Vanessa”. My thought was really? They got themselves in this mess now it’s too late to turn back. They think they will still be allowed to determine who stays. Right now they are thinking they want Liz to stay as she will have a better shot at winning comps but really it’s up to JM and Steve. Everyone will now know Thursday morning that Van has a F2 with everyone. Unless, they win all the HOH’s and PVO’s one will be sure to go home before F2 out of Austin and Twin that stays. He should have thought about this before he evicted James. Austin was clueless as to Vanessa’s plan to work with JM/S, while Austin just went with it. He could have made a deal with James to get rid of Vanessa and who many have had the numbers. Now with 6 in the house and losing be doesn’t. Liked, Austin’s comment when asked about calling her out, “who is she going to yell at”. She was always careful not be too aggressive with twins and Austin but everyone else she was quite aggressive.


DR gave them some hints. Now they are putting two and two together.

Thing is, what are they going to do about it? Steve and Jmac would never work with remaning Austwits. That would be the dumbest move ever, knowing in final three you are screwed.


Austwins are always shocked and offended when they realize someone might not want to be their #4.


I hope they have luxury comp where jury come back and allow james to get 5k. He deserves america favorite houseguest.


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Van drives me completely nuts but she does have a knack for getting people where she wants them to go. Love her or hate her, she has played the game better than anyone this season and probably deserves to win


Austwit and twins gold star for the day figuring out Vanessa unfortuately it’s a little too late in the game. Convincing Steve and Johnny Mac it’s her time to go is going to be a uphill battle and they might not believe you at this point since you voted to evict one of them(Johnny Mac) and the other one (Steve) you have sworn as your enemy. Bad game play everywhere. Also let’s see even if Austin wins this next HOH if he has the ba*ls to put her on the block because the past couple of times shes has bossed him into not putting her on the block. No excuses or point in backdooring since everyone plays in veto! Can we just give the check to Vanessa right now!


Why aren’t they targeting Vanessa if they are on to her? Don’t want to get her mad? Come on!


I laugh so much that austin got called out for not wash his hands. BB call him that he needs to take a shower. I hope when he gets a evicted that the audience gets to pelt him with something. I hope jury can have luxury comp on sunday.

Smelly Fingers

Painfully detailed feed transcripts tell Austin was in toilet for 7 minutes, washed 3 fingers of one hand, BB caled him on it twice, first he told Production to F*ck Off then smelled fingers of both hands and agreed to go back use soap. Everyone playing Chess was so grossed out, they washed all the game pieces. He should be DQ’d for no shirt sweaty long hair in kitchen and E coli contamination of house

Smelly Fingers is Boss

If it was allowed, i would give Smelly Fingers’ comment a trillion thumbs up! Frickin’ hilarious!


Did BB really call him out? Ewwww stinky

Member of the Ant Farm

Gee…Austin telling the twins that Vanessa is playing all sides of the house and we need to expose it. Um…kind of like how your game is evolving too, numbnuts!! He who lives in glass house, shouldn’t throw stones!!


What do the mean by the “shovels” comp they keep talking about??


It’s a balancing comp, but when Steve says it, it sounds like some kind of sexual perversion.


Teddy Bear. Help me! Help Me! (movie the Fly)

Dazed and Confused

I am totally baffled by the fan base on this site. I assumed people who watched the feeds actually wanted strategic, manipulative players to win. This is the game of big brother. Were the people cheering for James also fans of Beast Mode? “I’d never throw a comp” like sure players who win comp after comp are awesome to watch, but they don’t win. They put way too big of a target on their back, not to mention that if that is their main strategy they clearly have no sense for the game. Vanessa has been on people shit list constantly this entire season, yet time and time again she’s talked her way out of it. Whether that’s by crying, bullying, or ruining others relationships. Any lug nut can win an HOH and knock out one of three targets, but real players can just get other people to do what they want al la Dr. Will.
Getting pissed at Vanessa for being manipulative in the Big Brother House is like getting mad a football player for tackling someone, it’s a game. You play by the rules and you don’t get judged by the standards of the outside world.


Playing by the rules or rewriting the rules or waiting to get called out on the rules or production bends the rules. Much more social now than real comps dummied down for new recruits. Casting could be problem, it’s not Vanessa’s fault she’s an attorney pro shark playing introverted dimwits who never saw the show & haven’t left home yet. Like Patriots football vs high school volley ball team. Not a real contest. Can’t wait to see her on All-Stars with pros so she won’t be so bored.


There are different types of players so not sure why the manipulative lying ones have to be rooted for as the winners. She’s played the best game so far with the type of people in the game. And she benefited from Shelli being there and the BOB initially and was smart to get into a big alliance early. And I don’t see where everyone is mad at Vanessa It seems like some of the disappointment is at some of the players surrounding her. Besides, she’s not the likable and maybe she should have detoxed before coming in there. She had moments of looking like a straight up junkie who thinks she has special intelligence and that’s hard to root for


Great post! You were on point with everything you said. Unfortunately it will fall on deaf ears over here. I see everyone hating on Vanessa, but loving James??? Hmmm, makes no sense to me. James just acted dumb while Vanessa is playing this game 24/7. Good for her! Take it all Vanessa, you deserve it!


Hoping to see Final 3 (Vanessa, John, Steve)


F3 Vanessa, PoolShark, Coco,the Bear

Misty Beethoven

Will we ever find out what Steve’s deep, dark secret is? Will we care?

It's not too late

Come on Steve it’s not too late you can still put Vanessa up.

oh my

Who’s idea was it to let the twins decide which one stays? Keeping liz is a bad game move for everyone. If vanessa thought she could mist liz into self evicting, it seems like the mist didn’t work this time.

Jury House Jamesy

It is not a bad move for Liz.

Too Funny

Austin lets expose van now… Boo Hoo Austdumb u just want Liz to stay there so you can be more clingy than cling wrap which should be your new nickname. Funny how austin n twins are saying how they need to get van out and no one will like van if she turns on twins when all of us want you gone n then liz says im going after steve if I stay!!! Lmao ok dumb dumb there goes your n austins game out that window with that strategy. .. good lord somebody just tell her if you self evict you will win americas favorite player and watch her do it…

Shannon Bananon

Coco the Bear for AFP!!!!!!