“If Steve is Ambivalent I can do whatever the F*** I want, They are very close to the same scenario”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and Liz
After POV Nominations: Liz and Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 15-25-43-486

3:25pm Plucking Austin’s Unibrow
Liz – you’ve plucked them before I can tell..
Julia – Beauty is painful

Julia – Pluck that white one
jmac – Oh OH Austin’s getting old
Austin – Oh my god

Feeds cut They are getting Chinese food tonight.
[envira-gallery id=”132749″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 16-17-11-424

4:02pm Milling around the living room
They were singing “Is this real” Production told them to stop. They wonder why Big Brother let them sing it when Audrey was in the house but now they can’t.
Everyone except fro Steve agreeing that Shelli’s “Is this real” musical was annoying.
Steve – I found it very entertaining
Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 16-19-20-426
Vanessa starts whimpering “I hate bugs and I asked them fro raid they never gave it to me “
Vanessa says they live in the 21st century they should have a way to deal with these bugs.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 16-39-58-479

4:40pm Lockdown over, Jmac and Austin start working out JUJU watches from the Hammock

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 16-51-39-721

4:34pm bathroom Austin and Vanessa
Austin saying that the twins are leaning towards Liz staying but the twins really don’t know for sure. Austin stresses he’s letting them make this decision on their own. Says he told them to talk to Vanessa about it because he’s going to be biased, ‘I want them to do their thing I’ll deal with whatever happens.. “
Vanessa goes on about incentives and lining the incentives up with what people say.. (Every time Vanessa says Incentives take a drink)
Austin – Go out and win control your own destiny

Austin adds at this point it really depends on who wins the HOH if he can’t he knows Jmac will and jmac is going to put him on the block.
Vanessa says she’s Ambivalent to which twin stays. Vanessa is worried Steve will make her vote for a certain twin. “They are very close to the same scenario”
Vanessa – “If Steve is Ambivalent I can do whatever I want”
Vanessa says she gave Steve her word she would vote his way this week.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 17-45-35-646

5:28pm More or less Jmac, Austin and Liz are working out Steve and Juju are watching
Vanessa is in the house you can see gears grinding.
5:32pm Vanessa and Jmac
Vaenss a- I’m so tired I died
Jmac – Get away from me zombie..
Jmac – drinking my protein
Vanessa – protein and you are going to eat Chinese food
Jmac – ya .. ya
Vanessa saying that “They” want Liz to stay “It’s bad”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 18-02-32-423

5:46pm Vanessa and Julia

Julia says they’ve decided Liz to stay it’s best, “It’s my time I am ready”
Julia – She’s won more she deserve to be here… I just wanted to make it to the Jury, Zingbot.. I’m very happy
Vanessa- ok.. right, Anything can happen
Vanessa says he just needs to make sure Setve is ok.
Vanessa – In my mind you girls are one
Julia – She has more of a chance to make it to the end.
Vanessa – there’s arguments for both sides..

Julia – It’s about winning now.. either way they are going after me and Austin now
Vanessa- if they went after you and Austin you see how you wouldn’t go home
Julia- there’s two weeks left you win now.. it’s do or die

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 18-36-16-180

6:16pm bathroom Vanessa and Liz
Vanessa says f** steve he told her he doesn’t care what twin goes.
Vanessa saying going final final 2 with either of them is not a good thing for her so she expects a good christmas

Austin hinting about taking Vanessa up on her gambling deal.
Austin – All I can say is CASINO.. that’s a reality to me
Vanessa – f*** it I like gambling anyways,.,. it’s a gamble regardless how you put it.

Austin leaves.
Vanessa – Liz.. we have to talk though.. if you want to stay..
Liz – thank you
Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 18-57-17-923
6:42pm bathroom Vanessa, Liz and Austin
Vanessa says voting to keep Liz will mean going against Steve
She game Steve her word she would do what he wants in the vote.
Vanessa – I can probably fall back with the argument when I said that I assumed it was your two on the block (Austin and LIz)
(Vanessa Always trying to get out of her word)

Vanessa says she needs three things to vote to keep liz (Even though she was the one that asked the twins who they wanted gone and told them she would vote the way they wanted her to)
1- Something meaningful that has yet to be discussed, “Not front door… and if I’m the backdoor I have your votes.. “
2- If it’s Steve and JOhnnymac are on the block next week it’s her call for who stays
3-If it’s one of them and her with Steve/jmac in the final 3 and they win final HOH they have to take her.


7:24pm Feeds come back. Kitchen Everyone.. they got some drinks and take out

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I knew it!

Vanessa is and will be freaking out and…will try and talk the twins into Liz going to jury. I’m going to do what Steve wants…ya…since when?!?


Vanessa is the Tom Brady of BB. You hate him but you know in the end he will win.

Vanessa for the win… Hands down.

Suck it up haterz


Tom Brady sucks
I am sick of the New England Patroits

Patriots Nation

Haters gonna hate….Jealousy doesn’t look good on you!


Neither does cheating


Always the rule follower, Van’s nowteaching Austin how to cheat throwing dice in Vegas, and brags how to beat casino blacklists. She said she’ll vote to keep Liz as she promised but now ups the ante saying if she doesn’t win she better get a good Christmas present. Austin nods “Christmas casino” which is table talk signaling another payoff for votes. There’s no limit to the depths of her depravity! Go Van Nation! Sleaze looks good on you! Not to be left out, Liz tells how she cheated & took pillows into Have Not room while Audrey got penalty votes. Production taking note gives more warnings but who cares when you’re the scamper squad. F*ck you BB. Amen.


Keep hating, they’ll keep winning (whether you like it or not)

Pinocchio Obama

“Vanessa says she needs three things to vote to keep liz (Even though she was the one that asked the twins who they wanted gone and told them she would vote the way they wanted her to)
1- Something meaningful that has yet to be discussed, “Not front door… and if I’m the backdoor I have your votes.. “
2- If it’s Steve and JOhnnymac are on the block next week it’s her call for who stays
3-If it’s one of them and her with Steve/jmac in the final 3 and they win final HOH they have to take her.”

This should let even the twins know who their real target should be.


They should not agree to anything, they should say let me see what Steve thinks and ask him right in front of Vanessa.


It should, BUT. they are just soooooooooo stupid they wont catch on!


Perfect comparison! The Patriots fined $1 million, Brady suspended, court trials, appeals for 6 more months. Patriots caught stealing playbooks coaches fired last week, cheating easy. He called it the worst experience of his career, forever tainted, thank god he destoyed his cell phone he’d be out. It’s all about the cover up at closing arguments and Jury votes. Hell, Charlie Sheens a winner too. Austin cashing in on Vans gifts now, while shes cutting more & better “deals” Casinos & card counting here we come! Van can officiate his wedding to Liz in the BB house, like Brenchel, write their prenup so he can get her winnings! Why stop there? Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

It’s not news she’s not keeping her word, no one else gets to play their own game remember? Just get the earplugs while she screeches for votes. Her specialty is campaigning! Vanessa for President! She likes to gamble, send her to Syria to sway ISIS and cure the refugee crisis. There’s nothing she can’t “fix”. Cuz she’s a real Patriot.

Pinocchio Obama

Vanessa is already trying to blame her Liz vote Thursday on Steve.

Frostbite Falls


I have a question about the Vanessa picture above. Does Bullwinkle have more than one beanie or did her green one have a bad reaction to all her medication?

James Loves Frankie


I hope the affect it has is that Austin takes Vanessa out of the game.


I agree and I like Vanessa but these deals with everyone will catch up with her and she will be gone soon


I will like Liz even less if she chooses a guy and a game over her sister. It looks like Austin has already talked them into getting JuJu out because its best for both of them (the twins )plus Juju sucks according to him but ya know he’s leaving it up to them he doesn’t want to get in between them. If he wanted her to be in the game so bad its her game then he would have used the POV on her, Austin is a selfish A$$. The girls are young and foooooolish. I am very happy for his ex this may hurt her the way it was done (scumball on TV) but she will be the real winner when her heart mends.Many times people cant see when they are being manipulated. Austin really is pretty manipulative and controlling you see that with Liz. I cant imagine how he would be out of the house. Austin is ewwwwwwwwwwwwww


“I knew it,” you are right!!

Are Austin, Liz, Julia, and Steve believing anything that Vanessa is saying (now)?

Vanessa might as well have said, “for me to vote to keep Liz 3 things have to happen:

1. If you (Liz) when HOH or Austin wins HOH’s you will not nominate / backdoor me (Vanessa)

2. If I am nominated and either you (Liz) or you (Austin) win the POV you have to take me down

3. You HAVE to pick ME (Vanessa) to take to the F2 and when we give the jury our voting speeches, if one of you are next to me you HAVE to say “I’m sitting here next to the WINNER! Jurors take your Vanessa Key and give Vanessa your vote! Vanessa is the best Big Brother Player in all of history. This includes World History dating back to the beginning of time. Vanessa is the best Big Brother player that has or ever will exist. I am sitting next to someone that “played” Big Brother brilliantly. More importantly, the person sitting next to me, Vanessa, has applied her own “strategical statical game theory” to the game Big Brother. By doing this, Vanessa’s place in history will outshine the legacies of people such as Einstein, Shakespeare, and even Jesus Christ. Vanessa is not only the winner of this season’s Big Brother Game, Vanessa has changed earth and any other existing planets with intelligent life forever.”


LOL @ gears grinding. As they should be! Now wouldn’t it be nice if half the houseguests did the same? At least Vanessa is thinking/strategizing/plotting … etc

Van4thewin! 🙂


Ordering them to write her $500k cheque is not strategy its lunacy & game suicide. Sit yourself down she’s unraveling, and it isn’t going to be pretty for Van lovers. Her tricks aren’t a secret and they already said they’d never keep a deal they made with her. Take it Austin Liz, then stab her in the back like she taught you! The lessons of being blinded and deaf from too much greed, underestimating her enemy and overestimating herself–she needs to read the Art of War, she’s making boo boos now.


Yeesh, I’m starting to feel sorry for all the Vanity fans trying to stick up for all her insanity–then I think it’s awful satisfying to watch her vomit crazy and kill her own game, without any help at all. Good thing she evicted all the real men and we’re left with only mama’s boys to drag out her self destruction drama CBS substitutes for comps. But serously, is anyone still listening, her words are meaningless, she’s finally ranted her cause to death. Sigh of relief.


I’m all for Johnny Mac!!!

Frostbite Falls

I think he is looking pretty good as long as Vanessa and Austin get evicted.


JMAC is a fricken sack of potatoes. Dumb as they come.


That’s what I’ve been saying…JMac SUXS!!!! Is he still talking himself into not winning this next HOH!?!? Is he still wanting to get Meg out!?!? Dumb A*s Sack of Sh*t!!!!
BOO JMac!!!


All the house guests should be contractually obligated to come back in six weeks for a two hour reunion show, they must watch all the tapings before hand ……it would be very interesting to see their reactions ….


Jmac ain’t worth shit

Who cares what the twins want.

Vanessa you run shit here. Who gives a fuck what the twins want. Vote out Liz and let’s go.

Johnny Crap next after Liz. Vamos!


If Vanessa doesn’t do what Austin and the twins want and votes out Liz, I will be rooting for her. jM and Vanessa need to get rid of Liz and keep Julia.


Wow, already Vanessa is putting the blame on Steve for evicting Liz if the twits decide she is the one who should stay. It’s her fault for telling them to decide who they want to go. Since when do the two on the block get to decide who stays and who goes anyway? Wonder if Austin will ask Steve who he wants to evict, if he says he doesn’t care Vanessa will be in a pickle.

Like Forreal?

Everyone knows that Vanessa is playing everyone in the house yet they are scared to do anything like confront her or put her up


ambivalent is the new incentive.


How about all the times she says “you’re wrong and here’s why” blah blah blah “I’m smart and your dumb” incentivise, incentivies, blah blah blah “do what I tell you or else”!!!


Who is Dawg??


Dawg is one of the site moderators and writes some of the summaries. The authors names are just under the title.

Frostbite Falls

Steve’s teddys boy friend.

Betty Boop

Dawg and Simon run this site.


I think Dawg is Steve’s teddy bear.


Fuck Vanessa and what she wants.
I hope Liz stays,wins HOH and puts Vanessa and Steve’s asses on the block.

James Loves Frankie



Doubt you wish they had a camera in the jury house !!!!
These people are boring as hell. !!!!!
Big Brother give these people something to do.


Make that don’t you wish.




I know they’re all stupid but are they really stupid enough to leave Liz in there over Julia?


Yes. Yes, they are that stupid.


I can’t imagine living with these wackos for 3 months.

johnnymac all the way

That’s why John likes to sleep all day.

Ha ha ha!

Get ready for the moose to start bucking! Liz will stay and expose Van’s game!


oh i would love liz to go after van, that would be awesome. On BBAD I enjoy listening to the twins conversation without Austin, but damn van shows up everywhere, like her acne, it won’t go away!!!

Grandma G

Well Vanessa, here is another unnecessay hairbrained idea that blew up in your face..”Let the girls decide which one goes home” . All your “advice” about keeping Julia over Liz and they have the audacity to think for themselves. (with the help of much pressure from Austin) Beware. Austin having you talk to thee girls now is a set up, They are on to you.


Liz should go to jonny for the vote and tell van she passes on her ridiculous offer.

Don't care

Don’t care Who stays and who goes. Just PLEASE for the love of all that is good and holy, tape the remaining twin’s mouth shut. I can’t listen to the nasally, whining voice of the twits another minute


They’re not nasally. They just have deep voices. Reminds me a bit of Scarlett Johansson.

Better Than Last Year

Austin & Liz…………just agree with whatever she says…………

Then remind her that she said, “F*** deals……there’s no deals this late in the game”.

She is totally unbelieveableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Steven told the twins he does not care which twin goes home then Vanessa would risk losing 3 jury votes if she voted against their wishes I may not like Vanessa but she is not stupid and losing 3 potential jury votes would guarantee she would never win the 500K. I give it a 95% likely hood that Vanessa will vote what the twins want.

James Loves Frankie

Vanessa will just blame the vote on someone else.


That is a crazy deal that vanessa set for liz vote that is crazy. I never in bb I seen this kind of deal since dan. Why not target vanessa and have her go home. Next week is going to be interesting on who wins and pov. Also bb call out austin for not showering. Can they show montage of james and meg on the final 3 memories.


Vanessa: I need something real to vote for Liz. The big check. This is so stupid. Fire production and the writers. Really? Not fLling for this rabbit trail


Wow !! Why doesn’t Vanessa just say. Look, if you want to keep Liz, it will cost you $ 500,000. Roll over and write me the check and we can keep her. She just might be getting too cocky believing she can do and say anything and everyone will follow along.

Better Than Last Year

I think this is one time too many for Van.

The Austwins are wise to her now (thanks production!) & JMac has had her number for a while now. They should just do what JMac has been doing & agree to everything she says………….

Next week……….lower the boom on her.

Old man

LMAO. V for a person who don’t care who was staying, did you read her demands because she is going against Steves wishes.


Omg Vanessa, you don’t ask for much do you? Since Austin and Liz appear dumb enough to agree to her terms, I will be cheering hard for JMac to win HOH.

Min O'Pause

Don’t think I’ll try BBAD tonight. My spine still hurts after listening to the twits last night.

Min O'Pause

My Gawd Asstin has such a sappy look on his face while Gizzard plucks his unibrow. He ain’t right in the head….

Min O'Pause

‘Course I’d have that same look if that Chris guy who played Thor was doing my bikini area.

Old Mann

He looks to me like Osama

Jumping the shark

They have the shark. So is van the fonz? Jokes on me this time.

Min O'Pause

Asstin:”Honey I love you. Would you pluck my toe knuckles?”
Gizzard:”Eeeewwwww…..grooooooosuh. Noooooooouh!”
Asstin:” Gawd you’re sexy when you vomit.”


Who the hell does Vanessa think she is??!! I hope Austwins use this against her. She MUST be crazy. If they are stupid enough to let her control them until the end, they deserve whatever they get.


Gamewise I love both James and JMac but James would only just edge out Johnny Mac for me as America’s Favourite because he has a daughter to take care of and he did bring a lot of lightheartedness to the show almost every week so he deserves it.


Van van just confirmed what Austin and the twins discussed. I think it will be all for not cause either jm or Vanessa will win hoh Thursday. This season is awesome. Last year was so predictable. Same time this year there is still game talk and fireworks to come!!! One of the best. Dan did it too towards the end played a little to hard to ensure he would make final 2. Can you imagine the pressure I’d being so close to that much money. People settle down. I really believe when they say it’s harder than to seems.


I use to think Vanessa played a good strategic game until about the time she blew her game up when being nominated. Pretty much because she controlled Shelli and Austin. And Shelli controlled Clay, Austin controlled twins. But really Shelli played a strategic game and her downfall was being caught by Vanessa. Which led Vanessa to almost getting evicted. She scared James and Meg and sorry but scaring people is not a good strategy. It’s terrible because when those same people have to vote for you to win, almost 99% of the time you are going to lose unless your Boston Rob and have two complete morons in the finals with you. And Steve and John are not morons. They know Vanessa will not win so why not take her to the finals.

Teacher says

Do you think production tells them”No game talk on BBAD , they only eat and play! So Boring! Makes me fall asleep!


LOL- JMAC speaking with to Julia “I wasn’t very assertive in Dental school”. Really, JMAC !!


I wanted to post a comment but I don’t know what to say about what I just read. I guess I’m ambivalent and have no incentive.


Geez Julia, take those shorts off and wash them. She wears those constantly with her ass hanging out and she is always sitting around and lounging around with her legs wide open. So slutty!


Gossip sites speculating and have sources suggest game is rigged for Vanessa. If it is a rigged game do all house guests get paid? I think they’re too dumb to go along for ride but will be hard to stop Vanessa train at this point


I think it’s an absolute insult to the rest of the house that Liz and Julia think that they can just decide which one leaves and that the other houseguests will just honor their wishes regardless of what is in their individual best interests. They are so misguided it makes me sick. Just for that I hope that they promise to keep Liz to their faces and then vote Liz out anyway.

twin hater

pleassssssssse change to another room who controlling the cameras I Dont need to listen to the slurping sounds its just not right its gross


What is Steve doing in that picture? Sniffing his belly button lint?


I dont get why people dont like Vanessa. The girl studied game theory. She is an excelent game strategist. SHE PLAYS THE GAME!!! She thinks two steps ahead of all scenarios. SHE MAKES DEALS!!! Why hate on someone who plays the game well? She’s not a joke like Meg who was blind sided every week when her friends were being voted out. It was like, wake up Meg, you’re in the BB house. There are alliances, people are playing the game, while you and Jason are sitting around and making fun on everyone. Vanessa went in that house to try to win the game!!! Dont hate her for that!


I would rather watch the fish tank on bbad then austin and liz suck face. Ewwwwuh!!!!


I’m 99% sure the closer Van gets to the finals, the more manic she will be. Buckle up houseguests !! Just hoping for some great tv out of it. I really am fine with her winning if she makes it to final 2. She’s played the game for sure. I just want the entertainment of her on the block and being evicted.


Vanessa is trapping herself with her words. The HGs don’t call her out on her shit because, it just ain’t worth the argument. Look at what happened to anyone that hinted at her BS. She became shrill.


Like walking a tightrope and someone screams.


The most frustrating thing for me is how scared they are of Vanessa. Austin flat out said he was scared of her. What can she do? Get over it and grow a pair.


Sometimes… late at night… I dream about what this season could have been if production had cast even a single set of testicles.

Stick Dr Will, Evel Dick, Jenelle, Rachelle, or Dan in that house. Shredded.


Anybody else just ready for the season to be over? Crown a winner and start Survivor already!


Is that really a Bible Vanessa’s reading or a thesuarus?