Steve “I need to put as much of a wedge between Austin & Vanessa!”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and Liz
After POV Nominations: Liz and Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-08 03-08-59-582
12am Austin is playing a game of chess against the twins. At the end the twins give up. Julia says can we just give him our king. We’re done! They head down stairs. Austin says that was such a dominant win. Liz says oh please, no it wasn’t! It was equal we gave up. We were bored. Julia and Liz go to get ready for bed. Steve asks Austin are the twins telling you who they want to go? Austin says yes. Steve asks have they decided yet? Austin says no and I don’t want to get involved in it. I just tried to give them an objective opinion. Steve says they got to final 6, that’s further than I thought they would get. Austin says its crazy how close we are to the end. Steve challenges Austin to a game of chess. Steve gets called to the diary room. Austin and Liz get tired of waiting and head to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-08 03-22-03-469

1:50am Hammock – Steve heads out the backyard hammock and starts talking to himself. Okay final 5. Its been an awkward week. They’re all awkward weeks for me. 3 more competitions. Chances are you’re not going to make final 2. I could potentially be 3 comps way from winning this thing. WOW! I could still win this thing. If Johnny Mac wins next I actually trust him. I’m really happy the face morph is done. I think Austin would go after me and Johnny Mac. I think the only person Austin would be completely solid with is the other twin which ever stays. Because he has a reason to doubt me because I nominated him. He has reason to doubt Johnny Mac because he evicted him. He has reason to doubt Vanessa because of all this sh!t that’s gone down. If its the shovels (comp) I am not going to win it. I think Austin would try and earn my loyalty and get rid of Johnny Mac. What would Vanessa want? She doesn’t want Johnny Mac in final 3. Vanessa wants to be in final 3 with 3 people that aren’t aligned with each other .. and kind of that would be me and Austin. I don’t want to be in the final 3 with Vanessa. On an emotional level I feel like it would be way easier to stab Johnny Mac in the back than Vanessa even though I have way more trust in Johnny Mac than Vanessa. I’m safe with Johnny Mac. Vanessa might throw it. No she would put up the twin that’s left and Johnny Mac to either have me or Austin to herself. If Liz goes my job is done because I split up the twins and I split up the showmance. That was what I wanted to do. I think Vanessa would want to send out Johnny Mac or Julia. I don’t know how Vanessa feels about scumbagging. I think Austin .. the remaining twin will listen to Austin. What I need is Austin to have the same doubt and skepticism in Vanessa that I have. Vanessa isn’t going to go after me. Johnny Mac isn’t going to go after me. I think Austin would put up me and Johnny Mac and if Johnny Mac wins veto Vanessa would go up next to me. With Austin and a twin with a vote, I am gone. I think I’m safe next to Johnny Mac. Am I safe on the block next to Austin.. maybe. That would come down to Vanessa. Oh my god I wish it was Austin going this week and the twins staying. I don’t think the me and Austin scenario would happen. I need to worry about being on the block with Vanessa. My job is to make sure Austin has the same skepticism as I do about Vanessa. Why did Vanessa tell Johnny Mac … I need to figure out where Austin is. I need Austin to have doubts about Vanessa. I need to put as much of a wedge between Austin and Vanessa. Austin is to Vanessa as I am to John. I really wish I could have sent Austin out this week. The twins are blind. They’re so oblivious. I need to keep reassuring Vanessa and put doubt in the mind of Austin about Vanessa. Steve heads back inside and goes to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-08 03-37-15-180

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2:15am Austin scares Liz in the bathroom.

2:30am Steve is up scampering and watching the scamper cam. Steve says Johnny Mac is right about Vanessa. If Vanessa and Austin aren’t a thing now. I need to start the me versus Vanessa campaign now.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-08 04-13-20-240

3:30am All the house guests are sleeping.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-08 10-25-59-763

10am – 10:45am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the feeds return – They talk about going to bed early. Vanessa heads outside. Steve comes downstairs. Johnny tells him to go back to bed, its only 10am. Steve says its blog day and twitter day. Johnny says oh yeah, camera day. In the bathroom – Steve tries to stuff chocolate into Vanessa’s hoodie.

11:40am The house guests are still sleeping and likely will until Steve comes out with the HOH camera.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-08 11-39-32-228

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I do not get his logic. Why would he prefer the twins in the game together? Not sure what he’s seeing, but Liz is a strong competitor. And the twins would never turn on each other. Whereas Julia would turn on Austin in two seconds.


Maybe all the Jury girls despise the twins!!

My take

He sees Austin as Vanessa s potentional NO1, while he knows Liz coudn t be her NO1 coz Liz would win in f2. He s just scared of Vanessa turning on them and joining Julia&Austin , while if Austin would go it would make no sense for Vanessa to join them.


I think Steve sees Vanessa, bully that she is, as a mother figure. He’s scared of her. Also, he said he’s playing, “Sheldon” from Big Bang Theory in the house (in an interview.) not himself. I hope JMAC wins. It sickened me to hear Austin tell Liz that she will be America’s Favorite cuz “you haven;t done anything wrong and are so great! Really what crap is that,. It’s so hard to like anyone but JMAC who is left.


WE know Julia would turn on Austin. In the house only Liz and Vanessa know Julia might turn on Austin. They are the only ones that have heard her say she hates him.
Steve and Jmac think they are a solid trio.
Austin suspects Julia doesn’t like him much, but thinks loyalty to Liz would keep Julia loyal. But then, Julia was more into Jace (amount of time spent with him during first switches), and Liz was playing both Austin and Jeff after Jace left. Austin thinks Julia was into Jeff.
Given what each person in the house knows directly, Steve is not making an illogical statement thinking the twin would stay with Austin.
The twins turn their opinions on a dime. When they talk to Vanessa they think Austin is a rat. When they talk to Austin they think Vanessa is the rat. It always depends on who they talk to last, and who has power.


So Vanessa gives Austin a handicap at chess. Probably means a rook pawn. She still wins. Austin beats everyone else in the house, and Van gives him a handicap. I doubt that chess is something that she puts much time into in real life. She is just that much brighter than the rest of these dolts.


Vanessa has been playing chess all her life. She began her game theory thesis on chess and rubiks cubes (a reason why it is highly possible she threw the 9 piece picture cube hoh), but found both to lack the psychological challenge of poker.
Her big error in the game is not owning what she does in the game, instead saying she will write a blog detailing her step by step strategy. That blog is worthless unless she comes in first. I realize as a poker player she is entering the game with the must win mindset, but she isn’t endearing herself to the viewers because of that same self- motivating vantage point.


That makes so much sense!! She can’t really tell the audience now. If she loses she doesn’t have to blog her strategy. But if she wins, she will be the best player ever, book deal and do the media circuit etc..

I would have liked to see her on the outside coaching one player as they go ….so we can watch. She is good but doesn’t mean she can make another person control a game based on her game strategies. That would be the next step.


Nicely stated, Mel, er Anonymous! lol

And She Cheats

Why won’t aby of the Vanessa-is-Almost-God worshipers addressing her pathological lying–lying when it doesn’t benefit her or anyone? Why isn’t her cheating or constant need to bribe when she’s warned not to? Why doesn’t she need to be unstable, even that clearly doesn’t serve a purpose and further alienates Jury Votes and friendships in her sobbing lonely world? Why create Finals 2s with everyone even is clear she had been discovered? She’s got lots of game flaws no one will address.

JMAC throwing comps to egoistic production protected tyrants like her IS a strategy, until the final betrayal. Derrick may have won without ever going on the block, JMAC is gonna win without ever winning HOH. A much more difficult strategy, remain non threatening while winning all POVs. Keep lying on the Bible and bribing now Steve gets start up capital for his teddy bear factory. She is a compulsive liar and cheat, knowing warmed she’s breaking the rules.

Van's Wikipedia

Au contraire mon frere…she claims to be a chess wiz too, check out her wiki bio which she wrote herself, you can tell from her verbiage and ad nauseum detail about achievements since elementary school. Only 2 sentences about Chad Brown. Particularly interesting is decline in poker winnings since 2009 and self labeled sex symbol of poker. Weird wiki bio for sure.


Yep, I noticed that too. She is a bit full of herself but I do believe some of that is embellished a bit. Still, ego maniacs don’t do much for me. Vanessa, Nastin, and Jutwit can’t go fast enough for me.! Providing Liztwit goes this week……I don’t get how impressed these people are with themselves. So puzzled.


She’s not that rich anymore her last big win was many years a go. The last comp she won only payed 13k.
She has been moving from house to house and I think all the money is long gone.
If she was really as smart as she says she would be a billionaire.
Why would someone trust her to invest in her? Why didn’t she do it with her own money? OH THATS RIGHT SHE DID AND LOST IT


Not a big Vanessa fan however she did invest much of her winnings wisely .a lot of it in real estate in several states. Buying and selling houses etc. several businesses also… she is sitting pretty financially but not a “billionaire” by any means.


The other day Austin was bragging about beating Vanessa, then he paused and said “I mean she was playing without a queen but still…”


Somewhat off topic but another thing on live feeds last night was Liz talking about the fairies not paying any attention to them until after Clay and Shelli left and now production is beginning to realize that they are way more interesting than Clay and Shelli ever were and of course Austin agrees… Delusional vomit Wow I mean just wow

Countdown to the End of BB17 / Survivor Starts

15 DAYS LEFT !!!


I cant wait for it to be over this season has been lame.

YAY Survivor 🙂

Amanda queefs slop

So best case final 2 is johnnymac and Steve…. If any of those other morons makes final 2 I’ll freak out. Way to show up and finally play the game at the end Steve. Ugh!


Steve played the game smart, him Jmac and Vanessa deserve to win this year. I wish James wouldn’t have played the game so fast. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.


Now if only Jmac would quit throwing comps. Couldn’t believe he’s thinking about throwing the next one. Isn’t the HOH after the next where everyone can play? I’m beginning to think he’s got a deal to get paid to throw comps…lol.


Believe it or not, he actually has a pretty good reason to throw this next comp. And to answer your question 1st, but the next one is not where everyone plays.


Everyone plays HOH? That’s a new one on me!

Fact is F4 the HOH F5 is not eligible to play. In other words the HOH next week cannot be HOH F4. The little trick is getting F4. The way Van is positioned J Mac doesn’t realize Steve and himself are in big trouble if he does not win HOH.
Van’s target interestingly appears to be Steve. As she has done all season she prefers to work with Austin/twins over all other options. Whether you swap out Austin for J Mac F3 those are the combos she wants. Van has the strategy on lockdown. Steve is her target for exactly 1 reason…..
Finale part 3……. SEVEN QUESTIONS! I venture she believes she beats the other 3 in 7 questions. Steve is the target because she has the remainder of the season mapped out. She is so good with both sides I think she’ll throw HOH if Juju or Austin is assured to win F5. That gives her 2 shots at safety F4. As long as she takes Juju, whom I’m sure she believes she can beat to get to 7 questions she literally has just a little risk F4.
General risk scenario……. Steve/J Mac goes F5(likely) F4 Austin/(Steve/JMac) win HOH the other wins POV. Van versus Juju eviction. I don’t think Van gets kept. She will be pissed to!
You’ll see the real Vanessa as a competitor and I believe she’ll win safety F4 likely getting JMac to throw HOH to her .I do not like the woman but she is owning the season at this point. She’d be better liked if she had a confidant like with Chilltown where we got to see the complexity of Dr. Will talking things out with Boggie. She isn’t Dr. Will but mad props if she gives a speech finale night. Just bitter jury between her and 500K. Maybe Austin can beat her the rest of little chance heads up. Juju 50K write the cheque!


Didn’t mean to send that last comment yet. Anyhow, the next comp is not where everyone plays. That’s final 3. So it would be ideal to win the f4 HOH. Which is exactly why Johnny doesn’t wanna win this next one. Let’s look at this from his point of view. Right now he’s tight with Vanessa, so he thinks he’s safe if she wins. He knows Julia’s not going to win & if she did she’d go after Steve for getting out her sister. That leaves Austin, he thinks Austin would also go after Steve for getting out Liz. Therefore he’s not anybody’s direct target. And he still gets to play in the POV. Now, let’s say he won the next HOH. He’d have to get blood on his hands and possibly piss off 2 of the 3 remaining ppl playing in the following HOH pretty much guaranteeing himself a spot on the block. Which would suck getting that close then leaving. See my point? He wins this, nominates Austin/Julia and if POV is used he’d have to put up Vanessa or Steve. So 1 if them leave, he can’t play in the HOH & he has 2 of the 3 people playing mad at him. It probably is wiser to throw this one and try really hard for the next one. He definitely needs to win one to make a move so he stands a chance at winning if he did get to f2.


Did anyone else notice Steve saying it would be easier for him to backstab Johnny Mac than Vanessa? What is he telling us? That if him Johnny and let’s say Julia get to the f3 he’s taking Julia? If so, I really didn’t think Steve would be that type of person. Guess he REALLY wants to win. Imagine if the jury automatically voted for Julia just bc of that. Lol. I’d like to see a Vanessa/Johnny Mac F2.


He knows Van will go bat shit crazy and he is afraid of her ballistics!


It would be smart for the Austwins to want to keep Liz. If Liz decides she wants to stay, they have to tell Vanessa in no uncertain terms that if she votes Liz out she will lose three jury votes. Vanessa’s head would explode trying to decide which would be better – An easy path to the finals but with a tougher jury or a harder path to the finals but with an easier jury.


Steve, you would’ve been better off keeping those thoughts to yourself and not shared it with the camera because as suspected, you have no game. Being an insider, that’s what you came up with? LMAO

Vanessa’s been trying to get you out. She campaigned hard to keep John instead of you but her manipulation didn’t work. Her pros and cons of keeping John over Steve did not work. You winning the HOH when it was down to you and John proved how idiotic you were. You were safe and John would’ve moved up to a possible target over you but you thought you were making a big move. That was a big fat NO.

James Loves Frankie

You make a good point that Steve would of been safe it JMac won HOH and he would not wear a target but he needs some stats for his resume if he wants to get jury votes so it was really a lose lose situation.


Damn, I hate that little cockroach Steve.

Steve Finally Gets His Bribe

Vanipulator just offered Steve investment money if he wants to Stuart his own business. She said she’s an investor and wants a stake in his start up, kissing his ass after he said he was going to evict her before she takes him out since she sees him as a threat. He’s finally admitted to himself she’s been lying the whole game, won’t be taking him to F2. Genius Steve took 82 days to see she’s been playing all sides and v he evicted everyone who could help him get her out. All Steve wants is memorabilia to sell on his skype calls with fans. He congratulates himself on getting out a Twin now he can die knowing he saved humanity. Seriously?

Scumbagging It

They’re all scumbagging it at this point, having evicted all the real players and favorites in the Jury, the brought the weakest most reviled players to the end. Steve never made sense and never played to win just come home with a couple souvenirs and stories for mom. It doesn’t matter who wins we all lose.


“Evicted all the real players”? Like Jason, Jackie, Jeff, Becky and Clay? yep, those were some real BB masterminds. Vanessa has been working this game 24/7 since she walked in the door. Like her – or hate her, her skill at manipulation and game strategy has made her a BB All-Star, no matter how unpleasant it is to watch a woman be as cut-throat as a man.


I agree, while the more likable players have been evicted the only one that were really playing the game were Shelli, Jeff, and Audrey. Audrey played a terrible version of Vanessa’s game, Jeff was trying to play everyone and they put it together, and Shelli became the face of the big alliance until Vanessa was in danger and sold her out hard.

Vanessa has played the game since day 2 and the ones left are playing catch up. Vanessa may have overplayed her hand but we’ll see if anyone actually targets her this week. I really hope she loses…

You Said It Yourself

If all the houseguests are dunces why did she have to work so hard, cheat, bribe, overdose, sob, rant, scream, stage fights, bully, preach from the Bible and make herself look a fool? (her own words) why blame rigged comps, production, her period, drug mix ups, being alone and being gay for her comp losses, warnings from production, and paranoid schizo behavior? Are you the poster that keeps calling her God? Pleeeez.

Update her Wiki bio, its ridiculous and clearly she wrote it herself. Needs updated for her unstability, rehab, acting performances and DJ rapper record producer delusions. Don’t forget clothes designer because apparently wearing suspenders makes her man acting. She didn’t play like a man or a strong woman, she spread manufactured rumors and screeched tantrums like a baby if she didn’t get what she wanted. She’ll get evicted, so leave her BB win out. Zak Rance would run over that loud mouth of hers on day 1 of All-Stars. Does she owe you money? She stake your bet on her win? Good luck with that, a sucker born every day for con artist crook Vanasty. Anyway she’s gonna be too busy for All-Stars paying off all her bribes for the dunces to throw her the win, for DJ marketing airtime. You can buy her book, no one else will. We’ve heard enough.


Zack Rance—REALLY!! Cripes he was one of the WORST HGs to ever walk through the doors of BB! I never did and never will understand why some people ( notice I dare not call them fans) love that jerk! You cannot possibly understand this game and think he was a good player. He was a loser who had no strategy, except to surrender his game to that obnoxious famewhore Frankie. They were both lousy at the game and do not deserve to have their names mentioned in the same sentence with the greats like Chilton and others. Zack was and is an immature fool!!


Vanessa’s best case is Liz goes this week. Then Johnny goes next week. The win is hers if that happens.

Oh nevermind. This girl is the best player ever. No matter what happens or who goes she is winning this game.

And for the Vanessa haters who are so mad she is going to win and will say the whole season was rigged all along for her to win. Cool story. Hope it helps you sleep at night haters.

Pot Kettle Black

This the only time this season that I disagree with you A…I do NOT believe that she will win for the simple reason that the jury HATES her. She deserves to win…hands down. But these goofs are playing with emotion, logic be damned.

Chill this Town

agree to an extent

because if Vanessa makes F2 with Julia, I find it impossible to believe that anyone would vote for Julia other than Liz and MAYBE Austin but I am betting the relationship doesn’t last the jury house

Pot Kettle Black

My guess is…they would vote for Julia over Vanessa for pure spite. The ultimate revenge…she gets that far only to lose to the late coming twin.


Bcuz the twins are clueless & do not think strategically.


Steve has lost his mind in this game!

Misty Beethoven

I’m being dead serious when I say that Steve is one deeply disturbed young man. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for him or fearful of him. I’d be sleeping with one eye open if I was in that house!

Pretty sure Austin has hair Critters

Lol John reminds me of Hermey (the elf who wanted to be a dentist from Rudolph) – All he needs is a blue elf suit!! He is already On the island of misfits!!


He is saying that if t we insurance were still in the house they would be everyone’s targets. With one gone he is at the top of the list with Johnny right next to him.


Ugh, I’ve stuck up for Steve’s awkward behavior many times bcuz I think that he has Aspergers or something similar.
But he has really been grating on my nerves lately. He backstabbed Van first, now he’s crying bcuz she wants to drag him to f3 with her? Instead of being grateful, the idiot hasn’t even stopped to think about the jury votes. Everyone hates Van and nobody has anything bad to say about JMac, yet he wants to sit at f2 with JMac, not Vanessa?? I don’t know if he could win sitting next to anyone other than Van?
I hope that she sniffs out his plan to get her and Austin pissed at each other and they send his ass out next. Go eat your boogers in the jury house. And when you get home, ask mommy to teach you how to flush a toilet after going #2.
And for crying out loud Steve, STOP molesting your teddy bear!!


Hey Steve, you had your chance to get rid of Austin during the first double eviction, but you were too much of a coward to make the move that everyone wanted you to make.


This entire cast is product of not leaving the house and staying on the internet . They are soft, delusion, little brats who have no idea what’s going on. Sad, they all are socially enept . I wouldn’t hire any of them . That’s the real problem . The delusion, pussyness, can’t make a decision shit is just a symptom of a sad generation of kids .


I don’t think they have a thick enough skin even for the internet I bet they all shut down every twitter and facebook account they have after the show.
I think the future looks very grim with our youth growing up as P.C victims and with war on the horizon they wont last through it.
I blame the greed of the 1%. Education should be free and teach the things they used to teach not all this common core garbage. Everyone should learn how to hunt and survive in the wild. Our future is in the young’s hands and we aren’t getting them ready for it.


He is worried about Vanessa’s position which right now is nigh perfect. The twins together gives him a bit more insurance from Vanessa backstabbing him. Austin will readily and openly do Vanessa’s bidding now.


He is worried about Vanessa’s position in the game which is nigh perfect. The twins, while they are an unbreakable duo, are not privy to the game like Austin is. Austin will now readily and openly work with Vanessa after this week. The twins together would give Steve some insurance against Vanessa backstabbing him next week since its very obvious everyone wants to take Julia to F2 and now thats wide open if Liz leaves.


I think Julia is still working with Vanessa. He needed to break the twins up. He is right, he needs to get out Vanessa, next and get Austin on his side.


First off major props to Simon/Dawg. You guys deserve a medal, trophy or something b/c you two do an amazing job every season. The best Big Brother site hands down. I know ya’ll have to love this season compared to last season. Thanks for all your hard work, love the site.

There is something I don’t get or maybe I am watching a different BB than a lot of poster here but what is all the Jmac love coming from. I get the underdog/fan favorite aspect. He seems pretty cool & all so I get that. My problem from a purely game standpoint is that he doesn’t deserve anything else but 2nd place & that is being generous. I have read where people think he can beat Vanessa in final 2. Someone explain to me what has he done in the game to warrant winning the game. He literally has made no moves. He has won a few vetos but actually not contributed anything game winning worthy. He has been evicted already & the only reason he is there is b/c Vanessa & Steve have kept him there. The only person left he maybe has a case against is Julia but atleast she has not been evicted yet. People have different views of a floater but to me he is somewhat a floater. I know its not popular opinion but that dude doesn’t even deserve to sniff $500,000 compared to the work Vanessa & Steve have put in. The only player that has a real shot of being worthy to beat Vanessa is Steve right now. This is strictly on gameplay not a popular opinion/Mr.Congeniality award maybe Jmac wins that. Personally I will vote for James to win America’s Favorite. Just would like to hear some posters opinions on why Jmac even has a chance to win on a game level.


I feel like JMac is more “sinister” than we all know or see……His actions are more covert, he is quiet, doesn’t share what he is thinking to the camera or other houseguests. I think he’s always has a plan and strategy. He has thrown more competitions than we realize, we got a glimpse last week as he waited for Steve to buzz in first. The other houseguests feel he isn’t playing the game and riding on coat tails when actually that is exactly his strategy. He gets called into DR more that others because Production wants to always know his plan.


AND……he got evicted once….won a spot back in the house and has not been put up since.


John didn’t start playing game til last week when he let Steve win the HOH. John’s still in the game because Vanessa and production kept him in the game. Vanessa wanted to work with John ever since Steve let it slip while Shelli/Vanessa were on the block that John/Steve/Shelli were gonna work together. That’s where Vanessa got the idea to work with John. Period.

John has good instincts but what good are they when he runs them by his people and they shot it down? John says ok.

John really shouldn’t win over anyone except Julia.


“You guys deserve a medal, trophy or something”, Just make a donation in the Tip Jar so we can pay the rent next month.

Why we love the Scranton Dentist

The first night I thought JMac was going to be annoying and obnoxious. However, it became obvious that others in the house fit that bill (Jace, Jeff, Vanessa) and JMac became awkward and likeable. Other HGs were constantly saying how no one would win sitting next to him on the block because everyone loved JMac. Plus his DR sessions were pretty funny, along with his whackstreet performanrces, and he’s a good looking guy. (Most women adore good looking guys who make them laugh). You don’t hear him talking crap about other people, which is definitely admirable, especially considering the people he’s had to endure for weeks.

As far as his game play, it hasn’t always been evident but I do think he has intentionally stayed low and observed. His people got taken out early (Becky and Clelli) but Steve is still there and he has proven to be a good ally. He was evicted and then had to come back in and align with his enemies or at least pretend to. It has not been easy for him. Yes, he’s thrown comps and that apparently annoys people but it’s a strategy also employed by Dr. Will.

I also think JMac is playing a game similar to Sandra from Survivor, the only person to ever win twice. She played under the radar, didn’t rock the boat, didn’t win comps, voted with the group and got along with people. It’s not the most exciting strategy to watch, but sometimes it’s the most successful.

Why we love JMAC

I meant to comment regarding his DR personna. Someone posted a few weeks back that Jmac auditioned several times, but was told he needed a character to be more interesting. So I think that’s why he’s loud and goofy during DR and voting. Can’t explain why they call him to DR so much though, but it hurt his game as it made the others suspicious and Austin jealous as he wants to be the popular, funny one. Just pi$$ING off Austin is reason enough to love JMac! LOL


Steve’s an idiot!

Big Jim

At least he is more loyal to Johnny Mac than Vanessa thank god


If these people had even one brain cell to share, then the focus would be on getting Vanessa out next. It doesn’t make sense to leave her in at this point since she will just float to whoever is in power. Hopefully, Jmac actually mans up and tries to win HOH although it would almost be better to be able to play in the one after this. I’m glad that I’m just an observer.


Also, there is literally no way for Vanessa to be in final 3 with people who aren’t aligned with each other. Jmac and Steve are aligned with her. Liz, Julia, Austin, and Steve are also aligned with her as part of the scamper squad. So, how does she figure that she can be in final 3 people with people who aren’t aligned?


She wants one person from each side to be with her final three so they pick her instead of each other

Oh boy...

How is it so obvious that Vanessa and the austwins are close?!? How have people not seen this?!?


I would love for Steve to try to put the wedge between Vanessa and Austin by telling Austin all the stuff Vanessa has done. Austin still (in his warped mind) feels that Vanessa is aligned with him. Austins nomination this past week has to be put solidly on Vanessa for it to hit home that she is playing him. Maybe if Austin reciprocates with information that Vanessa wants to get Steve nominated this week they will join forces for a week, and maybe get her on the block against Julia. That would get Vanessa’s head spinning like the Exorcist, and the crap will flow from her mouth. It would be a really good thing to watch. Terrible for the people in the house, but great TV viewing. JohnMac clearly doesn’t care at this point, and thinks he can throw yet another HOH because he feels safe. I just don’t get his theory of throwing comps continuously. But it does seem to be working, up to this point anyway. Due to the fact that Steve and Austwins are on to her, and she is oblivious to the fact, if she goes up it will be a total shock for her.


I’ve been a Vanessa fan since early on this season and would like to see her get to F2. That said, watching the dynamics in the house over the past few days, I think she may finally be in real trouble. She’s had her back against the wall several times, but unless she pulls out a win – either HOH or POV – next week, I think she may be the next jury member. With so few people left in the house, she’s (accurately) viewed as the wildcard with too many options and worse for her, Austin, JMac, and Steve are superfans and know that ‘bitter jury syndrome’ is not as much of a factor as Vanessa is making it out to be – that argument would have only worked on the recruits. She’s arguably played a better game than all 3 them and none of them want her sitting next to them in F2. Interested to see if and how she is able to re-position herself in the next week because anyone who’s watched this season knows her wheels are turning…


why is he not concerned about Vanessa ? why is nobody concerned about Vanessa ? lol…shes going to win….
watching her interact and chit-chat…that girl is high…
im an Addictions Counselor …i know when people are high…prescribed meds…doesnt matter…shes obviously taking more than supposed to…


im not judging her…she somehow has pretty well fooled everyone…rven james and meg don’t see it yet (interviews with Jeff Schroeder)
I gotta give her props!
should get the ZINGBOT..PROPS-BOT…in there to blow up their games lol…
this season has been great tho…and very mind boggling lol


If 17 follows the pattern of 16, Liz will end up going this week. Vanessa will leave next week.
The outrage over Meg and James leaving at the 8 and 7 point matches the outrage of Nicole and Donny at 8/7 last year (the whole now who is left to stand up to them argument). Liz being labelled this year’s whore would be a more likely one to leave this week as the new Christine. A twist of some kind will find Vanessa on the block next week following the Frankie pattern (the feed hated villain of the season getting comeuppance).
If d/r is indeed trying to lead the fish to water (asking Vanessa if she’s worried about being the renom… so what are they saying to the others?) and if they are trying to discreetly veil the season to parallel last, then don’t be shocked if Vanessa gets the boot at 5th place.

June Bug

They all know Vanessa played the best game play in that house. If they are not sure if the jury will be bitter or choose the one who played the best game. Why take that chance and vote her out because Vanessa will win for best player hands down.They will only win if it’s a bitter jury. Their odds are better if they take her out.

This Jurry Will Not be bitter!!

The only jurry bitter we have had was season 14 where Ian unfairly won against Dan!

Vanessa is fooling these idiots telling them she wont win because the jurry will be bitter when we know damn well that Shelli, Jackie, Becky, and James will all vote for who played the best game no matter how mad they are at Vanessa.


Speaking of bitter. Ian outplayed Dan.


Fucking rights he did! Dan played very well, but Ian deserved that win, and the entire house knew it. That nerd had his social game on lock, he was a king in the HOH room, and my fave was that he fucked over Boogie. The only reason Dan even got a vote was the brilliant Danielle, whos major game move was lying; saying she was a kindergarten teacher, when she was ACTUALLY a kindergarten teacher. God, that still makes me laugh!

AKA Twistin'...

Ian won because people didn’t appreciated the way Dan swore on the bible. Vanessa is also guilty of this repeated action and so much more. Vanessa’s whole mindset is – how dare you do what I do you liar, you cheat, you betrayer…I’m a good person, don’t you see how good I am??? – and quite frankly, I am so sick of her. I could have gotten behind her game play but it’s salty and lacks any kind of integrity at all, unless you ask her of course. She’s one of those condescending bullies who constantly superimposes her way of thinking on people and what they should/shouldn’t do, and is always asking someone if they “understand” as though she is speaking gospel and everyone is to dumb to comprehend. She was talking to Steve and asked him “do you understand?” and then said “i just saw it, now you are getting it” – I would have verbally cut her up and ripped her a new asshole long before making it to final anything. It is impossible to get behind someone like that and if she wins this season, I will be really disappointed. Her character STINKS.


Dan fans have a clouded memory. Dan is a great player but if you remember the vote was 6-1 for Ian to win the game. Only Danielle gave Dan a vote. Ian not only earned the win by playing both sides of the house but also left with Boogies scalp. Priceless.


im going to win , they all suck to much to win

I don't know

Although production tampering is not something well received by people, I am sure we all saw Vanessa pocketing pills from a prescription bottle a few weeks ago (I don’t know who’s pills they were), but saw if on After Dark. She was not challenged by production for doing so. Whatever prescription she is on causes her to go bat-shit crazy for about an hour after talking it. I notice she takes those Monster drinks she gets in her HOH basket prior to competitions. Noone has said a word about that. She has cheated in the comps constantly, and even been penalized by production during one. During the comp. where the jury members got a chance to return, it was Vanessa that was reporting them all for cheating by sitting on the platform, while doing the same thing herself. She was not penalized. She knows (really accurately by the way) what comps are coming up, and if this next one has anything to do with balancing I will be 100% convinced she has an unfair advantage over the rest of the cast. She constantly is trying to bribe people with money, and has been warned once about it, and still continues to use this to her advantage (her discussion last night with Steve) unfairly. I know this is one brilliant woman, but to have done all the things she says she has done, she has to be 87 years old.


they were her pills. given to her on the night before eviction and hoh comp because the week before the hoh comp ran so long that they were late giving her her medication by four or five hours.

Vanessa haters love to spin lies about her.

Vanessa said last night that she is on antibiotics for her face acne.

Sorry haters. Now spin that to some crazy theory to try and spew hate about Vanessa.

You all come off as such insecure jealous people. I shouldn’t say all of you. Just these four Vanessa haters posting under multiple screen names.

Thanks, Mel.

Vanessa and others have already said a bunch of times that she’s taking Adderall. It’s why she swings back and forth between Tazmanian Devil and Buzzy Buzzard.

Adderall Prozac Sedatives & Acne

Did you just start watching? SHE described her Adderall, Prozac, Anxiety, Depression and Sedative Meds constantly on feeds with Austin, JMac who told her not to mix them. She blames production for overmedicating her, so they cut her sedatives. She just started Acne meds because the hobo mask wasnt working and she wont stop eating potato chips & dip 24/7. Austin helps her dosing when she’s manic spiral ranting running. Shes called to DR 3 times a day for meds. Read feed transcripts. Advil she pops in handfuls for muscle pain working out buzz. There are millions who dislike detest Vanessa check around other blogs. And it’s not her overdosing, drinking, performance enhancing Adderall (she says it’s OCD and Bi-Polar triggered by house stress). She sure called Audrey crazy and evicted her despite med complications. Anyway, she is disliked for a thousand other reasons. Read Van’s Bible she’ll tell you a Bible story to calm you down and justify her cheating bribing etc.etc.


She’s a junkie anyone who has known one can see the signs.

Steve Has A Secret!

All right. Steve has told both Vanessa and Liz that he has a big sinister secret that he can only talk about off-cam. I’ve been googling and digging and these are some of the possibilities I’ve come up with about his confession.

1) He is not a real contestant. He is a Federal Marshall investigating Vanessa and will be placing her under arrest during the finale episode.
2) He is not a real contestant. He is a famous music producer and Ariana Grande’s secret fiance. He was on his way to an episode of “Celebrity Marriage Counseling” when he made a last minute deek into a neighbouring studio and blended in with the other BB contestants.
3) Confession: “When Jace was bullying me, I kinda got a woody”
4) That is not a teddy bear he got in his HOH basket. It is an advanced cybernetic android sent back in time to eliminate JMac before he is responsible for the machines taking over.

I guess I could be off base but there must be some inkling of truth to at least one of these…


Steve gets a woody when bullied by Jace, and Vanessa, and Austin, and Julia, and Liz…He literally evicted Jackie a member of his own alliance before he went to the dark side, for not talking to him enough, while he crept around the house behind the doors eavesdropping. He prefers being called BOY, doing Vanessa’s dirty work while she throws him under the bus. He lays under the Twits hammock, and when everyone calls him weirdo he says I am, the biggest weirdo in BB history, all I was shooting for. He says he likes when Vanessa yells at him, threatens him then takes him back.

So in addition to being a gay, furry, adult baby diaper, fecal matter fetishist, he’s an S & M superfan. Thanks for ask the research! Clears it all up! As we speak, baby Steven is stuffing mr. good bars into Van’s hoodie so he can get yelled at again. Don’t take credit for getting the Twits out Steven, he asked permission 100 times first. Let’s add dominatrix lover to the list.


Vanessa gets to the end she wins end of story! Get her out next eviction and they all even the playing field. I predict Austin will win next HOH he will put up Steve and Johnny Mac and will evict Steve. After that Johnny Mac might win the week after and evict Austin whatever the case Vanessa will slide right through to the end winning the game. They really all should be concentrating on getting her out NOW! It’s crazy to me she really isn’t on anyone’s radar!


I think so too!


But, she is on their radar. They are just too afraid of her volatile behavior. They’d rather watch her slide to F2 and win than deal with her crying and bullying, I guess.


Best case scenario IMHO is that Liz gets evicted, leaving both Austin and Julia in a puddle of distress… Steve feeds the distrust for Vanessa. HOH win by JohnnyMac, who puts up Austin and Julia; They let the two in on the plan to backdoor Vanessa… POV win by anyone except Vanessa so she can go up as a replacement and Julia comes down. Evict Vanessa. That leaves a grateful Austin, JohnnyMac, Steve and Julia. Steve needs to win HOH one more time and put Austin and Julia up again. JohnnyMac or Steve wins POV and keeps noms the same. Austin goes. Final 3 is Julia, JohnnyMac and Steve. Julia goes to Jury leaving JohnnyMac and Steve as final two. Of course, the final 4 person of most importance is the one left to vote, so as long as that person is Steve or JohnnyMac, I’m good with any scenario that ends with them as final two. smile emoticon



Sunday – Long Convo with Liz and Julia about her being more attracted to Ryan then Austin.
09/07/15 05:55 PM
Liz still has a boyfriend at home and still has to break up with him although she says here that she likes Ryan better then Austin

stvee so dumb

dumb to keep friend around that already booted from the houae once


MrJWall…..this is correct. Liz has mentioned this before as well, but not stated until Sunday that he was still her boyfriend. She said when she came into the house that she was Single! So I guess both Liz and Austin are equally unfaithful. I guess they really do deserve each other………lol


wow..thanks delta..for verifying…
i was shocked to hear that…you would think people would clear up any issues before entering house…or at least have some respect for outside life or have some self control …it just bothers me about both of them


geez…and they think they are loved by America…what a shock they are gonna have…kinda feel sorry for Austin…but him being a superfan…he should know…how we have viewed this.?

Still Partially Blind In One Eye

As a superfan, how can he not know about the night vision cameras in the bedrooms??? How???


Thank you for posting the truth about Vanessa’s meds. She is on antibiotics for her face. I have never seen so many lies told about a cast member before. The Vanessa haters only embarrass themselves when they do this.

Ok enough about them. I can’t wait for the shovel comp! It was so good last year. I hope Vanessa wins it. Eventhough it may be better for her to not win the next HOH.

I want Liz out this week. And then Johnny next. It’s going to be either a Austin Vanessa Final 2 or a Steve Vanessa final two. Either way Vanessa is crowned winner of BB17!

Can’t wait to see this girl on All Stars.

Watch the Feeds You Lie As Often as Vanessa

She told Steve, Austin Twits, JMAC about Adderall & Prozac she takes since Day 1, complains production mixes them up, asks advice from JMAC who’s a doctor and prescribes who told her she’s getting too much, the BB doctor is very lax but she can’t do those plus sedatives. Austin talks about her meds often telling her when she needs to dose. STOP calling people liars when she JUST ADDED antibiotics for Acne which you cannot take for more than 14 days. You don’t know what you’re talking about. She also shovels aspirin. But Adderall and Prozac she can’t stop and start. Spend some money, buy the feeds, read transcripts, save the hate. Vanessa said she’s OCD, Bipolar Depressive is on tape. Check flashbacks. Or is it your position she lies about the other meds for sympathy like she plays get gay card?


Sounds like someone is an addict. WHT is she doing on TV? CBS/production staff need to be replaced.

All Stars!

They could do a BB All Stars with Vanessa, Audrey, BB9 Adam, BB14 Ashley.
Dr Drew could host.

Incidentally, if you haven’t kept up… all slanderous fun aside, Audrey seems to be pretty active on twitter and the various recap shows. She’s turning out to be much more balanced and well received post-eviction. Nice to see her doing well after all.


A great AllStars scenario would be watching Vanessa team up with Amanda Z !


Jmac needs to win the next HOH and nominate Van and Aus. They are the two most likely to win the POV. If one wins the POV he can put Julia up as the replacement nom. I can’t see Julia wining it and if Steve wins it he needs to remain strong and not allow Van to strong arm him into playing it.


BB is so scripted it’s ridiculous! I mean, Steve’s teddy bear – really?! They have made him out to be the weird sheltered smart kid w/ mommy issues; Van – the crazy medicated psycho bully; the twins – well do i have to really say anything?; austin – the wrestler wannabe who wants fame and will do anything for his “love”.. It’s just gotten really dumb.


Austin is in love with Liz, Liz liked Jeff better, Van has a crush on Julia, Julia liked Jace, Steve fondles his teddy and JMac loves the prize, 500K! Go get it JMac. The idea is “love thy neighbor, but don’t get caught” = (eviction), these HG’s are all playing LAGNAF (let’s all get naked and f***):…geez…bad casting this season, IMO….


I’d rather be stranded on Gilligan’s Island then spend 1 hour with these idiots…(sp) I mean house guests.

Hatera gona Hate

Yes anyone who says anything positive about Vanessa is “Mel”

Yes Vanessa snorts coke and does meth in the DR.

Yes Vanessa is the devil

Yes she is going to win the game. Yes she has you all obsessed with her. Yes her life is successful and happy and yours obviously sucks if you spend that much hate on a cast member of a reality TV show.

Yes I have now stooped to your level and wasted time on you.

Yes I have to now get back to the real world.

Enjoy talking about Vanessa for years to come BB junkies:-)


I hope after this she is never seen again.


What was Steve talking about when he said “Why did Vanessa tell JMac?