Vanessa “You owe me for not backdooring you!” Austin “Oh really!?”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ????????

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-21 01-41-51-479
12:20am HOH room – Austin, Liz, Julia, Meg, James are talking. Austin says that Shelli always throws me under the bus. She said to us three that she would never come after us 3. Liz says the depth of everything Vanessa’s done came out during my HOH. Thank you Becky for the fruity pebbles demonstration. James says its like what happened with Shelli and Clay.. thank you for the information but you’re still going home. Liz says Shelli won’t be the same again. Austin says that he doesn’t think Shelli will even fight to come back. Her fight was gone after Clay left. Meg says she thinks Jackie will be the hungriest. Austin says just pray that Becky is still hobbling next Thursday. Austin says I don’t think she was putting it on but I think she was milking it a bit. James says she should be the happiest of all of them. She went out with 20K. (10K in Cash prizes plus 13K Stipend) They head down stairs. On the way out James says Meg and I will prepare to be havenots tomorrow. Meg says it will be good we can study in there all week.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-21 01-44-19-116

12:30am Julia talks to Liz in the Comic Bedroom. She says I don’t know why Austin is so dead set on making it to final 5 with them (James and Meg). James would put us up. Bros, like he needs to get out of lala land. I don’t think he should go after Vanessa this week. Like I am looking after us 3. Not that I’m looking out for her but James is so shady. When it gets down to final 5 James is going to win and take us out. Liz says the worst part is that James has a lot of information on us. If we try to backdoor him. He is going to run and tell Vanessa what Austin has been saying. We’re in a difficult position right now. Julia says what Austin is doing right now is not smart and I hope you agree with me. Liz says I do. I am trying to give James the benefit of doubt but he was silent. Meg does all the talking. Julia says he was the one that put up Clay and Shelli. If he wins again he is going to make a big move again and put up you and Austin. It needs to stop, like you’re not bros with everyone Austin. If Vanessa had won this week she would not be going after any of us. If Jackie came back it would be those three (James, Meg Jackie) against us 3 (Julia, Liz, Austin). Liz says I think he (James) is pissed that he didn’t win because he wanted to go after one of us. Julia says if I was HOH I would put up Steve and Meg and backdoor James.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-21 02-09-40-654

12:45am HOH room – Austin, Liz and Julia are talking. Liz says just being the devils advocate. Did you see how quiet James was up here. Austin says yeah but he’s always quite. Do you think he had something to hide? Liz says yeah. He might have been quite because he got called out for trying as hard as his did. Liz says if James goes out this week he will come back. Austin says I don’t want to do it and I’ll have to tell Steve – We’re protecting you. You’re our guy 100%. I can say Steve you’re in our alliance 100% but no one will believe if I don’t put you up. I have to put you up as a pawn but we have the votes 100%. If I put up Steve and Johnny Mac my backdoor target would have to be Vanessa or James but I don’t want to have to do that. Julia says when they were up here they didn’t once mention Jackie coming back because if she does they’re working with her. Austin asks so now you think I should put one of them up? Liz says no. Austin says I don’t think its smart to go after Vanessa. Johnny Mac has to go and if he comes off the block and Steve is up there …what do I do? I would have to do something crazy! Julia says you would have to put up someone from the other side. Austin says or Vanessa. Liz says you could put up Meg. Austin says I could but then we would lose Steve. We can’t lose Steve. Julia says we have to start playing for us three. Austin says we just told them they have nothing to worry about. Liz says if James has won he would put us up. Austin says I need to talk to Steve because he gets things in this game. We’re caught this week. I think ideally Johnny Mac goes this week. I think we tell them both they’re pawns. We get them to throw the veto to us. This week we have a scape goat and that is Vanessa. We can blame everything on her. Austin says if he (James) is not working with us then he just lost 3 votes. Liz says and Shelli won’t vote for him. Austin says we can tell Steve to not vote for him too. Austin says was I not supposed to win it today and she (Vanessa) would flip it. Julia says he will never say. Austin says unless I tell James that some weird sh*t was going on and that you were going to flip on me. Julia says that’s a good idea. Liz says I don’t want to get tangled in all these webs. Austin says f**K it! I don’t care! I’m the one with all the power. Everyone has to be scared this week. Like I’m going to go nuts! I’m putting the top hat on and who knows who’s going up. Julia says he’s Judas. Austin says and he’s coming out. Julia says Johnny Mac great but if the noms don’t stay the same then we need to take out someone like James if we want to get further in this game. Austin says I will either put up Meg & Johnny Mac or Steve & Johnny Mac. Julia goes to get Steve. Austin says Steve needs to know everything. He needs to know that Vanessa wanted me to throw it and I didn’t for him. Liz says I love how you’re handling this, way better than me. Austin says because I’m nuts and want to make good tv.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-21 02-24-21-577

1:10am HOH room – Julia brings Steve up to talk. Austin tells Steve there is more sh*t going on with Vanessa and you’re not going to like it. Remember that deal we made with Johnny Mac and her last night? She wanted to make the same one with Meg and James! Steve asks who? Austin says Vanessa and us. She made sure that everyone in the house is in an alliance with her. We were supposed to drop out when it was down to you and James. And when it came down to it I couldn’t do it, I could not let this happen to Steve. I won it because I knew I could win it. I couldn’t do that to you because you’re our guy. At the end of the competition James offered me a deal that I wouldn’t put him and Meg up. He didn’t say anything about backdoor. Steve asks are you putting me up? Austin says as a pawn maybe but I don’t want to do it. So we’re going to talk options right now. There is no way we can lose you this week. Zero chance. If I don’t put you up it would be very weird. You’re supposed to be our arch nemesis. Steve says but I didn’t put you up. Who would care if you didn’t put me up? Austin says James and Meg. Vanessa joins them. She asks who he is putting up. Austin says he isn’t sure, I’m open to suggestions. Vanessa says if you tell me who you’re thinking then I can help you. Austin says I told Meg and James I wouldn’t put them up. We didn’t solidify the rules of it. I haven’t broken any deals and don’t want to start now. I was just thinking if he won and we were off we could control the votes. I could really just put the top hat on and do whatever the f**k I want tomorrow. Vanessa says no don’t do that. There’s always the option of getting someone to agree to go up as a pawn. Vanessa says you only need 3 votes to control who goes to jury and I will vote any way you want to. Vanessa says convince James that Johnny Mac is the target. Put Johnny Mac up with a pawn and then James won’t want to win the veto because you’ll want the noms to stay the same. Austin says if Meg was up James would try to save her. Vanessa says so the pawn would be either Steve or I .. and it makes sense it would be you (Steve) because you would be a vote for JMac. Vanessa says I would do it because I trust everyone in this group. I would do it if that’s what we need. Steve asks to explain the plan again. Austin asks how do you feel about that Steve. Steve says not good about being a pawn. Vanessa says I would do it but it puts you in an extremely awkward position having to evict Johnny Mac. Austin asks Steve what he thinks, do you want to talk alone? Steve asks could we?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-21 02-43-55-905

1:30am HOH room – Austin and Steve are alone talking. Austin says she’s good. She was trying to orchestrate this whole thing. Steve says she knew she wanted me up on the block before she even walked through the door. Austin says yeah. Steve says no that we’re alone, I’m the pawn automatically. You’re putting me up. Austin says not necessarily. I’m not going to play her game. I’m not losing you. Steve says thank you for telling me about the other 6 deal. It sounds to me like Vanessa wanting me up is her wanting to honor that other deal. Austin says if that deal was real .. why did James try so hard to win. It shouldn’t have mattered who won. I think Vanessa’s been telling James we should go after Austin. Steve says she tried to f**king backdoor you. Austin says that whenever I’m HOH Vanessa comes up with new information. She told me that you and Johnny Mac have a final 2 deal. I trust you. Steve says thank you. I don’t have a final 2 deal with Johnny Mac. We’re close but don’t have a final 2 deal. Austin tells Steve about how last year Hayden was my alternate. I dropped out because of the girlfriend. Austin says part of me wants to put my top hat on and go down there and tell Vanessa she’s going on the block ahahaha. But I don’t think that’s smart. She’s a good backdoor option though. Steve says I do not want to go up. Austin says Vanessa will have to do it. Steve asks who do you want to go.. JMac or Vanessa? Austin says Vanessa. She promised she would go up if she you would promise to keep her. Steve asks was that douchey of me not to want to. Austin says we could all promise her she’s the pawn and then break it. Austin says that Vanessa promised to buy Julia if we’re in the final 4 I could buy you a car as collateral. She promised me a gambling stake. She said she would go to Vegas with me and bet half the prize money in a poker tournament because she knows how to win money. She know’s that will appeal to me because I’m a gambler. She knows that to Julia a car would appeal to her. She is playing a lot of things very f**king deeply. Austin says if I put her up as the pawn then its not some drastic betrayal. Steve asks so you’re thinking of putting up Johnny and Vanessa? Austin says yeah. Steve says that will look bad to Johnny. Austin says even if we explain Vanessa is the target. Steve says I am working with Johnny Mac but we do not have a final 2. Austin says Vanessa made me promise her a final 2 deal on day 2 when she gave me the fast forward. Steve says wow. Austin says she thinks its real but it wasn’t for me the day she tried to backdoor me. Austin says so Vanessa will go up as the pawn. She might freak out about going up as a pawn. Steve says so, hows that any different than me. Austin says its my HOH, I’m going to put the top hat on and do what I need to do.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-21 03-31-43-372
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1:50am Liz comes up to the HOH room and Austin tells her that Steve isn’t going up, Vanessa is. Steve asks instead of me breaking my word I will just tell Vanessa that I am voting how ever Austin and the twins are voting. Austin says she’ll corner you and ask that means Johnny Mac right? That means Johnny Mac right? Steve asks you’re cool with me breaking that word? Austin says yes. Steve says okay got it. That’s what I’ll do. Liz asks are you sure, that’s scary. Austin says Vanessa said she is willing to be a pawn, why no. Steve you have to say you’re not comfortable being the pawn. Liz says Vanessa asked me down there if I was sure you wouldn’t backdoor her. Austin says no, I’ll frontdoor her. Liz says I am scared of her, she is not going to handle it well. Liz tells Steve he needs to stand his ground. Austin says I trust your vote more than I trust hers. Liz asks how do you backdoor if the veto gets used. Austin says James. Or Meg and we send Vanessa out. Liz says why not put up Meg as a pawn. If you tell Vanessa she is the pawn it will be world war 3. They talk about putting up Meg & Johnny Mac. Austin says I want to put up Vanessa and Johnny Mac more than Meg and Johnny Mac. Getting out Johnny Mac would be a waste to me. Austin says we have reasons to take her (Vanessa) out. Liz says we need you (Steve) to win next week.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-21 04-27-38-849

1:30am – 2:05am Cabana room – Vanessa, Liz and Julia. Vanessa tells them she actually really would volunteer to go up. After this week we only need 2 votes. If one of you win HOH I will go up because I trust you guys. For better or for worse. My be I’m a dumba$$ but I trust you. Liz says that Steve is the only safe person. Vanessa says he has to understand that. Liz says he was being as awkward as sh*t. Vanessa says you want to make me feel comfortable going up as the pawn that was not the way to do it. Vanessa asks he’s not going to keep that deal with Meg and James right? He’s not going to backdoor me? Liz says no. Vanessa asks that deal was only frontdoor? Did he make that deal or was that bullsh*t? Liz says I think he did. Vanessa says Steve was pouting because it risks his buddy Johnny Mac. Julia says someone told me.. I can’t say who .. “allegedly a dentist” I can’t says but. Vanessa says ever thought about this the havenot room .. We have not a dentist. Julia says I was a dental assistant for 4 years he knows the dental chart. He went to dental school or something. Vanessa asks do you think Johnny Mac could be a clown? I think my family tries to send me .. When they send me pictures they try to send me signals. When they sent me my first basket I got a shell for Shelli and there was a sticker on the shell. You know what the sticker was? A clown fish. I couldn’t figure out what it meant. Isn’t it weird that Austin also got a clown nose? Johnny Mac acts like a clown a lot. Maybe it was a sticker for stuck on Shelli. Or a CL for Clay? Julia says I really think we have to go after James this week. Vanessa says or Johnny Mac. Although Johnny Mac is more controllable. James is not and will make a big move. Vanessa says its Austin’s HOH and I’ll respect what he wants to do. I don’t feel like Steve is a team player. Liz says and if you’re not winning for us.. Julia says we all love him and don’t want him to go. They discuss how the next week after someone comes back will be a comp about the days. They agree to study together but not to let others know so they don’t study. Liz heads but upstairs. Vanessa tells Julia that things I’ve told Steve has gotten back to Johnny Mac.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-21 03-46-25-906

2:07am HOH room – Vanessa comes up to the HOH and asks if they’ve made any progress? Austin says Steve doesn’t want to go up. He’s given his word that he will do whatever we want him to do this week including take out Johnny mac. So now I’m caught do I put up Meg, do I ask you to be a pawn. Vanessa says no one wants to be a pawn but if he puts me up Johnny Mac will know he’s the pawn. If he puts you up you have plausible deniability .. that feasibly Johnny Mac has no idea who the real target is. Steve asks what’s the difference between me and you? Vanessa says Johnny Mac knows I’m close to them (Aus-twins). Johnny Mac doesn’t know you’re close to them. Vanessa says if you put me up its going to look really funny first of all and second of all if you play in the veto .. what do you (Steve) do if you win. Steve says I could use it on you. Vanessa asks you wouldn’t use it on Johnny Mac.. really?! Steve says yes. Vanessa says that would be terrible for your game. Why would you want to be put in that position. Steve says I don’t have a final 2 deal with him. I will get rid of him if I need to. I am just really not comfortable being the pawn and I got out the person that wanted to backdoor him (Austin). Vanessa says well she wanted to get you out too. Steve says I will give you my word to vote how you want to. Vanessa asks how can I believe that if you’re not willing to go up as a pawn and trust me. Steve says I’m just not willing to go up as a pawn. Vanessa asks how can anyone work with you if you’re not willing to go up. Everyone has to be willing to go up at this stage in the game. There a too few amount of people. Our alliance is 5 people of 8. Vanessa says Its scary for me to go up relying on your vote when you also have allegiance to the other person. Steve says I’ve just told you I would vote him out over you. Vanessa tells Austin to do what he thinks is best. They talk about the possibility of putting up Meg and Johnny Mac with Steve going up as a pawn if James or Meg in the veto to take Meg off. Steve says he would be more willing to do that. Vanessa says Meg should volunteer to go up as a pawn because she hasn’t won anything. Vanessa tells Steve she is scared to go up rely on his vote because when she was up with Shelli .. you wouldn’t promise me your vote. Austin says Steve couldn’t do it without the house because it would have outed him. Vanessa says we all need to be okay with being pawns. If you’re not willing to then it makes it difficult to work with you. We all love you (Steve) and I never would vote you out. Vanessa tells Austin I got so much blood on my hands trying to keep you here and I forgave you and got over what you did to me. From that point I’ve moved on and if I have to go up then fine. Vanessa says I’ve done so much for you in this game. You owe me for not backdooring you. Austin says Oh really!? Austin says I say we reconvene tomorrow because I am done talking about it. Austin asks for reasons to tell Meg she might have to go up. Vanessa says because we have her back and she’s safe. Vanessa turns to Steve and asks him for ideas. Steve says he is done. Vanessa says you should help give reasons Vanessa asks can I have 3 minutes with you alone? Austin says no more, I’m done. I just want to sit with Liz. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-21 04-57-45-971

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I don’t curse or anything, but after Vanessa told Austin that he owes her for not back dooring him he should have said “Bish Please! Be the first to take a seat on the block! And no deals for you!


Austin could’ve said “you owe me for not voting you out last week”, like really how many times is Vanessa going to use that as an excuse which in reality is saying i was going to BD you but changed my mind, and if Austin had any guts he would use that as a “reason” to put her OTB, then the way she tried to guilt Steve in to being a pawn instead of her was laughable, glad Steve never backed down from her


I like how she tells Steve that he “should be comfortable” being a pawn when she is clearly not comfortable herself.

Also, if you have to tell people constantly that you are a “straight shooter,” it usually means that you are not…


Vanessa is a master of polemics…she stirs up controversy, plants ideas, fights her so called foes by attacking them, twisting the facts against her to make others believe they’re really doing it…constantly deflecting off her like a human shield. What she did to Steve when she wanted to talk with him, and he said he’s not in a good mental state right now to listen, she criies, runs to the wc, and then comes out…wha la.Steve apologizes TO HER…REALLY! what a con artist she is…And a bully,


Vanessa is scrambling hard. Steve stick to your guns. Might not matter as the twins want Van safe. I see them flipping to save her if needed eviction night. Keep saying no Steve Van will attack you like crazy. Has Van ever been a pawn? I don’t think so.
J Mac may survive only because the skags switch to Steve from J Mac. Austin might have a rough week watching the twins betray him. Then again Austin likely noms Steve with JM as Van will get her way again. I’m think the twins unsaid 4 includes Meg and Van. It’s getting a slight BB 13 feel to it.


If that holds true, that Austin owes Vanessa everything, then I guess everyone owes her everything since she has bullied, manipulated and forced agreements out of almost all in the house. Come on CBS, you can’t let her bully you into offering cash and prizes in exchange for keeping her safe…called Extortion.

In Shock

Not only that, but she has admitted to cheating having her family send clues in her HOH basket.


Up until now everything Vanessa has done was fine gamewise. I didn’t like her but she played the game. She’s been underhanded and manipulative all season but it had been within the context of the game. This is bribing her way past her social shortcomings. She knows Austin and the twins are there to gain exposure for some career, although I don’t think Austin has done himself any favors this season.

Promising gifts of money, cars, and such should get her put out.


Only if it’s against the rules… It’s a fucking game… ANYTHING GOES… Short of breaking the rules.


It is a violation of the rules to offer payment for game advantages just as it’s a rule violation to split the prize money.

FCC Has Rules Against Bribery

Geez, Bribery Kickbacks, Green mail, are illegal. You think CBS side contacts with certain players supercedes FCC or Federal Trade Commission law? Maybe Steve’s parents want to tree mortgage their house to pay for favors!

There’s no respect for right and wrong anymore. Only what you can get away with. Gangster thugocracy only stupid people don’t cheat mentality. Go ahead CBS see what blatant criminal conduct does for ratings. Set up a Ponzi scheme Vanessa, take money from your alliance members and promise returns they’ll never get. She’s comping her fake friends to play in her BB House.

Geez, Production tell her to shut up, she’s making you look bad. Let’s see how many professional crooks with a law degree they recruit next year.


Yeah I am surprised Big Brother didn’t shut this down last week when Vanessa was talking about her “gambling stakes” proposal.

If she keeps this up I think that production will strongly encourage her nomination and eviction. The absolute last thing they want is to have Vanessa in the final four making some kind of deal for everyone to split the money.


Isn’t it against the rules to promise money and cars in return for safety? Vanessa is way out of line! Get her OUT. And Austin, he’s acting more like the priest/demon from HBO’s, Carnivale,The character had a tattoo of the story’s evil tree all over his body. I don’t think I can take another week of Liz/Austin together in the HOH room. You say Judas is coming out but you won’t make a big move and get Vanessa out, who deserves to go home. Come on BB, bring in a golden power of veto, a reset, SOMETHING. Help the good guys. This game is so lopsided. JAMES/MEG….stop believing the other side. JOHNNY MAC – fight to stay in. PS. Thanks for giving Austin SHIRTS! Please wear them.


I was firmly under the impression that no financial deals of any kind were allowed so it’s weird they allowed the staking proposal from Vanessa.

I do remember hearing her say a couple of weeks ago that she asked for permission in the diary room but i never heard if it was approved or not.


Remember when the old Shelly or was it Rachel that offered their ring? lol

Promise Ring was Token of Giving Her Word NOT A GIFT OR BRIBE!

Please! Nice try to explain VaMessa’s latest critical blunder. Rachel offered her ring NOT as payment or to keep as a gift! It was her version of swearing on the Bible, a temporary token of giving her WORD, promise of loyalty. Rachel said I promise on my marriage, and held up her ring instead of a Bible, like Vanessa promises her word on her mother, her cats life, Mel’s life, and still no one believes her.

Can you smell the desparation? She’s broken so many promises, told so many lies, now she’s negotiating rules as a lawyer getting Production to sign contracts for Staking Winnings taking Austin to Vegas, Splitting Winnings, Buying Cars for Julia as DIRECT CASH PAYMENT FOR VOTES and keeping her off the block. If Production doesn’t shut that down, next they’ll recruit Donald Trump to play and buy everyone off for airtime and ad dollars. The FCC would jump on CBS for allowing blatant rigging of an advertised game show. Which shows how stupid delusional she is. She’s looking to scam CBS. If she was winning so much at the tables, why’s she wasting her life here for peanuts for more gambling money?

Vanessa’s not a genius, she’s a grifter, a bad grifter who gets caught in her scams over and over again. She really shows the cheater she is, the con artist she is, and really how stupid she is to risk her reputation. Do you really respect players who say I’m so rich I’ll buy you off, since none of my legitimate strategies worked? She’s so crazy unlikable, untrustworthy, no one will play with her. She probably has to tie a pork chop around her neck to get her dog to play with her.


You guys!! NOW is not the time to take out Vanessa. And next week is not the time. Nor the week after that…


Maybe she can say it because she is lying and wont buy them anything? that’s the only reason I can come up with for CBS letting her do it.
I know I wouldn’t trust her to follow through with anything she said.


This whole situation about being the right time to get Vanessa out reminds me so much of BB15 when people wanted Amanda out and Helen kept saying “This is not the right time to get Amanda out”. Helen was out before Amanda. Good possibility that Vanessa will be in the final 3 (not that I want her to be).


That might be true to a point. But it is not in Austin’s best interest nor was it Liz’s to take out Vanessa. Why would it be in the HOH’s interest to take out someone who will not be targeting them, and could also be used as a shield?? If Johnny won HOH, it might make sense to take out Vanessa because she is targeting him; on the flip side, she is also a shield, and the twins and Austin are a bigger threat. HOH should not be about what the house wants, but what’s best for the HOH’s game.


Agreed! Austin is having a horrible hoh already. He has already thrown everyone’s name under the bus and hasn’t even put people up! Now Vanessa, Steve and Jmac really don’t trust you!


This HOH may turn out to be interesting after all. If its just not all talk from Austin, cause he can be a blow hard! Put on the stupid fucking hat! Make a show out of it!
Vanessa needs to go, she is poison, and I dont like her lol.
With that being said, I believe they will ALL be gunning for the austwins after this… So they really can take their pick. Whoever goes home, is a good decision, so he cant fail haha.


Austin talks big game, but he says targets are Meg, JMac, or Steve… The three most vulnerable people in the game. Get some guts and put up Vanessa like you said you would.

Does anyone else think it’s kind of messed up Liz could hear John in the DR? Those are supposed to be private…




Can someone fill me in….what did Julia or Vanessa hear JMAC say in the Diary Room?


Thanks Dawg.


Steve is choosing the side of Johnny Mac over Vanessa and he just shot up in my books!


That conversation should have sealed the deal for Vanessa going out. If the twins would have heard everything they would be on board too. The twins are trying to run this HoH. Why does Julia hate James so much? Is it because he knows she was with Vanessa on backdooring Austin.

Butters Mom

Julia was close to Shelly and Clay… James put them up and made a big move. She is right to fear him. James will make a big move and there arent many people left to choose from in the house.. I think Julia was right when she said James would have put up Austin and Liz if he had won HOH.

Tattooed Finger

Damn! It looks like another busy week for me in the HOH room………………..this really stinks 🙂


like twin fish

Tattooed Finger

I wonder if I can find something that Meg is good at or at least good for


Everybody keeps talking about wanting to get Vanessa out because she’s “such a threat”. Why are Austwins NEVER targeted? They are coasting their way to the finale. Whoever survives this week needs to band together to ensure this trio doesn’t automatically win.


Because, everyone has been focused on Shelli and Vanessa, and rightfully so! Nobody has yet had the chance to target them, since they have always floated to power, and were hiding behind shelli, clay, and van.
However, if you dont think Van is still a threat… you are wrong. She is smart and manipulative.
If I read this post right… Van said to Liz & julia that she doesnt think JMac is a dentist. Julia replied, she is sure he is as she was a dental assistant, and he knew the chart…
The next thing you know, Julia is telling Liz and austin she doesn’t think he is a dentist, and put it off, like it was her own thought??!! Liz doesnt say a word. Like WTF??? Either Julia and Liz have an agenda to save van, or this trio is easily persuaded. Van is dangerous to everyone.


Do Austin and the twins ever have an original thought? They just parrot what Vanessa plants in their heads. JMAC is a dentist but if Vanessa says he’s from the moon, they’ll be suspicious and believe it! And Austin is thrilled he gets two full weeks of airtime. He and the twins thinks they’re going to be famous from this. So sick of hearing, “JAMESAAAA from Julia/Liz. PLEASE HELP BB…


I think it’s because the house views them as bumbling idiots. I don’t have anything against them personally, I just think the house sees them as the least harmful of the groups.

Of course now there are no groups left so they are probably making a great play by pulling in steve for the hope of some small protection next week.


They may not be able to use the new alliance name of “The Authority” for long because WWE Wrestling uses it for Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Seth Rollins . Austin should know this

Smart Guy

That’s the reason why he said it. He’s playing up to the wrestling nerds.


The Shyeld?


The Authority will not be used it’s copyright material. Austin knows that’s. He also knows there’s now way in hell the WWE would take him back after the stunt he pulled. And who does Austin ex girlfriend dad know to get him on BB. Because his ex girlfriend sister says it was their dad that got Austin on the show. So needless to say there’s 1 pissed off dad waiting for Austin to leave the house.

Team Edward

The Athourity is a WWE faction that always does “what’s best for business.” Lol. Anyways, I will believe it when I see it with Vanessa going home.

I think the final 3 will be Austin and the twins, with the twins screwing Austin at the end. This season is soooooo much better than the last 2, but I can’t help but think that we are reverting back to the last two seasons where people play defensive and act like BB is going to give them a career is show business. I mean, who has ever benefitted from being on Big Brother??


I thought that The Authority was actually their name since they have been using it for so long, maybe about 2 years or so with Randy Orton. Lol.


A lot, actually…jeff n jordan are on marriage boot camp, brenchel were on some wedding show…cody models…and even that POS frankie just got a show on oxygen

POS Frankie...

POS Frankie is a judge on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, where he embarrassingly upstages everyone for camera time. But you can probably blame his sister Ariana Gran dudde Licks Donuts and Hates Americans for that gig. Although he did get promo time on The Talk with Julie Chen…ugghh.


Please don’t bring him back again. He was front and center in the audience in one of the first shows in bright pink (so he could be seen.) His new show is AWFULLL..Not surprised CBS is still backing him cuz of his sis. And after the not so nice things he said and did on BB last year. Enough of him.


Dr. Will did!

Smart Guy

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Austin won and Vanessa was able to convince him to play her heads up in poker and she walked away with the $500k in the span of an hour? There are no words to describe how awesome and hilarious that would be. I just hope Vanessa remembers to turn on the hidden cameras before they start playing. She couldn’t possibly do that without sharing the glorious event with us all.


Would Not be shocked if that happens. I have to give it to her, she is a smooth operator, and I am definitely not a fan but she is in it to win it at all costs. Can’t knock her hustle


Jmac has always been my favorite but he just threw one comp too many. I’m very disappointed. This late in the game nobody should be throwing anything. What is he thinking. I hope he realizes now that he can’t trust them, but unfortunately it might already be to late. Wonder how Steve is feeling after hearing about all of Vanessa’s final twos and about her not trusting him. Hope he tells his mom so we can find out.


Why is Austin upset that James was trying to win HOH. Shows that James doesn’t trust them…It’s ridiculous. You should try to win…especially James/JMAC/Meg. They’re being picked off one by one. Get real and start playing to win every damn thing.


Agreed. If Austin believes that, then the same logic should apply to him. Why did he gun for HOH against James, if he actually trusts him? He’s rationalizing his consideration of James as a backdoor target.


Especially when Austin said he was going to throw it to jmac so he could take out Vanessa. Then he turns around and wins it cuz he thinks they should hold on to the so they can NOT MAKE A BIG MOVE! That’s why jmac was yelling in the diary room. Where was Vanessa when she heard him, outside the door with her ear up against it.


Sorry, I mean where was Julia when she heard jmac yell in the diary.


Kind of stupid for it not to be soundproof.


I don’t understand his logic. He was expecting James and Austin to throw to him, but wouldn’t that entail Jmac also running as fast as he can? You slow down bc you expect others to? They’d all be running like Grandma.


Damn it, Vanessa…you just couldn’t keep your mouth shut for two days. The hypocrisy of yelling at Steve that he needs to be a them player and go up as a pawn…while fighting tooth and nail to not be put up as a pawn is laughable. Then throwing out the, “You owe me for not backdooring you!” at Asstain. *facepalm* Saying that to him is only going to piss him off…not help her. It is almost like she is trying to get nominated, so she can play in veto and at least not get backdoored. But, I’m sure she is just killing her game with manic rants.

Vanessa annoys the hell out of me…but I don’t want her to go yet for one reason. I want her to win the next HOH and watch the Asstwins squirm while the rest of the house rats them out to her. Then, instead of pathetically going on about how she could have backdoored him but didn’t…she can correct that mistake and get Sir HandsAlot or his Twinevere out of the Big Smother house for good.


Austin owes Vanessa NOTHING! Austin saved Vanessa from the block and voted out Shelli. Liz didnt put Vanessa up when the whole house wanted her gone and Liz would have had a good reason to do it. (Van being part of the plan for James to throw BOB Liz was on.) So if anything Vanessa owes them and should volunteer to go on the block. I love how Vanessa gets pissed at Steve saying he “needs to go on the block as a pawn, we all do at this part of the game”. Steves been a pawn on the block way more times then Van. I want Austin to put her up just because it would be a stupid game move for Austwins and could shake things up again.
And I don’t understand why everyone is expected to follow through with their “deals”. And if they lie and go against them they’ll be butthurt jury members and vote against them. Might just be me but lieing is part of the game, its what WINNERS do! I’m on team James, only one who has the balls in there to make a move for himself. Has gone against a deal and nobody targeted him! It would be in Austins best interest to get him out because everyone else in there are SHEEP!

Member of the Ant Farm

At this point, I think Austin is being a fool taking out a loyal member and trusting James. If he does take out Vanessa, then I would be pulling for Jackie to get back in to reform the goblins. Then I would prefer James to win HOH and immedately turn on the Ass Turds!! Putting so much trust in the other side because “they are so much fun to hang out with” is moronic!!


The term “loyal member” is very loose. Van will cut them in a second if it benefited her game, plus she is way too volatile. Every single one of the people outside the austwins are a target for them, they really cant go wrong with ANYONE leaving at this point.


Johnny Mac deserves to go IMO! you don’t throw comps this late in the game and expect everyone else to carry your a$$ to the end, especially this group who changes their minds every time the wind blows!


I can definitely see the logic in his plan. His goal is to win the game, not individual contests.

Even if Johnny won HoH this week, he could still be evicted next week – he can’t win twice in a row and he doesn’t have any alliance members who can protect him.

So he might as well find out if the Austwins trust him now rather than later, since if he goes out this week there’s still a chance he could come back.


Thanks for this view. I thought there *might* be some logic to JMac throwing it, but I didn’t see it. This makes sense…at the very least an excellent rationalization of a mistake. I’m buoyed now, thank you!


Vanessa says who goes up as pawns should be her or Steve,but it’s better if Steve goes up? I hope Austwits caught that.


If the 5 of them were in a true alliance, it would make more sense for Steve to go up. The difference between Steve and Vanessa is that Johnny is Vanessa’s target, whereas, Johnny is Steve’s ally. So, Steve could possibly vote for Johnny to stay, but there is absolutely no possibility Vanessa would.


Everyone is so scared of Jackie coming back and teaming up with James and Meg but they keep ignoring that Shelli is the one with the most beautiful track record in challenges. After sending her home Austwins is blinded that Shelli won’t team up with JMac and Steve and go after the three of them. Those three are much more scarier than the one with grandma meg. The best case for their game is to send out Jmac or Steve this week, Meg is pathetic in challenges and could easily be picked off. Vanessa is still in cloud nine and thinks that she’s safe, she will still be gunning for the goblins in case she stays this week.


Austin is mad at Vanessa for doing the same double dealing that he is doing. I can’t believe they let a tool like him even make it this far. Liz looking for a reason to be mad at him is the writing on the wall. As soon as the game is over (or before if he is no longer useful) she is going to drop him faster then she drops her panties! After seeing the you-tube video she has taken the whole whoring herself out for her and her sister to the next level. To each their own but I can’t believe ANY woman (or should I say any decent woman) would allow that hairy, scary creature to constantly paw them like he paws her. He is such a puss! Him and his alter ego can go back to being irrelevant and the sooner the better


Asstin is full if hot air. All talk and no b@lls! He needs to hide behind his Judas hat to pretend to make a move. He needs to hide behind Vanessa too cuz she is a bigger target. Asstin knows he’s next if she goes. bla bla bla … fast forward to austinkins azz out the front door next week. Plzzzzzzz!


Lizard and Snakelia know they will have to break from Austinks at some point. They need Vanessa around to be the one to take him out. These two want to be in final two together so they can split the money whichever twin wins. Their dilemma is how to and when are they going to be able to get out both Austinks and Vanessa before the final two.

At least Lizard and Snakelia are trying and not throwing comps and saying they have been playing a “dead fish” all season. Like a certain loser who wants to slither to the end without doing a damn thing. Sorry douche bag your dead fish summer vacation bout to end. And you go home with nothing. And guess what? Your love Becky would never touch your slimey digusting ass. Oh yeah..and shave that disgusting hairy back. You make people ill that are forced to have to look at you.


Anyone else think Steve’s Memory wall photo looks like Jared Fogel? thank god he grew a beard and got the mohawk now.


Austwins’ target should probably be Steve.

If Johnny goes home, then Vanessa and Steve team up to target the Austwins. If Vanessa goes, then Johnny and Steve team up to target them.

The best way for them to stay safe next week is to keep both Johnny and Vanessa. Luckily for all of us, they are not bright enough to realize that.


Why can’t J-Mac win an HOH? This season isn’t remotely interesting. What happened to the BB Takeovers? Those stopped as quickly as they started. Austin winning HOH? Seriously? It isn’t interesting at all. Austin isn’t willing to make “big moves.” He will play it somewhat safe and I feel like J-Mac will pay the ultimate price for Austin’s poor HOH strategy (or lack of strategy). I guess all I am excited about is Zingbot at this point. At least I know Zingbot isn’t afraid of rusting people’s feathers. Sigh.


I think BB takeover stopped after Audrey left and there was no one for them to use them on.

I survived last seasons BB

Yes Vanessa is intelligent, but She is running out of bullets

Stuff like this proves it

11:03pm Vanessa and Julia
Vanessa talking about trying to get an answer from production if she can guarantee people a gift, “Like a car.. I realized there’s 4 of us but only 2 spots”

She is trying to buy Her way into surviving, thats the last card She has to play now

TRULY HOPING that this week is Her eviction week. Odds are Jackie or Becky come back,,Then it would be a perfect time to take out an AusTwin


Johnny Mac shouldn’t have thrown the HOH comp this week, it’s getting too dangerous to do that. I think he doesn’t want to make enemies. I also see him throwing the POV this week which will be dangerous extra dangerous this week. I think Vanessa might be put up but if she wins veto Johnny Mac or James is going home. I really hope whatever the case Austin puts up Vanessa. Everyone should be against the twins and Austin next week it’s way too dangerous to leave all 3 in this long as they are finding out Liz won last week and then Austin!


I do not think Austin has the Guts to put up Vanessa. I will not be surprised today if when the nominations are done today, it will be Meg and JMac, or Steve & JMac. I was very disappointed the JMac threw the HOH competition.


People who are actually John’s fans need to calm down. I told you guys I do not want John to win this HOH at all. I am glad John did not win it.

1. If John won this HOH, let say if John successfully gets out Vanessa, she can still have a chance to get back in. If Vanessa gets back in next week and John will not able to compete in the next HOH, John will be in serious trouble. John will be a sitting duck because he does not have an alliance like Austin to back him up. Noone cares about John.

2. If John won this HOH, let say if John does not successfully get out Vanessa, then he will make either Austwins or James/Meg upset. John will not able to compete in the next HOH but he will have at least 2 enemies to get him. In addition, noone cares about John again.

3. If John won this HOH, people will see him as a comp threat and John will not compete in the next HOH. John and the returned jury will likely be on the block if the returned jury member does not win HOH. This time, they will evict John instead of the returned jury because they see John as a comp threat.

4. If John won this HOH, that means John has to throw the next 2 HOHs in order to compete in the final 4 HOHs so that he will have 2 chances to get to final 3. I rather John throws this HOH now than later because later if he does not win, he will go home. In this game, he has to take a risk.

5. Lastly, I just hope John will win the POV this week. I do not know why are you disappointed when John throws HOH. People threw HOHs all the time. Derrick and Dan did it at this late in the game. I will understand if you get upset when John throws POV. I know you guys want John to win HOH so bad but this is not the one for him to win. You guys want John to make a move instead of what will he go from making the move?


He’s a nice guy and all, but you need to face facts: big brother just isn’t his thing.


Most of this is right on. Johnny is playing to win the game, not win the week.

If he can get the Austwins to trust him, then that is a much bigger advantage going forward than one HoH win. It’s risky but it does make sense.

Smart Guy

Jmac is the most useless player to ever walk into the Big Brother house. He’s like JennCity times 4. That old geezer Jerry played more game than JMac, and there was a huge generation gap between him and his house mates. JMac must think he’s playing Big Brother on Neptune, or whatever planet he’s from. He’s completely oblivious to the way the Earth version works.


YES…. please put vanessa up and get her out of the game….

I would love to see Vanessa walk out this week…..and than see Beckie or Jackie come back in and work with John, Steve, James & Meg…. Go after Austin & Twins…..

I hope James wins VETO this week:)


I don’t care who or how but SOMEONE needs to break up Austwins. If these fools do not see that they all deserve to lose.


I honestly see the Austwins in final 4. I don’t know how people are going to get them out…


“Austin says because I’m nuts and want to make good tv.”

You’re not making good tv by trying to grope liz every second of the day.

Liking James more and more

Put Vanessa UP. Tell her she is a Pawn and then the house votes her out. NO more backdooring, thats the coward way of doing it. Vanessa said she would go up (even though she doesn’t mean it). She argues with Steve that he’s not a team player for not going up. Um Vanessa, look in the mirror….you don’t want to go up either…you are all talk! I don’t understand these people. The threat of you vote me out, you won’t get my vote is crap. They will vote for you, because you got them out. No one left has made a big move to use at the final 2 for the win, except for James. He puts up his targets and lets the house decides at that point. I’m rooting for James at this point. The Austwins need to go. Julia seems to have a brain, but she is tied to Liz which has Austin that is screwing up their game.

Brad H

Austin, PLEASE trust your gut and don’t listen to the twins!!! I will pull for him if he puts up Vanessa and doesn’t try to backdoor James. I’m praying Vanessa goes this week & Jackie comes back!!! Let’s go GOBLINS


Austin should tell Vanessa he owes Liz for saving him not her. If Liz had not won the BOB Jackie would have remained HOH and Austin or a twin would have been gone!

Chill this Town

Pandora’s Box? because I like MAC ATTACK and all, but dang..he might throw the pov….


I will be shocked in Austin nominates Vanessa. I’m sure he will wimp out and go for Johnny Mac and Meg.


Suprise suprise for the hundreth time this season JMAC and Steve are going up! This BB show is so unpredictable the twisted twisted twisted summer ever! I’ve already quit watching the live feeds. The TV show is next. That was the dumbest HOH ever why didn’t they declare Ausdum the HOH and save time.

Damn it!

Austin : get over yourself
Vanessa : wanting to talk “right now” and not being able to understand when people don’t feel like talking, and then crying about it, is not being the bigger person
John : please stoooooop volunteering to be a pawn!
Liz : ………….. can’t say it in a polite way so i’ll just shut it.


People can say what they want about Steve, but he is really stepping up his social and strategic game. He just wiggled out of being used as a pawn without getting any heat from anyone but Vanessa, who is a dead fish at this point anyway. He got the heat off of Jmac regarding the HOH yelling and general consideration of him as a target. He’s realized that it makes more sense to drop Vanessa now, align most closely with Jmac to hopefully break up the Austwins soon. If the twins win HOH next week, he would not be a primary target. He’s covered most bases. James is a concern for him, but it’s best to leave that be for now. He does have a good relationship with him and could potentially work that if he needs to, plus James would be more likely to trust him over Jmac.


But if Vanessa leaves then what in the world will these houseguests possibly have to talk about? At least it’s interesting when there is a villan in the house.


Please let venessa be the one to go.i adore johny&meg.twins not so much!!

Can I get in on that Johnny beating?

I think someone said a few weeks ago: “I’d like to beat the living shit out of Johnny”

Could I join you? I have never wanted to beat a houseguest as bad as I want to beat this “douche bag”.

My 2 cent$

I’m not sure how it is that I see a total different game playing out than most of the posters here do, not to mention the people playing this game.

I havent been watching BB since the beginning but its my opinion that this season has got to be filled with the greatest ratio of social heavy-floating air heads to gameplaying big brother strategists. The fact that there are only 2 real gameplayers remaining in the final 8 is a testimate to how brutal the cast is this season.

It makes me sick that out of all the people who dream to play this game, someone like Austin or Liz/ Julia could be winner and take home the prize. I honestly might stop watching this season because of them.

I accept that it is a game that requires almost a perfect blend of social, comp and strategy. Strategy being most important as it dictates how you manage the other two your advantage.

You this game to become the champion and win the money.

It blows my mind that someone like Austin would come on this show and “fall in love”. Wake up buddy, she isnt gonna accept your fb friend request on the outside. Play this game for yourself.

Laying in bed, kissing your “showmance” and showing the audience how much you believe your own bs when you continually throw Vanessa under the bus and act like you didnt destroy your solid game moving alliance with her over a girl who didnt like you- not to mention that its well documented that your plan was to evict the twin so you could be alone with the other in jury. Idiot. Now you have the ignorance to carry yourself as though Vanessa is to blame for all the blood in the house. She did in fact save you, she also remained loyal to you afterwards. But you are too cozy in the sheets of your fake romance to play this damn game. At least if you actually had some sort of goal that involved strategizing real game moves and not what will get you kisses, I might have some respect for you. What a waste.

Julia and Liz both seem to forget what Austin did and appear content floating along with that dummy.

I trully wonder if Andy from BB15 coached half the cast before hand. The year of the floater.

Everyone here hates Vanessa. Why? Because she is villianized by the house and for what? Playing the very game they are all there to play? I’ve said it before but I think Vanessa is simply too smart and ambitious for this group of floaters.

Liker her or not, she plays the game and does her best to get things done. Could you imagine this game with out her? There would be one half of the house swimming, the other half cuddling and then when decisions need to be made, they would nominate the weakest friend all the way to the end.

Had Vanessa played in a season with the likes of Derrick, Jeff, Rachel, Etc I think our perception of her would be different because she would have someone on her level to play with or against.

Vanessa has stayed loyal to her original alliance. Yes she has worked the house in search of a partner because she is a gameplayer and this house lacks anything close to that. Why fault her for that? Everyone runs around the house spilling beans on everyone bc they are all weak. I think BB should bring her back again when the cast is stronger.

If you disagree with me- ask yourself if a combination of like 12 alliances with 8 players remaining suggests either a lot of strategy being played or social idiocracy masked as strategy?

Asside from Vanessa, James is the only person willing to play this game and make real moves.

Im sorry I cant hate Vanessa guys. She is the only one keeping this game interesting.