“the sun rises and sets on your a$$, He’s your b1tch”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ????????

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 20-57-04-329_jpg

8:55pm Have nots Steve and Jmac
Steve saying Vanessa might be a replacement nomination.
Steve mentions how happy he is they made that deal with Austin and the twins.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 21-41-20-380_jpg

9:39pm Austin and Steve
Steve thanks him for winning “I can’t believe I made third”
Austin – you got a false start
Steve- ya

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 21-52-15-221_jpg

9:51pm Bathroom Vanessa and Austin
Vanessa says she has an idea she’ll tell him up in the HOH

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 21-57-24-348_jpg

9:51pm Bathroom Vanessa and Austin
Vanessa says she has an idea she’ll tell him up in the HOH
Austin says this is the second week they’ve been in power they’ve had a lot of “Prime time” exposure “This is really good for me”
Liz – and it’s a turn on
Austin – Thank you
JUJU Joins them.
Austin saying he’s not putting up Meg and james so that leave, Steve, Jmac and Vanessa as targets

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 22-09-02-397_jpg

Vanessa joins them, does the Austin’s angles symbol. (See image)

“You want me Idea.. here’s my idea only way to get no blood on your hands except for Johnny Mac but he’s going home”

Vanessa wants Meg and James on the block so they can put Jmac as the replacement nomination. Or Get Meg and Steve up.

Austin says that’s risky because if he put up Meg and a pawn they will put them up as a pawn next week.

Austin – Jmac’s speech really bothered me
Liz agrees
Austin – you want to go home bro
Vanessa – he was trying to be funny.. I really think he’s a bad player. .

Vanessa says they will tell Steve James is the backdoor target.
Vanessa says if they put Steve and meg up Johnnymac will not throw the POV
Liz – then we put up Steve and Johnnymac
Vanessa again points out that the only way to make sure jmac throws the Veto is for them to put up Meg/James.

Austin tells Vanessa jmac is the goal
Vanessa- he was in an alliance with Jackie, Connected to Shelli and Becky.. all three.
Austin – he’s gotta go
Vanessa tells them they are marching to final 5 there’s not scenario she can think of where they won’t make it.

Austin brings up that two day ago Jmac did a leg work out with him. He knew his legs would get destroyed if he did it. ‘He wanted to be one of the boys”

Vanessa and liz mention how Jmac was saying he pulled a leg muscle during the competition.
They Agree nobody is voting Jmac to win the season.

Austin says he never gets questions from Julie Chen “They’re worried i’ll say Beef cake this and Irish Springs that”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 22-39-31-511_jpg

Austin leaves them
Vanessa says Austin’s girlfriends never signed a release so the letter won’t be from her.
Julia – I wish it would
Vanessa – you’re so mean
Liz – I kinda to, I wanted a reason to be mad at him.
Vanessa – the sun rise and sets on your a$$
Julia- He’s your b1tch he does everything for you
Liz – Shut up guys
Julia- Sometimes he gets annoyed when you boss him around don’t bite him so much
Vanessa- he likes that it doesn’t want it to be easy

Julia says she can tell Liz likes Austin more now.
Vanessa- he’s a good guy all way around.. he would be good to you
They all agree Austin is a good guy
Julia- He’s like 30 though I feel like you’ve never dated a guy that old

Vanessa tells them her girlfriends is their age “It can work”
Liz says her last boyfriend was 21

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 23-00-58-911_jpg

10:58pm Austin and the Goblins
Austin talking about this being the one competition Big Brother gave them were he has a good chance to win it. Adds that he’s got the longest stride and the longest reach
Austin mentions when production said the buttons weren’t registering them hitting it.
Austin – I got an imprint of the button on my hand right now
Austin tells them that Jmac is the target and Vanessa has been suggesting they go up.
Austin also tells them that Steve and Jamc had a final 2 .

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 23-06-48-612_jpg

11:03pm Vanessa and Julia
Vanessa talking about trying to get an answer from production if she can guarantee people a gift, “Like a car.. I realized there’s 4 of us but only 2 spots”
Julia – who do you think we should send home this week
Vanessa – I think Johnnymac we can’t control him

Julia says if it’s James and Jmac on the block and Jmac wins veto and James goes up she’s voting James.
Vanessa is completely down for that.

Vanessa says she wants Shelli to come back “She’s the only one loyal to our side”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 23-29-50-580_jpg

11:26pm Austin’s HOH reveal..

Letter from his parents. No picture of his ex girlfriends.

[envira-gallery id=”129636″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 00-01-45-530_jpg

11:51pm Twins, Austin and the Goblins
Meg points out that every week Vanessa tries to get the person she wsn wants out.
James – whatever way you want to run your HOH, I’m supportive.
Austin saying he’s completely onto Vanessa but number wise he’s not sure getting rid of her now is the best, “She was confident to throw it this week why not next week”
Meg tells him he’s in a really good spot nobody is talking about taking him out, “there’s no lose in it”

James, Julia and Meg volunteer to be have nots it’s their turn.

12:18am HOH Austin, Goblins, Twins
Austin says he kinda wants to backdoor Vanessa it will be the melt down of the century. Says it’s kind of like the kid that’s not supposed to want the cookie but he really wants the cookie.

[envira-gallery id=”129646″]


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac

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If anyone besides vannessa goes home this week, I will jump off a very large cliff.

Fucking Judas wins hoh.. OF ALL PEOPLE

Mrs. Dentist Mac

Dear JMac Lover; Jump Jump Jump, jump off that cliff….Johnny Mac is mine!

Eat the Cookie Austin!

For the love of god, Austin & Steve put up vote out the Vanipulator Vanessa! Let the Meltdown begin-I’ll grab the marshmallows! The firestorm and Vans mental spiral will make Audrey look like a saint. Don’t keep talking about it while she rewrites rule books and splits your check 15 ways for all her side deals. Can’t wait til her gifting scheme hits the ears of all the other players. Vanessa isn’t a vote for anyone but herself, and will invent a reason to turn on you faster than James and JMac and any amateurs returning from the Jury House. She continues to negotiate your game and CBS rules on a whims, and the only reason you found out is because she’s getting paranoid sloppy.

After that, Get back to Summer Camp, play games and the legitimate losers can leave! Meg Julia buh bye, throw a comp go home. Sorry JMac, no professional pawns. Get down to a Final 5 of the best players Austin Liz James Steve and Becky back from Jury. Then we might start watching again. Lots more airtime if you Eat the Cookie!

Member of the Ant Farm

Tell Cliff I said hello!!

Welcome to Vanessa's HOH

Omg, this is excruciating. Austins sole concern his airtime-deadly. Vanessa barking orders maniacally, lying all the way. Production is checking the rules for me to see if I can buy you cars or promise gifts, I mean there’s 4 of us and only 2 top spots. When I can’t win, it’s Bribery for the con artist says. Vanessa’s enemies are the targets JMAC & James, & Steve. We’ll manufacture reasons to backdoor them like we did with Jeff. We don’t have to keep our word to JMAC he gave a bad speech.

I’m not helping too much am I? I’m only helping everyone else. No you’re only looking out for yourself, breaking Austins deals with others, lying, ratting and throwing Steve & JMAC under the bus as Final 2s. When she’s manic ranting she loses track of how many times she hurts her own game. Wait till they confront Steve about his Final 2, and Steve starts dishing Vanessa’s dirty laundry including having a a Final 2 with her himself.

Everyone falls back into same old positions, fighting over who threw the comps earliest to show their loyalty to Austwits. James didn’t throw it to me he’s got to go. James & Meg don’t talk enuf to Van, they’ve got to go. The degree Van is stabbing Steve in the back is astounding while he thinks he’s got her wrapped with all the sucking up he’s been doing. Blech.

Julia ratting out all the Austwits secrets to Van who creates paranoia that they must watch each others backs since Austin Liz are inseparable. JMAC blowing it yet again saying he threw comp too, so he’s really not interested in playing or getting Van out. Nobody left to fight the hairy monster. James army of one. But he did it to himself turning on the Goblins.


Make sure you jump out away from the cliffs. If you don’t you’ll likely hit the ricks on the way down. Messy end your head racing to the ground after your decapitated.

Vanessa is going o where. They will turn on goblins before they get rid of Nessa.

Austin Plots A Meltdown of the Century

After talking to James, Meg and then Steve ALONE without his worse half, Austin’s stones actually drop. He remembers he’s a man, not Liz’s bitch and TELLS STEVE EVERYTHING. RATS ON VANESSA’S PLAN TO STAKE WINNINGS, SPLIT PRIZES, BUY CARS! We could begin to root for you again Austin. Steve cuts the lost little boy act, smells his own blood in the water and, OMG ACTUALLY REFUSES TO BE THE PAWN. He’s revealing Vanessa’s dirty laundry and Austin says HE’S GOING TO PUT VANESSA UP! Can it be? Will he do the unthinkable, use his other head, and realign with Goblins to get Vanessa & Julie out? How long will this moment of clarity last? Will it fade as soon as he hits the sheets & Liz cuts them off & puts his balls back in her purse?

Austin says he wants to see the epic meltdown of the century when he puts Vanessa up. Steve isn’t going to let this go either. He’s trying to save JMAC from block as pawn against Vanessa, it would be too easy to chicken out, twist things and vote him out instead. Steve knows his game is over, Vanessa ordered his hit, and is spreading her money around. Doesn’t Steve get a car too? Bet he feels stupid for being her doormat.

Austin would earn the respect of millions not to mention Jury voters if he put the hammer down on these witche’s who get off on humiliating him. I mean, these chick’s give us all a bad name. Do it Austin Do it!…You’ll get lots more airtime! We promise to stop calling you a douche! And you’ll get lots more babe’s if Liz is fake enough to dump you for protecting her game by getting out the biggest threat Vanessa.


It will never happen. Austin doesn’t have the guts to nominate or backdoor Vanessa.


No way. He knows she will blow his game up and cause the biggest war in the house. Honestly he would be dumb to do it at this stage.


Which is why Vanessa will win this game, because these morons are to afraid to get rid of her. They are just paving her way to finale. idiots!

Vanessa Checking Rules for Bribery

Welcome to Vanessa’s HOH! She’s going to buy them cars and sign contacts to get gifts if Production will let her. Con woman extrordinaire says there’s 4 of us and only 2 top spots so I’m ordering Production around again. Will this be the last lawyer they cast? Let’s hope so. When you can’t win with skills, lies, alliances, partners or threats…the only option left is Bribery. You can see she hates kissing this guy’s smelly behind, in those Austins Angels poses, after all she’s done for them??? These twits get the credit???

Maybe it is better to keep her in the game to watch her unravel while she realizes she doesn’t have a prayer and everyone in Jury hates her. She plots her buddies demise, and in a non-stop rant, gets tangled in her own mumbo jumbo, divulging her many side deals & deceptions. We’ll just make something up as a reason to break our promises.

Now she stuck with do nothing, know nothing Julia-who else would have her? She can’t stop herself from annoying everyone left. But she’s Austwits meat shield so here she stays, fighting Austin for every minute of his beloved airtime. Lucky us!

Now or 1 Round L8r?

In a way, I agree. I want Van out. Van has no comp. game vs. the other 3 in jury. But in Austwins 6 shoes, why not wait 1 more week. Toss James, Jmac, or Steve. I don’t want it to happen, but it makes sense to me. Then after the return, Van can be the target for that week or the next since she doesn’t currently have enough support.
So help me if we get 4 women in jury to get back.
Not many seem to learn, but Jul/Liz may make it work.


I agree. I really want Vanessa gone but when it comes to the crunch I think people will keep her around as a goat. Kind of like when Shelli got evicted over her.

I just can’t see anyone giving Vanessa a vote from jury.

Mrs. Mac

Becky would have killed that hoh comp, even with a bum toe.


Austin/Judas please back door vanessa this week…..

If Vanessa gets back doored this week would be awesome because next week ….

John,Steve,Meg,James will target Austin & Twins …..

Let’s hope Beckie or Jackie come back too:)


Time for Vanessa to go home


right on! If you don’t get Vanessa out now, she’s gonna win this whole dam thing. If she gets back in on Thursday, send her back again. Don’t wait!


I don’t see Austin BD’ing Vanessa this week for a few reasons.

1) The next person out has a chance to come right back into the game. If Vanessa left and came right back, Steve would crawl right back to her hoping he could hide in her shadow. It’s also possible that the Goblins could flip or at least not help them with POV.

2) Jmac and Steve aren’t competitors you want to get to the end of the game. If you get one of them out then they will have to compete against 3 other strong competitors (Shelli, Jackie, and Becky). This also increases the odds of one of the Austwins winning HOH.

3) From the Austwins perspective keeping James and Meg around is a good thing. The Goblins and the Austwins have been getting extremely close since James’s last HOH, and after Jackie was evicted. The Austwins likely believe they have a better shot of beating James and Meg in the final 5 than they do Steve and Jmac.

4) Austwins are still 3 strong very deep into the game. I have to give credit where credit is due, because those three have Floated their way into a powerful position. People are going to follow them now because they carry a lot of votes in the game, and come finale night when the jury casts their votes.

5) Vanessa will be in BIG danger when the second DE hits the house. That is the same point in the game when Amanda’s game came down hard. Taking her out then assures Austwins that she can’t come back to haunt them.


Hope one of Austin’s pictures is of his girlfriend and feels guilty!!


Watching the feeds I guess bye bye Jmac or James. Meg floats on.

Johnny the bitch throws the HOH

What a pussy Johnny is. He didnt “pull a hamstring” He just doesnt want to do anything. His “do nothing and float strategy” God I despise him.

Send this pathetic do nothing useless boring asshole out the door.

Mrs. Dentist Mac

Julia is doing nothing – nothing.

WWJD? What would Johnny do? win veto comps! Or throw them, he’s been forced to play defensively with all these summer camp kids, his mind is set on who he wants out, austwibs flip flopuhhh


At least Julia tried her best in that comp, she just screwed up (false start). Johnny Mac admitted that he “didn’t run that fast” bc he thought everyone would throw it to him! He’s only been in an “alliance” with these guys for 1 week, I have no idea why he’d trust them. Julia has been aligned with them for weeks. Numbers are important, Julia has them and Johnny Mac does not.

Clown Nose

Vanessa, living rent free inside the heads of all BB fans.

Disappointed Fan

Just when i thought that Austin and the twins grew a brain, they are going to take out Johnny Mac. Johnny Mac and Vanessa are gunning for each other hard. If they were smart, they would take out James, Meg or Steve. Since Steve is with them and Meg is useless at everything, James should be the target on a game standpoint.


This is the perfect week to to a me out Vanessa, because it would guarantee she doesn’t come back, she wouldn’t stand a chance against Becky,Jackie & Shelli. Too bad Austwits can’t see how big of a threat she is.

Member of the Ant Farm

Seems to me that I remember a contest to get back in the house that involved sliding disks into a center bullseye and the closest disk got back in. Something like that and anybodies got a chance to get back in. I think you’re assuming it will be a physical contest.


I’d like a who wants it more reentry comp. Hold a button, stand on a post, nothing complicated just will power and desire.


Wow van is trying to buy the win. BB better not let her get away with it or I will never watch the show again.
Just think if Frankie knew that he would of paid to win as well.


She went lawyer speak on it already. She mentioned to Julia about the gifts for final 4, even if production tells her she can’t promise them, it’s a wink and a nod. Just because the judge tells the jury to disregard doesn’t mean it’s forgotten.


Well IMO the game is now set up for rich people to win every time. The question I ask is do you really win something if you pay to win it? I don’t think so.


Austin is an idiot. Last week, he figured out Vanessa’s role in his almost eviction when she was HOH and he let her go and now he is going to keep her again. And the twins of course think thats an amazing idea too. Do they even realize that Vanessa is going to build an army against them as soon as they are out of power? They must want Vanessa to win the game, because their stupidity amazes me. When Vanessa is in Final 2, and they are all in jury, they’ll still think they made the right move taking out Johnny Mac this week.


Your giving Van way to much credit. She is playing a big alliance power game not some grand flip the house strategy. Remember WE know the talk(just talk) is to evict her but she thinks she is good with Austwins. She counts Steve as 5th that is how she is playing. Just think back to Shelli’s HOH’s Van had a hand in it.
She tries influence with her will/want from the inside. If the outsiders have HOH she scrambles for safety. Nothing here other than basic BB strategy. Better than the rest of these idiots mind you.
As a matter of strategy someone needs to split off the gobs and go after Austwins but your expecting Goblin stupidity to cease. Just another group that made a top 5 deal when there is no extra money for 5 or 4 or 3. These are some really bad HG’s the talent has been evicted this season. Think the lay low 1st third strategy if your a real BB gamer is dead. You at least have to have a killer social game from day 1.

If your a J Mac fan hope he gets evicted. I was a fan but have had enough. If he wins his way back in he’ll throw nothing. But he’ll be all alone. When he and Steve are the noms maybe it will hit them playing a bitch game gets you bent over!
Not much left to root for with these morons. Meg wins nothing wish 1. Liz wins nothing wish 2. Can’t believe I’m saying it but let the HG that comes back win 500K. I have no dog in the fight and it looks like bitch slap instead of heavy weights going at it.

Smart Guy

Just to clarify Vanessa’s influence during Shelli’s HOHs, she had exactly 0 to do with Shelli targeting Davonne or Audrey. Her influence during that time was confirming the twins and trying to keep them safe so they could both be added to sixth sense, which is an alliance thing, not HOH related. The twins weren’t confirmed until the last day of Shelli’s first HOH and the sixth sense members didn’t come together as an alliance until the next day which was Vanessa’s first day as HOH.

It all started on July 9th at about 2 am on cam 3.


Austin is up in the HOH writing checks with his big mouth that will bounce when he puts up Steve/Jmac and then possibly backdoors James. He would be a fool to backdoor Vanessa. With the twins and Van they control the votes. She is not coming after them. But talking constant cr*p about how manipulative Van is and then not following up by putting her up is just sloppy and it will come back to haunt you AustDUMB.


Yep he’s just handing everyone ammunition when he talks bad about Vanessa, and they’re gonna use it against him as soon as their back is against the wall.

I predict a house meeting by Vanessa around that time. With tears.


Vanessa, living rent free inside the heads of BB fans


I hate all of them. They think one person is manipulating them is six of them. There so dumb. I hope she doesn’t go and gets there ads.


Will somebody please oh please get Vanessa out.


The majority of us want Vanessa out but should they make the move know knowing she would still have a chance to get back in the game or wait till after a juror is brought back. Judaustin has a tough decision

Nessa stay

I wish people would quit saying Vanessa going home, you all have said that for 3 to 4 weeks for now with her alliance in power. Austin is in a sticky situation because he has made deals with everyone left in the house at this point so whomever he targets he has lied to. He has been playing everyone in this house and I don’t know if anyone is gonna wake up realize they are 3 always target austwins please next week. I don’t want jmac, steve or vanessa to go this week because they are the only 3 that will go against austwins and take them out so they need to back door james this week that way no matter who comes in won’t join their side but austin is too dumb and liz is too dumb to strategize on their own they have to do what vanessa says, dont’ hate the player hate the game, leave ness alone even if she is on the block she won’t go home i promise that she talks her way out of everything.

Mrs. Dentist Mac

Judas is awesome- he’s getting his publicity letting Austin layback,be gross etcetera – only thing holding him back from winning is the twins and Austin’s inability to let go of Vanessa.


Stop promising something that is out of ur control


I agree that Austin is still trying to play the whole house. Someone should of told him that being HOH means you have to pick a side. Summer camp is over.


I’m still waiting for the year that someone says “summer camp is over” during a nomination ceremony.

But it sounds like Austin and by extension the Twins are picking a side. Their keeping James (thank God) and Meg safe this week.

I’m not sure if I see Austin making a huge move and taking a shot at Vanessa when someone can still come back in the game.

I can see him putting up Jmac and Steve, and if one of them wins veto putting up Meg. This guarantees that Steve or Jmac leaves, and that another comp threat to the Austwins goes home.


Vanessa needs to go. She talks to damn much.

Meg fan

I kinda hope meg floats to the end final two – gives the jury her strategy of making no enemies and letting everyone else implode and she wins the money- unless she’s up next to James or JMac (in my best Judy Tenuta voice) “It could happen”


is there till an alliance between JMac, Steve, Austin and the Twins? Or is Austin and the Twins turning against JMac and getting him out? Why is Austin not willing to put up James and Meg?


Hey Kat,
Austwins have been playing all sides, but if you watch the feeds, and have been following the updates you’ll see that Austwins and the Goblins have become really close these last couple of weeks. With Jackie out of the house Austin and the Twins feel like they can work with James and Meg moving forward.

I also think Austwins think James and Meg would be easier to beat in the final 5 then say Jmac and Steve would. I certainly wouldn’t want Steve around in final 5, and Jmac could make a run if he got to the end. I’d rather compete against someone like Meg.

I think Austin and the Twins are picking James and Meg to align with more permanently.


Thank you. I could not figure out what happened between Austin and the Twins making an alliance with JMac and Steve and them going after them tonight.
It seemed like the five of them were going to stick together. But I guess that was just another BS alliance. How many is that now?


That’s what it seems like. But I think its a dumb idea. Jackie & Beckie have a 50% chance of re entering the game next week. If one does, they will certainly try to re align with the goblins. Then the Austwins will have another powerful trio to rival them. The smart thing for them is not to worry about Vanessa, JMac, and Steve right now. Send James or Meg home, that way if one returns they will only be two.


Because Austin is only interested in two things: One I’ll let Liz tell you and the other is his most prized possession: SCREEN TIME..

He’s a super fan who figured out getting one of the twins to like him would garner him segments & story line on the show & he’s also figured out based on questions & confirmed last night via film clip his bromance JAMES is super popular. So… if he wants to get additional screen time he besides getting his nails clipped he needs to keep his buddy in the game!

I’m hoping Jackie returns fully loaded with all of Shelli & Becky’s secrets & set the mice straight so they immediately take out Liz, then Steve, then Austin & finaly JMac. They can drag Julia to F4 then dump her. I don’t want the twins getting anywhere near the $$ or the cars! They’ve YET to lose an ally, I think they were on the block twice in early rounds of BOTB .. that’s it Not even close to danger or in jeopardy of a Thurs night chair. It’s time to split them up … RIGHT NOOOOOW-uh
I knoooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww-uh

I'm prettyuhhhh

If the twins are final 2, I’m stuckuhhh, who wins? I guess Liz has won more but she gets gross out points due to Austinuhhh. The house guests will wonder why they were all excited to let the twins come in together instead of sending them homeuhhh


EXACTLY!!! I’m rooting for Vanessa and hope she stays so she can turn Steve/Goblins against the Austwins, and make them realize that if they don’t challenge the austwins, they’re gonna slide right into the end. Best case scenario for Vanessa is Becky coming back into the game because she is the only one who will work with Vanessa to go against the Austwins. Shelli/Jackie have more of a vengeance against Vanessa then they do against James/Steve. JMac just personally hates Vanessa for no reason, and is all round a shitty player. He showed so much potential to make big moves/win comps/form strong alliances, and did NOTHING. His speech??? He threw the running HOH??? “I thought everyone was gonna throw it to me” REALLY? Do you know where you are right now?? Also why didn’t he mend fences with Vanessa? Would’ve been tremendous for his game. This week then he wouldn’t be the target and instead it would be James. Unfortunately all he has left is Americas Favourite PLayer, and it won’t be because of his gameplay, it will be because of his weird self.


Why did he everyone wants V to go. She’s the only one playing this game.. is big brother not a bowling alley..She’s playing the game not making out or being a grandma…what so hot about jm….

Captain Camo

Yep, I’m all that


I can make it through this week so long as James (and *sigh* Meg) make it through unscathed. I have no problems whatsoever with Jmac, Steve, and Vanessa being the main targets and leaving this week. I think putting up Jmac and Steve and telling them they are pawns is the best case scenario for Austin’s game moving forward. Vanessa can always be a BD plan or Austin could put up Meg and send either Steve or Jmac to jury leaving Vanessa in as a bigger target.

If Vanessa stays this week and either Steve or Jmac leaves, then I think she’ll be in the most danger again when another DE rolls around. Similar to how Amanda was taken out after running the house for 9 weeks. Everyone thought Amanda was going to the end, but Andy backstabbing her was poetic to say the least.

Jmac continues to do absolutely nothing, but throw comps which is not furthering his game at this point. James and Meg are laying low too, but they have been getting incredibly close with Austwins. Austin doesn’t even want to put James or Meg on the block this week (thank God). Jmac’s “strategy” of playing the dead fish is pretty pointless when you have someone like Meg in the house.

Jmac should realize that the only reason Austwins wanted him in the game was to go after Vanessa for them. If he isn’t going to do that for them, then his usefulness to them is gone. How does he not realize this?

Smart Guy

If Vanessa feels like she may be backdoor nominated, all she has to do is get Austins gambling muscle so swollen it’s ready to explode, and if that doesn’t work and she does get nominated, her ties to the Austwins are cut and she’s free tell the Goblins everything about them and point out the fact they’re taking each other as far as they can and all of the people in the outside need to band together and pick them apart before it’s too late. All Vanessa would need is 3 votes and the Austwins are only a 2 headed monster in the next HOH competition. 4 against 2 is pretty good odds even if Meg is mostly dead weight when she’s not laughing, smiling, or sleeping.


Vanessa’s face tho. She is absolutely positive she’s not going to get nominated. I can’t wait to see her lose it when and IF Austin grows the balls to put her up. If she wins the Veto, I’m not sure I want to watch anymore. I just hope they can keep lying to her with a straight face and nobody tells her what’s going on. Julia runs her mouth too much.

is it just me

me, me, me, why won’t these idiots make idiotic moves that will ruin their individual games for me? why won’t the hoh turn on his or her alliance member making sure they are next to go? god damn it i want jmac to win why wont these idiots let him win?

just a quick recap of most of the comments from the begining of the season till now.


Hey @Vanessa Checks Rules For Bribery! Thanks!!!!! I really needed a good laugh. Great post!


If Vanessa leaves, this season will not be worth watching anymore. She is the only one that talks game to everyone. The others are just enjoying the free vacation….it’s annoying.

Tattooed Finger

Something smells fishy in here!

JMac... Really?

This is why I’m not a fan of JMac… Yes he’s awkwardly funny with his laugh, but that’s it. He has done nothing to validate his existence thus far in the game. Him throwing this comp is an example, this is not a point in the game where you throw a comp with such few people left. He claims that he “thought”, that they were going to throw it to him… So then you throw it? I’m wondering, if he threw it because he knew the pressure was going to be on him to get Vanessa out. Stupid stupid stupid! He deserves to go home for sheer stupidity.

Just me

If Judas back doors Vanessa, I think she would be sooo upset and emotional she wouldn’t be able to win the buy back. If they wait another week, the house will be blinded by desire to get Shelli, Jackie, or Becky out and Vanessa will most likely be leading the house to do just that. I would LOVE for austwins to tell Steve about Vanessa wanting him out. Ugh!!!

It's a GAME!

It cracks me up when everyone talks about how to get rid of Vanessa because she is manipulative, etc. I don’t like her either, really, but are you forgetting that this is a GAME?!? The point of the game is to WIN and that means doing what you gotta do to win! I think she is slimy as all get out, but she is playing the game….and if you really look at it, she’s doing a great job of it. Even Austin, who I can’t stand….he is greasy and gross and just plain bleach…but he is playing a great social game. But it works both ways! I love Meg….but she’s not doing anything….get her out. Steve is crazy and wasted his HOH so he can go too.


Wouldn’t it be funny if he actually did try and backdoor Vanessa and she got wind of the plan about Austin trying to do it and she flipped it so that he actually backdoors Julia??!! – He always said Julia was expendable over Liz and it’s no secret he is closer to Liz than her sister. Especially when he knows everyone else is coming for Vanessa this way he is good with everyone else he still has the numbers on his side to protect him!- Even if Liz ends up hating him its down to the nitty gritty baby time to get dirty and win the 500K. I am sure he knows Liz is using him as he is her!


Everyone left in the house except Meg, James, Johnny and Steve are so vile and disgusting! Seriously watching these people make me want to shower especially looking at Austin. He’s just dirty and gross on so many levels. Liz’s parents must be cringing. This season has hit the bottom of the barrel fast. I cannot wait for Austin, Vanessa and the twins to come out and see how the world truly perceives them.
There are not enough words for Disgusting in a thesaurus to describe Austin.


This is the time I think Austin need to make a final 2 deal with James. Let all the others players take each other out! At the end.. if Meg is still there, drop James and take Meg…Austin Win!

Valentina Corleone

After thinking about it, I realize I’m not really rooting for anyone. JMac is playing in a coma, Meg’s physical limitations make her a non-factor, Julia’s sin is her association with her sister and the Yeti, James tries but gets side tracked listening to others, and Vanessa schemes, bullies and cries her way into staying another week. And Steve? He makes me so uncomfortable, I just wish his game would blow up. Austin should put him up, just because he was such a jerk about refusing to be a pawn. It’s the first time I haven’t had a favorite at this point in the game. Makes me wish they overhaul the game for next season because it has gotten boring and very predictable.

My 2 cent$

I have to be honest- this season is brutal. I have to agree with what Vanessa said earlier this week regarding the lack of gameplay, bc it is weak.

I’m having a hard time understanding all the hate for Vanessa both in the house and on these forums. Is it not possible that she is just on a whole other level then the rest of the house and probably should have been casted with maybe- smarter people??

For example, she is referred to as being manipulative and everyone is on to her. Well this is Big Brother. As a result of the weak gameplay by everyone she forced to work all angles to create gameplay. Take a look at the list of alliances above. Vanessa has assocoation to a few groups but in the members she is working with are the same (Austin, Liz, Julia, and Steve).

Austin and the twins are alligned with everyone in the house. They act like they are right in the mix of the gameplay but I think they have no clue what gameplay is. Together they are floaters. I laugh when they talk game say talk smack about people. Austin mentions he is ‘on to Vanessa’ however, he is the one who aborted the game for a love that probably wont see life an hr after the show. He lied through his teeth together with the twins they act like he didnt actually have a plan to out Julia and Julia- asks like Vanessa had no reason to backdoor Austin even when it is well known that it was an smart alliance minded decision to cut ties with a loose cannon much like the bomb squad did with devon last season.

I’m sorry but to all the Vanessa haters- she is the only player talking real strategy, making moves and truly executing to the best of her abilities. I will give an honorable mention to James bc he isnt afraid to cross the social waters to make a real game move.