Vanessa “You need to figure out if you like him (Austin) or not” Liz “I’m in love with his personality”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: Jeff & James
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-14 01-13-30-87
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12:30am HOH room – Liz says the vote is going to be so close. Austin says I don’t think so, I think its going to be a landslide for James. The only person that will vote for Jeff is maybe Jackie. Austin says here’s the thing right before the vote on Thursday me and you are go to James and tell him that Jeff has the votes if you and I vote for him. We’re coming to you, if you win HOH tonight, are we safe for the week.. no front door, no backdoor? Liz says and we’re going to tell a couple other people just so they know if you screw us over you made us this promise. He cannot refute it. Austin asks but should we offer him the same deal in return? I don’t know because I think he needs to be our target. Liz says we were blindsided by the Jace thing. Austin says he was here to have fun and people didn’t like that. Austin tells Liz that technically we’re supposed to be working with Audrey. She thinks there an alliance between me, you, Shelli and Clay. A five person alliance. However we’re really just keeping her around as a target. The four of us really want you around as the 5th with Julia. And it’s the “Sixth Sense”. That’s the real alliance we’ve created with Shelli and Clay. The other side of that is that we don’t trust Shelli and Clay so we’ve got Steve involved. And the “Freaks and Geeks” is the secret one however Julia kind of f**ked that up with Shelli that Steve knows that she’s a twin. Austin says I think we do need one more person. Vanessa has kind of isolated us this week. Austin says that Becky isn’t going to come after us. Once Jeff is gone, Johnny Mac will be more mine.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-14 01-38-50-942
12:40am Hammock – Vanessa tells Shelli and Clay about how Jeff built up his last talk with her that there was someone close to me that I couldn’t trust. I thought he was going to say your name Shelli .. he had me on the edge of my seat … the build up was very good and then he threw out Audrey’s name. I laughed. Okay thank you for absolutely no information. Vanessa says everything that comes out of his mouth is silly, its verbal diarrhea. Shelli says it makes me mad when Jeff comes to Clay and says he knows he has Clay & Shelli’s vote when he hasn’t talked to me. Shelli says you don’t have to worry we are not voting for him. Vanessa says I would be so sad. Vanessa says that she thinks Johnny Mac is so manipulated. Clay says I’ve promised him I have his back. Vanessa says its understood we have loyalty with Becky. Vanessa says that she is going to offer Big Brother in exchange for more alcohol they will have dating couples in the backyard and at the end of the night at least one of them will french kiss. Jason calls it a tongue punch. Steve says that Jeff wants to tongue punch Meg.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-14 01-55-48-320

In the bathroom – Johnny tells James that he is voting to keep Jeff because he has stuck up for him and protected him. James says that’s fair. Johnny later tells Jeff that he told James he is voting to keep Jeff because he’s stuck up for him. Jeff says he appreciates it.

1:15am HOH room – Steve talks to Vanessa. Vanessa tells him you can’t let anyone know that you know, they know, we know. Fortunately you will already know that they know because we already told you. They (Shelli & Clay) are very nervous they (Twins) will get exposed really soon, they don’t want people to think they knew. They were willing to vote to protect her. They will vote to protect Liz. Steve asks are they coming after us? Vanessa says I will be honest I did throw your name out there. It seems like they might have something with Becky and John and that they were reserving you as someone they might put up. Vanessa says I think they might have made too many deals. They’re probably waiting till Jeff goes out. Vanessa tells Steve that Clay and Shelli wanted to pull in Becky and I wanted to pull you in. I don’t think they are coming after you they just wanted to reserve you as someone they might put up. Vanessa asks Steve who on the other side of the house do you share information with? Steve says John. Vanessa asks what about with James, Jason and Meg? Steve says no. I’m very close with Jason but don’t share information with him. Steve says the deal I could make with Shelli and Clay is if I don’t put you up, you don’t put me up. Vanessa says I would make that just with Shelli because I’m not entirely sure Clay is trying to win. Steve asks Vanessa can I ask who you have deals with? Vanessa says I don’t have, I don’t make deals. I’ve made a lot of 1 week deals and deals to jury. I have a jury deal with 2 people. I will tell you one of them and that is John. He was the pawn and he knew it. Steve asks so I should make a 1 week deal with Shelli. Vanessa says I would advise it. Vanessa asks are you going to try and win this week. Steve says yeah. Vanessa says are you ready to make big moves? You could even take out floaters. Steve says he is nervous about Shelli and Clay. Vanessa asks are you going to go after them? Steve says that’s a big move. A big move! Vanessa tells him to see how offering the 1 week deal goes. Steve says he might offer one to Becky too. Vanessa says as long as you still have people you can put up outside of Freaks & Geeks that’s okay. Steve says that he might offer James – Don’t put me up and I will vote for you. Steve tells Vanessa that Liz is flirting with him. Steve says I can’t, I can’t showmance. Vanessa asks why? Steve says showmance. Steve says before coming here I was prompted that no matter how much someone liked smart nerdy guys I wouldn’t.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Steve comments on how he never thought she and him would be in an alliance.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-14 02-09-13-786

1:55am Comic bedroom – James says that Vanessa made it clear Jeff is who she wants gone so I’m pretty sure have the house will vote that way. James tells Johnny that if I win HOH I am not putting you up as a pawn or nothing.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-14 02-49-25-585
2am HOH roomAudrey talks to Vanessa in the HOH room. Vanessa says I think we’re going to make it to jury pretty easy and then we can start making moves. Vanessa asks have you thought about how the house is organized. Audrey says going into next week I am trying to rebuild my image. Vanessa asks why do people think you need to be backdoored? Audrey says because then it doesn’t give me 2 chances to get off. Vanessa says but they have had 2 opportunities to make that happen and they haven’t. Why are people not picking up on that pattern. Audrey says I don’t know. Vanessa says I think we would be really good working together. Vanessa says that Jason is a very good game player. He’s subtle in the way he does things and he lies very well. He could be someone to work with but he could also be someone to be afraid of. Audrey says I don’t know why he doesn’t like me. I said things about Day but never about him. I think because we’re on a TV show and the potential that Day is watching he will remain loyal to her and not work with me. Vanessa says keep you mind open to it because if things don’t fall the right way with Shelli and Clay we might have to try and work with him.. and the story line of that would be great. Vanessa says if you want to work together I would be open to it. I’ve been trying to clean up your image. There has never been a female chill town. Everyone that we are working with has a showmance. Audrey says I see the benefit of working with someone like Jason but I just don’t think he will. Vanessa says I think I could convince him. Audrey comments on things are getting better. Audrey heads to the diary room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-14 02-55-11-223

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2:40am Liz joins Vanessa in the HOH room. Vanessa tells Liz you need to figure out if you like him (Austin) or not because you either need to nip that sh*t in the bud or get with it. He is crushing hard core! Liz asks does he tell you stuff? Vanessa says yes. And I am telling you to not be disloyal to him because its in your best interest that this sh*t either goes one direction or another. Liz says I will not. Vanessa asks so what do you want? Liz says I don’t know .. because every day that goes by I am like he is so nice. Like I like him but I don’t want him to not be there you know. He has the best personality of any guy here. Vanessa says no he’s a nice guy. What’s your type of guy? Liz says you know my type of guy ..tall, dark and handsome. But I just don’t like long hair and a long beard. Vanessa says he’ll shave the beard. It’s new, he’s only had it a couple months. Liz says and the hair, he would never shave the hair. Vanessa asks do you like him or not? Lis says I’m in love with his personality. Vanessa says okay and love .. big word. Okay well why don’t you sleep in the same bed as him. Liz says first of all before anything would happen which I’ve told you before .. Number 1 he has a girlfriend and number motherf**king 2 we’re on national television. Vanessa says its a casual girlfriend. Liz says but still I’m on national television. Austin joins them. They talk about the bed situation. Austin says I think James has Meg and Jason for sure 100%. I think Clay and Shelli definitely won’t vote for Jeff. Then there’s me and Liz.. goodnight! Audrey joins them. Austin and Liz head down stairs to bed. Vanessa tells Audrey its frustrating why does everyone we work with have to be or want to be in a showmance. Austin is doing it so bad right now. Why would you sleep in the same bed, it makes no sense. Audrey says I don’t think Austin and Liz will be in love after this. Vanessa says I saw her flirt with Steve and even Jeff before all this. Audrey tells Vanessa that she believes Shelli’s loyalty to her is real. Vanessa agrees but knows she is lower on the totem pole than Clay. Vanessa tells Audrey the way to Austin is through Liz. Vanessa confronts Audrey on if she was the vote for Day as Jason claims Audrey told him she was. Audrey denies it. Vanessa says until that is resolved you and Jason won’t be able to work together.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-14 03-32-48-691

3:50am – 4:50am Backyard – Jeff, Jason and Becky are talking on the backyard couches. Jason says I am waiting for everyone to make up their minds before I make up my mind. Becky comments on how Vanessa thinks sending home Audrey is going against LGBT but that is not the case because she (Audrey) has straight up bullied, bullied people. Jeff says whether I stay or go my target is very clear. Vanessa would’t even be my target, I have a bigger target. Jeff and Becky head to the hammock to talk about life outside the house.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-14 04-04-30-527

4:50am – 5:10am Jeff says so much can happen between now and the time you have to vote so that is so admirable. Jeff comments that Shelli told Clay he talks twice as much as he listens and it wasn’t until today that I realize I do the same thing. Jeff says that Audrey said if I do have the votes she would vote for me but that I would just need to tell her the 6 votes I have. NO Audrey I will not tell you who is voting for me. Jeff says this has been fun regardless but its been stressful. Jeff says I am kind of at the point where I have accepted my fate and whatever happens. I feel bad because I know Jackie doesn’t want me to go and I know she could definitely use me in the game. If I do have a bad feeling that I am going to go .. right before I do go I am going to share an abundance of information with her. To try to help her with her game. I’ve talked with a lot of people and I know a lot of things good and bad.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-14 04-27-34-351

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It is clear James is pretty clueless. “So does Audrey have a vagina?” “Can she get pregnant?” “She can’t, cool my kind of girl” Is there and girl that isn’t his kind of girl? He would F a snake if he could hold it still long enough. They must not have a health class (as it was called back in my day) or a sex ed class in his school.


Transgenders are an infinitesimal percentage of the population, and only recently have they become the cause celebre because of Bruce Jenner, so why expect anyone to know the answers to those questions, because it isn’t something that is taught in any health or biology class I ever heard of, unless it is that some frogs can change gender spontaneously. I’m sure you don’t know what Audrey is packing, and I sure don’t want to.


Audrey has already stated that she’s completed all her surgeries, so there is no guess work here. She has a vagina.


But HOW…exactly?


Why not google the question – it’s a complicated answer, and may be cringe worthy for some. Cheers, CA


Why would ANYONE think that a transgendered person could procreate? They are only physically changed, NOT biologically. If someone were to dig up the bones of a transgendered person long after they died, they would identify as their gender at birth. That’s a scientific fact.


I am not certain about the skeleton thing. If a transgender person takes the medication to block puberty and then takes hormones, I think the skeleton acquires the characteristics of the conscious gender.


No Audrey is still XY. And that’s science not bigotry.



We are talking of bones after a long time after the person died. It’s extremelly difficult to retrieve DNA and people will look to the shape of the bones. Dimorphysm is very slight in childhood. It comes with puberty. So if you redirect it with medication the archeologist may end up classifying Audrey as a female.


LOL! They did teach you the difference between the male and female bodies correct? You can give her a vagina but the buck stops there. No ovaries etc. I am not sure who would think a trans could get pregnant, and carry a child. That is the point I was making. No they did not teach us about transgender back in the 70’s and 80’s but they sure taught us about reproduction

what it is

Julie Chen is a hypocrite and needs to be replaced


Julie Chen is the wife of the president of CBS. She’s not going anywhere.

EZ does it

Meg sure wears that tank top well !!!!!!


It looks like the handwriting is on the wall for Jeff. I wish he would find out about Austin wanting him out so Austin can have a showmance. Liz is sure full of confidence, starting to not like her. Opinion of Van has changed also. I think Audrey will float to $500,000.


Audrey will make it due to people like Van & Shelli. Van using the lame, lying excuse that she is standing by her due to the lgbt community-nonsense! She wants her there to be the constant target till she does not need her, or until she has to throw her under the bus to save herself & lastly if Audrey goes to the end the house despises her & won’t give her the votes. Van is not fooling me on why Audrey is there & it’s disgusting she wants to play like it’s out of solidarity. Really want to like Van but don’t like people playing cards(lgtb) that are not necessary or needed to be played.


Once vannessa confirms Audrey was the 2nd vote for Day, Audrey will have no one


Good lord, Liz loves Austin’s personality and Vanessa wants to create a female version of Chilltown with Audrey – guess it’s time to find some new favorites cause these 2 are delusional.


Becky spoke the truth! This season has been the worst for LGBT protectionism in the home. What a pathetic reason to keep someone and protect someone!!!! This is a microcosm for society at large. Equality isn’t wanted, superiority is.


They aren’t keeping Audrey because she is trans, They are keeping her because they don’t need to vote her out to strengthen their position in the game,


Did you hear Audrey’s reasoning? Obviously you didn’t.

Christine is a whore

I really could have done without another Cody/Christine showmance this year. Shelli and Clay are nauseating enough as it is. At least they’re both single. Smdh.


I like Becky because she has big boobs.


But they are fake. Big or small I prefer the natural look but to each their own


I could squeeze them. That’s real enough for me.


Becky’s face is so ugly. It’s hard to look at her.


Poor girl was hit in the face by a train. All things considered she looks pretty good!


I think Becky is great. I wish I had such a positive happy attitude.


I had no idea the girl had been hit by a train. How did that happen?


Not a train. A tramway.


How do you think you would look if you got hit in the face with a train?


For him it would be an improvement.

Guy From Canada

Uh, I wouldn’t make comments about her face cause she had re-constructive surgery after getting hit in the face by a train……


She said she did not have to get and surgery.

Walt Kowalski

F**k off, you twat


Why are so many people down voting big boobs?


Bunny Slipper

so Audrey is a complete basket case, but they can’t vote her out because she’s trans? Is that the rational? Because if it is, that’s the stupiedest thing ever! She’ll ride that all the way to the end. Then with someone else sitting next to her, it’ll be oh, Audrey’s trans, so we have to give her the win, or else we’ll be transphobic.

Bill Dan

The reason they aren’t voting Audrey out is because she is absolutely no threat. Everyone hates her. Maybe Vanessa is guided by that, but Jason, who is gay, hates her.

If you are in Van and Austin’s alliance, you want out Jeff and then James.

To win you get rid of the threats.

Twistin for the win!

Vanessa, please get out of the bed and take off that ridiculous damn green crown! She should have bed sores already because she has hardly moved since she won HOH. Where did they get the idea that when they win HOH they have to stay in bed the entire time? Shits gross.


Yes, just like Ronnie from season 11 even after his HOH power was over he was still staying in his HOH bed acting he was the boss of the house and stirring shit and we all know how that turned out for him.


I think Audrey has allergies! She’s allergic to the truth! If she just confessed to voting out Day, they would put more trust in her. Why hide the fact that she voted for Day, they already know it was her. She is such a bad player. She is like the little boy who cried wolf. The lies are doing more damage to her game then helping her. The term pathological liar comes to mind and I don’t think she can help it!


That’s why they need to get rid of her and stop keeping her around!

Twistin' for the win!

I agree with you about Audrey…BUT…I really think that before she gets the boot – those twins need to be on the next thing smokin’ out of the BB house. Keeping them in there is going to bite them in the ass. Let’s keep her for the “number”…meanwhile, she’s thinking “yes…these people are idiots!” and saying “oh protect me…I’m so scared and helpless!”

They better get the twins – the strongest alliance in the house, addmittedly by one of the twins herself – out of there. Just let Audrey keep simmering in her shit – there are bigger fish to fry right now and those twins top the list IMO. Eventually Audrey’s pot is going to boil over again and they can take care of her mess then.


No female Chilltown, Audrey? Clearly you’ve never heard of Alison and Queen Jun.


I sill think James is going. First as a surprise eviction and second this was decided when he was nominated. The whole Jeff thing is there to keep things interesting from Sunday to Thursday. Personality wise James is weak.


Nessa is a little caught up in these “one week deals” she needs to know this isn’t a game with set rules and no one has to keep any deal they make. I’m sure she knows this but then she needs to not put in any faith in these deals and not have it as a strategy tactic.

In Poker there are rules that u know others have to follow and u use this against them. In BB if u think there are rules or “morals” others will use that against you.


Vanessa is emotionally unstable, I have watched her for years and just thought she was focused, after watching her on BB it’s clear the women has issues. Her drugs are either to strong or they should up the dosage. She really believes the lies she saying about Jeff starting the argument, she planned this argument before she left the HOH, she thought she needed ammo to put him up, not a fan of Jeff or James so I don’t really care who goes but, I do know if her so called alliance does not win this week she’s toast. I think some houseguest are very nervous/scared of her. My vote is for any one besides Vanessa & Audrey, those two are a match made in heaven,


Just curious exactly what lies she has told about Jeff.. she hasn’t lied about him. She did make it overly dramatic. He was the one that initiated the alliance talk. He did say multiple times Austin is his next target and he is just using Austin. He did say Clay and Shelli need to be split up. He also continued lying to her in his explanation of everything but she couldn’t call him out because it would have exposed Shelli and Clay. Jeff also did say Becky needs to go before Jury because she is too strong of a competitor. Jeff also has said multiple times Jackie is expendable. So once again, what lies did she say about Jeff? Yes she exaggerated how big of a deal his lies were, but everything she said about him is truth.


Agreed. Approaching people with these one-week deals accomplishes nothing except making her look weak.

She wouldn’t sit at a poker table and say “I promise not to bluff this hand if you promise not to bluff next hand.”

Great example of how in this game, being smart is not enough, you also need to keep your own emotions and ego in check.


I really wish Jeff could stay. I find him more entertaining than James.
Van- I was rooting for you..was being the operative word.
I could care less abou Audrey…they are just keeping her around like they did with Aaron in the racist season.


I wonder did you say the same thing about Devin last year?


I don’t recall Devin,


Yeah well maybe if you find his pervy jokes to be more entertaining than James then good for you, i guess.


Liz talks like a surfer girl. Her and Jace would’ve been a perfect match.


Why does Vanessa have a lot of votes in the poll section? I thought a lot of people were beginning to not like her this week. I’m confused. Meg should be in the top 3. She has a very likable personality and Jason is cool as well, glad to see him in the top 5. And even though Becky doesn’t do too much to be in the limelight she should still be in the top 3 because she is really sweet and probably the most easiest person to have a conversation with in the house.


No…Vannessa is well liked here..You just think she isn’t because there is a small contingent of Nessa haters here that post on several different screen names but are in reality a total of about three people.

It’s fun because they really get “irked” by the open mindeded nature of most of the posters here.:)


No I have heard more than a few people say that they lost interest in Vanessa because of her awkward decisions as an HOH.

Guy From Canada

I placed my vote for Nessa at the beginning of the week before her head inflated……


Do I think Van went overboard this week? Yes. Was she annoying and overly dramatic over the Jeff fight? Definitely. Do I think making deals and talking to much with Audrey is a terrible idea? Yes. However, I still think Van is in a pretty good spot. She has loyalty. Clay and Shelli are most loyal to Van. Austin and Liz are most loyal to Van. Steve is most loyal to Van. I think the only way she will be in trouble next week if 2 of her enemies get HOH (Jackie, James, Meg, and Jason- and I’m not even sure Jason would put up Van). The odds of this happening are slim. If somehow she is on the block at the end of the week she will most likely stay.

I don’t know how anyone finds Meg likeable. She spends most of her time complaining. She only hangs out with her alliance members. She has absolutely no clue what is going on. She throws comps and then complains about being put on the block and is one of the biggest floaters in the game. The reason ADC is getting eaten alive is because they are not even loyal to each other yet are terrible about making relationships outside their group. They barely talk game to Becky but because they socialize with her they assume she will do whatever they want. Just can’t stand the lack of awareness and floating combined with the complaining.


The reason why I say Meg is a likable person because of her upbeat personality. She seems like she can very outgoing and fun to be around. That big blow up in the episode Sunday was very unusual of her. She is normally happy and jolly and that’s why I like her. Same with Johnny Mac. I am not surprised Johnny Mac has the highest votes. He’s very much likable. Him and Meg could be brother and sister.


I think Vanessa is using the sexual orientation card to keep Audry loyal. Why not, nothing else has worked. And if it intimidates others in the house to vote the way she wants it’s icing on the cake.


The crap is going to fly very shortly. Vanessa has just made what could possibly be her biggest mistake in the game. She has confided in AUDREY that she wants a final 2 with her. Audrey will 100% go to Shelli at some point soon and expose it. She cannot keep her mouth shut, and from their conversation Audrey will think that Vanessa is advocating Clay and Shelli’s demise. Vanessa has also basically chosen the alliance of Austin, Liz/Julia, Steve and herself over Clay/Shelli. If that was to get out as well, there is more going to be trouble. Vanessa is playing her cards way to fast now. She should have just stuck with her group for another few weeks and tried to clear out a few more players. She has been quite nasty to Austin this week, and I can’t see why she should expect any special treatment from him. After this fiasco she started by needing a reason for evicting Jeff she sent Austin to feel out the other side of the house, and the threw him under the bus with Shelli/Clay about it and now has Shelli doubting him. She has made unknown side deals with several people and that is OK, as long as it is HER making them. Soon this lady will have more shit than she can shovel coming at her. I know that she wants to get rid of Clay so she has Shelli, but most of the people in the house know that Shelli is the brains of that duo.

Butters Mom

Steve saying that he was told not to have a showmance this season prior to going in the house regardless of who finds him attractive is a huge red flag that this entire show has become scripted. Shelly mentioned early on that production was leading questions about her and clay having a possible showmance before she entered the house… I feel like they wrote a play and then went out and found specific characters to play the parts … I have been a big brother fan for years but Im going to lose interest if production doesnt let go of the script and let things happen. I dont believe for one minute that everyone in that house didnt already know that Audrey was a transgender BEFORE she revealed it first night in the house… yet they all acted like it was the first time they had ever heard it before. I think Vanessa is playing the whole LGBT “alliance” now because production has convinced her it will benefit their platform… I know production has had a “guiding hand” in the past but it just seems like they are having a heavier hand in things these days than they used to. There are too many people in there that dont seem to care about winning the money… their motives for being there are to boost them on to something else for their career. That could explain why there are more rewards these days than punishments… I kind of miss the days when I only watched the edited show on wed, thurs and sunday… I feel like santa just took off his beard in front of me.


They’re obviously not supposed to bring it up but occasionally players will mention their “storyline”. They are essentially cast as a “type” the jock, the gay guy, the nerd etc. These are guidlines that the production gives them to make the show entertaining, but legally they can’t affect the players eligibility to win the prize. Steve was cast as a nerdy superfan so hooking up with Liz (which won’t happen anyway) would go against that. I don’t think they are prevented from doing what they want, they just get pushed by production to maintain a storyline consistant with the edit they are getting.


Vanessa is delusional. She is desperate for a real alliance. I cannot wait for the other side is in power. She took a reason of jeff did not want to align with her to put him on the block. Shut a BS. She is still in power mode even it is over. She thinks everyone wants to align with her. She does not know the other side said they do not trust her.


I see you are buying Jeff’s salesman talk. She wasn’t mad that Jeff didn’t ask her to be in an alliance- she didn’t want an alliance with Jeff. She was mad that Jeff blamed her for trying to start an alliance when it was him. Jeff telling people Van was trying to make an alliance with Jeff but he didn’t want to work with her makes it look like Van is scheming and would make people think that Van has alliances with people they wouldn’t suspect. Which of course she does have alliances, but she doesn’t want Jeff putting a spotlight on it when she is trying to play the I have no one card. So yes, that comment by Jeff was a direct blow to Van’s game. However, it was only said in front of Shelli and Clay who knew better. Once again she is covering that though, so it makes sense she would be upset about it. Jeff has been playing all sides and throwing all people under the bus to the different groups he is in. He lies constantly.


Vanessa wants to align with Audrey. She thinks she has Audrey in her pocket. One thing I know for sure Audrey is only loyal to herself. Vanessa cannot shut her mouth now. She starts talking like Jeff did. She thinks she can make some deals now even though her power is over. She starts making multiple alliances now. I cannot wait for her to open her mouth more until the next HOH is crowned.


I’m hoping after Thursday night
a) The HOH’s winning are from opposite sides of the house.
b) They nominate 4 people that are all going to fight in the BOB

Better Than Last Year

I agree with both a) & b) Simon but here’s the problem…The BOB is designed for the HOH to want their nominations to lose so they can stay HOH. This is why I can’t stand the BOB. It takes all the true competition out of the challenge. And, I suspect, gives production more opportunities to influence the game.
It would be so great to see all people in a challenge really fighting to win it. How about a mid season twist where they do away with the BOB?


The BotB would be more interesting if it functioned as a champion for the respective HoH. You win the BotB then you come off and the HoH that nominated you stayed HoH. The losing noms stay on the block. That way there’s no incentive for the HoH to have their noms throw it and wouldn’t be able to guarantee them they would be protected. The veto functions the same.

This would make it hard for HoH’s to tell pawns they are protected because they wouldn’t be the ones in charge. This way the HoH that wants to make a move has to put up people that will win. The dynamic would be, your targets wouldn’t be the ones you nominate.

Better Than Last Year

Excellent Hmm…! I like it!


Dawg and Simon Just want you to know you’re running the best Big brother blog. I can’t believe how much original content you guys produce compared to other sites.

Amazing keep it up!


Thanks BBFAN2000, we push it everyday day. glad you are enjoying the season.


how I wish Jeff and James could kisy both leave together. BOOM!
gross dudes X 2


Vanessa is obviously smart but she couldn’t have played worse this week.

She’s just going way too hard, trying to run roughshod over people and dictate everyone else’s game. It’s like she’s trying to win the show in week 3. That doesn’t work – it’s a marathon, not a sprint.


Check these guys out. Andrew was from BBcan1 Pete is his brother. They rock


What is Vanessa Austin’s pimp? Why is she pushing so hard for Liz to make a choice. Can’t they just be friends? I think Austin is playing with he heart and needs to slow down. This isn’t a dating game. I was starting to like Vanessa and then she became HOH and all that went out the window. I don’t get how people change completely when they are HOH – Don’t they realize they are only going to have the power for 1 week?
Anyways…..I can’t wait to see how this plays out.


Since Jeff may feel some type of way about Clay, Shelly, and Vanessa for turning the house against him, it may be better for Jason, Meg, Jackie and whoever is on the opposite team (not sure about Austin and Becky) game if they would keep Jeff instead of James because James seem like (judging from the beginning of the season) he can be easily swayed by Clay, Shelly, and Vanessa. I am not confident in James being loyal to the right people (Meg, Jason, etc.). Remember he voted out Day. Day even warned Jason about James (remember Clay and Shelly swaying him to vote out Day even when Meg wasn’t on the Block yet).


The Audrey season…. what’s to come.

I’m not buying the trans thing is keeping her in the house per say. I think in the DR production is pushing keep her around(good for ratings). So far the season looks really bad for her going deep let alone winning 500K. She went from an alliance that blew up week one to a meat shield. They’re not pulling the trigger a good thing but it appears the James/Meg/Jason group are just sheep waiting to be lead to slaughter. Exactly what Audrey cannot have happen if she wants to go deep. Need 2 viable sides where her vote becomes swing then she floats to power. Gets to F4 then wins down to 7 questions. That’s the recipe for Audrey to win 500K I don’t see her getting close.
Audrey makes jury if she gets lucky on HOH the next few weeks. Some where between 8 down to 6 I see her getting evicted. Nessa a key but how is she positioned without HOH. Needs to reconnect with Austin and stop the foolish talk about not working with him. Liz is becoming a big liability to both of them. She is 1/2 whack job and completely without self control. Clay/Shelli/Austin and Vanessa is a core 4 to be reckoned with. Appears they can pull in Steve or Johnnie or Becky or even Jackie as needed. That’s 8 that will have some working relationships at some points during the season. Thus I see Audrey going in the 6-8 range as some of those 4 will get sacrificed along the way.
For the Johnnie Mac fans the above observation not good news. He’s making a very poor decision by voting James and jeopardizing a very sweet spot he had developed in the house.

As for Audrey keep on hating(like me) she’ll get hers eventually!


Vanessa wants to pair up with Audrey because she feels threatened by all the couples/pairs, and rightfully so. That’s what is protecting Audrey right now.

The problem is that Audrey will be an albatross around Vanessa’s neck as a partner. You want to partner up with someone who is well-liked so that you don’t have to constantly expose yourself by defending him or her. You don’t want to have to repeatedly stick your own neck out to protect your partner.

As soon as people suspect that they are working together, they will be in big trouble.


I disagree that Audrey can use anything against anyone. She has no creditability, nobody is going to trust or believe her. All Vanessa has to say is she is lying again, or I was just telling her what she wanted to hear.


I think Audrey might get by the next week or so, but the first double eviction could be her demise. She will be the easy one to get rid of without any backlash. I know Jackie has Vanessa in her sites, and a few others have Audrey. Quite frankly a lot of the people are smiling at Vanessa right now, but wait till Thursday, and it just might be another thing completely. I am baffled by Steve right now. Is his allegiance really to Vanessa and the alliance or to Johnny Mac.


Steve is a disappointment. He is a follower not a leader. His game appears to me to be as long as I’m not the target. I’ll take any olive branch I’m given. His game so far non existant just a vote nothing more.


During Freaks and Geeks strategy sessions Steve gives sounds logical advice. It was common for Vanessa and Austin to ask Steve for his input.

Other than those encounters you’re right he’s not doing much and making some enemies by being creepy.


Steve is not creepy that is what the house has labeled him and I think that Steve is playing a OK game right now. What else do you think he could do right now other than team up with the people that are keeping you from going up as a pawn every week.


I thinks he’s on the right track Freaks and Geeks is awesome and I hopefully they do well.


I don’t care if Austin has a girlfriend. I think he and Liz make a cute couple. They’ll be my favorite showmance if it happens.