“Shine that Armour Squire”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 2nd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 17-35-00-239_jpg

5:37pm Steve and Honeycuttz
Clay says they are not campaigning against each other, they haven’t talked to James yet
Steve – I have no idea what will happen
Clay leaves.
Steve to the camera – Clay why won’t you campaign you are a idiot this is your life in the house..
Steve says if Clay is really trying to throw his game to Shelli he feels bad for all the people that applied and didn’t get on the show, he’s apologizing for Clay to those people. Clay obviously didn’t come on the show to play. Steve is uncertain Clay’s serious about throwing it to Shelli, they’ll find out soon.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 19-51-21-022_jpg

Feeds blocked for 20 minutes looks like they decided to not show us Shelli completing the 2400th Battle.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 18-09-21-881_jpg

6:07pm Vanessa shining the armour.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 18-22-46-879_jpg

6:24pm Austin and Liz snuggling…..

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 18-40-06-784_jpg
6:29pm LIving Room Julia, Austin and liz
Liz – Is everyone sleeping… might as well take a nap F*** that

Liz ponders why nobody has gotten sick in the house. It must be because they are isolated.
Austin says the only outside interactions they get are with the beefcakes and that isn’t for very long.
(Team Beef Cakes)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 18-42-06-781_jpg

6:34pm Austin rubbing Liz’ arm she’s not touching him.. She interlocks fingers with him and rubs his head..

Animated gif 1, Animated Gif 2

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 18-55-04-127_jpg

6:54pm Shelli comes out of the shower after completing the 2400 battles. The rest of the house is sleeping.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 19-28-13-332_jpg

7:25pm Vanessa continues to shine.. production over the speakers “Shine that Armour Squire”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 19-58-49-149_jpg

7:55pm At some point tonight these two will go to JAmes and try and get him to use the POV..

(It’s been very slow… )

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 20-12-54-410_jpg

8:11pm Clay and Shelli
Clay wants to have the conversation with James and Meg sooner than later.
They start going over talking points, Clay’s pitch – “This isn’t a desperation plea we legit have things that will benefit Y’all “
Clay – There’s people in this house that aren’t as close to you as you think
Shelli – there’s people riding with you now only because you have power.
Clay – I want them to know they’re not SAFE (If Clay or Shelli go)
Clay – we have to admit our mistakes, the Jason thing.. we regret that and we’re wrong with that, we hope that doesn’t define our game..
Shelli tells him they will not sell anyone out to James.
Clay says they should volunteer to go up next week for double eviction, ‘The chances of them winning the HOH is small.. i’m willing to take the risk.. they would have no blood on their hands nothing personal”

Shelli brings up Jason telling them Becky was planning on putting them up in a double eviction. Shelli thinks that was James, Meg and JAson’s plan all along not Becky’s.
Shelli – who would you rather have in the jury house friends or people that drive you crazy” (A possible thing Shelli might say to James to get Steve up)
Clay believe there’s a deal with JAmes and Austin’s side.

8:34pm Vanessa is done squiring

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Whoa. Shelli looks like a dude!


Clay pings around Shelli but less/not at all around Meg and Becky, it’s very odd.


Totally noticed that! That bit when Meg was drunk and Clay/Meg were in the bathroom – there was some sexual tension there for sure, unlike with Clelli.


Exactly what i was thinking lol! She actually kind of looks like Clay in that pic with no makeup and her hair up. Everything makes sense now!


Ahhhhhhh hahahaaaaaa….now we know what her twin brother looks like


I noticed on the show tonight, that when Becky was ratting to Shelli and Clay, her nose was twitching like crazy. Fully expected Shelli to hand her a chunk of cheddar in gratitude.


RedBull/Vodka comments are the best lol Luv it!!


That’s exactly what I was thinking

Yo Yo Yo

That was my exact thought – she looks like a man without her makeup on. Can that be a twist? Two transgenders in the house this year.
I am actually missing Audrey and her drama. Loved it! Hope she is doing well at home.


Every year I get to the point in this game where I am sure of things that turn out to be completely wrong…Clay and Shelli are fraternal twins,JohnnyMac has his twin in the house too,Shelli and Becky are sisters,Audrey was related to someone as a sibling,etc…so, yes!Shelli being transgender is interesting too! That is a man’s jawline!


I would have told Shelli I was lying about the deal when she was in mid-air.


That is fawking hilarious !!


That woulda been awesome!

Mrs. Mac

Someone needs to compile all of the Stills of Shelli without her makeup on. You know, as a nice little welcome home present.


Haters gonna hate! Because many women wear makeup which conceals flaws and blemishes, we, guys, see them dressed to impress. But, it is not realistic to expect women to look the same without makeup on with being in the sun, having little sleep, and their hormonal cycle. Those cameras are hi definition and they zoom in for some tight close ups. That can be brutal on some of the top celebrities in the country.


Shellie’s vanity and ego are easy targets. She is so shallow that picking on her looks is the big bullseye…and, she is very rough looking for a 33 year old! Her skin has sun damage and those cheap hair extensions are not doing her any favors either! So, while it is not nice, it is the truth!


Maybe it’s insecurity, ever think of that? Could be why she gets so upset that the camera’s are on her 24/7.


is it me or does it lookj like austin is some horny teenager who will rape her if she doenst give it up in the end.. like when he gets turned down hes gonna have a fit and pin her down and rip her clothes off and stick it to her. shes playing a dangerous game


I think Austin is more of a groveling beggar type. Liz could put him on a leash if she wanted.


Vanessa didn’t take Dr. John Mcguire’s advice to not eat Triscuit if she’s having issues with a tooth. 🙁

Big Jim

I actually think Shelli looks pretty good for an old broad


Dude, everyone, 33 is not fucking old. Bitches be looking good in their 50s these days. Sheesh.

Steve is sucha klutz

First, he can’t even open a can of tuna with a can opener. Second, after several futiles, he managed to open it, but spilled the tuna juice all over him AND the floor, just becos he couldn’t get the lid out with a fork.

Is he pretending to be a moron in front of the cameras? Its extremely irritating to watch. yucks!!!!!!!!


Drives me mad that shelli and clay both won’t just own their stuff. It’s a game. Everyone knows the game. Good lord. If you lie or screw someone. Own it at least to yourselves. Guess that’s why even tho Dr Will or Evil Dick were ruthless they are my favorites. They would own crap even if they didn’t do it.


BTW Simon, I lurk here all the time without posting. I feel so honored that you replied to my post! 🙂


U guys r funny whos gonna win this game i like Vanessa & Steve final 2 & Johnny Mac AFP

AL Champs

Go Royals


So freakin’ funny, in the show tonight…
Julia is talking about Austin and says “I wouldn’t trust him with a ten foot pole”.
The phrase is, I wouldn’t TOUCH him with a ten foot pole.
Did anyone else catch that?? It just made me lol
<3 the twins though!


My husband and I have been laughing all night about that…how special is this ten foot pole she won’t trust anyone with? Sooo funny


I get a kick out the them! I believe it was her sister who said James wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the box (commenting about the BOB comp) haha.


Julia Girl, you are smart not to trust a man with a ten foot pole!


Julia said she thought he had a big peepee but that’s just ridiculous.


I thought the power flip would be crazy and it’s the slowest weak so far lol

Mina Harker

Now, now…let’s try to be nice. She has strong features; she’s what would be referred to as a “handsome” woman in earlier times. There are only 2 other females on BB who have given me such a visceral reaction, and they were Amanda Zuckerman and Rachel Reilly. Shelli is more attractive initially, but as soon as her true colors start to show, she gets a hard, flinty veneer that is really unattractive. Shelli fits in perfectly with those two beasts.

Not Dawg

Steve is creeping me out


it’s crazy how ppl look so different without makeup. She looks like she’s a child. Not even a wrinkle. Impressive…. And a lil weird.

What’s the chances of shelli actually leaving Thursday????
Seems like Vanessa and austwins want to keep her. I can’t believe Vanessa’s still on that bandwagon after Shellys spaz out at nomination ceremony.


just considering this now, would it have made sense for shelli to take the comp punishment to deflect the target off her as she would literally be unable to compete?


Does anybody else think the duck in the logo kind of looks like Vanessa?


I keep thinking Vanessa reminds me of my friend Telly. Maybe their a twin twist to. come to think of it, I haven’t seen Telly around Sesame Street lately.


Shelli saying,”Who would YOU rather have in the jury.” Made me laugh. She is doing Jason a favor. Lol


One of these girls has to go, Thursday can’t come quick enough!


Ugh. Now I’m starting to wonder if keeping Clay/Shelli will benefit the Outsiders long term.

The way things are going, unless Jackie or Meg (and it’s a big if with Meg) wins HOH during the DE, then Jackie and Meg will go up with James as a possible BD.

Austin/Twins are just trying to sell themselves as votes to whoever is in power so the three can stay together deeper into the game which is going to be very dangerous down the road as more of the stronger comp people leave.

Been looking at BBHamster, BBJokers, and BBUpdates on Twitter, and Shelli/Clay seem sincere in actually wanting to work with the Outsiders, but that begs the question of where Becky and Jmac stand with them. And how does Vanessa fit into this new allegiance their thinking about.

If James kept Shaly safe this week by putting up Steve or Vanessa who would Shelli and Clay put up in the DE? Ausitn and a Twin? Both Twins?

It’s clear that players like Vanessa and Steve need to be taken out sooner rather than later, because they’ll kill comps at the end. But James/Jackie/Meg may not be able to go up against Clay/Shelli/Becky/JMac in the final 7.

I’m starting to think putting Steve (but so much better if Vanessa) up as a replacement, the Outsiders would be in a better spot. Austin/Twins couldn’t be very mad at them. Shelli/Clay would be happy to be in jury together (sarcastic huzzah). Vanessa would be pissed probably, and her freaks and geeks alliance would be down a member.


To all you people saying this photo is “Donnie Mac” it’s not, it’s Johnny Mac… http://www.keystonedentalscrantonpa.com/about-us/our-dentists/john-r-mcguire-dmd.html


If I am reading it right one of the twin is feeding jsmes info does that mean she will vote shelli out? I hope she rats out Becky too.


Shelli & Clay are dummies that James won’t use the veto either one of them. Not even a budged or give in too them. Good riddance six sense alliance are no more.


I enjoyed watching Shelli put on that fake happy face while she was completing her punishment. Inside I knew she was furious. James /Meg/Jackie better watch out if she ends up staying over Clay. Also, Im disappointed (again) with Meg and Jackie .While everyone is going out of their way to be nice to them this week b/c they’re afraid of going OTB, they should take advantage and get some info /do some investigating about what really happened with the Jason BD + others evicted hg’s from their side(Jeff, Day), try to find out where people are truly aligned and watch and see who’s talking to whom/sending time together. Instead, Meg is busy flirting with and comforting Clay(who she is secretly in love with) and Jackie is just as clueless as ever thinking they have the votes to keep Clay over Shelli. The entire house, expect their side, voted Jason out and didn’t give them a heads up last week . Why would they trust these same people to help them with votes this week ??? I like the “outsiders” personalities and humor, but their game play is driving me crazy.

Yo Yo Yo

Some great points. Jackie, Meg… Get with it girls. That’s the only reason I would want Shelli to stay – at least she’s playing the game. The others have no game plan.
Also, I think Vanessa is copying Derrick’s beanie idea – wearing it to fit in with the younger houseguests.


Àaaaaannnnddd the green beanie is back. Christ, that thing must smell by now. Give it a rest, Vanessa!

Grandma Sharon

Vanessa mentioned one night on bbad that she only brought 2 applications of hair color with her to the house to cover her dark roots. Apparently she already used one. She said that she is saving the 2nd to use at a later date to look good at the end of the game. Don’t know why she can’t ask for more in the DR. THUS the ugly green hat.


James- James- James, Dude – Don’t be blinded by Shelli and Clay’s antics if you know clay wants Shelli to stay in the game then start to figure it out and say you will use the Veto on him and put Vanessa on the Block! Get rid of one of the power girls. Surely that is the better move than leaving them both on the block and taking the chance of having Clay go home before Shelli and having both her and Vanessa stll there!


If you put Vanessa on the block that adds more blood on your hands and she be putting yo ass up next week DUH


They’ve talked about it every day and it’s clear they (meaning Meg, Jackie, James) are not putting Vanessa up. Unless something crazy happens, he is not going to change the nominations. In James mind, he prefers Shelli go home, but is happy just to take one of them out. Which is not good for that little group, leave Shelli in the house and it will be on. She’s def. 10x’s better at comps. And James can’t play next week, so that only leaves Jackie with a very, very miniscule shot of winning hoh. Not to mention, for some reason that is far beyond me, they STILL have not figured out 6th sense. Which will still be in tact minus Clay. In other words no big loss at all. lol

The Ninety Percent

Not going to lie… A Shelli VS Vanessa thing does sound like an interesting time in the house.


Its a win win situation. Save Clay put up Vanessa that way he cant save Shelly by having hisself voted outShelly goes big move, Vanessa goes big move. Lie to whoever stays. I Shelly stays James can say he kept his promise that the plan was always to Backdoor Vanessa for choosing to put up Jason. That he’s sorry he had to put them through that but it had to be believable or it wouldn’t have worked. If Vanessa stays tell her he had to put her up as a pawn to make sure Shelly was voted out or they would of voted of Clay instead


It is SO repulsive how Austin is so desperate over Liz that he follows her like a dog in heat. UGH!!! Literally everywhere like he is constantly looking for a chance to snuggle, rub against her or touch her. It’s almost as if he does not care that her parents might be watching or what they think about his atrocious behaviour. He is so pathetic. I am actually more embarrassed for him. Yuck!! And shame on Liz for leading him on! I would be scared once the game is over if I was her. He looks like the stalking type.


Dude, I wonder how repulsive you guys look after an exhaustive workout and a shower, her personality’s kind of shite but Shelly’s beautiful I don’t see how anyone can question that.


Is it just me, or does the way Shelli eat really annoying and not a nice sight?

Taking it 2 Far!

I am not a Shelli and Clay Fan at all and am happy to see them on the block and hope Shelli goes! But she is not ugly does not look like a guy! She is beautiful. That’s just mean! I don’t like their game play and can’t stand hypocrites, but making fun of someone cause you don’t like the way they look it just wrong! Put a pic of yourself up and let’s all see what you look like! I bet ur not all that great! Js


Exactly! You know the people saying that are ugly af themselves lol

Shelli's lame-arse attemp to undig her own grave

… A tad too late, woman.

Remember when she INSISTED austin should stay over jason? That was her biggest mega mistake in this game, and its adding up hours till her demise.

All this grovelling in the hoh room means squat now.


That is because she functions best when people are groveling at her feet, begging for her mercy. Funny how that nailed her own coffin, arrogance! Gotta love it when people who are consumed by it gets buried too in the process when they think it befits them the most!


Whatever happened to the weekly takeover? Stupid twist really, sitting as hell and I’m glad it’s gone but whatever happened to it?


The twins will play their own game and not be such a puppet to Vanessa. They will do what is best for their game. Becky, Steve and John will always be puppets to someone. Austin will be a puppet to the twins or Vanessa.


LOL vanessa’s talking to jackie about how she heard jeff and jason out before she put them up on the block. so i missed last week, did vanessa ever speak with jason about going up on the block?

another name

on a game level the last 24 hours have been a bit of a dud.
by design in my opinion.
botb ends week 8 last season. ends week 6 this year: to end the repetition of dominance one can be completely sure.
the punishments guaranteed there would be limited to no campaigning until the night before pov ceremony. depending on the order the pov players were chosen, production may have been james’ best ally this week.
Hey, it’s got people excited, so cool. but honestly, as much as I want shelli or clay taken down a few pegs, i’m not oblivious to the convenience of the permutations of this week’s events. Hey, alter the game. okay. that’s what production does. that’s what the takeover twists were supposed to be. maybe that’s part of why i’m not willing to call James the hero. well that and he’s still the creepy guy he was every other week. Without this weeks game change… he still would be. He’d be sharing hoh with shelli.
Don’t assume i’m not enjoying seeing clay and shelli on the block. watching those two hypocrites twist in the wind makes me smile.
I’m just more of a mind to congratulate production on being good allies to james this week than to congratulating james himself. So many people were asking production to step in and end the slaughter of the summer campers. Production stepped in.
If the jamesjackiemeg group can capitalize on this and actually thrive, or even survive without further aid, bravo. If not, oh well.


I disagree. While I think this challenge was designed for James (he dominated endurance already, and he spent how much time in the military? That in itself is endurance training), if they would have kept BOTB, it was aimed more for Jackie. She was a close second in the last endurance and production was expecting a power twist anyways. I think stopping Botb early is setting up for a later twist.

another name

in terms of who the comp was designed to benefit, i’d have to say irrelevant given that the actual results were james and shelli in first and second place. If it were still a double hoh therefore james and shelli would be co-hoh until botb this week. But saying that production designed the comp for james and Jackie further proves my point that production has been a good ally to james Jackie and meg this week.

BB takeover

Thursday eviction hasn’t happened yet 🙁


James!!!! DON’T believe a word that comes out of their mouth.


lol shelli and clay are now saying the house wants james to use the POV and put up a replacement.


I think this will be better take down clay in put up vanessa
that will be the show to watch I want mess nothing


i am not going to be shocked if james uses this veto and puts up some idiot pawn, unless its vanessa, then ill be happily dancing mad with a seizure of disbelief.

Min O'Pause

Someone needs to tell Becky what happens to snitches in prison 🙁