Vanessa “What if Johnny Mac let it slip?” – That Austin was okay with one of the twins going..

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3:25am HOH room – Vanessa is talking to Steve. Vanessa says you are the most liked person in the house right now by far. You haven’t pissed a damn person off. Steve says well I’m going to be a target next week. Vanessa says everyone understands. Even Julia said she know you would target them. Its an automatic move. There’s no blood if you do it right. You have a right to try and win this game. Everyone knows there’s a showmance and a sister relationship and you can’t compete with that. You’re at best 4th place there. You can’t go into final 5 with a threesome that strong. Of all people Austin will understand the most. Julia understands and probably believes she is the least target of the three. You might piss off Liz but you can’t get to the end without pissing anyone off. I am going to take you to the finals. What do you think you’re going to do? Steve says the move that makes us less likely to get screwed over. (Nominate: Austin & Liz) Vanessa says so you’re probably going to leave Julia off? Steve says I can’t say but I think that would be the scenario that would least likely screw me over. Vanessa says if one of them doesn’t win the veto… you can’t play next week. Johnny and I can and we have to do what gives us the best probability of winning from the two that are left. With Liz you kill two birds with one stone. No showmance and no sisters. And you’ve got a weak pair. Maybe not the best situation. The one thing in Liz’s favour is that Austin would make a less bitter juror. And Austin is more likely to win later comps and Liz isn’t. Vanessa tells Steve that Julia told her if Austin & Liz were on the block and we agree to not vote out Liz she would keep the noms the same so that Vanessa wouldn’t go up on the block. Steve says she would be a fool to not save her sister. So think this should be the plan – Put up Austin & Liz .. if Julia wins veto we promise her to not vote out Liz and then vote out Austin. Does Austin know he will go up? Steve says he knows it will be a combination of the 3.

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Vanessa says If noms stay the same I have a very strong way so that you don’t get any blood on your hands by using information you already have to your advantage. Steve asks what is it? Vanessa says don’t make me say it in case this person wins veto. Vanessa asks give me your word so that this information never back to this person. What did Austin tell Johnny before this HOH? Steve says that he was okay with one of the twins going. What if Johnny let that slip? You’re welcome!

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3:45am – 4:15am HOH room – Austin joins them. Vanessa leaves so they can talk. Austin says that he let the twins know we’re in danger. I said it could be any combination. I don’t know if you talked to Johnny Mac about scenarios. I will want to talk to him because if I’m up I will need his vote. Do you know what you’re thinking. Steve says he is too tired to make a decision right now. Austin says if I was to go up I would understand if that’s the move you would choose. Steve asks do you think I should do something different? Austin says that’s a tough question. I want you to do what is best for you. If Julia or Liz win HOH next week the chance of them going after you is zero percent. Unless the veto is used. I can keep them from coming after you. Steve asks why would that benefit you? Austin says I don’t want you to go, I like you. Austin says the girls were so adamant they didn’t want you to go up. Julia said no f**k that she didn’t want you to go up again. Austin says putting them (twins) up might be the best decision and then if one of them comes down maybe I go up to secure one of them going. I don’t know I am caught in a hard place. This is such a tough decision. The girls trust you more than Vanessa. I will try to sit them down and deflect them as much as possible. I don’t want you to talk to Liz about this because if I go up on the block I will need votes. If I or anyone else is up next to Julia the other person will go home. If I end up going up I will understand and not hold it against you. Austin asks are you going to blindside them or tell them? Steve says I can’t. Austin asks are you going to hint to them? Steve says probably. They end their conversation and head down stairs.

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4:15am – 5:30am Steve has a shower and scampers around the house

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110 thoughts on “Vanessa “What if Johnny Mac let it slip?” – That Austin was okay with one of the twins going..

      1. That bug eyed picture of vannessa is freaking me out. I thought she was scary before that picture. If I was the other house guest I would be sleeping with one eye open. Wow, after looking at it again it would be safer if they didn’t sleep at all. Chucky doesn’t have anything on her.

        1. The wicked witch of Vegas, surrounded by the stupidest people she left in the game, none of them living on their own, only one holding a job is showing the stress of her inability to play with true integrity. She’s looking around knowing she can’t trust any of these people, who to date has shown no ability to reason, no sign of innate intelligence or identity of their own.

          She looks likes she’s on The Walking Dead surrounded by zombies she hand picked, because her game is so bad, she’s so insecure, cannot negotiate or partner, she had to recruit from the bottom of the BB casting barrel which were bottom feeders to begin with. So facing the worst of the worst cast, she thinks, you know, I didn’t teach them honor or integrity – they are zombies who will eat their own family. I LOVE IT- doctor crazy trapped in the asylum with her monsters. Hahahaha…let’s see if she makes it out alive, or if, in a moment of brilliance, by reaching down deep inside or because Production told them to, or by accident, the creatures revolt and evict her. It would only take 2.

    1. Van’s face cannot lie. She’s like the picture of Dorian Gray. Van’s gameplay involves constant deceit constant backstabbing, the same seediness that drove her out of poker. Her stressful strategy involves lying to everyone about everything: She lies about everything comps, production, meds, strategies, incentives, bribes, motivations, scenarios, players moves, her moves, character, facts, trivia, Bible, clues in baskets, messages, dreams, family life, school, relationships, mel, career, finances. manufactured threats, so she has to lie about the lie. Then she has to pin the lie on someone else so she doesn’t look like the liar. So that’s a lie about a lie about another lie. If it came out of her mouth is a lie, the world they live in is not reality its Vanipulator’s conjured house of lies protected by her rule book, her Bible, her unfinished degrees, her bribes, her PR team her lawyers, her money.

      She sets up every individual person to be a liar, has lied to everyone about everyone and gets manic knowing she’ll get found out and have to tell another lie, so it’s a lie about a lie, for a lie covered up by a lie, and a house of cards that will collapse if anyone compares notes to uncover her lies. She then lies some more to alienate everyone from each other so lies are not discovered. She isolates herself because she doesn’t make a true friend, partner or alliance, has in fact no one she isn’t backstabbing by the minute. If you lie to someone about something and someone, you trust nothing and no one, and hence her state of constant eye darting, wheels spinning, mouth yammering paranoid schizophrenic mania. We were always taught someone who behaves this way is overcompensating for guilt deceit cheating, she’ll say it’s because she’s overly intelligent, overly experienced, condescendingly more equipped to deal with every circumstance of your life better than you.

      She literally can’t eat or sleep, takes meds to quiet her crazy mind. It’s that consciousness of guilt and fear of being caught that she wears on her face, the sunken eyes the zit explosion, the unkempt hair & body covered with beanies and baggy clothes. She’s literally hiding her lies and what they do to her body–they dont let her sleep, depression makes her eat poorly. She can’t bare to see her true reflection or stop herself, she’s pathological who manipulates everything every feeling, playing Chess against herself because she tells everyone what to think, feel, and move. No one else actually exists, and why this season is so boring. Like the picture of Dorian Gray that changes to show the hideous monster that he is inside, getting scarier with every passing crime.

      This cast of literal dummies, not yet out of mothers womb, rejects from the real world, is the only environment in which her game can survive. Fact is only other job holders not living with mom work at mall and prison, recruited because they didn’t know the game either. All suckers, suckered into throwing comps to the con artist/spider who manufactured the chaos to make them dependent on her untangling the web of lies she’s trapped them with. It’s how you feel going to a car lot, you know you’re going to get screwed they control all the information and its all lies. Her next job should be used car salesman, if she can’t lie her way onto Amazing Race that is. After she writes her book about all the lies over lies and gaming theory and probability someone would believe her which lie.

      1. looks like Vanessa has you in need of laying down on a couch and talking things out.

        She’s by far the best player in the game. Strategy wise how can you fault her? This isn’t a truth telling contest. This isn’t real life. This is a GAME FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT. she’s the only one playing.

        People hated Dans game as well at the time. Now he’s BB royalty. Vanessa will be the same.

        1. Thank you! Some of these posts are crazy! Vanessa is playing BB. She has adopted the “Derrick” she has been thinking, planning, plotting from day 1. I’ve had my upset moments but she is strategic & does what’s best for her.

          Every year BB has 1 hg that runs the house. Dan,Amanda,Helen,Derrick, ( some examples) & Vanes
          They all play the game hard day 1 & can say they have had there hands in some hg evicts. Remember, to win the game w jury you have to list what you’ve done.Steve is the next to her. Everyone else hasnt had a impact on the game at all.

          Even if all the comments on her appearance & character are right so what! She’s playing the damn game!

          1. I don’t have a problem with a smart player like Vanessa or Derrick , all I’m asking for is more than one player who runs the house. Why not have 5 or 6 of these players to make it more interesting and unpredictable.

      2. Stop acting like you know her. She wasn’t driven out of poker and she’s played a sloppy but good game. Sorry your house guest is out but get over it

      3. Obviously not you. You must watch feeds 24/7 to get info for your Vanessa thesis on her psyche. This is a game show. Get a job. Get a life. Don’t use your psychology 101 to dissect and trash someone you don’t know. People PLEASE!!

      4. Look at Vanessa’s big ole raccoon eyes. She purposely puts big dark rings around them! Maybe she is applying her makeup so that the rest of her face is equally grotesque. Come on…if the spray tan made her orange a couple of days ago, why would she put it on her FACE after that? Maybe she thinks looking haggard will win her sympathy…when she pleads her case that she has been all alone in this game.

    2. Vanessa is on everyone’s side and no one’s side. Put her up and watch her unravel her own game, start sharing notes and play to nail her coffin and take your own game back. Austin is not gonna cover for Liz, he has to justify his embarrassing porn performance by bringing home some money. If these so-called men and superfans can’t win these ridiculously lame comps against girls who lost all summer they didn’t deserve it in the first place. They dont have a chance to win or make a decision on their own if Van stays. All the lies will come out if the cheating backstabber is safely on the block.

  1. “If Julia wins Veto i can convince her not to use it”. Ok Vanessa i thought of you as the smartest player in the house for a while now, but even Meg would see how stupid that is. Why would Julia not take off Liz and hope that Vanessa and Johnny don’t vote her out. When she can take off Liz and control the votes. Vanessa’s afraid she’ll be the replacement nominee and could be the most likely going home if Julia wins VETO.

    1. Finally some action!!!! I am laughing and LOVING the way Vanessa is playing the game right now. You are right Simon/Dawg, she wastes NO time and doesn’t need M&Ms or 10 minutes by herself to think!!! She’s on it!!! This is all hilarious! I knew we had to wait until it was down to those 5/6 before we saw some activity and backstabbing… buckle up!! LOVE IT!

    2. I think it’s zealotry–Vanessa has convinced herself that she’s the most intelligent person in the world(big brother house and beyond),she sees all other players as objects that could be defined,described, and used at will.To her credit,The twins and Austin aren’t clever either.The biggest blunder was for Austin and Liz to be completely ignorant of what is going on in the house,to take out James over Johnny and not to even think of Vanessa as a possible nomination.

      1. As much as I hate JMac ,I really hope he comes out to play, just so this game could finally get INTERESTING. If Steve noms Austin and Liz, JMac could win POV, leave noms the same ,combine with Julia, and vote out Austin. Then make a 3way deal with twins and go after Steve and Van. Steve cannot play HoH, So JMac and twins would have a 3 to 1 chance to win HoH against Van. BUT, being the coward that he is, he will probably go along with Mommy’s plan, and settle for 4th or 5th. He will go into DR and make funny noises and try to win AMFAV. He will get the idiot vote, but James will win, I hope.

        1. JMac is not smart…has a smaller version of Austin’s vagina…and is an unfunny/annoying white boy (with no gonads)…I thought BB Fans were smart, but you all amaze me with your like for this twit.
          Move along!

        2. I see what you are saying and I do agree with your thought,however,I don’t think Johnny is dumb–he wanted to switch his vote to get out Julia,so he could team up with Steve,Meg,and James to go after Austin,Van,and Liz but Steve wasn’t on board.I think Steve sees himself and Vanessa Lieutenant.

  2. Steve is dumb doing Vanessa’s dirty work. He must not have realized that if he sends a twin home, that’s automatically a 3 jury vote loss for him. He should put Vanessa on the block since he is so smart

    1. I don’t know if that was sarcasm or not but if he doesn’t send an Austwin out then two of the three of them probably won’t even be in the jury house

    2. How is he doing Vanessa’s work? Jmac, Steve AND Vanessa should all have the same targets. The number one target this week HAS to be breaking up the austwins.

      What would be stupid would be leaving them completely in tact. They’ve gone that road for a long time and it has screwed a lot of people.

      It is 100% past time to be rid of that 3 headed monster.

          1. Vanessa is playing to win. If she targets the Austwins, no way they are voting for her to win. She has to get Steve or Johnny Mac to do her work for her. Like her or not, she is playing the best game for her.

          2. Meg/James were the big threat to Vanessa’s game. No one else would put her up. It was the right move for her. But she’s understands the game.

    3. So can nobody ever send a twin or Austin home? They are a group of three. Of course you have to send one of them home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone chills out in the jury house and ultimately respects game play and doesn’t hold it against anyone that specifically sent them packing. Steve and Johnny can likely take Vanessa out later on and so for now it is a pure numbers game or they won’t get to the end anyway. In terms of one of them being with Vanessa in final two if they don’t get rid of her; Vanessa has played the best game, but it may not be recognized by the jury members because of her neurotic behavior. Despite her intelligence, for some reason I don’t feel she will make the best case for herself.

      1. Don’t mistake the ability to manipulate, extreme paranoia and a good memory as intelligence. Vanessa is, at best, cunning and lacks integrity and likeability. Any houseguest that likes her now won’t after they watch the show. IMO

    4. And who is he supposed to go after then, JMac? Vanessa? No one has a chance if they leave the Austwins intact. It’s not Vanessa’s dirty work, it’s what needs to be done. That 3-some has to be broken up.

  3. Worst season ever.. no one has balls anymore,no big moves, nothing. Way too much input from the crew, …this will be it for me…was a great show while it lasted…

    1. BB16 officially the worse since we had to watch Skankie prancing and twirling around in his Little Lord Fauntleroy shorts and PeeWee Herman jackets with the glitter on his face and the bullshit pouring out of his mouth. I still have nightmares about that.

  4. The biggest disappointment of this season is with myself. I have always wanted a final 3 with all women. However, I cant, I just cant with these 2 little girls and Van. I am seriously rooting for JMac or dare I say it, austin. But, Its already becoming clear, neither of those 2 will get there.
    Steve is really pathetic, and Vanessa I feel has had an unfair advantage, just like Derek did. It would be great if they put 2 or 3 people in like van and derek. Its really child’s play with them. They deal with this stuff and study it in their daily life, then fight against 20 somethings that have booze and sex on the brain.
    Austin and Vanessa are the ones that brought the twins all this way. So yes, the real disappointment is me…. and the fucking BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I wanna see Vanessa, Dan, Derrick and Janelle play that game together. Oh and put Rachel in it so we can have some drama :P

  5. Steve .. vanessa will go home if liz, Julia, or Austin wins veto … Don’t beat yourself up … It doesn’t matter who you put up. They all know that .. Veto controls this week .. Since you have no Allies

  6. Steve is an idiot. Steve is an idiot. Steve is an idiot. If he were to send van home….I would consider him a good player even though his game so far has been awful, he’ll HE is awful. Time to make a move dude, otherwise no one will even remember you. You talk big but you have no balls!

      1. Could be Meg, or could be Johnny Mac whose great strategy for getting back in the house was to target Meg. Julie almost fell off her stool on that one.

  7. Don’t really care who wins at this point. James was my last hope for someone who I like AND a good enough competitor to possibly win (he would have owned that final HOH endurance comp). But James only played the game part-time and his allies were not good game players at all. He chose his path and faced the consequences. The only entertainment value left this season (for me at least) is to watch all these predators turn on each other. Let the bloody feast begin.

    1. James only played the game when he was HOH. Other than that he entertained the audience but acted like he was on vacation trying to get the girl instead of the money. Now he doesn’t get the girl or the money.

  8. Great gif Dawg! HOH Steve picking his butt! Metaphor for this season!

    Big James fan…… don’t really care who wins.

    JAMES FOR AFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I cant believe how incompetent Steve is. He defies his own logic in every part of this game.
    “Vanessa has mist, it is real”?! Spineless.

  10. Everyone is playing veto. If Austin wins he is going to take down Liz. Then all you need is 2 to control the vote. Johnny Mac is going home. Then you’re going to go to final 5 with 3 (Aus-twins).

    NOW YOU REALISE THAT? NOW? they had the best chance to send one of the twins packing…. And now it’s too bloody late

  11. Vanessa is this years winner!! The only one that wont take her to final 2 is Liz and my guess is she will be gone this week. Not that Im a fan of hers but she was the only one truly playing the game this year. Terrible casting yet again big brother!!

  12. IMO: the smarter move for Steve is to send Liz packing, no twin, no showmance, everyone is on a level playing fields and Steve still has the Johnny shield.

    1. And no blood on his hands really. Liz has both Austin and her sister.

      Although they seem pretty irrational so who knows how bitter they will be.

  13. This show now is nothing more than a countdown till survivor since the whole season turned to crap when they evicted Meg/James. Honestly none of them deserve to win. Can we have a twist that replaces all the houseguests with the jury members? No? Okay. Guess I wait till Survivor to start then :/

  14. I think he should put up Liz and Vanessa if one comes down they were never the target. Then use Austin as replacement. I would love to see Liz and Vanessa campaigning àgainst each other. Liz or Vanessa going would be good for MY game. Haha

  15. I wish Steve puts up the twins & if one of them wins veto, he puts Austin. The worst case scenario is Austin winning the Veto. He might use it on Liz which force Steve to put one of his alliance on block & Austwins controls who goes home :/.
    Team JMac <3

  16. I’m not really that worried about Vanessa winning this game. The twins and Austin are not going to turn on each other. Realistically, Johnny is going to go this week. Steve and Vanessa go in the next couple of weeks. Austwins are final 3. Austin will fall on his sword for Liz. The twins take the money.

    Vanessa should have formed a solid group featuring herself, Becky, John, James, Meg, Steve, and Jackie. Meg of course, just being ballast. They could have afforded to lose her. She would have had enough capable competitors to get Austwins out of the house. She has picked off many potential allies, and shot herself in the foot in the long run. Just one mans opinion.

    1. I don’t see John on the block this week. I think Steve trusts him more than Vanessa who has her hands in everyone’s cookie jar. I expect to see two of the Austin/twins on the block come Thursday. Unless Julia wins veto then Vanessa will probably be up there. Which means Austin goes. Steve could say the twins will vote out John if he went up so it’s the only way to break the threesome.

  17. 3 females &3 pussies, the closest we’re ever gonna get to an ALL-GIRL final 6. Vanessa or Twins don’t care who goes, as long as the fireworks start.

  18. Awwww crap…….Vanessa’s got the green beanie out again. Is that her Stress Beanie?

    The first pic of her on Page 1(at I think 1:42)……dude, and you guys called Meg Grandma???? That is by far the worst pic you guys have posted all year. Or maybe since Amanda was around. Holy crap, she is looking rough. Go outside, Vanessa…… it’s okay, the sun won’t eat you.

    Side note: has she ever put on a swim suit or shorts and just hung out with the other guys???? WHY? All game play and no fun/sunlight make Vanessa look like a 67 year old chain smoker. (Sorry to all the smokers and 67 year olds out there.)

    Love to Simon and Dawg!! We are your groupies! (It’s not like we come here for Austin…..)

  19. Austin thinks Liz isn’t going to find out that he betrayed her when she gets to jury and James tells her or immediately after the show ends? All the plotting on his part makes it look even worse as well as putting his game at risk. Really really stupid.Would have been better to try and get to the end with Liz and Julia, then cut Julia and tell Liz that she wins either way. With winning she gets to split with her sister, or if he wins that gives them money to start their life together (smirk).
    And Liz is the perfect daughter? Either the letter was written a long time ago, production edited it, or the family is really screwed up.
    Regardless, I’m thrilled to see an opportunity for the Austwits to be destroyed. This will be good especially if Liztin are on the block together come Thursday. Wish we can be in the jury house if Liz is evicted, she knows, then Austin comes in hoping to get laid. Hilarious.

  20. I agree 100% one of the Austwins has to go, but I cannot see Vanessa being very comfortable about voting Austin out. Forget about what she is saying right now, because that will change before the end of the week. She knows she has blind loyalty with Austin and the twins. Why push for Austin to go? Makes no sense and if those two clowns (Steve and John) don’t realize what she is doing, they are silly. I can see her pushing for JohnMac to be backdoored. She is unsure of him because he is unpredictable. THEN she will 100% find out that Steve is unwilling to bend to her scheming. This will make Austin invaluable to her, and she will turn to wanting Liz out.

    1. I can think of different scenario: Julia and Austin as nominees; Austin wins POV; Liz tries to convince him not to use it on himself

        1. Come on, let’s be real here. No matter who is on the block and no matter who wins veto, Vanskankamessa will get it done her way..

  21. Well I mean Steve and Vanessa do have a final two. I don’t think it’s the strangest thing for her to assume he won’t put her up…or for her to not want him to.

  22. The blood on Steve’s hands could be good for him int the eyes of the jurors. He can argue he was the one that took on the three headed beast everyone else feared. He won a couple comps when he needed to and removed anyone that went after him. He didn’t need to do a lot of work because he was rarely seen as a serious threat or target. That should be his argument to the jury.

  23. Let’s hope Johnny Mac wins this whole thing. Steve I’m sorry………….was soooo boring, Austin ewwwwwww could not stand pony beard or all those pony tail holders, Liz….mean girl, Julia……..thinks she’s all that, Vanessa………too much make up on those puppy dog eyes and the beanies she’s hard to look at and thinks she’s such a genius when really she’s a narcassist!!! I am rooting Johnny Mac and his awkward strangeness for the win!

  24. I dont disagree. I dont hate vanessa. I would like to see a strong woman win too (Janelle, Dani D etc) but vanessa is not playing a game that i enjoy watching. Neither did derrick last year. Good for them they both played the best games in their respective seasons but its not fun to watch. Yes manipulation is definitely a good strategy but i say even though both players were smarter than everyone in the house i think they both have been surrounded by extreme morons. Even jordan lloyd wasnt as ditsy as liz juju caleb etc etc. vanessa is completely nuerotic and paranoid. She cant sit around like james and make people have fun with her. Its just game talk game talk bullying game talk. Its tiresome. The way people followed derrick last year blew my mind. The way will kirby manipulated people was masterful. The way derrick and now vanessa manipulate people is hard to watch. Yes vanessa is the smartest player this year but i dont enjoy her adderall and ridelin fueled paranoia. Ill stick with the show and the feeds and this site the rest of the year and i wont cry because my favorite didnt win but if they start next year with BIB, nothing but 20 year old airheads and they are all recruited i might quit the show and go watch season 6 again. And if anyone besides vanessa wins it will likely be an even bigger joke

    1. I don’t think the cast is stupid but many of them are just timid and didn’t really play an active game. They waited for the game to come to them and by the time it did, it had too much momentum for them to stop. Vanessa just outworked and outplayed them. Which is painful to say because I can’t stand her.

      Derrick’s game last year was similar in that he manipulated people and thought long term. The major difference is Vanessa would confront and intimidate people with statements such as don’t you lie to me! Derrick knew people would lie but he learned just as much from the lies they told as from the truth. Derrick played with morons and Vanessa played with a house full of scared people who tried to never have anyone after them.

    1. I disagree. No doubt she’s a good player, but this season’s casting is horrible. Very weak personalities, borderline idiots. Vanessa became a predator in there.

    2. In BB there have been many brain farts that have had a great impact on who wins. Frank had a brain fart when he had the noose around Dan’s neck. Cody ‘s brain fart was to not evict Derek. This year a collective brain fart by James, Meg, and Jackie allowed Vanessa to escape the noose. You can be smart, but in some cases, you also need the help of mental midgets to be successful.

  25. What stories did YOU read about Brady?
    Brady never referred to the ball boy as the “deflator”
    Brady never gave that “losing weight” excuse – someone else did. Brady had nothing to do with that whole piece…
    Brady also gave up all his texts and phone numbers called/texted in print.
    The NFL had every texts, and the had all the ball boy’s texts, too.
    Where was it found later that Brady had all his own cell phones?
    You’re listening to too many “stories” (especially from ESPN, who is trying their best to cover up the fact that they reported false information)… Brady denies destroying his phone so that he didn’t have to hand it over to the NFL. He says that he replaced his broken Samsung phone with an iPhone after his attorneys told him that investigators would not be given the phone itself. This is also what his agent says. but the media (ESPN) wants you to believe that he DESTROYED his phone and smashed it into a million little pieces… drama…

    As for what was on the phone, Brady says that they turned over “detailed pages” of phone records and all of the emails requested by the Wells investigators. They also went to the phone company to retrieve the relevant messages from his broken phone. The NFL acknowledged that last part in the 20-page statement explaining Goodell’s decision, buried in a footnote on page 12.

    Fact: ESPN reported that 11 of 12 balls were under-inflated by 2 lbs… this statement was wrong. Only 1 was. The rest were borderline under-inflated, some not even a pound, which can happen in the cold N.E weather… Also – 3 of the 4 Colts balls were under-inflated as well… its called science.
    If you still believe the Pats or Brady actually cheated, you are not reading facts, you’re reading “stories”.

    Look up facts, read the Wells report (that basically all but says the Patriots were innocent – except that is says its “probable that Brady knew something” – you know what, Wells was paid MILLIONS to write that report to favor the NFL – but thats my opinion…not a fact), then form an opinion. Its obvious that you, the poster, have not done that and you just think Brady is guilty based on what the internet says… so it must be true…

    1. Ummm, when did we stop talking about BB? Is the house so boring that we must still debate deflate gate? Oh, wait, it is.????

  26. The bitterness from some people! The AusTwins have to be split up, it’s simple numbers. Steve can’t go after Vanessa right now, no one should be going after anyone besides those three this week.

    I know people just hate Vanessa on these boards, but use some common sense. She’s played a fantastic game, and it makes no sense to target her this week. Liz or Julia needs to go.

  27. Please BB can we have a twist where another player comes back from the jury? I would love for James to come back. Anybody would be better than the people left in this house.

  28. Has anyone else noticed that when they show vanessa in diary rooms or if she has to read something she puts on a different voice trying to sound sweet. I hate it…just shows how fake she is. Too bad the other house guests are too dumb to get her out.

  29. Hahaha Austin thinking he will be dating Liz after this and “pretending” he’s not going against her sister or her. Hello Austin Liz will see all your plotting when she gets out the house, so your going to be dumped eventually for turning against them!

  30. im 83 and seen ,em all 1-17 and my suggestion is Find a new hobby!! Didnt last season tell you the “more they come, the worse they get” Who the h-ll saturates the network with these

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