Big Brother 17 HOH results “GOOD BOY”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 22-54-58-872_jpg

Steve wins HOH

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 22-58-30-873_jpg

10:58pm Houseguests chit chat
Vanessa – what a day you guys
Steve – this morning I was puking in the sink
Steve – now we’re final 6
Vanessa – you’re final 5
Steve is going to go request port wine since it gives them the greatest amount of Alcohol.

Vanessa says the have nots room is going to get shut down, “LAst year they turned it into the reset room”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 23-02-32-879_jpg

11:01pm Bathroom Austin and Liz
Austin saying him going up doesn’t make sense “math wise”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 23-10-26-724_jpg

11:09pm Twins
Julia – I think we’re good
Liz says Austin thinks he’s good this week and Steve is putting them up.
Julia – He thinks Steve will put me up with you
Julia pissed
Liz – I think we need to go up and talk to him separately

‘Austin’s never been on the block’

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 23-30-27-531_jpg
Vanessa – Where did everybody go
Twin – To Jury
THey laugh that James is going to be loving life in the Jury he’s the only guy with all those girls.
The twins wanted to hear from Dad it’s another letter from mom.
Liz read out her letter, “You are the perfect daughter”
Steve that’s your fourth letter
Liz – Third.. Mom, angela, mom

They twins start suspecting that production re wrote her letter some of the phrases don’t sound like what they’re mom would say.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 23-34-59-626_jpg

11:33pm Julia is crying says she misses her mom. Steve says he’ll cry when he gets his letter just like he did the last letter. Austin rolls in Steve says there’s a party in the HOH tonight have nots get to eat and drink all his port wine.
Austin says that’s dangerous.

In the kitchen the twins are chit chatting..
Liz – I don’t like how she writes letters.. I want to know wants Miami like..
Julia – she’s probably so proud of us

12:00am Have nots are over for the season

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-03 23-59-58-001_jpg

12:04am Austin saying their best play is to try and get Johnnymac up try and keep scamper alive.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 00-23-23-893_jpg

12:22am Austin keeping his distance
Steve – Jason must be so pissed by this final 6.. none of his goblins

Steve points out how the first two weeks in the house there was the insiders and the outsiders..
The Insiders were Da, Becky, Audrey, James, Meg, Jeff, Jackie, Shelli, Clay. It was the group that hung out in the HOH when James was HOH.

Austin – we haven’t lost any we’re the alliance that never knew they were an alliance
Steve – no we did lose a outsider.. JACE .. all of jace’s friends are still here
(That’s hilarious)
Austin – he died for our sins

The Twins tell Steve he looks so much better now over his memory wall picture “You look cool now.. you’ve grown up so much”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 00-51-46-577_jpg

12:50am Vanessa and Jmac
Vanessa saying they need to keep the weakest one off the block so if Veto is played they aren’t the ones that go up.

1:14am Vanessa stressing to Steve to not go to sleep. He needs to resolve his nominations tonight.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 01-17-49-507_jpg

Austin – I’m open to help you with anything you need.. Am I good with you
Steve – 100 percent
Austin – I need you final 4 final 3

Steve – I’m on the bottom of the totem pole with the scamper squad
Austin – not with me, you’re not on the bottom of the totem pole with me

Austin says his biggest fear is the twins go up and the POV is used he’s the replacement nomination

Austin says he can keep the remaining twin from targeting Steve the following week.
Steve saying they need to split the twins up it’s final 6.
Austin – I will vote the way you need me to vote even if that puts me in a bad position with liz.
Steve says it helps all four of the if the twins get split.

Austin – next week you’re not going up at all, I don’t go up this week
Steve – I don’t know what will happen with the replacement nom
Austin’s willing to shake on it.
Steve can’t make that deal if POV is played he would be in a tough position.
Austin explains to him if he goes up against a twin Johnny Mac and the other twin will vote him out.

1:30am Austin says a final 2 with Steve would be interesting
Steve asks if he would take Steve over Liz to the end. Austin says he would throw the final HOH.
Steve – you’re not goign this week.. I don’t want you to go anywhere

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137 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 HOH results “GOOD BOY”

      1. Bwahhahahhahaahah!

        Now you all look even more stupid for saying he should have evicted Julia.

        1. There is no way that Liz would have won HOH if Julia was voted out. Period.

          You are also forgetting Liz’s hatred of James and Johnnymac.

        2. He announced he was thinking of voting her out like a complete idiot, and didn’t get Austin on board. You don’t know what you’re talking about. If Julia was voted out, she couldn’t have won POV and Meg was there voting. Vanessa is not going to Finals. Deal with it.

          1. 1) you have absolutely no way of knowing if Liz would’ve won that hoh. Unfortunately Liz is a good competitor, like it or not. I still think she would’ve won it regardless of Julia or Meg being there.

            2) Meg already approached Austin with that and he shot it down fast. He said there is no way he will go that route this week because he’s concerned with his and Lizs relationship outside of the house after this. Austin would’ve never done it that week. Ever.

        3. It’s too early to celebrate Steve’s mom. Even if two of the austwins are nominated the other person in the triad just needs to win the veto and will force steve to nominate Vanessa. Given how blindly he is following Vanessa, he will most likely put Julia on the block alongside any of the liztin. Liz and Austin had a fairly good track record of winning, hence the possibility of them using the veto on one of the nominees is huge. If that happens Vanessa then leaves (a potential ally of his), if Austin decides to keep Vanessa however, it fractures his relationship with Liz and will most likely team up with her.
          Next HoH he is a sitting duck relying on JMac against all the other three players. Given how well JMac has performed in challenges and how losing this next challenge benefits him, who do you think will be the casualty?

      2. 0range is the new Vamessa. Already planting seeds of distrust between Austin & his harem. Austin the rotten actor pipes up I think I’m good it will be the Twins he puts up. After our handshake? Steve ordered Van’s port and everything else she wants in his HOH basket. Her stress zits are exploding and she’s got white putty to fill in her sunken eyes. Did she hey spray tan in her basket and not smart enough to read the directions. They say BOY is happy he never expected to make it this far. Watching Steve congratulate himself and play his awkward aren’t I a cute little baby is tougher to watch than Austwits soft porn. Steve thanks Johnny for throwing him the HOH abs asks him to win POV for him too so he looks like he has to backdoor someone. If he wants AFP he better get Vanessa out. I love know it all Van is orange and despite all her so-called masterful play she looks like a paranoid zombie. I love how Julie Chen bags on James for his lazy play, throwing in the towel and throwing HOH. His answers were lame, instead of playing the game I hid in have not room. Crazy bad interview from Meg too. These 2 are lucky they lasted this long. James playing for his daughter in his speech? since when? They didn’t even try to write speeches. Disappointing.

    1. I thought he would’ve thrown it he’s going to be crying a river having to put up one of his alliance.
      I think he will put up Jmac as the target and Austin as a pawn. Then if Steve doesn’t win next weeks HOH he’s gone.
      Jmac needs that veto then the shit will hit the fan because then Steve wont know what to do :)

        1. ….,Say
          And RJ,
          I love reading tour comments as the focus on gameplay and strategy. I hate the personal attacks (but I don’t mind s little bit of snark).
          I appreciate that you keep your personal views and attacks out of it since we should be discussing gameplay only.
          You both have a great insight and I love to read your personal thoughts on gameplay.

          I’m already prepared for the thumbs down for this comment, But t I think that Vanessa is the best player left and deserves the win, unfortunately I feel like even if she makes f2 she will get Russel Hants. I don’t want to see her leave but maybe if she did then this site can quit focusing on her gameplay and bashing her personally non stop and go back to judging how they play opposed to all of the other nonsense that has been spewed continuously here.
          Yes , Van as lied, been manipulative, went back on lies etc. The only difference between her manipulating people emotionally is that she pulls out the water works ; nothing that other players haven’t done this season.
          And besides the game is Big Brother, not Best Buddy.

          So get over it, all of the players have lied and broken deals, big deal. The last time that I checked that was part of the game.
          Get over it, your favorite players have gone home and none of them have honored deals or been 100% honest. Too bad that they couldn’t win comps and manipulate everyone into doing what they , they didn’t play an honest game, they just didn’t play the game as well.
          And I don’t consider James and MegCity to be underdogs at all. Instead of campaigning, they spent the last 72 hours in bed, they deserved to go home weeks ago.

          1. You cant have the best game if you cheat to get it. The young people need to learn this fast because you cant throw the fight, quit or pay your way out when it matters the most.

          2. I agree with you 100% and appreciate you having the fortitude to say it because people tend to launch vicious personal attacks when you do. Go V! She’s playing a good game and props to Johnny Mac for jumping aboard. I love it! Steve, JMac and V what a team! As far as the Austwins, they would be idiots to all them to coast to the final three. Nominating Liz and Austin is brilliant but I understand why V couldn’t have done this last week, as it would have blown up her game.

    1. I will be in shock if he doesn’t put up Jmac as the target and one of the bodgy 4 as a pawn.
      He would vote himself out if Van told him too.

      1. Vanessa wants him to target the twins. My guess is she will want him to target Liz, because Austin & Julia aren’t very close, so Vanessa knows if Liz goes it will make Vanessa and Austin even closer.

        This was Vanessa’s plan all along – get James and Meg out and have Steve and Jmac going after Austin and the twins, with her sitting pretty in the middle.

        She’s a smart girl.

  1. Ayyyyye
    Bye bye austwins
    My opinion is take out Liz as she is the best competitor of the three and binds Julia and Austin together. Without her they fall apart.
    Thumbs up for evicting Austin thumbs down for Liz. (I’m not adding Julia because that’s a waste of an hoh she’s prime material to bring to the finals if you’re Vanessa or Steve)

    1. Sadly, once the two of them get up together and lose POV they’re gunna be having so much under the covers time since they’ll be so sad they’re leaving each other. I think i might have to stay off the feeds unless i want to see two of the grossest people ever have sex.

  2. So obviously austin and one of twins is going up and you might think this is great but here is the problem.

    Say whatever twin doesn’t goes up wins POV?

    So jmac or vanessa has to go up, my guess is Jmac.

    You might think you’re still sitting pretty, a 2-2 tie with Steve as the deciding vote.

    NO. Vanessa won’t vote with Steve cause then it outs her for not being with the twins and I think she rather go with them and keep the numbers and play the loyalty game.

    Best bet is Steve or jmac wins pov

    1. in that scenario there are only three people voting, and two of them would be austwins. this is why they needed to get the austwins out earlier to avoid this possibility as they can potentially both control the vote and have a 75% chance at the next hoh. might not matter, but definitely a dice roll.

    2. There’s only 6 people left so it can’t be a 2-2 tie with Steve breaking the tie! HOH, the 2 nominees, leaving 3 people to vote. So if J-mac is on the block he’s going to jury for sure!

      1. 6 people left

        1 hoh NO VOTE
        2 on the block NO VOTE
        that leaves 3 people voting for a grand total of 6 people left in the game.

        Sorry to rain on your math parade, but I just flipped on the band wagon for Vanessa to win with the best game and am not in a good mood…..

  3. Steve has had a huge negative effect on this season but at this point all I care about is JMAC (even though he has disappointed he is better than the rest and once a JMAC fan always a JMAC fan).

    If Steve takes out Liz like he should, he has Austin/Julia after him. I couldn’t really imagine Vaness taking out JMAC either. So as long as Liz/Austin go and JMAC is good I really don’t care.

    If JMAC makes the final 2 I truly believe he wins so do the right thing for once Steve and take out fucking Liz!!!!!

    1. Actually I don’t think Austin will be too pissed about either twin getting evicted at this stage. He might actually like the idea because then Austin has a chance at winning the money. He just watches his mouth in the house and can tell Liz it was all Steve, Vanessa and John. If Austin wins Liz will stick with him until the money’s gone.

  4. What a night for Vanessa. Think about it. 2 weeks ago she was getting shit on by everyone. They were all gunning for her. Today she got rid of the last 2 from ‘the other side’ and now Steve will take out one of the Austwins. After next week she will have 2 Austwins on one side and Steve and Jmac on the other and she will be comfortably in the middle. Hate on her all you want but she went from the outhouse to the penthouse in 2 weeks.

    1. You have to take out the top competitors when you get the chance. Everything was settled during Becky’s HOH. That was the most opportune moment….Becky got all the blame for it. It was almost too easy. The Goblins blew it, though. Switching their votes to evict Shelli instead. Since then, everyone except Vanessa, Steve, and the Austwins has been evicted (JMac came back). Just about the worst thing that could happen for fans, and best for Vanessa/Austwins, has happened since the Goblins screwed up.

      1. I think Meg & James slowly realized they fucked up too. You could see it on their faces.

        The funny thing is they probably both knew in their gut that Vanessa had to go that week, but decided to go with some theory (right or wrong).

  5. Put up austin and liz(more likely to win veto over julia). Twins up and Austin wins veto he will pull Liz off and they will have 2-1 vote to evict jmac or vanessa.

    1. Hey dontbedumb…well you are!! Austin would still be on the block, Julia would go up…they would not have 2 votes to evict!! Now, if Steve is dumb and puts up both twins and Austin wins veto and takes down Liz, then that could happen. Steve must put up Liz and Austin.

    2. Yawn…my bad, I need to go to sleep. I saw the Austin and Liz up and then saw the Austin/veto/Liz down part. I missed the twins up part of that. I need to stop reading this shit after 3AM!!

  6. Steve is gonna do whatever Van wants. Buh-bye JMac. Steven your real mother is mad at you. He talks big, but can’t pull the trigger because he’s ascared. Can’t bare to watch his weird camera staring mumbling thumb sucking going in circles Vanessa living in there HOH week. Who’s gonna be in his basket, bio mom or teddy bear? He promised to put up Austin Liz with Julia backdoor. Get a bucket ready to puke during mom’s HOH letter. Ugh

    1. Since you don’t have the feeds.

      I will let you know, Van has been setting up the twins going up all last week. Twins are going up.

  7. I would be excited that an austwin would finally get sent packing but vanessa and austwins will probably convince steve to put up john and himself.

  8. He will go for Austwins. Vanessa will want Liz gone. Then as long as JM doesn’t win next week, up go Steve and JM, with one going home. Vanessa and Julia go to F3 with Austin or the remaining JM/Steve. And, of course, Vanessa wins.

  9. Steve’s targets should be Liz Austin and Julia most likely. If past behaviour is any indicator of his actions. He wants to work with John and Vanessa.

  10. Steve should put up Austin and Julia If either wins veto, Liz would be the replacement. If Liz wins veto she would be forced to choose between her sister and her showmance.

    Vanessa would be the replacement and Vanessa goes home.
    Unfortunately for Steve he too would go home the next week if his nominations change after veto.

  11. I hope he nominates Austin and Liz. Of course, if Julia wins POV, then it will all be for nothing. Fingers crossed that they get nominated and stay on the block to bring some life back into the game.

    1. He will do whatever Vanessa tells him to do. As soon as he won, she probably ran up to him fast talking like she always does. “Blood on your hands. Blood on your hands. Blood on your hands. You have to do whatever I say do or else next week you’ll have to deal with ——–. And you can’t play next week. Whatever I say do is best for your game.”

  12. Why in the world would James throw that POV, protecting Angels from renom, showing trust they would vote out JMac? Trusting his bro-mance Austin to protect him? Again, James sorry attention span and fear of talking game means he’s led around like sheep. Guess this is karma for voting out Jace? Becky, Jackie, Shelli and chicken out of campaigning for Trojan Horse. He doesn’t deserve AFP, no no enemies, kiss ass asking to be voted out. No POV speech at all. If you were really a fan you’d play. Sorry, Not Sorry. Write Van a check so we can go home. A trip to the dentist more fun than this.

    1. I don’t think he threw it. Tbh I think he buckled under the pressure.

      Also I watched them practice on the feeds and he sure didn’t seem to take it seriously. Everyone else was trying to figure out different ways to throw the ball, choosing which way to throw the ball ( some tried lobbing it etc) but James took his turn and just went through the motions. Much like the last couple weeks of his game play. He didn’t seem to care

  13. If i was steve i will nominate austin and.liz.poor gameplay by austwins should have kept.james and.backdoor steve well to late.know. austin should have rid of double then still a.mental.comp. even if.they care james to final 4 he will still.lose because he did not study days dumbass move. Future houseguest in double get.rid of.a mental.competitor than physical because the mental

  14. I love how Steve said that “We’re all in this room so there can’t be any scampering”. Then you look at all their faces, especially Asstinky, and you could just see them scampering in their own minds! Loved it

  15. Hahaha, liz julia austin and vanessa going to wish they got steve or john out during double eviction….

    no way will steve put john on the block….. julia/liz,austin in trouble…only way vanessa gets put up is if the person not put up (other than john) wins veto and uses it….

    final 3 likely John,Steve,Vanessa or John,Steve,Julia

  16. Nessie is playing NICE- let her pawn aka Steve (no balls) take out either Twit Twin or Austwit. Now she’s playing for votes…”you are all so smart and awesome”.

  17. twins made a mistake not getting rid of jmac, and now i hope it bites them in the ass and steve doesn’t back off the idea of putting up two austwins (preferably liz and austin).

  18. The only thing left To look forward to is seeing Asstwins scared and hopefully one leaving on Thursday, pls a boo or two from the audience? Where can I donate for this , lol?

  19. If he nominates Austin and Liz and Julia wins the POV, Steve should renom Vanessa…he has to know that she is more willing to protect Austwins than Jmac is at this point, and Jmac will target Austwins before Steve. There’s always the danger of Vanessa playing the loyalty angle for the win, and she could be using that to justify a F4 with those losers.

  20. Steve, please don’t nominate JMAC. You need JMAC now. Target AUSTIN/ Liz. If JMAC is evicted, u have nobody . May be got Vanessa? But Vanessa plays all sides.
    U better made a wise decision. Don’t put JMAC as pawn or what. U will be screwed after that. Lol

  21. Where do you people come up with this sh*t. You must only watch the edited tv shows. Steve will NOT put up Jmac or Vanessa. He will put up the twins. It has already been planned. Even Austin knows it was happening before today. Van already told Austin, Steve or Jmac was going to put up the twins so Austin didn’t have to look dirty.

  22. Have you ever seen so much ass kissing in your life? Now everything he says is either HILARIOUS or so profound. Vanessa will now camp out in the HOH where she can continue to controll him. Steve would have to be an idiot not realize what they are doing.

      1. Derek did control people too, but a guy with mommy issues being controlled by an older lady is too easy when compared to what Derek did :P

  23. I hate to say it, but Vanessa played a pretty good game thus far. Even though I absolutely hate her whining and crying. The only people who wouldn’t take her to final two right now is Austwins, but the second Liz goes home, Vanessa is going to have a final 2 with Austin, and Later Julia (and if she can’t, she’ll just send her home too) Steve and Jmac are close, but Steve is way too much of a coward, and Jmac…. well, i love the guy, but I feel like he’d pull a “Cody”

  24. put up the twins with the option of backdooring Austin!

    However Austin will end up winning the Veto giving it to Liz Stevieboy wont put vanessa up which only leave JMAC. JMac gets voted out next Thursday Stevieboy cant play in the next HOH so he will be nominated against a pawn. Buh bye Stevieboy.
    Final 4 austwins and Vanessa

    way to predictable

  25. Sorry no one left in this game that I want to win now that James is gone! Can’t wait for Survivor to begin. Seriously a horrid Season yet again of BB I wish they would do another All Stars or something because the last couple of Seasons have sucked big time! Thanks Simon and Dawg for all of the updates on here and everything you do including BB Canada. Donation on its way! – But this is it for me this Season, can’t take any more game stupidity!!!!!!!

  26. The best part of this season will be at the end and they get hit with the hate tsunami its just a shame we cant see it.

  27. Sounds like the hoh comp was a six sided moving picture comp. Making pictures of the former houseguests. Final two were Austin and Steve. huh. that’s not what i expected.
    Strange that a six sided moving puzzle sounds like a rubik’s cube or that season 15 pixelated image comp.
    Whose game theory thesis was based on chess, rubik’s cube and poker?
    Who did the face morph the fastest?
    Who has a deal with everyone?
    Who probably didn’t want to have to declare a side this hoh?
    Who complained a little too hard at how rotten they were in the comp?
    Vanessa, did you calculate all the variables and throw that?
    Did the prescription wear off?
    Just having a little fun.

  28. So basically Thursday night double eviction was just to fast forward the game (by eliminating James and Meg) so CBS can go ahead and play out this Austwins vs Vanessa/JMac/Steve angle that Vanessa has set up. A lot of people on here think this season is rigged for Vanessa. I’ll just say this season is setup really nice for 3 people (Vanessa and the twins). How else do you explain one of the worst collective moves in BB history when the entire house was cool with helping somebody get their family member added to the game. Only got one word is summarize these people: dumb. I really could care less who wins out of the remaining 6. Vanessa has played the best game but I don’t want her to win. There’s a part of me that hope Liz and Julia will make it to final 2. Take both the 500k and 50k back home together. So I can see the looks of the cast faces at how dumb that was to help Julia enter the game. Either way I’m not gonna like the winner of this season. Another year same disappointed checked out feeling with weeks to go before finale. But I love ya Big Brother. I’m not going anywhere. Keep playing me as if I’m Charlie Brown. I’m just trying to kick that ball.

  29. I would bet every dime Vanessa has that shd threw that. If she won she would have to pick a side once and for all and god forbid “get blood on her hands”. She will throw the Veto too.

  30. For the Vanessa haters and I know there are many of you, the only way Vanessa gets evicted this week is if the Austwins that isn’t put on the block tomorrow wins the veto. Then Venessa is a goner. See, cheer up. You have something to hope for.

  31. Whether you despise Vanessa or you are a fan, you cant deny that she is playing the most analytical game out of anyone in the house. The majority of the players that had been voted out so far had been voted out directly or indirectly by Vanessa. Even though she had manipulated everyone to vote in her favor, she is still on top by being part of the two major alliances (She is with Austin and the twins and with Jmacc & Steve). So far, neither of these groups are talking about voting out Vanessa.
    Vanessa will make it to the top two, whether she wins is debatable. She had made a lot of enemies on that jury, so I don’t know if they will vote her to win. Derrick from the last season played it best because he kept his hands clean the whole game. Most people liked him at the end, you really can’t say that about Vanessa.

    1. Keeping ur hands clean isn’t the ‘best’ way to play. Making moves and ppl still respecting them even if they don’t like u is the ‘best’ way. Derrick was weak.he was so overrated.

  32. Cannot wait to see the whiny ass twins pissed off and threaten Steve,lol. Hopefully when Mantressa hands Steve’s balls back to him,he’ll actually make a brave move

  33. At this point I’m at where I’m cheering for the worst player to win …
    So the Victoria award for Most Useless Player …. Julia!

  34. I turned the tv off when James lost POV and I’m canceling feeds today. Thanks for all your hard work this year guys. Not sure if I will be back next year or not

    1. I like James and plan on voting for him for afp but come on. It’s his own fault he was sent to jury.

      There were so many things he could’ve done to prevent that and instead he laid in the have nots room with Meg for 18 hours a day and did absolutely nothing. No ones fault but his own.

  35. If they get rid of Austin, once again Vanessa will be in a great position… she’ll be with JMac/Steve and the twins. Thing is, she’ll always be the #3. I think once austin goes, she’ll flip to the twins and do a “girl power” thing.

    Vanessa really wants to go to the end with Julia because Julia is just a Meg with less friends

  36. Thanks Simon and Dawg for the recaps. Wasn’t sure I cared after last night debacle but it’ll be fun to at least see 1 twin voted out (hopefully)!

  37. Steve, will do whatever V tell him to do. Every week since week 1 besides James’s and Becky’s HOH, V is controlling everyone’s HOH. At this point, as much as I hate to see V win BB. It’s better them anyone else in that house.
    V deserve to win! and will get all the Jury’s votes.

  38. Steve needs to put up Austin and Liz. I highly doubt Julia will win another veto comp, so if Austin or Liz win and take themselves down Steve can still put up Julia as a pawn and force the remaining nom out. It would be good to get Austin or Liz out this week. Keep Julia around because she isn’t good at comps. If he doesn’t want to put Jmac or Van up, this makes the most sense.

  39. So disappointed!!! I wanted James io win so bad! Second best would be Johnnie Mac.
    CBS gave Ian a special power to keep him in the game. Why not give in to James?
    Can not understand CBS’s love of the millionaire. Austin and the sluts are after jobs at CBS or in the industry.
    Steve needs counseling. Suffers from seperation anxiety.
    Johnnie Mac only one left to win. Think I will just read Simon and Dawg’s news, not watch.

  40. I hope steve puts the twins up and Austin wins POV and pulls Liz down so Steve has to put Vanessa on the block and she gets evicted.
    But knowing Steve he would probably put John up because Steve is an idiot.

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