Vanessa “We are literally breaking out of this joint tomorrow!”

Finale Schedule
Sun, 9/20- 8p
Wed, 9/23– 9:30-11p Finale = Winner of Big Brother



Part 3 of 3 – Steve competes against Vanessa (Finale)

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-22 10-47-25-598

10:20am – 10:45am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Vanessa and Steve get up. Steve comments that he hasn’t even thought about packing yet. You guys have done a lot and I haven’t even started. Vanessa says that’s because we’re good girls and you’re a bad boy. Vanessa says how cool would it be if it was over today. I would be so happy. Steve says I like it tomorrow better. Vanessa says No dude I’m ready to go! Steve says I wasn’t ready for last night to be the last night. Vanessa asks what do you do when you’re up late? Steve says Scamper? I walk around in an attempt to sleep and realize I can’t sleep. Vanessa asks do you talk to yourself? Steve says I’m sure I do. A lot of things about me are bizarre. Steve asks for a hug. Vanessa and Steve talk about the finale being tomorrow. Vanessa says in 24 hours we’ll be doing our lockdown. Steve asks do you think we will though? Oh yeah because they have to make the house presentable. Vanessa asks if everyone walks though the house? Steve says I would assume so they have to get from the the audience to the backyard somehow. Maybe there’s another way they go around. Steve and Vanessa sit down to play cards. Vanessa tells Steve he needs to start adjusting his schedule. Steve says not until he gets out. That’s a real world people problem. Vanessa says we are literally breaking out of this joint tomorrow! Steve says you know we are .. You might be but I am never going to be in here again.

10:50am – 11:40am Steve heads back to bed. Vanessa plays cards by herself. Vanessa then heads back to bed as well. The final 3 are back sleeping. Vanessa can’t sleep so she starts eating chips in bed.

12:15pm – 12:35pm They’re sleeping.. Liz and Vanessa get up and head to the kitchen. Vanessa tells her that Steve and her thought the nom/eviction would be today considering they got hair dye and clippers but we confirmed it will be tomorrow. Liz says I hope the things for interviews we have to do isn’t too long.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-22 12-27-42-546
Steve gets called to the diary room. Liz and Vanessa start getting ready to be called in as well. Liz says how funny is it that I caught Steve practising his speech last night. He’s been doing it for 3 days! I’m not kidding. I’m not an idiot. He is going to have a speech of a life time. Vanessa asks were you saying you felt bad for Steve last night? Liz says no. Vanessa says you were saying he was sitting there all confident. Liz says I feel better that he is all confident. Vanessa says just to make you feel better about why I wouldn’t throw … then Steve would have the same number of wins and HOH wins as me. Liz asks really?! Vanessa says yes, so I would never throw it. Right now he has 7 comp wins and I have 8. He has 3 HOHs and I have 4. Liz says I just feel like he is already trying to write me off because I automatically have 2 votes in jury. If you think about it he has definitely Johnny Mac, Becky… probably Meg. Vanessa says I fully expect him to go against me. And I’m going to do that to him. Vanessa says having a twin and a boyfriend in jury is either great or rotten depending on how you look at it. Liz agrees. Vanessa says all I ask is that you’re keeping your word on Julia that you’re not going to tell him about our deal. Liz says 1 million percent!! Vanessa says you realize how out on a limb I am going with you on this. Liz says he hasn’t said anything so no. Vanessa says with me I am going to go with my integrity for what I feel is right. Its probably worse for me than going with Steve but I am going to do what I feel is right. Liz says you’ve taken me from 5 – 4 – 3… I owe you. Vanessa says just please don’t break your word to me. Liz says you have my word and even if the worst case happens and he he takes you .. you have my vote 1 million percent. I would never vote for him. Vanessa tells Liz she is only 23 and will have amazing success after this. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-22 12-59-33-431

1:08pm – 1:30pm Vanessa talks to Steve alone in the bathroom. Steve asks if Liz was crying. Vanessa says she is just having an emotional moment to have gotten this far. If someone told you when coming in you could get third wouldn’t you be so excited. Vanessa talks about how she was talking to Liz about how she’ll have a lot of opportunities after this. Vanessa tells Steve we’ll have that convo later tonight (Telling Liz they’re not taking her to final 2, although both Steve and Vanessa really are.) We can’t tell her for sure. Steve says we’ve been together since the beginning. Steve says I am not looking forward to this conversation. It sounds like she already knows. Vanessa says she doesn’t know. Steve asks has she asked you if you’re going to take her? Vanessa says no, she thinks we’re not going to take her because she has Austin and Julia. I told her no matter what 3rd place is a great thing. Steve says it still feels strange that she hasn’t initiated any of these conversations with me. Vanessa says its not weird she and I have always had these philosophical conversations. Liz is stressing out really bad. She is holding it together really well but is stressing. Steve says so are you and I. I get my mommy tomorrow!! I get my MOMMY! Vanessa says oh my god this mommy thing has to stop! You’re 22 years old. Steve says its not a regular thing in my real life .. its a sequester thing. They head to the kitchen.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-22 13-12-47-398

1:55pm Steve, Vanessa and Liz start playing cards…

1:55pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the live feed highlights.

3:10pm Still blocked..

3:25pm The live feeds return. Vanessa is dying Liz’s roots. Steve shaves his face with a razor and really does look like a boy. Vanessa heads to bed.

4:10pm Vanessa cuts Steve’s hair. Steve says he doesn’t want gel in his hair and won’t use it for the finale either. Vanessa strongly disagrees and tells him he should otherwise it won’t look good.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-22 16-56-11-509

4:34pm Bathroom Colouring Vanessa’s Hair..
Vanessa says Austin’s biggest mistake was getting in “Too Deep” with Johnny Mac. (or too deep with Vanessa)
Liz says Austin confiding with JOhnny a lot but mostly Austin just wanted a workout buddy
Vanessa- what about.. They might have been team America together.. I always thought it was going to be Austin, Audrey and Johnny Mac.

5:10pm Vanessa and Steve in the bathroom
Vanessa says her girlfriend Mel knows Sabrina from Big Brother Canada 2
Steve just called Sabrina a Victoria type character. Adds that Sabrina did do somethings but was mostly useless. (I added this because it couldn’t be further from the truth. Sabrina was majorly disliked by fans but was a CRAZY active player. One of the more active players I’ve seen on Big Brother.)

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-22 18-01-52-756

6:01pm Vanessa says Liz and Julia will be the next nervo (2 Australian Dj’s) Liz starts to cry. They all get emotional about the show coming to an end.
Vanessa says she wants propose to Mel.
They talk about how Frankie, Christine and Cody all are friends outside the house.
Vanessa asks about Zack does he hang out with them?
Steve says no tells them that Zack Rance is a asshole.

Vanessa says they have 24 hours until they find out something about her. She jokes that she’s ex CIA.
Vanessa – Steve cmon.. I’m joking..
Liz – She’s a DJ
Steve – I think you are omitting something
Liz – I’m ex professional volley ball player.. with this body

Vanessa asks them to use the money well, don’t blow it away.
Vanessa says she’s seen it a lot in Vegas.. quick money, “The quicker it comes the quicker it goes”

6:52pm Cards.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-22 20-29-23-300

8:27pm Bedroom Vanessa and Steve are saying how much they like Frankie from last season. Steve doesn’t understand why the fans disliked him so much.

8:47pm Steve packs the rest of this stuff. Grabs his Bible says he was surprised he didn’t talk about religion. (That was the bible Vanessa was reading)
Vanessa jokes says when she was in “Hospice” she turned to god and that helped her get through it. (When Becky was HOH and nominated her and Shelli)
they start talking about what they will drink 24 hours from now.
Steve says he wants to get drunk with Jace because he has a man crush.
Liz jokes that Jace is goign to hit on Julia, “Jeff’s goign to hit on Julia too”
Steve – the whole world will

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-22 21-59-49-137

10:00PM Pot Ball Pot ball Pot Ball brought to you by Irish springs

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-22 23-01-33-099

11:01pm Steve going on about how surprised he is he made it this long.
He’s happy it’s over but is also sad to go.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-22 23-15-03-631
11:10pm Steve is scampering. Liz and Vanessa are sleeping.

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Countdown to the End of BB17 / Survivor Starts



Steve wins HOH, evicts Vanasty with the biggest blindside of the summer and then trounces Liz in jury voting!! That would be an EPIC ending to a miserable season!!


Steve evicting Vanessa won’t be a blindside to anyone except Liz and the jury, Vanessa knows if Steve wins Part 3 that it’s game over. The biggest blindside of the season is and will remain Austin. And that one was PRICELESS!

Mommy dearest

“Vanessa asks were you saying you felt bad for Steve last night? Liz says no. ”

No mommy! No! That’s not what i’m saying. Please don’t beat me with a wire hanger!

Reality Check: Vanessa Won

The main BB blog site named for a rodent that counts every second of feeds reports VANESSA spent the most time BY FAR in the DR of course surpassing Johnny who’s been maligned all season running a medical practice while on the show. And NO, dispensing the Crazy One’s medications does not account for the difference. Steve and Van won same account of comps, actually Steve won more because he threw them to her so NO, DR minutes not attributable to winning. Who’s manipulating who? Diva antics, rule checks, disqualification warnings, sending flowers to Mel, writing up her bribes agreements, warnings, sobbing, screaming meltdowns, overdoses, complaints, ordering alcohol, begging for drugs, arguing with referee calls. Psycho Cheater Van ran the worst season of BB from DR. Thanks Less Moonface! Production stinks, just call it Celebrity Makeover, only this one didn’t take.


Just going to warn you so you don’t explode tomorrow. If he wins and takes Liz. Liz is going to win. He doesn’t have 5 of the 6 remaining votes.


At this point it doesn’t matter if Liz wins… As long as van goes out number 3. Number 3 = zero dollars

3rd Place...

…still gets weekly stipend and jury bonus. Thousands.

Stipend is

pennies to vanessa


It is all pennies to her. She isn’t joking about gambling the money. 500k is 250k after state/fed taxes.

She has play single hands of cash game poker for over 250k. What she really wants is the title of BB winner.


The prize money for this show is terrible. $500,000 minus taxes is nothing. I wouldn’t sign up for it, waste of 3 months. This show is for fame whores that want more twitter followers. Survivor or Amazing Race is well worth it, shorter time period and double cash prize.

Sir Oscar Boy Garfunkel III

not to mention that $500,000 in 2015 is the equivalent to $361,000 in 2000 (BB1).


Step back and reconsider what you’re saying with some real life perspective. That amount of money is potentially life changing to the average Joe. It’s far more than typical workers can make in the three months of their lives that they give up to be on the show. For someone like Derrick, it improves quality of life tremendously in so many ways.


it’s cap gains not remuneration as in a JOB. Dan reported he cleared a little over 360K after taxes the year he won. I’m Canadian but I know taxes and it’s the top capital gains rate in the US of A that applies on winnings just like a casino jackpot … go figure 😛


Vanessa pays room and board. Steve gets 50,000 Liz wins…


Jury bonus? Whats that? its goin to be the weekly stipend multiplied by 14 weeks.


I wouldn’t say this season was miserable, i would give this season a 5/10, mediocre at best. It did have some entertaining moments this season between the Audrey drama in the beginning, James putting up Clelli, and Vanessa blindsiding Austin. The end game was lackluster, but still better than the last 2 seasons, no question.


I think an even bigger blindside would be Vanessa taking Liz over Steve (because she think she can beat Liz and not Steve because she think Liz will only get two jury votes) and the jury voted for Liz to win. The look in her face after her epic speech because we all know she’s going to have a great speech will be to good for TV. I think the jury is bitter and her banking on Liz losing with Austin and Julie in jury to pursue people is crazy. She may only get Shelli vote

Is She Still High?

Vanessa thought today was the Finale & she’s sooo pissed there’s another 48 hours??? She’s so drugged she can’t keep days straight? She’s bugging & tweeking? Pissed they cut off her muscle relaxants. Pissed they didn’t give her alcohol. Pissed Steve isn’t pissed. Hahaha.

Back to insulting Boy Steve who’s still trying to console her. Production cut her off because she’s such a pain in the ass, now they don’t even tell her the schedule. Thought it was weird she was packing 2 days ahead. She’s was pissed last night when Liz & Van heard Steve practicing his F2 speech. Vanasty days that’s frightening. Hahaha.


Yep! Van is still high. The only things she is leaving the House with are empty pockets, mental illness, and an addiction to pain medication.



Zingbot Fan

One more day until I am free of looking at that ugly beanie!


“Can’t read my, can’t read my, no you can’t ready my…..POKER FACE!”

Come on, you all know the words….lolol. Go Vanessa! Amazing game, girl! And if you don’t win this, then we’ll see you back soon to win then.


If being a freak is good game- playing, then yes, vanessa played a good game.


I’ll forget the foolishness you wrote! But she better win tomorrow because IF she did all stars she’d get crushed like an ant. Just to give you a comparison. Dan won his season and pretty decent guy to boot plus only unanimous winner. Then coaches he was a vile sack of trash and made another 50k. That’s why Van better win tomorrow. she is a 1 trick pony make no mistake about it. How could she change it up and be credible…. she cannot! Take a veteran cast of HG’s abnd she isn’t manipulating REAL players.
Her only game move in all stars is to get in the big early alliance and hope it gives her cover. I wouldn’t touch the 2 faced lying douchebag ever! lol

PS she has the season in the bag in my opinion. Pay the woman her money!

Vanessa Manic Panic

LOVE it–Van is petrified Steve will blow her cover, extracting promises from everyone not to discuss F2 deals. Steve says theirs dates back to Day 2, Van says No! Day 40, and Liz doesn’t need to know she’s getting evicted! Steve’s incredulous, realizes Van has no intention of taking him and playing for Liz’s vote. Which she won’t have, since Liz isn’t going to Jury. Its every man for himself except Liz who’s been bribed to vote with Vanessa if needed. Van told Liz, Production said Van is the favorite to win HOH. That must be in the “new rules according to Vanessa”. Liz assures Van she’s got her vote even if she doesn’t go to F2. Of course, Merry Christmas bribe.


Liz please stop eating. You lick your fingers and then put them back in the fruit loops, white chocolate,nuts, etc and it’s disgusting. And you have the nerve to reprimand Steve for not cutting his apples the correct way. Ugh.

Pinocchio Obama

It is sad that this has ended this way. The season just seemed to run out of steam.What happened to all the twists we were promised?

Vanasty the Oracle: I Will Make You Famous!

Famous for being the biggest A-holes of the season. I always thought Austin Audrey & JMAC were Team America, were secret bi-sexual gays, would have flirted with me if I were single. I know famous people, I know Production in 5 countries, you will be on Amazing Race with Austin or Julia, you will be rich at Christmas because Jesus and Job told me I will win, Production says I will win. I will take you to Final 2, no I won’t, I’ll trust my gut at the end, I’ll make you rich cheating in Vegas, Austin will love me for getting him out, I am the best player who ever played any game on any continent in any century…I am…a tweeker jonzing for more muscle relaxers…where’s the alcohol…my nightly psychotropic drug cocktail?? I hope Mel got a job in case I lose.

Seriously, Production allows her to say she’ll make them DJ superstars, a la Frankie and deals with Arianas producers? Such bull crap. She must be thinking of sending Liz back to Jury with the new bribes for Votes to ensure she wins. What a freak. Thanks again CBS! Some more edited footage no one will see at Finale, the unraveling of Les & Julie’s love child.

She won't see it coming....

I just want Steve to ditch Vanessa and take Liz to final two. He will be the hero and win the big bucks!!


Future BB players will be talking about Vanessa’s gameplay for years to come. Nobody will even remember…what’s his name?…that guy that won BB17.

And the Junkie Psycho Cheater Fades Into Broke DJ Oblivion

Hire the 40-year-old skater chick yourself for your next party, she’ll do card tricks like the clown she is. Publish her trashy book “How to Cheat Friends and Infuriate People: The Benefits of Being a Gay Pathological Liar” by Vanasty Riggo. Give her your family’s prescription drugs, she eats them all. Officiate her fake gay wedding bc she needs a certificate to prove to Mel she’s not Bi, or f*cking Boy Steve when she gives him a massage. She’s a legend all right, in your own mind. Now she’s going to get back to ripping off chlldren in a club or rave near you. And if she bullies anyone on the streets she’ll get some more “beats” hahaha. She’s worried about what the Jury thinks, just wait till she sees Twitter. CBS employees will say whatever they’re paid to say. Right Julie? Right Les? Make sure VaMessa pays her stipend to co-produce her next show, or whatever is left after she pays off bribes. Hey, whose paying bribes on her next show, Amazing Flakes? Bold & Moosiful?

From here on out

Steve will no longer be remembered as Steve ir Boy. They will remember him by “that weirdo who molests teddy bears”


I hope Steve wins third part and keeps his wits to get Scaressa out. It’s sad to see how she patronizes and degrades him, even now. He has a disability that is obvious and she so takes advantage of that. She had the never to ask Steve last night about the final HOH eviction, to the letter on what happens. She’s used his super knowledge of BB and then wants to cut him. No class at all.

Smart Guy

Being an awkward nerd isn’t a disability. There are far fewer victims in this world than all of the phonies would like to admit. No one on big brother has a syndrome. No one on big brother has a disability. No one on big brother is a victim. Being an awkward nerd is just that.

BB Doctor

Then why are they’re so many prescription mood disorder pills dispensed daily? This is the season of mental illness, may the fittest patient win. Vanessa just confirmed she’s getting both her morning doses and evening doses in DR no matter what the Finale schedule is. Steve’s pacing, mumbling, teddy bear breakdown is no joke. No matter who walks away with cash, Van & Liz can’t wait to get drunk with family, and Steve gets to see his mommy. Next week Van takes them to get therapists in Vegas. BB Docs are more relieved than anyone.


Whether or not he has a disability or mental illness, is not the issue. The issue is that so many people choose to look down on and hate people for their ‘awkwardness’ or ‘nerdiness’. Such shallowness. What do you value, ‘being cool’ and smooth? How about looking down on poor character traits, like being judgmental and hating others? Do those two sound familiar? Do you have a mirror handy?


Vanessa is in for a rude awakening…wow…most people don’t care for her style of game play.


and people didn’t like Will or Dans game either. But the older they get the better they was. I remember this board lit up every day about how Dan was a lying piece of low life scum and Chelsea should leave him because he is the same person out side the house as he is inside the house etc etc. now the same people call him one of the best to ever be on the show and talk about how great he was.


Difference being that Dan and Will owned their evil. They knew they were playing dirty and they didn’t care. Every last bit of it was strategy. Part of Vanessa’s game is reactive, which just happens to work in her favor. She will never be on their level. They also didn’t give a damn what America thought. None of her emotional neediness.


Tell the truth, The difference is they were men and if a woman uses the same tactics she’s not given the same credit. The girls are all supposed to be doormats protected by a showmance until they can be a jury vote. Vanessa is one of the best to ever play the game. She outwitted everyone and ran the house. And that is the truth


Oh, stop it. I’m a female, and an assertive one at that. How about you consider the possibility that people are making their judgments based on various variables, which may have nothing to do necessarily with your pet peeve? Besides, do you think it furthers gender equality for a female to use crying as part of her tactics? I’d be caught dead before crying in public, unless I was facing a real trauma. Get your head on straight and stop being so reactive yourself.

Arya Stark Badass

I’m not sure if you are a Stark or a Lannister but either way you kick a$$.


Stark all the way.


All I know for sure is…every year on this site, the majority of the posts are negative and the people posting don’t like the person playing hard as they progress to winning the game. I can’t tell you ONE season where the majority are happy with the outcome. Not one! Then it seems after time…the past winners don’t seem so hated. I don’t get it?

Get to Steppin Boogie

You are right lately but it was not that way the year Jordan won. Nobody wanted that nasty Natalie.


It’s emotion ruling over logic. I felt that way about Derrick. Just didn’t want to acknowledge the worthiness of his game play, bc it seemed lackluster with no magic to it. But now I think of him as a very good player. I always liked Ian, though, and was glad he won. Often the asshole players do end up winning, though, which is what makes people so heated. Viewers get over their distaste once they’ve had some time and are then better able to appreciate the game play.

Do the Starks Need Life Insurance

I was a big Ian fan too.


If you actually believe Ian should have won over Dan you have no credibility.


If you really believe that people have to believe exactly what you believe in order to have credibility, you have no credibility.

Now James, there’s a fellow with credihillbillity.


Spot on. I love it!

Ian Smoked Danny

The only vote Dan got was from Victoria. Ian put Dan in his place and the jury awarded him the money. Reality is tough huh?


Love this too! Although it was Danielle, not Victoria. Better to point that out before the trolls hang their thin arguments on it.


Is there any difference between Victoria and Danielle?

Vanessa's Logic Is Infallible

I throw my full support behind Vanessa’s logic throughout this game.

“I you lie to me, I will hate you and smash you”

Vanessa lied to me and to us all in the DR, plain and simple. I will now hate and smash her.

(Well, not so much smash. To be honest I have better things to do with my time and can’t really say anything nastier than the poker and BB fans have already said. )


Last year for me it was that people seemed more interested in playing for airtime than the 500k. Also the fact that one group controlled the entire game and it became excruciating to watch people not even try to turn things around. There were glimmers of that again this year. Once Vanessa and Shelli started the roll everyone else either sat around and talked about what they’d do if they won HoH or slept. No one tried to build any game connections or loyalty when they were out of power.


Why does she have to own it?
Viewers don’t have a vote on the jury this season.
We’ve seen everything she’s done.
Why does she have to sit in the diary room and play Doctor Will and Dan’s game?
Because they spoiled the viewers by sitting in the diary room playing the “look at me aren’t I evil” game, everyone that plays Big Brother has to sit and talk about what they’ve done like we’re too dense to see it for ourselves?
No thanks, I thought Dr. Will and Dan’s d/r were arrogant and condescending. I saw what they were doing, I didn’t need the play by play.
I don’t like Vanessa’s d/r personality. I just don’t need another uber-douche telling me they’re an uber-douche, when i can see it with my own eyes.
Wild idea: if her girlfriend knew Sabrina from BBcan2, maybe she knows how the public reacted to Sabrina, so she’s playing the justification game in the d/r to mitigate public reaction to her game.


Who cares if she “owns” it in the dr? Where does it say you have to sit and own it to be a good at big brother?

She must be doing something right because actual authorities on the game (i.e. People that have actually played it such as Dan) all say she’s by far the best player of the season.


I don’t think people are saying Vanessa isn’t outplaying every other houseguest, but the fact she continues the manipulation into the DR to tell the viewers she’s trying to maintain her integrity and stay loyal is what’s galling many feedsters. We see the lies and backstabbing she does and know the crap she spews in the DR is some type of image control. I have a hard time respecting her game because she’s not respecting the viewer. It’s similar to Shelli’s fake crying in the DR, John’s over the top performances, or Austin’s psuedo alter ego.
Vanessa is trying to lie to the viewers and it’s irritating.


This. This. This. Times infinity. YES.


Because her emotional behavior indicates that she is NOT in CONTROL of her game. I’m not referring only to her crying reactivity. I’m talking about the manner in which her emotions drive her actions and choices in the game. If you aren’t in control, you aren’t a player. You’re just randomly firing.


Saying she’s the best player of the season is not the same as saying she’s in Dan or Will league. Come now, don’t manipulate the facts to further your opinion by pandering info to a group that is somewhat comprised of people who don’t know how to discern the difference. You seem more than astute enough to know that this proves nothing in this current discussion.


Vanessa is far from a Dan or a dr will she is just plain mean and takes advantage of Steve
she’s cruel and in human .. She will never be a dan or dr will.
And I won’t be watching her show either !!!


Funny because Dan is a Vanessa fan lol.


Dan, Janelle, Hayden, Brittney, are Vanessa fans too


Yes!! This (re: your comments on Dan)… Eveybody HATED Dan on his season, remember Jerry went on numerous tirades saying how he was evil scum. Still won- unanimously. Same thing with Dick- he had to fight to the very end. I think when the dust settles people will be looking at Vanessa in a different light. I would have loved to see her vs Steve in the end- it would have been a nail-biter of a vote.

And for all the people who think Liz will win… Even Steve will be voting for Vanessa- he has mumbled numerous times about how good her game is. The last half of this season was boring, but I must say– this is the first season in 5 years that I have actually watched the show right up to the finale (which speaks volumes).


1 day to the finals 1 last BBAD so who’s going to win we all know Liz has at
least 50k because Steve & Vanessa are both taking her to the finals. I think
they will both beat Liz.
Hooray survivor starts tomorrow.
Hope they get a better cast next year for BB18 and it’s not an all stars I want
an all new cast and a better one.

Give us an All Star season next year........

BB, please give us an All Star group next year. Make it different, mix it up, make me count down the minutes till the show like you used to.


No body wants to see the same d bags compete. Let the viewers vote who plays next year.

Cindy Withanesse

Agreed. They’ve had their chance; don’t bring back the veterans. For F**k’s sake, can we have a season where we don’t have past house guests returning in some sort of capacity? Next season…all new people….NO RECRUITS!!

You have CBS calling future house guests to apply; thousands upon thousands of applications are submitted, only to have casting say ‘nah, we’ll go recruit people.” Why bother opening it up to applicants then?

Recruits vs Superfans

Hayden was a recruit, James Rhine. Most of the summer campers this year were applicants. Production needs to start bringing smart, ambitious, real people into the house. I don’t care how they find ’em. 🙂

black lives matter

how about more range of diversity? Color? Physical ability? Age range.

Pot Kettle Black

My reason for wanting an All-Stars season is so that I can see the Derrick’s and the Vanessa’s play, now that we know their tactics. Neither one could play the same game. I am curious to see how it would pan out now that the world knows who and what they are. The strategy would have to change and I think it would be great TV.

Maple Leaf

Has that ever happened? I think voting who gets to be a houseguest should be a perk for feeders. ThT would make for an awesome year!


I would rather have my arm chewed off by a wild dingo than to watch another “All Star” season.

Zingbot Fan

Dingo up then because another one is coming soon. I just hope it is not one of those where they put four All Stars in the house with newbies. If you are going to do All Stars do the entire house. I think maybe all the runner ups, Americas Favorites, or the first evicted would be interesting.

Pairs Twist!

Based on the casting that’s gone on lately, they could be on the road to the Tweaker Twins Twist. Former houseguests are paired with people they know through the world of drugs and crime.

Vanessa comes back with her Vegas dealer (not cards)
Derrick comes back with someone he’s busted.
Adam comes back with his facourite customer.
Evel Dick could come on with Martin Shkreli and just beat the ever-lovin’ shit out of him.


I dont for the life of me understand who wouldnt want an All Star season. Season 7 was a CLASSIC!!!! One of the best ever!


It would depend on who they brought back. I’d hate to see most of the cast of 16 again except maybe Nicole. I wonder if Victoria would try a new tactic like playing the game. Christine might be interesting in a new season. AFPs would probably not be as good as we’d like. A group of people everyone likes could get real boring real quick.

I swear on Mel that I can't wait for Wednesday!

Steeeeeeevaaah! I miss the twins together…they were so funny!


Ya, it was a real live show of Dumb and Dumber …


I think if the twins did Amazing Race I’d watch it just to see them. They are funny.


Nooooooooooo, don’t give them that idea to recruit the twins to play in the Amazing Race !!!!! All we would hear is Liz chastising Julia all the time.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Ya that joke they made about Sigmund Freud being Siegfried & Roy was SOOO FUNNY! Oh wait, they weren’t joking. My bad.

Comp Hosts 2016

They should have Jason host the Zingbot comp next year. Call it Zingfried and Roy. They can just hang around and cut people up for the whole comp.

Let America pick the next group of HGs...

Let us choose who plays and who doesn’t…then we can’t blame BB for coo coos like Vanessa and Audrey. Let us make more of the decisions, and for goodness sake, quit letting production steer the ship.


“Vanessa says that’s because we’re good girls and you’re a bad boy.”

Oh yeah. Vanessa thinks Steve is a “bad boy” now. It’s all coming together.
Sexual tension between those two you could cut with a knife, if production let them have one.


Fuck cheque. I say check. ?


Sorry for my foul language, I am a loser with nothing better to do than be mean to all of the people that post here. Feel free to call me out on my crap.

Feel Free? We Only Work for Bribes

Parles vu BB? If it’s not a bribe, we won’t take it. And we won’t just give you crap, you’ll have to pay dearly for it, like we did all summer for CBS crap, and Vanasty crap.


Dude, show some class. It’s spelled “fuque” in polite circles.


ROFLMAO! Are you all the same Anonymous?


Yeah, just different personalities manifesting. Same meds as Vanessa.

Liz for the winnnnahhh

I would much rather Liz win than the other two drifters.


You would? Liz threw Vanessa the win in the first out of three HOH final comps. What an idiot. Why would anyone do that when 500K is on the line.


Anonymous, do you thihk Janelle is a competition beast when she couldn’t win any
of the part one and part two of the final head of household in BB6 and BB7 and had to
beg Ivette and Erika to go to the final two?


Will you guys give it up on old versions of BB? Nobody cares!

Have two seasons every year of BB...

Give us two reasons a year to piss, moan and complain!!!

Kabuto Yakushi

Can someone please tell me how Austin and the twins have no chance of winning AFP? They were in control with Vanessa majority of the game and made big moves. Besides, who in the jury beside James has a better chance? Pre-jury never gets it. Shelli got out way too early to get it; Jackie and Meg are basically irrelevant. John’s one and only vote would probably be his guitar and Becky already won 10k so I doubt people would want to give her more cash. So other than James or possibly Vanessa who really has a chance against Austwins??

Are you high?

yeah i think you are


It’s America’s Favorite Houseguest. The twins were nasty, vile, and entitled. Austin was a creeper who somehow avoided a charge and he constantly belittled Steve. There are some people you just love to hate but they are not one of them. AFH doesn’t have to include someone’s game unless that’s your benchmark. It’s who has made the show the most fun for you.


The key word in winning America’s Favorite Player is, Favorite. Austin repulsed a lot of fans and his make out sessions, etc. with Liz were a bit too vivid to see on tv day in and day out. The twins constantly whined and spewed venom, ie,. when they lost the hiding the veto in the house to James, they cursed out Meg, James, etc and threw all Meg’s and other HG’s belongings all over the place while degrading them. Just one of many examples.And the three were a bit pompous stating of course they would be loved and AFP. Where James and John were more affable and fun with James’ pranks and John just being John.

Vanessa is a cry baby...

Hoping the jury laughs at her while someone else cashes that big check.


If Steve was smart, and he shows he is, he would evict Vanessa because all of the other previously evicted houseguests would give him a thank you in the hand of a vote.

I survived last seasons BB

To all the other People who write posts here..Thanks for a great season, I had a blast writing and reading Your posts

To Simon and Dawg THANK YOU so much for the great work and updates !!

As for the Final HOH if Steve wins, He wins it all taking Liz,loses it all taking Vanessa

If Vanessa wins, She probably beats both sadly enough

I would LOVE to see Vanessa’s face if Steve won and took Liz,,There are not enough Meds in the State of California to prevent that epic meltdown


Your welcome. And thank you too


What happened on Sunday’s episode was it all just recap?


Thanks I didn’t wanna waste my time watching just recap


You were smart to skip it. I had it on while doing something else & even then it was a waste.

Vanessa's Broomstick

Well those of you who didn’t tune in missed Vanessa’s maroon colored beanie…….gag me!


Cheque is Spanish for check. Silly…


Or Canadian.


I hope Dawg wins AFP!

Moose on the Loose

Cheque is Spanish for Canadian?

Pinocchio Obama


Are you offering any incentives for my Favorite House Guest vote going your way?


Let’s just say I know some people who could get you the vote…how would my Christmas be?


To all you Vanessa haters, get ready for a Vanessa win with Steve and Liz voting along with Shelli, James and at least JMac to give her the $500,000 grand prize. She certainly deserves it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Becky, Meg and Jackie joined the majority and voted for Vanessa. If Liz is runner up, I doubt Austin or Julia would vote for Vanessa unless Liz asks them to. What a great rebuke to all the Vanessa haters if Vanessa not only gets a majority of the votes but 7 or 9 votes and huge slam to Vanessa haters if Vanessa get all 9 votes, which she deserves.


So somehow Vanessa eliminates both Liz &Steve and they vote for her? Then who is second? I guess it is fixed in her favor……


You should have been able to discern that only one of them will be eliminated. It doesn’t matter which one because I think both would vote for Vanessa.

No van fan

I love how the Van fans call everyone “haters”, yet, their comments get get the most thumbs down. Vanessa is no Homecoming Queen.


Vanessa is 23 !


I would believe Vanessa is 23 x 2


Liz is 23.
Vanessa is 32.


I would believe Vanessa is 32 x 2

I just picked a name

If you tell haters that they are haters, they will hate on you through the thumbs down button.
Of course, Vanessa doesn’t have all the haters, she just seems to have the most rabid ones, because she seems poised to win. Liz and Steve haters don’t seem as compelled to post lately, but they throw in from time to time. Not wanting to see Vanessa win doesn’t automatically mean “hater,” but for those here that the word fits, it is actually a mild descriptor.
What, I wonder, will all these people do with all that rage and bile when it’s all over? What will come along to fill that Vanessa shaped hole in their spleens? Who now, will they fling their shallow stereotypes, crude insults and grammatically challenged conspiracy theories at?
Oh, wait. Survivor is starting. They’re good.

She Dishes But Can't Take It

We’ll save it for ISIS, lying, cheating, bribing politicians and candidates for president, child abusers, rapists, thieves, con artists, and Vanessa’s new CBS show. CBS and Vanessa surely dishes it out, and they can surely take it. You’re self esteem, morals and values are what you need to worry about, if exercising free speech and expecting truth in advertising puts you over the edge. Have you forgotten her Bible rants, and lying on the Bible so that the other contestants tell her stop. So now she lies and hates on Mel’s life. Vanessa’s horrible mean girl backstabbing cheating threatening personality must bring out the best in people. And the drugs needed to bring the best out in her and that show, whew. We paid CBS for this so-called entertainment, and they gave it to a drugged up psycho cheater in a rigged game. CBS knows and will do it again. They set this love to hate them cast up, and feel villains & drama bring more revenue than reality. Get another hobby if insulting posters is your idea of fun. Dish it up and take it like a good sport.


You shouldn’t lump all the Vanessa haters into one stereotype. I hate Vanessa but I also hate Liz and Steve. As far as replacing the Vanessa shaped hole in my spleen, I will buy an ugly beanie and have it surgically inserted so I can hate her forever

Good one!!!

Good comment! Seriously, all these horrid words by the “haters” are vile, yet they call Vanessa and Liz vile. I’m so glad I don’t know ppl like that in my life!

shush, the adults are talking

I didn’t realize that commenting was a popularity contest. Those poor people that don’t realize what external validation they are missing. Those thumbs up and thumbs down are just so important.


If I had as much time to “play” on the computer as you do, the thumbs up for my post would vastly surpass the thumbs down. All you have to do is look at the rest of the posts and it is obvious that some are playing with the tally as if that reflected any kind of truth, LOL.


“What does it profit a person to gain the world and lose his soul.”



Straight Shooter

Vanessa’s last chance to prove her “integrity” is to take Steve to F2 if she wins. Anything else just proves she is a flip flopping med-head whose word means nothing.


Nope Steve gets dropped because he dropped her first. She knows he dropped her for jmac. Now if she wins, he’s gone. I think she would’ve taken him if he stayed loyal.


She is a flip flopping med head whose word means nothing!


Oh Please let Steve win and take Liz…. the look on Vaness’s face would be worth watching it over and over!!


I agree, the look on Vanessa’s face would be priceless and I would keep the episode on my DVR for life so that I could watch it over and over again throughout the rest of my life.


Do you think we are going to have a cold winter?

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB17 HG's

Say goodbye to Coco everybody because the next time you’ll see him is never since Steve will dismember him and leave him in the woods to rot…Good luck to Steve though! Go get em’ boy!


I wouldn’t mind a moose head up on my wall.


One could say coco would do the same thing to Steve.


I want steve to win final hoh
I think he went through more then venssa
venssa had a lot of people behind her steve did to but only to add numbers
im wish a steve liz final 2

Go austin

Austin may not be a winner on Big Brother but he is a winner in real life.


Austin is not only a loser in the game of Big Brother. He’s also a loser in the game of life.

Spel check, people, please.

He is in the BB house, he is in life. And you spelled “whiner” wrong.

Tired of Sociopaths Winning

I wonder how much Van offered Shell to sway the votes? Really hoping for a Steve/Liz final 2. Liz would beat him. Doctor Drill should get the 25k. Whackstreet wins in the end? Except for Julia and the basement dweller, but half of the crew winning something isn’t bad.


Posted on May 8, 2014 10:45am

Who will be the newest Big Brother winner? Check out the full list below! 

Season 17: Vanessa Rousseau***

Season 16: Derrick Levasseur

Season 15: Andy Herren 

Season 14: Ian Terry 

Season 13: Rachel Reilly 

Season 12: Hayden Moss 

Season 11: Jordan Lloyd 

Season 10: Dan Gheesling 

Season 9: Adam Jasinski 

Season 8: Dick Donato 

Season 7: Mike “Boogie” Malin 

Season 6: Maggie Ausburn 

Season 5: Drew Daniel 

Season 4: Jun Song 

Season 3: Lisa Donahue 

Season 2: Will Kirby 

Season 1: Eddie McGee

***denotes —BRIBES by way of $$$CASH OFFERING,
by way of GIFT OFFERS..CARS,
Reality we heard alot BUT they do keep talking when we have FISH…lol…thats stuff we will never hear..and the feeds were down alot. (who knows maybe offered the twins, shelli, a gig with her new show Poker Face….)
I wonder if she will hold true to her promise to Jason? is that why he hasnt downed her in any interview once he got home? Hmmm?

5 dollars

If moose wins and she hold true to what she has “promised everyone, she’s really only bringing home about $5.00.


lol really Mr. 5$!


Do you “believe” in the tooth fairy also? Do you also believe Obama is a Muslim? Do you believe also that Obama was born in Kenya?
The rules simply say that “prize money” can’t be offered or give in exchange. What she, Derrick, Donato or anyone else did with their own money is beyond the scope of BB. Don’t forget that Vanessa is so much smarter than you that it is laughable that she would do anything to violate the rules. She did study law so I am pretty certain that your view is coming from the peanut gallery.

Botox Pelosi

Yes, Yes and Yes.

Vanessa's 5 fans

I hope you all will be happy spliting her last $5.00 she promised you.


Canadian is cheque for Spanish.


Lessons learned again by a BB fan.

Looks are still everything….. This is a little sad but think back to early this season Austin got labeled. Some of it the tats and size. That big man went far considering how the “strong athletic” types get targeted early most seasons. I know it’s very hard to get beyond the skankmance but I felt he played one of the better HG seasons this year if he wasn’t sucking Liz’s face. Oh and it was a season of kini better than most.
Villains rule…. Most of us hate Vanessa as a human being but the game, playing against admitted BB intellectually challenged, was pretty dam good. Seems villains tend to excel at BB. A fact we should all try to remember so we don’t need extra blood pressure medication next season.
meds meds meds……… it’s become as common as unstable people being put in the cast. Maybe moonface changes it for next year but make no mistake DR, Meds go hand in hand. They have the medical history on the HG’s. Production knows exactly what it is doing.
The meek(weak) shall inherit the earth…… who to sit beside F2 always finds that 1 of the least “deserving” in the running for 50K or like Gina Marie it’s jackpot time. This was Juju’s year but up against sissy she went to jury. That said a twin is getting 50K minimum tomorrow night. Liz did more than most.
What’s said behind closed doors……… the backstabbing nasty personal comments read here and seen on the feeds. It dramatically shapes the image we have of the HGs. BB 15 “the season of the bigot” is a perfect example. You really can see the under belly of humanity scrapping(scampering) for 500K or are they just mean for means sake?
Cut…cut go to commercial…. the CBS edit will likely never reflect the real house as feeders see it. It’s a given we have to accept. But as long as OBB is her with the loyal contributor’s we get the real flavour of a BB season. Lately the taste in my mouth is pretty disgusting!
Get ready for a twisted summer….. Julie you lied to us, the only thing twisted was the intro. Double evictions are the norm not twisted. Players competing to re-enter the house pretty common. And come on what BB fan wasn’t demanding BOB be returned after it’s staggering success and popularity? Ok went to far….. that was a “twisted” lying sack of crap! 😛 Where the heck was the hidden veto, the rewind to foil the HOH’s reign. You know like BB Can 3 did. Whoops forget that the production’s fav needed the fix. BB 17 Van was doing just fine TY!!!
Production runs a fair game….. they make hamsters run the wheel nothing more. My guess is the contract protects their liability to the point they could virtually tell the answers to 7 questions tomorrow night and not get arrested. It’s less a game and more of a good versus evil play that draws fans in to “see what happens next”. It’s the secret to guys like Howard Stern success. Fans who hate him listen longer because they want to see what he’ll say next. Like a car wreck you look at when passing even though you know you shouldn’t.
Feeders get high and low the CBs viewer just chill….. I think that’s TV in general. Shows tend to evoke less emotion like everyone gets a trophy at the end of soccer season for children. We keep teaching winning and losing don’t matter and the world is going to become a scary place. This season was “Summer Camp” and only Vanny clearly was trying to be a winner and the rest considered the stipend a win. Same money 11th or 3rd. The difference is 11th suffered less and got more booze! For Steve sadly tomorrow that likely becomes reality.
AG built the franchise…….. She is also tearing it down. Picking a direction for the season is moving the hamsters. Picking 1 person for 500K cost the franchise credibility. Integrity was never very high on the BB HG experience. It’s a given nice guys finish last playing BB. There is AFP though. 🙂

Thanks for a fun OBB season. Unlike the show there is usually a lot of good reading here. TY Simon and Dawg…..woof woof


Hey Unibomber! Thumbs down for having so much time on your hands that you could compose a manifesto.


Come on now, everyone knows Phan loved BoTB. It was all he could talk about…


Geauxxxx Steve Geauxxxxx……

I survived last seasons BB

Who Dat !!

Cha Ching

What vans money sounds like walking out da doe

freud's cigar

When i hear hg’s mention how a Derek and Cody could happen, i think, yeah, that could happen.
So could Danielle and Jen, or Jun and Allison, Ivette and Maggie, Dan and Ian, or Gina Marie and Andy. Never know.


I never write on here. I just read everyone’s comments but I figured it is the end I might as well put my two cents in. I see everyone wants Steve to win. As much as Vanessa has aggravated me all season she played the game the way it is supposed to be played. It is not her fault that all these house guests were so scared of her that they would not dare evict her. You are not on big brother to make life long friends. The object of the game is to get to the end and win! If she was a guy everyone would be saying how great he played but because she is a girl, God forbid she be so conniving.

Vanessa did nothing

Vanessa didn’t do half of the stuff she gets credit for. Most of the season involved Van wanting to make some off-the-wall stupid game move because of irrational paranoia, and either Austin or Steve talking her down. Her biggest campaign of the game was to backdoor someone in her own alliance! Which she recanted on, but only after forming an 8-person alliance and blabbing her plan all over the place. Anyone who tries to make an alliance with practically the entire house in one room should just be disqualified for stupidity.

She did have quite a few wins, I’ll give her that. I was ready to say the Julia move in Bowlerina was brilliant of her as well, but then five minutes later she’s back to the crying again.

So someone please explain to me, other than the comps she won, what exactly has Van done that she supposedly “deserves” the win?

monkey business

Outsmarted by a banana head.


They kicked out Shema for breaking the rules. I’m going to play the race card… Vanessa is white so she gets a free pass for breaking the rules… Ya I said it…. And I’m white lol !!!!!!! Seeing production boot Vanessa would MAKE MY YEAR !


You need to top with that shit. It is nowhere near the same. Chima was refusing to wear her microphone, refusing to go to the diary room, and just being outright defiant repeatedly. I understand the race thing, because Willie and Justin weren’t evicted either, were they?? The race card gets played enough when people don’t get their way, and other people see right through it. It was once said that the rule is two people cannot discuss splitting the money. So, she has definitely border lined by implyng, a bribe; but she stopped when she was told to, unlike Chima.

Vanessa Never Stopped

If it’s not Racism it’s Celebricism– Vanessa has continuously cheated, bribed, overmedicated, taken over the DR, abused, threatened, intimidated, scared with immunity. Just like Frankie bribed with favors, record deals, coming on the road, going to Africa, got away with sexual harassment, intimidation. Liz Julia took all kinds of crap into Have Not room, pillows food and said Production never called them on it, while Audrey got penalized votes. Johnny got his own room decor, really dentist chairs? And Dizzyland HOH with Jury was rigged according to Van when the rest of the Jury was disqualified after watching Vanessa sit on the footrest.

Production plays favorites and if it’s just coincidence they favor white celebrities own it. When Production takes years to secure a pseudo celebrity there’s no way they’re getting out early. These cast members are there to produce ratings, retain viewers, get ad revenue and increase brand awareness. The rest are expendable.


Somebody actually said that Vanessa fans get the most thumbs down so how could we all be haters.

Because moron all the haters thumbs down anyone who says even the slightest positive thing about Vanessa.

Why are you hoping Steve takes Vanessa over Liz? You all said the game was rigged for Vanessa to win. So why even watch?

Because you will cheer and laugh if Steve wins last HOH and takes Liz. And you will drop your lies about how it was all rigged for Vanessa to win.

But if Vanessa wins the final HOH and takes Steve or Liz and wins Big Brother. At once you will switch back to the whole thing was rigged for her to win. You are so predictable and boring. Yet very amusing.

Vanessa is winning this haters. So get ready to go back to saying whole thing was rigged.


It’s not so much rigged, but Vanessa is defiantly a cheater.


Actually, didn’t Steve cheat during the apple dunking/getting slammed against the wall competition? He is the only one I saw get off and touch the ground with his feet. He slipped off the disk and while in the pool he stood up to get back on the disk. He should have been disqualified then. It was early in the completion. Vanessa asked him what he was doing and he admitted it but production did nothing.


winters are always cold. It’s relative. To summer.

You ARE Crazy: 10 Ways It's Rigged for Vanessa

1. Casting children who’ve never seen the show IS RIGGING THE COMPETITION IN FAVOR OF Vanasty. 2. Allowing Vanessa to cheat IS RIGGING THE COMPETITION IN FAVOR OF Vanasty.
3. Refusing to enforce BB Rules of competition IS RIGGING THE COMPETITION TO FAVOR Vanasty.
4. Condoning bribes, pay offs, gifts to control HOH, POV, Evictions, Jury VotesIS RIGGING THE COMPETITION IN FAVOR OF Vanasty.
5. Allowing Vanasty to spend the entire game in the DR influencing Production IS RIGGING THE COMPETITION IN FAVOR OF Vanasty.
6. Editing out drug overdoses, abuse of players, cheating, bribes, sobbing, screaming threats IS RIGGING THE AFP COMPETITION IN FAVOR OF Vanasty.
7. Providing Vanasty performance enhancing drugs, combining narcotics with alcohol and red bull, IS RIGGING THE COMPETITION IN FAVOR OF Vanasty.
8. Vanasty claiming the competitions are rigged for her and that she is Production favorite to win Final HOH IS RIGGING THE COMPETITION IN FAVOR OF Vanasty.
9. Cameraman reports of rigging to promote new CBS show starring VanastyIS RIGGING THE COMPETITION IN FAVOR OF Vanasty.
10. Liz reporting she got help answering questions in HOH2 against SteveIS RIGGING THE COMPETITION IN FAVOR OF Vanasty.

Just tell the truth when defending Vanessa, you make a fool of yourself if you don’t. So what it’s rigged for Vanessa, CBS thought you’d like it that way. That’s why this is the first season they were provided playing cards. All random comps were yanked. And more comps were thrown to her than any season. But we could go on and on. Accept your favorite was rigged to win. Nothing fair, square or real about it.


Also, I think production may have told Vanessa about Steve’s plan. Look at the way she questioned him about him walking around at night talking to himself. I didn’t want to believe it but now I see it’s true. I will be surprised if Steve wins.

You are one sick mofo.

This 10 ways person needs help at once. It is scary to think this crazy bastard is living amongst us. Hopefully this was written in a locked mental hospital somewhere. That is some scary shit right there for real.

Out of Real Arguments?

If the person making better arguments with better evidence than you is crazy, what does that say about you?


I have watched every year of big brother and for the last 5 years they have ALWAYS given the final 3 a deck of cards…….it has nothing to do with favoring Vanessa. If you think the game is so rigged stop watching….your stress level will go way down

Vanessa Said She Requested Cards

Vanessa started applying to BB 5 years ago. Steve & Liz didn’t want to play cards. Vanessa’s bribed them with promises to teach them how to win money in Vegas while she’s securing their votes for F2. Vanessa says Production has her down as favorite to win. Why does your girl keep telling them she’s running Production? She took her pills this morning, you should too. No one’s watching the show. We just read here until it warrants a bigger waste of time. You are the only one stressing. Perhaps you should watch less, or read less viewer reaction to your girl. Those cards aren’t stacked in her favor.


STEVE said HE requested the cards.


And production didn’t try to help anyone else? Da’ getting the “random” phone call to eliminate votes. James getting a hiding game for Veto.


I think the reason people are saying Derrick and Vanessa are no Will or Dan is because Will won at the beginning of BB. Derrick and Vanessa had many seasons to study the game which in my mind anyone can do. BB needs to change things up or you’ll keep getting types that have watched all seasons and know how to throw and win games. They need all new games and actually sticking with twist all season. Those the HG for loops that make them have to play the game.
It would be funny if they just hand picked people off the street and at the very moment they enter the house. No time to go home and watch the seasons and study them. BB needs major help if they want us at home interested. Get rid of BOTB, make slop as the comps so every week you have to try to stay off, throw in twist and turns. Maybe even on Wed nights after Veto, open lines so America can vote who they want gone and that HG gets a vote added to them, but not every week and the HGs won’t know if it’s happening until after all votes are in. I hope BB will think and revamp for next season.


They will NEVER pick people off the street it’s been done and always is a dismal failure. Read up on Dan Enright. I get that it’s a game show and you need a little flavor but this season was a crash and burn because everyone knew the game to dam well. No resets this year ? It was jacked. Needed some better twists to mess with all of them .


Please don’t compare vanessa to derrick. He was a far superior player and he didn’t bully the other contestants.


Twists are ok, but crap like the reset button is just too much. A twist should be an added layer of complexity or an unexpected factor the players have to deal with. A freaking do-over on the entire week? How is that a twist, that’s just screwing with everything. As much as I like JMac, I also feel that jury members should not come back. Again, twists are fine, but the base rules of the game should not be screwed with. You can’t lose your HoH to a reset button. When you’re out, you’re out. You lost, no coming back.


I have been watching BB UK and am loving the set up. No HOH, no POV, all houseguests nominate 2 and the two with the most nominations are up for the vote and the public votes.The show focuses on the interactions between the houseguests and not comps.Very little editing to show anyone as good or bad. And it is on nearly every day.


That is stupid. It becomes a popularity contest. What is the point of that?

As it is now, US BB is a strategic game. With lying and deceit being the main facet at winning. It is fantastic.


Don’t get me wrong, I love US BB. My family and I have been watching since season 1 and have never missed an episode. My issue is that ours has become so predictable that the house guests know what comps are coming and the order the will happen. Same thing year after year for the last several years. The theme of the show is supposed the be expect the unexpected. But since it is so predictable there is no unexpected. If they used the UK model and changed it to the house guests voting instead of the public that would even work. I would just like to see a whole new revamped season. No old house guests coming back, all new comps, and do away with the have Not’s and the battle of the block.


Wow Colon! Can’t believe that post was allowed. Mental health is serious.

Making fun of another human being because of their gender and mental health is just plain shallow and speaks wonders of what you are and what you stand for. Pathetic ignorance. Plain disgusting and intolerable in this say and age!


Thank you Simon and Dawg for removing Colins post.


That one slipped through.. Sorry for that.


I enjoy reading most of the posts, but some of them read like manifestos! Thoughts come across better when not hidden in hundreds and hundreds of words, right?
Steve will take final round, ditch Vanny and hand Liz 50 large-cuz Vanny will throw him her vote for the game winning move!

Manny Festo

What am I supposed to sound like? Can’t I defend my position. I honor of Vanessa’s high school debate club achievement.


Let it all hang out if you want Manny – just putting my own opinion out there. There’s making great points in fewer words and then there’s venting and I enjoy the former. Brevity, as they say, is the soul of wit~right?


The bitch said,” Let them it cake.”

Operation bye bye

So if vanessa wins 3 hoh n dsnt take steve she has no integrity? Really!!! Its a game to win 500k. So if steve wins the 3 hoh n dsnt take vanessa does he have no integrity? Thats stupid logic if you want to win you take who u can beat not play a cody n go right for 50k when u know u cld of had 500k.

Operation bye bye

My prediction is I think vanessa will win final hoh and take liz which I think is stupid but hey pick who u want in f2 and steve will be the last juror. Either way if vanessa picks steve she wins, if she picks liz she wins. If steve wins final hoh takes liz I still think he looses cuz he doesnt have enough jury votes thats why the social aspect does matter.

BB leak

BECKY – ? But we will say STEVE


In the scenario Steve vs Liz. Shelli will vote for Liz, with Van’s help. Plus she loved the twins and the are all sorority sisters.

She then just needs one more vote. One of those women will want a woman to win BB17.


I think you are on the right track.


I can’t believe how much I disagree with you. If Steve takes Liz over Vanessa people like Becky, Meg, James and probably even Jackie and Vanessa are going to respect that for the huge move that it was. I think that secures quite a few of those votes.

However, mute point I think because I’m expecting (against my wishes) Vanessa to take part 3 and take Liz and win. Funnily enough though against Liz she will lose a few votes and I think she could potentially sweep against Steve. As much as I dislike her and can’t understand how she made it this far (because I don’t think she played the best game… I just think she played with a bunch of people who barely played at all) I do think she will end up with the win. Sigh… At least it’s over one way or the other tonight.

You people are sad

Can’t believe all the crap I’m reading here…. Vanessa, love her or hate her, deserves the win. Period, You people who trash on her have sad lives. Period.

excuse me!

we are all entitled to our own opinion.


As a big time Vanessa fan, I feel it’s only right for me to explain unequivocally to you that NO you DO NOT have a right to your own opinion. We Vanessa fans are here to tell you that if you in any way deviate from the opinion that Venessa Rousso is the infallible goddess she obviously is, you will be shouted down, called names, and be accused of living in your parents’ basement. You will be put in your place promptly and succinctly with kindergarden jibes, subjected to trite quotes from two-bit pop stars, and be told to shut up. So there. Nyah.

It its CLEAR and UNDENIABLE that there is ONE and ONLY ONE WAY to properly play Big Brother…. and that is however goddess Vanessa plays. No other player in the history of Big Brother has done anything right and every other winner or popular or successful contestant has been doing it WRONG and totally victimizing poor Vanessa. They should all obviously be stripped of their winnings, which should then be given to Great Goddess V. in her benevolence, Great Goddess V will PROPERLY redistribute the wealth to the Good and Faithful at Christmas.

Get it straight, Bucko!

You people are sad

Vanessa for the win, point, and the period!


I have to absolutely say, Dawg and Simon are the best! The past years would not be the BB same without you guys. You are as much a part of bb and the live feeds as the episodes. Don’t know how you guys do it when they are up till 5:30 in the morning and all the boring down time. You two are the best! ok, so I said it twice. Thanks for another great summer. Love you comments!

Don't Appreciate Good Game Play

For real Big Brother fans…. I mean, real BB fans. If you don’t think Vanessa should win, go find another show. You may not like the way she played, but she PLAYED. More than I can say for the other 15 contestants. This isn’t a popularity contest!


Well a real Big Brother fan would have known there is 16 other house guest besides Vanessa, not 15.


We like players like Andy and Jordan!

Andy The Red Rat

Well the Jordan part was true.


Janice threw a chair, and Viki was rushed to the hospital?!?
oh. wrong bb.
they all sat around, slept or sat around some more.
yeah, now i’m on the right bb.


When you can’t address valid critique, kill the messenger. No one’s more sad than you, because your favorite is indefensible.