Vanessa “I’m NOT taking him. I give you my word on Mel which you know I’m not going to lie.”

Finale Schedule
Sun, 9/20- 8p
Wed, 9/23– 9:30-11p Finale = Winner of Big Brother



Part 3 of 3 – Steve competes against Vanessa (Finale)

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-21 11-26-04-613

11am Vanessa asks has Steve talked to you about anything gamewise? Liz says no. Vanessa asks you give me your word? Liz says no a million percent! Obviously he has talked with you because he has not talked to me about anything. Vanessa says no matter… I am just going to ask you one thing.. you’ve given your word you were never going to tell Steve about our deal right?! Liz says 100% I haven’t! Vanessa says and I am good for that deal. He just can’t know about it. No matter what he might come to you and say over the next couple of days.. you know the real deal is what we have. I give you my word on Mel. Okay! Liz says I know. Vanessa says I know you trust me and in my book my word is only as good as the person to whom I’m giving it. And If someone has given me loyalty over the course of the game my word is good to them. Steve has betrayed me in this game multiple, multiple times and more than you know. He doesn’t deserve that level of loyalty from me. That’s how I look at it. Liz says I’m going to cry. Vanessa says no its true and I want you to know I’m going to keep my end of the bargain. On the other hand I need to make a deal with him that if he wins he is going to take me. Liz says right. Vanessa asks I hope you understand that?! Liz says 100%! Vanessa says I think I’m a favourite to beat him and I would rather beat him and take you. So I’m going to do my damnedest to win and no matter what I tell you .. he is going to want us to come to you to make him feel comfortable he is going to want us to tell you we’re taking each other. I’m NOT taking him. Okay! Liz says okay. Vanessa says I give you my word on Mel which you know I’m not going to lie.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-21 11-19-51-918
Liz says I know .. which is why this has been so hard for me because I feel like I have no… Like I am just dead in the water. Vanessa says you’re not dead in the water. Liz says which just sucks because I literally f**king tried my hardest in that stupid crossword puzzle. I didn’t want to be know as the stupid Victoria (BB16) you know!? Vanessa says oh my god you’re not! You’re not the stupid Victoria. What do you mean you have won so many comps girl! What are you talking about.. Steve only beat you by like 2 minutes. Liz says I know. Vanessa says he is a genius and a boy that is faster and stronger. Liz says do you know what I was being told “I was beating him” the entire time until I got to the double eviction. Its been so hard for me to put on a smile because at this point I can only have faith you know. Vanessa says I’m not going to do you dirty like that! I’m not. The only other thing I am asking if Steve beats me and takes me I am praying to god that I have you, Austin and your sister’s votes. Liz says a million… Vanessa says I know you can’t guarantee theirs but I just hope you know how hard I’ve played this game. What is rough for me .. what is sh*tty is that no matter who I’m up against I’m going to lose to probably just because people don’t realize how much I’ve played. How many moves I made because a lot of them I did behind the scenes. Liz says I know. Vanessa says I helped so many people with the strategy of it. Liz says I hope you win, you of all of us deserve it the most. Me and Steve .. for example I held on to the coat tails of you and Austin. I don’t even know what I would say to what was your best move. I have literally not even practised. I didn’t think I would even get to this point. You have worked your a$$ off and deserve it the most. Vanessa says that’s very sweet of you. Liz says you remind me of the Derrick (BB16) of the season. I’m more like the Cody! You know my word is good and I’ve never given you a reason not to.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-21 11-36-11-388
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11:15am – 11:25am Liz says I swear on Julia he hasn’t come up to me or even tried. Vanessa says I am trusting you a lot because if you’ve said it to him (that they have a final 2 deal) .. it would ruin every thing and I would have to .. Thank god he hasn’t even asked me to give my word to him. He is just going on that he and I had a final 2 because in Scamper Squad we said it was the two of us. He doesn’t realize how much I took it to heart that he betrayed me. When he tried to replace me with Johnny Mac. If it weren’t for you I would have been gone. If he had had his way I would have been gone and if he thinks I am going to just forget that he is nuts! Simple as that! And that’s the gods honest truth! My word is only good to whom the quality of the person to whom I’m giving it to. You and your sister I’ve always trusted you guys a million percent. You’ve always had my back. No matter what we come to you and say tomorrow .. I am doing it to play through the motions with him but you know .. on MEL! I can’t say any more than that! I know you believe me. I would never do you dirty like that! Liz says you know how bad I wanted that.. Vanessa and Liz talk about the Part 2 comp. I could have beat him because I was way faster than him. Vanessa says I am going to try so hard to win .. I have the perfect speech. Liz says you deserve to win. Vanessa says no I’m talking about winning round 3 and giving the speech to pick you. Its going to kill it. Like WHOA! He is a kid but he needs to learn that loyalty is everything. And he only looked out for himself. Vanessa explains how she always looked out for Steve. Vanessa says not to mention I would love for it to be two girls in the finals. Liz says trust me you are my last hope. Besides he knows, he hasn’t tried talking to me. He thinks I still hate him. Vanessa says he looks at it like if he took you .. he would lose my vote, Julia, vote, Austin’s vote.. you need 5 votes to win.. so after already losing 3 he has to get 5 of the remaining 6 votes which is almost impossible. If I took him you, Julia and Austin should vote against me because that would be so disloyal of me. I am going to have 3 votes against me no matter what how I look at it. I am going to take you and give my best speech and if you win congrats and if I win congrats. And the people that have been good to me in the game are going to have a Merry Christmas. I am a big sharer of all the success I’ve ever had in my life. Liz says that’s why I have a hard time understanding why people have hostility towards you in the jury. And Steve said that when Dr. Will goes to jury… Big Brother switches the feeds to Steve sleeping.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-21 11-42-20-392

11:30am Vanessa says jury statements .. I have to believe I am better than Steve at that. If I miss this that will be really bad because I am supposed to be able to read people professionally. Liz says I am going to hate this season if he wins. Vanessa says I don’t think he will because either I am going to win in that final round and you and I will be in the finals or if he wins in the final round and if he takes me .. then hopefully I will kick his a$$. Liz says I know! He is not getting my vote! Vanessa talks about how Austin said she didn’t have his vote. I was like really?! He was okay that week not winning. He is going to be very successful in his life. Vanessa tells Liz that she got some big people out of the game and aligned with strong people and you were loyal. I feel bad about doing it to Steve but he was sneaky. We were the ones that brought him into Scamper Squad. Liz says I know that he hasn’t once tried to talk to me that’s how I know its not going to happen. Vanessa says just please don’t say anything. Liz says I won’t. Oh My God I hope Steve doesn’t win. He is going to get so much gratification sending me out the door. Vanessa says he won’t win.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-21 12-02-03-975

11:45am – 12:15pm Liz and Vanessa head inside to play cards. Big Brother puts the house guests on an indoor lockdown. Vanessa makes a deal with Liz .. for every poker game I play with you .. you have to play 30 minutes of chess with me. Liz says okay I’ll make that deal.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-21 11-46-28-887

12:40pm – 1:15pm Liz and Vanessa go to Steve’s bedside and ask why he’s so sleepy.. were you up late scampering? Steve says yes. Steve moves to the comic bedroom to continue to sleep. Liz goes to take a shower. Vanessa tells Liz that she requested alcohol. I said its incredibly boring. Liz says 1 bottle of gin! Liz tells Steve that she had a dream that when she sees Austin at the finale he had cut off the pony tail beard. You know how much that would mean to me!? That would be awesome! EWW I can’t believe he likes it. Liz says if you are a guy watching this right now .. do not grow a pony tail beard .. it does not look good. Steve, Liz and Vanessa talk about the jury and talk about who hates who. Vanessa thinks everyone hates her. Steve tells her to she’s exaggerating how much people hate her. Steve says he’s worried about the outside world. Vanessa says he will be okay and won’t regret this experience. Steve says he’s more worried about his grad school application.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-21 12-52-07-213

1:45pm – 1:55pm In the kitchen – Liz and Steve reminisce about past events in the season. Liz talks about how Austin gave Jackie a massage before they were together. She says she thinks Austin only did it to make me jealous. Vanessa asks did it? Liz says yes. Steve teaches Vanessa how to play solitaire. Steve and Vanessa start talking about politics. They talk about gay marriage. Liz asks does Mel want to get married. Vanessa says she does. I have to put a ring on it. (Mel has said she is “planning a special proposal” when Vanessa gets out.)

2:15pm Vanessa teaches Liz and Steve a new card game.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-21 14-26-15-818

2:28pm They get Cake pops of this years houseguests

3:15pm Cards…
Big-Brother-17 2015-09-21 17-24-37-224
5:27pm They were sleeping for a while now more cards..

6:43pm Cards

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-21 19-06-22-157

They get their suit cases and back to cards.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-21 19-52-23-475

7:52pm Steve and Liz playing around, Steve has a beach ball saying he’s going to throw it on her head. Liz threatens to throw chocolates at Steve. Vanessa – watch it you’ll get a stop that.
Liz – You’re not a fun tickler you hurt..
Vanessa – so what are we going to do now guys
Steve – Camp… I’m the only single person in this house
Vanessa – saying coming in the game Single is a big advantages. Says she was at a disadvantage not being single, “There was so much flirting going”.
Steve admits he has a crush on Julia, “I tried to land a cuddle session when I was HOH but the game got in the way”

9:00pm cards and eating.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-21 22-07-19-147

11:00pm – 11:40pm Cards

11:45pm Steve asks Vanessa when do we tell her? (Tell Liz they’re not taking her to final two. Although they both plan to take Liz.) Vanessa says I guess we’ll feel it out. Steve says okay. Vanessa says unless you want an exact time. Steve says No I don’t. I just feel like its going to be really awkward after. Vanessa says MMMMmmHHmm. I told you. Steve says so I feel like night is better. Like this time tomorrow. Vanessa says okay. Steve says okay cool.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-21 23-46-27-954

11:55pm – 12:45am Steve gets Vanessa to give him the massage she owe’s him. Vanessa tells Mel that its just a friendly massage. Vanessa and Liz go to bed. Steve grabs coco and his HOH letters and heads to the living room. Steve heads into the cabana room and starts rehearsing his Liz speech again.

1am All the house guests are sleeping..

10:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.

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Vanessa La Loca

Now she thinks she’s Santa.


pompous bitch!


She just demonstrated why I switched from rooting for her to hoping Steve cuts her rein.

She's not Santa, she's just a...


Steve for president 2020

Just kidding. Just win part 3 and evict that moose.


HO HO HO! Now that is funny!!

Mel's Moose

I swear on Mel. I swear on my family. I swear on the bible. I swear on my dog. I swear on my friends. I swear on my first born. I swear on my car. I swear on the poker tournament. Dear Lord, Moose! Figure out another thing to say when you lie.


” Vanessa says no its true and I want you to know I’m going to keep my end of the bargain. On the other hand I need to make a deal with him that if he wins he is going to take me. Liz says right. Vanessa asks I hope you understand that?! Liz says 100%! ”

Does this idiot think that people still believe her lies? Ok Van, i will accept 3rd place and no money, just because you told me to.

Don't be jelly

Vanessa gives her word and it is solid.

You guys are all jealous you are nt as awesome as she is!

suck it up peeps.

picking up the cheque on Wednesday bae.

dr. will


Sure hope we see Liz in the DR waving her finger and saying H*ll no Vanessa!


She was telling the truth as to what she’s going to do. She doesn’t want to take Steve to the final. If you haters would just listen to what she’s saying you might learn something.


Not so fast… I think Vanessa’s mother complex may have actually grown into a little crush on Steevaah. She HAS said that she’s more attracted to men but her relationships with women work better. With Steve, she kind of gets the best of both worlds…. sexually complex but well endowed.

I think maybe she takes Steve to F2 and Mel better be a little worried they’ll “share a hammock” at some point


“11:55pm – 12:20am Steve gets Vanessa to give him the massage she owe’s him. Vanessa tells Mel that its just a friendly massage. Vanessa and Liz go to bed.”

Crap I’m good at this. She’s laying on hands and that’s where it starts. There could be some spice the last couple nights of the feeds after all. I’m telling you, those cougar-predator types loves them an innocent little curly haired fellow.

Vanessa Loves Vanessa

I’m so sick of how fake she is and all of her lies. She is starting to look like a warthog with a bee sting.


lol, I swear on my nasty zit, my too big glasses, and my poker face sunglasses and on these hot as H*ll winter hats I’ve been wearing as code to producers they can film me as I’m probably going to talk game, lie, and intimidate someone into the ground.


She has sworn on Mel so many times, I’m beginning to believe there is no Mel and if not the contestants would be pisssst that they believe this lying person.

Pot Kettle Black

Thought you just beat me up about not liking Vanessa…dude…pick a side.

Pinocchio Obama

Vanessa is probably the best player left but she is definitely the worst person left.

Pot Kettle Black

I swear that if Vanessa would have owned everything that she has done in the DR sessions and not been a bully b**ch, I would be rooting for her. Wait till she finds out how hated she is…


All you haters sound like little babies…
Vanessa might actually be the best player ever!
Bunch of butt hurt judgemental losers here…

Butt hurt

Vanessa has a permanent butt hurt look on her face.

If Vanessa Is So Gay....

If Vanessa is so gay, that she has to describe her transformation in such gory detail, ad nauseum, play the gay card,, and swear on Mel’s life because God has forsaken her for lying on the Bible….then why in the hell does she have to tell Mel over the cameras that she’s really not trying to f*ck gay Boy Steve when she keeps her useless word to massage him for beating her at cards?? First they broke up she’s sobbing, then she has to send flowers, then she can’t believe Mel still loves her, then Mel will break up if she doesn’t get a ring, now she thinks Van’s throwing herself at Steve. Vanessa is clearly confused about her sexuality, changes her mind, calls herself Bi, now is attracted to gay men with oedepus complexes.

Mel, the ring, being gay is just another con to gain a broad following (no pun intended I don’t think) and play at sympathy for imagined lonliness, discrimination and sniff sniff…getting no one to flirt with on tv. No one buys her skater chick 80’s white rapper costume or that she and teddy bear nipple loathing Steve are going to smash vegetables.

Pot Kettle Black

For your info…I picked her week one to take it all. I was her biggest fan…until…she started acting all crazy. When she didn’t get her way, the way she freaked out on people for doing exactly what she was doing. If she is the best player ever, let’s match her up in an All-Star house will some of the greats…she doesn’t stand a chance!

Vanessa Fan

There are just as many that love her..!! Probably more love her than hate her. Look at the polls for AFP on several sites, including this one. Vanessa is awesome. She is as good a Dan, who is the 2nd best player ever. Dr. Will is the best, no one could ever touch him. I really hope Vanessa wins. She deserves it. Steve would be gone a long time ago if Vanessa hadn’t worked to keep him.


(no waaay) Is Dr. Will better then DAN the ONLY unanimous winner ever… until that happens again Dan is king…
Also two finals NOBODY else has that…
I LOVE dr will don’t get me wrong… I prob even like him better than DAN but nobody has a better BB resume than Dan… I Love the Blue Jays but the Yankees are a waay more successful franchise.
Looking at facts and comparing the only things that are comparable (record performance votes etc…) Dan is the best ever…

BB Doctors Prescribe Narcotics & Booze

Vanasty orders alcohol while she’s staggering drooling from muscle relaxants, depression, anxiety, amphetamines and aspirin. Bribes and drugs and alcohol what and who doesn’t she abuse? people, rules, trust, viewers. Where are all the Van lovers now? She’s lying her ass off in her speech taking responsibility for inventing BB. Where’s get Bible? Vows on Mel cuz she’s god now? You know I wouldn’t lie. Steve served her game to her on a silver platter. Shelli is getting her cut bribing votes in the Jury. And Liz is worried about the pony beard stink monster? Like anyone is going to take style advice from her. Keep shoveling the food in your mouth you dint sound so smart.

CBS finds these crazy racist abusers Amanda, Devon, Aryan, Gina Marie, Frankie, Jason out of the zillions of applicants. Low. And the commercials for Survivor Second Chance show all the players talking smack having gotten a lesson in bullying cuz fight club housewives gets ratings. Bye CBS too many other options.


See you back in no time.


Anyone still watching or listening to her is mentally ill.


Oh another hater making a barely articulate rant about Vanessa. Shocker!

When Is Van Articulate?

Why do you care everyone hates her behavior & personality on Twitter & every blog? So long as you love her right? You could write her fan letters, tell her you voted her AFP and she’ll send you a great Christmas present too! She’s a joke & done so much advertising for narcotics, even the posters are getting high. It’s the only way you can watch this crap.

Pot Kettle Black

BB better give Vanessa a to go bag with some pills because she is going to flip out when she sees how others portray her….and another thing… to those hating us for hating her…you are no better so STHU.

More Like 300

Another hater? Poor description. There are at least 300 and over a million reasons no one can stand her. There’s nothing jealous or superficial about her detractors. She’s got about 7 fans who have or have not been bribed? At least one is her therapist, happy Van’s bringing more patients back to Vegas!

Pinocchio Obama

Steve we all need you to fight until hell freezes over and then fight her on the ice. Team Bounce Vanessa.

Coco the teddy bear

The saving grace to Steven winning is that he would finally have enough money to trade me in for a newer model to grope.

I survived last seasons BB

When is part 3 of the HOH ?

Double D

Julie Chen will read quotes from the Jury. Vanessa and Steve will guess true/false. First to 5 win


If Van is wrong she will argue that they never said that.


::warning conspiracy ahead::
Considering the responses are prerecorded, I could see the producers recording both responses from the houseguests allowing them to have absolute control on who wins. They’d be able to play whichever “answer” they like.
Although at this point though I’m not sure it would have an impact on ad revenue generated so what would be the point? maybe they are going to try to sell the twins in the next Patty Duke Show! I can hear it now…They’re identical cousins! Austin could play the dad…Shelli could be the mom and Becky can play the maid. Jeff and Jace could play the romantic interests of the girls. Ratings gold!

The horror…the horror…

Yo Mama

Weird, but I like it.


There Vanessa goes again…telling Liz that everyone who has been loyal to her will have a very Merry Christmas. This is a veiled buying votes statement to Liz and is not allowed by BB, unless BB is setting her up to win and is closing a blind eye to it!! I’m not the biggest fan of Steve this year, but to see Vanasty’s face getting evicted at final HOH by Steve would be priceless!!

It's Not Veiled It's Blatant Bribes

This is ridiculous, disgusting and should be illegal, everyone who support me in Jury Votes is getting a cash gift shafted from my success. BB has to cut the feeds when they talk about the purpose of Dr. Wills visit to influence the Jury Vote. Horrible. Production helps Liz with questions in HOH2 you know they don’t want Steve in Finals. Liz claims Steve ruins the season?? She admits floating and coat tailing and won’t practice a speech. CBS=Cheating Bullies Suck. Sit and look pretty Liz impossible, you’re ugly inside & out. Like Van.

Pot Kettle Black

Speaking of the jury…next season they should show more of the jury house in the last several episodes. It get’s so boring towards the end. Especially this year…So sick of Vanessa.


How about a little cheese to go with whine?


I would however, i am afraid vanessa used it all to wash down her pain pills. Dowwy!

Not Necesarilly But Definitely a Cheat

How bout a little enforcement to go with those rules?

Offer your housemates a new car…. ooooooh, the whole house is on cold showers for a week. Shut that shit down.


Vanessa absolutely repulses me. Her sense of entitlement is beyond the realm. And Liz is an idiot.


Hey….its a fuckin game bro…
If you were in the house, im sure you would do the chill the fuck down..
Vanessa for the win….


Agreed. Hope they throw the “let a girl win” idea out the window!


This is 100% a scam… Vanessa needs to be dismissed from the show… She has repeatedly indicated she would give money away for help. I would LOVE for nothing more to see on the last show Big Brother step up to the plate and announce that Vanessa has been released. THAT would be a twist….


Wait I thought she was going to win because the whole show was rigged for her to win. Now you say she is going to win because she offered to help people after the show. Make up your mind haters.

Let’s face it you all think it’s Vanessa that is the cause of you being a loser at life. Finally you can tell your family that is ashamed of you that it is all Vanessa’s fault.

Hate on haters. Vanessa is happy and will never know you exist.

Don’t worry you obsessed with Vanessa haters. She will be on all stars. So you can continue your jealous hate for someone who doesn’t know you exist.


Talk about inarticulate and uneducated too! God invented the thesaurus so you wouldn’t construct sentences like this …..I hate the hate of the haters who hate bc of the hater who hates hates haters…Vain Vanasty would vanquish the verbosity of your vernacular.

Instead choose descriptors for our feelings toward VaMessa this way: abhorrence, abomination, animosity, antipathy, aversion, contempt, corrupted, criminal,cursed, deprecate, deride, despise, detest, disapprove, disdain, disfavor, disparage, despise, debunk, detestation, disgust, dislike, disparaged, distaste, enmity, eschewed, execration, hostility, loathing, malice, malevolent, misanthropy, misprized, odium, repudiate, repugnant, repulsed, reviled, revolted, revulsed, putrified, shocked, scammed, tortured, victimized, and vilified. Just to begin.


you keep responding to all of the posts with different names…I know it’s you… the antagonist remarks. get a life. everyone on this blog has the right to feel however they wish. Idiot.


They will never have Vanessa on All Stars. They already had to cancel this season’s Takeover Twist because the cost of medicating her completely blew the budget. Not cheap to narc a moose.


That’s it!! PLEASE let that be a final twist! “Vanessa, you broke the rules by bribing the other HG, so Vanessa, you are evicted from the BB house.” I’d pay good money to see that — and it would be worth the price of admission!


She could sell ice to an Eskimo! If only she was honest with us in the DR how she played everyone I would put her in the elite class of great players. At least we have the element of the unknown on Wednesday. Who will win part 3 and if it is Steve will he evict Vanessa like he says? Compared to last season where we knew a few weeks in who was going to win. What killed me last year was so many of the HG sitting around saying Derrick was going to win and not one person even trying to do something about it. It was laughable! All in all a pretty good season but I think we all agree this show needs a facelift with some new comps, redesigned house, less drafted HG. You would think they would look at some of the other BB’s from around the world and infuse some of those things into the game. I watched BBAU 2014 which was so-so but they did have some very interesting comps and prizes with the $ coming out of the final $ and what not.


vanessa lying to the fans (in DR) is the deal breaker for me. If she had been up front like Dr Will, Boogie, Dan, and confessed that yeah I am playing these people, that was fake crying, and no i don’t actually need ‘proof’, but seeing people scrambling to save themselves to get some is priceless, then sure, give her the grand prize.

But she shouldn’t be playing the fans, just the houseguests. fan input has nothing to do with jury votes, or winning comps, or anything else to get to final 2, so why so worried about it to the point of flat out lying to the viewers? I’d have more respect, mad respect, for all the manipulation, even the bullying and proof finding missions, if she had an ounce of sincerity in the DR as well. In fact i would wish her to win, and decide who to take, not a problem.


The problem is sunnydee that Vanessa is so twisted in her mind she actually believes her own lies, and that she is a kind, honest and moral person; and that her word is spun of gold and will one day be the scripture of life according to Vanessa Russo, and so it is written.! ;D


Agree. I’ve been watching some of the Canada and UK episodes. I like how those games actually make them compete for luxuries and punishes them with cold water for the house, or removal of food if someone breaks the rules. UK can get pretty brutal with the way that they set the guests against one another, especially on the celebrity version. Don’t know if I would want them to go that far, but something to make the people scramble and earn what they have. Less of this sitting around and doing nothing. I have liked this cast this season, for the most part, which is about as good as you can realistically expect. There are always the ones that you dislike, but that is part of the fun of the game. I am actually glad that Van has been here playing these people, and she deserves to win if she goes to finals.


I agree it would be great if she were in the diary sessions saying “look at what I did” instead of “look at how this made me feel.” I think that approach to diary is faulty, but i really think that is what she is attempting to do. Crazy get justification seeking but logical (to her) game play mixed with psychological process / effect that i’m thinking she believes will make her seem less cold and manipulative.
If that is her process it is failing because she doesn’t perceive herself as a villain, and what she is giving in d/r is too polarized from what she’s doing in the game. Big error on her part.


Worst final 3….EVER!!!


there is no way in HELL this final three is worse than spencer, andy and ginamarie… COME ON MAN!

Andy The Red Rat

“So let it be written,so let it be done”


True dat! They rank pretty close lol


This final three is way better than Andy and Gina Marie and Spencer. This final three is really pretty good.


No the BB9 & BB15’s final 3 were the worst.

NOW I Get It!

Adam recruited Vanessa.


They may not be the worst, but none of them are admirable. I can’t like any of them. I’ll watch the finale, but I don’t care who wins. Just waiting for it to be over and then I’ll watch Survivor. Hope I’ll have a clear cut favorite to cheer for in that show!

Just Saying

In Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ the devil settled in Las Vegas.Vanessa is from Las Vegas . Coincidence?


I cannot wait until Steve wins the final HOH and takes Liz! It will be the best moment of the season!


Yep, wishing and praying.

Pot Kettle Black

Wish I could hit the thumbs up about a thousand times!!!!


Steve takes liz (beats her) and JMAC wins AFP. the only way to redeem this season…

tbh i’d be satisfied with just having Vanessa not win anything, but the AFP going to jmac would be a cherry on top.

Vanessa Screaming No Like Austin All the Way Out

Vanessa isn’t great as long as she admits to being a bribing ass! Why is it okay to buy off the Jury?? Why is it okay to buy nominations, HOHs, POV and buy evictions? Seriously? Let the richest asshole win? I bet there is a show in development called Poker Face with Vanasty pulling her reading trucks trying to tell who’s lying. This network is sick. Moonves needs a vacation, 20 years is plenty. And he’s wrong about ignoring ratings and viewers add long as CBS gets On Demand bundles purchased. CBS content sucks and Survivor is the only thing left to watch until they f*ck that up too.


She’s being slimey. She should be a lawyer.

Except She Got Kicked Out of Law School for Cheating

You can’t be a lawyer if you break the law. Can’t finish school can’t be a lawyer. Thank god. She just think she owns the BB Rules. She direct the first 2 months reinterpreting the BB Rule Book as if she were the Supreme Court, she’s a seriously delusional broke DJ.


Does Liz actually think she played this game? She spent 90% of the time in bed with Austin. Two of her HOH’s were thrown to her intentionally. She depended on Austin and Van to carry her (and Ju through). I will watch Wednesday nite just to hope Steve beats Van. Too sad that Liz gets the $50 grand.


Vanessa says I know you trust me and in my book my word is only as good as the person to whom I’m giving it. And If someone has given me loyalty over the course of the game my word is good to them.

I hope to God that Liz is thinking top herself, sure Vanessa. Just like Austin had your word.
Can she really be that dumb to believe Vanessa?

Bunny Sliper

That one statement says everything about Ness. No one, in her mind, is worth keeping her word. She always has a reason to break it. I agree with others who say, if she would be honest in her DRs, I would think she was a great player. As is I think she believes what she’s selling. Which makes her scary. Because, she probably lives her life that way.

Puppet Master

I love your game Vanessa! Time to bring it home!!!!


What if Vanessa is planning on throwing the final HOH to Steve, thinking that Steve is going to take her with him? Maybe Vanasty is working Liz so hard to convince her that she would take Liz, so that when she loses, she is trying to set herself up for the Austwins’ votes if Liz ends up in jury. I kind of hope that is what she is doing, and then gets totally blindsided by Steve!! That would be EPIC!!

Double D

Vanessa would NEVER throw a comp. But would throw a fit if you don’t throw a comp for her.


Cause she’s a narcissistic psycho.


Vanessa is the best player and should win the game but where will she get the votes in jury?
She has Shelli’s vote, maybe JMac, James, Steve (if he is in jury) and Becky might. Austin, Meg, Jackie, Liz (if she is in jury) and Julia probably would not vote for Vanessa. The lovers of the game and the smartest ones would vote for Vanessa.

Producers Post on This Site

BB Production posts to all BB social media to influence perceptions. It shows up in their bonus check.Viewers are getting suckered from every direction. Steve doesn’t show up on promos, Vanessa & Liz get all the airtime from beginning.


I hope to God that Steve wins Final HOH and finally boot Vanessa on her ass; and win BB 17!!!!!

Fed Up

I hope sooooooo much that Steve wins in the final HOH and would love to see the look on Vanessa’s face if he evicts her. It sux that Liz would have 3 votes though in the jury house when all she did was suck face with Austin all the time. While I admit Vanessa played the best strategic game, she should definitely be dismissed for basically bribing the jury with presents for their vote…that’s a definitely no no!!

Shelli's Chompers

Pleaseeeee Steve! You have to win round 3! I cannot take Vanessa and her crap anymore!


Julie Chen: Big brother fans we have a development. due to Vanessa’s continued unethical method of trying to buy a win, CBS has decided to remove her from the competition. There will be no final HOH contest and we will go straight to Jury for vote in order to determine the winner, Steve or Liz …

Expect the Unexpected…

There is your Twist.


Unfortunately it won’t happen. I don’t think production gives a crap about Vanessa alluding to a payday for everyone who votes for her. What irks me is it’s completely unnecessary because she’s played a hard game with clear victories. Multiple HoH’s, vetos and her maneuvering was second to none in the game. It’s like she feels she needs to stack the deck as much as possible and cheat if she can get away with it.

I feel like she’d try to sneak in an NFL team to play pop warner football.


I don’t think they’d disrupt the season if they didn’t have to. They play out to final 2, if Van is evicted there’s no issue. Just have fun watching her tantrum and go on with the game, quietly announce after the season ends that her stipend cheque = $0.

If Vanessa is in the final 2, disqualify her. Very amusing montage of bribes and DR warnings, tears, and freak outs. Third place becomes F2 and Vanessa becomes a BB legend like she soooo desperately wants to.

I mean, it’s only a federal offense. Production has to do SOMETHING. What’s to stop every dick that plays the game after this from saying they’re rich and offering bribes to skew the outcome? (other than not being a broke down loser…)


It’s obviously not illegal to play Santa and within the big brother game “rules” because Vanessa is still in the house. You’re just a sour puss cuz your fav’s were asleep while Vanessa was “playing the game.”Judge her all you want! It’s a game! She played every angle. Did what she needed to do. Funny how so many just love evil Dick for being an azz. He was a bully and gross yet a favorite??? Her game was 100% more respectable. To each their own. Vanessa played a respectable strategic, manipulative game and stayed loyal to scamper squad as long as she could. Others tried to be sneaky but she read them well and beat them to the punch so to speak. Haters. Get with the program. It’s big brother. Haters gonna hate while Vanessa has accomplished her dream and will write all about it. Continuing to be successful outside this game. Get used to it! You go girl! 😉


So, yeah, God forbid anyone actually verify anything before deciding that the rules need to favor their favorites. The BB contract is freely available online. Here’s section 43 on page 14 and 15

“43. I am aware that it is a federal offense punishable by fine and/or imprisonment for me or anyone to do anything that would rig or in any way influence the outcome of the Series with intent to deceive the viewing public (including, without limitation, colluding to share any prizes, stipends or other monies), and that it is a federal offense to accept any information or special or secret assistance in connection with the Series. I agree that I will not participate in any such act or any other deceptive or dishonest act with respect to the Series. I acknowledge and agree that any agreement between me and any other participant(s) to share Prize, if awarded to me or such other participant(s), shall constitute a deceptive or dishonest act hereunder… I further understand and agree that I shall not partake in any gambling venture or other game of chance, skill or knowledge with respect to any information or observations that I may havc gained either directly or indirectly through my participation in the Series. I understand and agree that any act by me in violation of this paragraph shall give Producer the right to terminate my participation from the Series and to withhold any prizes, stipends, and/or other monies even if already awarded, granted, earned and/ or received by me.”

So, no, it’s not alright. Santa been warned to shut her shit down. Production is well within their rights to thank Ms. Rousso for her participation in BB17 and kick her ass out the door on finale night without paying her a penny. Unfortunately, CBS doesn’t seem to have the balls to enforce any of their rules anymore.

freud's cigar

And be sure to do the same to Becky, James, Liz and Julia as well as Vanessa.
Becky offered to share the 5k.
James offered Jeff a car, offered to pay Meg’s rent.
Liz and Julia admitted they were going to share.
Vanessa thinks she’s Rudolph.
They’re all guilty.


That’s exactly my point… they should.

If someone is breaking the rules… particularly the ones that verge on being a federal offense…. production should bring the hammer down. You don’t think if everyone in the house was put on cold showers for a week every time someone started that crap, the house guests would be shutting the behavior down immediately?

And, yes, there’s a fairly easily distinguished line between someone yukking about buying a car when they will clearly never follow through on it and someone repeatedly offering bribes on the order of the second place prize. Production certainly has the jurisdiction and to make and enforce appropriate judgement calls.

And my guess is that if Liz wins she will not be allowed to give Julia half. She’ll be able to give some reasonable of gifts based on the fact that she just won a contest and it’s reasonable to pass on the benefits to family. That was the ruling when the FCC investigated Evel Dick & Daniele after BB8.

Anyone aware of instances of this sort of corruption in other seasons of BB?


This is NOT a game show under federal rules! Give it a rest you doofuses!


Vanessa set the tone for this dam mess that’s why she should be taken out.

Vanessa Told Players Bribing Was Legal

Are you kidding??? Vanessa told players pay offs, splitting, stakes, gifts, cars, trips WERE LEGAL Production was writing up the contracts, and continued to do it without impunity!!! All the other minimum wage players are supposed to sit there listening to millionaire Vanessa bribe pay off everyone without any consequence, over and over without offering same? The only thing they stopped Vanessa the cheat from doing is offering $10,000 to Julia to go up on the block as a pawn. Vanasty apologized and threatened with disqualification and she kept on doing it, now with the word gift. Vanessa also told the houseguests it was legal, and Production was writing up contracts luring others to do it to use precedence to supercede FCC regs and BB Rules. Vanessa destroyed this show.


The only thing is it’s hearsay as no one in the BB house is supposed to know her actual status as one of the top female poker players. No matter how much she brags about being rich, they have no proof so why would they fall for it unless they really believe she’d share her winnings and ever lawyer knows without a contract nothing is for sure or enforceable.


She will still write her book on strategic gameplay and how she had she outplayed all your favourite houseguests lol. Keep on hating lol. Vanessa has probably already doubled the bb grand prize in future earnings with cbs. She did everything right! Hahaha! She’s won the game by a landslide! Laughing all the way to the bank. JACKPOT! CHA CHING 😉


A convicted fraud just like her daddy. She’s a broke ass DJ that couldn’t save or multiply her winnings so she stalks creepy game shows and humiliates herself on international tv for free drugs and advertising. Straight from the horses mouth, and we do mean horse. She makes zero on her book who woukd buy it check out Twitter is you think she has a fan. She has no show on CBS. Invite her over for dinner she gets into free meals. Mel’s into free rides thats why she expects Vanasty to pay for the ring, her college & her DJ equipment. PS she never finished law school bc they kicked her out. Hahaha. Go back to counting cards and getting kicked out of casinos with her new BFs Austink & the Twits.


They enforce their rules all the time, don’t you hear them. There is No Singing Allowed, There is no Humming Allowed!!!


Response to CheatNation, great that you posted that section on bribing and sharing of the grand prize. If you read it carefully though, it says bribing or sharing with intent to deceive the viewers. That would mean secret agreements, whereas Vanessa is quite up front about it, no secret (that we know of). Don’t forget, not only did Vanessa read the rule book, she went to law school and knows her way around a contract. That being said, Steve, please win final HOH and get her ass out!!!! Liz, you dummy, tell Steve that Vanessa swore on Mel that she will not take him to final two.


Finally someone who sees it my way.
Oh but she lied…so
Oh but she broke a promise…so
Oh she manipulated people…so

The list goes on and on but all I see is

She played big brother that’s what they do.


A twist worth waiting for!


With Vanessa, she probably bribed production to help her and she would by them a car. I wouldn’t be surprised as she is a nasty player!


I’m sorry guys…I know how hard you worked at getting all of Vanessa’s conversation with Liz…but I just couldn’t read it! I’m so over Vanessa…I just can’t!

Thanks for all your hard work this season…See you next year!


Why does it feel like Liz is the most sane in the house? The other two ramble on and she seems like “yeah, yeah, sure, OK”

Part 3 HOH

Correct me if I am wrong, isn’t the third part of the HOH where they are both on the pendulum and are asked A or B questions on how the jury members answered certain questions? I can actually see Steve beating Vanessa in this. It seems like he took more time actually trying to get to know all the other house guests. It would be priceless to see him win it and take Liz. Oh so sorry Vanessa, so so close. 😀 One can only hope.

Pot Kettle Black

It would be poetic justice if went out as third like Victoria…fingers crossed!

Roll Tide

Poor Julia is so gullible that she falls hook line and sinker for Vanessa’s bull crap. I wonder if Production will give Vanessa the answers to the questions. She didn’t really get to know the houseguest out side of her alliance. How is she going to know who said what?
I just hate for her to hurt Steven, he has problems and being stabbed in the back is going to effect him mentally. Big Brother ought to be ashamed.


I predict that Austin/Liz will not last long. Austin’s behavior towards Vanessa will be the same with Liz and that will end their relationship.

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB17 HG's

I really hope Steve gets some during the after show production parties. He needs some so he wont be so awkward. There is always Jace….

beyond fed up

get this nightmare over !!! not sure who’s arse i’d like to shove my foot up the deepest..van’s or the 16 twits who let themselves be steam rolled by her..dont want any of them to win..being a professional “reader” of people gives her a unfair advantage over average joes the same way derrick had, to his credit he played a classier version of the same game unlike this ruthless biotch..kudos to her and derrick and their “people reading” skills, use them in your profession, but the uneven playing field it creates in a game like big brother, just leads to yet another boring and predictable season..i wont even get started on the bribes and gift offers production has let her make over and over. i think van could have sucker punched someone in their sleep and her defense would be the person was breathing and snoring and production would say ok and just let it slide


I am over this season. Bring on Survivor!!


For “being over it” you sure do post on here a lot. Lmao

Countdown to the End of BB17 / Survivor Starts

We’re almost done folks !!!



If you want to file a complaint against CBS for them allowing Vanessa to manipulate the game with bribery feel free to pop off a quick email to the FCC . They have it all set up for you..

It takes about 5 min…


Taking the time to fill out a complaint about a reality TV show that has its own set of rules seems absolutely ridiculous to me. If it was against the rules, big brother obviously would put a stop to it, especially if it was illegal. Telling someone they want to buy gifts for whoever votes for them is more of a good gesture. It’s not like she’s going to tell them at the finale that “if you vote for me, I will give you some money and presents.!” I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I don’t think she did anything wrong, she’s playing a game!


Blake, you don’t get it….. perhaps you should grow a brain… This is the SAME reason Jerry Springer was investigated. It was the SAME reason NBC was investigated when they rigged 21… Its not about CBS, its not about their rules. “Its about the perception they are selling the viewer” . If its rigged, CBS has to own that and post a disclaimer .. If its not rigged, then fraud was perpetrated by producers and Vanessa . IMO

Vanessa Fan

I think you have totally lost it MinionOne. You seriously want to bother the FCC because you don’t like the way a HG is playing the game? CBS would have gotten rid of Vanessa if she had done anything wrong. Your hate for Vanessa is clouding your thinking. CALM DOWN..!!


They take FCC complaints seriously and that’s the job of the FCC. They make sure radio, TV and such aren’t scamming the people. You’d call the cops if someone stole your car and you contact the FCC if TV does something sketchy. I had an issue with AT&T over not getting the advertised rate for internet and for several months they gave me the run around, I filed a complaint with the FCC and a week later I was contacted by AT&T, it was resolved and they gave me a check for my troubles even though I hadn’t paid yet.

Sometimes a company plays the odds that no one will do anything and they can get away with stuff until they get called on it.

The question is: Has Big Brother violated any FCC rules? The answer depends on how they are classified, the house guests contracts, as the twins obviously had a different contract because they talked about having to be in an equal number of comps before the entrance of Julia, and the players perceptions of the game.


Read the guest contract for BigBrother Vanessa CLEARLY violated the contract, I think it’s around page 19. CBS clearly wanted it to appear that Vanessa’s type of conduct had a zero tollerance policy, yet they let her do that. Their for they are complicent for violating their own terms and in doing so violated their terms with the FCC.


The question is is that the contract they all signed because I believe the twins’ said they had to participate in an equal number of house events such as nominations, veto ceremonies, and comps. Plus people like Vanessa will have attornies or agents go over the contract and essentially draw up a different contract. I guaretee Frankie had his own contract drawn up last year and Vanessa this year. Considering the number of recruited players the last few years, I can imagine individuals with some type of celebrity would have some leverage to negotiate. We see a basic contract but a savvy person sees a starting point to haggle.


She’s not playing the game. She is cheating … Read the contract ! Cheating is not playing the game. If anyone has clouded judgment it is you. Page 14 of the contract.

“43. I am aware that it is a federal offense punishable by fine and/or imprisonment for me or anyone to do anything that would rig or in any way influence the outcome of the Series with intent to deceive the viewing public.



Dude does the outcome of the show really have any effect on your life? If so, you must be more crazy than Vanessa. Get a life man. It’s a television show. She won’t lose any sleep when she walks away with $500,000 and you’re still writing hate mail to cbs. Lmfao


If Steve would sleep during the night instead of wandering around, he’d be up and around the others instead of sleeping, giving Vanessa all the time in the world to convince Liz that she has her best interests at heart. And he should have asked in DR if he really was supposed to wait until Tues. to wait to talk to Liz. How gullible of him to believe Vanessa.
Did you notice that poduction let the gals talk outside and once they were done, locked them inside where Steve won’t be able to get Liz alone?


Best for Steve to have not approached Liz. Liz would run straight to Van and tattle. At this point Van feels confidant that she has them both in her pocket. Best for Steve because who knows who Van will take F2?! Liz has no power and can’t help him anyway. Van will win over both of them. Steve has to win final HOH to get the big $$$.


They all knew lock down was coming today days ago. It was Steve’s choice to sleep all morning. But really what does he need to talk about with her, she has no choices left to make in the game. If he, as he says, is taking Liz if he wins, he doesn’t want her to know so she won’t start planning a speech to the jury about why she needs to win over him.


This may sound stupid, but I think this conversation between Vanessa and Liz turned out to be perfect. Liz telling her she hasn’t talked to Steve about anything and knows Steve can’t wait to send her out the door is great. Vanessa just locked in her vote from Liz and knows it’s best for Liz to be in jury so she can make sure Austin and Julia will also vote for her. Vanessa just may make a huge mistake and throw this last Hoh to Steve.


Liz will be evicted live and not get to talk with other house guests, which would be good for Steve.

Nut job

People, why do you bother understanding Vanessa? There is no logic in mental illness.


Wouldn’t it be funny if they called Vanessa to the diary room and she never came back ? like CBS just pulls her… Could you imagine the conversations between Steve and Liz between now and Wednesday.. It would be hilarious. I filed a complaint with the FCC for game show manipulation today, not that it would amount to much but honestly wouldn’t it be funny if she was pulled because CBS wanted to cover their a$$ ? That would crack me up .Steve and Liz would go BONKERS wondering what happened …


We all know that both Steve and Vanessa will take Liz to the final… But I can’t believe Liz has not approached Steve with a final 2 deal…. Does she believe that strongly that Vanessa will win part 3 of the competition?…


Liz claims not to like Steve. That may be what is driving Liz to believe everything that Vanessa is feeding her

So True

I can understand Steve not approaching Liz, but why wouldn’t she try to chat up Steve. Van swears that she has no F2 deal with Steve and throws him under the bus to Liz so why doesn’t Liz go to Steve? What does she have to lose? I think Vanessa has them too scared to go off the leash. CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED!!!

Your right

Your right Vanessa everybody does hate you the biggest portion of us anywAy.. Wish you would get boo’d

Just me.....

Vanessa for the win! She evicted those that stood in her way, (some of my favs) those that speculated what she was up to, manipulated the situation to favor her, securing votes OH wait she’s playing Big Brother. Expect to have players not play YOUR game. (this bs of bribing if it was so true CBS would of stepped in,come on people!) really?

So Simple

Why would CBS step in? They WANT Vanessa to win.
The FCC already ruled around the time of BB8 that BB is an entertainment show, NOT a game show and fixing is fine. The official BB rules say you can’t bribe… but the contracts and credits always include the line about the producers having the right to change the rules at any time.
If you can’t cast someone with skill, cast someone controversial.


All these people spewing out such hateful words, mostly about Vanessa, makes it no fun at all to read these comments. One thing is not liking her character but another is being so cruel and ugly hearted. How do you folks look in the mirror??
She finally talked about her “word” – she keeps her word to those who deserve it! She doesn’t keep her word to those who have betrayed her. Makes sense to me!


I agree with you.

Word Up

Your word is your word, it is not conditional. The very definition of “your word” is that it’s something you keep, a bond, an oath between people. If you’re the sort to go around breaking “your word”, you never had one to start with.


No surprise, she has a show on CBS this fall called “Poker Face”. Every person that was on this show this season should be outraged at being duped.


Wow, Mel and tischa and mom and Vanessa’s accountant are really working the spin control today. Getting a little nervous about the bribes? Keep changing names, your syntax and cadence give you away…pathetic!

Johnny Mac AFHG

I see Johnny Mac has opened up his lead even farther. I’m glad I got my votes in today because the voting is closed on CBS now.

Why James Can't Win AFH

James had quite a lot of support from the female 20 – 25 years of age demographic. Unfortunately, many of them were unable to vote as they were rendered unconscious by the chloroform.

Bye Bye James

Is it true that the reason James has tears in his eyes after sex is from the mace?


Vanessa said “if I don’t pick you then you, Julia, and Austin should vote against me”…but if Steve is the one that doesn’t pick Liz for final two that would be the only way van can get those three votes….hmm


It’s so frustrating reading these updates because I want to scream at the players. Are Steve and Liz really so scared to just talk to EACH OTHER?
Van is so busy bluffing most of the time and the most of the rest of the time freaking out because she’s making sure she isn’t getting bluffed.
Paranoia will destroy her.


I suspect Steve and Liz will have a conversation shortly before the finale. It doesn’t make sense to aggravate Benzo-Beenie while she’s got days to rampage and bully those who would dare have any sort of game that doesn’t revolve around her. Liz has the memory span of a goldfish, so it makes sense to hit her up just before going live so the idea that she actually has free will may not yet have faded from her memory.


it is really this simple, if Steve doesn’t win the final 3 and evict Vanessa, this will without a doubt be the worst season of BB ever. If Steve DOES win the final HOH and evict Vanessa, which will likely lead to Liz winning, then this will only MOST LIKELY be the worst season of BB ever.


I hope on finale will they show clips of james and meg, jmac diary sessions, and the mystery votes on week 3. And I hope steve cuts vanessa on finale please. Vanessa is most likely cutting steve because she is afraid of the votes for steve.


I think steve going to win the final hoh
venssa going to be happy cause she thinks he taken her
then the move that save the season make it wroth watch again
he evicted venssa that’s what I want


So Liz is just going to roll over and not campaign for Steve to keep her? What is wrong with these weak mind people. Vanessa told Liz that she is campaigning for Steve to take her, so why would Liz put all her eggs in one basket hoping for Vanessa to win and not campaign to Steve to take her just in case he wins. Not understanding these weak minded people at all this season. They are worse than last season

And the winner is.....

Steven, a.k.a Boy, a.k.a. American teddy bear rapping bad a$$!
Sorry moose lovers, better luck next time!


11:55pm – 12:20am Steve gets Vanessa to give him the massage she owe’s him.

And there it is, the beginning of Vanessa’s master plan. Using her feminine wiles, over the last 2 days of BB17 when the feeds go down, she seduces and subsequently marries Steve so that regardless of the jury vote, they can split the money and live happily ever after.

June Bug

If Steve wins part 3 of the HOH, Liz should tell him that Vanessa was not going to take him if she won part three. Also if Vanessa is in the final two the other person in their speech to the jury should use that Vanessa’s tactics was to bribe people with gifts outside of the house and that should not be rewarded.

Steve tv

win the last hoh steve, and take liz…cut that b**ch out…She needs help but cut her dry!!!@


Who was the other vote to keep Jeff? It was Liz. How is she going to handle being found out? What will Austin do? I recall Austin catching Liz in bed with Jeff, under the covers, LOL. Austin walked in on them and asked what was going on.


And that’s when he decided he wanted Jeff gone. Austin is very jealous and possessive, neither are good qualities to have in a relationship. Run Liz Run!!!

What Would Be Awesome

Liz winning and being able to watch a live brain scan on her father. After Fingergate, he HAS to be ready to leap from the audience and drag her by the hair to some sort of social reprogramming center. But then she wins half a mil? What’s a father to think?

another name

I am not a fan of all her histrionics, or her d/r presentations.
They both bother me. They are why i wanted her evicted week one when she was crying about being homesick. One of my first comments this season was something about if she’s that miserable getting a chance to play the game week one, send her ass home.
I don’t know why i started thinking, damn, she’s putting in the work to win the money, but it crept into my head somewhere around week six. Even with that thought, I believed she would go home somewhere around the second double eviction. I’m still shocked she didn’t.
Her personality still annoys me. her diary room presentation still annoys me.
She put in the work.
She lied, she backstabbed, she intimidated and cajoled or controlled everyone to some extent at some point in the game. She’ll never win miss congeniality. She could be downright disturbing to watch. When she was off, it was nauseating, but when she was on, she was on.
Look at Steve’s hoh reigns: Jackie (because Vanessa told him she had said she had no problem seeing him evicted week five), Julia (because Vanessa thought it was better for her game not to piss off all three of the Austwins) when his target was Austin. Jmac (because his target Vanessa won the veto).
look at Liz’s hoh reigns: Becky (because Becky was after Vanessa), and James (because Vanessa thought he was after her and was bothered that the Austwins felt a stronger social connection to James).
If only she’d handled her own HOH’s with the same level of competency. she wanted James gone week three, but switched to Jeff at the behest of her allies because Jeff was a bigger threat to Austin, and because Shelli and Clay vouched for James after he came clean about his doubledealing week one. She wanted Austin gone in week five, but switched to Jason, after being convinced by her alliance that Austin would be a loyal number. She aimed for James again week 10, switched to Meg after James won veto. She aimed for Jmac in week 12 but switched to Austin after Jmac won veto. Her own Hoh’s were her most erratic moves in the game. I shake my head at thinking about her HOH’s. They were some of those off times i was thinking about. But she had a firm grip on just about everyone else’s evictions.
When in danger of being eliminated, she was able to save herself with either information (giving James Meg and Jackie justification for going against Becky’s wishes), or by winning veto comps on weeks 9 and 12 when she was the back door target each time, or by pure guile in manipulating Julia to choose Austin in a POV (if Julia loses Vanessa might not be replacement nom, If Julia wins, Vanessa will be replacement nom).
There’s a reason she voted with the house in every eviction she wasn’t HOH or the nominee. It bothers me that she was more velvet fist in an iron glove than the usual reversal of the idiom, but that’s exactly what was happening.
She will be evicted if she doesn’t win part 3 of the final HOH. That’s fair. If she’s failed to maintain control over Steve, and he evicts her, she deserves to be evicted for not maintaining control and covering her bases better.
That said, she will still have put in the work. And lots of additional crap that really annoys me. If she wins, she wins. She worked for it. If she loses, she loses, she didn’t manage the jury members well. If she’s evicted, she’s evicted, she didn’t maintain control of her competition.
I won’t be heartbroken by any of the three outcomes. She’s really annoying, but I’ll always think she steered the ship for most of the season. I don’t know if she was steering it to victory or crazy town, but she steered it.

I dunno...

Vanessa’s game has pretty much involved working with alliance members to get out non-alliance members and to deflect the target off herself when non-alliance members are in power.

She’s alright but I don’t see this as Grand Strategy. She is no Dr Will… he is lying to you.

Not Necesarilly But Definitely a Cheat

Heh… sorry, I hope that didn’t come out glib. I enjoyed the insight and analysis. 🙂

She Drove it to Hell

But she’s not evil, you have her word on it, when she’s not slurring or ranting or drooling. Print off your comment send it to Santa Ho for your new car.

another name

Haha, if only I’d known all it took to get a new car was to say someone was annoying and could be nauseating, erratic and controlling. I doubt my analysis of Vanessa would thrill either an ardent Vanessa hater, or an ardent Vanessa fan.
I don’t have it in me to be black and white when it comes to this game. It would be great if I could, and so much simpler. I saw good and bad things about every player. Some i liked but didn’t appreciate their game, others i disliked but saw their game for what it was. I was going to write about each of the final three but I already wrote too much. Maybe i still will or not.
I can see the strengths and the weaknesses of all three, and I could reasonably make a case to endorse any of them, but it would not be positives only, because none of them has played without flaws.
I hope my diatribe was at least entertaining to you, even if you disagreed. Because I think that’s the point of this, to entertain each other with our thoughts and analyses or jokes and concepts. If I understood how to just see things as 100% good and 100% evil maybe you’d have enjoyed my thoughts more, but that’s not a skill I possess. Thanks for your response, the car part did make me smile.

Vanessa Hater

This is a call out to the people that are going to the live show. Grow a pair and Booooo the Bitch let her know she was the biggest Bitch on the show she RUINED MY SUMMER this was the worst group I’ve watched. she’s been bullying Liz for her vote just looking at her aggravates the piss out of me. Hopefully Austins in there bad mouthing here. So everyone going please I’m begging you Booooo Booboo Her


She ruined your summer? You need to have more going on in your life.

No longer Newobsessedfan

Thank you Simon and Dawg for the great site! I enjoyed the recaps. Thanks to all the avid fans whose comments I loved reading.

I really enjoyed immersing myself in the Big Brother world but I think next year I will pass. After James left it hasn’t been fun. I guess I am not cut out to watch these people. Personally, if it is true that BB influence comps or hints to HG why would anyone want to be on the show? CBS would need to revamp for make me watch. Evict if bribing or not following rules, no hints by BB and I think the fans should have a vote along with the HG for eviction. As the season goes on the fan vote will be more important.

I wanted a woman to win but like in movie I like a heroine I can root for and Vanessa is not her and for that matter nor Liz. Thanks again. I know I will get thumbs down…but c’est la vie! Enjoy the finale.

James 2 win

Vanessa is a sociopathic grifter. She has an inability to feel empathy that is why it is so easy for her to manipulate and control. The perfect grifter who is from a city that separates fools from their money. I find it hard to believe that she has won over $4M in poker winnings but has to finance a DJ career for her and Mel with the winnings of the show. If you have a law degree, why do you want to be a DJ. Does she think she is going to be the next Calvin Harris? Stop comparing her to Dr Will…do you think he would give up his medical career for some pipe dream where no real talent is required. Too many things that she says just don’t add up. I am an alumni of Loyola New Orleans and I embarassed that the twins also graduated from there. The comment about Sigmond and Freud made the national news. And Van preys on the weakness of Liz to believe her twisted rationale. BB should not go to tender next year to recruit contestants next year. And weed out con men …um women!


Win by any means necessary. If i had a chance at 500k i would justify any and every gameplay. Just own it in the diary room that you are lying or manipulative or whatever. No one has for years. Andy didnt own it, derrick didnt own it and vanessa hasnt owned shit. You know you can say whatever you want in the diary room since no one in the house can hear it. But so many contestants and especially winners havent owned up to their gameplay recently. Its a pathetic need to be liked by America. You arent running for office you are simply competing with 13-16 ppl for $$$. Hello this is what made will so lovable. Obviously being honest in the diary room cost danielle 450,000 in bb3 but they changed that rule immediately. I swear as awful as vanessa has been i would maybe had been a fan of hers if she would just admit her gameplay in the dr. But no the audience is treated like the 19th contestant yet again.

another name

D/R is sort of ridiculous and pointless to me.
I do wish Vanessa’s d/r segments were not what they are. I don’t think she, or any of the hg’s get to pick and choose what clips will be put into the episodes.
I think the production uses them as a plot device to steer their storyline.
1/2 hour to 2 hour diary sessions, and we’re given up to ten second clips that sound rehearsed and re-enacted.
Maybe we just have to rely on our own senses from what we see in the feeds, because the clips that the editing team are putting into the show aren’t doing it for me.
I miss the early d/r that seemed more testimonial than question answer (can you say that again in this way?)
I enjoyed the d/r montage in the last episode for that reason. THAT is what we should be seeing.
Why aren’t we?

Smart Guy

What’s said in the diary room is coached, that’s why it sounds like they are reading from a script. They haven’t been able to speak freely in the DR in many years.


I always thought the Diary room sessions were their opportunity to lobby for America’s Favorite so of course they lie. I also thought the tape of the whole show including the sessions went with evicted houseguests to the jury house so of course they lie. Someone else doubted that the tape they send to the jury house includes the Diary sessions, that’s actually something I’d like to know for sure because I’m betting it does. Plus, you are giving America the version of yourself you want to have out there. Ergo, there’s bunches of reasons to lie to the camera, I never understand people who don’t get that.

Smart Guy

Since the 4th season the jury doesn’t get to see the diary room footage, not that it matters these days since it’s all coached and unnatural. Danielle Reyes most likely would have won season 3 if not for the jury being allowed to see the dairy room footage. Back then what the house guests said in the diary room were their own words, and Danielle clowning the jury didn’t go over very well, so they basically gave the money to a floater.

All of Danielle’s diary room footage:

another name

They included diary sessions in the clips shown to the jury in season 3.
Danielle Reyes lost the game. In large part due to her diary.
Big Brother has shown the jury the hoh comp, the nominations, power of veto and pov ceremony in every season since.
I don’t believe the house guests have any input into what the edit team will put into the episodes. As the storyline changes, the tone of the clips change as well.
The one example that I have of d/r being something other than what we perceive is from bbcan3. Sarah’s mic was on when she entered the d/r, and could be heard over the video from the have not room on one of the cams. She said (not exact words) “Don’t worry, I’m pretty good at jumping into whatever you need.” Why would a testimonial or a vehicle for the hg’s require the hg to be moldable to the diary room fairies? If it were their chance to forge a connection to the viewers, they wouldn’t need to. This one statement as well as the more scripted feeling the d/r segments seems to leave behind makes me think the d/r is more a vehicle for the story line than a vehicle for the players. Yeah, i’m possibly making a mountain out of a molehill, but if i hear one more “sometimes we get bored in the big brother house, and when we do…” style diary segment…