Vanessa to Austin “The odds are very high we get to final 3 together if we take Julia”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and liz
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 19-19-26-595_jpg

7:20pm Steve alone in the HOH
Steve – Vanessa is doing something shady

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 19-25-51-227_jpg

7:24pm Vanessa and the twins
Vanessa says Austin knows he’s in the dog house. Vanessa adds that she told him the twins might be sensitive about him wearing it the veto.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 20-08-16-856_jpg

7:54pm Kitchen Steve, Austin and Liz
Everyone sleeping. Chit chat about the POV, Jessie, Whatever.
Austin is explaining that Jessie gave him a funny look when Julia picked him in the POV.
They agree the POV was an awkward moment.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 20-10-42-870_jpg
Steve and Vanessa deliver the food to the twins.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 20-09-16-863_jpg

Steve – “I come with dinner from austin.. Chicken in the shape of a heart and some vegetables”
A twins “Tell him thanks but no thanks”
They Say thanks but no thanks. They do want it but will eat it out in the Kitchen
A twins – We’re not that Hospice
Steve and Vanessa leave.
The twins laugh
Liz – Oh my god

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 20-07-56-862_jpg

Vanessa tells Austin they don’t want the food right now
Vanessa – I didn’t know how far you are in the dog house I can’t believe they don’t want it normally they like eating..
Austin – I know whatever.. I’m sorry I f***ed up
Steve runs upstairs to the HOH
Vanessa for the 400 002 time tells Austin why she told Julia to pick Austin.
Vanessa says the girls want Julia to stay. Austin says Liz lost her heart in this game said she’s over it.
Vanessa saying she’s always had those girls backs.
Austin – I just want this all to go away
Vanessa – it just sucks

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 20-16-06-334_jpg

8:11pm Kitchen Austin and Vanessa
Austin – Liz has proven herself in this game
Austin says the twins settling for second place is dumb, Liz’s done a lot in this game and Julia has done nothing. He wants to see Liz be able to play further.

Austin – It’s like taking a surrender bet in blackjack when the dealer is showing the ace, right.. they’re surrendering to get half their money
Vanesa – I actually agree with you
Austin – it’s a surrender bet.. I never surrender .. no ..
Austin – I don’t know, you and I decide what to do

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 20-41-41-519_jpg

8:20pm Austin and Vanessa
Austin – If Julia stays in all honestly she’s playing for third place
Vanessa says Julia will make it to the finals because they are all a sure bet to win against her.
Vanessa thinks Liz is a sure bet to win the game.
Austin says his vote doesn’t matter if her and JOhnnymac are voting one way.
Vanessa says the twins want Julia to stay but she thinks they’re very open minded.
Vanessa says if they get to final 4 with Steve and Liz those two will want to take each other out.
Vanessa says if Liz takes them to final 3 Austin sits the final HOH out and her and Liz play it out. If Steve takes them to final 3 they all play their hearts out.
Vanessa – from your perspective isn’t it better if Julia stays

Vanessa goes on to explains. Says the argument to get Julia out is everyone will take her to the end. Adds Steve will keep him over Julia because Steve wants Jmac in the final and will be worried Jmac will take Julia for a sure win.

Vanessa points out if Johnnymac wins he’ll put Austin and Liz up and if Liz wins the POV he’s f****D

Austin wonders why Julia doesn’t like him
Vanessa thinks the game really isn’t Julia’s thing
Austin says they have time to think this throw ‘Obviously I’m coming down they are going up”
Austin – Luck is the residue of Design
Vanessa – I love it, we had a cluster f*** of alliances.
They agree how smart their planning was this season.
Austin and Vanessa suspect Jmac threw that final round in the POV.

Vanessa goes on about how Austin’s target would get much smaller if Liz went.
Vanessa – The odds are very high we get to final 3 together if we take Julia
Austin – I’m choosing this game over relationships
Vanessa continues coming up with minor reasons they should take Julia.
Austin doesn’t feel bad grabbing the POV this deep in the game. Even if he did have the votes to stay he trusts them all but he doesn’t trust Big Brother.
Austin – Final 6 scenarios when they’re half the house not much I can do about that
Vanessa asks if one of them win final 5 HOH who’s the target, “Steve or JOhnnymac”
Vanessa saying they should take out Steve because steve will take Julia and JohnnyMac to final 3.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 21-03-58-906_jpg

9:00pm Johnnymac’s pizza

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 21-26-24-960_jpg

9:27pm Johnnymac’s pizza cooked

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 21-40-51-860_jpg

9:38pm Twins up and about.. they heat up the food Austin made for them.
Julia – UMMMMMM Chickens really good.. thanks Austin

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 21-48-17-865_jpg

9:40pm Vanessa and Jmac
Vanessa – we need to figure sh1t out
Vanessa says the twins don’t know who they want to stay, “There’s an argument I can make for both of them I don’t know who’s the best”
Jmac – what will be better for us
Vanessa – I’m running scenarios to increase our probability to get to final 4 .. if we make the right move and tight deals.
Vanessa says there’s a risk if they take Julia she’ll take their spot.
Jmac – if we keep liz
Vanessa – they’re a bigger target
Steve delivers Vanessa some medications for her cramps.
Vanessa – ohh that’s so sweet of him
Steve sits down with some of the Jmac pizza, “Is something up”
Vanessa – we’re thinking of this week
Vanessa goes on about this and that
Steve just wants to see how the next couple days play out “I don’t want to make any decisions”
Vanessa – I understand

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 21-51-55-859_jpg

9:47pm Liz and Julia
Crying .. torn about what to do who should stay or go.
Liz – I’m clearly a huge target and you’re not
Julia – What if John wins he’s putting you up
Liz – you can’t think like that
Julia says nobody in this house will bring her to the final two
Liz – yes they will they think they can beat you .. nobody will bring me to the final two because other than Austin
Liz finds a ant in the food she gets grossed out says she’s done eating it.
Julia – Ewww he tried to poison you you should be made at him again
Liz goes back to eating.
Julia – ratings better go mother fucking up because this is crazy

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 22-06-05-237_jpg

10:00pm Twins, Steve, Johnnymac and Vanessa
Julia is going on about how fine Mr Pectacular is. She can call her any time. Steve says Jessie slept with Lydia in the jury. Adds that Jessie came up to his chin.

10:20pm Hot tub everyone but Austin
Steve says Amanda from season 15 was a genuinely mean spirited person
Steve says Jason was a bully behind people’s back.
Julia agrees.
Steve – he would talk shit about austin
Vanessa says Jason talked shit about everyone
Jmac says jason was telling everyone him and Becky were plotting against Shell And Clay
Steve says Quebec is to Canada as Texas is to America. (I always thought Alberta was more texas)
He starts talking about politics, says if want to find out Obama is a kenyan muslim terrorist go to Texas and the south.
Vanessa – dangerous area of conversation

11:00pm Hot Tub Twins and Vanessa
Vanessa tells them she’ll help them decide which one should stay.
Liz says Austin won’t give them a un biased opinion.
The twins tell Vanessa they are with her till the end whichever one survives.

11:13pm vanessa tells them she’s starting to get into parkour
vanessa says if one of them win they have to have a giant party.
Julia – party at vanessa’s
Steam has joined them.. vanessa is going on about her agent hooking her up with a gig on a cruise. Steve is surprised “you have a agent”
Vanessa – of course how do I get my gigs
Vanessa goes on about the cruise she’s djing on

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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-06 00-03-36-757_jpg

11:52pm Vanessa and Austin
talking about Austin and Liz
Vanessa Says Liz still feels for Austin “it’s going to be a little hard patch get through this week.. not matter how this week goes down she’s s strong girt.. and very reasonable

12:15am Julia and Austin
Julia says Liz want to talk to him later tonight.

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I wish I could just backhand Vanessa and snap some sense into her. She thinks she’s so smooth when her gameplay is terrible. Ugh I hated her since week 1 and my instincts about people are never wrong.

You guys might also remember me from BBCAN3 when I knew midway production was gonna rig it for Sarah to win and we all know how that turned out.

Big o'le ant eggs

She is worse than a nagging spouse. The most annoying bunch of women in one room that I’ve ever seen.


You sound just like Vanessa with your instincts and patting yourself on the back for knowing production rigged bbcan3. Are you also a professional poker player/DJ/self proclaimed genius? Not to question your integrity but maybe you can’t stand her because you’re just like her

Vanessa's Check

I’m actually the opposite. I was rooting for her from day one. During this game she had me stressed, happy, crying, annoyed, stfu v, etc. I will admit she is an emotional player, but I get the feeling she seized up her fellow players and knew this was the card to play. Other than that, as a fan you can’t attack her personally. It’s BB and it’s all about end game. That said, this biatch has positioned herself in a pretty spot. I have say I’m confused as to where her loyalties are and I find her a little unstable sometimes. If someone understands her end game plse break it down for me.. Where are her true loyalties????


I couldn’t begin to guess what her end game is; I think that she wants to shit in f2 with Julia, thinking it will be an easy win. Van will take Julia and at this point Julia will definitely take Van. Now Austin is the only threat physically and who’d it pick for f2, but Van is already trying to talk Austin into throwing the f3.
On the other hand both JMac and Steve will drop her at f3 ,unless they realize how much the audience hates her, therefore almost guaranteeing them the win. Although there is alwsys the chance thst the jury is so bitter that they will even vote Julia the winner over Van, plus she already had Liz’s vote and possibly Austin’s.
I don’t know if it matters who Van is sitting at f2 with, I really think that she will be the Russel Hantz this season.


if she shits in f2 will cbs show it/


Her loyalties are with herself n whoever is best for her day to day she is playing bb n I don’t want her to win but is deserving of the win


how did you know BBCAN3 rigged it?


My opinion is any girl like Vanessa that chooses life as pro poker player has some serious issues. She is as far from normal as can be. Wish someone house knew she a pro poker player and held it over her head like telling her they poison jury against her by saying they tell jury you can’t give money to someone who has no respect for it


Please ,Steve put up Van it will blow up all their games and it will be awesome to watch!


Funny part is he can’t and Van knows it.

Van goes up, she gets voted out. It is 3 on 1 next hoh. Austwins instantly put up Steve/Jmac.


If Vanessa goes up the Austwins are still in the house and controlling everything! The one to go this week strategically for Steve is Liz…drag Julia’s butt to final 2! KACHING$$$$

real Man

I can’t believe that Dawg is 20% behind Jmac. C’mon pet lovers, show your love for Dawg!!

Ariana Grande stinks!

Just hand me that sledge hammer and show me Vanessa’s fugly face… #puke


I think you have Vanessa confused with Becky… Becky was one ugly b1tch, inside and out. Don’t hate on Vanessa because she’s actually the only one that has actually been playing the game since day 1.

You would

Lol I bet you’d still bang Becky


Liz will never know she sux at life, which pisses me off more ! Cbs won’t get her booed. There are loser guys like Austin that will chase her. Her fam seems to have some amount of cash. She will never learn because she won’t have too. That’s been the prob thus far . Nobody will ever call her on it, and she has enough connections,looks, ( I think she’s a 6.2 but) the twin thing, bla bla. Another 65 years of cuntyness is on the menu. Praying at like 40 she figured it out. God I loved her we she was doing the dance JM and jason. She went straight bitch the sec jason left, and by now is unwatchable . Gross


Since they won’t let them boo her, I wish the audience would just sit there and let her hear the sound of about 10 people clapping. That would be hilarious. They didn’t say they HAVE to clap for them.


Take Vanessa out.. Not Liz


What happened to everyone saying Austwins need to go and it is the worst play ever leaving a threesome in the house?

You people flip flop worse than Becky.


Whos flopping..not me I can stand vanessa…she needs to gooooo…..


Austin “luck is the residue of design”. Wow! What a wordsmith! Maybe he should take his stank a$$ to the shower and wash and stop trying to be a philosopher. Douchebag. Really is there anyone else left that is a bigger idiot than him? Hope next time I see him is never


Vanessa is such a B**CH!!!
It’s bad enough that she has been the way she’s been, but now she is screwing with people’s feelings. I realize most of you don’t like Austin and Liz, but I remember how much everyone on here HATED Brendan and Rachel on their first season and how sooooo many of us thought they were so gross to watch, and now they are considered favorites by most.
Yes, Liz is spoiled and rude (Julia is way more fake a**), and Austin is definitely…….well…….different, but they seem to really like each other and Vanessa is a true B**CH for screwing that up for them with her lies. Never mind the game, that it just wrong! I wish the guy with the megaphone would come back and yell over the fence and tell them what she’s doing to all of them!!!! Maybe Austin should cut off the ponytail beard to prove his love! 🙂 Oh, and um, Steve is way to strange! I definitely think some brain cells are missing. :-/ OK, rant over


Totally 100% agree with you. I hate her but yes she deserves to win but she did the same thing to Clay and Shelly she messed with their friendship along with their relationship and she did the same thing with every other ‘couple’ that had a true friendship. It’s almost like she is jealous of anyone having a friendship with anyone other than her. It’s not even game what she’s doing. So I say it again, yes she deserves to win but she is by far one of the most disgusting people I’ve ever seen on this show for what she’s doing to them personally.

B-bad owl

She is NOT the most disgusting person ever on the show. Remember Frankie coming out of the storage room with his junk hanging out and holding a lemon on each side? Saying “My balls are bigger than these lemons.”? Then Cody got down on his knees and compared them. Ugh

Old man

Unfortunately Vanessa is going to win.

She has everyone programmed to believe they are folliwing their own actions while they are doing her will.

Brilliant use from a NLP master.

V's Green Beanie

Vanessa could not possibly comprehend the art of NLP. The way her mind moves is so unsteady, convoluded and self absorbed that she would look like and ADHD specimen just trying to learn NLP…just sayin, she’s a manipulator, at best. But with these fools, while it may appear that she is using NLP…….she’s not


Where the hell is Steve and Johnny when Vanessa is planning their Johnny? If I was in that house I would follow everyone or I would be on the other side of the wall with a glass against my ear. Especially if Steve thinks Vanessa is being shady. Still where is Johnny? I haven’t heard much about him since right after veto. Has he been in the DR while all this is going on.


He’s blending in with the walls and waiting for Vanessa to go tell him if he should throw the next HOH or not.


Now that’s funny!!!! Ahahaaaaaaa


Sorry, I meant where was Steve and Johnny when Vanessa was planning their demise not their Johnny. Haha


I would me amazed and hand Steve 500K if he replaces Austin with Vanessa………. Steve wake up, you will never beat her in the final 3…


There goes Vanessa’s mist……why are these houseguest still believing Vanesa’s vomit.
Really I want to stab myself with a fork in my eye!


So much for true BB love. Austin the douche agreeing to vote out his future wife because someone he had to grovel to and beg to and cry to “please don’t back door me! Get Jason PLEASE!!” says it’s really in our (MY) best interest if she goes. What an F’ng DUMMY. He should be campaigning to Steve to put up Van and campaigning to keep Liz. He should seriously be questioning Van’s motives. Knight in shining armor? Not even close.


I want some of that pizza!


The guys are on to Vanessa. She is not that slick. If she was – she wouldn’t be talking a mile a minute. Austin and JMAC could work good together. They see Vanessa coming. They just need to sidestep her.


They were “onto her” two weeks ago too….


Shew this is brutal. The less people are in there the more vanessas adderall ridelin fueled game talk takes up the camera time


Wait, Liz just saw 2 ants in her food and ate it anyway!! I can’t.


I think its funny how all the vanessa haters hate her game play but if it was james who isnt smart enough played like vanessa has they would be screaming with joy saying how great a game player he was… As steve said shes good, really really good!!! She is by far played the best game even pissing every one off numerous times and even if you dont like her she flips it and comes out with people still on her side. Thats big brother folks winnin comps only gets you soo far making stategic moves on everyone in the house gets you 500k.

Night Owl

Your comment is spot on. She is always at least 3 weeks ahead of the other players. She uses strategy and her emotions and also tries to be somewhat disliked by some HGs so that she is seen as a target and somehow manages to escape being the target each week. She wants everyone to believe she is disliked by the jury so whoever wins the final HOH will bring her as final 2, backup will be if she wins final HOH she brings, the weakest player left standing. She is a brilliant player I believe 90% of her behavior is planned and it started day 1. Remember her crying over Mel? That was an act to see who in the house was compassionate because that would be a person she could trust. Who came to her? Steve, The way people react to your emotions tells a lot about them. She never stops playing. The goblins lost because none of them had a plan. They were just enjoying the ride until they went on the block and wondered why.


I’m definitely not a Vanessa fan, but I think she’s going far because the people in the house are just that stupid. How can they not look at her face and see bullshitter? They’re were three people that could read her, Da, Jason and Jeff, after that it was a clear run for her. Personally, I think she’s the same way outside of the house. A liar, manipulative and underhanded. Can’t wait until the Professional Gaming Association pull her ass in for admitting she count cards while playing in professional tournaments. When Liz asked her if that was illegal, she said no, She knows how to do it without getting caught. This chick is dirty but they are super stupid, including the little boy/girl Super Fan, Steve. Austin sees it but, too much of little bitch to do anything about it.


Austin wants to play the game. He shouldn’t give anything to a woman that he’s known for such a short time. Besides- Liz does not have good intentions. She wants to ROLL AUSTIN. She has said hateful and hurtful things about the guy. So I’m glad he’s watching out for his game. Look how it worked out for Clay- both he and Shelly are out of the game.


Steve says Van is up to something shady. She spends all this time working over Austin and the twins instead of coming to tell him the next move for his HOH. Suspicious. Please grow a pair Steve and help Jmac or even Austin to get her next week. If the 3 came together and talked about how Van has an F2 with all 3, preferably after HOH because Van will throw it thinking she has all of them snowed and pitted against each other, then she is toast. Backdoor her. Blindside at it’s best. Then barricade yourselves in the HOH room until eviction.

Ashley Madison says

Who is this Jessie they are talking about?


So tired of hearing Vanessa talk, explain, strategize, complain, whine, or anything else that constitutes words pouring from her mouth. Steve has an inkling that Vanessa’s doing something shady. Put her up, Steve! Don’t be her lackey anymore! JMac has her figured out. The twins know Austin is playing for himself… Pull them in with you and JMac to take out Austin next. I know Vanessa’s mist is strong, but your resistance may be stronger. Potentially one of the biggest moves of the season if you pull the trigger. Seriously doubt he will, though… Come on, Steve! Surprise us by thinking for yourself!


Its Steve’s HOH. What can Austin do now? Steve knows about Vanessa but he still gives his game to her.


What the ****?!?!!?? I cannot believe the “twins” are deciding who goes home!!!! Since when in BB do the “nominees” have a say in who is being evicted???? Again, why are Steve and JMac allowing them to tell them what to do???? So, in essence, it will be Vanessa who decides who goes home!!! Also, why are the players who win POV, “THINK” that it is THEIR decision on who goes up???


Don’t you know???? Nobody else but Vanessa makes the decisions in the house. Do you hear me! NooooOne!


what happened with veto im confused did Austin have a chance to throw it to Julia? or was it him and jmac as the last 2?


You’ll find out wed


They all kind of knew it was going to be Liz. Its like pretending that the twins really have a choice.


Who is Jessie? The name has been mentioned quite a few times tonight.


Mr Pectacular


Jessie is a big muscle guy who played BB …I think twice..they call him Mr Pectacular.

Muscle Heaven

Just google Mr. Pec-Tacular.


Mr. Pec-Tacular.


Man, this show! I honestly think if I was in that house, I would be crouched down in the corner of the storage room or something, mumbling to myself, losing touch with the last shreds of humanity and feelings of normalcy. Simon, Dawg…how do you do it? I feel like I need counseling after the last few days, how are you not drooling, rambling messes right now? Or are you drooling rambling messes that have duct tape over the computer webcam to ensure you don’t accidentally broadcast the fact you’re both basically Meltdown Audrey while blogging? I feel like filling your tip jar so you both have extra funds for the 6 months of therapy you may need after the finale. Seriously, thank you for doing the dirty work.

For weeks now I’ve been wanting twins on the block and/or Austin on the block so bad I could taste it, and I am kicking myself for not better preparing for the moment. I mean, I knew it was going to cause a pretty big emo meltdown and lead to a lot of drama, but I underestimated just how nerve grating the twins were going to be. And, I didn’t really factor in Vanessa’s bat shit craziness being on the level it currently is that is making me want to kick puppies at all. I failed myself on this one.


Anyone old enough to remember the cartoon Fat Albert? Vanessa with her green hat reminds me of”Dumb” Donald. LOL


liz an Julia I could never date its all about them its should be 50-50 but it be 100-0
I like my women to be respectful carrying in understanding to me they are not
I cant waite to they watch how wrong they are about Austin


Quebec is not the Texas of Canada.


Alberta is clearly the Texas of Canada. Unless he was talking about size because Quebec is the largest province geographically and Texas is the largest of the lower 48.

GeekSquad McGee

I think he was implying that they’re both xenophobic/racist. Steve seems to be extremely politically correct.


Sorry Man but maybe you have to know much better about Quebec province before saying we are racist and xenophobic!!! It’s not because we are protecting our French language that we don’t accept other! I’m leaving with people from al around the world in Mtl in My appartement etc! Yes as all around the work we have some oldies who are refracts to any changes and any other minding… But please do never again say that we are as Texan cause we are racist as them !

GeekSquad McGee

I never said that Quebec was racist or xenophobic. I was saying, that Steve was clearly trying to say that,he news.y based on the little amounts he sees on the news.

If I believed Quebec was racist, I wouldn’t have criticized Steve for being too politically correct.

Sir Oscar Boy Garfunkel III

it is if you’re talking about separation/secession.

Hey Simon and Dawg!

You guys are right Alberta = Texas, Quebec = California, Ontario = New York


Quebec = California?!? Not in the remotest way. Ontario = NY re lakes, manufacturing, Toronto/NYC. Maritimes = a “Frenchy” New England. Alberta = Texas with respect to “big sky”, oil, and lotsalotsa cattle. BC = Washington/Oregon. Saskatchewan = Oklahoma/Kansas/Idaho. Manitoba = Minnesota. Quebec is onto itself really. The closest association might be New Orleans area re the Acadians (French Canadians) helped settle the area, but other than French language, there’s no comparison. Maybe Steve meant Quebec was like Texas in terms of size, independence, and political power – that would be true I think.


The twins need to grow up and stop acting like little spoiled BRATS. I FF every time they are around. When things do not go their way they are mean and obnoxious. I can hardly wait until they are gone.


Jessie Godderz was a bodybuilder guy from BB10 who made several appearances on later seasons to host competitions. Jessie Kowalski was a chick from BB15 that was totally forgettable. I haven’t seen today’s comp but if I had to guess, I’d say they are talking about the guy Jessie.


Ok, two things, after watching BBAD tonight.. 1. Vanessa saying she’s getting into parkour! Are you fucking kidding me!?!?? How could that be possible? unless it’dsthe new kind of parkour and the course is where you TALK over people and things, bounce your words off everyone and eveything,and generally just ramble your words at anything in general. Then I could see her getting into “parkour”…Gimme a break, she can’t even do a push-up!… and 2. Julia says “We didn’t have any bullies this season”.. Really? Vanessa never bullied anyone? Now I know some of you here don’t like the use of the word bully, but to hear these fools talk about past seasons bullies and what they did to deserve bully status, you would think they were talking right TO Vanessa…smh… Oh, and the silence that came after Julia said that was priceless!!


And just when I thought Vanessa couldn’t get anymore ridiculous, she says she’s into Parkour.


Why is Steve so stuck on Jason? He constantly brings Jason’s name up. Come out the closet Steve.

About to upset people

Vanessa said she was into parkour, she didn’t say that she did it or was good at it.
Vanessa may be a good (manipulator) talker she isn’t a bully.
Amanda was verbally abusive.
From what I recall Jesse never really liked concieted women Julia probably wouldn’t have had much of a chance.


Steve is going to open a world of pain saying dumb shit about Obama and Texas.

Twin Cats

Well, I live in Texas and am slightly amused at the ignorance displayed about Texans here on this discussion board. (No, I am not a native Texan; I was transferred here with my job and have been here 25 years.) Are all of you taking your cues from the very worldly Steve? Wasn’t that the guy who felt like he had actually been to Morocco because he visited the Moroccan pavilion at Disney World? Many people here in Austin (where I live) wear t-shirts with a multi-colored kaleidoscope pattern that say “Keep Austin Weird”…a throwback tribute to the drug culture of the 60’s. I could just envision a crowd in the CBS audience for Austin’s eviction all wearing “Keep Austin Weird” t-shirts.

What the what??????

“Julia – ratings better go mother fucking up because this is crazy” WHAT???? Has someone mentioned the ratings being down to Julia??????? What a STRANGE thing to say. . . . . . . .