JMac “She’ll realize this wasn’t a dating show. We were thrown into a gladiator pit”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and liz
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-06 00-09-26-677
11:55pm HOH room – Steve talks to Johnny Mac. Steve says remember when I said I wanted to tell you something else earlier. I am telling you this because I want to help you with your game. Please know that when I say this I am trying to establish trust with you. When you’re in the DR .. You talk really loudly! Johnny asks people can hear me? Steve says yeah! Johnny says oh sh*t! Steve says I’ve heard you. I can attest to that. Please don’t freak out. I’ve never caught more than a few words. Johnny says yeah I do talk very loud. Thanks man, I appreciate it. I thought it was sound proof. Have you known a long time? Steve says a little while. Johnny says I wonder what other people have heard.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-06 00-28-12-090

12:20am Julia says there was no way he was throwing it to me. He was like that was so good for my wrestling career. Liz asks did he say anything about me? Julia says he said he wants to talk to you. I was like now we’re just deciding who is better to stay. I was like if you can give us advice I would appreciate it. He was like if you stay and make it to the finals you’re 100% going to win. Its sucks it’s a game. I knew it was going to come down to this. Julia says he was so excited to meet Jessie. Liz says he doesn’t even know who you are! Like get over it! He can have a good night sleep by himself. I’ll talk to him tomorrow; I don’t want to talk to him tonight. Liz says it would be so selfish of me to .. Julia says he’s wanted this forever and has a tattoo of it. We’ve barely watched the show. Liz says we got what we wanted to .. TV time so whatever! I’m over it! Julia heads to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Vanessa talks to her about how Austin is biased he will want to keep Liz because she will be targeted before him. Vanessa tells Julia if she gets to the finals she can say their strategy was to have one really strong player and one not so much that people would take to the end. You can argue that’s how you played but its a little hard without winning at least 1 HOH.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-06 00-27-12-858

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12:30am – 1:10pm Backyard – Austin is talking to Johnny Mac. Austin says I’m damned if I do, I’m damned if I don’t. I’ll just let you guys decide. He comments on how Liz has a better shot at winning the game but she will need to win to get there and Julia has to win or she is playing for second place. She is like the Victoria (BB16) of the season. Whatever you guys want to do I am game. Now I have to spend one night in the dog house. Johnny asks what does she want a wimpy guy that would roll over and die. Austin says she said she wants a guy that’s challenging. This is f**king challenging. I am a competitor. Johnny says once she gets over it she will realize this wasn’t a dating show. We were thrown into a gladiator pit to take each other out. Austin says I didn’t do anything but win. I had to fight for myself. Steve joins them. He asks how was your talk with Julia. Austin says she understands. We had a good conversation. She said Liz does want to talk to me just needs her space right now. Austin says I had my moment with Jessie crown me with the veto. Unfortunately that happiness has to come at their expense. Steve asks are they both mad. Steve asks we’re still on page going forward. Austin says we are. I just need to smooth this over. Austin says Liz is and Julia isn’t. Its been a burden, its been a lot on my trying to protect them. Half the time I’ve been putting myself in a vulnerable position but its okay because I love her. The conversation turns to talking about relationships and past events of the season. Austin says I should call you “PT” (Steve’s fraternity nickname “pu$$y thrasher”) in my speech. Steve says please don’t.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-06 00-29-50-616

12:55am Liz and Julia. Julia says I am so nervous for which ever one of us leaves. I hope we get applause. Liz asks what if we get boo’d!!? Julia says don’t boo us boo! Liz asks why would we get boo’d we didn’t do much. Julia says home wrecker! Julia and Liz hear Johnny screaming in the diary room and go to eavesdrop on him. Big Brother tells them to stop that. Julia asks why is he screaming. They move closer on the couch by the diary room door and listen. Big Brother says HEY Stop That! They head to the bedroom. Liz asks do we take the 1 in 5 chance of making 500K? Or the really good chance at making 50K? Julia says I know. Liz says a 3 out of 5 chance at 50K. Liz says he (Austin) is going to be more of a target with the guys. Julia asks I wonder what he would want for his personal game. Julia says I want Austin to win it how amazing would that be .. I mean he has a tattoo. Liz says its time girl to win this b!tch! If johnny Mac wins it I would blow my brains out. Julia says Johnny Mac is a strange person. Julia and Liz head to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-06 01-04-49-394

1:20am – 1:40am Backyard – Steve, Johnny Mac and Austin are sitting around the hot tub talking about the veto and meeting Jessie Godderz. Austin asks if everyone is in bed. Johnny says Vanessa was in bed and Liz and Julia were talking in the bedroom. Austin says maybe I should go talk to her. Johnny says no, tomorrow. Austin says okay. They head inside and look at the memory wall. Steve says there are 3 girls, 1 guy and Meg in the jury house. Steve asks who did you think had the potential to win when you came in. Austin says he thought Clay, Audrey, Jason, James. Steve comments on how he is bad at picking up social cues. My way of dealing with girls in the house is give them wine, chocolate and stay away.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-06 01-42-19-755

1:45am – 2:35am They start getting ready for bed. Steve and Austin chat in the kitchen. They talk about past events of the season. Austin says for a superfan Jason played the dumbest game ever. Steve agrees. Austin says why do you tell people that you can’t keep you mouth shut. Why do you walk in here and say that your only here for a cheque. Steve goes into his theory of why he thought Liz’s memory wall photo was photoshopped with two people. They continue to reminisce about the past events of the season.

Steve says I feel bad for you this week. Austin says its a tough one for me. Steve asks voting? Austin says the voting won’t be hard .. my vote doesn’t really matter. I’m only one person. Vanessa and Johnny Mac will ultimately decide. If I want to vote for Liz because she’s my girlfriend, it doesn’t make a difference. Even if Liz doesn’t want to be here I can still vote for her because its just one vote and I don’t really want to vote against her. So the other two can decide. Just leave me out of it. I don’t want to hurt them any more than they have already been hurt by the game. When Liz was saying she hates this place and doesn’t want to be here. I’m like you shouldn’t have come here. This place is ugly. This place hurts people.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-06 02-26-05-249

2:40am – 3am Austin and Steve head to bed. Alone in the HOH room – Steve says I need to scare Vanessa a little bit. Why did she tell Liz … Steve starts listening to his music and pacing around the HOH room. He heads downstairs and out into the backyard. He starts playing pool. He says I wonder if I would have been better off is James stayed. Steve says he’s tired and heads back up to the HOH room to go to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-06 02-59-19-038

10:40am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests.
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Jmac wins twins blow out each others brains best season ever lol

Deez Nutz

What is Steve talking about when he said “I need to scare Vanessa a little bit” ? He is too much of coward to pull the trigger on her eviction AND I am sooo sick and tired of himy walking around talking to himself/the live feeders!! As much as I CANNOT stand Vanessa, she seems to be the only one with her eyes on the prize (this whole time) and playing to win.

Teddy Bear Puts Up Van for Renom

If Steve is smart, which we know he isn’t, he would put Van up for renom, to scare her back into line for setting up everyone the whole game. Her collapsing house of cards and double dealing is costing him big money -hell he could buy a car instead of renting one to drive to auditions of his next game show. Anyway he doesn’t hear or see Julia & Austin is her Final 2 and he’s going out next?

Maybe Teddy Bear will tell him what’s smart, he’s got more stuffing than Boy. Steve needs to put Vanasty up for renom, and remind her which of her desciples to take to Finals. We’ve been wondering why Steve is so scared of, now we know, it’s Vanessa’s boobs. Steve hates women, says he gives them chocolate and wine like mommy and runs, can’t stand the sight of boobs and never wants to see nipples again. Now that that’s all cleared up! Steve’s gay, with a furry fetish, and that’s why he was so insulted jealous of Jason, attracted to Audrey and intimidated by Asstin.

Come out to mommy another time Steven and get your fake mommy out before she evicts you next. You didn’t really come to best Jeff Jordan standings did you? What a crazy low self esteem kid you raised…he so do into BB history trivia he won’t even play the game? Eeewwww


In the end it does not matter who goes on Steve’s watch, Vanessa or Liz. In both cases he is the target next week.

Candy Rain

I don’t think it is in Steve’s or JMac’s best interest to target/scare Vanessa. If Vanessa is on the block, the Austwins control the vote, and Vanessa will go home. Once Liz knows she is safe, she will jump right back into Austin’s arms and Julia will tolerate him again. Since Steve cannot play in the next HOH, the pressure will be on JMac to beat the Austwins because if any one of the Austwins wins, either Steve or JMac will go home (with the remaining person going home in 4th or 3rd). BUT, if Vanessa stays and Liz goes home, JMac has better odds of winning the next HOH, and both Steve and JMac have better odds of staying until final 3. So, Steve needs to calm down and stick to his original plan. Even scaring Vanessa is a bad idea because her head will start spinning and she will ruin everyone’s game, including her own.

Scary boob

Has Steve even said that Julia is the replacement? I don’t know if I missed that. I know when Vanessa asked him what he was going to do, he said he was thinking.


people don’t like Vanessa’s way of manipulating HGs, but her game strategy skills are excellent and she’s using game theory when talking to each HG to explain the best way for both of them to get to F2. She’s not lying when she’s talking one-on-one, that truly is the best option for the 2 of them.But because this is BB she needs to have one-on-ones with each HG to best cover her bets, and that’s what people find offensive, however in this game, tricking people is the only way to win.


She is not the only one with their eye on the prize. You are just saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease!


Oh My Gawd…I thought you loaded iiiiiiitttttttt.

Party in Vegas Bitches!

Vanessa’s writing her closing arguments after sobbing raving ranting she’s not evil and blowing up everyone’s game. Would love to see her pull that in a courtroom and end up in jail for contempt or a lunatic asylum where she belongs.

Now the bribing begins anew- I’m taking everyone to Vegas, I’ll take Austin too, new cars for the Twins, well vote out whichever one of you since you’re both going anyway, and I’ve promised F2 to Austin, JMAC & Boy. I’ll teach you to DJ count cards, gamble, split, stake and wash my clothes. You Twits can cater my meals, Asstink can propose at the little white chapel and I can officiate. You don’t care I took the $500k do you?

CBS has all the contracts right here. I’ll read some Bible stories while you skip to the guillotine! Here’s Boys wine and my cigarettes. No lighter? that’s okay, I’ll use my finger because I am the devil from Hell. hahaha. Poor Boy is mad because Vampire Vanessa has never offered him a bribe. She can’t stand him, it’s not an oversight. He’s a zombie that will follow her and walk his own plank without any incentive. Just throw his Teddy Bear overboard he’ll jump. Can Jesse come too Vanasty, we f*cked him at the Wrap Party in front of Asstin, it was haaawwwttt!


Maybe that’s why she didn’t finish law school!

Murphy's Law

Yep…I want some Boos from the audience for twins and Austin!! Haven’t had a good BOO since Aaryn!


Is it ok if now I want Austin to win? Haha I know it’s really ridiculous but I feel like Austin is just one victim of Liz, guys are fool in love.
Don’t care about the rest, Jmac can keep throwing comps but please be runner up so that James can win AFH.


No its not okay.

No it's not ok

If Austin wins, there is a 1 in 2 chance that the twins will
get to spend the winnings. Those are better odds for them than winning 1st or 2nd. So, if you can’t stand twins, jmac and Steve are the only option. So sad. No one good left in the game.

Double D

You can win and still be AFH.


1st and 2nd place are excluded from AFP. I think Survived is that way too.


Survivor is not that way. I seem to remember a winner actually took home the Sprint Favorite Player reward. Which I thought was not fair.

BB Historian

“Originally, the prize was only limited to jury members in Big Brother All Stars, Big Brother 9, and Big Brother 10, where it was called the America’s Choice Jury Prize. Since Big Brother 11, all houseguests are eligible to win the prize and it has been changed to America’s Favorite Houseguest.”

The season winner CAN win AFH but just never does.


You need to ask Vanesssa, she makes everyone’s decisions.


Do the twins get to decide who stays? Sorry but Liz gone is best for everyone game wise. Why isn’t Austin campaigning on Liz’s behalf? I hope if given the chance Julia backstabs him. Austin is the douchebag poster boy.

At the end of the day

Yes. Vanessa told them and everyone else that the twins should make the decision (after she tells them what to do).

Mr. Wrighteous

Wonder if they will start showing on the broadcast what a trashbag ho Scuzzy Liz really is. For 2 below average looking, lower end intelligence, selfish frauds they are, the twins sure act like they are something special. Funny that, even with 2 of them, it’s tough to find a redeeming quality!


Why be mean to the twins? Don’t matter how they’re twins but because they’re twins they’ve been weird and victimized their entire lives. That’s why they’re personalities are a slightly ugly. If I had another me in this world it would make me nuts too. It wont happen but I hope they win their ‘war’ and split the prize money.
Go Twins!

Oh please!!!!!!!

That is completely ridiculous!!!!! My wife is a twin and nothing you posted is an absolute truth about twins!

Liz and Julia are just spoiled, entitled, wanna be famous, vapid little girls. Their “personalities”(if you want to be generous) are likely the result of the bad parenting and the everyone-gets-a-trophy nonsense that is far too common today.

Twin Truth

Whorey. Not sorry.

Liz is Groooooosssssssss!

Production will hide all of that, they have been hiding stuff all season. They are too worried because they, production, blew people up two seasons ago because they thought it would be good tv and like they say…..the public cant handle the truth. But i agree with you,i wish they would show the “real Liz”. I just hope she gets booed, she has earned an audience full of boo’s.

Nolan Catering Here They Come

Oh darn, if Liz breaks up with Asstin, does this mean she’s not going to live with him and his sister in his mom’s house? instead they’re crying they have to go back to Catering and busy season is here! Julia sobbing she had nightmares of going back to work, no not Catering with mom. Tips must not be that good. And their family is sorry on cash. As the Finals close in does everyone dump their lies about being rich and get real about taking a sure $50k?

And Asstin rehashing his firing from wrestling for the zillionth time….ugh the truth comes out, he’s not entertaining and can’t wrestle he’ll have to practice for 6 months then maybe if the company didn’t already lose its tv contract. Jeez not even his Judas name is real, and we were forced to watch his smelly shirtless, pony beard all summer. Liz knows her girlfriends are gonna give her crap for touching him, much less doing soft core porn for free all summer.

Vampire Vanessa gives them cigarettes after orchestrating their trip to the gallows and now Production won’t give them a lighter, all the gophers have gone home for the night. Boo hoo girls, welcome back to the real world. You wanna shout to them light your cigarettes on the stove, but they’d rather throw themselves a pity party instead. My my the higher and mightier you rise, the lower and harder you fall. And the kingdom rejoiced.


Is catering a euphemism for Pizza Delivery?


The guys are tiptoeing around each other right now. I guess there is time but I’d like them to have a convo about the elephant in the room that is Vanessa. She has to be the target next week. Last chance for the 3 of them to not look back on the season and say “I got screwed!” when Van takes Julia to F2.

Boo to the moose

Seriously, why are these dudes being such vaginas. I find it hilarious that Van walks around that place like the alpha male!

Haven't You Heard???

It’s true sheer is the alpha male, she wears Justin Bieber drop crotch baggies, baseball hats down over get eyes, hightops, suspenders and fake hipster glasses, and pssssssttt…if you can’t tell from her horrible costume and inability to apply makeup…She’s Gay!!! She can’t believe all the wimps this season, no men here at all and because…She’s Gay!!! She calls Steve and JMAC out on not coming out of the closet. You can’t help who you love she says, but the masses can’t help but hating her. She’s not evil she just speaks, acts, smells, looks, sounds, thinks, behaves evil. And she carries around Bible ranting Bible stories because God ordains the lies she tells everyone, she can’t possibly be evil.


Why does Vanessa have to be the target next week? Put her butt on the block THIS week. Steve is a fool if he puts up a twin. Vanessa VS Liz, with Jmac, Austin & Julia voting – Van goes out the door.


If Steve put up Van NOW it would one of the dumbest moves of the entire season. Yes Van is the biggest threat, but if Steve backdoors her then she 100% goes home and the Austwins play against JMAC for HOH and Steve would be gone right after Van. Try and look at the bigger picture because it’s a really stupid move at this point and both Steve and Van know it.

Backseat Driver

And then what do you have…….the threesome still in the house!


If everyone thinks about it they all know Vanessa is making deals with all of them. She should be the next to go on anyone’s list.

Austin is an idiot

You want Austin to win because you feel sorry for him?
So he cheats on his girlfriend who was probably sitting around with her or worse his family / friends while he completely disregarded her after a few weeks.
The dude deserved to be played.


Why in the hell is jmac still screaming even after Steve told him not too, what an idiot


Now that he knows people have been listening, maybe he is yelling out compliments about everyone to use it to his advantage. Aaarrrggggghhhh!


Jmac is bada$$ and doesn’t care what anyone thinks!


Would have been priceless though if the twins heard him screaming “it’s hilarious the twins don’t see that Austin and Vanessa are screwing them over!”


I assumed it was because he knew people could hear him and he was playing into it.

Guy From Canada

Steve the Pu$$Y thrasher? Isn’t that animal abuse 😉

Steve's Nipplegate

Let’s call it was it is shall we. As soon as Austwit saw it was Jessie, he wanted that veto so Jessie could be the one who put it around his neck. I get it, and when your a fan its a cool story to have when you get out….BUT own that shit then. Say it simple at this point. “I wanted Jessie to put that veto around my neck….done and done. The only reason the twinzilla’s could be a little sore about it is if he promised to use the veto on her, not assuming he would AND if he told them straight up (which I didn’t see if he did or didn’t) that he planned to through the veto to Julia and didn’t.
Otherwise tough cookies.

If Steve had a baby boner for Audrey I don’t think that’s a big deal because she is a women now. What baffles me about it is……Audrey has big boobs and I am assuming they have nipples? Wont that scare our wee Steve if he has the fear of the areola.:P


The thing about Austin being excited Jessie was there is … Jessie wasn’t all that in either Season he was in. He ws a huge A-Hole that had no real Big Brother game. His first Season he was the 4th evicted Houseguest.. pre jury. His second Season he was 5th Evicted Houseguest… “It was like Jessie was passing the torch…” what torch the relay for getting out of the Big Brother House???? stupid.
I hope Austin does not win… I think the girlfriend was fake or he threw away a perfectly nice girl who is a way better person than him or Liz… because that girl hasn’t said word one about any of this. To mean that means 1) She isn’t a real person just a fabrication that was supposed to scare the ladies away… ugh. 2) The girl could care less about Austin, lets be honest Austin is really into girls that could care less about him. He’s into selfish girls. 3) She is a way better person than Austin or Liz and does not ant to capitalize on this or get revenge.
Who knows??? personally I think she is not real, just another Big Brother lie… like Matts wife having cancer.

GeekSquad McGee

Austin’s girlfriend has been silent, but her sister has been active on Twitter calling out Austin. And she posted a letter that Austin wrote to her before going on the show, saying how he’ll be true to her and won’t embarrass her and how he’s doing it for them, and all that. There are pictures of them all, she’s definitely a lot hotter than Liz is.

But Austin did say that their relationship wasn’t great, and I can believe that. I agree with a poster earlier who said that he was probably begging her to come back and acting like a wuss. It probably wasn’t gonna last that long anyway.

James Loves Frankie

I just want to give a huge thank you for the warning about Jessie being on the show. Now maybe I can avoid some retina damage by not looking at that clown when the show airs.


It’s not like i care. After all, it’s about Austin, Liz and Julia.
But didn’t Austin tell Liz that if there was any way in the veto they should throw it to Julia to make sure they’re all safe?
Sympathy because he threw his outside life away? He Chose to be a two timing douche. He chose to be a two timing douche publicly in front of 24 hour a day cameras. How much sympathy should he get?
Sympathy because Liz is mad? He sort of did rub it in. Is he planning on wearing the veto necklace until the meeting? He’s known her for two months, it’s not like she’s ever shown such depth and empathy for others that she wouldn’t be pissed. He’s got an ego and she’s self centred. Tonight was never going to go well between the two of them. By Tuesday they’ll be disgusting everyone again, so enjoy it while it lasts.

I hate him too

But she is crazy if she really thought he was going to just hand them $500,000. If I were him, I would have done the same thing. Can’t wait to see Liz go.


Julia went against him first so she listened to V and broke that deal he had to win or gi home


Johnny Mac has been such a disappointment coming back – like I knew he would be – honestly if it’s him and Steve in the final two I’ll kill myself.


How is jmac being a disappointment since he has been back? He hasn’t won hoh to make a move, so he’s setting himself up the best way he can in case he doesn’t get power…it’s obviously worked. Because the returning juror was supposed to be out the door that week and now he’s survived two weeks. People are just pissed because he aligned with Vanessa. That was his ONLY choice when there’s the a three headed monster in the house. If he gets power any of the deals he made will mean nothing and he will do again what’s best for HIS game. Might not be what people want to see but it’s getting him further. He’s sitting back and laughing now because the “scamper squad” is already taking hits at each other. He doesn’t have todo anything but sit back and let it happen!

AKA Twistin' ....

Ok, I’m just gonna say it – Austin isn’t my favorite but he has done his best to cover those two vile bitches the entire game. For this girl to treat him the way that she is is shameful. It should be obvious to him that she has only been using him but when affairs of the heart get involved everything gets cloudy. I think he is hurt and rightfully so. There is no way this chic can redeem herself at all IMO and her salty ass deserves to be voted out. Even Julia understands that he has the right at a shot at winning. Liz is like “we got what we wanted…tv time…” Yes, you did, and look what you did with it. This wasn’t an acting gig- it was a reality show so what you have shown us is the real you and I can’t imagine that you’ve opened any doors for yourselves. Frankie is a good example – I have only seen the pink-haired rooster once since last season despite his claims to fame and that was in the audience on this season’s opening mighty.

These girls are trash and people usually put the trash out when done with it. I’m sure they have embarrassed themselves AND their families with their behavior and if they were my kids, I wouldn’t even be able to face MY friends.

Austin has a right to save himself and try to win. I think it’s shitty if he had a solid relationship entering the house but if it was all that, he never would have gotten caught up with Liz. The other girl is better off without him. The only reason Liz started treating Austin nicely was because the DR probably told her she was coming off as a nasty whore. When shit hit the fan, she went right back to being the nasty whore that she is.

Bye Liz. Good luck Austin. You too deserve a chance to change your life.


When she decides to talk to him. I wish he would tell her never mind, that he knows its over and that he will quit doing things for her and leave her and her sister alone for the rest of the game. I would like to see what she does after that. Their going to split up anyway once he hears all the shit Julia and Liz said about him though out the game.

is it just me

Steve wants to scare Vanessa a little bit. I guess he wants to go home next week. One thing he already knows is you don’t mess with her, you swing and miss and your ass is gone. Yet he still wants to play with fire. He knows he cannot put her up this week, if the twins stay he is guaranteed gone before final 4 so why antagonize the one person making all the monkeys dance? Guess him and his teddy bear have a final 2 and he is depending on his teddy’s vote next week.


When Austin discusses the failure of his wrestling career a few things arise.
He was taken into a meeting and told he didn’t have what it takes he says now.
I thought he said he was injured wrestling in week one.
Isn’t that what the lawsuit was all about?
If he’s no longer under contract as a wrestler than in his comments in week three that he couldn’t cut his hair because he’d be in breach of contract with wrestling is also false?
What’s with all the different stories?

Min O'Pause

So they pulled Jessie out of the BB closet. I wasn’t impressed by his overgrown muscles and even more overgrown ego. I just thought he looked like a turtle with his little head on that huge body.

Countdown to the Merciful End of BB17 / Survivor Starts

17 DAYS LEFT !!!


HAHA ‘pu$$y thrasher’ is an awesome nickname for steve. i find austin very hypocritical. he was in the news before BB being all antibully, yet picks on steve all the time. Go Anti-austwins.


To be devils advocate here; Austin thinks he is joking around. It is up to the observers, and victim to say stop. All it needs to be said is once. Its unfair to label someone a bully, without giving them the opportunity to correct themselves.
See, Vanessa has been told straight up by JMac about her demeanor. She has been told to stop. She is a bully.


There are two people I know of that got there break into wrestling from Reality TV (Big Brother and Real
World). I am no so sure I see Big Brother helping Austin’s wrestling career.

Nothing Personal

Liz isn’t the one wanting Austin to win, Liz wants a female to win. That shows how much she cares about Austin. Nope, it’s Julia, who notices Austin has a tattoo of BB and empathizes with him wanting to win as long as the show has been on.


Julia only started saying that after Vanessa said the same thing to her. She wants Julia to be ‘nice’ to Austin because Vanessa has already planned it’s Liz going home. Julia has 0 empathy, least of all for Austin.


Austin Liz Julia et al: get the f over yourselves. It’s embarrassing…


“When you’re in the DR .. You talk really loudly! Johnny asks people can hear me? Steve says yeah! Johnny says oh sh*t! Steve says I’ve heard you”


maybe he’ll be quieter now and our ears will rest for the next 3 weeks?

Cut from Honey

I never really understood what the appeal is with JMAC. His DR sessions are so awkward. I don’t find him funny in any way.


I like some of his comments on the live show. The “Hey lady, what do you want?” was probably my favorite.


Best case scenario is Austin continues to play the twins. Stupid naive Liz will buy it. Then he can win, then he will leave her broke and stranded when they walk out the house

skeptical onlooker

For those who don’t have the Live Feeds..or who missed it.
Vanessa and Austin going at it. Austin…quivering now….back peddling furiously..apologizing to Vanessa. ( he knows with one twin gone…he’s on shaky ground).
Machiavellian Vanessa mind F****cking the twins into mental pretzels. It’s working.
Vanessa, Steve and JMac….Awkwardly in the bathroom. Tension crackling..Steve has the perfect antidote .
He starts rope place…..without a rope . Silence.
The three now go back to resembling cutout cardboard figures.
Austin now goes on a non stop..never taking a breath…monologue to Julia. His wrestling career..his euphoria on Jessie bedecking him with the veto….and on and on.
In the backyard…Austin corners Steve and Jmac by the hot tub. Snared…they sink further into their chairs.
The freshly crowned Marcus Austinius…regales the duo with his glory….receiving the Golden Medallion from Jessie Muscles. He further bombards them with the information that he has now proven to the Wrestling World..that he is a proven entertainer. He’s as fit as a fiddle….his wrestling career has been resurrected.
And..what a crowning achievement…The World has seen him ..ON TV!!!!!!! with JESSIE.
He has it made.
Without much ado..he then informs the duo…that Production tailor made the Veto competition for him. BECAUSE……
Now Production realizes he’s a FAVE with the viewers!!!
Steve and Jmac try inserting a few pip squeak comments..but are drowned out with Austin’s further information. How he has suffered by protecting the twins….how he couldn’t help falling in love…..
And at this stage..I went to the bathroom or a break. Catching a glimpse in the mirror…my reflection looked like * Edvard Munch’s painting * The Scream*. I was not surprised.
Inbetween these shenanigans….Steve kindly pointed out to Johnny that his DR sessions were VERY Loud!!
Shocked…Johnny thanks Steve for letting him know.
Shortly thereafter..the twins shoot off the sofa..when hearing a man screaming in the DR. Yes….Johnny back at it.
The girls eavesdrop..and are yelled at/
Austin didn’t eat much….but I’m pretty sure he’ll be bingeing later.
The twins…with no lack of appetite….scarfed down the * Heart shaped chicken* and vegetables cooked by Austin.
After discovering a few ants in the food…Liz..after a few more mouthfuls…decided to forego the rest.
( She had been fed and snacks by Steve).
When at first..the twins were not ready to eat….Vanessa was surprised..mentioning to Austin that * WOW…those girls really enjoy their food usually. 🙂
To summarize….Vanessa and Austin..verbal diarrhea. The twins non stop whining. JMac and Steve desperately trying to be invisible.
The Rabbit Hole looks mighty appealing.

At the end of the day

Epic summary. Good job. LOL

skeptical onlooker

At the end of the day…( how I laugh at that expression)
I so want to bitch slap these house guests 🙂
The first thing I want to do,,,is grab * MY Little pony * horse tail..and rename it,,,My little phony,
FFS. Just WHO does Austin think he;s impressing?
I’m between laughing out loud…being bugeyed…and just…going..OMFG
And..* At the End of The Day..( smile)
Thinking…* OH..WAIT…WAIT…WAIT..until you read the feeds.
I would .
ZERO< here…and therer are MANY smarties here…
ALLY..REALLY think Liz will be * In Love* with Austin…( without the $500,000.?
Reality check.
However,,in 10 years…those LIZARDS will be settling for a couple of lounge lizards in Vegas.
Just a whore mentality.
Vanessa.gets it. And plays it. For a *car* she owns them. PFFT

Vanessa's Check

Nice!!! All you need is mic!!

Pinocchio Obama

No talk of putting Vanessa up. I think we can all see how this is going to end.


The threesome has to be broken up before you bother going after anyone else, even Vanessa. They have too much power as it is. Put them both up on the block and then it’s a much safer environment for everyone. If you don’t, they either control who goes out or they control everything if one of them were HoH next week.


Agree to the posting above. Steve and Jmac did what they had to do to break up Austwins (align with Vanessa), but it’s time for them to get Van out after Liz goes. Yes I know Steve has worked with her for a majority of the show, but he has to realize she’s worked with everyone else too and she’s the biggest threat to his skills (memory/puzzle games) left. Time to get her out boys. And she probably knows it.


Tim. Exactly! They are boys! Vanessa will win next HoH and take out one of the “boys” 😉 Yes! She’s that good! Haters gonna hate while Vanessa walks out with 500K! Deservingly!


So this has been one of the worst seasons ever of BB I’ve watched, and up at the top of the recap we have the twins openly talking about how they’ve never really watched the show and simply are looking for TV time. There’s your answer CBS. Stop trying to come up with new crap like a BB takeover every week and start casting people who would play the game, regardless of looks. It’s not like the twins are super hot either.


I still think the final twist is that JMac is a transman.


These guys sit around and talk no game. They don’t talk about how to vote out Van. It’s like they just wait to talk game only to Van and that’s when she sprays her mist to manipulate. Then they never compare notes, or plan or anything with each other about the game on how they need to get her out. They get their marching orders from her. Do they all want to come in 2nd or 3rd? Do they understand that she will win this game? Why aren’t they discussing the possibilities of trying to get her out is beyond me?

Grandma G

Thank you Steve for the “time to scare Vanessa a little bit”. She has been super scared and paranoid this whole game now she is going to let Liz and Julia decide who goes home and not you, the HOH? I agree, she IS getting a little too cocky right now planning who she wants to go to final 3 with. Show her she has NO power this week and let her overplay her hand again. Let the drama begin.


I hope when Austin the Douchebag gets evicted his girlfriend outside the house is in the audience. Maybe she’ll make a scene. He’s such a pu$$y! He’s a phony piece of crap who wanted so bad to have another man put a chain around his neck. Don’t get me wrong he should have won it for himself but it sounds like he did it for the wrong reason. I still want a twin to win bc that’s what these house guests deserve. By the way Austin is still a stank a$$ mofo


Liz says: ” why would we get booed, we didn’t do much?” So thrashing around in bed with a guy you say you don’t really care for on live feeds just to get further in a game, being a home wrecker, and trashing others characters and saying very nasty things about them every chance you get aren’t much? Great morals girls!

At the end of the day

Agree with everything but the home wrecker part. That’s 100% on Austin.


So your willing to give the girl who enters into a relationship with a man who is already committed to someone else a pass? Yes, he needs to take full responsibility for it but she is no innocent bystander. She went in with eyes wide open, as well as her legs.

Campaignfor Liz

Why would Austin campaign for Liz to stay. She has acted like a spoiled little brat because he won to save himself. He should have let himself be evicted to save her and her evil sister? I cannot believe these girls are 23 years old. And guess what? There is another JUST LIKE THEM at home. Wow!! I watched their antics last night and was flabbergasted at the behavior. And Vanessa has just gone bat-shit crazy again. The best part was when Austin marched into the BR after hearing them and challenged Vanessa. I don’t think anyone has this season, and it was soooo satisfying to see. Now as a result both John and Steve are questioning her motives regarding the twins, and she is no longer in the great place of authority she was earlier in the day. Yes, Austin bragged about his Veto, but so did everyone else when they won theirs. He was keeping himself in the game, and I would have worn it around also as a big F**k you to the ones that thought they were pulling a fast one me. I guess the realization that he wasn’t there just to insure the twins stayed in the game was just too much for them, and they couldn’t even be happy that the person who carried them the whole season finally did something for themselves. Well I guess he should have been “Shot and Pissed on” for doing that.


Really if any one of them wanted to win the game, Steve should put Vanessa up instead of Julia. But I guess it’s not as easy for them to see these things when they’re in the house.


That would leave a threesome in the game in the final 5. John would be the only one who could play in the hoh that would target the threesome otherwise John and Steve are on the block next week with three people playing against you in the veto. One of the twins has to go this week for anyone other than a twin getting to the finals.


Put up Vanessa. Put up Vanessa. Put up Vanessa.

Backseat Driver

They have to get one of those twins out of there or Steve will have accomplished zero this week!

Get a Grip They're Not Voting Together Anymore

If Steve outs Vanessa and Austin outs Vanessa and Vanessa outs Austin the Twits won’t vote with Austin or Van and everyone will play and vote for their own game- Evicting Van makes it much easier to win comps without being suckered to throw it and deciphering which one of Van’s plans you are used in to help her win. Stop keeping Van thinking she won’t or you up or evict you. Liz Austin Julia ask free agents now that Van shouted to Julia during comps. She can’t keep hey mouth shut, use it to blow up her game.


It should be simple even for these knuckleheads. Austin, Steve, and John form an alliance to backdoor Vanessa . And whoever wins next HOH (Liz is done) puts up Julia with a pawn and votes her out.


If you watched on live feeds, while the twins were having their melt down, Austin & JMAC were in one of the bedrooms talking. Basically, Austin realized he needed to move on. The discussion was it was time for them to work together to move forward in the game. They shook hands on it and are now working together. JMAC actually looked excited about the deal.


And that looked good, true. But…if Liz lets Austin back in, he’ll go back in. Someone above posted that they’re not voting together anymore. Evict Vanessa and I guarantee they will vote together. Liz must go home this week, Vanessa next hopefully.


Let’s review some things about Austin:
1. He’s a huge Clay Aiken fan.
2. He hasn’t missed an episode of the Bold and the Beautiful in like a million years.
3. He curls and flat irons his hair.
4. He’s reeeeeeeally enamored with Jessie.
I’m just saying. If it walks like a duck…

Happy labor day weekend

As much as I despise the twins, and I truly do, I wish people would stop calling Liz a home wrecker. Austin said that he and his girlfriend didn’t live together so there really isn’t a “home” to wreck. Austin pursued Liz. It took weeks before she would even kiss him. Austin is the one responsible for treating his girlfriend like sh$t on national television.


Ok, you’re technically right, she’s not a home wrecker. But she did know he had a girlfriend and even if he did pursue her she didn’t have to hop into bed with him. And we all know she only did it to get further in the game. In all her pre-BB interviews she said she would hook up with an Alpha male, not for a relationship but to further her game. So instead of home wrecker we should just call her, Tramp, Whore, Slut, Sleazy Bitch.


To Canada: No, the idea that Quebec= Texas is totally inaccurate. Texans have never considered themselves to be Americans. They have always thought they were better than the rest of us. They were originally part of Mexico, but didn’t like it. so they declared themselves The Republic of Texas, started a war they couldn’t win. We saved them. They became a state, but didn’t like it . So when the Civil War started, they joined the Confederacy. You know how that worked out. Ever since then they have wanted out of U.S. Many, many people in this country would be glad to see them go. I do not see the parallel with Quebec. Maybe I’m missing something.


Quebec has also wanted to secede from Canada as it is the “French” province which thinks it is better and different from the rest of the countr.


Texas was part of Mexico, Mexico allowed Americans to settle in the area and raise beef mainly as long as the Americans were loyal to Mexico. They weren’t and fought Mexico. Texas wanted to join the US right away but there was a problem regarding slavery because Texas would align with the southern states and that would have put the anti-slave north at a numerical disadvantage in Congress. They were not admitted into the union until another free state was ready to join 9 years later.


Really? LOL – I didn’t know that about Texas…Quebec IS the Canadian Texas!


If Steve replaces Austin with Vanessa, and can manage to make it to final 2, he wins this game.


Made some ok $$ selling my start up company . I’m goin to invest 25% of it following the twins in public, booing them . City to city …. Boooooooooo! Also a band to follow them playing ooompa loooompa music, cause they eat like fatties. Haha. I hate their guts- and I’m very serious about this


I hoping today is the day that Liz dries her tears and realizes that she is the one that should stay in the house and not Julia. Yesterday, Julia was so ‘as a matter of fact’ that she should be the one to stay and Liz was agreeing because her ‘heart was broken’ and so was her logic. Vanessa did tell the two one thing that was correct. Liz would be playing for 500K and Julia would be playing for 50K.

Hopefully, this Sunday may start the cat fight when they both want to stay!

BTW, I wonder why anyone didn’t go to Steve and say ‘Hey Steve (PT), what about the scamper squad’? At least make him admit he was lying……


I knew Julia was the jealous, hateful twin. First she tells Austin that Liz wanted to him later tonight and then she tells Liz that Austin wanted to talk to her to smooth things over, later tonight. Her ass knows it will be more drama and spoiled brat fireworks from Liz, if Austin comes talk to Liz. That bitch is loving every minute of seeing Liz being miserable. They’re both skanks with horrible mentalities but Liz is a user/whore and Julia is a jealous/bitter twin. Boo two both of you dirty broads.

Just Wondering

The HGs say they can’t wait to get out of the house and watch the show. Do they only get to watch the CBS version? The one we all know is slanted and does not in any way show most of the HGs true selves. Is there any way they could get to see the live feeds after the show is over?


It’s all on YouTube plus the after dark shows. They’ll definitely see what people think of them.


Can’t you afford to make a SOUND PROOF DR!! Seems so RINKY DINK ..Like BACKYARD TV! Seems like CBS would be able to afford something better..Doesn’t big brother sometimes seem like basement television.

Just Wondering

Thanks Dawg.

And by the better hope Steve doesn’t put Vanessa up this week, he would knock you right out of second place in the poll.

That's all

Afraid of boobs and nipples? Steve shouldn’t try so hard to fit into some sort of preconceived BB role that he thinks he must play.


Its because his mom breast fed him until he was 15 I don’t blame him.