“If She (Da) leaves that whole group dissipates in different directions” -Shelli

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 6th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 17-15-56-246
5:18pm Vanessa studying

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 17-18-16-172

5:18pm Backyard Jackie and Clay
Talking about getting Audrey out next week. Clay says it’s the plan.
Clay – you and Jeff have to win next week
Clay thinks if Jason wins HOH he might put up him and Shelli.
JAckie – who would Audrey target
Clay – I Dunno

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 17-41-01-648

5:37pm HOH Shelli and Clay

Clay first off.. asks him if she’s over the comment
She says she is he’s the one that keeps bringing it up
Clay says her tone at the pool was ferocious “you were upset by it”

Shelli – Da, umm, actually had a very compelling conversations with me.. for split second she had me worried and had me thinking..
Shelli says the one thing amazing about the show is how quickly things change.. it’s hard to keep up.
Shelli adds you see time and time again people being swayed and it biting them later. She’s going to go with her gut and stick with her guns.
Shelli mentions how Da was bringing up she really needs the money she has a child. If she can make it to Jury at least she picks up the stipend.
Da was trying to get Shelli to put Audrey up. Da’s targets are not Clay and Shelli. She told Shelli her targets are Steve and Austin. They think Steve is a throw away.
Da offered Shelli her alliance etc etc..
Shelli says Da was very clear and made sense, “She did say I know you’re loyal the way you are being loyal to Audrey after everything that’s gone down.. in so many words that is pure loyalty.”
Day told Shelli she would be happy to work with her till the end of the game.

Audrey comes up to the HOH they ask for some more time. They comment how worried Audrey is right now.
Shelli Says Da was offering a group they can work with including James and Jason. Da told her they could get Jeff and JAckie. Shelli is suspicious about why the other side tins they have Jeff and Jackie.
Shelli comments how Da really pulled her heart strings talking about her little girl.

Shelli – If She leaves that whole group dissipates in different directions and that needs to happen.
Shelli says she told Liz she’s safe.
Clay says Da will only get one vote from Jason she’s going home.

Shelli – do you think there are some people that thinks I’m backdooring Audrey
Clay – no .. Everyone pretty much knows who souldn’t know… Jason.. James
Shelli plans on pulling Meg up tonight and tell her she’s going up as the pawn.

Shelli wonders why nobody has come to her asking her what she’s going to do now that John is going to save himself.
Clay mentions Meg saying she didn’t want to look suspicious

Shelli wonders when she’ll have this conversation with Meg, James and Jeff now that she’s talked to Da. If Shelli has the meeting early Da will know she’s the target and have a jump on campaigning.
Shelli points out that Da is saying she would target Jeff over them because Jeff is the one in everyone’s ear talking to all sides of the house.
Clay doesn’t think Jeff will pick anyone over them.

Shelli points out that Austin has been really good about coming up here spending time with her in the HOH. She says it was a good game move it made her want to be on his team more. She’s going to do the same thing next week with the new HOH.
They count the votes and deduce they have everyone voting Da out except for Jason.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 18-14-05-036

[envira-gallery id=”119163″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 18-29-34-655

6:29pm Liz and Vanessa
Liz going over her conversation with Shelli. Shelli told her she isn’t going up.
Liz – Basically she’s putting up Meg
Liz – She made it really really really clear I’m not going home ..
Liz says the only people she trusts are Vanessa and Austin
Vanessa – You know you have my back right
The agree they’re not the big targets right now.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 18-46-34-485

Audrey back to wearing the shades. Alone in the HOH says “Every bit of a$$ kissing helps”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 18-51-57-906

6:53pm HOH Clay in the shower, Audrey and Shelli chating
Shelli offers her some gummy bears.
Audrey tells her she saw James scratching his crotch then sticking his hand in the gummy bear jar
Audrey mentions that Austin was worried this morning him or Liz were going up.

Talking about the edits CBS is giving everyone. Audrey says during her DR sessions they are always trying to pull out more emotion from her.

Audrey says Becky is one of those people they are all surprised what she said in the Diary room.
Shelli thinks Austin will be the same because he’s so good with his words.
Audrey – More of his stuff will be game related.. He thinks if I go he’s next.
Shelli – do you think you yell in there (In the Diary room)
Audrey – yeah they make you… feeds cut…………
Shelli thinks JAckie is being given a sex kitten edit.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 19-08-42-796

Meg comes up Shelli gives her the fakest “HEY”. They talk about Production telling Clay to not shave…

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 19-14-23-223

7:14pm Austin and Steve
Austin tells him he’s been telling everyone “Steve’s trustworthy”. Austin says people know he’s open to listen for information but he’s not open to give information.
Steve wants to know who told him this “Did Shelli”
Austin won’t tell him
Austin recommends he starts giving people some information not false stuff just stuff they already know so they think he’s working with them.

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Is Shelli bipolar?

Eric CA

Nope she just really wants Da’Vonne out and at times about this time some HoH’s start to realize it may be a mistake… HoH is a euphoric position for about 2-3 days then the power slowly slips away and they start thinking about the morning after Friday… misery

Biff Tannen

Austin, Johnny and Liz have sort of emerged as my three favorites in the house.


I was thinking the same thing (although I wouldn’t want Johnny doing a root canal on me! A little spacey but the coolest temperament in the house by far).


If the house is on board with voting da out over meg; than wouldn’t the twist not letting 3 people vote, not really matter? 9 people vote, if all 9 vote the same way, than who cares if 3 people can’t vote… the only way i can see this twist working is if u had a 5 to 4 vote, which doesn’t seem likely.


I think it depends on when the twist happens…if the 3 votes are negated before the vote then yes I agree it’s possible Da will stay but if it’s done after the vote then Da is sunk.


I think if day goes the should pull a Gary on the house and bring her back..


Simon and Dawg I did not write this comment…I have never used a different name when posting here and don’t want to get caught up in what happens when someone posts using another’s name…could you please check it out for me.


The only way the twist helps her is if the votes are split but if she puts meg up more then likely the house will vote together so it won’t matter


the only vote i feel da can get is jason, which means the twist is meaningless. i’m totally okay with this.

Eric CA

If Shelli picks Meg the #s may fall like this if the Caller #7 chooses right.
1) Austin Evict Meg: Meg is close to Jeff and James she gives them power
2) Vanessa: Evict Meg… evicting Meg opens some doors for her and sends some peoples games into Chaos
3) Liz: Evict Meg…Same as Austin and Vanessa
4) Steve: Evict Meg… Steve is working with Vanessa it would be easy to convince him into evicting Meg.
5) jason: Da’Vonnes closest ally and if Jason and Da’Vonne get the 7th caller or Austin, Liz, Steve or Vanessa get it it can be used to get Da’Vonne and Jason on their side because the other side clearly wants her out.

This is how Meg go’s home and Da’Vonne stays… it just takes the right three to loose their votes.


The “Last Laugh” twist could really upset the “guaranteed” Da eviction, depending on who wins it. Definitely love that twist, and it will F*** up people’s minds the rest of the season because they will be thinking what’s next?

Pretty good season so far. Just hope they don’t get rid of all the volatile people first (Jace gone, and probably Da). Jace was a hothead but made for good late night TV. One heck of a final four (I mean snore) if its just Meg, Jackie, Steve and Vanessa left.


I don’t understand why Shelli thinks everyone should come up to the HOH and beg for safety. Get over yourself!!

Eric CA

Most HoH’s think everybody should come up to them in the HoH… while they hold court. A lot of them get irritated if their butts are not kissed sufficiently by someone. The bad strategy about that one is an HoH should spend as much time as possible downstairs with people making connections and checking things out.
Personally if I was an HoH I may want to hang out there all day but not so people can come to me… but because I really LOVE my alone time. I never auditioned because the thing that would drive me crazy was… I couldn’t draw and have my morning coffee or do any of my morning rituals and have my alone time… so I never auditioned. I know me.. I would make a terrible Houseguest and as a fan I wish more people realized that.


Well…this IS coming from the same girl who not only tried to imply that JohnnyMac not use the veto on himself, but wanted him to suggest his own replacement if he did…and then figured that he owed her a favor for making him the pawn and having him throw the BoB in the first place. I would suggest that maybe her head is up Clay’s ass while his hand is up hers…controlling her like a ventriloquist’s dummy…but she is making some of these decisions herself, so her head must be up her own ass.

Eric CA

I have to disagree on one point… Clay does NOT control Shelli. If Clay controlled Shelli Audrey would have been the clear replacement and the house would have backdoored Audrey as planned. Clay is Shells little Abecrombie and Finch boy toy. They really have no control over each other at all… it is clear that they aren’t even a real Showman and they fake being on the same page all of the time. I wouldn’t even categorize them as a real showman they are just all that production has to work with because on some level none of these Houseguests are really attracted to each other.


Clay is the one that approached Shelly about Day being the target this week.

Shelli is a Hag

Why in the Hell didn’t Big brother show on tv tonight where Audrey lie about Becky being racist, poor Becky was in tears when she was telling the story. The TV viewers need to know how crazy Audrey is I really think there is something wrong with her, the way she lies is just crazy!


Shelli and clay are annoying. There was no threat to shellis game with day. It was to clays. If she wanted to be the slightest bit of entertaining she could put up Audrey and let the house decide.


I agree


Day is every bit a threat to Shelli’s game. Look at the clips from the show. Day told Audrey that Shelli should be on the outskirts of their alliance after her hanging out with Clay. Day created a scene when she created an issue with Jeff, Clay and Shelli when she was studying, making a much bigger deal out of it when she did. Day also wanted to get rid of Audrey, and Audrey’s #1 and #2 are Clay and Shelli so it makes sense that they want her out because once Audrey is gone, Day will go after them.
I dont understand people who can’t grasp that this is the best move for Shelli. Audrey is a number for her. This is an individual game not a house consensus game.

Butters Mom

Does anyone else think Johnny Mac sounds a little like a muppet when he laughs and talks? haha… I love it. He is so awkwardly funny.


I do, I do! Funny kid that one. And Jason’s “Dr. Square-all” had me in stitches.


Johnny Mac’s voice sounds like that wild guy from the movie “Police Academy” who screams in a weird way when he talks. It’s really funny.


Somebody else got the name (it escaped me): Bobcat Gothwaite (sp?)


Yes! Kermit The Frog!


doing the math it seems da’s only chance of staying is if she gets at least five of the votes from jason, austin, liz, vanessa, jmac, audrey, and/or steve if she gets the twist and all these votes if she doesn’t.

james, becky, jeff, and jackie all aren’t going to vote for da because they’re too closely aligned with meg, and clay’s obviously voting for da cuz this is his whole plan.

audrey hates da, so that seems like an unlikely get.

jmac has aligned himself with shelli/clay at least for the botb so that seems like an unlikely get.

and then you have steve, austin, liz, and vanessa who would put targets on their backs if they got rid of meg and would lose numbers to the combined forces of shelli/clay/audrey/jmac and james/jeff/becky/jackie that would likely result.

oh and there’s jason who’s the only vote she can likely get.

so what is da’s play that has any chance of keeping her in the house?


Jonnys the only one I really like so far


I know there was some discussion about the motive was for Shelli, I mean Clay to want Da out. Either way, she needed to win on of the HOHs and the best scenario would have been for she and Jason both to win. Or for Da or Jason to have won the POV. Which didn’t happen to it looks like she’s out of her unless something happens. Luck and production choices are big factors in this game as well. If it was another type of HOH comp maybe Shelli wouldn’t have won. Who knows. But I don’t even see how Day can stay even with the twist in her favor. But stranger things have happened I guess. And what I find the most off putting is not even the people’s personalities or motivations but the BOB twist where people can throw it on you. After what happened last year they really should have tweaked it since they insist of having it in the game/reality show. You want to win or lose because of your own efforts. I wish people would stop agreeing to throw them. IMaybe some enjoy it but it’s uncomfortable to watch when the challenges are that reliant on each other. Frankie seem to the only one who got saved from being completely reliant on a partner when Production knew they were going throw the BOB to get Frankie out. And it was uncomfortable to see and watch Johnny Mac agree to it and then try to deflect it back on Da in the diary room. I think he comes off like a decent person and I do get that people do things in the midst of the game they aren’t sure about. But in that particular scenario that was just pathetic to do someone’s bidding when they didn’t have that much to do with you before and when they are part of some sort of fauxmance. Anyway, I’m curious to see where the allies will lie in the next couple of weeks.


Liz: I don’t like Day’s aggressive behavior.
This is from a older post I read but i just despise Liz/Julia they are just so irrelevant. I wish she was put on the block and sent home .I hate people that don’t keep there words.Day did her a fake and then she slanders the poor girls name .
This is the same bi*tch she saved week one and it is causing the issues with shelli right now. smfh
( excuse my language I’m just a-little mad at that)

Doran Martell

Liz told Day that if she won HOH she would keep her safe. And this was before Day blew up. I don’t have a problem with liz having those feelings about Day, she can have her opinion. And you can have your opinion of her as well. I just think most of the houseguest are over Day. As long as they aren’t the target for that week.


Okay here is what would make that twist work really well…..

If the 7th caller forms a 10 person alliance, keeps 3 people who aren’t in the alliance from voting….votes out meg…. those 3 people should be clay, john or steve, audrey and current HOH shelli … they could than go into the next hoh challenge can win both because it would be 10 against 3 since shelli being outgoing hoh can’t play….. they could than put all 4 on the block and no matter who wins battle of the block or veto, 1 gets voted out,.than it becomes 10 against 3…..

that would make a good twist


I’d rather Meg go home than Day. Day is entertaining. Meg’s voice is annoying.


This takeover should have been later in the season when the “vote with the house” mentality is less likely.
I like Day, and enjoyed the idea of having two strong sides going at each other like in the older seasons. But I can’t see her staying if Meg is up too-even with the last laugh.
It sucks, but this really was the best move for Shelli. Audrey is still the target for Day’s side and Shelli picked up some new allies. She absolutely should not back down now that she made it clear she’s targeting Day. If Day stays she will target Shelli and Shelli may lose the allies she gained. It would be a wasted week.


I’ve been trying to figure out what its is about this cast that I don’t like. Austin, Jeff, James, and Clay think they are the cool kids. They simply want to make it to jury in order to make out with the women they consider pretty like Liz , Jackie, Shelli, and Meg. These are also trying to model themselves after Cody or Derrick from BB16 by partnering with a girl they can take to a final 4. Its the arrogance I find so unappealing. Austin didn’t have Becky on his radar until she won a comp, now he’s like I need to transition from Liz to Becky. These girls are silly not to realize these guys have no intention of taking any of them to the end.


Please tell me where to watch the diary room sessions. I have CBS all access, Thanks so much. I don’t know who else to ask.