Clay about Shelli’s Brother “don’t want to bring him around me I might go for him over you”


POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: JohnnMAC and Audrey
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 17-16-09-507_jpg

5:15pm Jason, Austin, James, Liz
Jason talking about Steve being like dan goosling (BB10, BB14) says he’s throwing all the competitions and is going to try and win the last 5. Jason mentions how hard Steve fought for the ‘Trombonist” Veto.
Jason goes on and on about how dangerous Steve is.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 17-26-35-678_jpg

5:22pm HOH Shelli and Clay
Wondering what Jackie is saying to Becky. Shelli wants to pull them both up to the HOH tonight.
Clay – are we going with JohnnyMac in the game
Shelli – Ya
Clay about JohnnyMac – He’s got ice in his veins
They agree to make sure Johnnymac doesn’t go up as a pawn she should take a rest.
Shelli – I don’t want him to win HOH, He might put me up
Clay – he won’t do that

Shelli was not happy with Liz after winning the HOH. Shelli says Liz drank an entire bottle of wine and had only 3 minutes conversations “She parted in the HOH room she had no idea what she was doing”

Shelli brings up VAnessa saying Liz and Austin are getting very close and Austin is thinking with his Heart. Shelli says Austin and Liz are not very good game players.
Shelli wants to see Julia win a HOh and see how she will react.
Shelli told clay about her brother. He looks identical to Clay, She admite people would say CLay and him are brothers possibly twins.
Shelli talks about her older brother and how he can build anything
Clay says his special ability is more arts
Clay – you don’t want to bring him around me I might go for him over you
Shelli – Creepy

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 17-56-13-225_jpg

5:53pm Backyard LIz and Austin
Austin says there’s no vibe for Game talk.. It’s so weird.. no one is doing it.. it’s crazy..
Liz – I knoowwwwwwwwwwww
Austin doesn’t know why Jason won’t work with them because right now they are winning things and the other side isn’t

Liz says the only person winning things is becky
Austin – She’s not really on their side.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 18-02-56-500_jpg

6:01pm Jason joins them to work out one on one with Austin

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 18-07-47-517_jpg

6:05pm Vanessa, Shelli and Clay HOH
Vanessa talking about it being really weird right now. There’s so many deals in the house right now.
Vanessa says she has no agreement with Meg and Jason, “They have a obligation not to put me up”
Vanessa is going to really try and win that HOH this week stresses how important it is.

Vanessa says the deal with Jason is if he wins POV he uses it on and if Meg and Jason win HOH they won’t put them up.
Vanessa brings up Jackie turning down the deal she was making with Jason. Shelli says Jackie is planning on putting Vanessa up.
Vanessa – she’s been spending so much sleeping in the Have not with Audrey.. I don’t know what she’s feed her. (Audrey to JAckie)
Clay thinks jackie is sleeping more because she’s a have nots.

Vanessa asks them where is Becky at
Shelli and Clay have no idea.

Vanessa says there’s an alliance between Jackie, Becky, JOhn and Steve
Shelli – OK Audrey
Vanessa say John/Steve and Becky/Jackie talk game all the time.
Shelli says the votes to keep Jeff were, Steve, BEcky, Jackie and Johnnymac

Vanessa says Liz and Austin have never talked sh1t about Shelli and Clay, “they are loyal they may not be the most forward thinking players.. they are honest”
Clay says James talks a lot to Becky and Jackie
Vanessa say James talks to her a lot but never about game.
Vanessa – what do you guys thinks about us 3 working something with Austin, Liz, Julia, James and Meg, Jason to try and target the other four.
Clay – Becky, Steve, Johnnymac and Jackie
Vanessa explains those four have been sitting back while the other two sides were throwing grenades at each other.
Vanessa points out that the rumours are swirling that Shelli, Clay, Vanessa are working with Austin and Liz.
Clay and Shelli agree they aren’t feeling safety with Becky, Jackie and Steve.

Vanessa – the big players are going to take each out and the pawn will take over.
Vanessa wants to start taking out the pawns.
Vanessa asks if anyone from the other side approached her with deals going forward to next week
Shelli says no.

Vanessa says their alliance has the edge they are stronger competitively
Clay – do you think people suspect we’re in an alliance
Vanessa – I think they would be stupid not to
Shelli asks Vanessa what deals she’s made
Vanessa lists them
James no deal
Jason and Meg have to keep her safe she doesn’t have to keep them safe
They agree Becky and JAckie are the two least favorite to win the HOH.

Clay tells her Shelli and him are not tool going up as pawns. Vanessa say it’s too dangerous no one from the alliance should be a pawn. If someone from the otherside tells them they are a pawn they know it’s a lie. The three of them are the worst pawns too much blood on their hands.
They are agreeing Clay should have been a have nots so he can watch Audrey. They are suspecting Audrey is poisoning them to the other side in the have nots.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 19-02-13-851_jpg

7:02pm HOH SHelli and VAnessa
Shelli says her and Clay’s connection is very real but she’s worried about their age difference will being a issue when they get out of the house. Shelli says Clay is 10 years younger than her
Vanessa says she’s got the same feelings with Mel her girlfriend whose 8 years younger. Vanessa says if Shelli is fine with the age difference and she can make it work then its fine. Vanessa says Clay is mature “He’s a grown man”
Shelli says he’s worried other opportunities will come Clay’s way.
Shelli says she wants to start a career in acting. “Atlanta is the new LA.. that’s so my dream”
Shelli – I have a itch

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Vanessa needs to go next. Her game talk is as irritating to me as Audrey’s.


Clay talking about Shelli’s brother.
There it is there, he’ll toss some salad!


For all this conspiracy theorists who say BB is scripted, that convo with Shelli and Clay right there is your empirical downfall…NOBODY could make that shit up. W.T.F.!!! What is more disturbing…Clay is bi, Shelli has the hots for her brother, Or Atlanta is the new Hollywood???


Agree! And the letter from Shelli’s dog was some kind of code, I can’t wait for Vanessa to leave, she’s running that house like a boss.


I don’t think Clay is bi, I think he is gay. I thought it was pretty obvious from the beginning and latching on to a much older woman in the house, esp when there were women his age around. Shelli is a good beard for him but even without her, it’s very obvious to me.


That wouldn’t surprise me. I think Clay has dabbled in a few salads already. He and his talented tongue.


I don’t know which is creepier. Clay saying he may like Shelli’s bro better or her romantically linked to her bro’s twin? Something is off about those two.


I’m sure Shelli’s has been itchy for a long time….


It’s gonna take more than Gold Bond for that itch…


That caption @ 6:01 pm….Austin’s totally perving on Jason yo….


It’s crazy, I was just thinking how Clay and Shelli sound like Audrey a bit. They never stop talking game. They are so paranoid they switch alliances every single week, and despite the two of them decisively putting up and evicting two out of the first 4 houseguests, and having a hand in the other two going home as well, somehow think they don’t deserve to be on the block. The fact they haven’t already is the perfect reason for everyone else to put them up. No shit you’re not cool with being pawns Clay, you dipshit, nobody is really okay with being a pawn, just not everyone has the audacity to put it out there like a threat or dare. They are an obvious couple that can win comps and have dirt on their hands, who oh by the way have never been up and think their shit don’t stink…why the hell wouldn’t every other person in that house plan on putting up and splitting up that pair of douchbags?


Jonny Mac is by far the best person in the house, followed by Steve.


And they think Becky and Jackie are the least likely to win HOH? Really? Come on Karma!


I Like Vanessa! She’s trying to play her best game. Shelli and Clay need to go. They are playing all sides and are just as paranoid as Audrey, turning on their own alliance members. Austin can go too.

Ian's Beer

That’s right, Shelli…go on BB because you want to become an actress *eyeroll* “Atlanta is the new LA”…did she smuggle some crack into the house???


Vanessa is the devil

Better Than Last Year

Not really……she’s just the “light” version of Audrey………….(bug eyes)!

shelli's agent

well girl, I can probably get you some acting work if you go on BB and hook up with the psycho cowboy character . they have one of them every season, like caleb and judd. be sure to leave stains on the furniture. we’ll get you a job.

I'am Cait

I thought BB had a strict rule, absolutely NO SINGING EVER!!! But Shelli is allowed to try and turn BB into a musical. smh


It’s not the singing, it’s the songs that are the problem. If they make up their own song, it is fine. If they sing someone else’s song, there are issues with copyright, releases, and royalties.

Chill this Town

just when I thought there wasn’t much to laugh at in this house other than Austin’s love life and J-Mac’s DR sessions….Shelli gets the “itch” to be an actress. look out Hollywo-….Atlanta?

Butters Mom

Actually quite a bit is filmed in Georgia. The walking dead is filmed there. Magic Mike 2 was filmed in Georgia. Sponge Bob Movie was filmed there recently lol.


Just because a few things are filmed in Atlanta does not make it the new Hollywood. They either film there for location filming or for tax breaks. The actors and actresses live in L.A. She could get some non speaking extra work as a zombie, sure, but she shouldn’t expect to move to Atlanta and be a working actress. That is of course, unless she is delusional….


Wow clay is gay


comments like these are the reason men don’t like to show any emotion or anything that is associated with being effeminate because they will be portrayed as homosexual.

brotalk to human dictionary

Shelly said her brother looked like Clay’s twin.
No wonder Clay would want him. He’s the picture of self-obsessed.
It would be like having sex with his one true love: himself.

Eric CA

I hate to say I told you so… but I told you so… I knew Clay pinged my gayer big time… part of me thought Clay was a twin and one was gay because sometimes he seemed to look like he had multiple sexuality disorder.


lol…the springboard to stardom…BigBrother…lol


well, it seems to have worked for …… uh…….. no wait, ……… ok, but there was definitely …….. uh, ok, nope not that one either. …….ok, but someone sometime from some season got onto a tv show at some point. I’m sure.

oh, yeah, it was Donny’s season, where a bunch of them turned up on Bold & Beautiful, and that wasn’t awkward and stitled at ALL.


Wouldn’t most people be turned off if their romantic interest looked like their brother? And people worry about Austin’s elusive girlfriend? Ew.


My thoughts exactly.

ROFLMAO!!!! Project DNA is back, with a twist!! Clay is her lovechild half brother!! Now I know why they give me the creeps!! Could it be that they used the season 5 blueprint with the twin twist, and the Cowboy/Nakomis twist. Maybe production had it planned but didn’t count on them falling into an instant flirtmance, so they buried the twist because they don’t want to show that on network TV. How can Shelli canoodle with a guy who looks exactly like her brother? Even if my DNA twist theory is more than probably wrong, how can anyone be attracted to someone who looks like their sibling. Yuck!


Yeah!!! Dawg is finally higher in the polls than Audrey (at the time of post)!!!! 🙂

You and Simon do a great job, many thanks!

Ira Gamagori

I wonder how BB will handle Aubrey being voted out. The house seems to think she will not come out for the eviction. She is holding up in a room by herself, breaking all the house rules, she eating pizza and etc. While suppose to be on slope. They need to remove her before she does something really stupid. This is not normal… what if she hurt herself.

Misty Beethoven

Shelli has an itch? What kind? Calamine lotion kind, or…the other kind?


Two sayings I could never hear again and be VERY happy…”Blood on my hands” & “Thrown under the bus”. Oh wait…Caleb’s “At the end of the day…” Forgot that one.


YES! Thank you!
Get new sayings! Anything but those two.
Although…. If you make it into a drinking game you’re half snapped by the first commercial break of each show 😉


Also, “it’s too early”.


“That being said…….”




I hate Vanessa. Vanessa and Audrey have had two falling outs and during their last argument when Audrey called her a master manipulator (or something to that effect) she told Audrey she would never trust her again. She then threw Audrey under the bus to anyone who would listen, all the while pointing out how she was always there for her. Vanessa and Shelli had conversations about how getting rid of Audrey was in Audrey’s best interest b/c she ‘s clearly unstable and a threat to their game. Now that Jackie and Meg have spurned Vanessa’s deals and alliance offers she’s starting to panic–maybe more people are targeting her next week than she realized. According to Vanessa, making a deal to work with Audrey in case she is brought back is a good idea. I never thought I would take Audrey’s side on anything but I hate the way Vanessa talks about using people as if they have no mind or will of their own. She thinks she’s so intelligent and perceptive with her 8,900 deals and alliances. Van/Shelli/Clay need to stop being so sanctimonious and hypocritical about this whole Audrey ordeal. They all used each other.


*seriously laughed out loud when I read ” Liz- I knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” You can totally hear her saying it lols.

I think its funny how they think comatose Audrey is talking game with people and changing their minds haha wtf. Jackie is sleeping because shes probably hungry lols.
I hope Johnny or Jason wins HOH. I think they have had enough of this “pawn shite” and its time for one of them to put up a big player. Poor Steve haha. He doesn’t know his name is being floated around. I also think Clay only said that about dumbasses brother because she said he looked like Clay. It was funny .

*Gee Scoob, Lets get back to the Mystery Van*

B-bad owl

Watching bbad. The way they are acting, I’m surprised they don’t rise to their feet and stand at attention when Shelli and Clay pass by.


Shelli wants to be an actress???! First work on your DR sessions girl


Vanessa is getting on my last nerve. No one wants to work with you and Austin. Deal with it. What happened to Clays suggestion of him and Shelli making a deal with JohnnyMac and Steve? That’s an alliance I could get behind.


This kumbaya (sp) stuff is about to bore me to tears. Come on Vanessa or Austin… of you two needs to slip up and cause some excitement.


I think I will like Clay or Shelli when one of them is out of the game.


You seriously can’t write this stuff!! I find myself on this form trying to find out what is going on far more than previous seasons. It’s like the best train wreck of idiots ever and we all have front row seats.


Forget Austin! What person goes out with someone who looks exactly like their twin brother/family member?? I know Austin is a creep, but in my opinion, Shelli is creepier than Austin will ever be. That whole conversation made me sick, and Clay jokingly saying he would fall for Shelli’s brother, NOT FUNNY AT ALL. These have to be the sickest/perversed/creepiest/weirdest house guests in BB history. Just gross.


What is going on is Clay gay? OMG OMG!!!!


Would it not be funny if Shelly went to Audrey and said she flipped the votes and jonney Mac is leaving. She would spring to life and be all normal again only to get voted out on Thursday. I know I am mean spirited but seriously this whole poor me in solidation act is just stupid. She should be taken out of the game for rule violations. What makes her any better than any of the other mifits in the house?


Not saying she’s better, but she legit does have a hormonal imbalance.


Yeah listening to Vanessa talk game is so annoying…I’d rather watch Johnny Mac not talk or Becky talk about being a store manager at the mall. Or James and Meg laugh about buttholes.

Yeah Vanessa sucks. She shouldn’t play the game.

BB Game of Thrones edition

We got the entire cast almost
The incest siblings
The crazy witchcraft woman who has visions
Kal Drogo
The seemingly honorable guy who does some questionable stuff and who is going to get stabbed in the back by his friends (Johnny Mac)
The charismatic gay prince who will likely meet a shadowy demise
The other prince who is screwing the crazy witchcraft woman (or in this case who wants to, talking about James of course)
Even the random extras who are only there to show boobs


#1) Shelli, You are never going to be an actress, sorry girl! Your singing is atrocious. And you are delusional if you think Atlanta’s the new Hollywood..really?!
#2) Clay is obviously into men
#3) James, please stop telling everyone you’re a celebrity in Sumpter, SC and you have all these hoes wanting you. You don’t have hussys waiting on your asian midget behind when you get up out that house!
#4) Austin, please come out of the closet!
#5) If i hear Liz say “I Knooooowwwwwwww” in her whiny voice one more time…