Vanessa – I really think it can happen the 5 (Sleeper Cell) of us will make final 5

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 6th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: DaVonne, Meg
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 17-05-24-201

5:00pm Shelli and Clay HOH
Talking about Sleeper Cell and if Austin and Vanessa can be trusted with Audrey. Shelli thinks they can.
They can agree they would rather work with Austin’s side. Clay wants to make it more official sooner than later.
Shelli thinks sleeper cell dissipated because the day after it was created there was the giant Audrey blow up.
Clay thinks they should hold up and wait to see who wins the HOH this week.
Shelli – I think Audrey is talking to steve more than she’s letting on.. steve is the one that brought up there’s a outside and inside and he feels more comfortable with the outside and that is the same thing Audrey is saying
Clay says James, Jeff and Jason will not work with Audrey so she has no options
They agree Jeff is in between the two sides of the house.

Shelli – james, Meg and jason may go after Audrey first or they come after me because I sent home Da and put up Meg
Clay thinks they’ll use Shelli as a pawn to get out Audrey, “They’ll have no remorse if you go home”
Clay – I really don’t want to be with them.. now my loyalty to Jeff is up in the air”

Shelli says once the “Inside” numbers start twiddling Jeff will comes to them.
Shelli adds all the stories Audrey gives us about targeting Becky is BS Audrey knows Becky is after her and she’s wanting them to target her
Clay – we have to be very careful at what she says she’ll have her own motives.
Clay says they need more evidence to back up what Audrey says.

Clay wonders if they should pull Austin and Vanessa in first get a feel for them then pull Audrey in
Shelli thinks if they decide to roll with Sleeper cell they needed them all in the room otherwise trust will waiver.
She tells him Vanessa is harder to convince than Austin.
Clay – Becky and Jackie.. I know you like them..
Shelli thinks they are safe if Becky/Jackie win hoh, Shelli thinks they will both gun for Audrey and get closer to Jason once Da leaves.

Shelli says they are already seeing it happen Jason and Jackie getting closer.
Clay “Jackie, Becky, Meg, james, Jason… possibly Jeff.. that’s 6”
Clay – “how many do we have Steve..
Shelli doesn’t think the speculation will do them any good
Clat – what else should we do
Shelli – we have no idea who is HOH is we don’t know who will win the second HOH wit you (lol)
Shelli – we still need to be careful with Steve
Clay – I agree
Shelli – don’t tell him too much information he might be giving it to Da
Clay – Jason, James and Meg are the three we don’t want to win HOH

Feeds flip to JohnnyMac and Audrey in the hammock

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 17-21-54-002

5:20pm – 7:07pm JohnnyMac and Audrey
JohnnyMac saying he pays 3000 a month on student loans so he can pay it off in 10 years.
Audrey – what did your parents do
Johnnymac – teachers, High School gym, swimming
Audrey asks him if he got in trouble at school
Johnnymac says all the time he got in trouble for drawing on the floor.

(chit chat about live outside of the house)

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5:33pm Goofing around

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 17-42-54-390

5:39pm Bathroom Vanessa and Da’Vonne
Vanessa asking if she’s heard about anyone having the phone booth power.
Da saying she doesn’t want to campaigning against Meg. Vanessa says she doesn’t have to campaign against Meg just asks people what benefits them more Meg of Da.
Da – you could vote for me
Vanessa – yes
Da asks if she will benefit with Da leaving. Vanessa says it doesn’t benefit her if Day leaves.
Vanessa says Meg hasn’t asked for her vote
Da asks if they can persuade Austin.. She thinks she has Liz’ vote
Vanessa says offer them something like you and Jason are going to keep them safe until Jury.
Vanessa says she doesn’t have a target she just has people she trusts more than others.
Da points out Vanessa is rebuilding with Audrey. Vanessa says it’s more of a hedge in case she wins the HOH, “Don’t mistake that for my trust is back because it’s not”
Vanessa says Audrey is a great person but in the game
Da says Audrey is a great PERSON
Da is pissed at Audrey in the game because she brought her daughter into the game.
Da is targeting Audrey wants Vanessa to help her to work in the background
Da – You gotta get Liz and Austin
Vanessa – then you’re good
Da – hopefully hopefully
Da – the house kinda flipped against me when I called her (Audrey) out
Da says the only guaranteed vote she did have was Jason but whoever has the power will “x” him out.
Day doesn’t have an issue with Clay and Shelli they are making a game move her target is Audrey.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 17-41-34-581
5:53pm HOH Clay and Shelli
talking about Jejo and Brenchel. They go into a conversation about how sexy Jeff (BB11) is.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 18-06-08-800

6:06pm Da, Jason and Steve
Talking about casting process and their love for Big Brother. Da says she showed her family the video from BB8 where Dick and JAmeka had a giant fight.
Steve showing them where the fight between D1ck and Jameka took place (See images)

Jason says he only watches Big Brother Hasn’t watched a regular TV show since 2012
He’s watched 15 UK, 12 Australia, 1 Africa and every year he rewatches all the American Big Brother seasons.

Steve says he’s never met anyone that he could talk Big Brother as a peer.
Jason – I look down on Superfans I’m a historian
They talk about the Superfan term and how it’s been loosely applied to people.
Steve says superfans watch the feeds and go on the internet etc etc..

They agree Ian was the last player on their level.
Steve says Brian Lynch (@LynchMgm) knows a lot about Big Brother.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 18-18-11-689

6:14pm HOH Shelli, Vanessa and Clay
Shelli saying they were going to have a sleeper cell meeting tonight
Shelli – we feel good about it how do you feel about it
VAnessa – there’s a real possibility Audrey is the target next week.. not by any of us
Vanessa – I do not want Da to know at all I’m working with you guys
Vanessa brings up Da coming up to her and asked her for a vote. “I’m letting her think it’s a possibility”
Clay asks if Da has a feel for who has a power
Vanessa says no
Clay and Shelli thinks Da has it Clay says it’s rigged.
Vanessa – My loyalties are here with our group.. I trust us both .. the moves you made were very much in line.. strengthens our trust which is great.

Vanessa says her trust with Audrey took a hit, “I think she’s a good player and I don’t mind aligning with her to play”
Shelli says her and clay agree
Shelli – we’ve never expressed doubt in you at all
VAnessa says she’s slowly building up trust with Jeff but has nothing with James and Meg.
VAnessa points out that Meg hasn’t asked her for a vote
Clay says Meg, James and JAson are really tight
Shelli asks who she thinks is the target next
Vanessa says the easy one is if Da goes take out Jason “I’ve never talked game with him ever.. anyone that hasn’t talked game is against me”
Vanessa – Jackie is another one.. I don’t know.. I wonder if she doesn’t like me
Shelli thinks Jackie is really good at not saying anything
Vanessa – Is she playing the game or trying to float
Clay says he’s never talked to Liz and Jackie game or personal
Vanessa says Liz is easy to talk to she very real and blunt easy to get a read on
They agree everything is good with Sleeper cell. Shelli says Austin has made a real effort to talk to them.
Vanessa – He’s a good guy not a bad person at all.. He’s not very calculating.. he makes games move but there’s people that are so calculating you can’t have a genuine moment with them… he’s completely not like that.
Clay wonders if Austin is telling Liz about Sleeper cell
Vanessa asked him that he said no.
Vanessa says she’s noticing Austin likes Liz and he’s been flirting with Jackie to make her jealous.
Shelli asks if Liz is returning it
Vanessa asked her and she said “He’s not the type of guy I normally date all those tattoos but he’s not your typical tattoo guy”
Vanessa thinks Liz is a really flirty person
Clay – do you think Austin will choose Liz over you
Vanessa – yes.. I think yes.. that’s the way that works.. I’m OK with that doesn’t mean I don’t trust them

Sheli – how much do you tell Audrey.. She seems to like think we would be floating around because we haven’t talked about Sleeper cell
They tell her Audrey is really pressing them to go with austin and VAnessa over James/Jason/Meg. they think it’s strange because they are already with Austin and Vanessa.
Vanessa thinks Audrey really trusts her because Vanessa has always been straight up with her.

Vanessa says Audrey is super smart.
Shelli – there’s no reason not to play with her
Clay – we’re all for working with her but be very cautious what you tell her
Vanessa says she’s being called in the DR all the time is because of medication
Vanessa wants to talk about levels of loyalty in the sleeper cell, Austin has Liz and Audrey can’t be beat in the finals. She stresses she has no pair so she wants to be their third.

Shelli – You ultimately told me to put Meg up
Vanessa for my own personal game it’s a tough spot.. Da is someone further down the line that will work with me
Vanessa adds she’s loyal with their group she likes their group.

Shelli says “they” Set Audrey up (They = Meg, Da, James and Jason)
Clay – why were they setting up Audrey
Shelli – Da was uncomfortable that Audrey was close with us
They agree James has no issues lying to peoples faces, he’s done it to Jace, Vanessa, Clay and Austin
Shelli points out that Clay is still feeling good with James.
Vanessa – you gotta go with facts
They agree one of the strengths they have is no one has a clue about Sleeper Cell

Vanessa saying Clay and Shelli need to start talking to other people and spend less time together. She suggests a fight or at the very least not sleep together.
Shelli thinks it should be a slow fad away no one will believe if they have a big fight out of the blue.
Vanessa – I really think it can happen the 5 of us will make final 5 I couldn’t pick better people
Shelli says she loves Vanessa they will never let her go.
Clay says once Da leaves the other side of the house is swindling they need to kick them while they’re down and take out Jason/James.

Vanessa warns that Becky will win a lot and she doesn’t have very many relationships.
Vanessa wants to make a blueprint of the plan if the sleeper cell gets power that way if it’s like last week where they had hours to decide they’re ready for it.
Clay says he’s already got people in mind doesn’t think this coming week will be like last week because it was fourth of July. Clay says once they get the HOH winners they’ll call in Sleeper cell and decide what to do.

They agree James, Meg or Jason cannot win the HOH. Vanessa says when Meg finally talks to her about her vote she’s going to ask Meg for 2 safe weeks. Vanessa recommends Clay does the same, ‘Why not”
They tell her when people come up to them and bring up Vanessa’s name as a target they are going to say Vanessa is a waste of a HOH she’s a floater and isn’t allied with anyone.
Vanessa – I will never vote for Da to stay here.. I will let her believe whatever She needs to believe.. I’ll tell her to fight..

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Captain Crunch

Im starting to notice over the last couple of days Ive been reading on here that they’re are alot of rats (especially the guys) in the house. Everytime they hear or someone tells them something they have to go tell Shelli or someone else in the house instead of keeping that info to themselfs to use as ammo to advance there game.


Jeff, Austin and Clay are very similar narcissist douche bags.

I’m totally Jason Fan but I’m not blind at all. He is doing so much show off and make no agreements’ only smoke and hangout with James meg and day. I love him and I hope he go far. And also know much I hate shelli is doing a good work with the decisions for her game. She has many shields’ in front of her and she is making the decisions and let the house think she s been manipulate for clay. That´s the true.

The plants like Jackie, becky and mac going enjoy they free ride.

Steve kisses Shelli but all the time.

James isn’t solid look how he´s hide information from Jason.

Meg is likeable and switch side when she fell her ass is in the line.

Audrey with her psychotic lies and her naïf ´s shape ready for war 24/7.

Conclusion my favorite Jason are screw and he need to get over with his random conversations and start to make some deals!

How much I hate shelli and clay can be very clear where they stand like Jason the rest are pure food for the beast´s.


I have a feeling Vanessa will win this season. She is a manipulator this season. Shelli, Audrey, Liz, Steve, Austin, Clay, Becky all trust her. That means she has enough votes to be safe on the block every week. She will never be voted out. If no one takes her out soon, she will win this season without doing a thing. I hope JohnMac will figure her out soon.


you are wrong the only two HG that trust her are Austin and Shelli no one more. And of course Steve but he doesnt cont. And if you saw the life feeds you find that many hg figure out her game.


I like the team of Shelly clay Austin audrey
Austin with Liz on the side might add Steve
The real team


LOL define real? What I see is Austin fanatical for be accept. Vanessa thinks Shelli give a shit for her (when shelli only care for her pair, clay). I don’t know if you read but Austin target Steve so these 2 can’t be in the same side for now. The one real team there is shelli and clay. i ll take may hat for they. Unfourthly


I going have to start rooting for Audrey if these hgs keep her in the house.

Ms. Steal Your Man

Why are there people kissing Shell’s butt? Newsflash, Shelli has absolutely no power.


she’s a great meat shield, and with clay attached to her hip she’s looking like she has the potential to win challenges.


All I can say is, you cannot be upset with Vanessa for playing the game. I like Day, but I have to be honest and call it like I see it, Day has not played a very social game, Day is on the block and she still is not really trying to build relationships, and I don’t understand the negative feelings towards Steve. Vanessa is doing just what I would do, tell Day what she wants to hear, Vanessa seems to have a pretty good read on the people in the house and she is playing the game in stealth mode. I just hope she is careful on how much she shares with Clay & Shelli, I think they will use her as much as they can, and then dump her when they no longer need her, I am really starting to like Vanessa, can’t stand Jeff, Jackie, Clay or Shellie or James, don’t really trust them. I hope Vanessa, Becky, Austin and Steve go far in the game.


So correct me if I am wrong but this is the theme I see year after year. The “token” gay guy is often saved for quite a while on BB. Seems to me, that people don’t typically want to get rid of him because what would America think. By the way, I am not anti gays I am anti personalities. Jason isn’t annoying me this year (then again I am not watching the live feeds either), I am ROOTING for Vanessa, she seems like she is kick ass. But Audrey. I have only slightly read on here and seen her edits. Is she as bad as they make her out to be. The cast say how great she is, is she actually great, or are they saying that so they don’t offend anyone. It seems to me that Audrey was outed big time to the house and the house just sort of took it in stride and is like whatever. Why does the house/HOH want Da out over Audrey?
I liked Audrey in the beginning, but then on the TV edit the confrontation with Vanessa/Da, I sort of just lost it for her. I think mostly because in her confessional she had a whatever attitude to the whole thing. I think she has the potential of playing a phenominal game. She spins her webs, gets caught in it and obviously can get herself unstuck, so we we will see, but at this time, she just seems vindictive to me.


Fans are almost always split with Audrey. Audrey did play way too fast in the beginning, but she has also been the root cause of entertainment because she was at the center of drama. She recently changed her game up a bit, telling more truths, slightly earning some of the HGs trust back. She has been very low key, smart on her part, as the loudmouths are becoming targets. The thing is, she is playing the game. Some people are sick of her lies, but that’s PART OF THE GAME!!! So far, I don’t think she will get to the end, but she has made a comeback. I think she does have great insights on the HGs. Some people just have trouble looking at the game objectively. She knows she screwed up, but now she’s adjusting her strategy. I think she is entertaining on the feeds, though. I know she is a big survivor fan and she personally likes to cause drama, so she is familiar to what makes good TV. I think she is some ways a good player.


Everyone here knows I’m Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC but an alliance of Vanessa/Audrey/Austin/Shelli/Clay is pretty strong. Sure Audrey could blow it up at any moment, Austin could tell Lizia, or 2 people not in the alliance win HoH but that’s a strong alliance.

Damn that’s frustrating lol. Come on Johnny MAC and Steve do something !!!!


If steve and jon mac don’t do anything why you root for them? Just ask.


First off they are easily for me the two best personalities in the house. Johnny MAC is playfully aloof (both physically and mentally) and I love super fans like myself.

They have proven to be strong competitors but it’s not their fault they haven’t clicked on a bro level or bitchy level to be part of either side of the house. I wish they would start playing harder but that’s assuming they catch onto the Sleeper Cell alliance.

It’s easier to root for the good people plus if they are good players that’s a plus.

Twistin' for the win

Day is going home. Bad use of information that completely negates her power. She told Jason who then told EVERY ONE about Liz. What is it with blabbing everything you know this season?

Vanessa for the win.


But what’s even more shocking is so many people know, but Liz/Julia don’t have a clue the house is onto her. Do much for Da and Jason big mouths, because even though they have everyone suspicious, no one seems to be threatened enough by Liz/Julia to even be concern if they’re playing a twin twist. That should make Da Ana Jason question why no one is concerned about those two playing and what the twins could mean for their votes and alliance. The house could careless about the twin twist so it makes no difference that Da and Jason blabbed it. Looks like the twins will be more shocked then anyone else in the house!


If you look at this week playout, Vanessa is the main reason Day is evicted. Clay might have a hand to put Day on the block. But Vanessa is the person who will send Day home. Vanessa manipulated Shelli for not putting Liz up, which opens one door to send Day home. If Liz is on the block, Day will have more than 5 votes to stay: Jeff, Jackie, Jason, James, Meg and Jason. Vanessa is also the person who opens another door to send Day home by not giving Day her vote. Vanessa has played one step ahead of Day this week. Vanessa has shut off all Day’s hope to stay. Shelli always listen to whatever Vanessa said. Shelli will be Vanessa’s puppet.

Ariana Grande stinks!

I disliked Vanessa the moment I laid my eyes on her, and disliked her ever since. “Sleeper Cell’ with Vanessa and the Confederate couple — no thanks! #barf


I haven’t really picked a favorite to win just yet, but Vanessa is pulling in the lead. I like her style of play, she’s befriending most of the people in the house, and yet staying under the radar. Just hope Clay and Shelli don’t screw her up. I wish she would team up on the DL with Steve and Jmack.


Vanessa already is in with Steve. She likes the kid. This why when the time is right she will get Austin off his jock. Austin only srries bout Steve cuz he thinks he slide to the end and win ala Ian.


I stand by what I said Vanessa is Christina from last season she told Shelli and Clay she’s cool with being they 3rd wheel to the final 3 what who says that. I think she has potential to play a good game and make it to the final 5 but she should know one of BB golden rules always split a pair up. but I think here a John can make a good run together as a pair because ppl underrate them they can make it far.

Is it true Becky said she was recruited off of tinder??


Christina? no,no,no. You could not have possibly offended Vanessa more. lol No way is she anything even remotely like Christina.


That’s just what Vanessa is saying for now. She’s way too smart to not want to break up the pair as soon as she safely can. I too hope she side cars with JMac and Steve. I really like the way she’s playing: stealthy, subtle with no arrogance or ego, like Derrick for the most part.


Exactly, Vanessa won’t actually go to final 3 with them. There’s a decent chance Clay and Shelli will be split up before jury, and a very strong chance someone else will split them up before the endgame. (Like if Jason, or Meg wins an HOH, Clay could be out).

I think Vanessa is hoping someone else will evict Clay, and then the final 3 will become a Shelli Vanessa final 2. Then it’s a great deal for V.


Simon/Dawg – off question. When I vote, does it only count once in that particular poll or does it count every time I read a new post and vote?
Thanks and great job guys!


Thanks. I appreciate the reply. I was curious because my favs have changed since I first voted.

Team Brigade

Vanessa for the win! She is smart and sizing all the HG’s up. It’s like Derrick all over again.


Yup, just posted a similar comment.


OK can someone/anyone tell me what good plays Audry did over Day? i still don’t see what audry did to make her the “perfect” player according to Vanessa and Shelli. Did i miss an episode this season where audry did a move to make her such a great player? this is ridiculous, i cant with these 2 women.


I think they mean Audrey is “perfect” for their games, not her own, i.e., consistent target.


ill just grab a quote from here “Vanessa says her trust with Audrey took a hit, “I think she’s a good player and I don’t mind aligning with her to play””. why would u align yourself with someone if you want to use them as other’s bait/target, doesn’t sound like someone they want around just for “consistent target”, if that was true jace/da wouldnt be where they at now. Da isnt a physical or mental HOH threat at all(steve/clay/austin say hi)

and watching the live feeds vanessa and shelli while on the hammock kept praising how mindgame/manipulative audry is. audry hasnt really done anything thus far in the game other than get caught in numerous lies that they all want to now “ignore”. i dont know, i just dont get it, maybe this game is 100% riged/acted out by production.


Meg delusionally thinks she is in a showmance with Jeff lol. Just the way she talks about them to other people. Then whenever people tell her shit she is like wait “did u tell Jeff this” This girl is a lost cause. Again if a girl is into Jeff you know she is desperate as f*ck and a hopeless case. Let’s get her outta here Thursday.