“everyone is coming together mutually agreeing on targets.. I’m one Steve is one ” -Audrey

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 6th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: DaVonne, Meg
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 15-09-46-252
3:02pm Jeff and Clay
Jeff says this version of Liz was wearing a “Skanky” bathing suit then was hiding her stomach. Jeff shows us where this liz hides her stomach see images below. Clay notices that this one isn’t as much into being in the house she hides a lot more. “She’s not the main one”
Jeff says Liz has a birthmark on her left Shoulder.. feeds cut..
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3:17pm Backyard JohnnyMac, jason and Liz (Julia)
Talking about the have nots and how hey got the worst beds to sleep on. Jason thinks the ones last year would have been more comfortable than this year because it was a flat surface. Johnnymac wonders how he’s going to do on Slop.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 15-37-19-694

3:19pm Clay and Shelli
Clay tells her Vanessa wants to talk to him tonight.
Clay wants her to tell him if he’s coming on strong or trying to tell her what to do. Shelli says she will.
Clay is worried he’s looking like he’s on a powertrip. Audrey came up to him to warn him that he might get edited as the villain.
Shelli says there was time when Clay is all “I, I, I, I, I” mentions the time when Jason came into the HOH crying and Clay acted like he was HOH.
Shelli says she made a joke that the house thinks her and him are Head of Household this week.
Clay says that Audrey made a reference to Hitler and did the “Hitler sign” (Heil Hitler)

Shelli – She made the hitler sign.. If she’s calling you Hitler in the DR’s… STOP IT RIGHT NOW.. that is so disrespectful to anybody. That’s disrespectful to you and the jewish community
Clay says it was more a subtle thing that Audrey did..

Clay says if Audrey jeopardizes their game they’ll take her out. Clay doesn’t think right now Audrey is a threat. Clay adds a lot of people in the house are pissed at Audrey so he’s playing along with it.
Shelli says tells him he’s still got time to change how he interacts with people the game is early.
Feeds cut to Audrey alone in the Kitchen..
3:37pm feeds come back to them in the hammock
Shelli and Clay agreeing they want to keep Audrey in the game but cannot be too obvious about it.
Shelli tells him to tone it down when he’s talking about getting rid of Audrey with the other houseguests.
Clay saying if they team up with the other side of the house the outsiders
Shelli says she’s leaning towards going with the outsiders
Shelli – Jeff floats between both of them (Both sides of the house)
Clay thinks they can pull Jeff away from James
Shelli thinks they won’t have to talk to Jeff he’ll organically drift towards them.
Shelli says Austin giving a massage to Jackie is pretty sexual she would be pissed if that was her girlfriend.
Shelli and Clay agree they trust the outsiders more. (Outsiders are Vanessa, Liz, Austin the other side is Jason, James, Meg and Da)

Clay says they need to get rid of Meg and James.
Shelli – we need to talk to Vanessa if she wants to bring Jeff on
Shelil adds that Jeff told her he wants to get the outsiders out

Austin joins them
Shelli – what’s on sexy man
Clay – we’re just being sketchy
Austin says that Steve is being a sketchfest always hiding behind doors and following him around everywhere.
Austin – He’s asking me about game.. I’m like dude you tell me something .. what are you doing dude
Austin points ou when they had the phone booth Steve looked at Day and gave her a node. It was very suspicious

Clay wonders if the house can flip.
Austin doesn’t think it’ll happen because anyone who would want to keep Da is also close to Meg.
Austin – that was checkmate.. that was a checkmate move
Austin mentions how he’s made nice with James yesterday.
Clay asks who Austin’s target is.
Austin says if he was going no blood scenario the easy target would Be steve.
Shelli chimes in saying James is a bigger threat.
Clay – who is your biggest threat.. think it could be James
Austin doesn’t know he thinks James will leave him alone but on the flip side james is the type of person that will target strong guys, “He lied to my face.”
Austin – jason is the wild card.. he might come out for revenge
Austin says he has no bad blood with Jason.
Clay – where do you and Audrey stand now
Austin is scared of Audrey says she’s thinking he’s her best friend but knows if 2 weeks if it’s between the two of them she would be looking to cut his throat.
Austin – I just don’t trust her .

Clay – how do you feel about Jeff
Austin – I feel good about him .. he wants us all to get to Jury which is cool especially when there’s twists every week.. I’m down with being cool with him at least a few weeks.
Austin says if he wins HOH he wants Clay and Shelli to help him make the decision.
Austin doesn’t know how close the other side is when it comes from the game. (Jeff, Meg, James, and jason)
Austin – I don’t know how they are really aligned.. who’s in the group and who is on the fringe
Audrey joins them..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 15-33-39-690

3:33pm Audrey Alone
Vanessa joins her says she feels better thinks the Fish didn’t agree with her.
Audrey says she’s stress eating.
Liz (Julia) comes in asks Vanessa how she’s feeling
Vanessa – Feeling better.. I just passed out.. did I miss anything
Liz – there was bubbles in the backyard.. Literally I think they were testing something.. maybe it’s for tomorrow.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 16-19-06-892

3:55pm Hammock Audrey, Shelli and Clay
Audrey tells them about her Diary room talk where production asked her about Clay “Does it feel like he’s trying to take over the HOH”
Feeds cut…

When we come back.. Audrey is saying people have flat out made up “Sh1t” about her. She says it looks to the outside that she’s being bullied by Hypocrites.
Audrey – I was an advocate for both of you..

Audrey warns them that Shelli’s name comes up a lot less it’s all on Clay because he’s part of a group of guys.
Audrey says there is nothing she is able to do in the game unless she wins competition. Audrey tells them whoever is saying they will make it to Jury will be ridiculous
Audrey says Jeff is subtly telling her to target Steve.
She warns them the people who are forming alliance that make it too Jury is not a good thing for Clay/Shelli. Points out the jury will be filled with “Meg, Jason,James, Jeff Becky, Jackie” (Jeff is stacking the jury)
Audrey says Vanessa is really trustworthy
Audrey – Austin is eating up with everything Jeff is feeding him.. he really trusts you
Audrey thinks the best case is for her and Austin/Vanessa win the HOH.
Audrey stresses that Jeff is in the best position in the game.
Clay asks if Jeff is going to target them. Audrey doesn’t think he’ll do it himself he’ll get the people that have loyalty to him will do it.
Clay calls the other side of the house ‘Jeff’s Group’ doesn’t think Vanessa/Austin/Liz are very close to them.

Audrey – Becky is delusional.. I think she’s like the Nicole playing someone else’s games.. I think she thinks she’s with them.

Audrey says the other side of the house has a lot of numbers “everyone is coming together and mutually agreeing on targets.. I’m one of them Steve is one of them”
Clay thinks the target on Audrey has been reduced this week.

Audrey says she always thought Shelli and Clay were with the other side because they told her they can’t target Jeff, JAson etc..
Shelli – I guarantee you I’m not in a group with them
Clay says they are just trying to get Da out this week
Clay adds they have to watch out how public they are showing they are still with Audrey.
Audrey – Why did you say that to me If I won HOH this week I can’t target those people
Clay explains he wanted it to be convincing (He didn’t trust Audrey)

Shelli – I have no ties with that group .. they bounced around making alliance those two weeks when James was HOH and they never invited me .
Audrey tells them she’s not targeting Jeff.
Clay leaves..
Audrey says she’s kinda wanting to take out James once he’s gone all that’s left from that side is Jason and Meg.
Audrey saying she could put up Meg. They agree it’s hard to strategize with all the twists.
Shelli thinks Steve is the name people throw out when they don’t know who to target.
Audrey thinks Austin is a loose cannon. Shelli says they are sold with Austin they can trust him for awhile.
She asks who Vanessa will target.
Audrey doesn’t know
Shelli – what do you think of Steve
Audrey – I want to trust him
Shelli thinks Steve has two personalities..

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 16-16-39-845

4:16pm Jason and Da’Vonne
Talking about the Liz twin and planning for next weeks HOH.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-07 16-32-24-389

4:31pm Shelli and Audrey
Shelli – I’m totally onbord with Vanessa
She says there hasn’t been one conversation since we formed Sleeper cell “I’ve forgotten about it”
Shelli – I’m down with having another Sleeper Cell meeting.. I’m HOH we can have one in my room

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Shelli is ACTUALLY playing the game and stops people when they make personal attacks, unlike Day, who has had a horrid gameplay strategy, who claims to know to “bluff,” but has failed miserably to do so. She is right about one thing: actions speak louder than words. She is a bad player. She is all talk and DR, but no solid gameplay/social game. She doesn’t even have a poker face. People know when she hates them.

MOST importantly, what her fans “FORGET” is that she is one of the biggest trash talkers in the house. She makes personal attacks. The way she has CONSISTENTLY called Liz fat and “Helga,” EVEN THOUGH they think she’s the “good” one is unwarranted. I don’t want to be her friend. Today was only a sneak peak of what she has said. She even made fun of poor Steve. Not worthy of “favorite” whatsoever. I have NO respect for her when she does this. Can’t believe her fans excuse her for them, when they condemn others! SMH.


Shut up !!


And let her get away with her attacks? Personal attacks were and are not part of the game. It has never been necessary. Those who do it are going beyond the game. They are doing it just to be cruel and vicious. Ignoring the problem is never the solution.


Let people share their opinion.


I have to agree with all you said. She´s my n2 becouse I think shes funny and express herself with truth but I little rude. But I have to recognize she´s nothing I expect like Vanessa too. Poker face? No way!


I wish I could go into the DR and tell Austin to shut up and don’t think about game. Just do what Van tells you. Why all this Steve hate? Because Jeff told you.. ugh you are such an idiot and your inability to read people is so frustrating.

On another note seems like Audrey is the only person who is spot on with Jeff.. too bad she continues to lie and no one truly listens to her.


This house can turn in 2 mins flat. Audrey’s suddenly not on the bottom. Please evict Jeff and Jason I can not stand them houseguests, they are the rats of the house.


Do these HGs (Audrey and Jeff specifically) realize when you talking game it usually isn’t a good sign when you are doing the majority of the talking?? I’m feeling Steve and Audrey will be the easy targets this next week and it sucks for Steve that nobody will work with him.

It would be awesome if Lizia, Johnny MAC, Steve, Vanessa, and I guess Austin formed an alliance. Too bad Austin keeps throwing shade at Steve but a trio of Vanessa/Steve/JOHNNY MAC would be golden.

People keep asking why Johnny MAC is a favorite even though he doesn’t do too much. It’s because he has a cool vibe opposed to a lot of these HGs and is staying on the DL while winning comps.

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC


Why is everyone so crazy about getting Steve out? He has no real alliance and could be a vote for any side at this point! Personally, I would love to see Steve and JohnnyMac team up.


Simple. Because Steve reminds them of Ian Terry… And Ian won his season.

Personally, I find Steve irritating.

Like in BBCAN3

Naeha= Neda.
Although Naeha was a strategic player, the fact that their names even sounded the same made people think she’s as good as Neda.


They don’t team up because Johnny Mac believes everything he is told. Jeff and others told him that Steve runs and tells Audrey everything = false. I had hopes for Johnny Mac but based on his DRs (his excitement to be part of an alliance- which has fallen apart but he is still loyal to) and him throwing comps, it just doesn’t look like he really is that smart of a player. He even threw Van under the bus in attempts to show his distrust of Audrey to Jeff. He even told Jeff that Van tried to talk game with him just offering short term safety with each other. Laying low and listening and agreeing is only part of being a good player. What you do with that info is what makes you a good player and so far Johnny has fallen way short in this department. Who knows he may surprise me but only time will tell.


– great to see Audrey talking game again. She has some good insights
– I would have thought Day would be campaigning more and would have kept the twin discovery more hush hush and use it to her advantage. What a shame.
– please please please Austin/shelli/clay open your eyes to Jeff. He is playing all sides very loosely and dude…..dude….dude he’s a d*ck.
– get merry Meg outta there


I know. Funny how Audrey is the most aware of Jeff’s game. He is playing all sides like she did early in her game. I think he is in alliance with almost everyone. I can’t believe neither Austin or Clay has figured it out completely.

I have no clue why they trust Jeff so much. He’s so annoying too


Earlier in the game I remember Jeff saying (to Clay I think) that he wanted to play Audrey’s game. Now that Audrey has been sidelined, he is. That’s why she saw through his game so quickly.


from Sunday’s episode, it seems clear production is editing to make this HOH look like clay is running it. I don’t watch the feeds, but from all the recaps here, I am not seeing that at all. If anything, Shelli has not done what would benefit Clay or what Clay wanted (i.e. get out Audrey is the most popular target for the entire house at the time, and would have gained her (and by extension him) great benefits. plus no one would target them. by putting out Day (out of spite, really) Shelli has guaranteed bad karma directed at her from 3 or 4 different people, (and by extension, Clay could see that attention directed at him as well, almost guaranteeing they will be put up together or on opposite sides of the 2 HOHs to ensure one of them would be left, and handy target for the entire house, to split up a solid pair, the only real pair in the house right now)

no, Shelli’s HOH is not being run by Clay, but from Audrey’s comment there the production team is trying to get some quotable material for DR to indicate that other HGs think that it is the case.

Pink Floyd the Barber

I totally agree with your assessment of Shelli doing what she wants with no real regard for Clay’s opinions. She’s a bit of a shrew, and it’s sad to listen to her talking to Clay like he’s a child. They have a creepy relationship. Also, how disheartening to hear Austin offer to let Shelli and Clay help him decide who to put on the block should he win HOH. Instead of a rough and tumble kind of guy, he’s a sniveler! It will be interesting to see how the summer plays out.


I will be so happy when the next HOH takes over, I’m sick and tired of the Shelli/Clay HOH. Who knows if Audrey is telling the truth about production asking if she thinks Clay is running Shelli’s HOH, but to me it is very obvious she does what he says, and she is taking credit for putting Meg up with Day, when that was a suggestion I think came from Austin & Liz. All of the the moves Shelli has made during her HOH, are moves fed to her by others, Shelli and Clay have really become very power hungry and think they are running the show. One thing Audrey said that I’m happy to hear, and hope she will target, is Jeff, Audrey is right when she said Jeff is trying to be everyone’s friend, and stack the Jury in his favor. I hope Shelli, Clay, Jeff and Jackie do not make it to Jury, I’m hoping the house turns on Shelli, Clay and Jeff real soon.


I’m not disagreeing with you, they are a little power hungry, but they are in a pretty good spot for the next few weeks. On that note though I would like to say James, Jason, Jeff, Meg, and Day also got a huge power trip off of James’ HOH. They thought they were running things and secluded themselves from the rest of the house (except for Jeff and Jason a little), which is why they are in the position of Day and Meg on the block. I’m just saying that this is always the case and not just Shelli and Clay this week.


you should go watch some earlier episodes, shelli/clay/audrey were also there when they all decided to target Jace. james actually made a good move and targeted a physical threat early on. shelli on the other hand is targeting a none threat just out of spite, hopefully it will come back to bite her where it hurts the most. Karma is a big B.


I actually think Shelli is playing a pretty good game and it would be a shame if she went out before jury….she just needs to stop staying in the hoh room so much


Audrey’s mouth is moving. Her game is a big twist of twisted twists. She’s like a bee and pollinates everywhere. Everyone has Jeff’s number no genius there– captain obvious– look I’m sharing!


I wonder how much of Shelli and Clay now wanting to keep Audrey has to do with production. It seems too easy that Clay was all for getting her out, then now they both want to keep her. I know the show wants to keep her, so they have the PC credits, and yes I get that they Shelli and Clay very stupid, but are they that stupid? And do they all think we are that stupid?


Johnny Mac, Becky and Steve should make a final 3 deal. They have to realize that they are just pawns only to be used until needed.Have a secret alliance until they are able to strike against the others when the numbers go down!


They are the type of people I can use call shadows. They only shine close to the sun. For other words they need someone with a strong character for guide them. Is that why this never going to happen.


Not going to happen… Becky knows she is on the outside and therefore approached others she thought were on the outside (Austin, Liz, Van) and said they needed to work together because they are on the outside. She said Steve and Johnny Mac will not try to win comps so she can’t work with them because she needs others that will win.


Austin is not play for win. What is he doing? “If I win hoh I want you guy help me” “jury house this” “jury house that”


Austin knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s feeding them a line so they think he trusts their opinions. He needs more allies on his side, and what better way than to flatter them and let them think they are important.


Lmao @ Audrey thinking the audience sees her as being picked on by “hypocrites”. She is as delusional as Frankie was last season thinking the audience loved him. I think they share the same personality disorder.
I hope once someone else gets hoh they target Shellie and Clay. Send Clay out.

Nonon Jakuzure

I remember after the girls made the alliance…when Day first saw Shellie and Clay cuddling and told Audrey that they needed to be careful because Shellie would not be loyal to the alliance.. She also knew John was going to throw the BOB comp she has now figured out the twin twist, she’s so perceptive.


Jeff, Austin and Clay are very similar narcissist douche bags.

I’m totally Jason Fan but I’m not blind at all. He is doing so much show off and make no agreements’ only smoke and hangout with James meg and day. I love him and I hope he go far. And also know much I hate shelli is doing a good work with the decisions for her game. She has many shields’ in front of her and she is making the decisions and let the house think she s been manipulate for clay. That´s the true.

The plants like Jackie, becky and mac going enjoy they free ride.

Vanessa aligned she with the biggest moron and play the dead zombie roll.

Steve kisses Shelli but all the time.

James isn’t solid look how he´s hide information from Jason.

Meg is likeable and switch side when she fell her ass is in the line.

Audrey with her psychotic lies and her naïf ´s shape ready for war 24/7.

Conclusion my favorite Jason are screw and he need to get over with his random conversations and start to make some deals!
How much I hate shelli and clay can be very clear where they stand like Jason the rest are pure food for the beast´s.


I’m so sick of Audrey’s bs it’s unreal. Stop making fun of my girl Nicole- she may not have been a great player, but she did far better than you are right now.


Are we sure Jackie wasn’t evicted last week too? I sware she is invisible