Vanessa “I miss how the game used to be. It was much more strategic and now its more social.”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-20 03-25-43-543

12:15am – 1am HOH room – Austin and Liz discuss what to tell the Goblins if they ask what happened. Liz says that Johnny Mac was just asking for our votes for tomorrow. Austin says no they’ll want to know what Vanessa was doing up here. Liz says just say the truth that Vanessa was trying to guarantee that Johnny Mac wouldn’t put her up. Austin says how about Vanessa wanted us to do her dirty work. She wanted us to bring Johnny Mac in the room. And made him promise not to front door / back door any one of us. Which basically screws Meg & James. Then Vanessa left and we talked to Johnny Mac and were like hey man, just to let you know that was all her you don’t have to do it. You can take her out if you want to. And he was like good because I really want to take her (Vanessa) out. Steve was never in here. Keep Steve out of it. They go over what to say with Julia. Julia messes it up. Liz says this is serious. You can’t mess it up. Julia says I know. Liz says you’ve done it before. Julia says I feel good about Johnny Mac. I feel like he will go after Vanessa. And Steve will too. Austin says she (Vanessa) thinks its in her best interest to throw it, but you never know she might just be saying that. Austin says the only thing is if we keep Steve out of this then Vanessa has that on us. She could flip and lie and start telling them Steve’s been with them the whole time. Julia says I have a good feeling about Johnny Mac. She (Becky) has people if someone comes back. Julia asks so ideally who do we want gone next week? Vanessa. Austin says maybe. We will just need to talk about it. Julia leaves. Austin and Liz go to sleep. They lie there for awhile and then Austin says he has anxiety about tomorrow. I wonder if Vanessa is f**king with us. Liz asks seriously?! Austin says I wonder if she is trying to set something up like tell James and Meg we have a deal with Steve. Like what she did with the 8 person thing. Liz says yeah like trying to flip it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-20 03-30-48-654
12:35am Kitchen – Steve is making something to eat. Vanessa joins him. Vanessa looks at the memory wall and asks how in a face morph competition would we ever tell Liz and Julia a part? Steve I thought about that and wondered how are we going to study Jace? Vanessa says I think we already had to. Steve says I missed that train. Vanessa says you looked at him. Steve says but not look at him, look at him. Vanessa asks and they always do the face morph around final 5? Steve says yes, typically. Vanessa asks if Johnny Mac talked to him. Steve says yeah I think that he liked that someone approached him, especially with him on the block. Vanessa asks how do you feel about our final 2. Steve says good.. I never fathomed making final 2. I always thought I would be juror number two. Vanessa says its impossible for you to be juror number 2. Steve agrees. Vanessa asks do you think Becky is playing up how bad her toe is? Steve says no. Vanessa says that’s what I tried to tell them up there. Steve says the face morph is going to kill me. Its not a competition I will do well at. It took me a day to figure out the twins when they were both here in person. Vanessa says she misses how the game used to be. It used to be much more strategic and now its more social. Steve says there is no way I’m making it to final 5. What if James and Meg win HOH? Vanessa says they’ll probably go for Me and John. And if John wins the veto it will end up being me and you on the block together which will suck. Other than than that, John will go. But you don’t have to worry about Meg winning, just James. He wants to make a big move. Steve says and that’s exactly what James did last time he was HOH. Becky gets up to get more ice. Vanessa heads to bed.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-20 03-49-28-389

1:05am – 2:20am Steve and Becky head into the cabana room to hang out. Steve tells her he is really mad. I attempted to include muffins in your message (Goodbye Message) and I was shut down. Becky says there are two muffins in the kitchen and I got evicted. Steve says this game is a lot harder and worse than I thought it would be.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-20 04-12-34-015
Becky says I’ve experienced different highs and lows I would have ever experienced. My job is about bringing people together and this is totally different. Steve asks do you want to take bets she (Vanessa) will want to style my hair for the live show tomorrow? Becky says if she made it to final 3 she would have my vote. She’s done it by being an individual and has had so much to do with every eviction but gets no blood on her hands. Steve says she did when she was HOH. Becky says but she said her decision had to do with the house. Whereas I said it was personal. Steve says I made a fool of myself on national television. We both did. (During their HOH reigns.) Steve says its weird when the number one social need is to be accepted and this game is designed to take that away. Steve tells Becky he was really surprised they flipped on her. You kept talking them up and then wham they flipped on you. Becky says it was tough. Becky says that this week she realized that people are going to vote whatever is best for their game. The conversation turns to talking about their lives outside of the house. School, jobs, etc. Becky heads to bed. Steve runs up to the HOH room and looks under the door to see if the lights are on and then heads back downstairs.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-20 04-34-04-457

2:40am Steve wonders around the house and then goes to bed.


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac

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See her toe is all better ROFL


Uh, that’s bc they gave her Vicodin. Do you think Drs prescribe narcotics that readily? They understand how painful bacterial cellulitis can be. It’s just the noncompassionate plebes who don’t.


Winter is Coming.. Valar Morghulis… Cannot wait till Season 6!

Arya Stark Badass

Team Stark

Doctor A

Yes, because she got an antibiotic. That’s usually how infections work.

Oh Brother

Pain killers work wonders.


Don’t be such a hater. They lanced her toe, taking the pressure off, and she’s on pain meds and antibiotics for the infection.


she got pain killers, anyone with eyes could see she was not faking it….not saying she wouldn’t fake an injury for sympathy votes but, not this time. Liz’s comments show her immaturity level, my only hope is she’s on the block with her beloved this week


She’s finally on painkillers and anitbiotics, so obviously it’s better now. I’ve had an infected toe before and it does hurt a lot, since you can feel it every step of the way. It also throbs and burns from the infection, so no she’s not exaggerating the pain.


She’s on Vicodin. That stuff makes you feel “NICE”. Becky isn’t that smart to fake a big puss filled, toe nail missing toe. Although I still think she could beat most of these people in a physical comp, especially with the Vicodin. Her real comp is in jury. They will be tough to beat with that toe. Season of the women and James.


Ah yeah. She had an acute infection that required immediate medical attention. I physician drained it and prescribed a strong antibiotic. Why would you expect her to still be in excruciating pain?


Is it just me or is Steve just plain really annoying. He throws competitions, throws vetoes – and then I think he believes he’s some sort of master manipulator running this game. I want to see him gone!


I’ll never forgive him for backdooring Jackie


Actually he’s playing a very solid game. He’s navigating very well between the two groups while maintaining his side alliances with Vanessa and jmac. He’s been acting as coach to jmacs game bc it benefits him as well. He is good at deflecting questions and keeping info to himself when need be.

Stevie's Ego

I’m so over his type of character. Amazing how he didn’t want to be compared or production didn’t want him compared to Ian, but he’s cut from the same awkward cloth except Steve thinks he’s beyond anyone’s realm…


I am not exactly sure what his argument will be in the finale, but I doubt he will make it there anyway. If he does, I think Van may help persuade the Jury… Because, I think she realizes how Steve operates, and I am sure she will be still constantly talking game.


I don’t mind Steve’s gameplay that much, but the hard-edged anger he shows toward Becky in his diary rooms is both strange and frightening.

And it makes me wonder what else he says in there that they aren’t showing.


Former Houseguests have said for years that the DR is rehearsed and they want bigger, louder, more animated, more extreme or more energy so the Hgs seem more intense to viewers. More than likely they push Steve to amp up the hate for Becky because he has to be after someone.


Not only is Steve annoying, so is Austin…..the twins……and Vanessa.

Pinocchio Obama

At least Steve is talking to other people now and not just himself.


Yeah right. What are you watching? He recently won Veto and Hoh and managed that very well for his game. At least he is a better gameplayer, socially and strategically, than JohnnyM, and less annoying too!


Vanessa better not throw the HOH.


Vanessa actually should throw HOH to Julia this week. It’s her only chance.
Julia (the HG she taught the memory trick) won’t be able to play for HOH, and Vanessa would have to win that HOH to return to the game. Vanessa will know her entire alliance flipped on her, so she will go to straight-shooter James and allign with him and Meg to get out the Austwins. I’d like to see James, Meg and Vanessa in final 3.


Austin is an idiot. If it was Vannessa’s want to backdoor him then why didn’t she? She was HOH people wanted him gone (including Julia).

Austin should just keep his mouth shut and pray that Julia doesn’t realize that he is a threat to her game. Not that either of them win much.


I really think that his little game he’s playing regarding Vanessa will bite him in the butt. Hopefully it will begin tonight. Can’t wait for him and Liz to be up on that block.


I don’t get these people…look at the numbers left in the game. Everyone besides Austwins need to form a group and take out one of the Austwins. They are 3 votes and will just coast to the final 3, unless something is done. I can’t believe Vanessa isn’t even thinking this. Does she think even in a final 5, she has a shot!
Liz needs to be the one that goes. She is the connecting piece between Austin and Julia.
I don’t want John to go, but keeping Becky would probably be the best to take out a Austwin.
I’m so sick of everyone knowing the comps…BB it’s time to hire new people to come up with some fresh ideas for Comps. Need to challenge these people so they can’t figure out how to win or if they should throw it. Same old comps gets boring!!!!!!

Full house

Dosent Austin look like
Bob Saget with a lot of hair


I feel like bob saget would be deeply offended by that. Lol


To overcome the boredom, it would be good if production would occasionally pump LOUD, AW FUL music into the house, and not shut it off until they sincerely beg for mercy. I would pick Whitney Houston “ieeieeieei will always love yooieeu.” most irritating song EVER, but there are a lot of choices. Go ahead and pay the royalties, Alison. You can afford it.


This isn’t a gulag.


The biggest thing to come out of early am to me is Becky telling Steve if Vanessa made it to final she will vote for her. That will not sit well with Steve the snake & now he will be all for voting her out


Except for that fact that was a flat out lie. It just shows how deep her hatred goes, as she is realizing she is going and has to get that final jab in.

Becky thinks she knows what is going on in the game, but in reality she is clueless. She thinks Vanessa is running Liz’s HOH and that Vanessa persuasion is why she is heading out the door. Wrong, Austin is running the HOH. Austin decided who was staying Jmac or Vanessa.

Becky has been the one feeding all the Vanessa hate to Jmac, for weeks now. Becky is the sole reason Jmac is going for Vanessa.


“Wrong, Austin is running the HOH” It is an illusion FYI. They have no targets LOL. Austin would keep everybody if he could! They just cherry picked Vans target, because Van is still completely running the Austwins game. They would not have made a move against her, no matter how big they talk. She is one of them, they are a group of 4 not 3, and I am so surprised people are misted by this. I cant wait till their words hits Vans ears… It will be glorious.


You are delusional if you don’t think Austin is running Liz’s HOH.

They want to work with Meg/James and Jmac/Steve, in two separate groups. Knowing those four would never cross reference.

No one is misting anyone. They don’t give a shit about Van. They all just lied to her last night for the millionth time.


Yup, you are one of the people that have jumped on the Austins masterful game play wagon. We will see come Thursday how smart these 3 are, when they intentionally throw the HOH, to not ruffle feathers. Austin thinks 2 groups of 2 are going to attack each other, instead of the group of 3, is genius (sarcasm)
I would have agreed with you if they got rid of Van, but to think Van is working for them… is laughable.
Van is a talker, she demands information, and she will blow them up if she feels threatened. Van is the one to beat, not Austin.

Austin Wants JMAC Out

Austin is not running HOH, the Twit Princesses are running their middle school haters club, misinformed, short sighted dating game. Austin already told Liz Julia they need to keep Becky she’s not a threat, that something is fishy with Van, Steve, JMac, but nooooouh, they hate on Becky’s toe and stories booorrrrrinnguh! The Twits hated JMACS looks and trips to the DR they wanted him out. He must be America’s Favorite, get him. Don’t garner any votes girls. They’re not taking cues from Van they want her out for talking too much game -this is Summer Camp, we’re spost to be having fuuuunnnuh! Their so-called social strategy is screeching screaming slapping chasing- if this were a contest of who is the loudest we would wiiiinnnnuh! This is the Bachelorette and I fell in love with Austin, those losers, Clelli’s love wasn’t reeeaalluh like ours! Gag.

They parade their power by bartering sex & ordering men around to fix their meals, massage them, do their bidding, entertainment & be their meat shields. When the Twits win BB17, the backlash will force CBS back into the original format. I hope. The McCranda & Austwits soft porn takeovers might be cheap to produce but loses viewers.

Becky Should Tell Vanessa

You’re right! Becky had said she respects Vanessa more than once, and she should be telling her about her missteps in the game. Instead these houseguests are passive and expect others to carry messages for them, and are horrified if it gets twisted & used against them. Becky & Vanessa with whoever returns from Jury, could make good allies.

Vanessa’s mistake was creating Austwits in the first place and expecting not to be 4th. Van’s paranoia fuels her creation of these mega alliances where she always ends up at the bottom alone. She didn’t learn her lesson with Clelli and does it 2 more times!! Now, Austwits have Steve/JMAC on one hand, and James/Meg on the other to protect them, Van still the odd man out. So worried about looking the puppetmaster and not wanting blood on her hands, she used Austwits as the mouthpiece and now they own her game. All the minions she created are floaters, and when one gets voted out, they will just scramble back to power which revolves around Austwits.

This has all finally dawned on Vanessa, who is now suspicious of Austin, Steve, JMac and James/Meg who never talk game with her. It’s a social game now, not comps, not strategic. Becky is not a big threat with her sore toe, she could vote and remain loyal to authority & logic. Whoever comes back in isn’t going to partner with Becky, but with JMac & James. Van knows JMAC is a contender with a grudge that Austwins have pocketed too, and they won’t vote him out.

Van realizes she made another mistake by letting Steve play the fool, and mentoring him as F2. Also getting Steve & JMAC together, she loaded Steve’s gun to get her out. Steve is wonky and intimidated by Becky when he should be more scared of unpredictable sell out JMac. Steve should encourage Becky to make up with Vanessa and push them together to vote out Austwins, if he really wants to be her Final 2. That juggernaut is steamrolling its way to F3 with no plans to stop them. They are all going to realize, they have no way of breaking up Austwits unless they pull together real strength. Maybe that’s why Van started reading the Bible again, she doesn’t have a prayer, the way things are going.

Grossed out

Liztin needs to go!!! I cringe when their pawing finger sessions are on the feeds. She is going to be mortified when she gets out & sees the u tube videos titled “Austin fingers Liz” all over the web & then watches Austins interview b4 the show about his girlfriend. He better get as much ass now while he can because this grossmance will be over after the winner is named.


Can somebody plz get those twins some hair dye?




Liz is killing it! Can’t wait for tonight!!


Yes, Vanessa because the game is not going your way, it’s no longer strategic. Please one of the HGs put Audrey2 out of her misery?


Looks like Austin and the twins are leaning towards keeping Vanessa. James and Meg need to win HoH or one of them is going to jury. Most likely James. If James or Meg (bless her heart) win HoH they need to put up Vanessa, Liz and Steve. One of them being a replacement because I think they are the ones to to worry about. Hopefully they can get jmac on their side once they take out one of those cuz they wont be able to get out all three by themselves. Once Liz is gone Austin might also be willing to make a deal.


Vanessa may have her problems but she does have heart. She helped Becky out when she was in pain and is willing to help Jason outside of the house. She is also right about this game being social that’s why Austin and the twins are not even thought about being put on the block.They are the biggest threats right now, they are always going to be three votes, were Vanessa is only one. They always can get Vanessa out later and no one takes her seriously. Hoping some one starts playing the game and put up the King and Queen!


What did Vanessa do for Becky? Not being contentious, just must have missed something…thanks.


Vanessa, the game requires you to have both a strong strategic AND a strong social game. That’s why you’re in such a bad spot…you have a terrible social game…crying for sympathy only worked for so long.

And, for that matter, your strategic game sucks…you play BB like you play poker–one hand at a time. Each week is not a new hand, the bluffs you make one week carry over to the next. You don’t start over after each eviction with a new set of cards. It’s a season-long hand you’ve been dealt, and each week puts another river card on the table. But you won’t realize this until after the season.


At least Vanessa has played some sort of game, instead of throwing competitions, laying low and not talking to people like the mastermind, Peter Brown wannabe, trying to be funny in the diary room by reciting productions lines Johnnymac.

I survived last seasons BB

This week , thankfully , comes to an end Tonight

Seeing nonstop Liz , Julia , and StankBoy have been tough

Just Checking

So let me get this straight. Johnny’s goal is to be the fourth wheel in the Austwin threesome? Haahaahaahaa. WHAT is wrong with this group. They are afraid to break up the Austwins because who ever is left will come after them. Well if they banded together, just long enough to break them up, they would have a group of FIVE. Anyone who alligns with Austwins as 4th member is nuts. Next week is the week they need to do it. Vanessa is ONE person, with no strong ties to anyone, they are a group of a really tight threesome. Wake up Johnny, Steve, James and Meg, you can’t be this stupid. I know you are mad at Vanessa, but let it go, you freaking need her right now. Once you break up that group, then take her out.


NO! His goal is to get Van out!
Jesus, the Austwins get in power for 1 week, and people are thinking they are the fucking U.S Army. ..
They have votes, sure, but they are no actual threat other than that. They are also easily persuaded, float to power, and very careless & forgetful.
Van is a great threat, she doesnt forget, she plays w/emotions, and she can win comps. The only person that needs to go, to take down THE GIANT ARMY, is Liz… Austin and Julia are a joke. If Liz goes next week, who will take her place and make the group stronger? Vanessa.. Then everybody will be crying.. Should of got Van out when you had the chance! Well guess what, she has survived the past 3 evictions when she should have went home. Dont give up, keep trying till you succeed! If you give up, she will win. Dont let her use these pawns… attack the queen!

Meg's Twig Legs

They control three votes. Three votes sends someone out next week.

Austwins now have power whether they are in hoh or not.


Considering the number of people left after this week, a 3 person group that will all vote together pretty much is an army at this point.


I apologize, I never worded this right. I believe they are an army of 4, not an army of 3. To me, there is no separation between them. If it was true, and the austwins would take out Van, and they thought for themselves; I would agree to target them first. But I think Van is the head of this snake. They are Vanessas army. take one out, you still have 3.
Only next week will tell.


Exactly. Jmac obsession with Vanessa comes from his close relationship with Becky. It isn’t allowing him to see the big picture.

One thing you learn from watching many seasons of big brother. You can never rule out working with anyone in the house, even people you thought were your enemy.


Jmac didnt even try to save becky… He didnt even try!? What are you talking about? You guys cant see the big picture, if you think the big picture is the austwins. He is human, and will make some mistakes, but Van as the target is not one of them!


How would have Jmac saved Becky? He has played a loaner game this entire time. He has zero power in this game, couldn’t save a single player.

You are being misted by the Vanessa hate just like Jmac.


I was replying to his obsession with Becky. He could have tried to win the veto, and if he won… He would have made Liz have to expose her cards to either the goblins or Van. It may have not saved Becky at this point, but it could have helped. He is playing for himself was my point, not for Becky.


And winning the veto would have made him 3 enemies and probably still wouldn’t have saved Becky. Liz would have played it like she puts Meg up because no one sends her home over Becky. Unfortunately John’s only play is either to win or play the spineless noodle until people start shifting allegiances.

Meg's Twig Legs

Jmac has no idea what has happened in this game and why. He literally thinks Vanessa is behind everything single eviction. He has no clue two of his close friends(Shelli/Clay) in the house were in a tight alliance together. His dumbass actually thinks Vanessa had something to do with Shelli and Clay going home. Also little does he know this whole time his other close friend(Steve) has had a final two with Vanessa. Jmac is f*cking terrible at this game. Vanessa is responsible for Jason going home, even then Shelli/Clay played a big role in that. Vanessa is not this big mastermind that Jmac thinks she is. She has lost all credibility now, no one believes a word she says.


Is there any chance that john will go tonight?


I don’t think so, he has made no waves these last couple of days


The headline from Vanessa was perfect.


I think Steve is playing a good game. He is the only player who was given information, kept it to himself and used it to benefit his game. I would be happy if it was James, Steve, Van or JM who won the game.

Wish JM would get over Van, work with her and get Austin / Twins out. Come on Van for HOH

Teams of 3

I think Steve, Vanessa and Jonny Mac would make a great team of 3 to go against the Austwins. And if Jackie comes back would make 3 teams of 3. The start of a new game.


Okay, I’ll go with that, but I’d rather have the 3 be JMac, James and Becky (or Jackie). That would mean Meg would have to be evicted…darn it…that’s NEVER going to happen. OK, Vanessa can stay another week to get out the Aus-TWINS, and then she goes!


The problem with that is when Vanessa wins HoH she wont put up Austin and the twins. She will put up James and jmac. Then if one of them win be veto she will Backdoor Steve. Or put up jmac and Steve and Backdoor James. Cuz if she wins HoH Austin and the twins will go right back to kissing her ass. Until Meg wins something she will not be considered a threat just a vote.


I disagree. If Vanessa wins you can bet everyone in the house will be throwing austwins straight under the bus. I bet it won’t take 30 minutes for her to get the whole story lol

Pot Kettle Black

Can someone please tell me why Austin and the twins are not on the block. 3 person alliance…? Especially Austin and Liz, clearly a showmance power couple. They are getting closer and closer to the end by the day.


There will be 8 people left after tonight. That means 5 people vote next week…only takes three to decide who goes. Is there a 3 person group who votes as a block? They are in charge unless you put one of them up next week. As much as I dislike Vanessa, she’s not as significant a threat as the threesome. Everyone in that house needs to understand that group at this stage is bad for your game. Liz will never separate from her sister, Austin is only interested in Liz. You take out Liz and you can separate Julia from Austin with little effort. Austin will be completely lost and will most likely try to get to the jury house in a hurry.

The Threesome needs to go then you can remove Vanessa.


You put up the twins. If one of them wins veto you put up Austin. if Austin wins you put Vanessa up as a pawn in Liz’s place. They will blow up each others game and in doing so new alliances will form. Bye Julia. Done. Vanessa will be enlightened to the ass clowns she thought were her alliance. The three person vote will go to 2 against 4 and Vanessa will have to choose a side. Which will not be Austwin. I’m pretty sure after this week of bullshit kiss the ass of the queen and king….GAG the truth will come out. But my big fear is if Julia or Austin won HOH I’m done watching until the final week. I can’t stomach another week of the twins screeching and Austin begging for Liz to sleep with him. I am praying Jackie comes back. Anything to change this disgusting past HOH week. Worst ever.


Vanessa will win the next HOH and mess up the scared, obsessed houseguests plans. She will put all the haters in their place. She’s the only one playing this game strategically. Does whatever it takes to convince the other gulable HG that she is less of a target. Jmac finally woke up and sees the light lol. One week too late! Van is the only one with real jewels. She deserves the 500K. Haters gonna hate … Van will have the last laugh all the way to the next poker tour doubling up in a flash! 😉


If Van wins hoh or pov next week. The Austwins are in trouble.

Their flipping on Vanessa will surface.


I started watching BB during Rachel Reilly’s first season, when it was pretty much the game it is now. I had heard that season 6 was really good (and I love Janelle on principle), so I just went to and started watching Season 6. I’m only on episode 3 but it’s already SO MUCH BETTER. The golden room, where clearly you’ll have to slowly get new keys or something to unlock the secrets…the reward challenges, the game-playing…the absolute sexiness of Kaysar and wackiness of Howie (who’s a lot like James, it seems)…it’s really good stuff.

In particular, that POV challenge with the ropes course that even wiped Kaysar and Eric out, yet was won by the most out of shape girl in the house…WOW! They really should be doing amazing comps like that now. BB6 has all kinds of innovative, challenging ideas in it, and while I’m loving BB17 (best season since Rachel won), I wish they would bring back the reward comps and fun things like the hidden room and ongoing puzzles and stuff.


Season 6 was one of the best.

Oh how good did this show use to be.

Teams of 3

I think Steve, Jonny and Vanessa would make a great team of 3 to go against the Austwins. And if Jackie comes back in it would be 3 teams of 3. The start of a new game.

Meg's Twig Legs

Once Becky or Vanessa start talking they don’t shut the hell up. Verbal diarrhea.


This is such a strange season for me. Usually I’m rooting for the same few people that the majority is rooting for also. This season, I’m pretty alone. I really like James most of the time. He’s funny and loyal. I like his directness and he owns what he chooses to do. So I wouldn’t mind if he was final 2. But I can’t help rooting for Van and Austwins. They have made mistakes but I feel they have been playing the best games. Whether you agree with their styles of play, they are still there. Austwins have never been on the block and everyone still wants to work with them instead of target them. Guess I’ll be the only one who won’t mind at all if Austin/Liz or Vanessa wins it. If they get to the end and people don’t feel the need to get them out, they deserve to be there in my opinion.


James is hilarious. I am voting for him as america’s favorite.

I don’t get the Jmac love. His game play is absolutely terrible, he has no clue why things have happened in the house.

skeptical onlooker

Vanessa whining about it being a social because she knows her social game is kaput. Her *emotional* outbursts are stale. She sobs and wails about being so alone…just before the veto is beng used.
So transparent. The moment the veto stays the same…she’s just back to her mopey fake self.
Take Vanessa out next week.
Then….Liz and Julia go on the block. Meg, James, Johnny vote out Liz.
If Liz does come off the block…or Julia.put up Austin.
Then they are 2. Against 4. Or even 3.
I can see final 2 being James’Johnny Mac..or Steve/Johnny Mac.
Johnny needs to win at least one HOH. Before final 4.
Do the houseguests REALLY like Steve? I think not. And more and Steve fels comfortable..anger and meanness are coming out.
The thing is..both Johnny Mac and Steve want the money. Steve perhaps wants the win more than anything. Johnny Mac only cares about the money.
Neither one loses their emotions. They are both paying lip service….but things will change from Today.
No more throwing comps from these 2.
And for the HG’S to believe for ONE second..that Vanessa will throw a comp..just shows that they’re as thick as planks.


I’m tired of watching the troll and the lemur have a grossmance. In the name of all that is holy, please just stop it. somebody. anybody. just stop it.
It’s bewildering that nobody is targeting a threesome in the game. instead they all want to become their fourth fifth or sixth. astonishingly stupid. (i’m pointing at Meg and James, i’m pointing at Steve and Jmac, i’m pointing at Vanessa.)
It’s bewildering that the threesome’s strategy boils down to let’s keep them: they’re fun. (Good call Liz, just how long does someone have to suck on your neck before your brain is oxygen deprived enough to come up with that strategy).
Good plan Jmac, get out Vanessa next instead of a voting block that can control the game. That dog don’t hunt no more, but leave in the people that called themselves the three headed monster to you at the beginning of the week. Just because you think being in final two as the one that got rid of big bad Audrey number 2 will ensure you the win. Go back to sleep until your 2000th d/r.